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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Protesters marched along Chicago's luxury corridor past #BlackFriday shoppers to express their outrage over an officer's killing of teenager Laquan McDonald. Photographer Belen Aquino (@belenaquinophoto) captured the protest from the 35th floor of the InterContinental Hotel in #Chicago. Did you witness the protest on the Magnificent Mile? Share your images and videos by tagging #cnnireport.
blackfriday - cnnireport - chicago -
mswiscali : @spencerellena
robotrockdad : @idahooscar Actually, according to USA Today the local community, many I assume are black, are providing police with information as well as offering a reward. From the article: Police and local activists offered reward money for information that would lead to the suspects' arrests. McCarthy said that police received plenty of community help in developing leads, but ultimately the reward money did not come into play.
idahooscar : @robotrockdad are they marching in the street asking for a end to black on black crime?
robotrockdad : @idahooscar Actually many in the Chicago black community have asked the city for more help regarding crime. Maybe they will if they feel it's necessary.
hayleyleigh : @meganfrench50 @adrienne.dulle @michaelfrench841 @rdulle
adrienne.dulle : Omg 😁😁😂 @hayleyleigh
adrienne.dulle : I witnessed it 🙋🏻🙋🏻
pixiewishes : So @cnnireport it makes sense for them to protest by taking lights off the Christmas tree? Scary how the media stirs the pot of frenzy instead of putting their words for good.
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
You might think slavery is a thing of the past, but did you know there are still between 20 million and 36 million slaves in the world? You can help cut this number down by joining CNN's #FlytoFreedom campaign. Make a plane, make a pledge, tag two friends and share your photo using #FlytoFreedom. Here's an example from Fair Trade USA (@fairtradeusa), who took the pledge.
flytofreedom -
aniyagary : 👑
avhishek : Lol no slavery in America but yes unemployment is here but feel free to wrap up ur view
rich.educated.decent : Wow people are been slaved in Americas prisons every day and what about the black Africans slavrey lets talk about that #savetheyouthtellthetruth
jumbogumbo78 : Well corporations are using prison labor to produce goods for $.25/hr..... And you wonder why you can't get a good paying job.
aya_adel2750 - jeroenwijngaard - tunday - tadevsoian -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
Japan's highest mountain, Mount Fuji, overlooks #skyscrapers dotting the skyline of the Shinjuku area of #Tokyo at sunset. Home to some 13 million people, the Japanese capital has become one of the biggest and busiest cities in the world, as seen in this photo by Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images. The world’s cities are changing and CNN needs your help in documenting the process. Send us the pictures that show how your #neighborhood has changed and tag them #CNNMyCity to be featured on CNN.
cnnmycity - neighborhood - skyscrapers - tokyo -
benmiclot : @tifflot @mac.colea
azarioon : @dbezruchkin let's go
rush_love : Omw in a few months
itsallindjhiens : @haroldizer CNN needs your help 😄
mr.cach0 : @skee358
shahram.pd : Impressive...
haroldizer : @itsallindjhiens 👍😬🍻
the_hazy : Love that view! Nothing like a clear evening here 👍🏻
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Many have been paying tribute to the 129 people who lost their lives in the #ParisAttacks. @nicholaslevesque designed this Eiffel Tower candleholder to honor those who died in last Friday’s tragedy. If you’d like to share a tribute, tag your photo #cnnireport to be featured.
parisattacks - cnnireport -
tema787878 : US double standards !! He exploded when Russian aircraft A321 in the US only maliciously rubbing their hands !!! and defense minister predicted the death of Russian soldiers in Syria !!! Hypocrites
eb2299 : Israel is behind all of this
nasrifm_firsan : So how about the people who died when PARIS ATTACK THE MIDLE EAST AND THE REST OF THE WORLD? French are so damn hypocrites. Im not pro isis but if thats how the so called freedom and democracy works by killing others nations and stealing other nations property yet when it is done into them they react like they are innocent . So damn hypocrites. Im not pro isis but if this how you run the justice? Seems like im gonna migrate to Syria and iraq.
amufnyc : @eb2299 you are an idiot.. True story
amufnyc : @saraabdullah_alb your profile is in russian but yet you didnt understand what I wrote?
saraabdullah_alb : Yes I'm just started learning the language @amufnyc
patience818 : Share love help
zachgordon23 : @eb2299 are you fuckin retarded
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
“We weep but never fear,” one sign read as it was illuminated under the glow of dozens of candles left behind by mourners. Hundreds of Parisians have been gathering across the city to share their tributes to the victims of Friday's #ParisAttacks, city local Larry Langner said. If you are in #Paris or want to share a tribute, please tag your photos #CNNiReport to be featured.
