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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Folks in Beijing, China, were treated to a beautiful #rainbow Monday evening. Some even reported seeing a double rainbow. Talha Akhtar (@talha_akhtar) got this shot from his 7th floor apartment. What’s the #weather like where you are? Share your photos by tagging with #CNNWeather.
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ty_opeodu : @eventspice.dmr hope you are having a beautiful evening 💜 Here's my gift to You 😘😋🎁
ashlamaca : @deb1122
vikitadoshi - rendysuryo - ibrahim.a.m.a - gabordon -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
#Mars is closer and brighter than it's been in years. If you missed it this weekend, you'll still be able to see it until June 3. Greg Hogan (@nagohdotcom) took this photo Saturday night at his home in Kathleen, Georgia -- Mars is the small dot on the far-right side of the picture. If you see Mars and the moon, tag your photos #CNNSpace.
cnnspace - mars -
x_anyer_x : @krid_orgaz you were telling me this yesterday
nagohdotcom : @awesberry it totally is! 😬
awesberry : @nagohdotcom Sweet!
katrinawright08 : @awesberry it sure is! @nagohdotcom haha
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
A massive fire broke out Friday morning in #SealBeach, California, engulfing Seal Beach Pier. “As a Seal Beach resident, I knew something big was going on, as you could hear a constant stream of fire engines pouring in!” said Chris Fabregas (@chrisfabregas), who lives one block from the #pier. Is breaking news happening near you? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it's safe to do so.
cnnireport - pier - sealbeach -
stsnack : @sosiwinder oh no!!
travelingone : Whoa
amijochan : Wish no one get hurt
averydzigns : Whattttt? I was just there, yesterday!!!! Crazy!!!
joartilesl - _kk_007 - wallycroc - olivesmummy -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
This isn’t typical #May weather — even for #Maine. Dylan Laforge (@dylan.laforge) took this photo of the #snow in Caribou, Maine, on Monday. What is the weather like where you are? Share your photos with #CNNWeather.
may - cnnweather - snow - maine -
trueviv22 : @10trujames23
s_pizzy14 : @lblorraine @kabes20
dylan.laforge : Lol last week it was in the 70's
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Long lines left passengers frustrated at #airports in Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas and Sacramento on Monday morning as people waited to be screened. Richmond Miller says the line for @TSA PreCheck was 45 minutes long on Monday at #Atlanta's Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport. He got there at 6:30 a.m. for his flight to Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Have you been stuck in long airport lines? Share your wait time and images by tagging #cnnireport.
cnnireport - atlanta - airports -
mollyporter1212 : @howieeee1
kimschaller : Baltimore (BWI). One hour and 10 minutes. 😒
cnnireport : @eleni6324 @kclarella both those stories are awful! Mind private messaging us? We'd like to hear more about your stories.
kclarella : @cnnireport sure!
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Astronomers and amateur stargazers are getting a rare glimpse of #Mercury in motion on Monday. For the first time in 10 years, Mercury is visible from Earth, with the help of a telescope, as it passes across the face of the sun. The 7.5-hour transit will last until 2:42 p.m. EDT, according to NASA. iReporter Greg Hogan (@nagohdotcom) shared this shot of Mercury crossing the #sun from Kathleen, Georgia. Are you watching the #mercurytransit? Share your images by tagging #CNNSpace.
mercury - sun - mercurytransit - cnnspace -
thenavball : @livelonganddaveprosper are you also taking action shots galore? 😜😂👍🏽
livelonganddaveprosper : @thenavball I wish! It was cloudy the entire morning \_(ツ)_/¯
dre.aming : @im_greg_greg @toddhathaway
gilbertsart2016 : Not watching CNN Any more- till Election Night - You Overdosed me on Trump- Vomit coming out of his mouth- Cover Hillary!!!
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Singing and dancing to traditional Syrian #wedding songs by the light of plastic lanterns, a small group of friends, fellow refugees and American volunteers helped celebrate a couple's new life together this week. Saher, 27, and Ruqaiya, 20, whose last names have been withheld for their safety, fled their old life in war-torn Deir Ezzor, where clashes between Syrian forces and ISIS left hundreds dead in January. They have been stuck at the #Idomeni refugee camp in #Greece for six weeks. "We decided to get married here," the groom told CNN in Arabic. "It was destiny to get married with no family members present.” Longtime iReporter Chris Morrow (@morrowchris), who shared this photo, met the couple on a previous visit to volunteer at the #refugeecamp and was invited to be part of the wedding party. Read more about this story by clicking the link in our profile.
idomeni - greece - refugeecamp - wedding -
brmrr : There has been a constant bombing from ISIS to the Turkish town called Kilis. Yet in Turkey no one wants to pay attention on whats happening down there. What is so sad was people of Kilis had to put a newspaper ad to make their voice heard across Turkey! Many people fled already to the different towns and they say in the end only Syrian refugees will be back there! The war is almost to spread to Turkey! Please make a report on this! #kilisesesver
fatoomasalem : Thanks for posting something about them ..
jdaniellins : I wish them all the happiness in the world!! Love is the only thing that last forever! God bless you!
vilachil2 : Beautiful.
hung.13 - incurtoy - janetcockie - oriz1971 -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
This is what #FortMcMurray looks like now. A Canadian Mountie surveys the devastation left behind by the #ymmfire. More than 1,600 homes, buildings and other structures were destroyed in the flames. About 88,000 people were forced to evacuate since the wildfire started last Sunday. Photo by RCMP Alberta.
ymmfire - fortmcmurray -
pingwangxin : 👣🆚..
cwh1964 : Looks like a war zone
robertaleao : 😢
sharkybradshaw - sneaky_schulz - rwag115 - khiangterebecca -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
Tina Clewes (@captain_clewes) took this photo Tuesday afternoon before she evacuated the Beacon Hill neighborhood in #FortMcMurray, #Alberta. She said she had just enough time to get her things before heading North to safety. Share your photos and stories about the #FortMcMurrayFire by tagging #cnnireport, but please stay safe.
alberta - fortmcmurrayfire - cnnireport - fortmcmurray -
stacyfurlonglewington : Omg! This is insain how close we all were to it! Hope everyone got out!
stormgodstudios : Sad but great photo
tee_dosh : Damn
cheryl.ann : Just tragic. So very heartfelt.
proton_jp - vlasenko_anastasiya - missyaispuro - pacuna5 -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
About 80,000 people, including the entire city of #FortMcMurray in northern #Alberta, have evacuated due to a massive #wildfire. The blaze has destroyed at least a dozen homes, but the full breadth of the destruction remains unclear. William Stephen Jeffery (@wsjeffery) captured this video on Tuesday. He has since safely evacuated. Are you affected by the #FortMcMurrayFire? Share your images, videos and stories by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.
alberta - wildfire - fortmcmurrayfire - cnnireport - fortmcmurray -
millisentherrera : my home city where I was born I'm crying so bad @cnnireport
millisentherrera : I'm glad the hospital okay still
millisentherrera : I was born there
shaneschomburg : So sad @carissavs
julessoll - hanko_a - lelite66 - mwj53 -
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