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Firefighters in #California are fighting nearly two dozen wildfires that have burned more than 134,000 acres as of Tuesday. The #RockyFire, which is the largest ongoing blaze, has led to the evacuation of more than 13,000 people. iReporter Valerie Lemke (@FreelanceRoad) was visiting family on Sunday in Clearlake, California, when she captured this image. "I noticed the huge smoke plumes from about 25 miles away. When I arrived here, the wall of smoke was incredible," she said. Have you been affected by the #wildfires? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport, but please stay safe.
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century_on : @hanshuerta
nelsonthegr8 : @_mp._ see what happens when u it rains only 3 times in 5 years
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infinityandbeyond_4 : This is horrible @shesayshey
juicbeau : Eh, can't have no trees @tha_artyst @nayz9
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Believe it or not, it’s back-to-school season and students around the country are packing up to head to class. Mom Jennifer Paster shared this photo of her 20-month-old twins Jack and Libby heading to their first day of #school in Brookline, Massachusetts. What's in your child's #backpack? Show us your photos of your kids wearing or holding their backpacks and tell us what precious items they’re carrying. Tag your photos #cnnireport for a chance to be part of CNN's #backtoschool coverage.
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sambola_8 : @rilerson there's actually 18mth programs at school now.
isari68 : ❀️❀️❀️ love it
my_pinar : @_ggundogdu_
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iamdreamcatcher : @cupospring @ekoio love this :D
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A hot air balloon ride over #Turkey allows travelers to see a new side to the country. "Nowhere else on Earth can you experience the unique and beautiful blend of history and geology that makes this so definitively Turkey," said travel blogger Brian Thio (@brianthio). His photo was selected as today's CNN #Travel Photo of the Day. For a chance to be featured, share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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dianitaea : @xime1510
cristinagaite : @pattigaite @teresagaiteoncel @micscanto
fifmicester : @dr_williams26
simoneviljoen7 : @johnlukecollyer ah john you have no idea 😁 magical experience
emi_etti : Juntos @diego_mndz
chefjade : @katherinedy 😍😍😍😍😍
diego_mndz : @.@ πŸ’•πŸ’• @emi_etti
moxieandmirth : @meaghanistheshit I love it!!!
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It's #cherry season in #Washington state, the cherry capital of the Northwest! Photographer Rosa Villoslada (@rosamabel) says she was amazed how fast the cherry pickers work. "They are paid by the bucket so the more they pick the more they make," she said. Cherries have one of the shortest harvest periods, lasting only 21 days. Got a view of the world you'd like to share? Tag your photos #cnnireport.
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stellywipi : @tony_jackie_vip
shefrondi : Peg? :) @rissyrf
koleso77 : @elenkakuprikov ΠΌΠ°ΠΌΠ° Π›ΠΈΠ΄Π° ΡƒΠΆΠ΅ Π³ΠΎΡ‚ΠΎΠ²Π°?))
elenkakuprikov : LolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @koleso77
rodi.sunnyrain : @chloe.barberi
egi_zol : @togoldor yummmmmmm
gary_quimilman : Oh that's important! How about that fucking theif Hillary Clinton!
rosamabel : @delizberrios @charliebrewer
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A brush #fire in #Washington state startled residents and threatened homes Sunday before being contained. Documentary photographer Darin Principe (@fotoprincipe) said his family was eating dinner at a restaurant in Yakima when they saw smoke on the hillside. He grabbed his wife's camera and started taking pictures. Do you have news to share from your neck of the woods? Tag your images #cnnireport.
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gingerpics : @maggiesilveria
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A 2,000-acre fire at #GlacierNationalPark in Montana has shut down part of the popular Going-to-the-Sun Road and prompted the evacuation of campers and backcountry hikers. Travel and landscape photographer Corey R. Lewis (@lightofdusk) captured the #wildfire as seen from the east Tuesday. It was "pretty surreal seeing all the bystanders on the side of the road looking at the wildfire continue to grow," he said. Have you witnessed the #glaciernps wildfire? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport, but please stay safe.
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see4ya_self : #Justiceforsandrabland
jackmc1984 : @joecase88
j.o.c.e : @becky_s_g did u guys see this??
becky_s_g : @j.o.c.e oh yes, most of the park is shut down. We are on our flight ready to leave Kalispell. Going to see of we can see fire from the air.
j.o.c.e : Oh my!! Take pics if you see it! Have a safe flight!! 😘 @becky_s_g
aliciahiggs : @jhiggs07 @lauren__higgs @lindsmusial 😟
greenbeetlegirl : @mrswake77 😞
desmondalphonse : #Takeheed#PrayingfortheBlandfamily #mylifematters #yourlifematters#blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #whathappenedtosandrabland #SandraBland #blacklivesmatter #suicidemyass#youkilledher #nojusticenopeace
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Sometimes we need to be reminded that a little rain on our parade isn’t the worst thing! The competitors in the annual Imperial Beach Sun and Sea Festival in #California didn’t let the rain get them down this weekend while they were building these awesome #sandcastles. Even though the festival was rained out, sculptors stayed behind to build sandcastles that most of us could only dream of, and @morrowchris stuck around to grab some photos of the fun.
california - sandcastles -
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jamiesnyder : @aasnyder44 πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
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sana.b.syed : This is awesome though! @inciya_zaidi
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The πŸ† for most creative way to mow🌱🌾🌿 goes to ... 🐴#CNNTravelPhoto #Alberta #Neigh
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roserouge33 : We need them so bad
hassan_albaghli : @rabab.fadehl
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Yungas Road in #Bolivia has been labeled one of the world’s deadliest roads. Bikers can travel on a thin, steep path that claims hundreds of lives each year. “I had heard about the death road since before I got there, but actually being on it and biking down through the mountains and into the jungle was an incredible experience,” said Matthew Meshey (@unlostandunsafe). For a chance to be featured, tag your travel snapshots #cnnireport.
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noazag65 : @merlin338 Χ Χ‘Χ’ΧͺΧ™ Χ‘Χ“Χ¨Χš Χ”ΧžΧ•Χ•Χͺ הזאΧͺ...
bruchavez : @basmaelbateh here is where I hurt myself ajaj
kellygray7 : @jornidentity did you go here?
jornidentity : @kellygray7 yes! It was the most incredible ride!
merlin338 : @noazag65 יאוווו Χ”Χ™Χ‘Χ˜Χ¨Χ™
d_preezy : @sirneil34 @photosbyvania wow!
photosbyvania : @sirneil34 @d_preezy when yall wanna go, lmk! I will plan a badass tour of Bolivia 😊
mojtaba_mohammadian1995 : Ω„Ψ§ΫŒΪ©
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The U.S. Women's #WorldCup champions were saluted Friday with a ticker-tape #parade along New York's vaunted Canyon of Heroes, a historic and rare moment for female athletes. Josh Vogel (@skyscrapermuseum) captured a photo of the team posing on a parade float. Are you watching the #USWNT parade? Share your photos and videos by tagging #cnnireport.
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saintsfaninkansas : @shelleywalters4
dboi565 : Only pay attention when they win
titalovesjess : Congratulations!
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