Caroline Kelso Winegeart

I help soulful creatives build vibrant, authentic brands. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Phew! Editing videos is no joke, y'all! Just finished up the last bonus lesson video of the #BetterLetteringCourse and everything is finally exporting. Here's one more sneak peek: I for "illustrious." Went with a little pseudo-blackletter here. These were a ton of work but so much fun to put together. Hope those of you in the course enjoy! Ps. Email about the February giveaway goes out tomorrow AM so if you're thinking about joining the course, now's the perfect time (link in profile!) And... Good night! 😴😡😴 #handlettering #lettering #learnlettering #letters #art #blackletter #timelapse
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thebusinessbar : πŸ‘
katrinkapamelina : I love the videos! Thanks for sharing your talent!
whenshesmiles07 : I'm so excited for the February giveaway! This course is definitely worth the $20 and so much more. I'm on day 12 of the 30 day challenge and already see improvements! Thank you for sharing your talent and offering an affordable and super fun and informative course :)
j_feron : Hey what's your favorite pencil?
ckelso : @katrinkapamelina of course! Thank YOU for appreciating it! Glad you like the videos!!
ckelso : @whenshesmiles07 brings a huge smile to my face to hear that! So glad you're seeing progress and sticking with it! That's what it's all about! Can't wait to keep checking out your sketches through February!
ckelso : @j_feron honestly I just roll with whatever mechanical pencil is laying around, usually Bic. When I'm doing my own style (not something more elaborate like in the video) I'm usually working sans pencil. I like the unpredictability of going all in ink first!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Jason took this photo of me this morning as he was playing around with his new camera because he said “Can we talk about your desk right now?” // I personally think that the word “mess” gets thrown around a lot here on Instagram. “Look at this MESS of perfectly branded colorful items on my desk! I’m so embarrassed!” “Look at this MESS of adorable confetti that I spent three hours placing perfectly to make sure it looked styled but spontaneous.” // Even I am guilty of adjusting a scene to my liking just for a pretty photo. But it isn’t REAL, is it?… You know what’s real? The roll of toilet paper I’ve been keeping on my desk since I came down with the cold two weeks ago. The mess of hand-lettered sketches from three projects ago that I haven’t filed. The external hard drive I’ve yet to put away. The ziploc bag of markers I took to Phoenix because my pretty pencil pouch broke. My frizzy hair. My ghastly posture. THIS is what’s real. // We all work differently, I know. But let’s just stop pretending our workspaces are in photo-ready shape all the time. I’m on a mission to prove that real life can be just as interesting as posed life. My creative brain needs chaos to feel inspired, and so I choose to embrace the MESS that is my space. What does your desk really look like? Share it with me by using the tag #createIRL (“Create In Real Life” in case the IRL throws you off!) #creativewomen #create #creativespace
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juliegodsey : Ha! How awesome! This looks like my space- headphones, toilet paper roll (and wadded up tissue on mine! Allergy nerd here.), hilarious but inspirational notes to self. And multiple mugs. Yup, nailed it! πŸ˜πŸ‘.
sierrakelly : sign behind your computer πŸ˜‰
rufussalvagedgoods : Truth πŸ™Œ
thetiffanyhan : @sarahderagon and I were just talking about this very thing! So much yes. PS. You're adorable and soooo not alone!
alongthatline : Love this.
meegs08 : @abbyherzog
msashlieelle : This caption is absolutely amazing.
bangpounddot : I couldn't even read everything you were trying to say. Don't worry so much. You're both awesome and beautiful. Thank you so much for your 30 days course.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Finishing up the final touches to the BONUS Lesson on the #BetterLetteringCourse tonight and thought I’d share a sneak peek. The videos show me trying to letter in 26 different styles, one for each letter of the alphabet, in under 4 minutes. This is one of my favorites! “O: Ornate.” I’ll be sending out an email to all students once the lesson has been added to the course PLUS a fun giveaway I’ll be doing throughout the month of February. If you want to play along, grab the course before Feb. 1 (link in profile!) Today I welcomed the 600th(!!!) student into the course and it couldn’t blow my mind more. So happy to share this love of mine with so many of you. And thank YOU GUYS for sharing your creativity with me! #lettering #handlettering #learnlettering #process
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heatherkrakora : πŸ™Œ amazing!!
