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Helping soulful creatives become their most vibrant selves. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
"But like, are you SURE we're allowed to live here? It's not like... an April Fools joke?" The view off the dining room. We're home! #SanDiego #FloridaWentWest #lifemadevibrant
lifemadevibrant - sandiego - floridawentwest -
alextaylornyc : Love this love this love this... Congrats on the move @ckelso!
malissa.morrell : Having made many similar moves before to follow dreams and find fresh starts, I send my hearty congratulations on arriving at the beginning!
innercompassdesigns : Congrats on the move. Enjoy
pdxcarrie : so dreamy! Congratulations :)
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
I woke up like a little kid on Christmas! We move into our house today! Im also excited because we're kicking off an all new lettering challenge. If you want to play along, join the #BetterLetteringCourse (over 1,300 students have signed up - link in profile!) and get the skinny on the rules here: >> << You could win one of three lettering prize packs (worth over $60) plus your lettering will surely improve. And because everything is more fun with a friend, tag someone below that might want to play along with you! You can keep each other accountable! #letteringchallenge #lettering #handlettering #dailychallenge #aprilchallenge
betterletteringcourse - aprilchallenge - handlettering - lettering - dailychallenge - letteringchallenge -
celmoongoddess : @mayentot509
sarahroberson : @l_whitt
mynameisashley_ : @alichawilk are you gonna give this a try? I'm still thinking about it.
l_whitt : @sarahroberson obsessed with this idea!! @carlyknight
maria_sanchez_oryan : Posted my 1st one...just began doing tbis...
_retrogal : @hunterschafer you would enjoy doing this challenge with me! Check out Caroline's site, tag your friends and PLAY ALONG!!! (It ties right in with your Zine Club!)
themessypainter : @ama03m
_retrogal : @ckelso you should check out my daughter's friend @hunterschafer - she is an AMAZING 15-year old artist and fashion designer!I told her about your site and asked her to play along in April :)
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
31/31 of the #BetterLetteringCourse #MeetYourselfMarch Challenge / How you define personal success / f r e e d o m / My number one metric for success HANDS DOWN is freedom. It is the value that trumps all values when it comes to designing my life. In every one of these aspects and in dozens more, I’ve learned that I need to feel free to thrive. When I envision the daily life I’m striving to cultivate, it is one of joy, spontaneity, evolution, growth, and creativity - all things that require freedom. / Last post of the #MeetYourselfMarch challenge and coincidentally I think my favorite piece of all! Hope you guys have enjoyed getting to know me a little better through these prompts, and for those that joined in, I hope you continue to ask yourselves these types of questions. Questions are the fuel of discovery and progress. They are the excavation tools of our hearts. / Tomorrow begins a new lettering challenge, and while I won’t necessarily be holding myself to post daily, I’ve learned new things about my art these past 59 days and where I want it to go. Thanks for all the support and love, guys. It truly means the world to me. #freedom #art #letters #lettering #handlettering #learnlettering #inspiration #create #creative #handletteredtype #dailychallenge #personalgrowth #selfimprovement #selfdiscovery
lettering - art - meetyourselfmarch - handlettering - letters - selfimprovement - inspiration - betterletteringcourse - dailychallenge - freedom - create - learnlettering - creative - handletteredtype - selfdiscovery - personalgrowth -
amdav : Loved doing the March challenge and am looking forward to starting April challenge. Thank you so much for all you do even thru your busy cross country move. 😊
amdav : @ckelso ^^^
yellowleafhammocks : Just looked through all of this- so inspiring!! πŸ’›πŸ’›
ckelso : @amdav ❀️❀️❀ ️thank you so so much for this. The appreciation means more than you know! I'm just so glad to see everyone supporting each other and embracing their art! Thank YOU!
ckelso : @yellowleafhammocks yay! So glad! Ps seeing that cute lil badge as your photo brings back such awesome memories!
danette_s : Yes to f r e e d o m! 😊
everydayawake : Love love love this, and agreed!! Yay for freedom! πŸ’—πŸŽ†
hippiejesusfreak : I so agree with this!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
We made it to #SanDiego!! We don't move in until tomorrow but we couldn't resist doing a drive by of our new house. And yes, that's a "Little Free Library" for the neighbors out front. So unbelievably grateful that we get to call this little piece of paradise home for the next year! Wherever you live right now, I hope you love it. And if you don't love it, I hope it's at least serving you well in this chapter of life. And if it isn't serving you well? Then I hope you start making plans *today* to make that happen for yourself in the future. Our environments affect us in such a huge way, and I wish for every person the happiness of loving their own little corner of the globe. #sandiegobound #floridagoeswest #lovewhereyoulive #lifemadevibrant
lovewhereyoulive - sandiegobound - lifemadevibrant - sandiego - floridagoeswest -
ckelso : @brizzlefizzle123 @emersonandlady @pjrvs 😝
whenshesmiles07 : Yay! So exciting! I love @littlefreelibrary :) My dad and I are building one for this summer
mlawrence16 : I actually said "is that a Little Free Library?" So thanks for answering that one. Glad you three made it!
amyjobeaver : I've been plotting how to get out to SD! Love it there!
alongthatline : This is like a fairy tale location. So in love!
ame89lia : Can't wait to see more pics!
juliegodsey : Well I lived in Orange County for a bit (Aliso Viejo) but for about 7 years I lived in Los Angeles. My mom lived in San Diego for a bit as well as my siblings during random times (brother and brother in law in the military) so I spent a lot of time there as well. I hope you get all settled in soon 😘!
