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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Occult library
jam_tay : @alyss_sage oooo we can make a clay igloo in the backyard them paint it!!!
_phai : That's so prettyyyyy
isabelaboessio : @dudaappel πŸ„πŸŒ»πŸ’«
lunasoph : @auriannanana
khelstern : Miss her!
carlavaleron : @evecaballero llévame!! Creo que se donde dices Santa Lucía??
evecaballero : @carlavaleron siiii en santa lucia! Ya estuviste? Es la casa de una colega hippie...esta reformada la cosa..precioso todito
michelle_marchese : Miss you too @khelstern :) :)
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Secret desert pool. Thanks for the directions @captn_moss
the_barrel_runner : :-)
stafforb : @inialavenant
inialavenant : @stafforb LETS GOOO!
circa78photo : Don't pee in the pool!
bikinislanger : @kiki__pow I thought this was you for sure!
xaniii : @maryann_good
irietrav : Garth's pool is my fav
maryann_good : @xaniii where is this?!
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
stafforb : @inialavenant vivimos aquí?
puravida217 : Dig the vibes for sure.
des_etzel : πŸ‘Œ
luhseeinthesky : @valcoontree #home 🚩
valcoontree : @luhseeinthesky F the grid
arianakie : @yung_slappy our home
belarian : @gabeta
pedropierre : @chadbartie
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Trash on trash action
enzomancini_ : @jadepalma01
actionsportslaw : @auritab pretty sure they're in Gigante....weren't u just looking for plastic bottles?
enjoivanessa : Ohh yea give it to me baby
richardfarco : @melarostegui safacón hecho de botellas PET, buena idea
justcarp : Rad
happyclee : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
navigateontrust : @freeinthesea2014 ☺️
hbshawn : I just took a picture of one of these at Ticla, wonder how far away yours is.
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Fun times in Nicaragua with @projectwoo. They are an aid organization working with Peace Corps principles to ensure that any foreign aid be voted on by the communities themselves. After a few experiences in the past I've been wary of NGO groups mostly because of their lack of communication with the local people. It's easy for those of us in mini mall cultures to outsource our homogenized do-gooder ideals and underestimate the complexity and diversity of place-based, indigenous cultures which often change radically from town to town. These guys' model is a step in the right direction and should be considered by many of today's non-profits. Thanks #reefredemption for giving @tiablanco @dustybarrels and I the chance to learn more about their operation.
reefredemption -
saltwater_woman : Well said @cyrus_sutton - totally agree. Give, help and most important respect the locals!
northmenswear : @julianamittino
misspurcell : Ya Cy! πŸ‘
mindpill : Inspiration
julianamittino : That was my school! Ah how I miss:). Thanks @northmenswear for tagging!! Love ya @projectwoo!!
julianamittino : Actually now that I'm looking closely I'm not sure if this is gigante school! Bo? Anyways, love @projectwoo.
kevanroskam : Are you making a video of this? Is anyone? @cyrus_sutton
cyrus_sutton : Yes in the works @kevanroskam
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Post surf sugar snacks @projectwoo @reef_usa
carleemcdot : Yum!
arielle_navon : ^ whereeee
skaidra_scholey : @justintheweb
thepopstudio : oh baby, so hungry
madisonhead_ : So jealous
coldwaterjournal : Yes please!
laurerodriguez : @aline_nguyen
aline_nguyen : Ooooooooooh 😻 @laurerodriguez
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Diamond in the rough this morning. Nicaragua is in one of the worst droughts in recent history. This beach needs the river to flow to keep the sandbars working. Nicaragua has one of the largest rainforests in the world which is being cut down very quickly. By regulating evaporation with their canopies, trees regulate rainfall. The destruction of their self-sustaining systems is one of the largest causes of climate change. It's crazy to think how connected everything is and how a healthy environment can make all our of lives better. It definitely would have helped me get a few more tubes this morning. Frame grab by @dustybarrels
thejustinwilson : Yes! Those sandbars are dreamy
stokedmoments : Well said @cyrus_sutton it's a shame that people are stuck in the safety of their homes to not go out and explorer the world, to see the beauty it has to offer and to see the beauty that has been lost.
leathermansport : Sick one @cyrus_sutton!
patrickwashton : Wouldnt logging would lead to higher peak flows and more runoff through reduced interception and transpiration... Not one for logging (habitat & co2 uptake wise) but I feel like it could be other factors causing this river to dwindle.
onshred : @swigand you there?
cyrus_sutton : Only if the logging takes place up the watershed @patrickwashton
dwilkosz : @stevemanners @squints_rofl local spot yesterday
stevemanners : Firing and solid @dwilkosz
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Breakfast of champions
cyrus_sutton : It's the 7'0" @stamps_surf got a few good ones on it yesterday, rides great!
filterfiend : Who shapes the board on the right?
_pablo_conejo_ : @above_the_reef get our name on the list at the front gate!!!
kyoiks : @tjflagshiptattoo πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
waldo1965 : Playas Colorados!!!
adam_trout_traubman : Looks like a Moss Research on the right - yeah now
ruwac_productions : Nice
gromlifensg : @mikeyleet - vaaleecelis - arielboaz - magg_pres -
cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Happy hour
leftthenright : nice reflection
johnreveley : Nica?
jrmint1974 : This picture is amazing! Its what we are all looking for,the one thing we all have in common.
thebigslide : Chicken hawk fucks
colebeal : I saw his van everywhere last week in Encinitas @johnreveley he must move quick
johnreveley : haha you never know @colebeal
mikeydetemple : Holy crap that looks fun cy
ljipsey : @leehardin19 let's disappear together here
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Linda learning to surf | #projectwoo #justpassingthrough | @reef_girls
justpassingthrough - projectwoo -
sushea : @projectwoo
marcellocassano : Go Linda!
stasvw : So sweet
dariogalleno : @surfskull
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