Cyrus Sutton

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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Nothing better than a paddle with this thing and few waves along the way. 10' paulownia wood kook box by @jonwegenersurfboards
tyler_bennettj : @prestonslaybaugh toms brother makes cool shit haha
tyler_bennettj : @roguewavess me wants a kookbox
jayawave : Aw that thing is epic
sbriansmith : Dope
jeffisfindingit : That thing looks awesome, Cyrus!!๐Ÿ‘
ronfraz : @cranejrc @hunterleephotography
liss601 : @audbake
perpetualoptimist : @paulyvnyc @aliaspail #yew
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Have you ever wondered why the biggest chemical companies in the world own around 90% of the world's agriculture seeds? Thanks @monsantoco and friends...
cyrus_sutton : Who do you work for @6point6seconds ?
6point6seconds : I'm a bicycle mechanic in London, UK. Why? Am I to be accused (yet again...) of being a Monsanto shill because I value proven truth over reactionary scaremongering...?
cyrus_sutton : You ignored my link to pesticide action network. You ask why 2,4-D is bad which is ridiculous. My uncle was in army intelligence and got cancer from Agent Orange. A lawsuit he won. Guess he got a bad batch. I don't care about changing your opinion, it's a bummer that you believe and spread lies though. Good luck with your crusade. @6point6seconds
6point6seconds : Fear not, I'm still looking through the pages on Panna. I'm sorry to hear about your uncle, that is truly horrible. It wasn't, however, 2,4-D that caused his cancer, it was, in fact, a "bad batch" of the other constituent chemical in Agent Orange that was badly made and contained dioxins. You accuse me of believing and spreading lies and yet you perpetuate this misinformation about 2,4-D. Why?
cyrus_sutton : Because of this @6point6seconds --
jayson_odell_larson : Quite a debate there @cyrus_sutton @6point6seconds Though I agree with your point of naming names for knee-jerk reactions, I feel that the companies/chemicals mentioned deserve whatever tactics it takes to get people to pay attention to the atrocities going on. Keep fighting the good fight @cyrus_sutton !
cyrus_sutton : Kinda hilarious it's even a debate that's why I asked him if he was a shill. The affects of all of these chemicals is well documented. Thanks @jayson_odell_larson
6point6seconds : Still reading through your links, @cyrus_sutton. Do you have any evidence of "atrocities" committed, @jayson_odell_larson? Well, to start with, what atrocities are you taking about?
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Unaware of the health implications of eating human food, this new American squirrel species is having trouble climbing trees. Can now be found near campgrounds and corn and soy fields across the US.
meg_melendez : Yours @jenakschmidt? Because yes.
jenakschmidt : @meg_melendez obvs
grraaaaace : @hooligan.fiona I dont even know๐Ÿ˜‚
lilkittaykat : @fancynancy_143
destocean : @insta_raquel @lexguerra
_wsws : ……
robmosh : @crazykasi
johanhliebenberg : ๐Ÿ˜‚
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Mobile editing studio for my new film Island Earth. Enjoying the mountains while cutting interviews. About 120 hours deep and 800 or so more to go.. ๐Ÿ˜ฌ @cholivas #islandearth #meandmyreefs
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bdvdsn : @whereisbrett
lofofora : @ilnar_fatikhov
nilswhoaa : @art_of_kiki @ericchamaco @js.king
jeffisfindingit : Ruling, my friend! Can't wait๐Ÿ™Œ!
missionsurf : ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿ‘Œ
ericchamaco : @nilswhoaa whoaa
stantonotnats : Those la sportivas hanging on the right @cyrus_sutton
kmmade : @tannerlthompson this is what you need
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
@reef_usa team manager @sushea standing tall on a Tahitian beauty. Shea's got serious steez, psyched to shred with him more this year. #local_legendz @leathermansport
local_legendz -
b_conley_c_life : @sushea rips! Great to c u scoring!
jeffmoore84 : #yew
chadcress : Yeah @sushea!
emwhittphotography : New photography account! Please check it out!!
barbaeparafina : surf in south of brazil check it out @cyrus_sutton
nataly_mushchak : Spettacolo...!
