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Helping soulful creatives become their most vibrant selves. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Kicked the day off with a little morning hike. Hope yours is off to an equally serene start!
erinwiggle : πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
sighreen : Did you get to the chip? :)
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Just finished editing this puppy and I can't wait to share it with you guys when the shop re-opens next week. All 51 weekly letters to Self-Made Society from my first year in business. I love that it reads like a diary of the ups and downs that accompany being a creative entrepreneur. Excited! Complete side note: learning #InDesign was a game changer for me. My first ebook I created each page in Photoshop individually!! 😱 I never would have been able to create this 300+ page ebook without it. Investing the time to learn new skills is a must! #shopmadevibrant #ayearmadevibrant #Ebook #color #creativeentrepreneur #newsletter
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social_studio : @ckelso obsessed with this! What did you create the video in?? πŸ’“ - Jess
thibautalucila : nicee
ckelso : @social_studio saved as a gif in Photoshop then converted to video using gifshare :)
social_studio : @ckelso Ahhh so helpful! Thank you darling! 😘😘 - Jess
alicegreenleaf : I already read it, but I might read it again since the new graphic is AWESOME!!
amdav : Can't wait! πŸ‘
dorisfullgrabe : Now if only I could learn vectors and Illustrator...
makeitideal : Hi @ckelso !! We're looking to hire someone who knows in design to produce media assets for us. Any tips on finding someone great locally in #Miami?
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Just a reminder that tomorrow marks day one of another #BetterLetteringCourse challenge! Commit to practice your lettering and enter to win this prize pack! All these goodies are up for grabs! ➑️For details, check the blog here: ➑️To join the self-paced course: (link in profile) #lettering #learnlettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #creativity
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nailswithcolors : I need!!! πŸ’Ÿ
mrsa.hochst : I am not able to participate in the course but I will be practicing my lettering during the month of Sept based on the challenge prompts you posted a while back! So excited to do this! Thanks so much!
vintagehomedesigns : @mackhowell
kaiti_t : @boshmancommeth doin it!😝
stinkscandleco : I just found your website while searching for a hand lettering tutorial! I can't wait to read more of your blog posts and news letters. Your graphics and design is amazing! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ’•
ckelso : So sweet of you to say so @stinkscandleco! Glad you found it!πŸ˜€ welcome to the party!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Sometimes it really is that simple. πŸ˜€ Postponed the shop re-launch until next Tuesday because I was stressing over a date that I made up. Not an effective strategy for vibrant living. Sometimes you have to make rules for yourself and other times you have to break them. The awesome part about investing in a relationship with your core self - you learn to trust your instincts and let them guide you. #lettering #color #abmlifeiscolorful #create #artjournal #BetterLetteringCourse
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_janeys_ : πŸ‘πŸ»
jalabars : :D!
fortheloveof_lemons : Loving your work! πŸ‘πŸΌ
jwatsoncreative : Love this 😍
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Another month, another lettering challenge is up! The mega prize pack of lettering supplies (over $150 worth!) will go to one lucky #BetterLetteringCourse student! Tag a friend to join you all month long so you can keep each other accountable! ➑️Full details: or latest post on! ➑️To purchase the course: or link in profile! #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #create #dailyart
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scrapandome : Gracias @lidiabs tomo nota a ver si me arriesgo 😁
lisawheatley0 : Looking forward to it.
lettering_jen : I purchased the course about a month ago, do I have to purchase it again to participate this month? Anyone know?
helllokateyy : @itskristens I think you'd love this! Also check out her website.
perkins0721 : @laurenetheredge you should do this :)
laurenetheredge : You want to be entertained @perkins0721? 😊
amdav : @lucielives
mari.plans : @newlifeof_brit21 Here πŸ˜„
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Work in progress. Busted out the oil pastels for fun and have been painting with an old credit card which is even more fun. This is the base layer. Going to try and take a few process shots. Really loving the fact that I can work off of a concept rather than an object. Stay tuned to see what comes of it! I'm equally as curious. 😜 Happy Friday! 🎨 Ps. September lettering list will be up in the blog later today! Giving away another mega prize pack. Click the link in profile to join or check the #BetterLetteringCourse tag! #learningtopaint #abstractart #acrylicart #create #process #wip
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alongthatline : YES. Way to go abstract! Love.
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
🎨 Learning Acrylics - No. 05 🎨 My lip gloss be poppin... πŸ˜‚πŸ’‹ No idea why I love this inspo photo so much. Maybe the color, maybe the pop art vibe, who knows. But I took a lot of your suggestions to heart and only used a bigger brush which helped me stay a bit more flexible. Keep the suggestions coming! It's like insta is a collaborative classroom and you're all my teachers -- I love it! One thing I'm noticing: while I like the practice of trying to paint inspiration because it makes me focus on fundamentals (shapes, color, contrast) I truly miss that feeling of communicating a concept or feeeeling through my art, something that's obviously much easier through lettering (ie. words.) Truthfully I've been trying to stay away from abstract just because I want to feel I have a handle on the basics before I go swiping paint across a canvas, but I miss the feeling of freedom and depth that creates. All of that is to say it might take a more experimental turn soon. I think I need to give myself permission to go where my heart takes me. This "curriculum" is self-imposed after all. I'm like a kid that just wants to be let out of my playpen so I can roam around! Maybe collage, mixed media -- I want it all! Ha! Whichever direction I do go, one things for sure: just gotta keep creating. πŸ˜‰πŸ‘ #art #process #paint #acrylicpaint #learningtopaint
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swellpresspaper : @ckelso this is great! πŸ’―
jess_russ : @madnestor thought you would find this inspiring!
