Damian Lillard

They say the truth shall come to the light, so everybody grab ya shades cuz ya boy that bright. . . Follow me on twitter: @Dame_Lillard
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚... Carlton killin it tho lol
jkiggins8 : @g.hefter31
rcp_503 : @4runnpdx lmao looks like something I would do aha
wowdanielaxoxo : The prince of bel air @the_mvp2969
paterda1 : @joydini @henryparker2 this was us tearing up macs bar
paterda1 : Lol
pacman_papi : @a.n.d.r.e.w.p @yo_lemon
yo_lemon : Funny
swaggyyb_23 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ this jont have me geeking every time @joe_frempong @upon_thisrock
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#4barfriday ... Part two since I've been gone a few weeks ... @4barfriday
4barfriday -
depression.is.my.love.forever : ..... @kingpimpdaddykobe
kingpimpdaddykobe : @depression.is.my.love.forever do you think your bisexual because you were breast fed or...
depression.is.my.love.forever : Dm me @kingpimpdaddykobe
depression.is.my.love.forever : Now why would you say something like that @kingpimpdaddykobe
kingpimpdaddykobe : @depression.is.my.love.forever its a common misconception for you people
depression.is.my.love.forever : I am bisexual because i like girls i currently have a boyfriend and my last relationship was 3 months with my ex-girlfriend Monique @kingpimpdaddykobe
kingpimpdaddykobe : @depression.is.my.love.forever DID SHE HAPPEN TO BE BLACK
depression.is.my.love.forever : No @kingpimpdaddykobe she was Mexican
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#4barfriday... "I had a dream that took some time but man it came to life/ a lot of imperfections on my journey made it right/ sometime it's better from the bottom to escape the hype/ now the scouts is pickin at the tree like boy they make em ripe!" ... @4barfriday
4barfriday -
6__dexter__6 : @_its_stephen πŸ”₯πŸ”₯barsπŸ”₯πŸ”₯
iamdalewatkins : πŸ“ΆπŸ“ΆπŸ“ΆπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ @damianlillard
lileda1 : @highlightz_
samerk1988 : @damianlillard best rapper in the NBA. Your game is fire and you spit fire . You should make a mixtape after this season with @lonedangerous I'd cop that
kimayasabree : @juleee.e my baby zaddy πŸ‘…
juleee.e : @kimayasabree beat it
dylan_bourne32 : Arianna Grande just posted a nude and @dovecamerontv screen shoted it go check it out like and follow
c.rauch1 : @ctthebotanist damn
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Honored to have my @adidashoops β€ͺ#DLillard1‬ be one of the official on court shoes for this year's @McDonalds All-American Game. Congrats to all of the young men and women that made this year's team. If you're a high school hooper that didn't make the All-American team, don't let that discourage you. I wasn't good enough to make the All-American team in high school, but hard work got me to the point that my own signature shoe is represented in a game with the best high school players in the country. #McDAAG #DameTime
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bring_me_the_cupcakes : Make @kellinquinn the happiest little rock star and do a song with him??
seth_mckeighan : Dang those Droses though 😍
p.t.v.a.n.d.s.w.s : You should really do a song with @kellinquinn
ramosdesigns : Like @calebarts design of you
terrance.mccall : lol what do damian and kellin quinn have in common ????? @p.t.v.a.n.d.s.w.s
kaelyn.duncan : You and @kellinquinn should make a song together!!!
sneakercruz : @damianlillard i need a sz10 in those BHM. Any way you can find me a pair?! 🚨🚨
jeyca02 : you should do a song with @kellinquinn
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#Teacher #Student #Brother #Family #Real #AcceptCriticism #BestInterest #AllLove... Know who's in your corner on the mission ... ✊
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piercetheizzy : DO A SONG WITH @kellinquinn
cool_hawker : Get better in shooting percentage
rawrshadow : Do a song with @kellinquinn
rizexghoul : Do a song with @kellinquinn
weird.ology : do a song with @kellinquinn
goonieee__ : Do a song with @kellinquinn please! !!
