Caroline Kelso Winegeart

I help soulful creatives build vibrant, authentic brands. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
More new work to share! I was so excited to work with my absolute favorite restaurant in Jax, @tacolujaxbeach, on a brand refresh and new website. New menus will be rolling out in the next few weeks, and I'll be sharing some of the new brand elements on the blog soon! Check out the site if you get a chance and witness the glory of the most comprehensive tequila list I've ever seen! (Plus some delicious Instagram photos of tacos!) #design #webdesign #branding
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ckelso :!
ckelso : #sugarskulls #baja #fishtacos
mary_gaul : I love TacoLu! You nailed that branding!
tekstartist : Site looks fantastic! Well done girl!
iwysthemama : Looks great! Congrats!
shanemacsays : Love that place!
racheldonnie : Looks amazing!! Way to go
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Been a while since a good #vegan gram. Black bean tacos tonight with homemade salsa and cilantro line sauce. #thankspinterest #wereflexitarians
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simplykaylyn_ : YES.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Oh mylanta, she's finally alive! Been working for a LONG time to take everything I know about #handlettering and turn it into an info-packed, highly affordable course for all you lettering lovers out there. 6 lessons, 9 videos and over an hour and a half of learning module footage. Plus you can join the 30-day #BetterLetteringCourse daily challenge with a complete daily prompt list. Link in profile for more info! Hope you guys enjoy! I'm really proud of it! (Made with!) #lettering #letteringcourse #letteringforbeginners #learnlettering
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lilsocki05 : @ckelso I'm hard of hearing.... Does this video course have closed captioning/subtitle?
imperfectconcepts : Just bought this as a gift for my friend Amy! Enjoy it @cjwdesigncompany !!
cjwdesigncompany : So excited. Thank you Tasha @imperfectconcepts
ckelso : @lilsocki05 the video lessons are hosted through YouTube so it should have closed captioning but I'll double check for you! And the majority of the lessons have slides that accompany the audio so you can take full advantage of those too.
ckelso : @imperfectconcepts such a fun idea for a gift! Thanks for signing @cjwdesigncompany up! You guys are awesome!
imperfectconcepts : It's truly my pleasure! So excited for the creative flow
imperfectconcepts : @cjwdesigncompany ^^
lilsocki05 : @ckelso okay sweet. Thank you so much and please let me know if there's any CC on YouTube video.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Sneak peek of a little something launching tomorrow. Some of you #handlettering enthusiasts might appreciate it! Can't wait! 😆#BetterLetteringCourse #lettering #letteringforbeginners #teachery
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korymae : What! This is awesome!!
amberveatch : Ooh, exciting!
liz_pix : Love this!
vickylyashenko : What what?! Sooo cool!!! @annesamoilov - look!!!!
linzfox23 : Sign me up!
randomolive : So exciting!
tomaszmajewski : This is awesome. I've thought you should do this for a long time.
meganmartincreative : @amberveatch
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Two dudes on a Sunday. #staffygram #plaxicothedog
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mryoungandceo : Wait... That's Jason!!!
bluestripecreative : We had the same shirt on yesterday!!
davidccohen : I sure miss that face!!
iwysthemama : What a cute pic! <3 all of you!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Been on a major Elizabeth Gilbert kick lately (as you know if you're on my newsletter/have read the latest post on the blog) and at the very end of her #supersoulsunday episode, Oprah asks if she has a spiritual practice to which she responds that she just tries to bring the light every day in whatever way she can. After an awesome client meeting this morning, driving with the windows down in this gorgeous semi-fall weather today, having a delightfully long sushi lunch with my faves don and debbie from @tacolujaxbeach, I felt like I was definitely feeling the light today - hence the little #brightbomb for your feed. Are you bringing the light today? #handlettering #handletteredtype #bringthelight
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Been so absorbed in digital work lately that I haven't made enough time to doodle! When I started #madevibrant back in January, the working tagline I used was "For those that live on the bright side," referencing not just positive people but those that strive to be their brightest, best selves. Thought maybe I'd bring that back by sharing the occasional hand-lettered affirmation here under the tag #brightbomb! So... If you want to join in, share a quote or a doodle to offer a little burst of brightness to your followers and we'll all shine a little brighter together! ;) #inktober #doodle #handlettering #prismacolormarkers
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rebekah_ruth : Love when you share your doodles and hand lettered talents!
