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The grand jury's decision not to indict #Ferguson Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown has triggered emotional reactions nationwide. Tuesday in Washington, D.C., a group of demonstrators gathered around a person lying on the ground outside the Department of Justice to protest the decision. iReporter Gary Tharaldson (@dclivescom) photographed the scene. If you are seeing #protests near you, share your photos by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.
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ohhogan : Are they protesting or rioting?
boulangeriederose : @ohhogan does that picture look like a riot? Perhaps consult a dictionary
ohhogan : @boulangeriederose that pic, no. I meant all the others. No need to be rude.
kotonyhoho : @khopietiong @lisapie
jacob_samaro : Emotional reactions and protests for someone you didn't know. How stupid
christinawhosoeverwhodat : Sorry but you can't indict someone just to qwell racism and race tensions. That's the most un-American thing on the planet. I've sat on a grand jury. The cold truth is there was too much evidence to suggest the cop had every right to protect himself. If you want change in America get off the streets and go look in the mirror. We are all to blame for the police state we are headed toward. At least the courts remain somewhat free.
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Last week’s major snowstorms in Buffalo, New York, are making for a captivating view #fromabove. While flying into #Buffalo on Sunday, New York City Instagrammer Ashley Noel (@nyroamer) was in awe of the snowy landscape. “The flight in made for some amazing #aerial shots of the snow-covered region,” said Noel, who was traveling to Buffalo for Thanksgiving. Spotted any snowy wonders you want CNN to see? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
aerial - fromabove - buffalo - cnnireport -
brenda.racer : It was bad there not as bad at our house now lots of rain and flooding
pabloarr : @dinojosa
pete716 : Check out #elmaNY to see some epic photos of a town just south of Buffalo hit hardest by this storm.
pete716 : l
nyroamer : yay yay Alpay ! ☺️☺️ @kiwiboy
nyroamer : wooooot! 👊👊 @mc_gutty
kardon12 : Get Van Jones off CNN, he sounds like a moron who has no idea what he is talking about! That's why most people watch FOX News!
paulacruzat : @pedroinfantestewart
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Here’s a look back at a week of frigid temperatures and heavy snow across parts of the United States. #Buffalo, New York, was especially hard hit, buried under six feet of #snow. The city expects to see another 3 feet Thursday. Thank you to the dozens of iReporters who sent videos and photos of #snowvember – CNN couldn’t tell this story without you. Click the link in our profile to see the full version of the video. If you have additional images you’d like to share, tag them #cnnireport.
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gregorydemetriou : End times
debbiewerneck : @pedro.werneck olha isso! Great!!! 🏂⛄️❄️
pedro.werneck : @debbiewerneck se a net fosse boa aqui....
pedro.werneck : @debbiewerneck nao consigo ver
debbiewerneck : @pedro.werneck veja depois! #snowvember : nevasca que acometeu os USA em pleno outono!!!
elisalamanca003 : Nice
carolinefregadolli : @gilson_gomes
gomboczmarton : The snow situation: terrifying, the video: great
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All 50 U.S. states reported below-freezing temperatures Tuesday. Teacher Eric Ward (@littlecoal) captured some quiet, pastoral views of the #cold snap in Luckey, Ohio, on his way to work yesterday. As of Tuesday afternoon, there were three inches of #snow on the ground and the temperature hovered at 12 degrees, he said. Ward shot this photo in color and converted it to black and white. Is it #freezing where you are? Tag #cnnireport and we’ll pass the best ones along to the CNN Weather Unit.
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april_rum : Woo!! Awesome @littlecoal ! I have enjoyed these shots!
littlecoal : @bluemoodz Thanks, Theresa!
littlecoal : @april_rum Thanks, April!
yalomar : @anwaralfadhel
officialvignesh : Awesome shot
jessie_le305 : I just got an iPhone 6 @iphone6givings
kzeroe : Only 49 states. Still warm in Hawaii!
mmiicchhaa : great👍👍👍👍👍
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Yeni Cami, or New Mosque, stands majestically in the Eminönü district of #Istanbul, #Turkey. The #mosque shares a square with the Spice Bazaar, one of the largest markets in the city. Thanks to Lebanese Instagrammer Zarifi Haidar Marín (@justzhm), who shared this photo on our hashtag, #cnnireport. Want a chance at being featured? Show us a window into your world by tagging #cnnireport.
