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Wintry weather hit many parts of the south this week. But in Corinth, #Texas, the #snow didn’t last long before it started to melt. That didn’t stop Tamara Perfilev’s (@TPerfilev) 4-year-old daughter Zoya from playing in the storm’s aftermath. “Not enough snow to make a snowman, but enough to make plenty of mud,” Perfilev said. Tag for your photos #cnnireport for a chance to be featured.
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purpletoilet : FUNNN!!!😍😍😍😍
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We're seeing lots of touching #LLAP tributes to Leonard Nimoy. Paul Roth (@paulidin) said the actor's death hit him harder than expected. “Leonard Nimoy showed a young, nerdy, bullied me that not only could science be important and valued, but it could literally save entire ships, planets, and galaxies of lives," Roth said. "As I grew up, he taught me that reason could be tempered with humor. That learned adults still had more to learn. That feminism and opposing prejudice was vital. And that there is no age too late to reinvent yourself.” Share your tributes to #LeonardNimoy by tagging #cnnireport, and see more tributes on by going to the link in our profile.
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chiapet75 : Love the quote behind this dude
beth_popnikolov : @jdubya0831 👌
julesabell : @catrinalh the poster is for YOU
catrinalh : Haha @julesabell Yes!!! And amen!
kitty_love : An end of an era. 😥
shakesajs : @erin114
anelizefinholdt : @pedroriotinto - #cudoce eternamente! Hahahah...
ladyotero : @valeria_ayala_otero check the sign in the back..
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#Auroraborealis chaser Christy Turner (@aurorachaseryyc) was lucky to catch the dancing lights from an airplane window while flying from Calgary to Paris in October. She savored the moment from 30,000 feet above Iceland. Do you have any great photos #fromabove? We're looking for your plane-window views. Tag them #cnnireport and enjoy the view.
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twintastic_fatima : @dinahaoun How cool would it be to be in her place! 😱💫
dradaic : @leleradaic @alerodriguescom ja pensou????
alerodriguescom : @dradaic nossa muita sorte!
leleradaic : genteeee 😱 ateh parece que nao estariamos nanando no aviao a essas horas😒 @dradaic @alerodriguescom
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chendosaurus_ : @contagi0usessnce why doesn't this happen to meeeeee
ds8277 : Breathe taking
contagi0usessnce : @chendosaurus_ this is amaazing
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February has been the month of unrelenting #snow for many folks across the U.S. But for one special dog, it's a constant gift. Meet Boo Boo Bear, who loves playing in the snow at his home in New Jersey. "The look on his face impressed me as one of displeasure since I had so rudely interrupted his playtime," said his owner, iReporter Craig Ritzer. Got any #dogsofinstagram out there enjoying the #winter weather? Share your photos by tagging #cnnsnow.
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kimmyschultz : @shhmeggie @tyler_elwell wolf
mccadman : Cool pic.
nick__nash : @mknashphotography
xgx91 : @pengpengking
thatsthatgirlpj : @danielle.stephens.mcmillan soo cute, Love to watch dogs play in the snow, he's like excuse me, dog playing here Lol
betik_roha : @theadorafitness @o_diggs looks familiar
theadorafitness : Looks exactly like kuma @betik_roha
gigglesbugg : Awww... Chow baby!
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Colorful Chinese lions are ubiquitous for #LunarNewYear. But here’s something we’ve never seen. In Phnom Penh, Cambodia, two-person lions performed stunts many feet, as captured by iReporter Jim Heston. How are you celebrating #ChineseNewYear? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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3er_meister : @jeff_freelee
jaytea025 : It's actually a lion
mel.mel.mel.mel.mel : Lion dancing not dragon dancing lol
cnnireport : Ah we got our animals mixed up. Thanks for pointing it out @jaytea025 @mel.mel.mel.mel.mel!
aasnyder44 : Flying tempura
mnlee14 : @kirsty__leigh
nishayyy : @katiewsherman
fidafee : @a2r8yn8zin
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A bright #Venus glittered next to #Mars Friday night. Amateur astronomer Robert Lawson took advantage of the clear sky in Vero Beach, Florida, and captured a photo of the two planets twinkling side-by-side. “Sights like this certainly don't happen every day. In fact, these three heavenly bodies won't be together again until 2017,” he said. Are you a #stargazer? Share your photos of stars and #space by tagging #cnnireport.
