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Cyrus Gabriel

SF, CA | • cyrus.cgct@gmail.com • Creative Director / Producer •
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cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
Cynthia | Food Blogger www.cyneats.com I had a great opportunity to work with a local SF Food Blogger and enthusiast, known online as CynEats, yesterday! I produced and edited this short teaser for her foodventure and I hope you guys can enjoy the eye candy! Feel free to check her site out and look forward to seeing more videos made for @cyneats in the near future! #HowSFseesSF #LiveAuthentic
howsfseessf - liveauthentic -
cyneats : Thank you so much! Had so much fun filming yesterday 😊
cyrustolentino : @cyneats It was definitely a fun first adventure with you! I can't wait to definitely produce more as we progress!
shannonbruno : When I come there next year please show me around to al the good food places omg
yurkstyle : 👏👏👏👏👏!
cyrustolentino : @shannonbruno yeah, keep in touch and let me know! I'd be happy to show you around!
cyrustolentino : @yurkstyle your turn next! 👌👍
marielleles_ : Do work, werk, werk. 👌👏
saintvaline : Beautiful🔥
jelitaeve - sophiamo_nica - solostwoyou - anthonjames -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
Light and Shadows. 2/3 - B&W Photo Challenge. #WHPSolstice
whpsolstice -
anila.p : ✨🙏
saintvaline : Dope
themettes : Killin it
cyrustolentino : @anila.p @saintvaline 👌
cyrustolentino : @themettes thanks!
iamstillyawning : 👍😉
sancia_thelabel : Beautiful!
dkisoninsta - vswizzz - keithealth - kyrenekay -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
Geometry. I have a love and appreciation for b&w photography because of how the focus of the images depend on your imagination and in depth perspective. I was nominated by a good friend, @fvbstio.xcv to bring back that creativity out of me through this challenge, so I couldn't pass on it. I nominate @maddthman & @ieota to do it too, because I know they're two of Canada's most creative individuals I've ever known and learned a lot from! 1/3 - B&W Photo Challenge. #WHPgeometry
whpgeometry -
ieota : Thanks @cyrustolentino for the mention! I'm already participating in this challenge so I'll be posting the rest of my photos soon. Hope you are well! Also saying hi to @maddthman 👋hope we can shoot soon!
maddthman : Hi Cyrus !!! Thanks for tagging me bro :) I'm also in the middle of doing a b/w challenger but I can definitely incorporate this into what I'm doing. I hope you're well bro! Thank you for still remembering me after all the years that have passed us by. I'm so happy to see that you're still pursuing what makes you happy :) I only hope hat we'll be able to actually have the chance to hang out in person in the near future. I'm here anytime you need anything brother! ... Text me @ieota ! Let's make something happen :)
cyrustolentino : @maddthman all I have to say is that I'm very humbled to know you and @ieota; two amazing talented people. I still to this day look up to your work and you never cease to amaze me!
ckjordanair : ☺️
msrachelmonroe : @fadebygrey
xsandrax_ - lyzehldelozryehz - masterdynamic - troypeele -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
The Progress. I had a humbling opportunity to film and shoot for an upcoming brand here in San Francisco just last week, alongside my team and partners, @sabrinamai and @briandublin. Stay tuned today and within the coming week to learn more about the brand! Photos and video will also be up on the new site soon! #bts
bts -
social_flower : Thats awesome. We need to shoot together soon
vsquareed : Teach me your ways.
extinctmatter : Just the beginning. ⚡️⚡️🙏
cyrustolentino : @social_flower definitely! Hope to link up again soon. @vsquareed broooo, haven't heard from you in so long haha. Teach me YOUR ways.
cyrustolentino : @extinctmatter 👌
nyquilpapi : Aye @sabrinamai @briandublin
flyhomme - himani__ - markcomia_ - m_sanchezzzz -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
As an artist, you'll always have those moments of dissatisfaction or the feeling of your work never being good enough out there. After my trip to the #PNW, I suddenly started to feel so much of that and I felt that all my work has been so mediocre. I got too comfortable with some of my successes this year, but I'm finally starting out fresh again and with a new website up soon! Cheers to big changes and I'm excited for what's to come! 3/3 - Photographed Photographer.
