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Helping soulful creatives become their most vibrant selves. Artist, designer, happiness hunter. $20 Hand-lettering course ⤵️
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
It's late but... Only 2 more days till the shop owns for pre-orders! 😱 It's been a long-time dream of mine to actually sell my art and I can't wait to share each piece of this daily journey with you guys by offering the #AbstractAffirmationsDaily pieces as prints! Keep an eye out on Thursday for more fun announcements! #MVartshop 🎉🎉
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Available for pre-order this Thursday, 2/11! #AbstractAffirmationsDaily 40/366 • “Truth” *** They say “the truth hurts” and sometimes it certainly does, but ultimately I would argue the truth always heals. Today, Jason and I had a workshop where we were able to share openly about our ups and downs with money the past few years. Even though it feels like we’re on the other side of the low points we had a few years back where my business was struggling and we had massive amounts of debt, I couldn’t help but remember that time when we let the shame of it all keep the truth hidden. On the surface we told ourselves we were doing fine, getting by, but underneath it was clear we were taking on water. We didn’t want to face it, didn’t want to admit that we’d let it get so far. It wasn’t until we were able to look the truth in the face, admit we were really unhappy and painfully in debt, that we were able to make real changes. From that moment on, the shame didn’t have power over us anymore and we were able to get out from under it. This lessons stays with me. Our wounds need air in order to heal (thanks to my good friend @margaretannk for this metaphor.) That’s what truth is to me: exposure. Removing the facade and exposing what’s real, even if it does hurt, so that the air and light can heal what’s been festering. Facing the truth ultimately relieves us of the heavy, heavy burdens we carry (sometimes without knowing it.) Whatever truth you may be hiding from — be it finances or relationships or happiness or whatever — allow yourself to expose it so you can move forward and heal. *** #AbstractAffirmationsDaily prints will be available for pre-order starting this Thursday, 2/11! To get updates FIRST and exclusive deals, get on the email list here: ➡️ (Plus get a free downloadable print by entering your email!) #creativity #dailyproject #lettering #abstractart #acrylicart #BetterLetteringCourse #🎨
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dubecafe : Love this one! 💙
margaretannk : 😘😘
stunning_inspirations : 👌
violetanedkova : love all of your lovely affirmations! it's amazing you plan to do this all year :))
knowflake : i couldnt find this one on your site 🙂😅
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
🖼 Almost framous.(Scraping the bottom of the barrel on that pun. 😂) #MVdrawingfun
mvdrawingfun -
amdphotoanddesign : I just love your style!!
hannah.maker : Yessss I love a good pun! 👌
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Let's talk...MONEY! 💸💰💳💶 Come join us at 1 pm PST TODAY for a live, *pitch-free* workshop where we'll be sharing tips on how we climbed out of $100K in debt, how we balance increasing profits while increasing happiness and what the heck we do with our money once it's in the bank. Everything is on the table - we want to encourage honest, transparent conversation about solo/small entrepreneurship! Click the link in my bio to register! See you soon! (Ps. There will be lots of laughter and the occasional gif.) #workshop #smallbiz #creativeentrepreneur
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effort.leslie : @kylebschmitt
andraariane : @eirikanj
lisafiorvante : @thescoshow
sayitfancy : Is this something you have to watch live?
ckelso : @sayitfancy we'll send the recap video to everyone registered! 👍
sayitfancy : thanks. I doubt my kids will allow me that time to watch. 😉
teaandtelevision : you're the best! can't make this event today but looking forward to watching the archive or attending another one in the future.