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jengrey : just got free iphone from @freeapplenow
justzhm : Thank you so much @cnnireport
bellabooski : @justzhm Yay!! Congrats! 🔆
mmshiww : 应该怎么形容呢o_O 壮丽吧^^
justzhm : Thank you @bellabooski 🙏😘
etui_trove : Congrats @justzhm! Thrilled to see your photo featured here. May there be more! ^o^
perreaun : @jules320
leadernotfollower1 : See the hidden missile silos?
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Ever heard of a snowfield? It's permanent snow that fell in the winter and is thick enough to stick around for the rest of the year. During the summer, the snow melts and can create a maze of tunnels. Jim Halfpenny photographed this snowfield near the gates of Yellowstone National Park in Gardiner, Montana. Share your travel photos for a chance to be featured by tagging #cnnireport
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rollypollyollie : @n0hanz ❄️⛄️❄️
jgoldst3 : @lexanderence
kimberly_jane93 : @austingehman uhhhhh like I wanna go
cecurity13 : #readfasureworld
saraheo : Never heard of this! So cool ❄️❄️
raq_raq_on : Yellowstone! We seriously need to set a date @dr_321love
meaganfaas : @faasjohn
dr_321love : @raq_raq_on yes! STAT!
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This is a woman. Really. Meet @timido66, a Dallas photographer who has a thing for characters and #mustaches. What started out as a wacky #Movember photo project “turned into a serious exercise in making me unrecognizable even to myself." She uses various filters, like #TinType, to achieve a vintage feel. Read more about the project by clicking the link on our profile page. And if you’ve got a rad Movember ‘stache, share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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rexcruz : @chrissyvg
omgab : @jasonjohnmaddox they should photograph me
sadaffyy27 : @jayyvee_
e_j_grant : @caitycaitb 👨👨👨
jamaduro : @daniela_maduro
caitycaitb : So cool @e_j_grant 🎅
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We could use a #beach vacation right about now. Here’s a photo from @zpzproduction of James Bond Beach in Oracabessa, Jamaica.​ Anthony Bourdain will wrap up this season of “Parts Unknown” by visiting the #Caribbean nation. Have you been to #Jamaica? Share your photos of by tagging #partsunknown. We’ll be adding the best photos to our gallery on Click the link in our profile to see which photos were selected.​
beach - caribbean - partsunknown - jamaica -
dportillo1000 : @brickantonio
mdnghtvixen : @natashaleeds any to add?
natashaleeds : Oh yes loads lol @mdnghtvixen
jah_lyon : Tell @anthonybourdain link up... #lyonsinthekitchen #kgnkitchen
bait_runner : @i_married_jane
fabulousfabz22 : @digiceljamaica
olalasono : Mo'bay Jammaica
chandra.june : @adam_organic
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“Though this might sound like someone's version of a snowy hell, it isn't for us,” said iReporter Robert Lawton from Negaunee, Michigan. More than 30 inches of snow fell on Monday and Tuesday, providing the kids “with endless free entertainment right in our own yards.” His son, Gary, built this #snow cave. How is the #cold affecting you? Share your clever photos and videos by tagging #cnnireport. The best may be used in CNN’s #weather coverage.
cold - weather - cnnireport - snow -
machpicture : Is freezing in ID
bon.journalist : Snow caves! Heck yeaaaah
vaudeville100 : Lucky. Meanwhile, here in So Cal, it's like 80 degrees.😠
samantha086 : @elewis119
bdellj316 : Couldn't the snow cave in and trap him like sand can? Almost watched my nephew smother from crawling thur a sand tunnel
bdellj316 : Texas no snow here
evepocho : @joseormoprado mira haz una cueva de nieve ! 😄
ibodymakers : 👍
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It's #VeteransDay. Let us honor all of those who have served our country. As the sun set on #Washington, iReporter Richard Barnhill caught this shot of the #Marine Corps War Memorial against the pink, fall sky. The memorial inscription reads: "In honor and in memory of the men of the United States Marine Corps who have given their lives to their country since November 10, 1775." We invite you to share a photo of a veteran who has inspired you. Write a brief description and tag your image #cnnireport.
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mariosqcr : 🙌🙌🙌
asleslie : What about those homeless vets?
denisesdesigns : @usmciannelli
shahabisaeed : Perfect
afroninja26 : Almond joy
nosecol : #تصاميمي_هواتف # ألعاب # مسابح#للبيع
g1955s : The best Icon for Marines
thebbonilla : "Uncommon Valor Was A Common Virtue"
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