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The #blizzardof2015 didn’t hit NYC as badly as expected, but the snow is still coming down hard in New England. Nancy MacMellon Boyett (@nboyett1956) shared this photo of blowing snow and buried cars in Boston’s Back Bay. The storm has dropped several feet of snow and caused flooding elsewhere in the region. Thanks to everyone who has been tagging their images #CNNSnow and #CNNiReport. Keep them coming and stay warm!
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gamedaywithboom : @itsmecarlad yikes. Haha
itsmecarlad : @gamedaywithboom I can't wait! !!! Winter wonderland!!!!
sunnyboc : Is metro still running there?
p4blo : @tadeo59 ❄️
kinnari1228 : @murphcunning
romkolya : This photo from NY is true 😃😃😃
marysnow21 : @helene_aha
aset_n : Бля, да у меня каждое утро так мой двор выглядит, поэтому всю зиму в багажнике лопата
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A historic storm is expected to hit the U.S. Northeast tonight. CNN’s Nick Valencia (@nicvalencia) sent this view from his descent into Boston Monday morning. Are you in the path of #Blizzardof2015? Tag your photos #CNNiReport, and please stay safe!
blizzardof2015 - cnnireport -
kcx23 : #globalwarming
oscarm318 : @itzaskunletona
hmccaskey : @tiffro83
cdlamc : @jesuspp
khinkyukyuthet : @yyjolene stay warm and safe sista ❄️💨⛄️
lebuenot : Stay safe! @renadomingues @leonardomoreno e Lucas! 🙏
leonardomoreno : @lebuenot I am on my way to Chile at this point!
renadomingues : @lebuenot Lucas e eu estamos bem quentinhos em casa. Thanks!
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iReporter and bow-tie entrepreneur Geraldo De-Souza (@everydaybowties) visited CNN today, and we just had to get him to shoot an instructional video! For all those wondering how to tie a bow-tie properly, De-Souza shares his secret in just 15 seconds. "Close your eyes, tie a bow and you're there," he said.
enlightenedeve : @dvsky
da12vid : He is delightful.
stoyias : @kylebrown37266
patreihing : @joeyreihing
d_craven : @rickyvashishth haha
lardog24 : @t_d_sampson
m_m_j_29 : #letter4u
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It's #MuseumSelfie Day! We're collecting the best ones, so visit a museum and get creative -- like our very own Jareen Imam (@jareenai), who visited Chihuly Garden and Glass (@chihulygg) in Seattle last year.
museumselfie -
katiehawk : 👋 @jareenai!
kotonyhoho : #oneself
norapete : This place is beautiful!!
boomginger : @xbitesizex uh
urdunkid : Seattle strong
nycoffeecup : My profile picture!
candycass23 : @natrosso
chihulygg : How cool is this?! Thanks so much for sharing!
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Protesters in Buenos Aires, #Argentina, are alleging a government cover-up in the mysterious death of prosecutor Alberto #Nisman, who was found dead in his apartment Sunday. It was just hours before his testimony about a 1994 bombing of a Jewish community center. Freelance photojournalist and iReporter Jerry Nelson documented the protests on Monday night. “As the sun started setting, the mood noticeably changed as people started charging the fence protecting Casa Rosada,” Nelson said. Have you witnessed the protests? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport, but please stay safe.​
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soysaucegisaeng : @tobierre2u A lot is happening out here. Smh
anvi09 : @pambernabeu hola! Como esta eso??
tobierre2u : Right @soysaucegisaeng
vincent3lopez : #YosoyNisman
enticevee : What is going on in the world, man
mounia84 : @efraim_arends
efraim_arends : Como otro Argentino desaparecido, Immortal Technique @mounia84
m_m_j_29 : #letter4u
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In honor of Martin Luther King Day, we're sharing a photo from our archives of an interfaith memorial march after King's death in 1968. Rabbi Lester Frazin, seen in the first row, walked alongside ministers from the African-American community in Rockford, Illinois. Do you have a photo commemorating #MLKDay? Share it by tagging #cnnireport.
