Kris Carr

I juice + write + stargaze.
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
The "don't leave" look. Sorry #gobuddygo, back soon. On my way to #icandoit2014 Pasadena!
icandoit2014 - gobuddygo -
richellez80 : See you soon! Xo
joanned3 : That look breaks my heart every time. Like can't we just attach them to our hip and take them everywhere?!
ayshort : Heartbreaking....I get it all the time too.... @crazysexykris @bum22
jtaormino21 : He looks like a completely different dog from when you found him. Love that he's in a happy home.
linda_sivertsen : Omg!!!! That look slays me!!! 🐾🐾
ginaekirk : @joedirt64 lol Mias face
ginaekirk : @sweatybetties
nickygott : @dgott13 perro humano
gperrett - sweetcheyenne - feastingonsunshine - sweatlovelive -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
#tbt when I was the clown for my little sister's bday. Still don't know if she knew it was me. I guess it's time to tell her. Hey @drlesliecarr I was your clown-tastic entertainment for your 7th (?) bday! Love ya.
tbt -
conscientious : You look thrilled πŸ˜†
marisadonlin : that's so hilarious!
abackshell : Kinda sinister and cool. Love it!!!
proudhealthnut : Haha!
drlesliecarr : Haha - judging by the look on my face this is NOT what gave me my life-long fear of clowns, but the look on yours is absolutely terrifying! Who thought it was a good idea for you to show up at a 7 year-olds birthday party dressed as It?? Just kidding - this was the best bday present EVER :) xoxox
tania_lover_of_life : I am pleasantly surprised to notice you're in "Hungry for a Change" πŸ™Œ keep educating the masses lady!!!!! πŸ’ͺ
itsanjalikumar : Kris I love you but you're one sad creepy clown. #Stillmyunicorn #CSW
sqburns : You know how much I love you but clowns completely freak me out! Lol
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
#‎tbt‬ I'm so lucky these wonderful women are in my life! They make me better by encouraging me to bring more of myself to the world. I love the advice @DanielleLaPorte posted with this pic—check it out: “About once a year @MarieForleo & @crazysexykris and I hole up for two days to throw down on life love creativity careers. We eat up every minute of being heard seen smacked down'd supported encouraged and held to the fire. Find your tribe. Love them hard. Run to them and do most of what they tell you to do.”
loveloveannetteo : So true!
kandisrawles : @iriemamaof2 @sunsetlova this month I was poisoning (chemo) my body to save my life and you both never left my side (the phone). I have a new life to thank you ladies, my tribe πŸ‘­πŸ’ž πŸ˜πŸ’ƒ
iriemamaof2 : Always n forever by ur side bestie @kandisrawles
moneywithmoxie : What an inspiring threesome!! That's a hell of a mastermind
caritoohr : DIVINAS♥
stechev : ❀️😘
artpulse : @crazysexykris would you kindly read my story with breast cancer. It's my last post from this past Thursday. I'd love it if even person was saved by it by knowing how important it is to be your own advocate and listen to your bodies wisdom. And the profound experience that I share in my story actually came about during a group juicing/yoga retreat. Thank you!
kerrytepedino : Nothing like girlfriends that have your back.
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Had the privilege of speaking at the Emerging Women conference yesterday. An amazing event and org. Check them out! #EWLive14
ewlive14 -
jomaggio1 : Beautiful and professional looking :)
crylaughheal : It would be wonderful if we could read your speech! I'm sure it was amazing!!
dj_kamccauzey : πŸ’›
deannamac13 : @crazysexykris love you Kris!
modern_day_success : Sounds like an amazing event @crazysexykris
sherrilynndieusteele : You Look Awesome Krisk!!!!
buttonconnection : Your 7th chakra is burning bright red! I love your passion to empower and help shift the world!
daphneop : Would love to hear this talk!!
kathfrussell - leeannebeckett - drlisasulsenti - ilovesmiles13 -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Guarding the castle with help from her fairies. #lolarocks
lolarocks -
solnutrition : That is very cute! πŸ’›
surfagua : its jake ! wheres his guard dog coopie ?
lyli73 : Ohhhh sweet Lola πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’š
valleegirl123 : Love the fairies too πŸ„
veraindigo : Guuurl, I have to tell you..I have busted out ol faithful (Crazy Sexy Diet) & I'm reading it again from the beginning! Yrs ago, when I first purchased it, I adopted most* of your recommendations and a yr after that, I was all "tra lala I'm healed!" Well, this dumbass didn't do the cleanses until now...YUP. Hello reality, hello parasites! Now, I'm on this shit. Haha literally. I should have listened to you the first time instead of half assing it! Healthy eating really isn't "good enough" cleansing IS essential! Now, I'm being looked at like a crazy judgmental vegan on a soap box but fuck it! Much love and healing to you. I appreciate your work so very much. No response necessary ; ) this responding shit is precious time consuming! ~All love~
auracarr : Precious Lola. x, Grandma
loriharder : Dogs are furry angels;) Just saw you at SJMC in NYC. You're awesomely hilarious and inspiring!
brianaborten : What a cutie!
