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Fiery riots and protests broke out in Yemen on Wednesday and one person was killed after the federal government announced a rise in fuel prices. Freelance photojournalist and iReporter Yousef Mawry was documenting the unrest when he spotted this Yemeni teen leaping over burning tires in the capital Sanaa. If you have newsworthy images to share from your part of the world, tag your images #cnnireport, but please stay safe.
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_nopbody : He looks like he is having fun
poisonivy_me143 : So sad
ayaeta : great photo, very expressive
antlove : No hang time
55online : فلسطين ارض المسلمين
lukethetrucker : Their fuel doubled but they still pay less than most of the the world. Wonder what they'll do when it's around our price? Cool pic though!
selfishwayz : @losangelesluxuryhomes ditto on that.... Religion cripples the mind... Faith is the enemy of reason
rosicassano : @selfishwayz 👍
popeyon - rioekonu - vinceb15 - aal_ -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
With the end of Ramadan, 1.6 billion Muslims celebrated the festival of #Eid al-Fitr across the world this week. Azerbaijan observes Eid a day later than most of its neighbors. iReporter and photographer @KarimovAziz told a spiritual story in his photos from a mosque in the capital city of Baku on Tuesday. Want to share news from your part of the world? Tag your original photos #cnnireport.
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mirjamderuiter : Stripes are in fashion.. 🙈
jensmarin : @sirmazin
h_bushehri : #Mashallah
bartenderpleez : Always a couple that just want to be different....
_tlung_ : @jywakili
eaguasvivas : Did anything happen to those two guys who didn't bow? @cnnireport
samasat : @niloofarsadr : observeing the Eid !
100percentkpopper - liods - gussxrs - jodyperry23 -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
iReporter Nicole Wright watched as rescue crews geared up and battled the #ElPortal wildfire in El Portal, California, this weekend. “The helicopters were moving in to fill buckets to dump on the fire heading up the hill about 200 yards away from us,” said Wright, who is vacationing at Yosemite National Park. Are you feeling the effects of the #wildfire? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.​
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drluv54 : Sweet
eduardareuter : @flaviar_oliveira e o dronner???
flaviar_oliveira : Ahhahahaha acho que é um helicoptero mesmo, nao? @eduardareuter
ablancouribe : @davemll
anastasia_m_g : @bgrayson415 is this the same type of helicopter you posted?
bgrayson415 : Nope @anastasia_m_g . This thing is bad ass tho I posted 2 fixed wing planes.
anastasia_m_g : Haha my observational skills are on point. @bgrayson415
diskothedon : Loyalty is royalty
aneelkromash - zekevill - akbariawan - hvpramod -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
The age of neon lights is dying. Businesses are switching to cheaper, more energy-efficient LEDs and some cities are zoning them out of existence. But there are still plenty of great #neonsigns around the world! Check out this one from the @WigwamMotel in Cave City, Kentucky, taken by iReporter Brian Snider. Of the original seven locations, only three still exist, including this one. See our full #neon gallery at and share your favorite neon sign photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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katielance304 : @annanicole503 WAMPUM WAMPUM...😂
weprintforyou : Wow !! :)
missmatador : Thank you from this Canadian #signgeek also part of the @spacepomona show.
e_j_grant : @ashleyelisa
signgeeks : @weprintforyou Top Work, right? 😘
signgeeks : @missmatador 😘
cnnireport : This has to be the kindest, most enthusiastic comment thread we've ever had on Instagram @poteetphoto @colorbyspiegel . So lovely to meet so many people passionate about neon!
viennacitytypeface : thanks @cnnireport for writing this great piece. the loss of neon is a fact also here in vienna/austria. it's a symbol for the loss of variety.
ebmorris - adrian0r - lavinianebbs - madness_eternal -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
Wednesday marked 100 days since more than 200 Nigerian girls were kidnapped by Boko Haram. Nigerian iReporter @alashock has posted a picture every day since day 20 of the #BringBackOurGirls campaign. "I am a father of three kids, two girls and a boy, I just can't imagine the trauma if one of my girls is missing for a day," he said. "I share the pain of the parents of these missing girls."
