Kris Carr

I juice + write + stargaze.
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Ya get out of bed for 2 seconds and this happens... #lolarocks
lolarocks -
eat_w_love : Ditto here😌
eat_w_love : How's #gobuddygo?
eeeeebee : Lola likes to snug❀️
kylewarrendogs : ❀️
cocolocomojo : So cute!
pau_lop3z : Lol πŸ˜„
zubarkamica : Sreća! Da se ne udavi dete! :)
alex1979_nl : exactly like my dog....every.single.morning!!!
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
I want to take a moment to honor Jessica Ainscough, an indomitable spirit and pillar of the wellness community. As many of you know, she passed away yesterday. Jessica was, and still is, a ray of sunshine who taught us all so much. Though the heavens welcomed a new angel, I will miss my fellow cancer thriver greatly. Thank you for your passion, your courage, your kindness sweet Jess. Thank you for teaching us all how to live well no matter how difficult life can be. Thank you for your radiant smile and enormous heart. You gave us all so so much. We love you! xo, Kris
montgomerymonograms : Beautiful
anne_banyan_and_finch : So heartbroken to hear this. :(
samanthalozier : Very sorry to hear of this loss Kris, and thinking of you and everyone who loved her. Xoxo
freshpresse : Very sorry for this loss. You can tell she was a bright light.
breastcancermaven : This is very humbling for me since I too have chosen a more natural route of treatment. She will be missed
primaverakitchen : So sad to hear this :-(
jomamma30 : Jessica Ainscough
quality_of_being : How very sad :( I bet many people who followed her thought she was doing just fine until her last blog in december.I wish she was more honest about her situation - she owned that to her followers as many similar bloggers/cancer trivers turned businesswomen with great public influence do. Those are serious things and their business and public voice made their health decision much more than just a personal thing.
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
My little writing altar. I always set the mood and an intention before I write. Keeps the creativity and compassion flowing. What helps you create? Xo!
amalitamamacita : Haha @loveofstory - exactly! Love this though.
mfrancoise3 : Being an artist, I listen to music, and pray. I believe God gave me my talent to paint, so I pray for guidance.
danielhealthyvegan : πŸŠπŸ†πŸˆπŸ‘πŸπŸ πŸπŸŒ½πŸ‰πŸπŸ‡πŸŒπŸ
mangomanifesto : that lighter is incredibly beautiful
rvkhan : @nataliabalasundaramphoto
studiojoneswhoa : Thanks Kris. I've been a professional artist for 23 years. Ups and downs come with the territory but I've had a looooong down for the first time ever. Maybe time for an altar. New approach.
londoninmystyle : Hey Kris. Just wanted to say thanks for your eye opening book. You have changed my life in so many ways already! So proud of being a Wellness Warrior now :) Take care xx
verovelz : Such a good idea! :)
verovelz - amersface - ecsouther - cocolocomojo -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Wednesday 2/18 at 2pm ET: Me + Marie + YOU & your dreams. This is one time of year we put our heads together to answer your biggest, brightest questions—will you be there? Register here & you’ll get the recording too (link in profile)!
ksteez : @cupcakesmaui
bettinas_kitchen : @crazysexykris hi! Only recently started following your blog, I changed my life through eating healthy and it is now my job and my passion ;) would love to do something with you in terms of cooking or health revolution wise xx lots of love ♥
mthemsen : This can ONLY be good!
mamagena : That's a lot of glamour hair!
burownmuse : @crazysexykris Thank you so much for such a great call today! It was super helpful!
ritualsbeauty : @crazysexykris you are such an inspiration. My step dad sadly passed away this year after having cancer for 3 years however my mum followed DrBlocls dietary advice and thrived lead a practically normal life with no side effects to his chemo. I have just been in a local bookshop where a hospital in the UK has brought out a cooking with cancer cookbook out I was horrified to see sugary recipes amongst others. I have just been on their website and was even now horrified to see they recommend eating sweets and chocolate as they are good sources of energy!!! Feel free to read it...
