Rebecca Gould

I really love Jesus. Blogging is my jam. I'm addicted to cardigans & pearl earrings. I make really good chocolate chip cookies. We should be friends.
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
The wonder of this homemade bread never ceases to amaze me! Recipe on blog 😊
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
I want junk cereal. ALL. THE. TIME.
mrsbird1129 : Congratulations!! How far along are you?!
bonniejb : Lol
kpdesigns4u : Saturday mornings at Grandma and papa Kroll's!!!
marlenakerwin : Eat what works @daily_rebecca πŸ‘
mtv_rie : I've never seen these either...did you finish it off by slamming a coke?:)
daily_rebecca : @mrsbird1129 thank you! December 24th 😜
daily_rebecca : @mtv_rie where you you and @bpottsmobile in the 80's and 90's??? Lol
mrsbird1129 : Soon! So exciting :)
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Getting dressed everyday makes me feel so much better. It may sound silly, but putting together an outfit I enjoy wearing is a creative outlet and form of "me time" that I can fit into my day 😊 #ootd
ootd -
kgings : What does ootd stand for???
doriankaysibray : You're sooooooooooo cute.
daily_rebecca : @kgings outfit of the day :)
beckyalverson : Lookin good! Love that scarf!
lauriekroll : You always look great!
peacerivergirl : You are gorgeous!!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Stripes, cargo vest, boyfriend jeans, and Tom's ballet flats. #ootd
ootd -
daily_rebecca : @leakysippy I'm super low key about my pregnancies online...so many hurting friends πŸ˜“ thank you for the congrats! πŸ’•
daily_rebecca : @danasearsfam 😘
akathewife : Finally a belly! πŸ™Œ
daily_rebecca : @akathewife πŸ‘
danid1229 : I applaud you... I can't even stomach the thought of jeans right now, maternity or not! So cute!
ericajohnson26 : So cute!! I'm loving this outfit @daily_rebecca
daily_rebecca : @ericajohnson26 thank you!!
daily_rebecca : @danid1229 girl, I feel yo pain!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Just taste-tested this amazing lemon cranberry zucchini bread. Oh. My. Word. It's sooo good! Recipe coming to the blog soon :) @beckyalverson your garden goodies have been such a blessing!
alecias80 : That looks amazing!!!!!
marlenakerwin : Ummm that looks sooo good
marlenakerwin : I want the recipe too
marieizzi : Gotta have it girl!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸžπŸ’
lauriekroll : Yum!!!!
mrsjennagibson : Ahhhh yummmmmm!
simplybloomjoy : Looks delish!!
daily_rebecca : @marlenakerwin I posted the bread recipe today! Blog link in my profile :)
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
I'm excited to link up with @influencenet and other attendees of the upcoming #influenceconf! I'm Rebecca of www.dailyrebecca.com. Lover of Jesus, my family, deep conversations, Thai drunken noodles, and this here coffee with hazelnut creamer, whipped cream, and nutmeg. This is my 2nd year attending the conference and I'm super excited to see all the gals I met last year, hug my roomies who are mostly new friends, and learn more about how God may want to use my life. I wouldn't leave home without my mouth guard if I'm being totally honest! Lol I grind my teeth like it's my J.O.B. and I'm terrified I'll chip them to pieces without the mouth guard. So now you know I'm a total dork ;) Can't wait to meet you!
influenceconf -
daily_rebecca : @meaghangrable mouth guards unite! Lol
carriegraceshop : I can't wait to see you!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
influencenet : Excited to see you again! -Ashley
mamaangelalee : Aw @daily_rebecca I sure wish I was coming this year so I could hug you, friend. πŸ˜₯ I hope you have a great time though and ENJOY! 😘❀️
daily_rebecca : @mamaangelalee me too!! Wish you were going!! 😩😩
daily_rebecca : @carriegraceshop ditto!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
daily_rebecca : @influencenet ditto Ashley!
babiesdontkeep : Mouth guard!!! Yesssss.
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Love this guy πŸ’•
doriankaysibray : Y'all are cute!
melissalrussell : I love that guy too!!😘😘
bpottsmobile : Great picture! I can tell which of you has been in the sun, and which of you has been in the books ;)
suncitybuckeye1 : Me too. He looks just like me! :)
bonniejb : Love it
daily_rebecca : @bpottsmobile hahahaha!!!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Korean beef tacos. #cantstopwontstop
cantstopwontstop -
estherrosetolnai : Yum! Where are u?!? @daily_rebecca
ellebellebeauty : Mmmmm!!
daily_rebecca : @estherrosetolnai the Ferndale DIY art fair! You guys should go next year!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
The bacon made me do it. #datenight #foodtruck #ferndaleDIY
ferndalediy - foodtruck - datenight -
derrowje : We were there too! Just got home, bummer we didn't see you guys
ellebellebeauty : Holy ish my mouth is watering!!!
rachelrennolds : Wait. Is this the Mac shack food truck?!
charmarieduus123 : Yumm!!
daily_rebecca : @rachelrennolds yes! How did you know??
daily_rebecca : @derrowje aw! Bummer we missed you!
rachelrennolds : @daily_rebecca they're going to be at my wedding!
daily_rebecca : @rachelrennolds YUM!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
My beauty guru sister @ellebellebeauty got me hooked on this amazing Revlon Super Lustrous lip gloss in "Super Natural". It's the perfect everyday pinky beige πŸ‘
kpdesigns4u : Pretty!
ellebellebeauty : I love how I can always count on seeing Lia Sophia in your selfies! πŸ‘Š
melissalrussell : I'm back on Instagram! You look gorgeous girl!! Wow! Pregnancy really suits you!! 😘😘😘😘. Miss you all!!
marieizzi : You're so beautiful πŸ’–
suncitybuckeye1 : Melissa nailed it.
daily_rebecca : @melissalrussell welcome back!!! I've missed you! Thank you for the sweet words πŸ’•
daily_rebecca : @kpdesigns4u thank you 😘
daily_rebecca : @marieizzi back at ya! I miss you!! 😊
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