1857_studio : Wow great stuff!!!
stacykron : πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
laurenhardage : Have had my eye on this course! Signing up now for sure. #sold
caitlynlorine : @paigefjones made me think of you!
frauhoelle : 600? Amazing number! πŸ‘ When did you first launch this course?
paigefjones : @caitlynlorine wow!
myaann : @ckelso you are SO cool!!!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
At the start of the year, it occurred to me that every morning for as long back as I could remember, I would wake up and reach for my phone to check email. And that one simple choice in many ways defined the first year of my business: prioritizing my work over my own self-care. I gained weight. I felt rundown. Most of the time I was exhausted and a ball of anxiety. So I made the decision to take back my mornings. I now believe that how you choose to start your day reflects (and reinforces) your priorities. Is work going to rule your life? Or will you wake up and feed your mind by reading. Or feed your soul by meditating. Or feed your energy by exercising. Or feed your heart by spending five quiet minutes with your partner. You get to choose. It’s almost noon and I haven’t checked my email yet (possibly a first for me.) I worked out again this morning, and while exercise and I are still not quite sure of each other, I can’t deny the difference it makes in my attitude toward the day. I feel grounded and centered and focused. And it’s because I prioritized my well-being first. What’s your morning routine? How do you choose to start your day? #GirlBoss #intention #handlettering #lettering #creativewomen
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eimmart : @cth_h love this
caitk_thompson : Totally needed to hear this. Last year my freelance graphic design business really picked up momentum, and since I run it alongside a full-time job, my work-life balance totally went out the window. I stopped working out, wasn't sleeping enough, got up at 5am to freelancing for 3 hours and then spent another 9 hours in the office at my other job -- and when I got home in the evenings I was a stressed, anxious mess (my poor husband!). This year I'm trying to take more control of my schedule and get my priorities in order. One goal has been yoga a couple mornings a week -- it's exercise, and it's also relaxing/rejuvenating. So far it's been great! Anyways, all that to say, you're not alone! This totally resonates with me. :)
cth_h : @eimmart me too!!! Very true. πŸ‘Œ
margaretannk : Yesterday, I started it with creme brûlée. So...
jesssrene_ : Love this!
carefulcents : I freaking LOVE this quote! Over the past few months this couldn't have been more true. I now prioritize my own blog + creative business in the first time slot on my calendar everyday. The progress I've made is astounding--More in the past 3 months than past 3 years!
outline_studio : Very nice !!!!!!
bangpounddot : @shannonswild
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
I've connected with so many of you guys here on Instagram and I'm more committed than ever to keep growing this community of soulful, creative, growth-minded, down-to-earth, freaking COOL peeps, so I hopped on @hilaryrushford's #InstagramWithIntention webinar today. She had some really great info (as seen in my notes!) The same thing I struggle with most is the balance between my desire to share authentic, unposed, spontaneous moments in time with you guys, while still making it pretty and something that brings joy to your feed. So I'll ask... What do you want to see more of? Hand-lettering? Current projects? Behind the scenes in my work day? I'm curious! Either way, as with all things, as I continue to explore the balance, I'll be taking you along for the ride and sharing! And if you haven't checked her out yet, take a look at Hilary. She's a smart cookie! #creativebusiness #bosslady #sketchnotes #handlettering
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ckelso : @lindykweim wish you could've joined! This is the majority of the notes. I imagine she'd do another one since it's basically a marketing tool for her new course but I can't be sure. I'd check out the app afterlight though. That's one concrete takeaway I had - I hadn't heard of it and I really like it for photo editing even though you have to play around with it a little.
bluestripecreative : Your the best. Can't wait for the new podcast!
sbairdphoto : I was there too! I adore her too. I want more of how you got to the end product. I'm a newbie and wanting to learn people's processes.
carlyfullerphoto : Love this! Your handwriting is great too 😍
thereal_liezl : @hokulani17 she is amAzing!!! Follower her on FB too!
ckelso : @thereal_liezl you are so sweet!! Thank you!
frauhoelle : I love to see WIP from your daily business as well as personal projects. It always makes you appear "a normal person" :P BTW: pretty sketchnote! (as I am a passionate sketchnoter!)
lindykweim : Thank you for the update and for sharing @ckelso! Downloading afterlight now : )
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Another peek at the #BetterLetteringCourse Styles A to Z. Thought it would be fun to put them together in a little postermajigger. Then I got experimenting with some awesome vintage effects created by @ianbarnard that I scored in a #designcuts bundle. They're so fun! #create #lettering #handlettering #learnlettering
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Using this free night to wrap up the four bonus videos coming soon to the #BetterLetteringCourse. They show me drawing 26 different lettering styles A to Z in under four minutes each (Angular, Bold, Cute, and so on...) For K I was stumped but finally came up with "knotted." I drew something that vaguely resembled rope. Part of what I hoped to accomplish with the course is encouraging people to flex their creative muscles and try out different styles (I'm pretty bad at doing this on a regular basis myself.) Anyway, hope to have the videos up in a week or so and hope you all are finding time to flex your creativity this weekend. #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #learntoletter #creativity
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ckelso : @rachelconnors πŸ˜‚ vaguely might have been slightly too self-deprecating, even for me. Ps loved our date!
