Damian Lillard

They say the truth shall come to the light, so everybody grab ya shades cuz ya boy that bright. . . Follow me on twitter: @Dame_Lillard
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02/02/2016 06:42:38
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
In the all white/glow in the dark #AuroraBorealis colorway of my #DLillard2. COLD! #KicksOffCourt #NeverDoubt #teamadidas 📷: @bruceely
kicksoffcourt - teamadidas - neverdoubt - auroraborealis - dlillard2 -
deegan_bannister : Pls come to the lobby in the Weston
sastw99 : @damianlillard #happychinesenewyear 🐵
danmylett : Especialllyyyy if KD comes too
royalwhippin_khi : My guy !
jacob_zubieta : 32,001 like😂
its_miss_emily_ : Look at daddy 💕
kimalsman : Dam cute
raihanabiyyu30 - hunterjackson000000 - marquez4_life - youlikethat9 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
We announced the winners of last Friday's #BiggerThanUs themed #4BarFriday challenge earlier at @4barfriday and @jblaudio's site. Congrats to @sonthegifted, @justusraps, @teezysodope and @tgtlong. Initially was only going to give @jblaudio Pulse2 speakers to the top 4, but I was so impressed by all of the 36 videos that made it to the @4barfriday account that I'm sending Pulse2 speakers to all 36 finalists. Thanks again to @jblaudio for partnering with me on this. #ListenInColor
4barfriday - listenincolor - biggerthanus -
suyuhsiaoe : Amazing results! I'vе been taking this fоr twо wеекs and havе аlready lоst 24 pоunds! Нelps supрrеss уоur aрpetite sо you eаt less... Аllоws уou tо соntinuе eating whatеvеr yоu wаnt. If уоu usе this аs instructеd, уоu will lоse weight! If уou arе intеrestеd, pleаse seе thе dеtаils in му stаtus,.
mark_brophy : @sophiedunnee did you get your speaker?
sophiedunnee : @mark_brophy what is this 😂😂
mark_brophy : Its a 4Bar rap competition did you not read it all?🙄
mark_brophy : @sophiedunnee ^
jdubim : @damianlillard king dame enough said . You made the platform and never stop showing your appreciation could not even fathom this , glad to be a part of it all one love homie
taran.19 : Dame dolla!!!!!!
tgtlong : ✊Thank you @4barfriday @jblaudio
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Always on your grind? Call for the Ball. Share a black and white photo with @SpaldingBall using #TrueBelievers and your call might be answered. #BallisLife #TheGrindContinues
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angel_garcia_562 : Man... i wish i can ball all day
shirlie9402 : I use "Forskolinfit Pro" to help with my binge eating! It helps suppress my appetite, which really helps me! It does help you loose weight too! I have lost 16 pounds in less than 2 weeks! Read more on my wall 👍👍
maine3000 : Even when u off💯
vicesars : You awesome tho
nunu_jacelle : This was you @salas6820
bsanvi20 : @littlest_rebel
mr1debonaire : Oaktown
vs2828 : @makeupby_julianaa his so cute @jherna8092
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Today's our last day of featuring all the best submissions from last Friday's #BiggerThanUs themed #4BarFriday challenge. The top 4 from this challenge will each get @jblaudio Pulse2 speakers. Follow @4barfriday to see all the great features. #ListenInColor Artist: @sonthegifted
4barfriday - listenincolor - biggerthanus -
wearuneek : @nata_music @4barfriday
franbexsonae : These аrе оnе оf thе best wеight loss рills I hаvе tried. I likе that their were nо side еffеcts thаt sоме diet рills саn сause. I hаd no jitterу feelings аt аll. I alsо had increasеd enеrgy а huge plus. I lоst 3 рounds in thе first wеek that I tooк these. Sее details on му stаtus,.
mac_vi : This kid is raw. He needs more than just publicity. I think he would make goo music.
