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cnnireport - CNN iReport
About 80,000 people, including the entire city of #FortMcMurray in northern #Alberta, have evacuated due to a massive #wildfire. The blaze has destroyed at least a dozen homes, but the full breadth of the destruction remains unclear. William Stephen Jeffery (@wsjeffery) captured this video on Tuesday. He has since safely evacuated. Are you affected by the #FortMcMurrayFire? Share your images, videos and stories by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.
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j_heim99 : @_stefwithanf_ oh god the house! It's burning! I can see it! 😭😂
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If you’re a child of the ‘80s, you’ll probably recognize these amazing #TBT outfits and hairstyles. You might have even worn some of them yourself. We’ve really enjoyed seeing the fashion photos our community has shared with CNN. You can get in on the fun by tagging your '80s photos with #EightiesCNN.
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
A rash of #severeweather tore through the central United States, destroying houses and ripping large trees out of the ground. Amateur photographer Jason Tuggle (@jtbwphoto) shared his view of the storm rolling into Olivette, #Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis, on Tuesday. Have you been experiencing severe weather? Share your images by tagging #CNNWeather, but only if it's safe to do so.
cnnweather - severeweather - missouri -
marleesmomma : What a great picture...
mimilandia : 😳😳😳scary
douglasquantz : Simply incredible!
lelite66 : Simply nature!
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
It’s the little things in life. A three-year-old girl at the #Zaatari refugee camp in #Jordan enjoyed a bit of fun last week with her family, who escaped from their home in Daraa, #Syria. “The little girl was full of joy, took part in everything her male cousins were doing, loved to dance and twirl her dress, and refused to put that balloon down!” said freelance photographer Maria de la Guardia (@thegobetweengoat), who was hired by Lutheran World Federation. See more of de la Guardia’s photos from the camp by clicking on her profile.
syria - jordan - zaatari -
clearlycorbie : Such an a sweet little angel
mattia.velati : 👏👏👏 @thegobetweengoat
thegobetweengoat : @mattia.velati thank you :)
maried45 : So cute
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Flooding has devastated the #Houston area, killing at least five people and forcing the evacuation of hundreds. Photographer Mark Katz recorded #drone video, showing an​ #aerial view of the ​#flooding​. He shot this Monday #fromabove the Meyerland neighborhood of Houston. Have you been affected by the ​#severeweather​? Share your photos and videos by tagging #cnnweather, but only if it's safe to do so.
houston - drone - aerial - cnnweather - fromabove - flooding - severeweather -
heather_deiss : @diane we stayed dry but it was too close for comfort at our house : 🔝🔝
dayanacrm : @ljoserondon impresionante
bayonkhnom : Where is it?
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Rescue crews are searching desperately through rubble for survivors of a magnitude-7.8 #earthquake that struck coastal #Ecuador on Saturday. The death toll was nearing 350, as of Monday morning. Toronto resident Marco Giorgio (@marval_design) captured the scene as people were trying to save others from the rubble in #Portoviejo, Ecuador, on Sunday morning. "The world needs to come together in a time like this. If there is no unity, then there is no point for humanity," he said. If you're in Ecuador, share your stories of survival and images of the aftermath by tagging #cnnireport, but only if it is safe to do so.
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Tomoe Nishi (@nishitomoe24) had just finished eating ​a late dinner when she felt Thursday’s magnitude-6.2 earthquake in Kumamoto, #Japan. She took this photo before ​heading to a friend’s house. The quake toppled houses, started several fires and is blamed for at least two deaths. If breaking news happens where you are, share your photos with #CNNiReport, if you can safely.
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jen_kumala : @janiqua_xx
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flynn_221 : @shanno85
kenabelo : @hyaxynth oh my.. 😯
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36,000 #Verizon workers have walked off the job Wednesday after failing to reach a new labor agreement. Verizon employee Hank Bologna (@hank03270) shared this photo of a picket outside a Verizon Wireless Store in Brooklyn on Wednesday morning. Bologna, a Fios installer, said he is participating to fight for job security, pensions and to stop the company from "transferring employees out of state away from our families." Have you witnessed the pickets? Share your images and videos by tagging #cnnireport.
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calvin_k1 : @sresanovic
2kathyg : #workersrights petition to Let V know what you think
jaylo555 : Fo Bernie
jaylo555 : Go*
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cnnireport - CNN iReport
Performers in colorful outfits danced during the Gangaur festival in #Jaipur, #Rajasthan, #India, this weekend. The festival honors Gauri, the Hindu goddess of love and fertility, as a celebration of spring and marital fidelity. Ankit Sharma (@blackdiegoz) said he felt lucky to be in the city in time for the festival on April 9. Are you at the #Gangaur festival? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport.
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4er_meister : @jayna_joon 🙌
jayna_joon : @4er_meister 🙏🏼
sensesunsetseminyak : Awesome profile
yennis_fotorio : @blackdiegoz is one of the best photographer, congratulations 😊
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We just can't get enough #cherryblossom photos! A carpet of cherry blossom petals created the illusion of “pink snow” in Kobe City, Japan, on Thursday afternoon. "As the petals are blown off the trees in the strong wind, it really does resemble a pink blizzard — it's fabulous!” said longtime iReporter Dennis Doucet (@photosjapan), who shot these images. Share your 🌸 images by tagging #cnnireport.
cnnireport - cherryblossom -
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tiffy808 : Yaaasssss!! 💗💗💗 @jusamee, makes me wanna hop on a plane to visit!... Like tomorrow!!
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