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Another peek at one of my favorite cards in the deck I'm creating with the fabulous @loriportka. The band-aid? Tickles me every time. This card makes saying sorry much easier. :)
wonderofallthings : ❀️ @loriportka !!!
khara_para_normal : AHAHAHA I love it!
vmarkovna : That is precious beyond words. Love! πŸ’—
haileybe : I love @loriportka !!!!!!
loriportka : This one makes me laugh! #publicserviceannouncement4cats
raekaihealingjewelry : Can't wait!!! 🐢
sorellaofwoodstock : I need these.. @crazysexykris hey did you find those grey jeans? If not I can get them... I asked.. Xx
sqburns : And saying you're sorry and meaning it is so important to healing and moving forward. Bravo to you both! @crazysexykris @loriportka
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
A beautiful gift from @julesdolly. Thank you for this gorgeous soul portrait! You are so thoughtful and talented. #gobuddygo agrees! Xo
gobuddygo -
rymon1 : I am sure you are (unfortunately)familiar with the site... Being in sf we couldn't get the wheels but they had an alternative that helped our dog tremendously and gave him back his dignity:) no more fallen in his poop!
bewellnourished : Go buddy go! #lovehim
mrstuazon : πŸ’—πŸ’—
sklos61 : Buddy and mommy πŸΆπŸ‘§
sqburns : That's so kind! :-)
julesdolly : @crazysexykris ahhh my love to you and #gobuddygo I hope you both feel the reiki healing from this soul portrait. Thank you @rileypage @javanese_vegan @juliebhandler and everyone πŸ™♥️🐢 dogs are the love of my life (& cats, just don't tell the dogs!!)
anniemagnifique : That is priceless! How lovely.
primaverakitchen : Beautiful
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Enjoying some epic fall foliage with my sweet guy. So many of you have asked for a #gobuddygo update. Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. He's doing as well as possible considering his DM diagnosis. We tweaked his diet and supplementation and upped his hydrotherapy. Unfortunately he wants to bite his acupuncturist so that ended! Buddy will soon need a wheelie cart for his back legs but his spirits are high, he's happy, and we love him no matter how many times he falls into his poop and we have to hose down his cute tush. #anything4buddy
anything4buddy - gobuddygo -
leisabriggs : You're an angel on earth. Isn't it strange that your sweet soul found buddy and not someone else. The life of many reasons and no coincidences. You are love!
ahimsa0906 : Love, light, happy energy, and megawatt prayers to Buddy. Many thanks to you and your husband!
cheryldundon : Prayers to Buddy 🐢
velvetmocha : Awww it looks like Buddy is serenading you!
hedmunds1 : True love!!
primaverakitchen : What a wonderful picture. Prayers to Buddy
trishy0530 : Always thinking of Buddy he was found by you guys for this reason
alana71 : Awe, he's so lucky that you found him that day. Thank you for the Buddy update. We all love him so much ❀️
fr000ah1 - the_only_tasha - b__tob - bhjuliaj -
crazysexykris - Kris Carr
Happy weekend! Leaves crunching under my wheels. Water soothing my soul. #fall #heaven
heaven - fall -
bkiddcalvano : Yes!
linda_sivertsen : How darling are you?!πŸ’š
crylaughheal : I hope you have a very happy weekend! You deserve it!!
deannamac13 : @crazysexykris you are so darn cute! 😘 have a great weekend!
lyli73 : Hi @crazysexykris!! You are my guru- cancer (x2) surviver, juicer for life.... Wanted to ask how is Buddy?? Have not seen any posts on his health in long time - please let us know how he is doing- and Lola:)) #gobuddygo #dogs
lizzylighthouse : I missed you Kris πŸ’
sqburns : Have fun cutie pie!!
jomaggio1 : Where is this? Very pretty :)
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crazysexykris - Kris Carr
#tbt working with legendary playwright Arthur Miller. One of the best experiences of my life.
tbt -
wholefamilyhealth : Wow!!
ingerforland : Aw, look at you...
citichicklette : So kewt!
missytrissy : Coolio
glee_girllll : Marilyn's husband.
eloisechristophersandvig : Holy crap! Wow!
holisticallyhappy : πŸ’•πŸ‘wow!!!!!!πŸ’•πŸ‘
sherrilynndieusteele : WOW!! TOTALLY AWESOME!!
westofgrace - sherrilynndieusteele - robinwerner.nutrition - katelynlesk -
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