bringbackourgirls -
twantwiwi : Praying
angieland80_gf : 🙏
zanedaniels : @sternshow - can't believe this doesn't work?
nickabbywyma_2013 : And what r we doing to help..... 🙍🙋
samarkaram : @cnnireport, how come the USA Gov n its allies r destroying a whole nation in Palestine while they are not able to handle Some primitive barbarians like BoKo Haram #justicedaywillcomesoon #shame on nations declaring democracy!
shonnielove : Bring them back or bring them to my, please
saruhanabdullah : I think people talk too much but they don't do enough
estherfashionista : If America wants they can found Boko haram if they managed to destroy Bin laden and Saddam everything is about money and the right time ..
lisamakori - dfun13 - nandini126 - hussain_alqutaifi -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
The Israeli-Palestinian conflict has continued to escalate with deadly Israeli airstrikes and Palestinian rocket attacks. For people living in the region, air raid sirens and sleeping in shelters has become a part of daily life. But the effects of the conflict are rippling across the world, with protests cropping up in places like the U.S., Europe and Africa. iReporter Fatima Puskar observed a large pro-Palestinian demonstration in Chicago on Monday, where crowds rallied for #Gaza and a #FreePalestine. We’ve assembled a collection of images from the region, as well as worldwide protests, which you can see on Share your side of the story by tagging your images and videos #cnnireport.
freepalestine - cnnireport - gaza -
vinnisen : This is not a matter of religion, it's a matter of human lives...all these children being murdered.. oh lord have mercy upon them...Israel you bastards! may you be grately punished,you savages!!! #freepalestine#freegaza#savethechildren
estherfashionista : @vinnisen May Gazza is not about religion but most conflict in the Middle East is about religion Have U ever hear about ISIS brutal kills innocent ppl Christians in the Middle East Honestly the Muslims wants to kill all Christians and probably Jews!!!
estherfashionista : @vinnisen This is about Terrorism Hamas is a terror organization If U let him free the May be other targets in the world ISIS Hamas Bin laden it's all same They all getting money weapon education from the rich Arabs in gulf countries Wonder what there mission is in this world ? Not directly save the world
alshebani_r : Muslims never wanted to kill anyone because its against our religion and the matter in Gaza now is a matter of humanity, and Hamas is nothing like bin Laden I think people should educate them selves and have enough information to criticize and judge other people and religions
nunolicious : You've clearly mentioned Israeli air-strikes .. Which clearly targeting civilians innocent palestinians ... The whole world is watching and no matter how you cover it in your #news or #cnnireport it's fake and ppl are no longer blind .. #freepalestine #freegaza #savethechildren
estherfashionista : @alshebani_r I don't know if U comment was to me But terrorist as terrorist is same for me Hamas is terrorist as we'll Bin Laden So let's say Bin Laden s target was America and Hamas is Israel And if Islam don't want to kill they why don't the Muslims stand up and say they are against this !!!
estherfashionista : * against ISIS
estherfashionista : Most of the middle eastern ppl claim that CNN BCC is fake Then tell me don't the Arabic news or Turkish news channels shows anything about the killing against ChristiAns by ISIS in the Middle East Who's is The FAKE now? And if ISIS don't stand for Islam why not report it then ? Or are the a shame what the religion really stand for !!!!!
mood202020 - fatamaq82 - ksa.x007x - ahnjljo -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
Prayers and messages of shock and grief have been flooding social media since the world learned Malaysian Airlines Flight 17 was shot down on Thursday over Ukraine. From the latest information, the airline indicated that the Netherlands has suffered the harshest blow, with at least 189 of its citizens among those killed. A small memorial has appeared outside the Netherlands Embassy in New York, where iReporter Nancy Otterstrom took this photo on Friday morning. #MH17
mh17 -
_.here_and_now._ : @halvenski the usa does so much to clean up the acts if the many "older" countries. And israel who is a much younger country has so many more issues than the USA and is preventing the USA to make better relationships with many other middle eastern countries which would most likely help our country much more. Have you heard of WWII the main reason for the defeat of the nazis was because the usa stepped in if we hadnt europe would not be the beautiful continent that it is today
_.here_and_now._ : @cnnireport actually the american had a dual citizenship and there was another dutch lady who went to college in the usa in indiana
karengdb : What is happening to the world?
