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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Anthony Bourdain (@anthonybourdain) visits Chuchifrito's Puerto Rican restaurant in Manhattan for the latest episode of CNN's “Parts Unknown.” This week, Bourdain is spending the bulk of his time in the Bronx. We’d like to see your photos of the borough. To participate, tag your Bronx photos #partsunknown. The best images could be featured in a gallery on Photo by @zpzproduction.
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adamszymanski : Lmao!! @briiiiiaaa
princejoso2 : Facts ! Lol good looks !!!@nels1k I called you when you a chance browdy hit me up
eduinsta227 : El comelon de CNN
loremontblac : @helenmichelle lets go!
bhyllieannnato : Im a fan of him and his show...
thecraiger : How does this guy not have gout
linobrescia : @jezgal @juan_sosa70 @bentleyng @jonathancornell #FeedHenna🐈
her_eyes : @_lovecarrie
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Thousands of protesters have taken over the streets of Hong Kong in pro-democracy demonstrations that began last week. The protesters are responding to China's decision to allow only Beijing-vetted candidates to stand in the city's election in 2017 for chief executive, Hong Kong's top civil position. A police crackdown on demonstrators on Sunday -- involving tear gas, batons and pepper spray -- resulted in clashes that injured more than 40 people. iReporter Suraj Katra (@jaruskr), who was observing the demonstration, shared this photo of Sunday’s protests with CNN.
sweetvampi : An orphan teenage girl,whom has been maltreated horribly by some government & police related departments & the Baloch family that adopted her in uae, desperately is hoping , Oprah Winfery hears her story & put an end to her suffering! #cnnireport
mss_741741 : i can not see the photo
mss_741741 : hong kong is great
viva_la_vivian : @jacobbailey93 @cnnireport Hong Kong is not communist. It is one country under two systems. At least that is what it is supposed to be according to agreed upon terms. Hong Kong is supposed to be democratic just as the US is.
cnnireport : That's true @viva_la_vivian -- I think @jacobbailey93 meant mainland China
viva_la_vivian : @cnnireport I guess it's confusing to make a comment on a photo of Hong Kong and say America should not look like a communist country's police force. The reference is skewed. I would hope that CNN would uphold sending images and messages that clarify the situation not skew and confuse it
cnnireport : Point taken @viva_la_vivian . We are covering the story heavily on, with images from protesters and observers alike.
viva_la_vivian : @andresrv07 Thank you for sharing
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
To keep all their vacation photos from looking the same, some clever travelers turn to the art of forced perspective photography. It's a technique that uses optical illusion to make objects appear closer or farther than the really are. CNN iReport producer Christina Zdanowicz (@stinaz27), the little person being eaten in this shot, shared a forced perspective photo from a 2011 trip to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni. Have you taken photos like this? Share your #forcedperspective travel photos and tell us where in the world you snapped them. Please tag them #cnnireport to participate.
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axellem : @dgholmie
ruthgaspar : @anaeligaspar
checarcel : @sergeiledesma
veralain : Esse lugar é lindo @gabi_lain @leonellain
marinagveras : @licaqueiroz @paulaemcena lembrei das fotos de vocês!
ncfn : @judoney
leemamaof3 : @shelbybphotos thought u would like this :)
teresatomato : Please help Hong Kong student!
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
There's a real-life yellow brick road that leads to the Land of Oz, a vintage theme park that sits alone on top of Beech Mountain in North Carolina. Jessica Georgia (@jessicageorgia) and her family visited the revived theme park, which now operates as a vacation rental property, in late May. She says it was like being transported into "The Wizard of Oz" movie. "The gates are there, there were the yellow bricks, and the shell of what used to be a castle," she said. See more vintage theme parks on and share your own photos by tagging them #cnnireport.
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ana3773 : Inmensidad de belleza!!!
brosiom : @awrozek @jem516 ummmm I need to go here
jem516 : @brosiom @awrozek so cute!
awrozek : Omg!!!!!!
queendillydally : I've always wanted to go here @kimbrkeyes !! Land of oz in NC!
an_jovi_d : Goodbye yellow brick road!
q478 : @subella_dria @chroniclesofkarnia this is going on the list
sal_lee3 : @reillyshannon
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Shanghai will be the first stop for Anthony Bourdain on this season of CNN’s “Parts Unknown.” The iconic Oriental Pearl Tower stands out among the skyscrapers of the modern Bund district, as photographed by @zpzproduction. Have you ever been to the cosmopolitan Chinese city? Share your travel photos from Shanghai by tagging them #partsunknown. The best images could be used in a gallery on
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jmzelaya07 : Is this today?? Lol @zelayanatalie
l11mathew : @snair512
duniahamza : I love Shanghai! One of my favorite cities! @cnnireport
yulin527 : @chenchencheng the cosmopolitan Chinese city:) you can share ur sh photo and hashtag partsunknown 😉
scott.diehl8 : The city and the people are spirituality without freedom.
