Kris Carr

I juice + write + stargaze.
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Amazing to see @oprah again!She's transforming the entire stadium here in Newark. #lucky #oprah #lifeyouwantnj
lifeyouwantnj - lucky - oprah -
martyd69 : I just watched @oprah's #veganchallenge @crazysexykris, love her even more now! Challenging myself! Long way to go!
brooklyngirl2013 : @crazysexykris ahh, no wonder I felt such awesome energy in the room, you were there!!! #gobuddy
cristina_creativemag : I saw you with Marie Forleo on her Tuesday Q&A video, and I loved the "voce thing" ! So important to be you and nobody else! πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– @crazysexykris
daniwriter : I was trying to get there, @crazysexykris ! We would have actually met! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
crazysexykris : @crazysexykris we have to do that! It's time we move our Instagram friendship to real life. :)
karinawellness : @manuhealthcoach Opra estava em Newark ?
sqburns : @crazysexykris I'm going to see her with my sister in San Jose where I met you!!! Lucky town for me so maybe I'll get to meet @oprah too!!
bwyoming871 : What, @crazysexykris and @oprah, I wasn't there? Next time! Lovely ladies!
123pola - girlbooties - sukayli - bwyoming871 -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
#tbt ooh, here's a good one. Catalogue modeling some bad power suit evening wear in the early 90's. I look mean.
tbt -
ishitagupta : Kris! Wtf. This is amazing killa boss lady.
learningtoveg : You look like you're in a 90s lawyer rom dram!
gardeningbug : I see this picture then think of the one where you are playing croquet in a tutu . . . 'You've come a long way baby'
eeeeebeee : #fierce
parallaxchillax : I can bring home the tofu bacon, fry it up in a pan....
kirstighogho : !!!!!!!!!!!
sqburns : @parallaxchillax that's funny Brian!
veraindigo : Hahaha I love it!
intuitionfruition - maddybortes - samsamriva - paraisoadventures -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
I think I'll be dreaming of Egyptian pyramids and mazes on mars tonight. Should be pretty interesting. #acehotel
acehotel -
cornflake_gurrrrrl : Ps---I'm like u. My bumps and lumps are there but no growth.
nannyk1950 : All those chemicals on your hair????
maxorourke14 : Do you use organic hair dye?
meladinaj : #crazysexykris you are inspiration to us all. Much love to you 😘
mamagena : Where r u?
derekhalpern : Is that wall paper @crazysexykris
cottonanatomy : I'm from Egypt and Egypt is dreaming of you too!
wildgoods : βœ¨πŸ™Œβœ¨ love you
jordanstrafer - glowjuicery - meryzibex - gabrielledtm -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Oh yes! My custom #newbalance arrived! "Unicorn Power" gets me through life and up mountains.
newbalance -
jen_valentine : @megan_wins I want.
sqburns : So cute...Love the colors too!
megan_wins : @jen_valentine make it so, captain unicorn!
hadleyhappened : @yrollam99
jensyscarola : Ohhh my goodness β€οΈπŸ’—
whomyraharshad : @mizieismail
veraindigo : Hahaha YES.
coolkates : @victoria.lina
femmeforte40 - dariennemusic - isabelwood123 - 74shishkova -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Croquet and tutus were made for each other. Hope you have a fun weekend! #lastdaysofsummer
lastdaysofsummer -
woodstocksanctuary : That was a great night! although I sat the crochet out I think it waste fun watching you❀️
twindollicious : So #TwinDollicious !! Love the tutu
mrspleasant : @rosaleschristopher
wellnesswithmammajones : Ha ha brilliant
rhodesjen : I love that !!
chereparis : Night croquet, no less!
urbanette : Great skirt! Check the latest @urbanette post, via @hilaryrowlandnyc ;) xo
yesbetchyes : @crazysexykris love this hair length and texture it's cool chic
mirrorredimages - ndrblt - jbarbe1 - 74shishkova -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Helmet, check. Gloves, check. Biking diaper shorts, check. Fabulous heart shaped protective glasses, check. Ready to crush the mountain. Um, I mean flat reservoir. #lastdaysofsummer
lastdaysofsummer -
megan_wins : @jen_valentine we're totally related 😎🚲
shandynmackie : I needed some inspiration! Awesomeness
mlcieci : You make me smile :)
mamagena : Pussy likes
dianaguatemala : Love the shades!
plantspeace : Love your sense of adventure!
jaymie : You were in my dream and I'm pretty sure you are as amazing as you were in it. ⭐️
koyawebb : Heart shades are my faveπŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
veraindigo - mirrorredimages - letthyfood - healthyinfluences -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Behold. Fireplace tile project = complete. #cheers!
cheers -
lindseyhardy_inspirehealth : Beautiful!!!
quarto217 : Beautiful!
relaxationworks : Love love love @crazysexykris
mrssizzle : Ok heaven
iamruby : Beautiful!
veraindigo : Well..this is wonderful!
healthyinfluences : πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
organicbath : Gorgeous!! Love this.
healthyinfluences - jmpritcha - prattandlarson - adeytta -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Another sneak peek at my card deck with @loriportka. Of course we had to include my kids #lolarocks and #gobuddygo! A good reminder to have fun this weekend! Xo
lolarocks - gobuddygo -
dmac92760 : Double double πŸ’žπŸ’ž
annamarialance : Are you going to sell these? There beautiful!
torriepattillo : Soooo frickin cool.
sqburns : Rockin cool cards!
mikeywintz : Stedcvbbu
epstern : Love! And Happy Bday !! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ(according to your hub's Instagram!) 😊😊
thirteencakes : Hi! just started following you. i decided to have a scroll back to glance over your lovely pictures and I'm glad I did, I learned the story of #gobuddygo! Really made my day. Beautiful souls with beautiful goals. Hi to #lolarocks too! πŸΆπŸ™πŸ’–
mamasmentor : Looks wonderful
bennyandthejess - marissapix - initforthelove - wendymlily31 -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
It’s time to cast your vote! If you want your favorite lipstick to be included in my next smackdown, share the brand you love in the comments below. Also, what matters most to you when it comes to lipstick? xo, Kris
kenny.collis : For my mama lol :) Vote
kelly.crossin : OMG I need to vote!
honeynailsalon : Omg I need! Found it when does this end!
eddie___a : @keekipureandsimple pls
chrisyx21 : I'm voting for @keekipureandsimple
germbloc : @keekipureandsimple
girlbooties : @keekipureandsimple
breeakelly : @keekipureandsimple😘
anurtradep1982 - salihawinegeart - kristamichy - corderryl_arzavala -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Kabocha squash growing tip: add a fairie! ;)
nyvsally : love their nutty flavour!
vgroff : Love that!!!!
jessc2012 : @celisa74 another one for you my fairyBel!
optimist4now : Gorgeous. Love them. Bowing to the fairy for the beautiful growing bounty! πŸ‘πŸŒ±β˜€οΈ
lissy13b : @mjmarchio
veganchefcanada : What's your tip to make sure your squash doesn't get mildew. I've had real trouble fighting mildew on squash and cucumber
deliciousalex : I have that fairy in my bedroom! @crazysexykris
lorisuperfoods : @crazysexykris im channeling my inner Kris this week as I spend time with my mom. We ordered all your books (I already have them but my mom needs them) & il be saving recipes for her. Thank you for being helpful & unknowingly inspirational in times of need :) #namaste
healthyinfluences - lilianabeidaut - kerihryc - mirrorredimages -
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