all_world_keeb : @1.shu you need to bless this lil bro
legendary032303 : Lifestyle
1.shu : Wordlife @all_world_keeb
damian_lillard_beast_23 : Really good
mr.flashout : @0g.dynamite %/%/&///
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Another one... My limited edition white/glow in the dark Primeknit + BOOST #AuroraBorealis #DLillard2 drops Feb 11. #NeverDoubt #teamadidas
teamadidas - neverdoubt - auroraborealis - dlillard2 -
teisha_ginn_photography : @baby_b_major
joshknight_1 : @neily_poo @bailey_weaver1
cjakwon80 : On fleet
mitchthemoylanator : @deiondre_marks4
deiondre_marks4 : @mitchthemoylanator I might need to get these lol you?
mitchthemoylanator : @deiondre_marks4 maybe, I hear they are a steal for how low they're priced.
deiondre_marks4 : @mitchthemoylanator for sure 🤑
c.j.i.11 : @macdaddynastii
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Shout out to @bleacherreport and @br_hoops for this great #BiggerThanUs piece. Hit the link in my bio if you haven't seen the music video for #BiggerThanUs yet. #DameDOLLA #Equality #BHM #ListenInColor
damedolla - listenincolor - bhm - equality - biggerthanus -
pmikey3 : Nice!
akataco : @noahjustice7 @_kingjoshie_
_kingjoshie_ : @akataco su
_kingjoshie_ : @akataco he garbage
akataco : You.are.sleep. @_kingjoshie_
_kingjoshie_ : He boo boo @akataco
samuelthehipster : ^f off
sami.pg : It's really good! Nice job Lillard :)
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
I use doubt as fuel. I’m a True Believer. Follow @spaldingball to join us. #TrueBelievers #RipCity
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thegrouch_tsunami : @damianlillard...Good Luck On Ya Game Tonight...+#RipCity
brad_chestnut : @joshdhani @gsob_youngin "you talk out the side of your mouth? "No"
darreltoledo : @19_arian it's a hard competition of point guards in the west
darreltoledo : @19_arian Westbrook, Steph, CP3
blazerfan1983 : Let's get W !@damianlillard
gs_71 : Come to NY bro
wusgoodsohood : D Lillard too underrated man. Everyone doubtin him.
titans7214 - roshegang15 - dmaribrown13_lil_bow_wow - dabon_em356 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Honored to do this in #RipCity... #AnotherOne #TheGrindContinues #TogetherAsEver
thegrindcontinues - anotherone - togetherasever - ripcity -
_districta : @_therealg13 gang
hungry___for___more : 👌🏾👌🏾
maleek312 : He turned up last night against the raptors @myleswardlaw
251.bandz_ : Who won lastnight? @maleek312
maleek312 : Raptors @251.bandz_
severethepoet : Peace King!! Salutations!
myleswardlaw : @maleek312 yep he is a good player
__yung__zay__ : My boii I'm yo biggest fan 😂😂😂💯🏀🏀🏀🏀🏀💯💯
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
For everyone that's been asking about my @adidashoops signature apparel...we just dropped tees, hoodies and shorts. Hit the link in my bio to check them out now. #NeverDoubt #teamadidas
teamadidas - neverdoubt -
lyricalops : OAKLAND!!
morgss_15 : @alexhelfrich I like this
_86vell : #Oakland
jayho79 : @jessquire22 dope ass shirt @bigosc79
makingmovesmic : @damianlillard host my party with me big bro follow back dm me got beats for u
dbarraza9 : @jbreezy408 you gotta cop this !
mob_self_made : 👌
jbreezy408 : Clean!!! @dbarraza9 have to get one!
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
swingman03 : I'm the right your the left fag @logan10humphrey
logan10humphrey : Yeah I fucking know that fag😂😂 @swingman03
itsz_steven : @primeetimee_
mc_rocabye : Amen
dannyypowell : It's dj in the middle #hehe @kyle_6_broesler
ntfx : @__ju2 ^^^^😂
__ju2 : @ntfx 😂😂😂😂😂
tonyxguapo : @randy_mmg35 drake and meek
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