Kris Carr

I juice + write + stargaze.
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
A stellar example of the inspirational notes / designs my husband creates for me and posts on the fridge. ;)
lisamae1 : Gives new meaning to #GoBuddyGo πŸ˜…
bownefam : πŸ˜‚
kkurdyla : @mficacci this is us πŸ˜‚
drlesliecarr : Way to keep it classy, @parallaxchillax ;)
andriak48 : That's hilarious
maritaveronica : So cute!
gmcswife : Hehhehe πŸ’©
michaelm704 : Is it in the fridge?
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Yay! It's here! My very first inspirational card deck, Crazy Sexy Love Notes, is now available. This deck is chock-full of uplifting messages, precious animals, and adorable designs. It's meant to brighten your day and fill you with joy. Over the past year, I've been working with the talented artist @loriportka to create a set of beautiful messages just for you. I can't wait for you to hold these in your hands and hearts. You can order them now at #crazysexylovenotes Click on my profile for the link. Love you! Xo
crazysexylovenotes -
gladysellen444 : @zito519 love these!!!!
kris_kobus : Just for mine in the mail yesterday! Love them! Thanks @crazysexykris
sqb50 : I can't wait to get these!
sarahjerngren : @molodi; gissa vad jag tänker!!! 🎨#headofdesign #shevolution #newjob
molodi : Yes! @sarahjerngren
kdawg611 : Perfect graduation gift - and one for me too!
rierie0422 : Awww I want these!!!
melibee : I want these! She is my inspiration! πŸ’–πŸ’œπŸ’š @rmaz1441
katacharin - diana_vagasi - fruit.veggie.lover - nao_koba10 -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Wow! I just got the prettiest bouquet from...myself! Thanks Kris. ;) hey, why not send yourself flowers. #selflove
selflove -
isasunflower : Beautiful! I received flowers today too, from my daughter. Today, I finished with my 16th & final round of chemotherapy! πŸŒΉπŸ’πŸŒΌπŸ’ͺπŸ‘
p_d_schilz : Yay for you @isasunflower!!!!! πŸ‘
isasunflower : Thank you @p_d_schilz😊🌻
vegenista : @abbyleilani I buy myself fresh flowers weekly 🌷
maryvanderhyden : I love it! πŸ™‹πŸ’
terriglynn : @rebeccathoughts
parallaxchillax : @senor_boojah maybe Rachel can give me some tips on how the pro casinovas bring it
nikor5k : That is my weekly routine! Flowers for myself because I love them and I deserve them🌸
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
New slippers from my cousin @mrssizzle. She always knows exactly what I need. Ps. If you love dogs, rescues, fashion and art, check her out! Thanks cuz. Xo
sqb50 : Ha! The best!!
theandreapender : I had these slippers in college. I wore holes in them I loved them so much!!
illbthejudge : @snugzz @krystinbean
kamaralynn : #crazysexyslippers @crazysexykris
p_d_schilz : Haha! Love 'em!!! Do the pups notice?
mrssizzle : Best pic ever🐾 love YOU!
morningplate : Adorable!
aileensabira : I have Mickey Mouse shoe slippers!!
jnjgogreen - bodysoulaligned - 13oldnmoldy - feli_shaul -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
healthyfitandfirm : I am thnx to you πŸ’• @crazysexykris
maythefoxbewithyou__ : @brownyrach
lin.d.loo : @alexisptv
pau_lop3z : @aarondiazs πŸ˜ƒ
georgianagl : @olyckssister
_amykurtz : @dmr255
sarahorgs : Thank you ❀️
_amykurtz : @arianarockefeller bunny - thelovelygreenlife - spoiled_llc - leonela_janssen -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
The snow melted and our boy is finally walking in his cart! Filled with gratitude for the precious moments and miracles. Blessings to all of you. And thank you @eddieswheels! #gobuddygo #family
gobuddygo - family -
clarimompremier : Awww.. Go Buddy Go!! This moved me to tears. God bless you and your husband for loving our furry babies so much. πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–
vickyuysi : I discover you today @crazysexykris !! You are the definition of power. Admirable! πŸ’ž
3catsand2dogs : Oh, sweet Buddy! Awesome! He looks pretty psyched! Thank goodness that snow finally melted. @crazysexykris I sent you an email about nutrition and supplements on the DM topic. Love to you and to Buddy. I'll think of him and send Reiki when sharing Reiki with my Barry, IF it's okay with you! ❀️❀️❀️
morgannamm : Loooooove Buddy! #gobuddygo ❀️🐢❀️
joannblondin : Hi @crazysexykris Do you have to take it off for buddy to poop or have they figured that out in the design
lexismm : @mklinger34 !!
