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University of Colorado Boulder (aka CU-Boulder) official account. Tag campus pictures with #cuboulder. In Twitter @CUBoulder.
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Gorgeous sunset from Waneka Lake in Lafayette, CO (about 15 min east of #Boulder). #CUBoulder #ForeverBuffs #Colorado #coloradotography #sunset #mountains #lake #BeBoulder #BoulderBound
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mctilson : @janetil5 looks like my sunset made it your way πŸ˜‰πŸ˜˜βœ¨πŸ’“
coin_chele : Oh wow amazing post
chodizz : @melgart23 another place to show me??
jazzsandate : @ookassh great view it's close from where I live !
ceeceebest : @mr_pinto__ beautiful sunset
molly__mcpherson : y am I not at ur school god damn
gracen.glauner : @jed.hayman
jed.hayman : @gracen.glauner soon
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Thank you to everyone who participated in our Fall Welcome Photo Challenge! We've loved seeing campus through your eyes and can't wait to see more as the semester continues. A special congratulations to our Grand Prize Winner, @yo_zuri, who will receive a @CUBuffs student pass to attend all games on the CU campus! TY also to our awesome daily prize providers - @cuherd @cuboulderalumni @cuboulderliving @cubookstore New Student Welcome Office. #CUBoulder #BeStrong #BeBoulder #ForeverBuffs #GoBuffs #BoulderBound #SkoBuffs #campuslife #Colorado
campuslife - colorado - cuboulder - skobuffs - bestrong - boulderbound - beboulder - foreverbuffs - gobuffs -
yo_zuri : Sweet!! Where will I be able to pick up my prize? My email is
cuboulder : @yo_zuri @cuboulderalumni will be in touch with the details.
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Some Friday fun Buffs. Have a great weekend! #CUBoulder #BeBoulder #GoBuffs #ForeverBuffs #BoulderBound #buffaloes #SkoBuffs #Repost @vstarnol ・・・ #buffalo#parade#cool#YellowstoneNPS
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mags___r : @muppetgram Boulder love!!
muppetgram : @mags___r ❀️❀️❀️❀️
driftystarfish : Definitely not in Colorado
bekaanne : @bincent24 buffalo
jdmiller713 : @dubcitylife @trbrisch
trbrisch : Just another buff wasting everybody's time @jdmiller713 @dubcitylife
kt3eaglespg : @cieraaaa1424 when you drive
cieraaaa1424 : @kt3eaglespg πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ noooooo
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Congratulations to our #CUBoulder Fall Welcome Photo Challenge Day 7 winner @yo_zuri who reminds us that she will Be Strong during her time at CU. We can't wait to see the amazing things you'll accomplish as a Buff and are proud to have you in our CU-Boulder family. Coordinate with @CUHerd to get your 4-year Herd membership! #BeBoulder #ForeverBuffs #firstgen #repost @yo_zuri ・・・ This one is for my fellow first generation students on campus! We have the privilege of getting a college education and sometimes it can be hard when no one in you're family can help you much. But Be Strong and you'll get to your end goal! #CUBoulder #BeStrong @CUHerd
bestrong - cuboulder - beboulder - firstgen - foreverbuffs - repost -
la_chaconn : @cuboulder as a first generation student also, I needed this today. It so hard coming into a new chapter in life that we never thought would be in. It's hard not having as much support from peers because they have not been able to get this far. Good luck to all first generation students, but a special shout out to the #Latino students out there. This is to our families! In seeing the fruit of their labor.
coin_chele : Love this
yo_he_ly : Woo go Zuri!!!! @yo_zuri
farzmy95 : Member kau ke razi ? @fahrurazirazi
fahrurazirazi : Uish mana kau tau @farzmy95
farzmy95 : Hahaha serius ah. Tgok member kau dah mng dah. @fahrurazirazi
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Congratulations to our #CUBoulder Fall Welcome Photo Challenge Day 6 winner @iampavan10 who posted this great photo with the Monarch of the Plains statue outside of Folsom Field yesterday. Coordinate with @CUHerd to pick up your 1-year membership! #BeBoulder #Repost @iampavan10 ・・・ A click with Ralphie. #CUBoulder
cuboulder - beboulder - repost -
iampavan10 : Thanks for the prize @cuboulder.