pnw -
millevolent : There's always room for improvement. You can always get better, not worse. I wish you the best of luck, man!
fvbstio.xcv : Prolly one of the best double exposures I've seen! 👍🙌🙌
jessicupoftea : :) life of creativity! Love your work
cyrustolentino : @millevolent @fvbstio.xcv @jessicupoftea thanks guys, really appreciate it!
xsandrax_ - ronniiietsunamiii - lyzehldelozryehz - m_sanchezzzz -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
There are going to be those people in your life that will never stop supporting you and believe in all that you do. They'll always push you to move forward even through all the successes or failures. No matter how many times I look down, she's the conscience that remind me to look up. | Hebrews 12:11. 2/3 - Photographed Photographer. PC: Angelina & Jess
nikkinikks_ : YASSS
ayyeitsagatha : werkkkkkk 🔥
jstunna_415 : Wassup cypress @cyrustolentino
atremill - m_sanchezzzz - jagenetiano - livi0623 -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
I'm normally the type to never be in front of the camera and when I do, there's usually some way I'll find to keep my face from showing. This next series is going to be about myself for the first time ever and just a few back stories of what's happened lately in my life. Here's to my testimony. 1/3 - Photographed Photographer. PC: Daniel Fabia - @fvbstio.xcv
ayayronsanchez : Damn you're one fat mofo
cyrustolentino : @ayayronsanchez hey, I'm taking good care of @killacabs while you're not here 😉😏
ianabellana : @cyrustolentino nice meeting you tonight dude!
cyrustolentino : @ianabellana likewise bro!
xsandrax_ : Hey when you get the chance, do you think you can email the pics? Thank you so much! Can't wait to come back & do some work! ☺️
cyrustolentino : @xsandrax_ I'll make sure to email them to you this weekend! It was nice meeting you and I definitely would love to work with you again real soon!
xsandrax_ : @cyrustolentino awesome, thank you so much! & yes! I'll be back soon & I'll be sure to hit you up ☺️
saintvaline : 😍😍
nopeitsstephen - _wcst - shortestseniorever - staceyyocampo -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
"Beneath the makeup and behind the smile I am just a girl who wishes for the world." - Marilyn Monroe. 3/6 - AGC Photo Series.
howsfseessf - chasinglight - makeportraits -
cyrustolentino : #MakePortraits #HowSFseesSF #chasinglight
ayanagiann : ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
rjlibed : Dope photos man! If you don't mind me asking, what body are you shooting with!
cyrustolentino : @rjlibed I just saw this now, but I shoot with 3 cameras now: Nikon D300s, Canon 5Dmiii, Canon 6D.
stay_gold_justine - selahvida_ - geniidee - m_sanchezzzz -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
"Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." - Marilyn Monroe 2/6 - AGC Photo Series.
igerssf - millportraits - makeportraits -
cyrustolentino : #MakePortraits #millportraits #igerssf
chrissofresh : Just take pictures of me you pro
fvbstio.xcv : *likelikelikelike*
cyrustolentino : @chrissofresh haha I wish I was pro.
ayanagiann : ;p
felice.c0m : cute
jayne_edosalon : Yes
sierradivine_ - livi0623 - m_sanchezzzz - r3n_94 -
cyrustolentino - Cyrus Gabriel
"We should all start to live before we get too old. Fear is stupid. So are regrets." - Marilyn Monroe. 1/6 - AGC Photo Series. This photo series will contain favorite selections of Ayana Giann along with MM quotes that best suit her, the time, and style of the photograph.
igerssf - howsfseessf - suchgreatheights - chasinglight -
onduray : I can't imagine @ayanagiann being like "what?! I did not approve of this!!" Hahah
wassupmel : I already love this photo series! 😍❤️🔥 @ayanagiann
_monalisagnong : Love this and love her. Haha.
ayanagiann : @_saramonica I say the same about you bby 😘 @origjannel miss you ))': @onduray plot twist, I did 😨 @wassupmel oh my 😢😭💖 @_monalisagnong LOVE YOU AND LOVE YOU.
ayanagiann : Thanks for the feature, main (": #stillnotfriendsthough
patrickhardy : Good shot. 👌
cyrustolentino : @themettes @patrickhardy thanks!
cyrustolentino : @ayanagiann haha, np!
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