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Tonight and tomorrow, the solar spectacle known as #Manhattanhenge will be grabbing the attention of people in New York City. "Manhattanhenge" is when the setting sun aligns precisely with #Manhattan's east-west streets, framing the glowing orb between the city's steel and brick canyons. Will you be watching the special #sunset? Tag your photos #cnnireport and share your reaction in the caption. The best images could be used in CNN's coverage.
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marielaypunto : Gracia por el dato @_alepavez. Mañana también?
cshots : Take a pic @karinaraneta
kitty_love : @brit_chic gotta get a pic!!
brit_chic : @onekaytwoeyes
aikulit : Pareng @ray_ray_101989 tignan mo to!
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dipeshn : @anifk20 @rithvikrao
dipeshn : @milangz @kartikb
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Welcome to #paradise! Today's CNN Travel Photo of the Day takes us to the island nation of the #Maldives. This stunning view #fromabove greeted iReporter Abhinav Mahajan as he flew in on a seaplane. Do you have dazzling #travel photos you'd like to share? Tag them #cnnireport for a chance to be considered.
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kamikochi : One day! Before it's too late @k8wilsonnn
turva : @ckjchambers
_tarrynking_ : @tomkingsurf
jen_salgado : 30th what! LoL @desaraeshearer
aeshah95 : Wonderful☆☆☆☆
fmufeez : @amudara ❤️
ckjchambers : @turva :) yep... Not bad huh!!
destiniz : Beautiful <3
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A deadly #heatwave has killed more than 1,154 people in #India in the past few days. Ami Misra (@amimisra) photographed people on a popular intersection of New Delhi handing out cool cups of water and fruit juice to pedestrians in order to combat the oppressive heat. "The temperatures have been escalating to over 109 degrees Fahrenheit. It almost feels like you're breathing inside a chimney," she said. If you're in India, how are you coping with the heat? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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princessgeeta : And yet I still wish I was there. Naku India chala istham!
thereallorraine : Hope he heat will break soon ....☔️☔️☔️
mayastanisic : @ainsssslee @daynaquigs @jocewinter omgg i hope you guys stay hydrated 💦💦
misspkaur_ : @sonia_dhamija @vikram0713 don't go to India without #ICEWATER
meggagram : @mattporitz @jelsenjargon
margaritalsmith : Omg @cnoralez 😱
anschi95 : Uff i heart about it in media...i hope it will get cooler soon😥😦 @nikkuu9
crogers124 : Prayers
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Houston residents are coping with massive #flooding. More than 11 inches of rain fell in some spots overnight and this morning, flooding highways, slowing first responders, knocking out power and bringing the city to a standstill. Jacob Lopez (@jacoblopez3) captured this dramatic image Tuesday from his balcony overlooking Buffalo Bayou Park in #Houston. "I've lived here for over 20 years and have been through numerous hurricanes and tropical storms. I have never seen anything like this," he said. Are you experiencing the #Texas flooding? Share your images by tagging #cnnireport, but only if you are in a safe place.
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clr_williams : @tailwagginsam
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christina2626 : Omg scary
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Who are you remembering today? As we honor the men and women who died serving their country this #MemorialDay, we invite you to share your photos, stories and memories of the veterans you've lost by posting on Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #CNNRemembers. View them at (link in our profile)
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liton55 : I'm remembering a Mexican American friend who died in Vietnam War.😢
leovalentine : Everyone killed in the bs wars that go on thanks to people in power.
rush_love : Capt Nathan Nylander
followingjesus7 : We can celebrate by ending the wars. But we aren't that civilized yet. #statism
_ztk_ : Bradley
alix93 : @followingjesus7 I guess we aren't all as perfect as you
batteredbf : Lt. Col john elkannah mead jr. USMC. 6 tours Vietnam 1 tour Bay of Pigs.
saferaz : Thank you for sharing this with us on memorial day. Each day on America an average of 22 vets commit suicide, largely in part due to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Today safer Arizona held and event at the Phoenix Veterans affairs office protesting how the federal government has banned VA doctors from prescribing Medical Cannabis despite the evidence that suggests it saves lives. We have been actively encouraging the VA office to allow Sue Sisley to speak at the VA office to veterans. She is a leading researcher on PTSD who is currently beginning federally approved trials of using cannabis to treat PTSD.
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Parts of Texas and Oklahoma were hit by severe flooding overnight. Vanessa Carta (@thisisvenusstar) woke up to this in San Marcos, Texas. She says her car and others were filled with mud. Are you affected by the flooding? If you can share images safely, please tag #CNNiReport and tell us what’s happening in your neighborhood.