sierrarmcclain : I signed up for crowd cast using my FB profile...will I get an email with the replay? I am super intrigued!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
⚡️Pre-order this Thursday, 2/11⚡️ #AbstractAffirmationsDaily 39/366 • “Again” *** Do you just ever have one of those days? Those days where you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed and it throws your whole day off? It doesn’t happen that often but boy did it hit me today. I mean, I tried *everything* I could to snap myself out of it, but from the moment I opened my eyes, something just felt unsettled. I threw every perspective-shifting, optimism-wielding, jedi-mind-tricking, mood boosting strategy at myself… and yet I just couldn’t shake this OFF feeling. It was still running through me as I painted this tonight and it’s still running through me even as I type this. I know I post a lot of positive messaging around here, especially through this daily project, and it’s because I believe in it. I truly want to show up as my brightest self in as many ways as I can, and I think we have far more choices in how we handle situations than we give ourselves credit for. BUT… I’m also a realist. And the REAL truth is, not every day is as bright as this painting. (And that’s okay.) BUT that’s what tomorrow is for. :) Tomorrow we get to wake up and try again. And that’s something. I closed the door to my studio tonight and tomorrow I plan to return with fresh eyes, a fresh heart, and — hopefully —a fresh attitude. If you too found yourself feeling unsettled today, close your eyes tonight knowing tomorrow is a new day. *** #AbstractAffirmationsDaily prints will be available for pre-order starting this Thursday, 2/11! To get updates FIRST and exclusive deals, get on the email list here: ➡️ (Plus get a free downloadable print by entering your email!) #creativity #dailyproject #lettering #abstractart #acrylicart #BetterLetteringCourse #🎨
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cristyzinnauthor : Great advice!
charlottedecockart : 😻
aim_happy : Awesome. We all have not-so-wonderful moments. Every moment is a chance to wake up and try again. Every time I feel crabby or like I'm in a funk, I say, "I see you. I hear you. Thank you." It helps me acknowledge the negativity without judging myself for it and move on knowing I can learn something from what it's trying to tell me. You're amazing! 💚
ckelso : @aim_happy 👊 love that!
emmmaree : @berncreasey definitely one of those days
ckelso : @emmmaree today! 😉👍🎉
sierrarmcclain : Yes yes YES!!! Totally! 💗
hannah.maker : I really dig the design of this one!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Thanks for all the love on my countdown photo! Sometimes I feel weird about posting photos of myself but then Jason reminds me that I am an actual human behind all my art photos and there's no harm in reminding you guys of that too. Plus I'm just so excited about the pre-order on Thursday and that excitement can't just be contained with words! 🎉💃😜⚡️😁 In honor of my selfie-phobia, here's today's #MVdrawingfun! 📸 ps I did that Canon one from Jason's real life camera but I made up the part about it being pink. 😉
mvdrawingfun -
kristenskoveking : What type/brand of markers are those? Gorgeous!
eduardacharneca : Pink looks even better 😍😍😍
ckelso : @kristenskoveking They're prismacolors! A little stinky (alcohol based) and streaky but @jasondoesstuff bought them for me as a bday present years ago and they have my 💗. Love the color selection!
ckelso : @eduardacharneca 😄😄😄
kristenskoveking : Thanks, @ckelso. Will check them out. :)
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
⚡️🗓The countdown is ON my friends! Just 3 days until you can pre-order your prints of my #AbstractAffirmationsDaily project. This Thursday, 2/11, the shop will open with Collection I: my daily pieces from 1/1 to 2/10 (41 available pieces to purchase in all). To get an exclusive bonus offer on my original art plus to get notified first when the shop goes live, be sure to hop on the email list here: ➡️ Thank you guys for continuing to support this daily project. It’s definitely not easy to commit to creating these pieces every day but it’s already been such a great experience chronicling 2016 in this way. More updates coming soon! 💗 #MVartshop #🎨 #AbstractAffirmationsDaily
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olli_oxenfree : Cute photo of you! 🙆🏻
ericawildey : Awesome! Very exciting!
ckelso : @olli_oxenfree Thank you! It's so strange for me to post photos of myself so I appreciate the encouragement! 😀💗
ckelso : @ksienk 🎉
ckelso : @ericawildey woohoo!!
varadasharma : Yay!! Way to go!!!
