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Errol Spence Jr. of DeSoto came out of his homecoming match against Alejandro Barrera fairly clean. Spence won with a fifth-round TKO. (📷: @weatherfox/DMN)
yaymonica : @mdeavila look!
marieclaire15 : @stroubstar1023 the location...
indiana_brones : @rsolimani @nicholsonmasinter
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Jill Martinez waves to supporters during a rally to support love and respect outside the Islamic School of Irving. About 200 showed up for the demonstration, which came a week after a gun-heavy anti-Islam protest outside the Irving mosque. (📷: @vernonbryant/DMN)
texnartist : @s_rdz the west which is a direct result of Christianity speaks for itself. The logical out workings of each teaching is self evident. The results are on display for all the world to see. Christianity says love your neighbor as yourself, love God with all your heart be like Jesus who is the son of God. Love your enemy give your life in service and protecting others. Island says blow yourself up for Islam to get into a heaven, in which You can be kicked out of. Kill the infidel, subjugate women and the world to Islam and dominate the world. The oppression, and poverty of the Middle East speak for itself. There is no love, peace and joy. No world wide movement of Islam to do anything but kill, steal and destroy. Learn? The logical out cropping a speak for themselves.
texnartist : @middlekate based on what, please Explain.
texnartist : @emilymayman well done one who goes against the core beliefs of Christianity which is direct contrast to any Muslim who is following the teaching of Islam when they blow themselves up. The results speak for themselves. Thousands of terrorist attack world wide yearly in the name of Allah.
texnartist : @mdunlap1 your biased narrative speaks for itself. Everyone has a view even a distorted one like yours. You've got no answer for the reality of Islams impact on the world vs the reality of Christianity impact on the world. The results speak for themselves. You dig for a justified war as an excuse for nothing. You use slavery in the US as a slam against Christianity yet no place in the world do Christians still you slaves. You can't say that about Islam who still uses sex slaves and who sells little boys and girls into sexual slavery, and or a life of servitude. I'm no redneck, but that fear you have is your conscience condemning your actions and beliefs. I'm thankful that our Christian for-fathers made a system of freedom and gun ownership that prevents a group like yours from coming into our neighborhoods and raping and killing our woman and children like ISIS is doing in the name of Islam. And to be clear we don't fear you, we see the truth vs your lies. You claim peace, peace but there will be no peace. Just like in the Middle East - Islam produces no peace, no rest, no tolerance.
texnartist : @mdunlap1 again no response for the reality of the west vs the Middle East. The fruit of your belief is rotten.
texnartist : @mdunlap1 again no answer for the thousands of acts of terror committed this year in the name of Islam. All you have is an tragic time in American history, vs the reality of Today. The contrast of course is when a terrorist blows up innocent people he does so to get into Heaven. No Christian in the history of the world killed an innocent person to get into Heaven.
texnartist : @mdunlap1 again you draw from a time long ago. You've got no answer for the reality of today. How many hundreds of years ago were the crusades? Let's talk about Paris a few weeks ago or Portland a month ago. If a bigot to you means speaking facts. So be it. You have no answer for today. Islam offers no peace and no tolerance.
texnartist : @mdunlap1 about 28,000 acts of terror committed by Islam since 9/11/2001 all in the name of Allah. That is just over 5 per day everyday for the last 14 years. Peace, Peace, but there will be no peace. http://r.search.yahoo.com/_ylt=AwrTHROcZFtWlhEAN_5x.9w4;_ylu=X3oDMTByb2lvbXVuBGNvbG8DZ3ExBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1448858908/RO=10/RU=http%3a%2f%2fwww.thereligionofpeace.com%2findex.html/RK=0/RS=4v7Ye93U_MCc1o3ZYi47lQCm168-
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#TCU corner Julius Lewis tries to haul in a pick against #Baylor receiver Jay Lee. (📷: @louisdeluca/DMN) #cfb
baylor - tcu - cfb -
chavezsylvia : Go TCU beat Baylor!!
blillyjr : GO FROGS!
cspierce12 : Sic em
wbrookallen5 : GO FROGS!
nycpistolpete : Go Bears!
dallasnews : Well that was interesting
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Shoppers and kids watch Santa Claus onstage at NorthPark Center during #BlackFriday. (📷: @pixjaelee/DMN)
blackfriday -
threefoldcards : Hello Santa!
