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Cyrus Sutton

filmmaker • surfer • road warrior •• snapchat: cyrus.sutton
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
I almost lost my Dad 6 years ago to skin cancer. Today is skin cancer awareness day and the organic sunblock company I co-founded @manda sunpaste is giving away some free tubs. Head over to their profile to learn more. #dontfryday
dontfryday -
ctriggy : @marrahfry
cyrus_sutton : Cheers guys/gals @warls @feralgreenwood @luizcent @reidgeee
zachbaj : @ryan_kelly3
rcsiegrist : @jellyfishes13
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Lensbaby (@seeinanewway) launched a new Kickstarter for their 185-degree circular fisheye attachment lens for @gopro cameras. I helped them test the new camera and it has some groovy feels. Head over to their feed and click the link in their profile to see the Kickstarter. | @reef #justpassingthrough #circular180
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groundswellpr : @bryanrogala @jakobschiller @jgugala
missamystone : @ashleighwoods5
ashleighwoods5 : This would be good to get @missamystone
groundswellpr : @gearpatrol @j_tb3
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
The hood
sarahbellums : Welcome to the northern faerie lands!✨🌲
circleabeef : πŸ’…
risingappalachia : Shire.
guayaki : epic
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
I completed the 18 hour drive to my house in a mate-fueled driving bender. Around Shasta things got wet. Here's one of the nicer moments from the drive. @reef @guayaki #justpassingthrough
justpassingthrough -
cyrus_sutton : I am as of today, took me a while to get up here @kslay904
kslay904 : @cyrus_sutton nice! Giving the van life a break? I'm in Bellingham
313ctr0nz : Does the mercantile in skamania carry manda paste yet ? ;)
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
_n.adams_ : πŸ‘
lukas_dewolfe : Yo @cyrus_sutton what type of sprinter do you have?
twizelgoods : Enjoy it!
_relicsurf : @christinemiciano
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Sterrretch... Time to wake up
cyrus_sutton : Yes of course! @mauimina
mauimina : What is the title for rolling out our promotion and how do we get access?
cyrus_sutton : I'm going to be tackling all of this next month. Let's talk then I'll know more! @mauimina
virgin_art : 😍🐢
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Celebrating my last few days in Southern California with an overnight hike behind my moms place. Taking in the oak dappled sage and manzanita scrub that will soon be replaced with an endless sea of pines.
taateno : @makohosoda oooh
liz__daza : Jealous 😍
nostradalize : Magical ✨
twizelgoods : Such a great spot
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
This is one of many endless peelers from last spring. @kepaacero and I took a trip way down south where the sand blows into the sea. This is a board I helped mow master @ryanlovelace design. We dubbed it the "v bowls noserider" it didn't work as quite as we'd hoped but it did do some really nice things and trimmed like a dream. Maybe someday we'll get back in the bay and do a V2.. @reef @simplebynature #justpassingthrough πŸŽ₯ @cend_it
justpassingthrough -
abigailoneill : OHTHATSJUSTFINE πŸ’§πŸ’§ @_charlotteoneill
camerondeguzman : @jd._k3 : Tudo que eu preciso! Esquerda sem fim e crowd zero.
ft_dad_running : Knight elllm k+!£
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Spring green #35mm. Stoked to be working with @thenewprimal. They are purveyors of 100% grass-fed and free-range beef and turkey jerky and snacks. I've had conversations with the founders and their commitment to sourcing from only top notch ranchers is on point. I eat jerky when I can't cook for myself because I believe in providing the best possible nutrition for MY body as well as the power of properly managed animal systems to sequester carbon emissions and restore our dwindling soils. I was a vegan for 8 years, I co-founded a raw vegan restaurant in San Diego and have since determined that a small amount of properly raised animal based food is best for me. I also want to call out the film #cowspiracy for irresponsible filmmaking. Their fundamental confusion of grassland and forest ecosystems is sad and their blanket stereotyping of meat production is misleading. As a fellow documentary filmmaker I believe we mustn't hyperbolize reality for more views and that's exactly what they did. Thanks @thenewprimal for keeping me fueled up in times of need.
cowspiracy - 35mm -
lachlanjacques : @cyrus_sutton what nutritional benefits can you get from grass-fed cows that you can't obtain from plant foods? I would recommend listening to nutrition expert Dr. Michael Greger. We are biological herbivores. Nothing about us is omnivorous or carnivorous.
lachlanjacques : @cyrus_sutton mate im a huge fan of your docos and surfing but i can't help but get angry at how ridiculous the claim that grass-fed beef is sustainable. Please do your research, listen to what climate scientists are saying not what farmers are saying. If you honestly believe grass-fed beef is sustainable at least provide some facts and figures. Grass-fed beef is essentially worse, resulting in more land degredation, land-use, GHG's and resource waste. There's absolutely no sustainable way to eat any animal products with our current population and there is absolutely no way to morally or nutritionally justify eating animals. the truth is harsh and most people don't want to hear it. Cowspiracy didn't come to their own conculsion. Keeghan Kuhn and Kip Anderson and merely documenters, climate scientists are the ones telling us we need to stop and we need to stop now.
cyrus_sutton : @lachlanjacques thank you for your passionate response, I did a series of posts a year or so ago on this topic listing sources and good links etc. I choose the path I walk from careful research just like you do. Will tag you now
doradical : Thanks for sharing the good word of a balanced diet and food system amigo! We've been back and forth about meat from a moral standpoint, its effects on the environment, and our health. However...good soil, good nutrition, and good respect for animals is a good thing!
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Spotted this little nugget yesterday
devinoco : @dotsonkevin
mkirwinning : @intheendzone Xena???
wyliekoho : @jay_macdowell
jay_macdowell : OH MY YES #NUGGET @WYLIEKOHO
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