DaM FunK

Pasadena raised, non-influenced by fads, Modern-Funk (& more) artist, w/ a pillow made in└A • Stones Throw = The label • Glydezone Recordings = Soon.
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
Truth talk tonight..
koehrv : I think its more about what man he chooses to be. Don't blame it on women. They had to take to much of mens shit already. And what about their success through all these years?
iris_4girls : So true especially coming from a female...... And I mean meeee...💙 @dam_funk
dop3itsmilli : Hello!
rubyveridiano : 🙌
erica_denee : Truth!!!
spinoff800 : @yasmineparsa :* <3
lovelyric611 : This is true for both men and women. @dam_funk
yungflor : See that @infamouslygary
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
djhinote : Amen again
airik21 : Amen
thefilf : Like trading platinum for a couple of silvers?
kenrickchance : Isn't that just life though? Always looking for better? Some get it some don't? You don't know what the outcome will be until you try....?
dianabannnannna : Oh damn been there done that
erica_denee : Droppin' some gems!!!
lovelyric611 : Very true. People often take for grated what they have. People get greedy. Values today are much different @dam_funk
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
Done deal. | DF
docpocket : RP
audiomoe : 🙌
valthevandle : I remember you talkin about this at the stones throw picnic...everybody there was in agreement...peace bro
dirk2deaf : #This
theekingdonbob : #FactNotFiction 🙌
theekingdonbob : Brotha Dam!!!
zohar_kafri : Love this. 🙏
ericka.simone : BRUH
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
by @andredepriest "I know it's a difficult task since the word "nigga" has become one of the most popular words in American popular culture, but let's remember that is still very offensive to a large demographic in the world. So many of use it as a term of frustration, endearment or just to sound "down". I challenge myself and anyone who reads this post to remove that word from your vocabulary because it limits us all. Black American culture is so often used as the paradigm of "cool" so it is not surprising that so many non-blacks have adopted this word, but as we all know every culture has idioms or traditions that are exclusive to a select group of people. This word was once used amongst African-Americans as a term of endearment, exclusivity and empowerment. However, this is no longer the case. Let's finally put it to rest. Thanks for the wake up call @damfunk #eachoneteachone #thinkdifferent #richplanet #itsanewday #nomoreNword #soul #peace #unity #love" via @PhotoRepost_app
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docpocket : RP
sattalite : #Truth
dilllydallly : One time last summer I was DJing and without thinking dropped a track with the n word. Shit was poppin everyone was having fun but one white dude got super offended. Even said something to the club owner. Everyone told me to blow it off but it always stuck with me and I am always conscience of it#onelove #unity
dilllydallly : @dam_funk Doesn't 7DoF feature the n word?
dirk2deaf : I deleted that word out of my vocabulary about 3 or so years ago. Even when I'm listening to hip hop songs and they say it, I mute myself from saying it altogether. I remember mentioning about this on Twitter a while back (when I had a personal acct, not my current one) and folks got up in arms about it...talk about ignorant. Not only is it a foul word, but by continually saying the word and making it some type of 'term of endearment', you're giving other people of other races power to say the word as well...but then you get up in arms about it if they say it?? But its cool for you say it because your black right?? Got it...
dirk2deaf : And I wasnt referring to you @dam_funk my #hybrid, just in general 😁
ronnage : @sdpoe
jayraddly : Respect the Race!! No more hate!!
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
by @educatedblackman510 "For real" via @PhotoRepost_app
claudiebee1 : Yes!!
ammunition : Not me I be yelling like we're the white bitches at
eskaflo : @freemara sad but true. Technically we don't use the n word but you get the point
crainkick : Joy & pain : sunshine & rain
docpocket : RP
sunpips : So true
babaalivob : fact
youngwade : @crainkick Maze & Frankie Beverly 😃
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
This Thursday in Los Angeles' #VirgilVillage area of the city, is another weekly edition of @FunkmosphereLA, inside @thevirgilbar. | Doors: 9:30 • Free B4 10:30 • $5 After. • 21+ / Full Bar. | Roll.
virgilvillage -
theekingdonbob : Let's Funk it Up tomo!!!
boogie_down_threads : Classy dude
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
I appreciate the love. For real.
hoodchemist_ : that's love & the truth
pukeyoureyesout : So where's the after party
igotshadesfordays : #nowplaying thank you🙌👏👊💢
dffrntwrldbg : Give thanks
yusifyusifyusif : Dame we need more collabs with ikonika!
lovelyric611 : Well said! I agree. So much soul @dam_funk
digthismess : Truth!
bocanegra_sj : Is the Roland R70 still being used in your current tracks? The drums are knocking
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
My final song posted up 4 U all on the soundcloud.com/damfunk listening experience, until: the 'new' album arrives. *Thank U for continuing 2 ride with me thru this thang we know as 'each others lives' x music. It's a pleasure. | DF
rudeboy1781 : It's that late Sunday end the weekend summer jam
ketsm_killz : Thank you 🙌❤
shyprincelady : Funk with a smile and a tear. Thank U 4 ALL the goodies! Much ♥
hiphopchronicle : Sounds great!
loadedcocoa : #artistssupportingartists you know I'm FUNKING OUT to your jams @dam_funk !! #OneLove #AllLove #artistcollabs
lovelyric611 : I really really cant wait for the new album. I know its gonna be amazing!!! @dam_funk
muse1971 : ❤️❤️❤️ this joint! 'Suspended animation'-type jam 👍
kmaxxmusic : @dam_funk Beautiful D-F! Made my day
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
by @lovelyric611 "OMG! OMG! HEY DAMON LOOK WHAT CAME TODAY!!!  @dam_funk I cant wait to spin these! Now I'm just waiting for the arrival of vol.1, rhythm trax & baby! #damfunk #funk thank you so much @stonesthrow records #stonesthrow #music #musician #love #king #modernfunk #vinyl #vinyllovers #album #damonriddick" via @PhotoRepost_app
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chasinjeisun : 🙌 The Truth @dam_funk
wander_woman : Dām Funk pandora station #👍
la_blue_l2b : Would you happen to have any extras of the Toeachizown vinyl pieces , still in search for a few volumes to complete that!
thephunktographist : @lovelyric611,collecting that good shit!!! Nice photo haha!! Reminds me of someone he! he!
priesttd : I had no idea that Inna Focused Daze was released on Wax. Must Cop!
mercihenri : Oh. He's got that Red joint too. @dam_funk @hvw8tyg @hvw8
lovelyric611 : @thephunktographist lol well had to show love!!!
moechakiri : DAM! Man I love you! I just checked out red without a machine and searched for more of him. And I found your teaser for a song with him. I cannot tell you how much that warmed my heart! God bless your soul! Peace
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dam_funk - DaM FunK
~ Captain of the Mothership!! *An honor. | All the best continued to this great human being. Still FUNKIN'!! ~ #HappyBirthday! ~
happybirthday -
treero : Blessings and happy BDAY triple OG!
pppiin : @dam_funk 670 is a mystic number -- for an example of this google "eames 670"...
fudgie00 : Wow... :)))
e_borders : Dope
j.wontan : Looking forward to see both of you at the Vanguard festival in Denmark next weekend!
shyprincelady : Wow, that's great! I love 2 see this. U deserve all the appreciation. P_Funk hits Modern_Funk, that just made my day.
palcfer : Hey Dam! We dream of a collaboration between you and Uncle George or Prince!!
shyprincelady : @palcfer I concur.
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