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Tips Xcaret
Las 2 fotos más gustadas ganarán: 1 cortesía doble a Xel Há. El concurso es válido del 6 al 31 de Agosto / The 2 most liked photo wins: 1 Double courtesy to Xel-Há Park. The contest is valid from August 6th to 31st

#TipsXcaret Instagram Contest

1.Follow us on Instagram @XcaretPark
2. Share your photo using #tipsxcaret
3. Gather the most ♥ likes
4. The most liked photo wins:
-1 Double courtesy to Xel-Há Park. The Courtesy is valid for 1 year.
5. There will be a winner each week
6. The contest is valid from August 6th to 31st.

1. We will receive the photo contestants from August 6th to 31st
2. The most liked photo each week will be the winner.
3. Participants can gather ♥ each week. The winner will be considered the one with the most
♥ since the start of the campaign until the time of closing. There will be a different winner every time.
5. Winners will be announced every Friday (10, 17, 24th and 31st of August) at 13:00 hrs GMT/UTC: -06:00
6. The award is valid for one year from the date the winner is announced.

* Link to "Policies and Conditions"

Sorry, participation is over. A huge thank you to all participants!

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