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On Thursday, residents of Scotland will go to the polls to decide whether to become independent from the UK. In honor of the momentous vote, we're featuring some of Scotland's most recognizable icons. The majestic Edinburgh Castle rises from a mountain of jagged volcanic rock, as photographed by iReporter Lulis Leal (@joyfulgypsy). You can see our full gallery of the stunning castles, lochs and views of Scotland on If you have photos of bonny Scotland you'd like to share, tag them #cnnireport.
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Hillary Clinton made her first visit to Iowa since the state dealt her presidential campaign a devastating blow. Clinton was in Indianola this weekend for Sen. Tom Harkin’s 37th Steak Fry, an annual fundraiser that doubles as a point of entry for ambitious Democrats curious about the Iowa caucuses. iReporter Kevin Cavallin (@gene5335) got to meet several top Democrats he said he admires and respects, including Bill and Hillary Clinton. If you have newsy photos to share with CNN, tag your images #cnnireport.
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patricia__lott : 🇺🇸🇺🇸let's go Hillary!
kardon12 : Anyone who votes Hilary has 0 brains.
michellemarie7777 : Left em high and dry in Benghazi .
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A solar storm created a rare opportunity to see the Northern Lights in places like Seattle, Chicago and New York on Friday evening. Youvathana Sok was one of the lucky ones who had a chance to photograph the green and pink lights dazzling across the night sky.  Sok escaped to Acadia National Park in Maine so that he could get an unobstructed view of the aurora borealis. Share your photos by tagging them #cnnireport.
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Nearly 3,000 flags were set in the ground at Pepperdine University, each of them honoring a victim of September 11. iReporter Julie Ellerton was one of the volunteers placing flags. “Watching the volunteers, each one with their own personal reason for being there was powerful,” she said. “Some said prayers, other saluted, but all were honoring a moment in time where in our life, the United States was changed forever.” If you have a #911 tribute you’d like to share, please tag it #cnnireport.
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The last #supermoon of the summer shone bright over Lake Michigan in Chicago on Monday night. Designer David Sowa (@dsowaphoto) caught this view of the special harvest moon near Navy Pier. If you have newsy photos to share with CNN, tag your images #cnnireport.
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At Bolivia's otherworldly salt flats, or Salar de Uyuni, it can be hard to distinguish the ground from the sky. "Out of all of my travels this could be the most amazing place I've ever been," said photographer Neal Piper (@nealpiper), who captured today’s CNN Travel Photo of the Day. Want a chance of being featured in our series? Tag your travel photos #cnnireport.
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As part of CNN’s Change the List project, columnist John Sutter (@jdsutter) spent three weeks traveling down California's San Joaquin, which was named by the advocacy group American Rivers as the "most endangered" river in the United States. We asked people to share photos of their favorite rivers around the world and more than 100 of you responded. One of our favorites was this photo from iReporter Sujay Govindaraj of the Tunga River, which stretches 91 miles in southern India. Thank you to everyone who participated in the #endangeredriver project! See the full story at
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Perfect weather and blue skies made for a fun Spirit of Boise Balloon Classic this weekend, as colorful hot air balloons lifted up into the sky. Freelance photojournalist Francisco Lozano (@foodographer7) admitted, "I'm afraid of heights but this looks like a lot of fun." Spot anything newsworthy where you live? Simply tag your images #cnnireport to share them with CNN.
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Now this is a #tbt: TV producer Lauren Blackwell (@lauren90046) recalls her grandparents talking about the “La-Di-Da” parties they threw in the 1950s when they were strapped for cash. Her grandparents' families were hit hard in the Great Depression. “[The parties] were nights to get dressed up and parade around each other’s houses like the hoity-toity,” she wrote in her iReport. “The requirement for each of these parties was that no money could be spent on any of the outfits, only items already owned and materials found at home were allowed,” she said. Her grandmother’s gown is made from an altered burlap curtain, and her grandfather is wearing a tuxedo jacket and swim trunks. Were your grandparents ahead of their time? Share your photos by tagging #cnnireport.
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shayserra : @shanipaiva this is cool!
saraeconklin : @kzoochic007 we should host one of these! Sounds fun!
kzoochic007 : @saraeconklin let's do it!
cnnireport : @mmintonnews You're right! According to the iReporter, The families of the couple in the photo were affected by the Great Depression, but that had an impact on them growing up.
youknowlikeaustralia : Let's! @everydaypirateadventures
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Those white streaks on the road aren’t made up of snow, but hail. While traveling on Colorado's Highway 50 on Monday, Kimberly Thornton (@kamokittie) and her boyfriend heard a tornado siren go off just a few minutes before hail blanketed their car and the rest of the road. "We both moved here from Arkansas not long ago, and though we are used to tornadoes there, we aren't used to seeing hail accumulation like that," she said. Have you experienced severe weather in your area? Share your images with CNN by tagging them #cnnireport, but only if you can do so safely.
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kkeenya : @mrskingfyanasty
vinnisen : We had hail and thunderstorms all summer here in Sweden this summer..and it's been raining madly in the entire europe causing floods mixed with tropical,moist heat...well above 30 degrees's global warming..
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