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Floodwaters rose to the cab level of construction equipment under I-35. (📷: @snpool/DMN) #txwx #dfwwx
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eahintlian : @samboy1216
s_r_miller : @jordanpabernathy oops
allaboutfashion25 : @steadykoolin
steadykoolin : Crazy @allaboutfashion25
shaunamarie127 : @sswenholt
sgetterman : @kgetterman This is from four hours ago...not too long after we passed through there.
elliott_munoz : @kellynuttermunoz see... Who wanted to do this.
michaelwgroves : @lindsaywgroves
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Floyd Allen, a homeless vet, tries to stay warm and dry as he waits for a DART train in downtown Dallas Friday November 27, 2015. A cold front hit the DFW area early bringing cold weather and rain. (DMN Photo by Ron Baselice/@lumixron) #dfwwx #txwx
dfwwx - txwx -
hashtaglunchbagdfw : We hope our event in downtown Ft. Worth will help those who have to be out in this weather.
jmcwhorter11 : Nice portrait @lumixron
bethanyd873 : What can I do to help? I don't have much money, but I have plenty of time.
acstraube : But we can feed & shelter Syrians. This is appalling we treat our Vets this way.
kdetch5 : Don't compare it to Syrians - who we aren't doing shit for either. I agree the way we treat our vets is appalling, and that horrible fact can stand on its own without incorrectly vilifying another vulnerable population.
fierce_jewels : I'm with you @acstraube . Take care of our people in need 1st
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Who dug Luke Bryan's halftime show? (📷: @ashphotog/DMN) #brocountry
brocountry -
nicknolan12 : @romulustx yes 😃😂
tylersharpphoto : @coonsharp hahaha, check out this comment thread! Classic.
choicesmit : Awful
jswans1 : @j_rodswanson Sounds like he was a hit.
instaclay82 : @wonphatdeeva said it best. Too much effort to appear country. Nice twerk attempt in skinny jeans talking about pickup trucks and party in the corn field and punching the pedal to the metal. Lol what a joke
wonphatdeeva : @instaclay82 haha yea it might have been the highlight of our thanksgiving watching his hip trusting... So many rewinds and rewatching
coonsharp : @tylersharpphoto so awful. Worse than the game and that's saying a lot.
lori_ricker_griffis : His jeans were way too tight
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Anybody else dealing with some indigestion right now? (📷: @louisdeluca/DMN) #Cowboys #NFL #CowboysNation
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fortworthweekly : Ouch
threestarscarab : That's why you eat after the game. No indigestion and you lose part of your appetite and eat less.
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Texas @Rangers catcher Robinson Chirinos and his family spent Monday serving Thanksgiving dinner to residents of Arlington Life Shelter. (📷: Brandon Wade/Special Contributor)
linda.45_ : Very nice 👍
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Here's an old photo I found in our archive of a family enjoying their Thanksgiving Day meal outside of the old Texas Stadium before a Cowboys game against the Miami Dolphins. There are more photos on our blog here -- photographyblog.dallasnews.com/ #DallasCowboys #CowboysNation #Thanksgiving
cowboysnation - thanksgiving - dallascowboys -
jasyjeff : Awesome picture! 🙌🏽🙌🏽
lalvarezxxo : @itsissyyy @elisamarie3000 family goals
mattberman : @amanda_mary10 @burrman_itscold
goghetta214 : @ruddog6082 @merc_68 @mysta_v
fritzwheels : @rtfan01
heroichector : @mari_tonche
wml_iii_214 : @miles_lamont
watermelonsundae : @tin.trovert you and grant
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