mybeautystories : #GAZA
tavisbullock : Google #FALSEFLAG #WAKEUP
lesi_victoria : The world is finally recognizing the truth of Russian terrorism and the horrible effects of Putin's dictatorship.
malaysiaairlinessystem : #MH17
novikovaleksandr : @lesi_victoria ну ну путин диктаторшип терорист) ваше нацистское правительство под диктовку штатов пытается спихнуть ответственность с себя и перекинуть ее на плечи соседа. Доказательств нет? А почему? А потому что доказательства подтвердят что самолет сбили ваши пво! Фу мра... глупые майдауны
callmegugu - walnutchic - robd26 - tanyafrost77 -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
Howling winds and heavy rain from #Typhoon Rammasun blew through metro Manila in the Philippines on Wednesday, killing at least five people. The typhoon, known locally as #Glenda, prompted the evacuations of at least 350,000 people. @earvinmendoza surveyed the aftermath in nearby Pasig City on Thursday morning, where deserted roads were scattered with tree branches and debris. The Philippines Instagram community has done an incredible job helping us report on the storm. If you’d like to share your typhoon stories, tag your photos #cnnireport. Thank you for sharing your stories, but please stay safe out there!
cnnireport - typhoon - glenda -
aimeebees : Again??
cammiedee : @yeeneeyeen @aimeeniemeenie @ryanbothor
redskull_kain : #gaza #freepalestine
mila_u88 : @sammontecer hope you are ok!
siamese_gal : Oh no i hope my friend's family ok there :(
jogilliardsh : news of a storm killing 5 people made your news. How about the thousands in Palestine? @cnnireport
evgeniya_tjuleneva : #savedonbasspeople : Where's the real news of REALLY going on, scum. FREE PALESTINE #longlivepalestine #endtheoccupation #speakupforgaza
patriciasue - mattrozza - lu_lu_2323 - chimpe -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
The Arch Rock is a famous rock formation just off the coast of Corona del Mar State Beach in California. iReporter Toby Dingle said the feeling of peace and tranquility, "as well as the fury of the ocean's power, came together in perfect harmony" for this shot. We featured Dingle's image as today's CNN's Travel Photo of the Day. If you'd like a chance of being featured, tag your photos #cnnireport.
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roneswielinga : #afrika in the hole
samanfuhb : 😍😍😍
lovebloodleo : @erin_therese_costello done deal!!
aml777 : روعه
marietagudena : @carbie81
seamswrite : @mmkull @ckullstrand
motownboogie : @theemathwhisperer : Free PALESTINE ✌️
teppozujinjin - marcos13469 - jinramir - chinchirrin -
cnnireport - CNN iReport
Longtime pals Sandra Diego and Selena Rangel are putting friendships aside as their rival teams go head-to-head in the World Cup final. Diego is rooting for Argentina. "I admire Argentina tremendously,” she said. Rangel is cheering for Germany because she loves the team’s style of play. Although they are supporting opposite teams, they are thrilled to be spending the day together for the #WorldCup. Are you watching the game today? Share your fan photos by tagging #cnnireport.
worldcup - cnnireport -
ilapeed : @haigog
suzyliu : 德國?阿根廷?
daniel_lp : #vamosargentina
njaisi1 : Germany!!!
ya_precious : Go, go Messi...Go Argentina!
desuper_star : Argentina!!!!!!!
antony_ph : Ну че Месси обосрался😂😂😂 Germany the best!!!
evamposner : Congrats to the BEST!!! Germany!
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