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meaghanistheshit : @thatodieguy
shipi : @k2biker i know my sky huh?
bobflisser : Mars is the only known planet inhabited entirely by robots.
agannon5457 : @katesheezy
2step : @rivalphotos I wish you got a pic of this!!! It was beautiful
dioemorto : Awwww te quisiste dejar ver lil v hermosa <3 @ninita_87
ninita_87 : Hahahah siii ya me tocaba Lil T 🐢😊🙆 @dioemorto
kaytriggs : @catiedoherty very cool!
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iReporter Tim Durkan (@TimDurkan) photographed a lone ferry gliding through the Puget Sound. He got this shot while standing on the observation deck of the city's iconic Space Needle, one of his favorite spots in #Seattle. See our favorite #travel photos from last week by clicking the link in our profile and share your images by tagging #cnnireport.
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jkrigman : @instagraabit
yasorno : @ladan10
patricia__lott : @alisonfransioli
tlovesr : @lolopete gorgeous photo of the Sound.
peaceisof_e : @ashtonmantolino im so ready
siglivetoeat : Very nice @timdurkan
bheatres : Wow
fabrizio_alessi : Greatness
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Even the South is #freezing! Hundreds of #icicles hung from the trees, leaves and fences outside of Ingrid Krampe's home in Suches, Georgia, on Thursday. “Although I am from Connecticut, this was the most beautiful collection of glittering ice I have ever seen in nature,” said the photographer and iReporter. Are you experiencing the #cold snap? Share your #winter photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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An unprecedented cold front has #frozen parts of #NiagaraFalls, drawing tourists to document the rare event. The minus 22-degree weather didn't stop iReporter Spencer Wyllie (@spencersloane) from capturing the beauty of the falls on Thursday. "Most of the buildup is on the American and Bridal Veil Falls," she said. See the gallery of frozen images by clicking the link in our profile and share your images by tagging #cnnireport.
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cheers_kiki : @beerlord no 😂
stephanehochberg : @cyclingtigerh @zoe_hingrai
evgenii_johny : Шикарный домик или водопад?)))
elisalamanca003 : Wonderfull
claudiafermann : 🙌
woccatlanta : Amazed!
karladlg16 : @lkdelaguardia
itsmylifeanditsallgood : @laughingsusan check this out!!!
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In the spirit of #MardiGras, the Krewe of Endymion rolled down Canal Street in #NewOrleans in massive floats, handing out beads to parade-goers over the weekend. Longtime iReporter Eileen Romero (@iluvnola2) was right in the middle of the action during this year's parade. How are you celebrating Fat Tuesday? Share your dazzling images by tagging #cnnireport.
cnnireport - neworleans - mardigras -
marissred : @robertogdep 💃💃💃
mickstagram : @eeclay How did you get on that float?!
carrottart : @poltrona70
mjtranter : 😢😢😢😢😢😢 i want to go back sooo bad #neworleans
iluvnola2 : @cnnireport Thank you so much!!! I did not realize you had posted this here...Cool Beans!! It didn't show up in my profile. I was frustrated with myself after I uploaded that ireport... I forgot to change the order and uploaded it with the wrong pic on the front!! Ugh!! Sorry about that... I didn't have time to delete it and start over... 😜
iluvnola2 : @skyler.chauff4 check this out Skyler. You can take pics of the snow on your way to school and tag it to #cnnireport !!! They've been showing lots of pics from the blizzard and winter weather. @cnnireport this is my nephew Skyler...a budding IGer... He lives in Chicago. ✌️
cnnireport : Aw thanks for the kind words and the introduction @iluvnola2 @skyler.chauff4👋
skyler.chauff4 : I love your gallery @cnnireport u have chosen some amazing captures!
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