olli_oxenfree : Same here lol But you have the sweetest smile! Shine it bright girl! 😘🌻✨🎉
olli_oxenfree : @ckelso
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
And... January #BetterLetteringCourse winners have been chosen! Congrats to @stricklerscribbles @annie_graphic and @hellofunction! Thanks you SO much to everyone for continuing to make the #BetterLetteringCourse community all that it is! Winners, please send your mailing address to laura(at)madevibrant(dot)com so we can send you your goodies! And remember there is still plenty of time to join the February challenge! Find details by going to ➡️ 🎉🖊🎨 #handlettering #dailychallenge #dailyart #lettering #letteringchallenge
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jjjiefu2002 : @stricklerscribbles @annie_graphic @hellofunction congrats on winning the January prizes! And thx for doing your part to enrich this lettering community! Woo-hoo!
stricklerscribbles : Thank you @jjjiefu2002 :)
hellofunction : Yay!! Thank you @jjjiefu2002 and @ckelso 💕 so exciting.
annie_graphic : Hey @jjjiefu2002 Thank you for your words :) And @ckelso Thanks one more time, I'm really happy for that!! @stricklerscribbles @hellofunction Congrats!! 🙌🏻
stricklerscribbles : I'm still so excited about winning!! Thank you @ckelso for the opportunity. And to everyone in this community for being so encouraging. And congratulations @hellofunction and @annie_graphic :0)
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
#AbstractAffirmationsDaily 38/366 • “Fan” *** Imagine if we rooted for ourselves the way we root for our favorite sports teams. I mean, I know I don’t have a TON of experience in this arena. (I’d hardly consider myself a football fan.) But I watched tonight like most everyone else and I couldn’t help but think how much we all care. We cross our fingers for our favorite team. We muster every ounce of belief that our guy will pull off the big play or come back to win. We hope, we pray, and we celebrate every single yard gained. What if we all treated ourselves with the same level of belief? What if we invested as much in our own outcomes as the outcome of the big game? What if we were there for ourselves every yard, celebrating every completion, every inch of ground gained instead of listening to the doubt and the criticism and the inevitable “you’re not good enough” thoughts that creep in. What if we were fanatical about supporting *ourselves* no matter what? I don’t know much about football, but I do know that it’s a game where everything can change in an instant. A true fan is the one who stands by their team no matter what, and I wish we all could be our own biggest, truest fans. To celebrate every yard, every inch, every moment until victory, and to be kind and supportive to ourselves in moments of defeat. To show up at game time ready to cheer until we go hoarse. To beam with pride when we take home the trophy — whatever it may be. Whatever outcome you were hoping for tonight, just remember that every day is a chance to be your own biggest fan. *** #AbstractAffirmationsDaily prints will be available for pre-order starting next Thursday, 2/11! To get updates FIRST and exclusive deals, get on the email list here: ➡️ (Plus get a free downloadable print by entering your email!) #creativity #dailyproject #lettering #abstractart #acrylicart #BetterLetteringCourse #🎨
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christyslomski : Thank you 💕🌹💥
patternobsession : 👏🏻
effort.leslie : @kylebschmitt 😊😄🙌
vanafeliciano : Love this. One of my favorites in an already delicious mix of encouragement! So pumped for you and the shop ♡
_dracoon_ : Love the colours!!
stephodeoro : @fearlesslettering big inspo here!
captureyourthing : Oh yes!!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
I think we all know who the real winner is today: my taste buds. (Not to be confused with my waistline. 😜) Bring on the guac! #SB50 #MVdrawingfun
sb50 - mvdrawingfun -
rohdesign : Love it! Beautiful colors.
lindseymerica : What kind of markers are those? I love them!
erinlbs : Yyyyyeeeaaaahhhhhh
cruzbrand : That's what we're having too!
_littlecreative : Making me HANGRY!
juliakate531 : @wethreekingsillustrated I follow this feed and love her art too!
saciaisabella : Love this! What markers do you use? They are so vibrantly colored
ambrosewb1 : @tc9160
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