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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Chemtrails... Like a lot of us I started getting interested in conspiracy theories some years ago have enjoyed my attempts to sort facts from the fiction. After researching the Fukushima disaster- talking with the world's leading Fukushima fallout researcher Ken Brussler at Woods Hole, buying a radiation detector and testing around around the coast, I now get bummed when I see NOAA tsunami swell maps on the internet being passed off as "fallout" maps. "Chemtrails" are one of those things that I'm not so sure about. It's common knowledge that geoengineering technology exists and cloud seeding with heavy metals has long been tested. It's also well known that are all getting doused with chemicals from industrial pollutants, but a secret global spraying campaign to combat global warming and mentally/physically castrate the population?? Many ecosystems are on the verge of collapse, and this world is filled with corruption. But by far the most pernicious and well-established form geoengineering is deforestation. Kill the forests, stop the rain- ask the Middle East. All indigenous cultures protected their forests for their rain and nutrient nurturing qualities. Scientists all over the world are proving that we can reverse climate change and feed the world by fostering local regenerative agriculture which currently and has long fed the majority of the population. These truths continue to be undermined or ignored. I think conspiracy theories are a great tool for acknowledging that we need to think for ourselves, but here's a danger of being wrapped up in them to the extent that they "cloud" our vision to the real and tangible change we can still make. If we take a hard look at our own actions and focus on creating tangible solutions then our reliance on of the host of destructive exploits which we decry will become obsolete as we heal the planet and our bodies through stewardship of real ecosystems. We are many and our actions will dictate what the 1% percent do, not the other way around. What's your view of conspiracy theories? Do they motivate you to change things for the better? Or do they drive you to towards fear, anger and hopelessness?
cyrus_sutton : No buddy here's how it works. You come on to my post and accuse me of being anti-GMO without any evidence. You can find my stance on GMOs on my Facebook and my kickstarter (which can't be edited after the fact) the burden of proof lies on you not me. THIS little back and forth between you and me was the marque circle jerk my Instagram history, congratulations!Learn not to assume anything in the future and you'll be well served.
heardinthemusic : @cyrus_sutton You are right on point.. I couldn't agree more.. I see there is alot of agitation here, the rock throwers can't hurt you only make you stronger.. God Bless... Travel light my friend.
unumgallery : @cyrus_sutton To answer your question ☕️*sip* I feel they make me realize that we are more capable than we think. I feel theories motivate me to become a better person, to think for myself and to become more responsible. ☕️*sip* good to see someone of your stature speaking on the subject. Hence all I can do is plant trees, I feel I have done my part as one human being when I do that, I can't save the world but I sure can try. 🍃🌿🌾🍂🍁🌲
surf.elder : @cyrus_sutton answering your questions ; whether conspiracy theories motivate me... or do they drive me toward fear... , i would say that such theories have neither effect on me. I stick to the facts and would otherwise reflect the comments made by @matucole
lostmase : @powell619
cyrus_sutton : Valid view @surf.elder the problem is that most people don't have access to many of the published journals. Here's a few that particularly I'm interested in
powell619 : @lostmase did you see how much they sprayed this morning? The wind blew most of it out of town
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Slacking off at the river
parker_russell : @ian_mcglynn @jack_anderson100
thealbinoape : @nolanrem too prime
chasphoto : Heck yeah. Great place
stafforb : @inialavenant
neyrap : @lupi_sanchez
seanisleonard : This is a good time @hayden_whitelaw
austingdavidson : @tolerancejay
inialavenant : @stafforb looks nice =}
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Giving thanks
siestasandolas : Ah, solitude...
aaronrossta : Have chemtrails been proven to cause harm to anything?
jamin_jannard : Good times
craig_parnaby : 'Chemtrails' are condensation trails @aaronrossta . No chemicals....... really !!
aaronrossta : Okay, Yeah. Just what I thought, another hippy theory.
stanrsef : :) @shuyi.l
stackingfunctions : #geoengineering
seanwspellman : Amen
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Last night I hiked down at dusk to one of my favorite spots to find illegal campfires, tents, drugs, glass bottles, etc. It was like a night club in the wilderness. Every year around this time I load up the van to get away, clear my head and relax. I guess I learned it from my Dad. But there's an interesting trend going on right now with social media and special places like this. Whether they be surf spots, waterfalls, boulders, fishing holes or hot springs, they are being loved to death. Regulars at these places report a large shift in the crowd- not just the numbers of people but their attitude and actions. It makes me think hard about my own use of social media and what kind of message is being spread. I've always tried to avoid posting landmark photos or describing places. And I delete any comments naming spots. Its not that I've been against people enjoying beautiful places, it's just I understand that these things are finite resources. I hope those of us lucky enough to enjoy these places should at least do our best to spread the ethics of leaving no trace, and respect for the environment, the local people and wildlife. I feel like an old man writing this but what's with young people and their herd mentality? Has it always been this way? Doesn't anyone want to experience nature alone anymore without all their friends, drugs and their mobile boomboxes? Don't we have enough of that back at home? It's no secret that #campvibes and #vanlife are trending and Instagram isn't going anywhere so I guess I'm writing this to ask you your thoughts. What's the line between encouraging people to reconnect with nature and exploiting the things we love?