ritualsbeauty :
angelarayfitforfashion : Listening to the replay right now. β™‘ @crazysexykris
cultivatorkitchen - srajul48 - pure_ella - sunnyandfit -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Recipe creating and testing continues. When there's no more room in the fridge, this cold ass snowy winter comes in handy! #crazysexyjuice
crazysexyjuice -
surilovesfruit : You must be frozen up there. It's single digits down in the city!
kcpaul2005 : Sending you warm thoughts... And applauding your creative mind!!!
aimeeroo : Use what you have! πŸ˜ƒ
lynne.newman : It is freakin cold here in Toronto too!!
linda_sivertsen : Ha! I used to do that in New Mexico and hope the critters didn't find it! πŸ˜€
farahsiddiquiborland : Move!!
cookiescornernc : said ass!πŸ˜‰
natytray : Haha! Love this!
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
This smoothie will convert even the most skeptical nay-sayer. Find out how to make it it here:
bec_motif : I love to throw a few strawberries into my green smoothie πŸ’™
linda_sivertsen : Yum!!!!! : @crazysexykris To eat is a necessity,But to eat intelligently is an Art.
thehealthyapple : Love!!!!!!!
theneighborgoodswithlove : Oooh, looks good!
mermaidbina : so true!
rvkhan : @aunxrose
whitetablecrafts : Super yum!
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
How cute is this crew? #gobuddygo #lolarocks
lolarocks - gobuddygo -
jenningsbigaymeditation : @crazysexykris two of my favorite pups and I only know them from Instagram #jenningsbigay
kdavisster : such hard workers!
npcanaday : Very cute!!!
pamschilz : So dang cute!!!!! #gobuddygo #lolarocks
mfrancoise3 : Cute!!!!
cheryldundon : I would certainly want them on my crew 🐢❀️😊 dog power
sklos61 : Will Works for treats 🐢🐢🍌
vegetarianista : Too cute! 😍
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
The conversations I've had with Marie Forleo have transformed my life. Get our combined experience focused on your burning q's during our Mastermind call on 2/18 at 2PM ET. It's awesome & it only happens once a year. Link in profile. xo!
whisper.kisses : Two of my favorite celebrities in one photo. Love!
crazysexykris : @dinatela Yes, you will receive the recording if you're signed up for the call. xo
crazysexykris : @crylaughheal xo!
crazysexykris : @emmabe84 Thanks honey. xo
brendendatema57 : Hello Mrs.Carr! I'm in the 10th grade and I'm doing a research project and I chose you because you're very inspirational! I was wondering if you could tell me your birthdate and some other things about yourself because I can't cite wikipedia and thats the only place I can find your birthdate. If you could respond, I'd appreciate it!
andreaspeir : Two incredibly inspirational women!
iflyatnight_ : @hipsobriety let's listen in
pure_ella : LOVE you both! πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
#tbt This time last week I was getting ready for #crazysexymiracles. I’m still basking in the glow of that wonderful night. I love you all. And don’t forget, this is your year to be extraordinary.
crazysexymiracles - tbt -
missmarzipancom : πŸ’•πŸ™Œ
farahsiddiquiborland : Oooh!!! I'd love to be there- where else u touring kris?
audrey27fleck : @stef_fet never bought live stream but wondering if we could still get the recording?
kg4422 : what is your favorite soy candle company? @crazysexykris
rockstar5455 : @danielledilillo22 @lauramsacco
hippiebanker : Lovely ladies βœŒοΈπŸ’–πŸ™
kelly_h_roberts : Loved it!!!
samanthalozier : It was such a fabulous evening! xoxo
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
lovetobecoaching : You are amazing I have read your books and loved them!!!! πŸ’–πŸŒΈπŸ’ŸπŸŽ€πŸ‘‘
haley18grains : @10dayhealthchallenge @cookingclaudine
she_dares : @powerofyouteens
darcestarr : @teastarr
catherineomclennan : @somclennan πŸ’’
pauline_campos : Oh HELL yes!
annabrowngratitude : @jasonbrownaus
mereautry : Thanks for the reminder! πŸ’–
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