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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Richardson Animal Shelter is visiting us today to shoot our #Pets of the Week video, starring Belle the pit mix and the not-pictured but beautiful Fanoula the domestic shorthair cat. #dallasmorningnewsatwork #instapet #instadfw @tommynoel
instapet - dallasmorningnewsatwork - instadfw - pets -
tommynoel - dangbid - evelyndelac - israrturo -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Dan Huntley is our Week 3 winner in our annual State Fair of Texas Photo Contest. This week's celebrity judge was @kengeiger, deputy director of photography for @natgeo (and former Dallas Morning News staff member, woot). Dan, a Carrollton resident, said he thinks the essence of the State Fair is in the livestock area. The deadline for Week 4's entries is Sunday. Tag your State Fair photos #StateFairPics, and get all the details (and see all entries) at dallasnews.com/statefairpics. #statefairoftexas #rodeo #blackandwhite #igtexas #instadfw
rodeo - statefairoftexas - blackandwhite - statefairpics - igtexas - instadfw -
boymom_clairerathbun : Fantastic photo!
vincestegall : Heyyyyyyyy @danhuntley5!!! :)
daffodilsarah : Really. The one year I don't go to the fair and there's a contest... boo.
survived_helms_deep - miss_amandajeanhogg - beckysegovia - julythephotoguy -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
So how do you feel about this weather? Pretty fall-like, no? IG pal @whateveryouare shaerd this pic with us. So mysterious. So October. So Tron! #downtownDallas #instadfw #dmnskyline #green
dmnskyline - green - instadfw - downtowndallas -
lupefigo10 : Really nice shot!!
dallaszoo : Gorgeous!
kingwhynot : That looks Awsome @rizapizza
rizapizza : Why can't we take pictures like this? Lol @kingwhynot
kingwhynot : You see the way my camera works it take up to 3 min. To work. @rizapizza
windog : #tron!
erinbulcher : @charleswilliams Whoa, did you see this one? #eery
kathleen23gick : Excellent!
ericv1331 - stranger22_22 - kathleen23gick - themercury_dal -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Repots: Staff photographer @weatherfox caught the blood moon behind a gargoyle that sits on top of the Old Red Museum (the old Dallas County Courthouse) during a lunar eclipse around dawn last Wednesday morning. Perfect for October, huh? #instadfw #bloodmoon #oldred #downtowndallas #igtexas
igtexas - bloodmoon - oldred - instadfw - downtowndallas -
alextexmuc : @jonathanrknight
beescents : @ladybracha
joelv1z : @nellie.bly very cool pic
ianaberle : Great capture @weatherfox.
kyungfu_master : Why don't I ever see a female staff photographer?!
vrb1023 : @lizzzilla
jdcraw07 - vrb1023 - jcbgoodwin - guidelive -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Fire up the front-facing lens on your phone -- We've got another photo contest for you. Got any selfies with something that's distinctly Dallas and/or Fort Worth? Tag them #DallasSelfie on IG and Twitter through Nov. 3 for a chance to win a this sweet prize: A Christmas at the Gaylord Texan vacation package valued at $900. Go to @GuideLive and click the link in the bio; it will take you to GuideLive's Facebook contest page, where you can learn more. (Yes, if you have selfies with Big Tex or the Texas Star, you can enter those into this contest AND our #StateFairPics photo contest! More info on that contest at dallasnews.com/statefairpics.) #instadfw #dallas #fortworth #downtowndallas @annpinson
fortworth - dallasselfie - instadfw - statefairpics - downtowndallas - dallas -
ashoneill13 : @ldreyf this is calling your name
boymom_clairerathbun : @lillyneu you got this!
this_little_peggy : @shelby_comin_round_themountain
pjmendoza : @doza05
snosnam : @paigej12
hlmbyrd - raveosopher - sus_pat08 - whatsarahsaid4 -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
The #ReunionTower fireworks show kicked off early tonight. #instadfw #RedRiverRivalry #downtowndallas #oldredmusem
redriverrivalry - oldredmusem - reuniontower - instadfw - downtowndallas -
reuniontower : I really outdid myself tonight, didn't I? #Dallas, y'all! #TXOUWeekend #RedRiverShowdown
dallasnews : Quite a show, @reuniontower! Although wasn't it an hour early?
