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The Creators Project is a global network dedicated to the celebration of creativity, arts and technology.
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creators_project - Creators Project
250,000 books shaped into the fingerprint of the late magical realism pioneer Jorge Luis Borges become a literary labyrinth in aMAZEme. The sculptural tribute was constructed back in 2012 from a design by artists Marcos Saboya and Gualter Pupo with the hands of 200 volunteers. Premiering for the London Olympics in that same year as a public maze staged in Southbank, the project has since accumulated prizes and praise across Europe.
__ngrimes__ : @k.may.e oh wow... This is brilliant. Thank u for tagging me
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debogut : @pierre_griffon C'est dingue !!!!! Obsession de bouquins...
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creators_project - Creators Project
Australian artist Andrew Firth, a.k.a. @jackofthedust, decorates premium-grade skulls into almost anything you can imagine. Each skull is hand-sculpted from a life-sized, European-grade plastic, human anatomical cranium, and cast using a set of process respective to its material results.
andiediemer : @muzamagha
gabocalvillo : @geoide.estudio checate Agus
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vida_interior : Josha ! @lalita_ferrel !!!
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creators_project - Creators Project
Los Angeles-based visual artist Jhovany Quiroz (@jhovanyquiroz) takes flat, two-dimensional source images and creates an optical illusion that gives them 3D depth, as well as that psychedelic quality that gives everyday objects their otherworldly vibrant glow and texture. It's a conceptual riff off the old adage, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.”
brownshoesonly : Fucking true analog rutt Etra ripoff! Digital sucks!
anaisread : @idamadam cool
dezein : This looks like he used @glitcheapp
matt_lambie1 : @l_and_p_
jessirad : I like my glitche
rokoam : Awesome @ciptaaaditia @rullisaputraa @christianparulian
andreas.gajdosik : Woody Vasulka did this in analog with video 30 years ago... This is nothibg sorry.
nicolas.zuber : @bchassagne @maxcoisne @motionwip !!
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creators_project - Creators Project
The CEO of Walt Disney Company has announced that entire Star Wars-themed lands will come to Los Angeles' Disneyland and Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. Fans will get to enjoy 14 acres of interstellar trading ports, a never-before-seen planet, and an outpost on the border of wild space where we're hoping to find the most wretched hive of scum villainy Disneyland has ever seen. Oh, and you'll be able to pilot Han Solo's red-hot bucket of bolt's itself, the Millennium Falcon.
lilck_ : @kevinboitelle no biggie 😱
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snows_sounds : @nicocanova opening day, vip pass, I don't care the cost
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reginaobregon : @jesusobregong
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creators_project - Creators Project
German artist Wolfgang Stiller carves chilling sculptures of heads out of tree trunks. Stiller’s work will be on show at the Nächste Ausstellung in der Kulturfabrik Apolda gallery, Berlin from August 28th till October 11th of this year.
jflanery : @ddschroeder
martinpeeves : @smuvies
whammybah : @ninarossello I guess you were way ahead of the game with your baby heads
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jo_rebel : @_forkboy babies!!
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creators_project - Creators Project
Artists from all over the world pay homage to the Jakobsplan student residence hall in Weimar, Germany. The show compiles works by over a dozen international artists, each exploring and confront the “hard lines and soft curves of Weimar’s most notorious building.”
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creators_project - Creators Project
@banksy's biggest artwork ever, #Dismaland, opens today. The likes of @damienhirst, @pussyrrriot, @davidshrigley, and more are helping to launch his warped, dystopian nightmare land. It’s located in Weston-super-Mare, United Kingdom, on “four acres of walled seafront compound,” and he’s already banned Disneyland’s lawyers from entering.
dismaland -
maria_pendo : @dseichen
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gaxlam : @jpriveroll Puedes llevar a tus sobrinos a #dismaland en vez
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thettimelives : I mean, it's interesting I guess, but I just don't get the reasoning
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creators_project - Creators Project
Chinese fireworks artist Cai Guo-Qiang did something special ​​for his his grandmother's 100th birthday: he made her a stairway to heaven, and set it on fire. Guoqiang's 1,650-foot-high Sky Ladder is made from gunpowder loaded with copper wire, which he ignited from his perch in a flying hot air balloon.
alexisoakland : @goyami such a cool story
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goyami : @alexisoakland I saw this. Amazing!
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creators_project - Creators Project
Body art takes on a whole new meaning in archtiecture-inspired artist Michael Jantzen's surreal collage series 'Body Reconstructions.' Jantzen builds unreal forms and characters with his own unabashedly-revealed body.
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creators_project - Creators Project
Meet Pickle (@picklebeholding), the most famous French bulldog in the art world.
ameliaewert : @slightlyalabama @amundinger my dog!!!
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