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Super proud of my friend @julieprints1 and her new woman's apparel line made in California with organic materials and natural plant dyes. My mom and her fiber students helped Julie with the process. Check out @swmwithme for updates. #local_legendz
local_legendz -
itsjustamanduh : Nice color paler!
itsjustamanduh : Pallet
divinefoods : Need the same for guys. Hard to find organic clothing without toxic dyes.
julieprints1 : Thank you Cy- super excited with the line- can't wait to show you everything!!
emily_m_wilson : @heidilena
bryan_kitchen : @natashairich cop some
shanemcclatchey : @alyxtort
alyxtort : Cool!! @shanemcclatchey
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Honored to be included as one of @surfer_magazine's Agents of Change in their current environmentally focused issue. Thanks @hzahorseman and @grantellis1. Epic cover shot @raycollinsphoto
stasvw : Nice!
bonfirebeachkids : Congratulations dude!
onmyway_77 : Congrats and thank you
raycollinsphoto : You're a beautiful human @cyrus_sutton, it will be a good day when our paths cross.
take3cleanbeach : Got to get my hands on this edition @cyrus_sutton @raycollinsphoto @surfer_magazine #take3forthesea
jaywatsonphoto : Congratulations Cyrus. Rightfully deserved for your dedication, creativity, and spirit. That's a great issue to be included in and your are right - epic cover @raycollinsphoto !
rdlough : Way to go Cy
cliff_kapono : Yea Cy!!!!!
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
hansensurfboards : Legends
cyrus_sutton : Great hanging with these talented and dedicated people. Thanks for putting together this night of surf storytellers @highlinefestivalofsurfing. We missed ya Sonny. ๐Ÿ“ท@bilzelman (l to r) Steve Pezman, Ted Grambeau, Tim McKenna, Jason Baffa, Chris Burkard, Taylor Steele, Jamie Brisick, Jeff Divine, Hayley Gordon, Lucia Giggi, Scott Soens, Art Brewer and CR Stecyk
stephanieschechter : Two of the coolest kids I know front and center!! @cyrus_sutton @hayley__gordon you guys rule
theyoungandbrave : โค๏ธ
thelostandfoundcollection : If there's a way we can help eachother.. Just ask. Aloha
shookyx4 : Pretty stellar crew @cyrus_sutton
fabio_ccc : ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸ๐ŸŒŸof๐Ÿ’ง
cyrus_sutton : Thanks Doug, likewise @thelostandfoundcollection
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
@fosterhunting took this in Kamchatka, Russia a couple years back. I found this kick board in my parents garage, was my moms old pool trainer- Speedo model with full channel bottom circa 1989. Kickboards make the best bodysurfing aids in small/less powerful surf. They bend to the contours of the wave, can be used single or double handed and are cheap.
chasey_penny : @cyrus_sutton
jschmauss : Ride everything. No shame. It's alternative medicine. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
hunziker87_ktk : @chocotaco77
cyrus_sutton : Any wood as long as you seal it. Pine is light @chasey_penny
thelostandfoundcollection : Great seeing you the other night at Strauss house
cyrus_sutton : Likewise! @thelostandfoundcollection
nataly_mushchak : Fantastica...
anto_cisternas : Minoo!!
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
cyrus_sutton : Derek Hynd (@farfieldfreefriction ) laying into a finless bottom turn. We were able to drive the east coast of Australia a couple years back. Got lots of great footage, hopefully it will be a short video one day..
welbaumsushi : Clean๐ŸŒฟ๐ŸŒฟ
freakybornwings : Oh yeah! look forward to the video. The man is quite an original, in or out of the water.
jamie.r : Time to glass your finless @taylormorts
shellhammer : The most legendary legend of all legendary humans of all time
kiza34 : Nice surfing
surfnskier : 'We're living in an experiment'
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