ckelso : @quincykosena thank you lady!!
ckelso : @nullsie thank you! Have you joined us in the course yet! Would love to have you!!
ckelso : @kaylischattner yeah girl! It's so much fun! I may be biased but I think it's a great course for beginners! πŸ˜‰
nullsie : @ckelso I am planning on it!!! Is it self paced!? I am in the middle of two classes right now- but would love to take your class!
ckelso : @nullsie yep! And I have no intention of closing it so feel free to join now or later after your classes. Although there is a fun giveaway I'm doing for all course students in February so if you want in on that, hop in before Feb 1. πŸ˜‰
nullsie : @ckelso sounds great! Thanks for the info- cant wait to learn!
ckelso : @nullsie sure! Email me any time. Caroline[at]madevibrant[dot]com!
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Thought of the evening: the web makes it so easy for us to follow those we look up to, to peer on someone else's paper just to "make sure" we're doing it right or to get tips for making our dreams come true faster. The problem is that it too easily turns into the comparison game, providing an opportunity for us to say to ourselves, "why didn't I think of that..." "Why can't I be that good..." "When will I get it together..." which distracts us and makes us focus on the negative instead of the positive. So a long time ago I got ruthless with myself. If a newsletter, a post, a gram, a tweet, sent me into a comparative tailspin, I digitally "walked away." I unfollowed, unsubscribe, un-whatevered and I stopped feeling bad about it. I save my favorites in a Google Doc, but until I feel more capable of having a healthy consumption of that brand or person, I stay away. Sounds silly but it has done wonders for my focus! So, while I intentionally try to keep my posts real, imperfect and relatable, if they ever leave you feeling bad about your own jam, than you have my sincere permission to unfollow, if only so that you might see the beauty in your own individuality more clearly. (Just don't stay away too long! πŸ˜‰) we all have something valuable to offer and it's cool if we go about it in different ways. I want to make you feel MORE THAN not less than. πŸ˜„ #madevibrant #sketchbook #lettering #lifelessons
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mzdori : Amen!
simplykaylyn_ : @ckelso keep doin your thing! So great :)
kiwiintheclouds : Completely agree! I've had to do the same.
leemclart : Love this - thanks for sharing!
edithkatz : Amen, amen.
annakoriginals : πŸ™Œβ€οΈ
twitgift : This is fantastic!
pixpj7959 : Wow love it
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
I switched things up a bit in this week's newsletter by sharing in great detail the comedy of errors that ensued last Saturday when my friend and I popped a tire on the way to our best friend's wedding and had to get ready for the black tie event in a Tire Kingdom bathroom. There were so many moments to feel utterly helpless, completely consumed by our misfortune. But instead, we took each new obstacle in stride, laughing the whole way through and asking ourselves "okay, what's our next move?" I've learned that this is the best way to deal with the feeling of being overwhelmed. Unbelievably, we made it to the wedding with not ONE MINUTE to spare. To catch the full story, check it out on the blog: #handlettering #lettering #lifelessons #overwhelm #learntochangeatire #ontheblog
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leogomezstudio : Too funny!!! 😊
leogomezstudio : But in all seriousness, great post and I'm glad to you made it safely!
brittkf : Carol, I'll take overwhelm as long as you're there. πŸ‘­
theboldabode : I'm glad you are ok! I blew a tire in the middle of I40 Memphis crazy traffic when I was in college. It was one of the scariest moments of my life!
kristinhammel : @ckelso @brittkf you guys rocked that tire kingdom and then arrived looking like straight dime pieces #TKChic
brittkf : @kristinhammel πŸ˜‚
ckelso : @kristinhammel #tkchic I die.
carolinewphoto : You goin to teach again at good life camp? You should check out teaching at soul camp too! Xx
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Well the evening didn't start out glamorous (blowing a tire with @brittkf and washing her hair with a hose behind Tire Kingdom as we put on our makeup in their bathroom and did our hair in the vending machine reflection...) BUT it certainly did end glamorously with the most stunning wedding I've ever attended. Loved celebrating Sam and James, and dancing the night away with my best friends. One for the record books! #samjam2015
samjam2015 -
jameswhitley : #tirekingdom @tirekingdom should pay y'all to do a commercial for them because y'all looked gorgeous! Thanks so much for coming and celebrating meant the world!
brittkf : @jameswhitley πŸ™
myaann : You look like a movie stah dahling!
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