Damian Lillard

They say the truth shall come to the light, so everybody grab ya shades cuz ya boy that bright. . . Follow me on twitter: @Dame_Lillard
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
@flyguy_doja ... My other big brother dooooee
e.funn : Ok @mdiggs10
jordan_scott31 : @ryanarmour
jmalls : Oaklandish
sd_anybodyk : You know we throwing them Bs up
dreebomusic : @ro120 @flyguy_doja the homie turnt lol livin the life
90block_ : @richhomiequan They on The Wave Big Bruh!!'
mayfairking : @gjfried
dylantooze : You look faded d lill
arturob14 - pilou.abert - dope___sneaks - gerardparra0826 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Bay Area sign up for my bro's camp, co-Ed ages 7-14. Spaces limited. Register now www.elevatebasketballtraining.com
_topper : @dan.fern dorell wrong ? Hell yeah
justicethompson13 : Deng I don't live around there
asapbryan_ : @yungbasbas for you 13u
b1ake_21 : @arf1025bil
official_austinhunt : @_itsjayrn @jaymaroooo aye they bouta be 5 minutes from our houses
brittneymartin : I'm going to the pdx airport tomorrow morning the day the awesome shoes come out 😍
parttyomo : Open your dm
sexytexastall : Nice
isaiah_weedman420 - brooks.clark - matthewgals - kyhua119 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Folks coming off a flight from Oakland to PDX got an @adidashoops surprise at baggage claim today. ✈️ #PDXCarpet #DLillard1 #DameLoveTheFans
dlillard1 - pdxcarpet - damelovethefans -
c_to_the_los_24 : Daaaaamn I'll be there tomorrow leaving for Hawaii. Let me rep a pair there! @damianlillard
alyspdx : We are flying out for Ogden tomorrow... πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸΌ Love 'em. So awesome. Love the... #DameLoveTheFans βš«οΈπŸ”΄βœˆοΈβ™‰οΈβ—»οΈ
brandon_duax4 : I'm going to The Bay Area tomorrow! Hit me up
ha.kent25 : @kevcharmher I need one of those shirts!
dklee9 : @yungjlee sad not SFO
chickenboy808 : Bruuuh why can't I get this lucky @b_coloma
mcl7guy : Nooooo be there next Thursday Bruh!
rayray503 : @jrdup21 what's good with a pair? Headed to Vegas in 3 weeks. U should come through #bachelorparty
son_of_slim - antonecool - kaylale2468 - burndownman -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Like Fareal tho ✌️
brooke_ray : @mtiller_
enya.julliette : @vpsayson I hate youπŸ˜‚
ravi.maharaj : @kevinnhanna @fvck_kyle
vpsayson : @enya.julliette πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜˜ nyd
catherine_dalennn : @bethany_faithhhh
isaaczlee : @luke_at_me11 @justabeatty
krissy817 : @dianapct @ashley_0531 haha this is too bogus.
amenehameripour : @wherezgaldo
zbranek88 - colbygreen40 - cali_love245 - jacobyanthony32 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#TBT... #RookieOfTheYear ... Seems like yesterday
rookieoftheyear - tbt -
nathan.monteiro : Yeah man hes actually made it somewhere @joe_kendall22
nathan.monteiro : Pretty sure ur the one who started talking trash so im not sure how that makes us asses. All we did is defend him. Btw I dont know who u callin mexican cuz i dont think either of us are
nathan.monteiro : @joe_kendall22
nathan.monteiro : Dude that booty had me like is my dog. its a joke not a dick so u dont have to take it so hard. I also notice that u creeped me already @joe_kendall22
nathan.monteiro : Aight man whatever u gotta say lol @kobyobryantcox
dsmoney99 : @dannyw02 how did we screw up the draft you didn't even get to see julius Randle play and Jordan Clarkson was a steel. Know your facts
dsmoney99 : @wyatt_parker @dannyw02 Don't mess with Laker fans #laker4life #gotem #stayweird
parttyomo : Oppennnn your dm ::))))
that_boi_k - colbygreen40 - jacobyanthony32 - warriors_nba30 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Adidas Family !! #RealThreeStripeLife
realthreestripelife -
donopasso : Oregon is 2% black, I'd say that's a good representation of population. It's so much easier to pull the race card then it is to work hard.