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tiyasworld : @fayeqaalsharif today is Martin Luther king day ... Ur favorite
anielaycart : @aaycartf @rafaelferretti @cxcordero ha sido rabino mi pana lester
mikesgroi21 : We shall overcome
sonny.lindaguy : We are searching for fulfillment & Only Jesus has it -"We need to pledge ourselves anew to the cause of Christ"MLK
toskashemoneh : Today is MLK day. Is there a photo of him? Wow! Really?
cxcordero : Rabbi Lester !! @aaycartf calladito pero apestando @anielaycart @rafaelferretti
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An 8-below-zero day made this possible. iReporter Debra Kruse (@Manooch355) braved a treacherous walk on a pier covered in ice on Sunday to reach the South Pier Light in South Haven, Michigan. We had to share one more mystical #winter photo this week! Got more? Tag them #cnnireport.
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jefort24 : @railroadgin55 makes you want to pull the rubicon up and call it a night I bet
aschmidtyyy : @iinatukiainen brrr!
kathryn0214 : @k8lyn_say_wat I wanna go see this when I come visit you.
k8lyn_say_wat : @kathryn0214 I'm not ready to talk about this yet 😭😢
kathryn0214 : @k8lyn_say_wat I found a positive and admitted you're moving! You're ready bc I'm ready! Waaaahhh! 😯
manooch355 : @k8lyn_say_wat its in South Haven not up North.
kitty_love : @lafox_89 see… too cold!!
krissywis : @deanparmigiana
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“We liked each other at different times throughout elementary, junior high and high school -- just never at the same time,” says Laura Toledo (@lalaland999), shown here in this #TBT with Josh Toledo in 5th grade. “He wrote our names in a tree once (but crossed my initials out for another girl later). Nothing came of it until I graduated college. He had been in a bad car accident that summer I came home for good. I worked days at a liquor store and spent my nights with some friends from high school, including him. I carted him around in his wheelchair to all sorts of summer activities. It didn't take long for us to figure out it was meant to be. We instantly connected. We've been together since. We are now married and just had our first baby!” What’s your love story? Did you overcome any obstacles to be together (families/locations/governments)? Share a photo with the basic information and tag #soulmatestory. We’ll feature the best stories for Valentine’s Day.
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tori.pennachio : @tristdoc let's post ours
fritzny : We NEED more of these stories and less of anything else. Thanks!
sae_whaa : Nice
cnnireport : Aw thanks @fritzny
cornandcarrots : @_laregina
tslbond : @kenbeck77
blessingsnball : @e_lo10
e_lo10 : @blessingsnball Aawww. ❤️
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With the magic of a #macro lens, these snowflakes were magnified 21 times! High school teacher and iReporter Jeff Goodman (@jeffgoodman1) braved a 5-degree day Tuesday to snap these up-close images of #snowflakes on his windshield in Perry, Ohio. “I only had about 5 minutes to photograph as many as I could because my hands started feeling numb from the cold!” he said. Got any creative shots showing the winter weather near you? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
macro - cnnireport - snowflakes -
jeffgoodman1 : @olloclip
buttercupmagoo : I love snowflakes. They're so beautiful!
fredrm17 : @nadia_pereira
saraheo : ❤️❄️❤️❄️❤️
garettm33 : @michael_peres
mama_mash_ : @mashd_potato @monstermash_
uzairrz : Beautiful
sglosby : @_tglosby_
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As Comet Lovejoy dashed over Malaysia Sunday night, photographer and iReporter Justin Ng (@justinngphoto) was there to capture this stunning image. “It’s pretty rare to be able to view a comet that’s visible to our naked eye at our latitude near equator and when I first saw Comet Q2, it simply swept me off my feet!” he said. Ng used a 40-minute exposure and applied four filters – Luminance, Red, Green and Blue – to capture the various colors and wavelengths emitted by the celestial object. He then merged the images into a composite, which is a common practice in #astrophotography. Did you catch a glimpse of the #comet? Share your photos of the stars by tagging #cnnireport.
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saffarianpour : @mjtorabi این دیگه فوق العاده است، کاس جلد نجوم این بود
mjtorabi : @saffarianpour آره واقعا... زمان خروجی تمام عکسا معمولی بود. این رسما مهیبه
roxymom28 : @asjinc99 ✨
asjinc99 : @roxymom28 I'm hoping to get it Tuesday or Wednesday! Lol
sepidehsharbaf : @mjtorabi عالیه این عکس، فکر نمی‌کردم‌ اینقدر زیبا باشه این دنباله‌دار :)
fatemehneda : @mjtorabi @kookaram بریم ببینیم
sintoma : @marcamunha
deepshikha17 : astrophotography may have the answer! :)
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