parisattacks - paris - cnnireport -
brotherhoodkealiiwilson : 🙏 Lebanon
cuniquegifts : This post is good
saruhanabdullah : What about Turkish people being killed in Turkish Terror
liikaner0104 : Pray for the death of people in france
saruhanabdullah : We prayed for people being killed in France
mohanmendis : Only we proud #srilankans eliminated brutal blood thirsty #tamiltiger #terrorism from our land after 30years of blood letting. But western war mongers & their terror war machine wants to punish Sri Lanka for ending terrorism from our beautiful island
mohanmendis : As long as western war lords are divided there will be no end to terrorism as seen in Syria now
lasillalider : #PrayForTheHumanity
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
As the hours unfolded and the world learned of the grisly #ParisAttacks, Jean Jullien was hanging onto his radio, listening to every single word. The French illustrator was traveling on holiday and didn’t know what he could do to help, so he drew. He penned an illustration of an Eiffel Tower in the center of the piece sign. "Peace is a universal message,” he said. If you’d like to share your photos from #Paris or tributes, please tag #CNNiReport.
parisattacks - paris - cnnireport -
janinazzf : Thanks @katienana @johannabauer_10282
sayedlangari : Pray Not for other countreis which every days killd 100 poor People Pray not for our Afghanistan, Libanon, Syrien and other. ....
mildredtpeabody : @thestevenchase
canapina : What I like about it is the call for peace... Not only in Paris, is a desperate call for PEACE in the wolrd
beatrizoctavio : Pray for Venezuela too! 180 people killed every weekend
senatordeadbird : Pray for white people to stop
mawardesa_ : And pray for Palestine... Thousands of people died.
victor_jaspe_ : Berbi palestinos ...
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
As we drift into the weekend and our minds wander to far-off lands, we wanted to take you on a virtual #vacation. Photographer Neal Kido (@saltyglassco) captured this shot at #Waimea Bay on the north shore of #Oahu, #Hawaii. Got any #travel photos you'd like to share? Tag your original images #cnnireport.
oahu - travel - cnnireport - hawaii - waimea - vacation -
susanne_eberle : @smwatson33
gj1393 : @moiraaudrey how's that for diving!
gentlynancy : @gentlerevolutionary relevant
katyzeeee : @jenniferoan yeah I'd like to go to Hawaii too...
jenniferoan : @katyzeeee that'll do.
gospotofficial : 👍👍👍
jz11790 : @def1191
raulpioneer8 : hola me llamo raul soy de venezuela, tengo una información importante, necesito que le diga a key guerrero que me escriba lo antes posible
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Crimson, orange and gold leaves are dotting the United States, showing off the colorful season of #fall. Albert Berry IV (@albertberry) was in Rupert, #Vermont, at the Merck Forest & Farmland Center enjoying an autumn day alongside some sheep. He shot this composite #HDR photo in October. "My reaction when I go there is pure bliss," he said. What does fall look like near you? Share your fall photos by tagging #cnnireport. Happy #leafpeeping!
leafpeeping - vermont - cnnireport - hdr - fall -
samhenning : @roshieposh
emirbach : @juliekcrimmins
jcapano4 : @laurcap_no
bk3rd : Looks like a bunch of Liberals at a Democratic speech.
themrsmuncy : #thatsbridget #shesfulloflove
scottyrocks : Cool!
jonathaned11 : On the picture of mine I had posted and that you said you liked is it ok if I delete the comments to clean it up @cnnireport #cnnireport
diet_pelangsinggz - rositawgh - beth.frank53 -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
#London and other European capitals were shrouded in #fog this weekend and on Monday. Drivers were frustrated and planes have been delayed, but photographers were ecstatic. Bethany Adams (@bthnygrace) was on a morning run when she stopped to take this picture of a #foggy Big Ben. Are you experiencing the fog in Europe and the UK? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport.
foggy - fog - london - cnnireport -
hendsattar : @saadualikhan this is why.
o3.m2.g1 : @mstoks funny thing it's been quite mild Autumn, like it was 17 degrees yesterday.
timergy05 : Another London killer fog?
natss91 : @braulio92
saadualikhan : @hendsattar beautiful!
mariomonforte : 📷
marcelo_iesus : Aí, que saudade desse lugar❤💔
emanuela_frankel : @heatherrfoti this is exactly why
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Heavy rain flooded parts of #Texas on Friday, from San Antonio to Austin. The Guadalupe River swelled in #NewBraunfels, washing away RVs, boats and trailers. iReporter Nelda Delgado, who had the morning off, shared a photo of the aftermath. “This has all been a frightening experience as the water continues to rise,” she said. Have you been affected by the #flooding in Texas? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.
cnnireport - flooding - newbraunfels - texas -
alexlawyer99 : Hey T-man thanks for the voice mail recordings. They are a hit me amigo. YOU SIR ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE!
alexlawyer99 : ABSOLUTELY. LOVE IT! Thanks
smg_831 : @ohshittheregoestheplanet it's that bad??
ohshittheregoestheplanet : @smg_831 Not where I live.
dharmmyp : 😞
bc_tees : Best one so far
lek1023 : @cnnireport Global warming 😞
mrsl0429 : @thebe_street
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