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An explosion rocked a heavily traveled section of Manhattan's #EastVillage on Thursday, injuring dozens of people and leveling parts of a building. "Everything, my shelf in my office and my computer screen, fell down," says iReporter Luca Babini (@lucababiniphoto), who was only a block away from the massive #explosion. Did you witness the #fire? Share your images from the scene by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.
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jenjen_gallardo : @mpctorres
qdmama27 : @timmiebeatz you see this
timmiebeatz : @qdmama27 I know. #praying
titoteng : @jmmusam mira... 😞
andielow : @ialec @henseylicious
taigerlord : Hope everyone is alright.
fersalame : @lolyromeros
mafiaprincess571 : πŸ™
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People around the world are gathering to remember the victims of the #Germanwings plane crash. iReporter Markku Rainer Peltonen visited the Berlin Cathedral Wednesday morning, where there was a service in remembrance of the victims. He saw Berlin Mayor Michael Muller signing a condolence book. Are there memorials near you or remembrances that you’d like to share? Tag your images #cnnireport to share your tributes with CNN.
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Although #spring is technically here, sheets of #ice could still be found in the chilly bay of Charles River in #Boston on Sunday. The water was frozen throughout winter, said iReporter Youvathana Sok, but he noticed that the ice is starting to melt. How's your spring going so far? Tag your photos #cnnireport.
spring - cnnireport - ice - boston -
karenaellaellaa : @richrozay
dharmakite : Crazy. Spring must be nice in Boston.
izapata10 : Yo estuviera de llorando 😭😭 jajaja @dinelia_pr
brit3512 : Your favorite city! @mentos118
iammaimia : @melissachh @charlie017 But it's still cold lol
ditzy : Still no updated news @cnnireport what about the airplane that crashed, or even that robot senator Ted Cruz which is applying for the affordable care act which he's been against that and everything else that passes through senate?
sirotenko : @ferapontovaxenia
vanalpert : @dalva_ crackle
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"Sometimes you have to pull off the road and make an unplanned stop to focus on what matters most," says Austin Bond (@austinbondphotography), who spotted this view on the Intracoastal Waterway in Socastee, South Carolina. His burning #sunset photo was featured as today's CNN Travel Photo of the Day -- click the link in our profile to see the full gallery. Want a chance at being featured in our #travel series? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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dana_est84 : Dope @ashbyraye
manooch355 : Amazing
only_heather : Ahh South Carolina...home
only_heather : @lauren_lou33 look, it's sc
lucy5355 : @eamroyal @carriewhileman @megreneemac @ashthorpe09 @jaclyncraw this makes me miss you guys so much!!!! So pretty! 😍
stewartbuzz : Congratulations @austinbondphotography
austinbondphotography : Thanks @cnnireport and @stewartbuzz!
hbbrowneyes : @chexie04, another beautiful SC photo
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Stacy LeClair was doused by a #spring shower while venturing out to the Four Peaks area in Arizona on Friday. The sunny rainstorm gave way to a beautiful rainbow that illuminated across the desert landscape. Tag #cnnireport for a chance to be featured.
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serglam29 : Nice
deelyee : So beautiful
2step : @rivalphotos wow.
mlina_ : Lovely !
wawrus : @berryluu
glolance : @e_lance
meghas_ : Wow! Surreal
sorority_bee : AmazingπŸ™†πŸ™†πŸ™†
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The #solareclipse was visible in parts of North Africa, Europe and the Middle East on Friday. "It was breathtaking and magical," said iReporter Renata Arpasova from Swindon, England. "The clouds certainly added to the eerie effect." Thanks to all the iReporters and Instagramers who shared their views from around the world! Did you spot the #eclipse? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport.
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yennbaez : Creo que no se vio aqui :/ @mr.miguel
mubarakalqenai : @amoola_t
toni03c : @adrianagavidia92
vamarie : @briiiiiaaa πŸŒ˜πŸ’›βœ¨
mia.craig : When barbie follows cnn
ksuminar : @khlanoer waoooooooo bagus yaaaaaa
carlapg31 : I saw it. Ireland. Cooolll
itsmylifeanditsallgood : @laughingsusan
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Meet some of the canine stars of photographer Sophie Gamand's (@SophieGamand) series "Flower Power: Pit Bulls of the Revolution." Gamand partnered with animal shelters for the series in an effort to challenge the way people look at #pitbulls. Photos of the shelter dogs are intended to entice prospective owners to adopt, and so far it’s worked like a charm. Click the link in our profile to read the story. Got any #dogsofinstagram you want to share? Tag your cuddly photos #cnnireport.
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edgarflores84 : @leonajungle
angelwolfvampire : I would love to adopt one of those gorgeous pitbull's if I could! :-(
leonajungle : 😊 @edgarflores84
julielyon : @angeliafay gunner would hate me if I did this to him lol these doggies are cute though!
rahmiadhelia : @ilmakapindan 😍😍😍😍
ilmakapindan : @rahmiadhelia princesa doggy hahaha
kbrizzl : @melllisssuhhh
melissachh : @mdvii_ds shocute
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A severe solar storm created a stunning display of #northernlights Tuesday over parts of the United States, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Storm chaser Greg Johnson (@canadogreg) photographed the #auroraborealis from a small church outside Craven, Saskatchewan. See more photos by clicking the link in our profile. Did you catch the dancing lights? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
auroraborealis - cnnireport - northernlights -
sheikh_pitbull_713 : @lallanessrine
jefort24 : @railroadgin55
artnaround : @sophiefaz
floriophoto : Fantastic image!
emilyta09 : @jacquie_velasquez 😍
elisalamanca003 : Rspectacular
jacquie_velasquez : Dios 😳😍😍😍😱 @emilyta09
marinadelariva : @paulo_flecha β€οΈπŸ™
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Happy #StPatricksDay! Chicagoans and visitors flocked to see the Chicago River being dyed #green on Saturday. A boat slowly dumped yellow dye in the river, turning it a brilliant shade of kelly green. Local photographer David Sowa (@dsowaphoto) avoided the crowds by going up in a helicopter to capture these aerials #fromabove the river. How are you celebrating St. Pat's? Wear your green and share your celebrations by tagging #cnnireport.
cnnireport - fromabove - stpatricksday - green -
ffnc1020 : @merewang
yen_yan : @blaisecali this could have turned into a pee color lol
lperk2014 : Used to live behind the wrigley building on the right, no better place to be on St Pattys Day!
elgrangabo : @dayanatfc que cool esto!
valbourdage : @nahallk
ictrealtorchic :  
dayna.thespacemonkey : @lillisearson ikr? Pull out all the stops 😊
kitchyo : @fluffydiane @shanny7810
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Crowds took to the streets across #Brazil on Sunday, protesting corruption and demanding the impeachment of President #Dilma Rousseff. Viviane Teles (@vivianeteles) shot this photo from her mom's apartment in Sao Paulo and said she was amazed to see "so many people in the streets fighting for one objective.” Thanks for sharing your view of the news with us each day. Keep tagging #cnnireport with your good stuff!
brazil - dilma - cnnireport -
chamissss : @wanderlust4life_ @yazminlop
shireen121 : @rumala @ebesofresh were y'all there for this?!
thasampaio : @yarabricio é nóis!
jloesq : Good luck Brasil
mbscull : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
analanaguerini : I was there!! In #Blumenau south of #Brazil #changeBrazil
lorrayne_macedo : @adriianoac
adriianoac : @lorrayne_macedo top
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