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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
During a peaceful open-carry gun rally in #SouthDallas today, demonstrators from the Huey P. Newton Gun Club chanted "black power" and "justice for Michael Brown" as they marched down MLK Boulevard in response to the police shootings in Missouri. "We think that all black people have the right to self defense and self determination," said Huey Freeman, an organizer. "We believe that we can police ourselves and bring security to our own communities." #ferguson #michaelbrown #instadfw (Photo: @VernonBryant/DMN)
southdallas - ferguson - instadfw - michaelbrown -
caschultz : @beaverton
dallasnews : Not sure, @alrlo. We'll cover it when and if another one happens.
jtmallon3 : Huey Freeman is a character in the Boondocks. No way that's his real name.
mikedville : 52 Year Old Unarmed Man Shot Dead by Dallas Police http://t.co/PrgDKW8Fvc
cdphillips123 : @mavsfan1980 way to spread that Message buddy πŸ‘
stblaize : @valmckay
jon_bigtex_hansen : There's a difference between open carry and open brandishing
ch_ellis : Exactly my thought @jtmallon3
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Some employees on the digital side of our operation decided they wanted to see how the actual, physical, classic Dallas Morning News comes into existence every night, so yesterday they took tour of the printing presses at our giant North Plant in Plano. VP of production Bill May, center right, showed VP of digital, @NickiPurcell, far left; web designer/developer Kason Escobedo; and e-commerce analyst @Catherine_Meagher around the ol' newspaper factory. #dallasmorningnewsatwork #newspaper #instadfw
newspaper - dallasmorningnewsatwork - instadfw -
jmayvil : Any chance the local @swetalk section could tour the facility? #nerds #engineers #profdev
katbowen02 : I'd like to take a tour! The paper I worked for in Oklahoma had an older press from the 60's. I'd like to see what the modern press looks like!
dallasnews : We'll get back to you with details on scheduling a tour! @jmayvil @katbowen02
dallasnews : Hey @jmayvil and @katbowen02 -- Bill (the guy at center-right) says he can schedule you for a tour. You can email him at bmay@dallasnews.com.
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Don't you love when you and your co-worker show up wearing the same exact shirt? Digital products specialist Will Pry and Sunday enterprise editor Tom Huang sure do. #instadfw #dallasmorningnewsatwork #twinsies
twinsies - dallasmorningnewsatwork - instadfw -
clarisss03 : #twinning πŸ‘
amycakes17 : Twinsies! Haha
bethcarter77 : πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―πŸ‘―
hollyrusak : Clearly this needs a "Who Wore it Better?" post.
davidchesterwoo : Twins!!???
dallasplumbing : πŸ‘―
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Do you follow us on Facebook? If so, you might see digital communities manager Michael Landauer's weather posts each morning. They're one part weather forecast, three parts funny. A colleague's wife's friend asked for his autograph, and you better believe he took her seriously. His first autograph request! Go Michael! #txwx #instadfw #dallasmorningnewsatwork #journalismnotjournalism
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
At the Dallas Morning News, you never know who you'll end up sharing an elevator with. #circusfolk #instadfw #dallasmorningnewsatwork (snapped by our @gjmccarthy)
circusfolk - dallasmorningnewsatwork - instadfw -
chris__damian : LOL oh my. Elevators bum me out but that looks like fun.
thegrownmanblog : Yep I'll wait for the next one
boymom_crathbun : Ha fun!
rebeccaa_henderson : @jansenwhite
carnold523 : Too good!!
jansenwhite : @rebeccaa_henderson lol!!!!
nicholsonmasinter : @bennettaaron0 @markusallison
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Repost: IG friend @LizHeath took this picture of a white, cloudy, raindroppy #MargaretHuntHillBridge this morning. Have you taken shots of today's weather? We're perusing the #txwx and #dfwwx hashtags today; maybe we'll see yours. #downtowndallas #instadfw #calatrava
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downtown_dallas : #mydtd
lukeslocker : Awesome.
lizheath : Thanks for the feature! πŸ‘
dallasnews : @lizheath πŸ‘
silverhawkb : That has to be the ugliest damn bridge ever seen...d*mm46!
abbeydiggs : Hi I was looking to find the name of a photographer who works for you guys. He was taking pictures at the neighbourhood concert last night and he took a few pics of me and my friends. Any chance you would know who I could contact?
dallasnews : @abbeydiggs What concert and where?
dallasplumbing : πŸ‘
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
The Dallas Morning News Wine Panel and the BBQ Posse got together today at Pecan Lodge to pair wine with brisket. They sampled 28 wines (tasting and spitting, of course!) and came up with more than 10 wines that were a match, which we'll feature in an upcoming story. They also snagged bites of mac and cheese and coleslaw with juicy, fatty bites of brisket. Mmmm. (Pic: @weatherfox/DMN) #humblebrag #deepellum #barbecue #bbq #wine #instadfw
instadfw - deepellum - barbecue - wine - bbq - humblebrag -
ashoneill13 : @ldreyf
thelosttexan : #heaven
brandonhoog : Your @dallasnews group was getting started as I was leaving my lunch at Pecan Lodge today. Looked like quite a spread they were enjoying. #envious
bebills : Check this out matti and geo
dallasnews : @brandonhoog I'd be envious too! -- @christyrobinson
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Is this you right now, establishing your spot for prime fireworks-watching? (Vernon Bryant/DMN, from last night's #KaboomTown in Addison).
kaboomtown -
breannalobos : @banuelosmeli
hornerkat : @Hornerpeggysue - doesnt this look fun!
fangsty.x : @shoutout1us got me 1k followers
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
U.S. soccer fans are in full effect at AT&T Stadium in Arlington (Photo: @andyjacobsohn) #worldcup #usavsbel #usmnt #instadfw #attstadium #gousa
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brookeonair : Wow!!!
teteritaa : @sithvrix look!!
mackward : @treygriego
cande_rz : @kc_817
allyelrod : @flumesicle do people not work?
archrdz : @Allyerod everyone that doesn't work attended.
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Repost: @whateveryouare caught a vibrant #TrinityRiver angle on Friday. What a view! #instadfw #igtexas #dmnskyline
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rcpuma10 : My city! #dallas #dtown
moi_otw : @oddbugg lets go here
lipsticklioness : 😍 Love you #Dallas!
whateveryouare : @dallasnews Thank you so much!!
whateveryouare : #dallas #reuniontower #dallasmayorsofc #mydtd
yezika_13 : @gain.team gets you more followers
c172picde : :-)
lurotamo : @elisageraldino
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