cuherd : @iampavan10 congratulations! If you can email me at I will get your membership info to you. Thanks again for submitting your photo!
iampavan10 : Looking forward to join the group @cuherd.
drewschandler : @abbyschandler3 see? Told you to submit your pic with Ralph!! Lol
jennyosipova : @k8hoch
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Be active. Be honest. Be genuine. There are over 20 different "Be" banners across campus. Find the one that most resonates with you, take a photo and tag with #CUBoulder for a chance to win a 4-year @CUHerd membership. #BeBoulder
cuboulder - beboulder -
bassm1250 : @k_gillyy Be bolder!
biancaprieto : @prietothing1 @prietothing_2
will_pb : @hilarydolan Be Boulder. Be there tomorrow.
hanan__almohsen : 😍
itsgayjay : @markiitos2 my dream school πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Congratulations to our #CUBoulder Fall Welcome Photo Challenge Day 5 winner @aroundightyyc who showed off one of the more unique classrooms on campus - Duane G1B30. Coordinate with @CUHerd to pick up your $50 Campus Cash card! #BeBoulder #Repost @aroundightyyc
cuboulder - beboulder - repost -
david_j_thul : Argh G1B30. All the memories @andy_thul
andy_thul : @david_j_thul #nightmares lol
victorvong : @evanmer89 @ericacostaaa @lquizzle @oliveet5 throwback
bquarto : @hopejxo I had class in this room once back in college! The blackboard rotates! Crazyyy, huh?
ericacostaaa : Lol sound and music @victorvong
hopejxo : Wow! Cool! @bquarto
oldking_coal : @brooketanner
dennisfromdc : Put the candle back!
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
If there's one thing we love it's the mighty buffalo. Take a minute to find any buffalo on campus today and take a picture with it. Tag with #CUBoulder for a chance to win a one-year @CUHerd membership! #BeBoulder #GoBuffs
cuboulder - beboulder - gobuffs -
emilyvisaez : @kamiladotta si va
farzmy95 : @fahrurazirazi
atanghal : @ashlyntanghal get busy😊😊😘😘
sombrerokylie : @ammirabal think they'd notice the throwback in ours?
meggie2 : @chloelorenze done
ammirabal : @sombrerokylie hahaha only one of my favorite pics of life
perrytyler : @lydiaknight
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Congratulations to our #CUBoulder Fall Welcome Photo Challenge Day 4 winner Colby Bond! There were many awesome entries for our "Beyond Boulder" theme. Colby's photo highlights how easy it is to grab some friends and be on a world class hike just minutes from campus. Coordinate with @CUBoulderAlumni to pick up your $50 Target gift card from the New Student Welcome Programs Office. #BeBoulder #Boulder
boulder - cuboulder - beboulder -
treehugger_izzy : . Mbm
treehugger_izzy : Whoops pocket dialed that^^^
rigsbydunc : @super_bill
super_bill : I'm in the back
colby_bond : Thanks guys!
jfader : My neon shirt is sick
joffyfryett : @beerye_hausser @captainca650 we woulda won that shit hands down
beelop : @dgsc
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cuboulder - University of Colorado Boulder
Buffs, let's celebrate the first day of classes! Take a photo of your classroom, your walk across campus, or yourself/friends studying outside. Post with #CUBoulder to win $50 Campus Cash from @CUBoulderLiving.
cuboulder -
ashleyb424 : @lonicdev
karenbaumgartner : @kbeezyb96 @lindsayb_05 You should post your first day of class pics!
jmitchellwebster : @torithompson13
noralazzybabe : @haileybuckingham lets do this 😏
taylorrwroblewski : @madisondellarocca next year
olivertwistsign : I think we were sitting under that tree yesterday? @ehnicole
atanghal : @ashlyntanghal
coin_chele : I love boulder beautiful university
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