farandanugerah : @tutyjulfa ayo dtg tut! Lg stress neh gw
humanswhodream : Hello guys! We are a brazilian journalist TEAM running a GLOBAL Project about small actions that could save our planet. We just have TWO weeks to make a HUGE collaborative video - finding people all over the world to send us a small cellphone video, doing a small action that could help SAVE nature! - the ideia is to make a VIDEO CAMPAING with people from all continents - with the ideia that together we can make this planet a better place to live! You can JOIN us sending your "small action" video to - - the final video will be posted on the CAMPAIN website - I hope you can HELP us!!! Thank you very much!
dnyailwalah : "A #CSUN student who has been missing since 17th of September after selling his car through Craigslist. His phone last traced to Beaumont in Riverside before it was deactivated". If you have seen him or have any information call LAPD Missing Person Unit at (213)-996-1800 or his brother Ahmed 708-515-8120. #california #la #los_angeles #losangeles_la #losangeles #cal #beaumont #help #missing #selfie #santa_monica #san_diego #sanfran #boss #csun #lapd #northridge #victim #riverside #photo #starbucks #abdullahalkadimissinginlosangeLes #عبدالله_القاضي_مفقود_في_لوس_انجلس
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Autumn is right around the corner and fall foliage is starting to appear in some parts of the northern United States. To celebrate the season, we chose some of our favorite fall photos to share. Driving through New Hampshire with his wife, Sashi Rudramaina took this photo on a journey between Gorham and Jericho state parks last fall. Are you seeing the colors of autumn? Share your fall photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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vikitadoshi : Love this place really beautiful
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mr_lucky_luciano_c6 : The NFL is in hot water? With who? With CNN? Political bull shit.
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shredderghost : @catspittt 😍😍
heatherornot : @bluechefs
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On Thursday, residents of Scotland will go to the polls to decide whether to become independent from the UK. In honor of the momentous vote, we're featuring some of Scotland's most recognizable icons. The majestic Edinburgh Castle rises from a mountain of jagged volcanic rock, as photographed by iReporter Lulis Leal (@joyfulgypsy). You can see our full gallery of the stunning castles, lochs and views of Scotland on If you have photos of bonny Scotland you'd like to share, tag them #cnnireport.
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vasilyevadaria : @rtauris @mariazlot ну, смотря в ноябре какого года мы поедем...
rtauris : @vasilyevadaria @mariazlot надеюс, в этом! 😉
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Hillary Clinton made her first visit to Iowa since the state dealt her presidential campaign a devastating blow. Clinton was in Indianola this weekend for Sen. Tom Harkin’s 37th Steak Fry, an annual fundraiser that doubles as a point of entry for ambitious Democrats curious about the Iowa caucuses. iReporter Kevin Cavallin (@gene5335) got to meet several top Democrats he said he admires and respects, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. If you have newsy photos to share with CNN, tag your images #cnnireport.
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patricia__lott : 🇺🇸🇺🇸let's go Hillary!
kardon12 : Anyone who votes Hilary has 0 brains.
michellemarie7777 : Left em high and dry in Benghazi .
rayfeng_ : Hilary is a bitch !
mrsannemariecosta : Please report and cover that today is a red cove day in Taiji Japan #tweetfordolphins #savethedolphins #thecove #blackfish #emptythetanks
mariov_forever : @cece_infante i
_.pablito._ : @patricia__lott you're delusional if you think she's a good candidate .
cece_infante : @mariov_forever
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
A solar storm created a rare opportunity to see the Northern Lights in places like Seattle, Chicago and New York on Friday evening. Youvathana Sok was one of the lucky ones who had a chance to photograph the green and pink lights dazzling across the night sky.  Sok escaped to Acadia National Park in Maine so that he could get an unobstructed view of the aurora borealis. Share your photos by tagging them #cnnireport.
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boxdemoi : This might partly be the reason @ix2392 Regarding your recent post
ix2392 : Aaah! @boxdemoi thanks! They've been mesmerizing recently! But this is spectacular!
apesv2 : @caseyjoe77
geraldineszaboq : Shiiiiit! And i was in Bahamas 😭😭😭😭😭😭 @zulaykarina
yadimuhammad : Damn!!!!! I love that, awesome tenan,
sweetblacksugar : Awesome 👍
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Nearly 3,000 flags were set in the ground at Pepperdine University, each of them honoring a victim of September 11. iReporter Julie Ellerton was one of the volunteers placing flags. “Watching the volunteers, each one with their own personal reason for being there was powerful,” she said. “Some said prayers, other saluted, but all were honoring a moment in time where in our life, the United States was changed forever.” If you have a #911 tribute you’d like to share, please tag it #cnnireport.
cnnireport - 911 -
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