c172picde : Saw a lil of it from DAL 😁
sea.n.sun : I'm mad Im literally on my way because I saw every where it was at 9 😭😭😭😭
cande_rz : An hour early! Come on!
kc_817 : Jeers an hour early...
janetlangkop - liljon_214 - justdtx - janosborn -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
It's that time of year: #RedRiverRivalry! Welcome to Dallas, #longhorns and #sooners fans.
downtowndallas - reuniontower - longhorns - oklahoma - redriverrivalry - sooners - instadfw - ut - texas -
dallasnews : #instadfw #downtowndallas #ReunionTower #oklahoma #UT #Texas
sheilaabbott : Great camera!
jectex : @elliebelly98 hook em horns!!!
kjcastellanos : @juan_c214
sescobar77 : Hook 'em!
jbonniee : @j_dinero240
kathleen23gick : Great shot!
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
You know what weekend it is in Dallas, Texas -- #RedRiverRivalry! Be sure to look up toward @ReunionTower tonight around 9 p.m. You'll get treated to an 8-minute light-and-fireworks show celebrating the 109th annual Texas-Oklahoma football game at Fair Park. This is pyrotechnican Randy Linn helping ready one of the 50 firing modules yesterday. Pow! (Photo by daring staff photographer @weatherfox) #longhorns #sooners #UT #oklahoma #instadfw #statefairoftexas #igtexas
statefairoftexas - longhorns - oklahoma - redriverrivalry - sooners - instadfw - ut - igtexas -
mffl04 : It's going to rain ! Boo
susiemc1024 : @boomer_johnny
cuppcake_22 : @tayzua you'll be able to see this tonight from work
dallas_deidre : @globalx2
reneofdallas : @ninahdz81
angelsvision : @lauraquin2009
_ginatrejo : @chrisballejos
chrisballejos : @_ginatrejo so crazy!
kimmyd521 - lyapujnkydb95 - justdtx - israrturo -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Our State Fair of Texas Photo Contest Week 2 winner is Rebekah Maddalena of Lewisville. Week 2 celebrity judge and @DallasStars captain @JamieBenn14 says "That's what I think of when I think about the State Fair. There are all these bright colors." And pigs! Have you gone to the Fair yet? Plan to go this weekend? Enter the contest: At dallasnews.com/statefairpics, you can upload directly from a Facebook album (and view all contest entries). On Twitter and IG, just hashtag your best pics #statefairpics. #instadfw #statefairoftexas @statefairoftx
statefairoftexas - instadfw - statefairpics -
asauce : @marionalejandra
lnmari_e : @kaddi21
texasmaxwell - jonathanmoon - evegerondale - lyapujnkydb95 -
dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Robert Bellomy of Arlington was our Week 1 #StateFairPics winner last week. Our Week 1 celebrity judge, NBC 5 Today anchor Deborah Ferguson, said Robert’s image screamed "Deep in the Heart of Texans," this year’s state fair theme. Who's going to win Week 2? Celebrity judge and @DallasStars captain @JamieBenn14 has already picked it; we'll announce it Friday. Wanna enter the official State Fair of Texas Photo Contest? It's easy: Info, prizes, and rules are at dallasnews.com/statefairpics. You can view all entries there, too. #statefairoftx @statefairoftx #instadfw #ferriswheel #texasstar
statefairoftx - statefairoftexas - instadfw - statefairpics - texasstar - ferriswheel -
dallasnews : #statefairoftexas
c172picde : 👏
pablo_life_ : @chrisdabarber_
dallasnews : @rlbellomy
chuck_sideways : @rockman37 peep it out. Fire!
rlbellomy : @dallasnews Thank you, I really appreciate the honor!
justdtx : Incredible shot! @rlbellomy
rlbellomy : @justdtx Thank you!
valeriadjimenez - photobyjoshuajames - justdtx - thejimenez14 -
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