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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
It's taken me a day to process The Coastal Commission's actions on Wednesday. Despite the valiant efforts of people like you who showed up in droves to express their appreciation for Mr. Lester and his decades long service to protect OUR coasts from private interests, he was fired in a closed door decision... We live in a complex world with many factors affecting our lives but what's going on here is a not so complex symptom that needs our full attention. Greed. As many of us know, our country 🇺🇸 for all of its great history has increasingly become controlled by incredibly wealthy people and corporations who have through lobbying and PR tactics convinced us that we do not have the right to a government that serves us. Instead we chase after wealth as a way insulate ourselves from the increasingly torn social and environmental fabric that surrounds us. Pointing our fingers at each other instead of the real perpetrators. Corporations have refined the art of playing with our democracy through lobbying. We are just a couple terrorist acts away from losing nearly all of our civil liberties in the name of security while we funnel billions into strong arming other people's resources around the world through our military industrial complex and burn those resources at a rate that's leaving this planet increasingly uninhabitable. The solution isn't easy and your suggestions are appreciated. We can start by voting both at a local and national level for people who have our best interests in mind. Start building our level of self sufficiency by valuing access to clean fresh water and fertile land over flash material purchases. We can learn the skills to grow food and cooperate in a local groups. Lets take a hard look around toward what future we are contributing to and slowly pull out. I'm not advocating purity overnight, be smart, play the game but have a plan. As for this post, we can just continue to use social media as business building popularity tool or use this platform to spread the truth- today I choose the later. #saveourcoast #transitiontown #permaculture #minarchy #socialism #libertarism #civildisobedience 🔥🔥
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ben_moon : 👌
drseamonkey : Well said, Cyrus. Our main problem in America is bad governance as a result of corruption. It is sad this has reached into the Coastal Commission. The 1% aligned politicians are selling us out to Monsanto and Big Agra and Big Developers and Big Pharma and the Military Industrial Complex and Wall Street. Wake up people! Stop taking pills and stop eating GMOs!
thenestlife : 🌊🌞
arjonesrider : @maufadul @chalviski
feralgreenwood : James C Scott says "we must break small laws so that we can be prepared to one day break big ones." Something to chew on.
tuffgamble : @carm_morgan ...soon
lifethrillz : The day for voting has Come and gone. It is time to take action! We have to put all of our feet down to stop these modern villians. There's no time to go through their corrupt processes and expect any impacting change to come through it. Rebellion is what this country was started by and it shall end in the same manner! #wakeup
mud_waters : True that @cyrus_sutton
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
@simplebynature is an adventure skin care company my buddies and I started working on last year. I'm happy to announce that the first product, our organic sun paste is in the mail and all of you who pre-ordered though our Kickstarter and website and will be receiving your orders shortly. Anybody interested in purchasing this rugged and healthy sun protection can go to our website. We will also be in finer surf and adventure shops soon. #mandasunpaste
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tohahnward : @mandaplans
__cejl : @kooterwilliams vaccinations✔️ sunscreen✔️ Ready for Ecuador.
dono_macc : @trim_shop_sb @seablind
ryanstruck : Rad
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rileyyysmith : So stoked!!!!
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svetlana_kubana : Russian people will love that
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Good times in Cuba with @ottoint @bangbangboogie @lexweinstein_ @dylangordon @alexkilauano @surfer_magazine. One of the most challenging trips I've ever been on. But when you have a good group of friends nothing can stop you. Grateful for the experience. Love you guys long time ✊ @reef_usa #justpassingthrough #cuba
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dylangordon : Good fumes bad fumes Good times compadre.
huckberry : Welcome back Cyrus!
howlerbros : @cyrus_sutton yewwwww.
