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Those white streaks on the road aren’t made up of snow, but hail. While traveling on Colorado's Highway 50 on Monday, Kimberly Thornton (@kamokittie) and her boyfriend heard a tornado siren go off just a few minutes before hail blanketed their car and the rest of the road. "We both moved here from Arkansas not long ago, and though we are used to tornadoes there, we aren't used to seeing hail accumulation like that," she said. Have you experienced severe weather in your area? Share your images with CNN by tagging them #cnnireport, but only if you can do so safely.
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officialvignesh : That is effing mad
shanen_carranza : @vivacarranza OMG
vla_rod : @yadsantiago
mommaluc : @parena805
shawnananaa : @denvergirl71 interesting!!!
kkeenya : @mrskingfyanasty
vinnisen : We had hail and thunderstorms all summer here in Sweden this summer..and it's been raining madly in the entire europe causing floods mixed with tropical,moist heat...well above 30 degrees's global warming..
gustavoerivas : @joshgutie81
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Hundreds of tourists flock to the ancient city of Angkor Wat in Siem Reap, Cambodia, each morning to watch the sun rise over its iconic temple. Today’s CNN Travel Photo of the Day comes to us from iReporter and travel addict Ana Gacis (@anaclarissa), who visited the country in August 2013. "I loved the combination of jungle and history,” she said. If you'd like a chance of being featured in our series, tag your photos #cnnireport.
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lalemarty : Help me get to 1.2k guys πŸ™πŸ˜Š
vichekal : @nellyc @chanline @sopheap89 @sokpanha90 @soph3ar @pothida_ngoeun
camerongoldade : @cushie22 @lindsaysheheen let's go ladies!!
d_preezy : @bobbyartclub @khmervegas
vanessapardo : Si si si si!!!! @marissred @ericastro @elsaluciasilvazaragoza
marcodepa17 : italy @dewallenindustry
cantyouhearme : @sharlynfontanares ...just saw this, Sam says Cambodian elephants are just as cool as Thai elephants lol and give me some lecture about tourism in south east Asia lol #didntneedthelecture #aintnobodygottimeforthat
sharlynfontanares : hahaha! thai elephants > cambodian elephants 🐘😜 @cantyouhearme
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Happy birthday, Hawaii! The Aloha State turns 55 today, so we’re celebrating with a gallery of your breathtaking photos on We’re a bit jealous of iReporter Sarah Lopez, who says she lives a “30-second bicycle ride” from Sunset Beach on the north shore of Oahu. “The sky had the most beautiful and vibrant pink and purple tones that were so intense and reflected so vividly in the tide pools,” she said. Think you can top our #Hawaii photos? Tag your unfiltered images #cnnireport to participate.
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cnnireport : Congrats @go_kenji! Wave photography just fit the Hawaii theme so well!
medranoo : @danielmtl You should see the birthday cake. It's huge.
jennifer_b_25 : @dieselvoss Celebrate Hawaii :)
evayrhug : @gabbourne 🌺
thatblackhairedbroad : @janetraveler @stephface We should've stayed one more day to celebrate πŸŽ‰
mariekay___ : @jordyn_france25
gcmal : Happy Birthday! πŸ’₯πŸŽ‰
mica_gomez12 : @marisagreen1
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Freelance photographer and videographer Ali Rafiq (@alispacerafiq) was taking pictures at the QuikTrip at the center of the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, on Saturday when he noticed a man kneeling and moving his mouth. The man told him he was praying for #Ferguson because “that is all he had left” and “the community he lived in was slowly imploding,” Rafiq said. Rafiq understood what the man meant. His parents have owned a small business in Ferguson for the past 22 years. “It saddens and frustrates [me] watching people destroy a community.” If you've witnessed protests in #Ferguson or elsewhere, tag your images #cnnireport. Remember that protests can sometimes be unpredictable and dangerous. Please do not put yourself in potentially unsafe situations.
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nataliewarne : @rickynorris you should go. Interview people like him.
rickynorris : @nataliewarne I love him
_a_l_e_s_h_a : #FireRosemaryChurch
skrobarfam : Thanks for sharing this
muthundu : This is gonna be the modern version of the LA riots
rfog25 : When Wall Street was occupied was there destruction of public or private property? If mike brown was a slave would he then be private property. Would it be grounds to sew the police department for his destruction?
cala_lilly : Underground white supremacy attack on Black males. How many Black males must be modern day hung before these creeps get comfortable in their conspiracy??
giulio_fer - dance_35 - machypark - hanselmania -
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iReporter and freelance photographer Chris Renteria (@cdanielphotog) has been observing and photographing days of protests in Ferguson, Missouri, sparked by teen Michael Brown's death. He noted that Monday's demonstrations were peaceful and largely organized. But when the majority of the protesters marched on, some younger demonstrators would stick behind, according to Renteria. That’s when he said he saw police in “head-to-toe” riot gear making arrests. If you've witnessed protests in #Ferguson or elsewhere, tag your images #cnnireport. Remember that protests can sometimes be unpredictable and dangerous. Please do not put yourself in potentially unsafe situations.
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usmc_mg : @katiejofre you were there? Give the DA a call.
southpaw.69 : Fuckers need to stay home! Pathetic!
dgattis42 : Kelly Thomas!!!
wweruthlessaggression : These people need to get the fuck over themselves seriously.
wweruthlessaggression : Just because he's a black man. If it was a white person no one would care smh
pyt.jenn : Stfu. @wweruthlessaggression the only person who needs to get over their self is YOU. It's a shame that it's 2014 and small minded people like you still don't see the bigger picture. Take several seatsβœ‹
kerianna_ : CNN gonna talk about how they are spinning the story around? False claim? Or how there were over 200 people outside their studio protesting because of how much bs they are saying to the public? #Justiceformikebrown #standupspeakout #ripmikebrown
wweruthlessaggression : @pyt.jenn haha you're only supporting this because you're African American and you think everyone is racist. Get over yourself.