jsgreene09 : @ballalldaylong gotta tell our people the truth
averers : Your so awesome @damianlillard you an awesome basketball player!!!!!! Keep it strong, point shootin trailblazer!
isaacleegarcia_14 : Why is everyone white
tysoncram : @az636 behind the TV
jdmvet : There is a mexican in there @isaacleegarcia_14
isaacleegarcia_14 : Only one @jdmvet
paperchase_jaise : You must be adopted fam lol
that_boi_k - saltyabc - son_of_slim - colbygreen40 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
The #PDXCarpet colorway of my @adidashoops #DLillard1 on the #PDXCarpet. These drop on Saturday. Hit the link in my bio for more info. ✈️
dlillard1 - pdxcarpet -
ian.koenig : Ugly @ayd3n.arrit0la
kayleighjenna : @shawdogg82 now that has gone too far
_karmelo7 : cool
aziizj : @hamadalmojil
hdebois : @m_berryman
beli.bibiano.3 : I really been looking up to you lillard I love how u play and next time you give shoes away in pdx post a picture please your someone I really look up to I play basketball to but I'm not a great pro like you but I will one day thats why I put in the work
jcconnox : @mnconnors can I get a pair?
daniel_tigre : @mandicimo
bunengqimingjh - carterclarke10 - leonvdb23 - alex_souza30 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Something special for my PDX fans. The #PDXCarpet colorway of my @adidashoops #DLillard1 drops this Saturday at 10am at the Washington Square @footlocker, shopadidas.com, and @footlocker's and @officialeastbay's online destinations. Let me know what y'all think of them! Hit the link in my bio for more details. ✈️ #DameTime #teamadidas
dlillard1 - dametime - pdxcarpet - teamadidas -
f_a_t_sam : @bword503
k.mejia20 : @illestroger @ants_the_iii @daniel.bitchh @_phillip_rico
isaiah.14 : 😍😍😍
ray_hogue : @kyle_moore35
kyledaniel.inc : @medardio_ imma get these what do u think?
medardio_ : Yeah @kyledaniel.inc there alright! πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯
kyledaniel.inc : Ok @medardio_
kate_jean_poon : @laurenwyee hahahaha I love it!
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
I've got something special for my PDX fans coming real soon. #PDXCarpet πŸ‘€ ✈️
pdxcarpet -
youngnorwegianking : @mitchelldoebke ya boy is bout to pick these up
tarmcdonald : @katarinacarlson
dbergstrom10 : I'm still debating. Maybe not right away but I probably will eventually @jdahl5
he_piss_excellence : Caught that boy at the Pie queen though, that's what's up bra I'm happy to see you still support the locals ✊ #oakland #louispiequeen #real_one #caught_em
nam_le1 : @lp_nguyen @friedrice112
jbl_2003 : I love your sign
wiripdx : Love how you rep PDX!! #WIRIP
spidermonkey607 : Nice dezine
darklord2ooo - dylanforde40 - king_nicco3004 - gogitachachua -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
A great day... #WeAreWeber
weareweber -
mr.zki : in japan!!!
ehoopssf : Dam, we're a special needs basketball program in SF. Please hit us up if you're interested in helping this summer πŸ™πŸΎ
antonnbabang : Cool
peculiarbabe : Congrats !! Keep inspiring the youth πŸ’―
keeruc : Congrats
chicagotuff : Salute bro. You don't know me but you will I just want to let you know Chicago TUFF proud of you #StudentAthlete
queenc123_bae : I love u @damianlillard
mellamo_don : Congrats bro
avengedspider13 - king_nicco3004 - bunengqimingjh - alex_souza30 -
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