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des_etzel : Omg
ottoint : Si señor Amen 🙏
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Attention friends: we need people in Morro Bay tomorrow to support Executive Director Dr. Charles Lester. Lester is one of the few true anti-development voices on the California Coastal Commission. The Coastal Commission decides what areas get developed and what areas are protected. Several of the pro dev people on the Commission are trying to fire him to get him out of the way. Without him, the Coastal Commission will likely rubber-stamp any and more coastal development, including the toll road at Trestles which we've all fought so hard to shutdown. If he gets fired its bad news. It’s easy to read more about it via the link in my bio. It's 10am tomorrow morning at the Morro Bay community center. Thanks tribesman @devon_howard for always spreading the word about important stuff like this. All surf publications and California surfers/coast lovers please consider reposting this. #saveourcoast
saveourcoast -
jordanhook : @felix.galvan yeah dude, heading up tonight straight after store event
gabbydittenhofer : For sure! Just saw the FB event for it @lewsta_gram
danieldedina5 : I'll be there
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wendy__maurer : Thanks @jack_maurer I'll pass on to Randy and @rebeccaleegray too!
devon_howard : #saveourcoast thank you!!!
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andyweber_19 : @b_winfield3 good looks
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Cuba was my first still functioning communist destination. This country is not setup for tourism. It lacks quality infrastructure which makes getting around much more challenging. The roads are literally crumbling. But beyond the cracked streets of Cuba, the multitude of healthy smiling faces of all races are impossible to ignore. No homeless, very few addicts, most people seemed at ease and genuinely enjoyed each other's company. Despite its many flaws I could see the dreams of Che and Fidel in the eyes of these people in this weird parallel universe where salvation has yet to be doled out exclusively by corporations. I believe that as products of capitalism and lovers of freedom, we as Americans must also come to acknowledge the hidden cost of competing against our fellow man and impact this has on the social fabric of our country. This world is many shades of gray. I'm personally looking forward to being home to where I belong, and grateful that I have the option of traveling to and learning from this place.
feralgreenwood : I appreciate these reflections
asterix88 : @destinationswithdrea
grahmcracka : @cheynebluhm @iiilea
slacktronica : I found the same thing when I was in Cuba, this was before many restrictions were lifted. It reminded me of a time before cell phones and the Internet. Nobody was out staring at their phones, people interacted in the streets more. They literally told me that community, taking care of your neighbors, is one of the most important things. Compare that to a society that values things, and individualism over the greater community. Not saying one is better than the other but the comparison was powerful. Personally, I feel we need more community/society minded culture in the US. In Cuba it is strong
poshpua : Yes well said
destinationswithdrea : @asterix88 gotta go
cyrus_sutton : Well said @slacktronica thanks for sharing.
predormitum : 👌🏾
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@lexweinstein_ holding her own and serenading Cuba on the all dude surf trip 💪
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abbeygovett : Us @maddiehammer @zoe_durham
faselhoff : @1kellyq i didn't know you like to toca la guitara!
maddiehammer : @abbeygovett uke
1kellyq : @faselhoff OMG. So nice! I toca like I surf! Was in SD for one hot minute and was sorrrrrta like: um. I miss the playa!
annelieselovebeam : 💗
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Cuban Surfari with Yuri and KP at the helm | @surfer_magazine @reef_usa #justpassingthrough #adventuremobile
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jacobmccann84 : @dylankmckinney
t.g.bost : @nealbost @bost_hog gas mileage, .89 mi./gal.
asap_hick : Wonder if we could get the yaks on top of the camper like this? @cswofford
gertruda_qq : #zil #зил #зил130
mathis_detouche : Whats car is it ?
samuribem : @fernandorodriguezfilms ThePhotoBus Cuba? :)
liuckofficial : Wow... The dream :)
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Good times in Havana with the crew. Together we donated a bunch of boards, trunks, surfboard repair kits, sandals and surf wax to help build the surf culture here. @ottoint lead the charge with a heroic offering of gear from Puerto Rico. Thanks @reef_usa @patagonia @trespalmaspr @banksjournal for the gear. Photo by @alexkilauano . @surfer_magazine
nicatime : @isasurfing 100th nation?
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Havana nights
pita_lovee : Let's go to cuba @j_lastkings
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vacationwolf : Adorable one
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ja_krieger : @zachhammstagram need to go to Havana
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Cuba color combos 💪
elcicatriz : tremendo, parece el cuadro de un film de wes anderson.
gloriaswift : Love!
mtitone : Blue-tiful ;)
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