Daewon Song

Pro skateboarder,slightly addicted to donuts!! πŸ™ love my son.
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
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archiecallaghany : @garnett99
ind1go_sou1 : @dgafdavid @lazo253 @tweez29 @lazo1298 @erick_killz bruh πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
lock_man14 : Rad man @daewon1song
konstarr : Ei noin voi tehä @nakkeb @jxkerauvola @mattilvteemuh
jxkerauvola : @konstarr läppäääää äiä
mattilvteemuh : @soppaelmo vois tehä kyl :D @konstarr
nakkeb : Kattokaa koko pätkä se on haeras @mattilvteemuh @jxkerauvola @konstarr
nakkeb : Eiku tä on joku eri πŸ˜‚ @mattilvteemuh @jxkerauvola @konstarr
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
Have a great Friday night #instafam πŸ™. The @berrics #Intransition voting ends at midnight ....here's the 2 I voted for ! @ronniesandoval_nfc and @choadped πŸ‘Š ! Have a great weekend and thanks again for all the amazing support .
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ntaylorgoirish : So sick
_dmoreno6 : I loved your videos !! Congrats on the win ! Never stop being a Legend πŸ‘πŸ‘
_dmoreno6 : I also like donuts
jon_martin : Check your dm
daewon1song : @_dmoreno6 thanks so much !! Have a great week πŸ™
daewon1song : @bt_shredda thanks Tank !! Gotta get up soon !
luke_clausen : Congrats man
_dmoreno6 : No problem πŸ˜ƒ
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
I know your sick of these post...Sorry πŸ™ ! Just wanna say thanks again to @chaseingabor and the @berrics for having me in the #Intransition contest and to all of you for the amazing support ! Voting polls are still open till midnight tomorrow , so vote if you want or just go watch all the other guys kill it !!!
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aubysworld : Congrats @daewon1song simply amazing...
tasty_weenie_club : @beedizzel omfg
beedizzel : Better get up there brother!! @tasty_weenie_club
gerr760 : Wow!! My mind has been blown!!! I could go on forever! Good job man! @daewon1song #inspiration
tyler_little_ : Your the man!!! Congrats you deserved it that's for sure such a sick ass part your a skate god πŸ‘πŸ‘ŒπŸ™Œ @daewon1song
daewon1song : @tyler_little_ thanks so much !! Hope you and family the best !!
daewon1song : @gerr760 means a lot !! Thanks and have a great night πŸ™
zmobz2 : How in the hell did you get so good πŸ”₯πŸ™βœŒοΈπŸ˜Ž #oneofakind #favskater
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
Introducing the ollie #mallwalk πŸ˜‚ !! Hahaha just ending my day off at Channel St. and got inspired by the #mallgrab !! Hope all of you had an amazing day πŸ™!! Filmed by πŸŽ₯ @cruzing @almostskateboards #intransition #funfirst
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maulgrabber : Maul*
actionbranson_ : @peterle1995 @skinnybonesjones3
__cf_ : @adam_ts_mob
cryyy_babyyy : @tantanmcdan
travesura_ : @daveb_14
schepatitis_p : @glorifiziert relevant to your interests
glorifiziert : @schepatitis_p woah! THIS! One day
kalesnail : @olddirtydoyle
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
Had a fun morning over at Channel St. today !! Thanks again #instafamily for all the #Intransition support !! You can can vote at the @berrics .com or in my profile link πŸ™ .....πŸŽ₯ @almostskateboards
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daewon1song : @alexx_moore123 thanks πŸ™
matt_umphlove_augs : @nico_dabsburger
stevejimenezsd : Demasiado @pau_ch24
theonlytimever : @anthonycw13
anthonycw13 : @theonlytimever that FUCKING manual revert thing. The fuuuuck
daniel_brut : @daewon1song are you kidding me? You are like wine get better with age bahaha seriously the greatest!
