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Helping soulful creatives become their most vibrant selves. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Having a photographer as talented as @jasondoesstuff under the same roof is a pretty handy thing. Going through new headshots for the website redesign (launching Monday!) and this is one of my favorites. I don't like having my photo taken a lot, but Jas makes it worth it for this kind of shot! 😊 #magichour
magichour -
brittkf : Miss you Carol!
misfitinc : You are beautiful 😊
suecaulfield : Dudette your hair right now..πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’―
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
As creatives, I know a lot of us struggle with the idea of confidence. (I read about this over and over in messages from my email subscribers.) How do we maintain confidence in our work or what we’re doing? How do we confidently tell people what we do? How do we trust our instincts in spite of our desire to follow the path of others that have come before? For me at least, I find that c o n f i d e n c e stems from t r u t h. When you KNOW something is true, it’s a lot easier to declare it with conviction, isn’t it? And so the more mental energy I invest in uncovering my truth (what I’m good at, what I care about, what I stand for, who I want to help) the more I believe those things and the more confidently I can convey them. For instance, I’m currently writing copy for the website redesign that will be up on Monday and if there’s anything that good copywriting requires, it’s confidence and conviction. So in those moments where I feel I’m lacking in those areas, I simply ask myself, “What do I know to be true?” I *know* I want to help people become better versions of themselves. I *know* I make all my resources with love and intention. I *know* that my teaching style is upbeat, fun, and approachable. I can confidently declare those things because I believe them with every ounce of my being to be true. If you feel that confidence is something you struggle with in any aspect of your life, I encourage you to stop focusing on the idea of confidence itself and to peel back the layers within until you find some truth you can believe in. When you finally unlock that truth, that’s when your confidence will follow. #morningthoughts #selfimprovement #selfdiscovery #intention #truth #confidence #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #BetterLetteringCourse
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cayro0002 : @jedwards527 😍😍
walkandkey : I love this. Thanks @ckelso πŸ˜€
erinanacker : This reminds me of what @sarahjbray often writes about. What do you know to be true? What might also be true for others?
taterbuggin : This really struck home with me today. Spoke to my heart and soul. ❀️
catherineruddell : This is so so important - as a creative and an entrepreneur the teachings that have been most helpful for ME in this journey are those that brought me closer to my true beliefs and values in my own life - technical savvy or creative technique will become most useful when you feel clear that your actions are aligned with your heart and your head. Confidence is ever evolving as we learn and grow closer to our truth.
deenadeena5 : Her writing in the post is helpful @rishhoo xxx
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
#BetterLetteringCourse March winners announced! Thank you guys SOOO much for your patience as I tallied everyone's entries! I wanted it to be fair to honor each of your individual commitments to yourselves and your practice! That said, congrats to @gabtomasko @amdav and @lisies_pieces for being selected to receive the March lettering prize packs! Please email me your addresses: caroline[at]madevibrant[dot]com! Also, this is the real state of my desk right now. Whoops. Everyone else in the April challenge: keep creating! I love seeing your progress! And tag a friend below if you want to share the lettering course with them! You could be April's winners - there are still 13 days left! #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #learnlettering #letteringchallenge
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joosleebee : Congrats!
lucillafeliciano : Congratulations folks!
mindfulteaching : Congrats to you lucky winners. :)
amdav : Thanks @joosleebee @lucillafeliciano and @mindfulteaching !!!
brigid.donelly : Congrats gals! ✨✨✨
browtonetti : Congrats!!
kathyellendavis : Congrats winners! And that desk doesn't look too messy, don't worry @ckelso πŸ˜‰ : Grats to the winners!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
I love @erinanacker's #Miniviews series and was honored to be featured today! Check out the short interview on Erin's Insta account or at the link in her profile: #interview #design #designbiz
miniviews - interview - designbiz - design -
castoutmaui : Succulents make me happy. Photos of succulents seem to have the same impact. Thanks for sharing!
erinanacker : It's such a pleasure to have you! I'm having a great time with these too :-)
veronicayanhs : My succulents died! How is that possible??? 😩
jackmise : So did mine @veronicayanhs πŸ˜•
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Lettering what I most need to hear today. Working hard on the site redesign and #BetterBrandingCourse and last night I hit the inevitable second-guessing phase. But, today I woke up, looked at my work, and trusted where it's going. Just because you're doing something that looks different from what most other people are doing, that doesn't make it wrong. (There is no wrong, by the way.) Keep trusting yourself and keep moving forward. The world deserves to receive what you (what WE) have to offer. πŸ‘ #betterletteringcourse #lettering #handlettering #handletteredtype #instincts #trustyourself
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kayladawnwrites : A much needed message for me as I prepare to release my next novel. Thanks for the reminder!
tiffles719 : Because you're doing something that looks different from what most other people are doing is probably the strongest indicator that it is RIGHT. πŸ˜€
mr.dannyboyink : Great work.!!!πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ
cneubs : Perfect timing with this post. Thanks @ckelso! :)
jax_riley : Something I've been trying to learn
erinlbs : Wow, I SO NEEDED THIS today. Thank you for reminding me!
alongthatline : So timely.
malissa.morrell : I'm really looking forward to this. Keep trucking!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Brighter, bolder, and more dedicated than ever to bringing you relatable, affordable, FUN resources for living as your brightest self. Coming soon! #design #branding #webdesign
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erinanacker : Yay! I absolutely love the vibrancy of your branding. It seriously lights me up every time I see it!
moliee92 : @ckelso you're amazing! I wish I could afford you!
paganomedia : amazing
melsariffodeen : I want to come work at your office - so beautiful!
christi2tucker : @mackenzo
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Working on today's newsletter currently but popping in to share with you my beautiful friend @simplykaylyn_! Her feed is gorgeous and always brings me a calming yet colorful energy that is so inspiring. For some #lifemadevibrant inspiration, check out her account! #followmonday πŸ˜‰
lifemadevibrant - followmonday -
themessypainter : Love the walls at #wynwood : So pretty!
jmwoolford : @ckelso- your newsletter today was awesome and definitely needed! Thank you so much for the inspiration! Hope you are settling in well in Calif. :)
simplykaylyn_ : @ckelso You are too sweet. Always inspired by you. Keep doing your thing!!!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Getting ready for Sangria Sunday by the pool with new friends and wonderful people, @nicole_baldinu and @omarzenhom. Work can wait, right? πŸ˜‰ Hope you're enjoying yourself today! #lifemadevibrant
lifemadevibrant -
4dolphins : That pool!! 😍😍 enjoy!
nicole_baldinu : So pretty! See you soon chiquita 😘...and yes, break very much needed!!!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Today's California adventure: @jasondoesstuff rehabilitated a hummingbird after it flew into our office window by feeding it sugar water from our succulent syringe. After a half hour he was strong enough to fly away! The man loves animals more than anyone I know.
mindfulteaching : Oh my gosh. πŸ‘β­οΈ
ashleeey796 : @remmyph
evolvesucceed : Wonderful on so many levels! Such a good photo too.
thisrestlessness : Amazing!
crystalfoth : Ahhhh so wonderful
isabelledebionne : Aww πŸ’›πŸ‘
jax_riley : There are still some that restore my faith in humanity. What a beautiful photo to see
dineanddish : That is incredible!!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Further confirming my earlier post, @jasondoesstuff just surprised me with a glass of strawberry lemonade and it's delicious! Hope your Friday is equally as tasty! #lifemadevibrant
lifemadevibrant -
lmelden : I love your little family sketches in the background 😍
ideabrian : I see he's trying to get you off the Iced Coffee.
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