brittnimehlhoff : Glad you guys made it there safely!! Really want to see pictures of the inside. Miss ya. 😘
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Was in love with all things modern + rustic + whimsical+ artisan in this beautiful shop in #Austin, @mbdomestics (thanks @ilovestlucie for the tip!) I mean, that table?! Come on. I want it BAD. One of my favorite parts of traveling is finding these gems. They also had a calligraphy workshop in session in the back and I may or may not have lingered in that section just to eavesdrop on some great tips! Today we finally roll into our new city, #sandiego! Can't wait to move in tomorrow! #sandiegobound #floridagoeswest
sandiegobound - austin - sandiego - floridagoeswest -
mbdomestics : Great photo! Thanks for dropping in πŸ‘
ilovestlucie : I'm sooooo glad you made it to @mbdomestics! I just love the aesthetic!! :-). Safe travels @ckelso
ilovestlucie : Also, I'm taking that calligraphy class this summer with @laurenessl....CANNOT WAIT!!!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
30/31 of #BetterLetteringCourse #MeetYourselfMarch challenge / Three things you value highly / f l e x i b i l i t y a u t h e n t i c i t y h u m o r I've always believed that once you get clear on what you value, decisions in life and in business get a lot easier. With every move forward, I make sure I'm allowing myself to gain MORE of these three things in my life. To be free, to be myself, and to not take life too seriously - just a few things I value. Cameo by #plaxicothedog. He has a habit of falling asleep on uncomfortable things. #lettering #learnletters #handlettering #handletteredtype #authenticity #values #selfdiscovery
betterletteringcourse - lettering - learnletters - selfdiscovery - handletteredtype - values - meetyourselfmarch - authenticity - handlettering - plaxicothedog -
amandadesonia : I want this for my office! My motto, crazy!
bubblydesignco : Amazing! Love the pup, love the story. Thanks for sharing your heart. I agree 100%!
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Finally got the details for the April #BetterLetteringCourse challenge up on the blog! There's a new prompt list too for anyone that wants to play along! Decided to switch up the prize pack just a bit to keep things interesting! The new prize pack includes: 1. Whatever You Are Be A Good One by Lisa Congdon // 2. Micron 6-piece Fine Line set // 3. Sakura Gelly Roll White 3-pack (fun for lettering on dark paper!) // 4. Mystery item from my NEW favorite store in San Diego, Pigment. Could be a journal, note cards, whatever, but they have the most awesome goodies and gifts! // 5. Tombow dual brush pens in assorted colors. // Total prize pack is worth over $60! I'm taking a break from daily posting to focus on the new branding course and the move, but I still want to encourage everyone to keep practicing! Three winners will be chosen at random at the end of the month. Check out the blog for rules of eligibility or visit: #learnlettering #lettering #handletteredtype #handlettering #inspiration #intention #dailychallenge #letteringchallenge
betterletteringcourse - lettering - dailychallenge - letteringchallenge - learnlettering - handletteredtype - intention - handlettering - inspiration -
browtonetti : Can I go with you??
alicegreenleaf : I'm ready! πŸ’ͺ
krzt321 : Woowoo!!
jenniferppriest : @tombowUSA
sjstew_design : I'm in!😊😊😊
erinlbs : YES @kathyellendavis
cheryllynnclark : Awesome :)
kailajensendesigns : @Ckelso Can't wait to start tomorrow!!! βœ’οΈβœοΈ
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
Happiest accident this far: didn't want Plax sitting in the car while we ate lunch so we drove toward South Austin and headed toward a "green spot" on our Google Map. It turned out to be the most beautiful, lush park. We ate at a picnic bench while Plax got some fresh air. This was the view as a laid on the bench taking in the perfectness of our detour. Wishing you all kinds of happy accidents and sunshine this week! #travelmadevibrant #sandiegobound #floridagoeswest
travelmadevibrant - sandiegobound - floridagoeswest -
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
29/31 of #BetterLetteringCourse #MeetYourselfMarch challenge / One time you quit when you wish you hadn't. / Only half joking on this one. I'd consider myself a fairly driven person in most aspects of my life, but for whatever reason, when I work out all I can think about for that hour or whatever is how I'd rather be doing ANYTHING other than working out. There are so many times when my brain has said "just one more mile" or "ten more minutes" or "hold that pose a few seconds longer" and instead my body replies with "nah...this sucks. Let's quit instead." Something I continue to work on and definitely wish in all those workouts I would have just pushed through. But hey, there's always next time, right? Right. πŸ˜„πŸ’ͺ #lettering #learnletters #handlettering #handletteredtype
betterletteringcourse - lettering - handletteredtype - learnletters - meetyourselfmarch - handlettering -
randomolive : ugh, this is me. i hate exercise
shaunaparmesan : If you can, find a sport you enjoy for exercise. :) I figure skate for my health and stress levels. I hate working out on an elliptical but I make myself do it anyways, just not as often as I should.
ampitupdesigns : So true!
marce.lla : @ckelso I feel you! What works for me is the opposite of mindfulness and being in the moment. Strangely, I try to distract myself by daydreaming something awesome / silly. 😊
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ckelso - Caroline | Made Vibrant
#Austin definitely didn't disappoint today and remains one of my favorite cities of all. Every BBQ joint in town had a line around the block so we grabbed lunch at this cute sandwich place, Cenote. The food was delicious and the weather couldn't be better. πŸŒˆβ˜€οΈ #floridagoeswest #sandiegobound #travelmadevibrant
travelmadevibrant - sandiegobound - austin - floridagoeswest -
jackmise : Looks like such a beautiful day! πŸŒ΄β˜€οΈ
betsyjoyner : Any favs to share? We will be there next week for a few days.
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