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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Texas Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre (29) breaks a bat during the fifth inning of their game against the Houston Astros on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers won 4-3. (Ashley Landis/@ashphotog/The Dallas Morning News) #Rangers #baseball
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Texas Rangers designated hitter Prince Fielder (84) high-fives team mats after hitting a home run during the fourth inning of their game against the Houston Astros on Tuesday, August 4, 2015 at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas. The Rangers won 4-3 . (Ashley Landis/@ashphotog/The Dallas Morning News) #Rangers #baseball
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Tonight in the Collin County town of Farmersville, residents raised questions and panelists tried to correct misconceptions about plans for a Muslim cemetery looking to open just west of the town. (Andy Jacobsohn/@andyjacobsohn/DMN)
sayerscollins : Not to be rude but why don't they just get buried in a normal cemetery like everyone else
tiempos_de_miseria : @sayerscollins what constitutes a "normal" cemetery? Would you say the same to people asking to be buried in a Christian cemetery?
sayerscollins : @tiempos_de_miseria the thing is there are not christian cemetery's. They want to get these special privileges sometimes. Oh well Idc anymore with our Muslim president
lukemorris : @sayerscollins I run this account part of the time. Trying to find you a clear answer on this, but I will point out that there are separate Catholic cemeteries all over the U.S.
sayerscollins : @lukemorris and I don't like that. If we're all equal than why can't we be equal in a fricken cemetery
lukemorris : @sayerscollins OK quick and dirty version of differences include bodies needing to face Mecca and different treatment of the bodies (washing instead of embalming). Separate cemetery would seem to be easiest was to ensure the right direction. In Catholicism, separate cemetery shows commitment to the faith.
victorgparra : I can only imagine how that shiy went down. Oy.
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
What do you think #Cowboys owner Jerry Jones was saying on this call during the team's morning walkthrough? (Smiley N. Pool/@snpool/DMN)
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rangerscowboysmavs : "Think Woodson might wanna be in the Ring of Honor?"
victorgparra : @carnold523 #Win
lukemorris : Smithers... Release the hounds.
eflores421 : "EVA is coming next week. Rally dem 'Boys!!" @vickyflores3 @almaf_0
elprofethm : Eeeeee, the, eeeee, Steelers are,eeeeee, the best, eeeee, team ever!
ericceleste : @lukemorris I like the cut of your jib, sir.
z71raider : Jerry Jones is the #1 #dallascowboys #fan #.
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Micah Jones, 11, pretends to make a radio call while sitting in a police cruiser during Dallas Police Department's youth forum to discuss how teens should interact with cops at Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas. (Michael Reaves/@michaelmreaves/DMN)
mamamia5711 : Are there any forums to discuss how cops should interact with teens?
mdunlap1 : @sayerscollins What does that mean?
mdunlap1 : @kc_817 @mamamia5711 Beat me to it. Exactly.
sayerscollins : @mdunlap1 it means if cops and kids could interact without all of the yelling then the incidents would happen less. The police brutality would be the only problem to work with
sayerscollins : @mdunlap1 how am I racist
sayerscollins : @mdunlap1 I never mentioned race in this.
mdunlap1 : @sayerscollins Misread your original comment. My bad. That said, the McKinney incident was 100% on the racist cop. That's why that pos was fired. (Even in McKinney.)
sayerscollins : @mdunlap1 well, the cop said he wasn't racist, but he was having a crap day. He witnessed his sister commit suicide and then had to stop someone else from killing themselves. After that he was going to the incident. He didn't have to, but he did it anyway. It doesn't help when you're trying to do your job and every one is running behind you, that's stressful
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Secession: It's still a thing. Karl Gleim, a district director for the Texas Nationalist Movement, talks to Shirley and Raymond George from Corinth before a recruiting meeting at the Best Western Plus in Denton. The group has been touring the state recruiting people to help sign a petition to put a question on the Republican primary ballot asking if voters want Texas to secede from the United States. (Rose Baca/@rosebaca/DMN)
jasonsdowdy : Why give these people attention?
kc_817 : Exactly @jasonsdowdy smh
ohkittencreates : Buh-bye!!!
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Call this part 2 to go with the last photo. Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon hug it out after practice. “It’s just two great competitors going at it. We were chirping a little bit back and forth, but at the end of the day, that’s what you want. I got a little bit overheated,” Bryant said. (Smiley N. Pool/@snpool/DMN) #Cowboys #NFL
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jonthanmflores : #teamwork
joefridrich : Ur money Dez
mr_butler29 : @retardo313 Its all love over here..... I put hands on teammates and my Lil brother lol
retardo313 : Bunch of suckas πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mr_butler29
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Things got heated between Dez Bryant (far left) and Tyler Patmon (far right) at Sunday's practice. Bryant threw several punches and eventually his mouthpiece at Patmon after the cornerback knocked off Bryant’s helmet at the line of scrimmage just after a snap. Bryant then ripped off Patmon’s helmet and the two started throwing punches at each other before teammates stepped in on the field. (Smiley N. Pool/@snpool/DMN) #Cowboys #NFL
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jonthanmflores : #teamwork
kseeb00 : @collinh85
jasonsdowdy : Stay classy
em_sta_gram11 : @ballard_s typical
collinh85 : That's part of camp
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Krystal Summers models a wedding dress during The Wedding Party Expo — A Marriage Equality Event at the Hilton Anatole Dallas. Summers is a transgender actress who's hosted and performed in shows at #Dallas clubs. (Michael Reaves/@michaelmreaves/DMN)
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mdunlap1 : @mavsfan1980 Dude, scroll through the account's pictures. It is kids throwing water balloons, old women's birthday parties, etc. On none of those pictures have you ever complained about their newsworthiness. Maybe you are this dumb. But I doubt it. Pretty sure you just have serious issues with transgender people and believe they are doing something wrong.
mavsfan1980 : Oh I absolutely think it's an abomination in God's eyes but I love everyone. I'm not going to continue wasting my time arguing. God bless & have a good night.
wolfgirl60 : I love that dress! Nothing but love here :-*
jfpo : @mavsfan1980 "Oh I absolutely think it's an abomination in God's eyes..." That's everything we need to know about you. You can say you love everybody all you want, but you're lying to yourself and the rest of us don't believe you for a second.
mavsfan1980 : @jfpo it's not about what I say or think. Read the Bible.
jfpo : @mavsfan1980 Quit while you're behind, dude. You could use a New Testament refresher.
mavsfan1980 : @jfpo Matthew 19:1-8. Read it for yourself. Last time I checked, that's New Testament.
krystalsummers : Don't waste your time guys... He's made up his mind and that's fine. God loves me and I know that, and I'm perfectly content and happy with that. Nothing but love here.
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dallasnews - Dallas Morning News
Marie "Mamaw" Meggs, who turned 100, is surrounded by her great-great-grandchildren Kennedy Wood, 7, (from left) Tennyson Wood, 2, and Hamilton Wood, 5 during Meggs' birthday celebration at Abba Care Assisted Living in Garland. (Michael Reaves/@michaelmreaves/DMN)
ally.karnes : @cyoung_13 baby names...
cyoung_13 : @ally.karnes OMG
spayneuternetwork : cute!
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