kalesnail : @olddirtydoyle
kalesnail : @skottydavis
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
Thanks again everyone for all the support πŸ™ !! The #Intransition was fun and an honor to be in a contest with such amazing guys, voting starts tomorrow at the @berrics ! Big thanks to @chaseingabor for the amazing πŸŽ₯ and edit πŸ™ !! Have a great day #instafam and skate how you want ...who cares what anyone says πŸ‘Š
intransition - instafam -
daewon1song : @karlos.bruh thanks πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
rylannbroo : @tristanbraa look at this sick video
b_enf : πŸ˜‚πŸ‘² @kylereid61
_finnzz_ : @twisted_logic_xcii @ayeronthedude
paulofoonseca_ : @lucas_erbano olha q style
tohmav : geeez
archiecallaghany : @garnett99
kalesnail : @olddirtydoyle
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
My @berrics #Intransition part is up πŸ™ !! This hand plant did not make the edit because I realized how stank I do them πŸ˜‚πŸ˜·!! Thanks again @chaseingabor πŸŽ₯ and all of you for the support ! πŸ“· by @cruzing ..... Anyone wanna go to @lazydogrestaurants with me for lunch? @wungaposse crew know how to do proper hand plants! I need lessons......#funfirst
intransition - funfirst -
daewon1song : @dubkjones thanks so much πŸ™!! Have a great night
dyer : Congrats @daewon1song in transition
brendanisbatman : @gessitsjeff
devonrclark : Hey dude it would be really cool if you would follow my bf and his best friends page @_vintagesounds_ and let them build you a speaker to take with you everywhere. Trying to help them build a business. It would the world to them. Thank you so much. Nh @otdoerfer
skateornap : Congratulations on winning the in transition contest your part was so great, best skater of all time.
fuked6felt : Was this frontside or backside im currently learning backside have them under coping i dont understand to get on top of coping any advice? @daewon1song thanks
daewon1song : @fuked6felt bs ! Frontside is so hard !! Good luck and have a great rest of your day πŸ™
daewon1song : @skateornap your the best !! Thanks so much
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
I broke my last one of these boards at Channel St. a while ago 😒 !! It's been a fun time filming for the #Intransition.. part that will be up at midnight at the @berrics .com πŸ™ thanks again for all the support #instafam and @chaseingabor πŸŽ₯ ! Wish we could have got more in the short time frame we had to film but I still had a great time !!! #bluntkickflipsnappedthisthinginhalf
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360_skater1 : Oh man that's so sick
thy_art_is_hayden : @askingalexbradya
ryanthegoat : @white_boy_wasted_and_high
ciro_aroni : @em_medrano awesome
local_skater_ : Where can I get one of these daewon
alex_wanner98 : @4dankydank20
brandonshanee : @mcfreddy_
keystroskate : I have one of those got it free from my local skateshop
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
So I tried getting inspired last week by listening to this song before I got to Channel St with @chaseingabor πŸŽ₯ to film for #Intransition !! and realized I cannot fly so well ,still fun staying close to the ground πŸ™ ...have a great night #instafam and thanks again for all the support ! #myIntransitionpartsucksbutIhadfunandChasekilledit .
myintransitionpartsucksbutihadfunandchasekilledit - intransition - instafam -
bene_beneski : @b_witt89
markdeleonn : @r_y_a_n_k_i_n_g @_sir_psycho_sexy_ @scottylolo562 hahahaha
skaterforlife18 : @skates_evan
kg_bayza : @grandtheftnato @itscalvinfernandez @50firstgabes lol
tallerthan_you : @ezian1990
sir_wallace96 : @oliver_gray12
josejave : Hahaha i would try that with a helm
malibu__siszler : @verobeeby
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daewon1song - Daewon Song
Well since I've been done with my #Intransition part Im hoping for a #chalkchallenge πŸ˜‚ @knoxhardwaremfg you down? Here's a #tbt from an old @matixclothing ad....hahaha just have fun and who cares what people think πŸ™ #myIntransitionpartsucksbutIhadfunandChasekilledit !! Post your best chalk magic and win some gear and hardware
myintransitionpartsucksbutihadfunandchasekilledit - intransition - tbt - chalkchallenge -
stay_positiv_ : Dope haha @wolfy93
tropikaltom : @yungnikolaus
jststnz : @scotmeiners morgen dann πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜„
viteraaaa : @igabrields
nick_destroys : @rene_creates
matt_umphlove_augs : @nico_dabsburger
bianconick : @chadblueone
aleksandrpelevin : @mikhailcherkasov
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