Caroline Kelso Winegeart

I help soulful creatives build vibrant, authentic brands. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Swapping out day 2 of the #BetterLetteringCourse prompts for this bday card I made for my big brother's 30th birthday dinner. Happy birthday (tomorrow) @maw03h! Love you to pieces! #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #script
betterletteringcourse - lettering - handletteredtype - handlettering - script -
nawalieface : So impressive!!!
remrodphotography : continue reaching goals
jasondoesstuff : Or @themawman 😉
themawman : Hahha thanks guys!! Yeah I guess I accidentally made another profile before I knew how to use the gram! Either way thanks @ckelso and love you too!!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Practicing what I preach and finally getting back into the daily lettering game following the 30 day prompts outlined in the #BetterLetteringCourse. Trying to follow my own advice and go outside my normal style to try new letter forms (plus using pencil again... Whoa!) Excited to keep evolving! Which style do you like best?? // ps. If you're interested in my $20 hand-lettering for beginners course, follow the link in my profile! #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype
betterletteringcourse - lettering - handletteredtype - handlettering -
stewartfiberarts : I'm working through the course now, and it's great! I'm learning a lot. Thank you :)
prepyourskin : Awesome lettering!!
randomolive : The slab serif is super cute there. (maybe a font is in your future?) Also, love that bouncy lower right style!
mbrasfield : @carolineholt
rebekah_ruth : I love when you share your hand lettering and doodles! I don't have that talent but enjoy seeing it in others!
rohdesign : Nice work!
sandysidhu : I've been looking for something like this!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Benefit of choosing @jasondoesstuff as my life partner: he got sent a copy of @rohdesign's book, #sketchnoteworkbook, and I've now stolen it for myself. Muahaha! #lettering and #sketchnote fans - I highly recommend it! Full of great info and I love mike rohde's style! #learnlettering #sketchnotearmy
lettering - sketchnoteworkbook - learnlettering - sketchnote - sketchnotearmy -
k_why : I've heard about this book. I think I need to just go ahead and buy it!!
heatherkrakora : That look fuuuunnnnn!!!
claireholgate : Enjoy, it's awesome 😃 (& spot my little recipe on p93!)
rohdesign : Glad you've stolen it - I hear parents' stories that their kids steal copies of The Sketchnote Workbook and The Sketchnote Handbook from them too. :-)
rohdesign : More book info if you're curious -
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Mood board Fridays! Is that a thing? I don't know but it is for today! Here's a look inside a personal branding project in the tech/information product space. Bold type, white space, approachable color palette with an edge of authority. More on the blog! #moodboard #branding #design
branding - moodboard - design -
cinwork : Cool
chrbrantley : Love this!
jlazatin - shannonleduke - englischmike - csspectrum -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Big news guys! In case you hadn't heard, @jasondoesstuff and I are moving to #sandiego in January! We're excited for a new adventure and the challenge that a new chapter will bring. That said, we're selling our 3 bed / 2.5 bath in #pontevedra / #jacksonville so if you know anyone interested, check out! #realestate #jaxrealestate #forsalebyowner
pontevedra - sandiego - forsalebyowner - jaxrealestate - jacksonville - realestate -
chochibigoach : That couch is amazing! Where is it from?
brizzlefizzle123 : Such exciting news! So happy for you guys!
tylergibs : We will be 1 hour from each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
randomolive : I saw this listing from Jason's newsletter. Such fun listing photos!
ckelso : @tylergibs say whhhhhatttt....old besties reunited on the West Coast! We gotta make that happen.
tylergibs : Pleas do! Let me know when you get here!!!:)
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Sometimes in life we're lucky enough to meet people who quite simply jive with our soul. @thetiffanyhan is one of those people. Her energy, honesty, and drive are all things that I admire, and I was more than honored when she asked to interview me for her delightful and insightful podcast, #raiseyourhandsayyes. We talk capsule wardrobes, self-evolution, alignment and much more. Head to her site to listen ( OR subscribe via iTunes! Thanks for having me Tiffany!
raiseyourhandsayyes -
ckelso : Image via @thetiffanyhan!
randomolive : Loved listening to this episode!
prepyourskin : Thanks for sharing!
bluestripecreative : Most definitely will listen. Thanks
velophile1984 : Awesome!
thetiffanyhan : oh you! (thank you again! I'm so grateful to @brittnimehlhoff for helping us know each other!)
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
It's so fun going through the #betterletteringcourse tag and seeing some of the progress already taking place! Have some time this weekend? Learn the basics of hand-lettering for $20 and start your own daily practice! I'm going to start posting my own practice pieces from the 30 Day Prompt List I share in the course starting Monday. If you take the course this weekend you can follow along with me! So blown away by the response this far so thank you! (Course link in profile!) #handlettering #handletteringcourse #handletteredtype
betterletteringcourse - handlettering - handletteredtype - handletteringcourse -
lifeofsarahdipity : I'm so signing up!!...I'm just waiting a few weeks till I complete my current projects!! Can't wait though. 💛
prepyourskin : Awesome lettering!!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
More new web projects up and live! This time for online course startup #teacheryco (co-founded by my handsome other half @jasondoesstuff) this is the platform I built #betterletteringcourse on and I can vouch for how easy-to-use it is - everyone has something to teach! The branding and sales page design was one of my favorite projects. I love the slightly playful color palette/font choices but with a trustworthy/grounded edge. #webdesign #branding #onlinecourse #startup
betterletteringcourse - webdesign - teacheryco - branding - startup - onlinecourse -
ckelso : Visit to check it out!
mrsashlibrown : @ckelso omgee!!! I just posted about teaching a class this is right on time! Sheesh!!! #thecreativepreneur #getgivegrow I'm soooo happy I'm following you and getting your newsletters they are such a blessing!
nothinbutnola : Do you do any one-on-one biz consults and coaching?!
heatherkrakora : Oooooo! Ideas pumping out right now. Great stuff @ckelso ! Bravo to your other half as well. 😉
ckelso : @nothinbutnola sure do! - brand and biz coaching! Check it out! @heatherkrakora :) thank you!
melsariffodeen : So awesome! I want to learn more about #teacheryco too. Catch up call one day maybe?!
dalefittondesign : Very nice
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Our last day in DC and just went through some of the photos from our hike in the mountains. This one captures the feeling the best though. Boy do I love fall. #fall #fallleaves #hiking
fallleaves - hiking - fall -
misty_pittman : Fall is magical, isn't it?
ang358 : Where in DC was this?
jasonkeath : beautiful shot!
rachellb218 : That is gorgeous!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Jas and I are spending a few days relaxing in the Smoky Mountains and I've been enamored with the beauty of the falling leaves (growing up in Florida my whole life I've only visited places with distinct seasons, but even then, never in October when the leaves are quite literally falling all around you.) On our hike today I caught this leaf and thought to myself it's kind of sad the idea of leaves falling off their trees - it's sort of the end of an era for them. But then I thought about what it signifies: a transition, a change (and a beautiful one at that.) In life when we're going through big changes, it's easy to focus on what's being lost or slipping away. But there's so much beauty to be experienced in change. Embrace it. (Ps. I forgot to bring my notebook on our trip, so I improvised. I wasn't lying in the #BetterLetteringCourse when I said all you need is something to write with and something to write ON!) #lettering #handlettering #fall #fallleaves #inspiration
betterletteringcourse - lettering - fallleaves - fall - handlettering - inspiration -
themawman : Deep sista!! Love youuuu!! Have fun and GO TO THE ORANGE PEEL!!!
brittkf : Embrace the shake (like a leaf?) 👯
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