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Blogger, cat lover, reality TV addict and fashion obsessed Londoner...
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cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
Head to the blog now to see all my @westfieldlondon #barefaceorbold makeup looks
barefaceorbold -
astridandmiyu : ❀️
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cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
Started the Christmas Gift Guide research this morning, so I'm feeling festive πŸŽ…πŸŽ„
coconcocoa : Is that a massive lipgloss? xx
cocosteaparty : @coconcocoa no it's regular sized
abimarvel : I thought it was massive too @coconcocoa !! Lol
cocosteaparty : @abimarvel @coconcocoa I photographed it against a photo in Aerin's book, so that probably made the perspective go a bit funny lol
abimarvel : Ahhhhhhhhh
_nico_coco_ : This is hilarious, I thought it was giant too!
coconcocoa : Aaaah that makes sense! My thoughts were tiny Xmas decorations or massive lipgloss! Lol xx @cocosteaparty
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cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
This is Kenzo. He's my co-star for the day @catsofinstagram
bagelkitten : He's so handsome!
fashionfoiegras : What a handsome devil!
cocosteaparty : @fashionfoiegras naturally @mellerobot and I have been stalking him all day
fionafletcher1 : Beautiful cat!
michael.guyi : @piaoyampiao
finleylou2002 : Omg. I have cat that looks exsactly like that but with darker fur. There so cute
johnlewisretail : Hope you enjoyed the feline company Ella! Pleasure shooting with you:) #johnlewisEDIT
misslizzypeters - natalieelizab4th - chikibujia - ffr_paris -
cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
Shocked and saddened to learn of Oscar de la Renta's passing this morning. He was one of the greats. Let's hope Anna Wintour puts together one hell of a retrospective in his honour at the Met for 2016.
london_vs_newcastle : Yep the Retrospective is going to have to happen!
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cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
Having a solo tea party in @MylaLondon sleepwear. Photo by @memoirmode β˜•οΈ
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cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
It currently looks like Elle Woods exploded all over my desk
cocosteaparty : @fashionistabarbie buy it in NY, Kate Spade is so much cheaper in the US. Their SoHo store is a must-visit anyway
fashionistabarbie : Adding to my list - only 12 days until I fly x
cocosteaparty : @fashionistabarbie SO exciting
fashionistabarbie : Only 19 days until we paaaarrrrtty!
agirlastyle : Nothing wrong with that!
fashionistabarbie : OMG the Soho store is round the corner from my hotel - going to be buying everything
cocosteaparty : @fashionistabarbie are you staying at the mondrian?
fashionistabarbie : Soho Grand
alishae_abeed - be_atrixyz - redfoxtales - sonowelmoed -
cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
Who else is reading Lena Dunham's book at the moment? I have to say, I'm struggling to get into it. What are your thoughts?
cocosteaparty : Writing not wetting @beewaits
naomismithy : Keep going @cocosteaparty I was desperate to get really stuck in but it took me a while.... Get to the body chapter it will make you laugh! β˜ΊοΈπŸ’•
rosemarymaccabe : I strongly dislike it – and really struggled because I don't want to be one of those people who hates LD for being successful – but ultimately I think she's really self obsessed and *whispers* not all that interesting.
jayneytravels : I read a review from a raving LD fan saying she was disappointed so I've been apprehensive to try it. Be interested to hear what you think by the end
cocosteaparty : @rosemarymaccabe I love Lena. I think her writing for Girls is brilliant and always think she makes interesting, funny and clever points in interviews. But I agree, there's nothing in this book which (so far) has been at all interesting.
nellykrasteva : I'd love to read the book, it seems interesting.
stephangeee : @asholing91 there you goooo :)
darciecorinne : @haeleyflowers
mira_shpak - dilka_97 - lozloz647 - haeleyflowers -
cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
The @stuartweitzman 5050 boots are out again! Really missed these guys over spring/summer #ootd
ootd -
paarmexico : πŸ’•πŸ‘Œ
prismologie : We love that red bag. It's the colour of strength! #PrismologieRed
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cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
There's a surprise beauty post up on CTP today. Going barefaced and bold with this palette 🎨
bettinaemilia - tinytowngirl - theillustratedbaker - fudges -
cocosteaparty - Ella Gregory
What a difference a week makes. From bikinis in Koh Samui to @UGGUK boots in rainy London πŸ‘™>β˜”οΈ
finleylou2002 : Them boots loom so comfterble
thebookmole : Uh, welcome home?! @cocosteaparty πŸŒ‚β˜”β›„
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