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I really love Jesus. Blogging is my jam. I'm addicted to cardigans & pearl earrings. I make really good chocolate chip cookies. We should be friends.
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
All day. Everyday. #andrewjames
andrewjames -
daily_rebecca : @sarahfranb no it isn't!!
bpottsmobile : @sarahfranb ha now that's a hashtag!
pixiegp4 : @bpottsmobile what was your nursing goal? How long for you @daily_rebecca? Lol, I've got 10 more months to go....😳 the first two months are always the hardest.
bpottsmobile : Mine was a year. I think I weened 14 mos? Chris kept encouraging me that I could do it "a little longer... a little longer..." Lol.
daily_rebecca : @pixiegp4 my goal has always been a year but I've only made it 6mos each time before. My supply has tanked at that point. I'm hoping for a year again this time! Even though I think freedom is spelled F O R M U L A. LOL!! but I really do want to make it a full year. Not a day more! Good for you @bpottsmobile 14 months is incredible !!
switte514 : @daily_rebecca you definitely made it through the hardest of hard times going 6 months with both girls Mama! I remember feeling 100% overwhelmed during the first 3 for sure.
switte514 : So my kid grabbed my phone and hit enter (coincidentally while nursing). I was just going to add that it seemed to get so much easier around month 8 for us. We just reached the 1 year goal (I had to supplement some formula while at work because my body HATES the pump) and now I'm terrified of the entire weaning process and ho
switte514 : 😬 he did it again... To FINALLY finish. I'm scared it will be hell on earth, because of how much he relies on it for comfort. #thiskidisaboobman #iwillneedjesustohelpmethrough
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Bout to launch an all-out attack on my dry skin thanks to my beloved Amazon Prime!! Also getting ready to post a favorite things blog including this banana hand creme πŸ‘
marlenakerwin : Love cerave cream. I use the wash for macie @daily_rebecca
daily_rebecca : @marlenakerwin awesome! I haven't tried it yet. Just bought it based on a recommendation from a beauty blogger. Lol
ctutor409 : My dermatologist recommends cerave. @daily_rebecca
valgehrke : Cerave is good stuff Janelle uses it.. And nothing like ole maine's Burt bees!! Natural action :) @daily_rebecca
deployedheart : I hear you in the dry hands! I often sleep with socks on my hands!
melissalrussell : @daily_rebecca I should own stock in CeraVe since I have so many of their products!! Great stuff! I'll have to check out the banana hand cream. Can I eat it too?😜
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
It's darn near impossible to get a decent picture of all three of them! 😝 #graceellen #averyjane #andrewjames
averyjane - graceellen - andrewjames -
somebodysparent : So precious!
danasearsfam : Try 5. I've given up
charmarieduus123 : Love this picture!
bonniejb : This is super cute though πŸ˜‰
beckyalverson : So cute...so blessed!
shakespeare17 : It's still cute! Love Ave's face. :-)
kpdesigns4u : I love candids so much!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
True blue Drew πŸ’™ #andrewjames
andrewjames -
b.bronson_ : Oh. My. Cuteness!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously
ellebellebeauty : AHHHHH!!!!! My heart just stopped!!!! ❀️❀️❀️❀️
beckyalverson : So serious!
melissalrussell : I'm melting.... @daily_rebecca
alexisannar : @connor.nile IM MELTING ITS SO CUTE
khollo6 : Precious!
shopalliemac : Awwwww, so precious! @daily_rebecca
kpdesigns4u : So handsome!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Date Night in with my love @andyg_97 πŸ’•Carryout from our fave Italian place.
meowbubbz : Looks so romantic and yummy!
kellymahalak : I heart Ferlitos
estherrosetolnai : Salvitore's??
doriankaysibray : LOVE. Love love love.
daily_rebecca : @smeyleigh Salvatore Scalopini in GP! πŸ’•
daily_rebecca : @estherrosetolnai YES! πŸ™Œ
daily_rebecca : @meowbubbz it was! 😍
jjs_smith : We will have to check it out! We love Italian food!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Finally got around to blogging Avery's second birthday party! Clickable link in profile :) #averyjane #disney #princessparty
averyjane - princessparty - disney -
charmarieduus123 : Loved your blog post!
melissalrussell : I loved the blog! That was a really fun party!
daily_rebecca : @melissalrussell I'm so bummed I don't have a pic of you and Mark!! πŸ˜•
daily_rebecca : @charmarieduus123 thanks!!
charmarieduus123 : Your welcome!😊
melissalrussell : @daily_rebecca that is completely fine!! The pictures you have are wonderful!!
deployedheart : Very cute! We're still Frozen obsessed around here!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Can't leave Avery out πŸ’• #averyjane #andrewjames
averyjane - andrewjames -
derrowje : 😍
evanwittstock : AWW
andyg_97 : "Tiny cheek" haha
daily_rebecca : @andyg_97 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
charmarieduus123 : Too cute!
ambernwest : Precious!!
linden30 - wifeandmommy94 - jennymariesherman - shakespeare17 -
daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
YOU GUYS. 😍😍 #graceellen #andrewjames
graceellen - andrewjames -
marlenakerwin : He looks like a baby doll πŸ’™
claudinephillips : In love
derrowje : This is BEAUTIFUL!
akathewife : Love love love! πŸ’™
charmarieduus123 : So cute!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Really mom? #andrewjames #littlebrother
littlebrother - andrewjames -
ctutor409 : Yes!!! πŸ’™
melissat77 : He is absolutely adorable. I love the stripes!
jjs_smith : Look at that hair!!! πŸ’™
beckyalverson : Does Drew look like Liam Neesom or David Duchovny in this picture?? Either one, so cute!
melissalrussell : Wow! I DO see a baby David Duchovney!!
kortneylane : oh my glory! this boy!! 😍
carrieanne1028 : I cannot handle his cuteness!
shakespeare17 : David Duchovny! I was thinking that before I even read the comments. So cute!
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daily_rebecca - Rebecca Gould
Michigan is cold and snowy today, but I'm keeping warm in the fleece I scored for cheap on my local Mom's Swap & Chat Facebook forum. Anyone in other areas have one of these?? I'm hooked!
brrr -
babiesdontkeep : Aooooooga, aoooooooga
daily_rebecca : @danasearsfam I hear you! #brrr
daily_rebecca : @babiesdontkeep πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
dennybeth : I'm obsessed with mine!! More with the selling/purging aspect... So fun!
laurenweber84 : πŸ‘Yes! Love those groups! Well, except the occasional drama I see πŸ˜†
valgehrke : Always styling lady! πŸ’ƒ
charmarieduus123 : Love it!
bonniejb : I love the lip color
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