anish_353 : Fight me little ho I fucked ur mom yesterday @thomasmiii
jayrocafella23 : My nigga you been slacking lately, you making me look bad for saying you was having the better season over cp3, let's go
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#TBT ... #WeAreWeber #BleedPurple... #WildcatPride
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tragicfallout : Great pic. Do a song w kellin plssssπŸ™πŸ™
tragicfallout : @kellinquinn
fiftyshadesofraaii : ur cool as shit, do a song w @kellinquinn PLEASE
sabrinalina_ : Damian i think you going to win nba and be drafted 2015
sabrinalina_ : You a good baller and a player and you take care of everybody around you
_justxavier_ : Follow back, favorite player in the League!!! Please follow back!
_justxavier_ : @damianlillard ^^^
alchexmy : @sabrinalina_ he is already drafted
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Tough one last night, but I wanted to thank Joseph Gacula (@gaculaesquire on twitter) for designing this "Yellow Tape" themed β€ͺ#DLillard1‬ on β€ͺ#miadidas‬ for me to wear against the Warriors last night. I'll be wearing more fan designed shoes in the future, but he really caught my attention with the #YellowTape concept. Hit the link in my bio to pick up Joseph's design. @adidashoops #DameTime #DameLoveTheFans
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amunadnapa : PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE COLLAB WITH @kellinquinn
buzzo9800 : @aj62089
aj62089 : We need to get some customs bruh @buzzo9800
biggdennn : #Congratulations Homie on Going to The #NBA an #Balling..!!! Way to Represent for The #BayArea an you Family.. #GOD Bless.. @damianlillard
1_javes : @eluna19 was hannin
donngotti_ : @e_shutter40
real3st0baller24 : @xx_alexys_xx
djamel_mimoun : what do you feel about them on feet ? @damianlillard
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Shout out to everyone that came out to @footlocker at Washington Square yesterday. I wish I had more than the 21 pairs to give away, but I'll be doing more things like this in the future. Appreciate the support #RipCity! #DameLoveTheFans @adidashoops #DLillard1 #DameTime
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zyquez07 : Rip city @damianlillard
sws.addict : Can you do a song with @kellinquinn
x.jordanbalestino.x : im laughing so hard @im2005percentemo @c.a.raphernelia
c.a.raphernelia : Nobody showed. That was just his fam @x.jordanbalestino.x
x.jordanbalestino.x : @c.a.raphernelia JAHAHAHAHAHA
zubinpuri1 : I was in the owners box at the suns game yesterday and I noticed you were wearing your rose citiesπŸ™‰βœŒοΈ
amunadnapa : Yours and kellin's lives will be complete if you do a song with @kellinquinn
sarah29jane : That's when you know you've made it
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Surprised a few fans at the Washington Square @footlocker today and hooked them up with pairs of the #RoseCity 🌹 colorway of my @adidashoops #DLillard1. Sorry I wasn't able to stay longer, but I'll be doing something like this again in the near future. Appreciate all the love everyone in #RipCity shows me! #DameLoveTheFans
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ale_bj12 : @kellinquinn + @damianlillard = BEST SONG EVERRRR!!!!!!!!!
lol.sws : I will literally comment on every picture of yours just so you can like hit him up & do a song with him! @kellinquinn
crystal_1256 : Nvm @karenizlame
valooxx : DO A SONG WITH @kellinquinn
lydia_biersack_xx : Would u please do a song with @kellinquinn
sws.addict : Please do a song with @kellinquinn. !!!!!!πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
killz2flyycam : That was dope of u
bluebubbles7028 : Do a song with @kellinquinn
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Don't ever forget...
corionnalynnx : Do a song with @kellinquinn
meganisaunicorn9 : Do a song with @kellinquinn
lydia_biersack_xx : PLZ DO A SONG WITH @kellinquinn
fbeeaker_pdx : You're a real good role model.
sws.addict : Can you do a song with @kellinquinn please.???πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
t_will_24 : @dr3amkicks NIKE
dkellz20 : πŸ‘Œ
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