Caroline Kelso Winegeart

I help soulful creatives build vibrant, authentic brands. Designer, illustrator, happiness hunter. Lover of bright colors and even brighter people.
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Pizza night @communityloavesjax. Delicious eats and great friends. Simply delightful.
brittkf : Um....?
iwearyourshirt : ^ busted! Lol#
jessica_rhyan7 : Best pizza ever!
maryinstyle - communityloavesjax - jessica_rhyan7 - ryannicodemus -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Bad news: came down with a doozy of a fever. Good news: this crappy weather makes for a cozy backdrop to snuggle with this pup for the rest of the day. #sickasadog
sickasadog -
jessica_rhyan7 : Feel better! Fevers are the worst!
scritterz : Makes being sick worth it!
meometry - smnappi - erkdonovan - doodle_mode -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
So happy for my other mom, Kelly, and her new hubby, Bill! Happy wedding day you two! So happy you found each other. It was a beautiful ceremony on a beautiful day and the celebration isn't over! Congrats! (Ps. Of course during photos to kill time I did some #lettering with my toes!)
lettering -
iwysthemama : Just LOVE YOU!
iwearyourshirt - ryannicodemus - lostbumblebee - brandy_mac -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
It wasn't that long ago that I sat in a chair, scribbling in my notebook at a conference, and a woman leaned over to ask, "Oh... Are you an artist?" At the time I felt I couldn't possibly say yes. But after over a year of daily practice (some shared here and some not) I've been able to cultivate a skill that I'm proud of (and get paid for it to boot!) Today marks another big moment in that journey as I head off to #CampGLP hosted by the brilliant @jonathanfields and co. to teach a workshop on the art of hand-lettering. If just one person walks away feeling empowered to say "yes, I am an artist," then I will have come full circle. So freaking excited. Now off to the airport and headed to New York! #lettering #workshop #handlettering #madevibrant
handlettering - campglp - workshop - madevibrant - lettering -
thecolouredcloth : So inspiring! Knock em dead! πŸ‘
osda_design : Great work ☺
erinwiggle : Good luck!
lindykweim : So excited for you @ckelso and I so wish I could be there to attend! You're going to be amazing!
christinevermeer : GOOD LUCK! that's so amazing. :)
cecilyyuu : πŸ‘
vickylyashenko : You, my friend - are absolutely amazing. You have inspired me beyond expression. You are awesome sauce! 😘😘😘
heatherkrakora : You were awesome! Truly glad I signed up and met you. You reminded me how much I love hand lettering. I hope to dedicate myself to it again. Thx!!
vickylyashenko - ryannicodemus - smnappi - a3creative -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
#dailycreate2014 / y'all, today was a doozie. Or should I say IS a doozie, because I am still very much in the thick of it. Deadlines to meet, promises to keep, timelines to mind, errands to run, calls to be had, disasters to avert and problems to solve. Amidst the madness, on a rainy drive, I had to remind myself that this is the life and the path that I have chosen (gladly, mind you.) The joy so easily gets lost in the chaos sometimes. But if I'm not in it for the joy, then what's it all for? Hopefully this is a reminder to take a deep breath in the busy-ness of your current frenzy and illuminate the joy. If you promise you will, then I promise to do the same. :) #lettering #handlettering #creativeentrepreneurs #inspiration #joy
lettering - handlettering - dailycreate2014 - creativeentrepreneurs - joy - inspiration -
theresachilds : #truth
mattchevy : Easier said than done but so important and well said!
suecaulfield : @oberbecca I think you'd like this one. πŸ’“
oberbecca : Thanks @suecaulfield - I do love it!
thetiffanyhan : Hang in there! You've got this.
nancywschneider - osda_design - tasminskye - lindykweim -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Unbelievably proud of my friend @jordanbrantley as she launched @thebusinessbar shop tonight. Jordan enlisted Made Vibrant to help create two workbook products geared toward small business owners. Check out the amazing treasure trove of workbooks at Congrats Jordan! #smallbusiness #smallbiz #tbblaunchparty
smallbiz - tbblaunchparty - smallbusiness -
amberveatch : So great to meet you, Caroline! πŸ˜€
ckelso : @amberveatch you too! So happy to put a face with a name! Sorry I couldn't stay longer. Hope we get to hang out again soon!
sierrakelly : Killing it!
jessica_rhyan7 : Big night! Proud of you both! 😊
corinnahoffman : Awesome!!