lexismm : And @moghan10 !!
shortdarkandfiesty : Love this and him and you
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Book is due today. Doing a final review with my editing crew in our big dog bed fort. #writerslife #hunting4typos #crazysexyjuice
crazysexyjuice - writerslife - hunting4typos -
itssuleika : πŸ’•
gina_pearl : πŸ˜ŠπŸ’šπŸ’•
3catsand2dogs : @crazysexykris I'm not sure whether you saw that I posted a comment on yesterday's "hello wonderful people" FB post about the possibility my German Shepherd may have DM. I just learned about it 2 days ago and then saw your IG pics of your Buddy. No coincidences! I'm hoping to find out whether you are trying the diet and supplements some use and others say don't help at all. Still in shock, wrapping my brain around this. (Nancy Darcy Gallant from Facebook). Hugs&Love❀️
suzedonaldson : Love a dog fort. You need some new slippers GURL.
sampsonphoto.stuartliving : @yellowbrickroadtofit omg so sweet. Love crazysexykris - writer, juicer, huge animal lover
crazysexykris : @3catsand2dogs email and I'll give you the entire scoop honey
foodsforboobs : Can't wait for your book to come out @crazysexykris thank you for being such an inspiration!🌸
shoana101 : Heart of gold
carried__away___ - missmoxiemayhem - - -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Assistance at the dinner time drive thru. #gobuddygo
gobuddygo -
lyli73 : @crazysexykris thank you for updating us on Buddy- your whole family inspires me- especially you an #gobuddygo ! You guys are one heck of a bundle of inspiration, wealth of life changing information, fun and love- love you guys @crazysexykris @parallaxchillax #gobuddygo & sweet Lola ( does she have a hashtag?) πŸ’•πŸ’–πŸ’ž
gina_pearl : ❀️❀️❀️
disneeze : I must have missed an important update. Why is he in a wheelchair?
alexandrasees : Love you, Buddy.
elinadermaka : Such a magical mama bear you are! ❀️❀️ #gobuddygo
sampsonphoto.stuartliving : @disneeze I just wondered the same thing. Scroll back about 50 pix. He's got a degenerative disease similar to lou gerigs (sp) :(
lisadgreco : @crazysexykris the wheels are so awesome my buddy Rocko had dm also and did great in his wheels. He's gone now and I miss him terribly but the wheels gave him freedom. It's so cool how they just figure out how to use them. Lots of love to you and buddy !😍😘
vegankitchentablegf : This is so amazing!
alexandra_napoli - angelovenana - wesoundlikehippies - alternativechefkitchen -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Writing uniform. I need to do laundry and leave the house one of these days. But not in this rig.
lyli73 : Personally I see nothing wrong with this outfit. It bares a bit of resemblance to what a creative 6 year old would put together for their school outfit ! My co worker says her daughter's every day outfit to school. One day was pink princess head to toe, another day was power ranger girl. How awesome it that- with the exception it makes my co worker frustrated because this morning routine of picking a themed outfit, leads to co stand tardiness . But I still loved the story----- unleash the inner kid in you@
lyli73 : @crazysexykris - break down social boundaries!! Is that is what a 6 year old you would wear to go get a jug of milk in the grocery store- more power to you!
crazysexykris : @itssuleika ha! Yup. You too honey. Xo
mflood023 : Hey Kris! I've been wanting to ask for your advice about being a college student trying to switch to a meat-free, WFPB (as much as possible) lifestyle, and I haven't known how to get in touch with you. I'm stuck between wanting this lifestyle change and being a college student with roommates who eat any and everything, and going out semi-often. Any advice on how to make this transition a little easier and more reasonable for me? Anything is appreciated. Thanks!
pjrvs : you are the best :)
christina__haag : Magic shoes.
lightandlotus : πŸ’“
catmacary : ha ha!!!! I just ordered these!!!
allweseeorseem - gangewifre - socalnaturals - loveandgreentea -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
smilejill : Good one
heidi88_dk : @hav21 ja den er så sand! Kan ikke finde ud af at leve efter det dog πŸ˜³πŸ˜•πŸ˜œπŸ˜˜
lisaluvslaguna : @cynthia.voss.7 πŸ’›βœ¨
cynthia.voss.7 : @lisaluvslaguna Great MotivatorπŸ‘Thank You!
agoldensparrow : @kikietnico @acorsalini
thefeathercollection : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
mermaidmomtwo : @babymoondancer
babymoondancer : @mermaidmomtwo πŸ’°πŸ’°πŸ’°
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