positivelypresent : Yes!! Love the positivity!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Here's a peek at a #logodesign for another project I'm working on with @jasondoesstuff. There's something so fun about creating #branding for a company that is in its infancy. So many fun things to consider and imagine: who your users are, what you stand for, what type of brand personality you want to project. Can't wait to share more! #startup #logo #graphicdesign
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risingabovethenoise : Very best!
kevynfaulkenberry : Very nice stuff you've been doing. #impressed.
paintwithfire : That is awesome.
t.fariascreations : So nice!
nacheesi : Nice very creative! @ckelso
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Y'all, this might make me appear crazy but... I’m selling my WHOLE wardrobe. Jason and I are making some changes to move toward a more minimal lifestyle (oh hey @joshuafieldsmillburn and @ryannicodemus ) and through that process we are shedding a good deal of our things. In this case, I’m getting rid of about 90% of my wardrobe through both donation and resale to move to the concept of a “capsule wardrobe,” which I”ll be trying out this fall. (Google it!) All that said, I was planning to resell all 65 of my items individually for $15 a pop (including things like never-worn cocktail dresses and a two-piece suit) BUT frankly I don’t have a ton of extra time these days and so before I invest the time in all that madness, I decided to throw one bang-for-your-buck pricetag on the whopping lot of it. 65 items for…. $500 (or best offer) which includes shipping anywhere in the US. For any non-math-whizzes out there, that’s less than $8 an item! (I’m no shopping expert, but $8 for an unworn cocktail dress is a pretty great deal…) Wear the whole wardrobe, or pick what you like and sell the rest or sell the whole dang thing piece by piece on craigslist/Threadflip and make double your money! As for sizing, in general, I’m 5’ 6”, a size 6/8 dress (most in this lot are a size 6) and either a small or medium in tops/sweaters. Brands include: Urban Outfitters, jcrew, Banana Republic, LOFT, Target, Express, Old Navy, anthropologie, Francesca’s Closet, Forever 21, and H&M. Includes: 22 Dresses 10 skirts 2 Coverups 2 blazers 12 sweaters 14 tops 1 fitted pin-stripe suit (1 blazer and 1 pant) 1 pair black jeans Condition varies from new, to gently worn (once or twice) to good condition. Every piece I would consider ready to wear. If you’re ready to buy and want to make sure you don’t miss out on the goods, you can purchase immediately by visiting my blog (link in profile) with a buy link on the latest post. If you’d like to submit an offer, shoot me an email at If you know someone who might be interested, please tag them in the comments! I'm a "motivated seller!" ;) Here's to new beginnings!
emersonandlady : I smell a #capsulewardrobe!
bethanymcox : good for you, girl! good luck. and post about how your #capsulewardrobe experiment turns out! 💛
melsariffodeen : I did this a couple years ago and it was awesome err still is awesome! :)
emadd01 : You should check out one of my favorite quotes from her is: "clutter is just an unmade decision"
iwysthemama : I admire this, but I could NEVER do it!!
ckelso : SOLD! Thanks for the support, friends!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
I'm so incredibly lucky that I get to share my life with such a creative, driven and brilliant best friend. Jason and I have been working together for weeks now on creating a brand foundation for him that will serve this next chapter of his career, one that is a new departure from IWearYourShirt. Together we discovered that his superpower is taking action and helping others press forward with their ideas in his signature relatable, hilarious style. Hence the simple moniker: Jason Does Stuff. I'm incredibly happy to introduce everyone to his new digital home: (Also the first Wordpress site I've developed completely on my own - so that's exciting too!) I'll be posting more about the brand development process on the blog next week, but for now take a look around and check it out! #branding #webdesign #entrepreneur #madevibrant
branding - madevibrant - entrepreneur - webdesign -
pjrvs : pure sexy. and I'm talking about the site, not jason. ok, maybe I'm talking about jason too...
get_avon_sales : nice photo!
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