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Traveler and photographer @the3rdbobert said there were “nothing but stunning views and warm people along the way” during his October 2011 Mount Everest trek. Reaching Thukla Pass, which is at an elevation of more than 15,800 feet, he saw colorful prayer flags and stone stacks that serve as memorials for Sherpa guides and mountaineers who died in their quests to reach Everest’s peak. What’s your favorite travel experience? Tag your photos #cnnireport.
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_tam_gde_zakat_ : Amazing foto!πŸ‘
dimedupnikky : #ferguson
dimedupnikky : #mediablackout
tehrani_mitbeh : #ferguson
allison.murphy : #ferguson
anderaya : @cnnireport Stop covering this bullshit and talk about something people NEED to know about, people deserve to know what is going on in their own country don't you think? #ferguson #mediablackout
rdz0 : How is the occupancy by Cops in ferguson, Isis occupying Iraq any different than Israel occupying Gaza? Cops, Isis and Israel using excessive force on innocent people. "Selective Empathy" @cnnireport
lotusfarbomb : kathmandu Kashmir CALIFORNIA omβ™‘
awihernndez23 - wlad - gigaliya - daudzi_skupsti -
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In 1999, Stephanie Wilson (@cateyes42) met Robin Williams while at The Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Ashford, Connecticut, which actor Paul Newman created for children with serious illnesses. Wilson, then 9, was coping with her diagnosis of Von Willebrand disease, a hereditary bleeding disorder. Williams and other celebrities came to a fundraising gala at the camp and performed alongside the kids. "I wish he had known how much we appreciated him," Wilson said. "Not all celebrities go out of their way to help out people. It takes a special person to donate their time to helping others." If you met Williams and would like to share a photo tribute, tag your image #cnnireport.
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jeffersonangd : Hello, I am a Chinese, because the nose is too high, are discriminated against in China, can not work, can only stay at home students live, but also mental illness. Help me find great American, you are the hope of mankind.
cesareqh : πŸ’”
goober4oovur : Huge shame. Always laughing.
ali_vardar : :-(
liensteen : I wonder if he knew the imprint he left on this world if that could have changed anything #rip #robinwilliams
marebearsfun : Through ashes sometimes comes beauty. Robin is still leaving an imprint...he is softening the hearts of many of us, along with hopefully those in despair will take notice of his life and will look to fill that lonely void by turning to the only One who can. No amount of money, fame or experiences can take Jesus' place in our life. #inchristalone
mr___dracula : Rip .. genni u r free :(
lilichomba : Robin we miss you!
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The brightest supermoon of summer is happening Sunday night. The full moon will appear 12% bigger and 30% brighter. Tim Durkan photographed July's supermoon shining behind the Space Needle in Seattle. Will you be watching August's supermoon Sunday night? Share your skyline photos of the #supermoon by tagging your images #cnnireport
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cremonesemed : @eugarcez olha!
aidan_nolan5 : @helpful_shoutz got me 1k
jeffersonangd : Hello, I am a Chinese, because the nose is too high, are discriminated against in China, can not work, can only stay at home students live, but also mental illness. Help me find Great Britain, you are the hope of mankind.
egemensekeralp : @leloukoum lets do it
leloukoum : Great see you on sunday night xx @egemensekeralp
dezzi__24 : #ripmikemike
eugarcez : Lua cheia do caceta! Linda demais. Hipnotizada, @cremoneseme.
lotusfarbomb : Got some of this closeness β™‘β™‘ yum
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In honor of National Lighthouse Day, we invited folks to share their best #lighthouse photos. The beacons of light are popular travel destinations across the world. The Sharps Island Lighthouse in Maryland is only accessible by boat. In 1976, large ice floes tilted the tower 15 degrees, giving it its signature look. Thanks to iReporter Michele J. Eberhardt for sharing this photo. To see the full gallery of lighthouses, visit
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strafi : @loudella
airfenley : @justgotinstagramedhank @fivestarstuntin @og_corey
rbruer1 : @ibruer oh boy
kmuhanna : VtBb
_bogard_ : @_wolflow_ @patglobetrotter
patglobetrotter : @_bogard_ Die heeft een glaasje op.
wunlife_26 : Wanna make $600-$100,000 monthly? Live worry free? Stop worrying about finances? Quit your 9-5? Contact me
jay_the_princee : #mikebrown
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Today’s CNN Travel Photo of the Day features the Punakha Dzong, “the palace of great happiness or bliss," in #Bhutan. iReporter Julee Khoo traveled to the Himalayan country in 2010, where she admired the palace's elaborately painted wooden sculptures and breathtaking landscapes. If you'd like a chance of being featured, tag your photos #cnnireport.
cnnireport - bhutan -
cnnireport : @dekidorji We remember you from the Walk Around the World project! Do you still live in Bhutan?
ugyent : @thecottonfarmfabrics its not a dog or a dragon. Its the mythical Snow Lion.
dekidorji : @cnnireport Yes! I still live in Bhutan, I'm from here
tor_x2 : @apsquared it's her heaven. I always knew her heaven would be our hell.
apsquared : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @tor_x2
jay_the_princee : #mikebrown
jay_the_princee : #justiceformike
dimedupnikky : #michaelbrown #mediablackout
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