Cody Simpson

Aussie musician ☮ New tunes from my first independent album "Free" in link below. Livin life making music and having a sweet time. Coast House Records
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
As the youth let's share a message and spread awareness for mother nature (crystal clementine) and our society.. let's explore deeper, natural living is the best living. think I'll start adding harmonica to this new tune soon.. thank you Bob and Neil.. "have you been thinking bout the ocean too, there's heartless hands letting the oil through, till the blue isn't blue, will you take a stand, to the man with a plan to wash away the truth"
msisabellax : @justindcody
lalecakmaaak : Cody❤️
csupdxtes : <--- tap the blue for updates
i_love_you_arii_forever : Omf I'm seeing u in 6 days
joshanizer : @therealcharlie Yas. Never wear shoes again Daddy.
b.kkl_ : @pelinavasin uhmmm
kimieraili : Lol why hes barefoot? XD
mathildaflory : MAN SER OSS!!!!! @jjohannahansson @fridaaeklund
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Barefoot blues..
life_hope_selfconfidence : Great @codysimpson
privatlangelaand : 😍😭
ramanjotxs : @ledow_ but this is the real him :) he performs well, whether he's dancing to upbeat songs or stripping songs back! :) xx
sarandadahl : @isabellaasen Hahahah halo om d e sånn imorgen
lalecakmaaak : Codyyyyyy ❤️
sunofcody : that's cool to see you like that
mathildaflory : JAG SOM FILMAR HAHAHA @jjohannahansson @fridaaeklund
yaspmini : I hope that you will dance on the show tomorrow! <3
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Warm up for the cool down! Second lil vid..
fairylightscrs : 2013 HAIR 2013 HAIR 2013 HAIR PLEASE
navsiah_faradilla25 : Pliiss follback me
fernandonikodemusknowles_ : Ilysm @codysimpson 😊😊
isabellapersson_ : It was so amazing to meet you❤️❤️
virxf : @codysimpson you have so many passion in what you do, you are a real inspiration
privatlangelaand : 😍😍😍
lalecakmaaak : Cody ❤️❤️❤️
abriil_reynoso : Que lindo tocas la guitarra electrica genio!
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Finger plucking sound check in Gothenburg Sweden.. Come check us jam tonight at Tradgarn!
jaelnunez8 : Si pudieras decir ni q sea Hola en español te agradecería, porque me gusta tu música y lo q haces pero no te entiendo nada
mirpen : @instaschirriii det var visst Sverige!:)
sarakabbas : Hahahah yoo dude wanna go to tradgarn @linn_carlsson1
instaschirriii : 👍👍 @mirpen
isabellapersson_ : ❤️❤️❤️
virxf : @codysimpson sick!! that is awesome! love it😍
privatlangelaand : 😍😍😍😍😍😍😭😭😭😭😭
abriil_reynoso : Genio!
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Ride on down the line.. #June23 #GetFree @dangelico_guitars @alfredsapartment
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samtam__ : Follow @_anna.wong_ 30 seconds or else slenderman will kill you
_anna.wong_ : 😂😂 srsly @samtam__
samtam__ : 😂 @_anna.wong_
kaibry15 : @gracie_abbott loved you and she passed away in an atv accident 1 year ago today. she would love it if you posted the pic she has of you and her
privatlangelaand : 😍😍😍
laurita_322 : Sigueme
laurita_322 : Guapo!!♥
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Happy 20th birthday to my best mate! you are a woman of soul and substance. The coolest chick in all the land and a malibu babe at heart no matter where you are on this earth that we roam. Thank you for smothering me with your big cheeks.. @gigihadid
clauviani_ : @blanchuu cutest boy ever 💞 @blanquitaargos u r a lucky girl...😂
blanquitaargos : 🙌🏼🙌🏼😉 @clauviani_
poppy050106 : What. Are they doing
cathyyoctavia : relationship goal
poppy050106 : Kissing or hugging
hunay_b : @gigihadid Gigi was he ok when you smothered him with your ass cheeks
sweet.sydnie : @angel.jocelyn cap
megly8 : @bricen_bunt
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Can't touch this flow hahaha
_kashay__ : @benworley98 lol u like every day
robbieknoxcarnegie : @lewisreilly88 dork
ledow_ : 😂😂😂❤️✋
ryankillingsworth : @tc_dreger bars
ellie_bertholf : @shayshay199 I wonder if Cody or Kaiden would win in a rap battle
alien_emoji_ : @hollyfletcherrr
lalecakmaaak : Cody😍
_erinmclean : @brazil_smith us when we freestyle
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Vibing in Helsinki. First gig kicked off the trip in a positive fashion! Energy was awesome tonight. #getfree photo by my boy @tucktripp
getfree -
sudenur_usta : @puhahahaa herseyim bu benim 💜💗💜💗💜
madicabello : PORTUGAL
codyrsbabe : Looking so great. I am going to get my hair done like your for summer when I see you on tour. Loving your new chill vibe music. Te Amo
lalecakmaaak : Come to Germany 🙏❤️
sepatunike.sepatuwakai : nice pic !
_brittany.smith : @_danielleschmidt_ look at these! like its good!
_danielleschmidt_ : maybe hahah @_brittany.smith
_brittany.smith : admit it! 10/10 @_danielleschmidt_
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
Here are the lyrics to one of my latest compositions called Wilderness of which you'll hear on #Free. Written with the beautiful Mother Nature in mind, I dedicate it to her on this #EarthDay. --- Have you been dreaming of the wilderness? Have you been wondering how far it is we will go Just to show that we're the mightiest on the globe as it rolls into oblivion Have you been thinking bout the ocean too? There's heartless hands letting the oil through, Till the blue isn't blue, will you take a stand To the man with a plan to wash away the truth Are you unconscious in your troubled mind? Don't forget mountains were made to climb To the sky, that's where you'll find crystal clementine Looking down with a sigh, as she begins to cry And then it rains upon the trees with their roots still in the ground Let the water trickle down into the thirsty river mouth The sun will shine on through every shadow of a doubt Save us from this endless drought ---
earthday - free -
richitas : The day has come when someone wrote a song about this earth not just love. Thanks cooowwwdiiiieee :'D
_danny_coles_ : Someone have a look at my last post😏😏
mollygadawski : Beautiful 😭
mc_pimentel : Perfect lyrics
melledyvittorio : V worthy x
dominic.leon : @zmaciel48 the kidd
codyrsbabe : Amazing lyrics. So beautiful and soulful
savedbythebelle_ : You do have a way with words😍😍😍🙌
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codysimpson - Cody Simpson
You caught me sailin away...
ingridanggraini : I hate your hair:( cut it off
ledow_ : You and justin have the same hair but I am glad that he cut it now but I think it looks good on you I don't know but yea❤️❤️❤️❤️✋👍
ledow_ : 😍
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tereseeprivat : @privaxuk
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simontik : @misterwinkler rippin
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