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frmchickpic : I wish the water could be piped over to California. The westside of the San Joaquin Valley is The New Dust Bowl. Generations of family farms are gone. The effects will be shown & felt by ALL when purchasing produce.
viclgaona : @frmchickpic I know! As a girl who grew up in the Central Valley I get so sad every time I go back home and see more and more farms ripped out :(
sofia_kings : @yayadiaz lmao no but it's been pouring like crazy 😞
cecurity13 : 🙏🏾
karzanfazil : @bchicka agaw leya?
bchicka : 😱😱@karzanfazil
sumicha.lee : 😱
ariel_toy : @aunty_nessa it's been crazy! Never seen it rain this much. Thanks for asking.
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Islamic State (ISIS) militants have captured the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra, a #UNESCO World Heritage site. "The agony of Syria's 3-year civil war just got worse. In addition to incalculable human suffering, one of the world's treasures is now at the mercy of an army of marauding nihilists," said CNN's Ivan Watson (@ivancnn), who shot this photo at an open air museum in 2007. Have you ever been? Share your photos from #Palmyra by tagging #cnnireport.
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swervinstagram : Such sad
saruhanabdullah : I don't want to talk about any religion because human beings are born with out religion
mawardesa88 : No religion issues please.... Peace no war
saruhanabdullah : This people barbarian
saruhanabdullah : fuck them all
saruhanabdullah : All of them are Devil
norwae : One way to thwart some of their enthusiasm is for the media to stop publishing any and all pictures or videos any of the terror groups send in.. We are giving them every bit of attention they so desperately thrive on.. CUT THEM OUT OF ALL MEDIA..
k_tom5 : @sabrinareda
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What’s turning the waters of #Tasmania a bright, #neon blue? The #bioluminescence is caused by blooms of large single-cell organisms called dinoflagellates. Australian photographer Jo Malcomson splashed in the water Monday while capturing the bright display outside of Hobart. The intense display of light occurs when the dinoflagellates are stimulated by external forces. "It was very much like entering into a magical wonderland," he said. Read more about this phenomenon by clicking the link in our profile. Did you see the glowing display? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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kitty_love : @potato_head @artsy_fartsy_til2103
robertoorozcop : @vfranquet
annelideacon : @martin.s.p.deacon
lovethywalrus : Yep, been out the past few nights playing in it! Incredible stuff!
spicycreative : @ericparephoto or this one
connietanya : Dont know what is turning that water Neon blue but it sure is a Beautiful blue!
julissa_prado : @islalia
cnnireport : It's a really cool phenomenon @connietanya! Large groups of Dinoflagellates bloom and that's what causes the glow. You can read more in the story linked in our profile.
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Red, white and blue flags were all over the Ballard neighborhood in #Seattle on Sunday for Norway’s Constitution Day. #Norwegians call the day Syttende Mai, which is pronounced “Soot-n-duh My.” iReporter and freelance reporter Steve Shay has been going to the parade for years. “The red, white and blue jumps out at you more than the Fourth of July parade,” he said. Got images you'd like to share from your area? Tag your photos #cnnireport.
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msfarhia : Thank you @cnnireport for posting this.
britters0126 : @alexaparker12 hey you, HEY, HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!
bcounter : @alexjr321 @dzahn
jennaciouse : @jentober 💜
jentober : @jennaciouse :-)
mama_luthy : @abelisaacledezma La esposa de Manuel Hernández!
abelisaacledezma : @ruthgaspar Orale! Salio que Ester es Noruego!
mama_luthy : @abelisaacledezma #twins
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The rolling dunes of the Sharjah #Desert in the United Arab Emirates captivated Filipino traveler Jeremiah Pilapil (@jepepilapil), who crossed the destination off his #bucketlist in May. He rode a 4x4 vehicle up and down the #dunes before capturing this serene shot. Where in the world have your travels taken you? Share your #travelphoto by tagging #cnnireport, like Pilapil did, for a chance to be featured.
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dxb_joann : My second Home UAE 🇦🇪
dxb_joann : UAE 🇦🇪 is Truly amazing 👌🏼
michaelpancho : great job @jepepilapil
nadataryam : @azzaalqaseer @meerataryam
marinelakan : Quiero dunear jajajaa @marieneir take us back! @nelainerkan @eneirmark
meerataryam : @nadataryam beautiful Sharjah ❤️
shiggybun : @sicilianamc @uz_ma @trig456 miss home!
serranovape : Nice pic
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