skyle : This is great. Without looking at the photo I thought it was heart...
suecaulfield : Awesome start lady. I think my favorite part of learning this was accidentally dropping half a glass of water on one of my first canvases and wiping it off with a paper towel ... And seeing how I liked it?! I also dove into pallet knives pretty quick. Try mixing in some different extenders to make you paint go farther too.
vickylyashenko : OMG you're getting so good at this!!!
andsowebegin : Totally relate! I tried to paint 'things' first & found I love just painting whatever I *feel*. It's so liberating & brilliant fun : )
loushackleton : A bridge to abstract could be mark making. Rather than aim for "a picture", choose a tool and see how many different types of marks you can get out of it. Try "tools" like bubble wrap, cardboard (try cutting it into strips of different widths), hessian, palette knife - found objects can be used to apply paint :)
tanyapazb : Better and better πŸ‘
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
1) I started an art journal (thanks @darling for the gorgeous and inspiring magazine which I read, savored, and then chopped to pieces πŸ˜±βœ‚οΈπŸŽ¨) 2) This whole learning acrylics thing reminds me so much of my early days of handlettering. I remember so badly wanting a "signature style" -- a unique creative voice. And for that matter, I remember going through the same thing when I started writing. As artists, I think we all want to feel original. That we're expressing ourselves in an authentic and pure way. The hard part though? There is simply no other way to cultivate that unique voice than to KEEP CREATING. To make a ton of stuff. To never stop making stuff. You can't find it in a YouTube tutorial or even an online course. You have to paint (or letter or write or whatever) your way to it. I'll admit it's an uncomfortable feeling to create art in these early stages that doesn't feel quite *mine.* but I know the only way to find what's mine is to keep showing up, paintbrush in hand, day after day. If you're a creative out there and you can't feel your voice in your work yet, that's okay. Keep pressing on. Hopefully we can find it together. πŸ‘πŸŽ¨ #keepmaking #process #handlettering #art
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callmecaitlin : I needed this!
alongthatline : Oh my gosh. PREACH @ckelso . This this this. @abispinolo
miss_kaluka :
bigdippermarketing : @phyllissadesign YES! Love it. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ
rayalvim : Awesome. Thanks for the inspiration!
oldandmarried : Looovveee this. It's a good thing to be reminded. Thank you!!
miauuch : what kind of notebook you use?
ckelso : @miauuch I think this one is a strathmore mixed media spiral
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Working on getting all the new resources loaded into the shop today before it relaunches next Monday, August 31st. It's been a looooong time coming but excited to have a consolidated place to add new worksheets, guides and mini-courses for all you soulful creatives out there! #shopmadevibrant
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aurennathalie : Ooh, it look so nice! πŸ™πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
aurennathalie : looks* πŸ™ˆπŸ˜„
aublar : I showed these to my jr high health students today/yesterday as examples in assigning them to make their own goal tracker.
ckelso : @aublar that's so awesome! Be sure to check out @mapyourprogress too! She was my inspiration!
aublar : I showed her stuff as examples too!
mapyourprogress : @aublar So awesome! I've been getting great feedback from teachers and using maps with their students. Love it! 😊 Thanks for the tag @ckelso!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
🎨 Learning Acrylics - No. 04 🎨 My favorite thing about painting so far? You can magically change the color of things just because you want to! Hence this brown leather bag becomes a fuchsia bag! Why? Because it’s my pARTy and I say so. πŸ˜„ Was loving this a bit more before I dropped in the final highlights/shadows. It was more loose (like the background is) and I should’ve stopped there but I went all THIS MUST LOOK LIKE A PURSE and over-worked it a bit. I’m noticing this as a trend. ❓❓Any artist friends out there have exercise suggestions on how to be okay with keeping things more loose and abstract? ❓❓ I’m thinking as an experiment I might limit my brushstrokes. Could be fun. Anyway, onward we go! I have loved giving myself permission to take an hour out of my work day and simply paint. It’s good for the soul. Hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday! #learningtopaint #acrylicart #process #create
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artsygirlstudio : Yes, less is more is hard to remember. I agree with @pinklacedesign I do the "damn I should have left it" lol
_littlecreative : Girl, you gots talent!
julesandjemma : I'm going through that right now. Consider taking a class from someone who works in a looser style. A couple I've enjoyed are with Julie Prichard & Chris Cozen ( and @alenahennessy.
leemclart : Try using a much bigger brush - really hard to get all detailed when your brush to canvas ratio is like using a commuter plane bathroom! I'm also going to take my own advice next painting!
heyinstigator : Take breaks. Come back with new perspective :)
angiecook27 : Fellow artist here, Check out the free classes on
_amykristine_ : I paint in acrylics but extremely abstractly and rarely use a brush. I like using palettes and squirt bottles most
letishainc : Love this, looks great pink x
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