Damian Lillard

They say the truth shall come to the light, so everybody grab ya shades cuz ya boy that bright. . . Follow me on twitter: @Dame_Lillard
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#Squaaaad #RipCity
ripcity - squaaaad -
nice_deice : Ur amazing I wish I could be like u I'm working hard everyday
d_horve : I make it rain with you in 2k
iv_jace_mckinnon : @bodeckard12_
i_quinones : Trash
princetreyx3 : Me too @nice_deice
scotters1003 : Go Blazers beat Grizzlies #goblazers
nice_deice : πŸ‘Œ @princetreyx3
footlocker.1974 : First 30k followers that have reposted the 1st photo will receive a $150 giftcard.
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
My folks @adidasoriginals have y'all set in the off the court looks dept with their new Tubular Runner. Too cold! Let me know what y'all think. #teamadidas #threestripelife
teamadidas - threestripelife -
lil_orphan_anniee : Posted
stinajohnsonn : Like the colors, grey is favorite
le_supremo : @ahopee this gonna be my next runners
joaoandreatta : @fedelacoste tem esses da adidas também, curti bastante
josh.schultz4 : @_alexnguyennn the red one πŸ™Œ
glynnneal : $$
nick_dibarrrtolo : @_joedoman_ @mayn_attraction honestly might cop
sillyd254 : @tycarl this is my new ish that I'd like, except I probably already have too many and these aren't necessary
danilo_berrios - _joedoman_ - nick_dibarrrtolo - kekee_17 -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Oakland standing up. We seen this movie with Oscar Grant.
chris_sharp : @duncan_henry haha I worked a 12 hour day today and I make a very comfortable living for myself. And I actually had a job when I your age that I would go to everyday after school. You're meltdowns are seriously the best though dude. I'm absolutely loving it
duncan_henry : At my age, you weren't even coming close to me @chris_sharp be honest with yourself, you are and will always be just another middle of the road slave that will work under your superiors and will be quick to point the finger, let me guess I am a racist because the cop was innocent...
chris_sharp : @duncan_henry you could be racist I don't know, but I don't know why I would I would say that about you because of that. That doesn't make any sense. It is funny though. Everything you have said is so funny. I wish you understood how funny it is so we could share the humor. This interaction has been so fucking awesome. Made my day. :)
duncan_henry : What's funny is how your future will be nothing more than mediocrity.... I will be above you for a lifetime... maybe you can be my janitor someday @chris_sharp
cjdelapp : Duncan - your a real asshole
slamklapton : Waste of time
carebearr33 : This is prideful. Police officers although there are amazing officers out there, police need to be learn up on psychology because they don't realize how scared there presence can make people even when when the citizen isn't doing anything wrong.i feel like officers that shoot an unarmed victim should be released from the force. They have plenty of other tools that could be necessary in situation
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
anteezy73 : @ezra_soccer_8 amazing how sensitive you are when you havent gone through puberty. I am an athiest, I dont watch CNN and my mother passed away 5 years ago. Everyones tough via the internet so keep chirping and drinking he kool aid little boy.
angeles_2 : @phenom__23
nappy___rootz : Bro i lowkey hated you for what you did to my Rockets lol, but you def turned me into a fan with this post #respect
scundiff3 : @ashleybarnesgilbert dame knows ❀️
blaccutz : Brown friday ,,
sarapalestino : πŸ’―
henry_cansler : ? I don't get it
jay3352 : Wat he is saying is America was never meant to protect black people
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#RipCity... #ClydeTheGlide #TeamAdidas @mitchellness
teamadidas - clydetheglide - ripcity -
joewilliams1324576 : @tomcavadino I saw I follow him to best nba player
nicebro26 : Takes a lot to where that Shit, bring it tonight, be a leader, drive to the hoop
abduali24 : Hey man big fan i use you in 2k and crushed these nerds @elabed1 and @moejawad6 the time. Just letting you know I rep you good champ. Hopefully we can get a championship home #teamphoenix #lilard #guardme #queers #bestdriverever
robbiebeaumont : @mgunnis_ oooofftt
mgunnis_ : @robbiebeaumont ooft is right. Definitely would like to add this one to my collection
armin.motamedi : - @domo.oconnor
swag_sporter_1 : I was. Number22 that was my birth day
mrclutch2 : Y not wear Brandon Roy's?
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#RealBrookfield ... #hello
realbrookfield - hello -
rashayfreeman : I see u fly yup
_da_joradn_king_23_ : @merrychristmasfromapple is giving away
saandraa._ : @dylxx__ twins πŸ˜‚πŸ˜
dylxx__ : Ayee ✊@sandras.pics
cali___nia : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Šβ˜Ί
goofyguy02 : You got this tip city baby
swagdaddy124316374848392733783 : Hip
kdexter11 : Thanks for the picture
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#squaaaaaad @_lovezea @bamcfg @ryanmurphy25 @entrepreneurtbc @drakegreen_ @tre___taylor @dc4_flh @devberry
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milosteodosiic : BROTHERπŸ˜‰
alanna_m9 : @maia_kramer11 his name is damian😏😏
maia_kramer11 : O my godπŸ˜‘πŸ˜‚ @alanna_m9
hd.reveals : @nbablackfriday just gave me free tickets to come see you!
dracula_zmm : add me
filafee : Squad!
zachv_10 : @igb_grifdog
drewf_2022 : Swag
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
Me and my boy
igb_grifdog : @zachv_10
l_cap22 : He looks like you
zachv_10 : Ik that's why I tagged u @igb_grifdog
mustafaalmuna21 : His face @damianlillard
eric200923 : Is that your son
_fury : Lil Hou. So cute.
mrneverlackin0000 : U kinda look like chris smoove @damianlillard
ocasiodavid : El mejor PG. De la NBA
getmoneysniper - jivan7658 - alviti_jr - hedo_zacarias -
damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#4barfriday ... #explosive #WestCoastSh**
4barfriday - explosive - westcoastsh -
jayybrock : @austenwhite_ bars
cam_caton15 : @z__unit
moon.dreams : @obey__jumpman23
jetking805 : My god
_k_o_b_e_ : @thenoahjones_
ronnieroth2 : Sick
rickeytaylorbeats : @jgo94iii
justiceian : Nice!
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damianlillard - Damian Lillard
#TBT ... #WeAreWeber #BleedPurple #IUseToBeAthletic πŸ‘€
weareweber - tbt - iusetobeathletic - bleedpurple -
corey_bell35 : #Flight
tomster022 : You R my Role-Model. You probably know my dad. Cause he met you a couple times. He the guy that does lighting for your court. You might even know me! In the summer, I came for my first basketball game for the blazers. And I had a chance to meet you and greet you throughout the game! I didnt really know the players because I wasnt a big fan then, But now I wish that I could go back in time to meet you again. I will come watch another game of yours. :)
t_dix_6 : You the truth
king_styles23 : Use to be lol πŸ˜‚
kidd__splash : @___kb3___ he wore number 1 too
michael_riddle30 : #idol
sethsideskill : You are still crazy athletic @damianlillard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
superfriendlyjack : That looks like the rookie show case even though it isn't real
king_durom - elite12323 - hedo_zacarias - _.october._28th -
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