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oscarguru : @polacsystem
cyrus_sutton : Thanks @asher_pacey big fan of your surfing
yeapp__ : I waited a bit to really let this resonate with me as someone who's only started camping in the past few years... "Friendly education rather than intimidation" I think this is a really important piece. No one needs to yelp their campground or geotag their favorite spots, but I think it's really important to encourage a standard code of ethics, and express how to identify safe spaces to camp without compromising nature.
tashnk : I know how you feel. Now, when I go on a hike (or a tramp), I carry an extra bag in my backpack to pick up what others have left behind. When I travel, I make an effort not to look at forums or read recommendations, but rather, to get lost.
kathrynfriz : pleasing !
sarascanio : This. @itsafeather @iron_edge_fab
movementinastorm : Uh oh guys there fucking up spots @_kennnnnnnn_ @selaguy88
filipeantolin : Isto really a matter of education and values. Hard work to change that. The same happens in Portugal.
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Right or left?
prone2surf : You go right I'll go left
ettamina : Right!
kickassmentor : Don't worry. The roads lead to the same place. Just different experiences in the journey
epmovieonsuper16 : Left always
simple_ben_ : Leftt
nynnnnnnnn : (・ω・)ノ🍫
lvwaverider : Right @cyrus_sutton
hakman_rj_96714 : Straight then flip a bitch
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Creative North Shore apartment. Yesterday was the end of the Island Earth Kickstarter. Thanks to everyone's support we raised well over our goal. To stay informed as the project develops, join the Island Earth FB page. Link is in my profile.
danielfeelgud : What island?
mauriche : @nachothe3rd tu el cayenne y yo esta
nachothe3rd : @mauriche from Vancouver to "el paso"
ecoflex_mossresearch : Congratulations, so stoked for you, looking forward to seeing more!
alexandriabalys : Beautiful. 🌴👌❤
worldlinksgolf : Amazing! Well done
nonasoeli : Nice
coquich : Algún día ... @matichemes
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Only a few hours left to be a part of the Island Earth Kickstarter. Link is in my profile.
samurai_knuckle_sammich : Does anyone ever climb up those jurassic park mountains?...i know thats what id be doing
ari_fitria : Wow...
zlastunikorn : man, i'm glad more people are waking up about it. power to yur homies 🌴 @jmoler00
jmoler00 : Right on @zlastunikorn that's what's up I'm glad too, Kauai is a tough island makes me wanna go home and visit
zlastunikorn : just gotta keep believing ✨ my bf & i keep talking about going back too, we should all go! 🌊 @jmoler00
jmoler00 : Mos def and yah I'm over do for a trip home @zlastunikorn it would so fun I know a lot of badass spots
zlastunikorn : we gotta go! 🐢 @jmoler00
jmoler00 : I'm down @zlastunikorn
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Meanwhile back in Southern California..
pamc33 : @rcaster24
victoriasanguinetti : @serenalutton pour nouuuuus !!!
hap20 : @ampd1one for randy!
neonwetsuits : Ha @mikedrake just missed him!
prettymoon : Yes! 🙌
caimhaole : @kblock43 rocked it! 🔥
frisco_frank : @kblock43 shot a vid there not too long ago!
mike_topgarage : Is this after ken blocks video
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Island Earth was successfully funded last night just minutes before my talk at @surferthebar on the North Shore of Oahu. Thanks to all of you who have supported this issue and helped to make this film happen. There's still a couple days left to contribute. Link is in my profile.
danielaquepasa : So nice to meet you last night. Can't wait to see the documentary and get more involved!
carmenn_s : @actividadcerebral
actividadcerebral : Flipalo no ?... @carmenn_s pa echar una temporada ahi
mossmist : @thisisearthandhowitworks let's build this!
dawnwolfdreamer : Congratulations @cyrus_sutton total blessing to have you getting this important information and story out to the world, hope our paths cross on the Big Island brudah, Aloha from Chrystal & @joelfitz_boards
elissiatw : Congrats! Stoked to support your project!
hippiemuttmermaid : 👍👍
ashleydakine : 👍👍👍 @lifepathchiropractic
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Short trip home now back to Hawaii for a talk story tonight @surferthebar. The cabin is coming along, excited to put down some roots for a while.
veronicacasela : @muzzarelas asi sera
jacquihaenn : @naiabikinis @andyg0rd0n @stephscm check it bros!!
jackdwhite : @mitchdowney
heardinthemusic : The 777th like :)
heatherbrownart : I got a show tonight, but we are going to try and make it to see you after! Stoked! Yeah Cyrus!
zacharykeenan : Roots zone
cyrus_sutton : Yeah @heatherbrownart !
bornstoked : @indigoelixirs
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