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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
neilshearer : Sexy
patrikbruce : Check this out @kbrwn
eriatarka12 : @hales87 we need to be here.
kbrwn : @patrikbruce Spektakulär! Utah? Zion?
jessiekekko : @warrior_of_the_rainbow
bittstagram : @dbitte
acajiga : @savannahmarie19 lol
ailbhebeatty : @ciaraweara
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
Megadrought. Google it. Be Prepared
boosma : Proof for you @scabpicker
sofilovita : πŸ’”
katihedden : @cyrus_sutton Hi Cyrus, could you please list a few simple ways in which you believe we could prepare for it? Would love the insight and ideas. Thanks!
cyrus_sutton : Greywater, Water catchment, Permaculture, Grow food or be prepared to spend more on it, leave Southern California? @katihedden
katihedden : @cyrus_sutton thanks !
jennhi : @jbrasket
panthercorn : Eye opening. Thanks :)
scratchnwallow : I've heard and read a lot about this topic lately. What's the word on the street from SoCal? Is there a palpable sense of urgency? Are people talking about moving to wetter/greener climates? There seem to be numerous solutions but is there a will to enact them? @cyrus_sutton
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
foottraveler : Sedona
marcellosano : @alana_phan I want go Utah
cableesparza : @richelles_insta
sup_im_pat : @ishbols
rincon925 : @sixthandolive
justinschuda : Perfection...
joelbarrett13 : @willmadden8991 all our time in the cave can finally pay off!
justianp : @justinshlong
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Good morning
_joerussell_ : @c_ally28 wow
therangefinder : Epic spot
twestmark : @daneaz Zion
daneaz : @twestmark 😍😍😍
blakey_wakey : @ldirksey Zion
patrickashby : Damn
naturegirltexas : Sigh! Just perfect!
steveheiss : πŸ™Œ
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kameronbrown : B-E-A-utiful
stackingfunctions : Get it!
tatemacdowell : Love that feeling
tobyneal0 : ❀️ that place!!
charles_post : The cathedral
hilltopproducts : πŸ’ͺπŸ‘πŸ™ŒπŸ‘ŒβœŒοΈ!!!
patrickashby : My favorite National Park. Hope you enjoy as much as I did @cyrus_sutton
nickbandstra : @droppingclowns
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Punta de Lobos in Chile is one of the most raw and beautiful places I've ever been, but today it is under threat by development. My friend @devon_howard has a crowd funding campaign to help @surfnavarro fight keep this place the biodiverse playground it is. You may have seen Ramon in Chris Malloy's (@farmleague) great new film. The link in my bio to see how you can help. Photo @willywhenry
michelletothebl : 6th region chile. Cold but green. Strawberry farms here. Favorite wave I went to @t_witt_
ashweeklein : Sweet left! Goofy footers dream!
t_witt_ : @michelletothebl sounds beautiful one day I'll take u back 😍
stwcoalition : @cyrus_sutton great one bud--- photo @willywhenry
viruleta : @jotaorge
maxwellvanagon : Punta lobos por siempre @cyrus_sutton it was rad watching the movie at hobie Dana point
jotaorge : @viruleta vaya chicho vochicho
bpro_paint : Pta. de lobos πŸ’œπŸ™
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No filter needed
annelieselovebeam : πŸ‘‘
chmura2 : Is this a recent pic?
gennygram_ : @jrd_one cliff jumping?
ovo_sethysan : @motherduck27
row.z : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 lets go @_driftw00d_
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jadntheladyboy : @alisongodwin
scarbking : Next week good for you? @spacejamjordans_
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Well worth the 20 miles
sonicribbon : @mateodelaplata ❀️
mrspinilla : @tico_loco
rorymcgonigle : @emilyvincunas
ireneshubitidze : is this heaven on the earth?? and where??
murf_dogg : @meghanmurphy11
emilyvincunas : @rorymcgonigle lets go!
inialavenant : @stafforb donde??
chapman_c : @laurenbarlotta thinking things along these lines.
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Best night's sleep in a while. These new super light hammocks are great. A fraction of the weight/size and no dealing with stakes or mud/dirt. My tenting days are numbered wherever there are trees. I usually pack my @hennessyhammock for more shelter but down here with no bugs or moisture I brought my @eno_hammocks check them out. You can save money by not purchasing the factory straps but buying 2x 5 foot pieces of climbing rope or webbing, just remember to pad each tree with a t-shirt (I forgot mine last night πŸ™ˆ). I like a sleeping pad on the bottom for insulation beneath your sleeping bag. If there's any other tips or hammock options let us know in the comments. Going to do a post on hammock tents on Korduroy soon and would be stoked on any other ideas. Thanks for introducing me to them back in the day @afewsketchymoments #treehuggers
treehuggers -
greynoldz : @kellygladwin
kpetitfleur : @jcrowdus5 next time you need to put an insulation pad on the bottom!!
lachiestubing : @danielalbertmooney
jcrowdus5 : Def would've saved me from freezing the other night @kpetitfleur
beckyilestyre : @scottiles some tips for your new hammock!
camocoozyguy : @____kage____
ali.sohaie60 : @hoda.amirmoghadam
ground_conexion : Sweet can wait to see it and read what comes Up , i Have Lots of hamock hours loged in myself haha . Ive found depending on The hamock tipe off course, If its camping kind that has paracord that loops trough it , if its possible to tie it From 4 diferent trees spread out to The sides Tight with a side slightly higher than The other that way when your lay down diagonaly you can spread The corners OPEn even more and have a confortable straight position where you can put a soft cover like a sleeping bag and even small pillow to cuddle in there . And Always here in Costa Rica because its so humid , unless is up north in summer we Need a paracord on Top and a rain cover cause even night mist Will soak you up.
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cyrus_sutton - Cyrus Sutton
felonious.monk : @jordyneataylor
hayden_whitelaw : @lilli_pilli
swo1313 : Havasupai trail?!
slaton_whatley : I know that Cottonwood well. Guided many trips down there over the years! Have many friends leading trips down there right now actually. Enjoy!
happygreenmerchant : Looks like a scene from the three amigos the singing bush
andrewilsonson : lol πŸ˜‚ @happygreenmerchant
rhysedwardjones : πŸ‘πŸ‘
tatemagner : @tmossy22 @hotsaucewoss @rojopanda
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