_mariomv : nice :)
jordanbrantley : Ahhhhh this is crazy! Thank for you everything friend. Excited to be doing this with you!! ❀️
thekennymiller : Nice!
thebusinessbar - pwrwoman - ryannicodemus - xlisafirex -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Thinking about a call I had last night with a friend to brainstorm about her side hustle. She has all kinds of energy and passion right now to do SOMETHING impactful for people, but isn't quite sure what it is or what to do to figure it out. What I shared with her felt worth sharing here: motivated people are often drawn to tactics because they want to start making things happen - "what content can I create? What needs to be done to my website? Who do I need to reach out to?" Don't get me wrong, taking action is immensely important. But in order to build a community that lasts, you have to have an authentic message that resonates (even if it evolves over time.) You have to invest time, energy and awareness into understanding your WHY, as Simon Sinek would say. I think once you have a solid mission, one that you feel deeply connected to, that's when the tactics will become clear because they'll stem from that core purpose. #creativebusiness #creativeentrepreneur #girlboss
creativebusiness - creativeentrepreneur - girlboss -
mryoungandceo : You just mentioned Simon Sinek. That is my favorite Ted Talk of all time. You've made a lifelong fan
madefreshly : Agreed!πŸ‘Œ
tammibelieber - hoorayforsarai - tasminskye - aworkofheartstudio -
ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Remember those fun fashion illustrations I shared last week? Today they officially get to meet the world! I’m so excited to announce the brand and website re-launch of @leahloustyle! “Leah Lou empowers driven, fun-loving women to connect with their creativity and develop a style that is as unique and whole as they are.” I am beyond proud of the work that we did together in creating a distinct foundation and voice for her brand, and I’m thrilled that we were able to capture her spunky, bold personality and balance it with her vulnerable, compassionate heart. Before collaborating on her new brand, I had the pleasure of welcoming Leah into my own closet and I can’t say enough amazing things about the insight and HUMOR she brought to the process of re-organizing my closet and defining my personal sense of style. Any day that I can bring to life the passion, purpose, and gifts of my clients (and friends) is a great day in my book. Cheers to you, Leah! #rebelzen #webdesign #launch #branding #design
webdesign - branding - rebelzen - design - launch -
leahloustyle : Annnnd Cue the tears!!!! You are truly talented loving & committed to the FULL vibrancy of your clients. I love you to the moon and back! Thank you @ckelso for knowing my boddday
leowebdev : cool.
dappergoat : Love it!
thebusinessbar : πŸ‘
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
#dailycreate2014 / great post landed in my inbox today from Noah Kagan at, illustrating a point that I believe in deeply. Either you're waiting for things to happen TO YOU or you're getting out there and making it happen. / Happy Wednesday, friends! #handlettering #lettering #sketchbook #handletteredtype
handlettering - lettering - handletteredtype - dailycreate2014 - sketchbook -
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ckelso - Caroline Kelso Winegeart
Got ma hairs did. Hard to tell in this shot but there's a little subtle ombré in there! Nothin like a little girly indulgence to kick off the week. Hope everyone's having a relaxing Labor Day! #ombrehair #beachwaves
ombrehair - beachwaves -
katmedinanino : Beautiful!
leahloustyle : Beautiful!!!!
emadd01 : Love!
jessica_rhyan7 : Adorable!
scritterz : Looking good 😜
smnappi : Hawtie
foodieheart : Pretty! I'm gettin' mine did tomorrow, can't wait! πŸ˜‰
thedigitaliris : My are getting done next week - can't wait!
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