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#SydneyLocal @stephtee always manages to capture Sydney Harbour at its most stunning. Here's the story behind a recent pic One of my favourite past times outside of work is to see the first light of the day in. Even though my day job is as a lawyer who is lucky to work in an office literally overlooking Sydney Harbour for over a decade(!) I still love going to the Harbour to see in the sunrise. My favourite sunrise walk stretches from Dawes Point to Campbell's Cove to the Overseas Passenger Terminal.  Depending on what time of year it is, from any of these vantage points, you can see the sun rise behind the Sydney Opera House. This is a recent photo taken from Campbell's Cove, of one of the incredible winter sunrises that we've been having. It was one of those magic sunrises. The sky lit up in the most amazing hues starting from red, then to pink and golden tones as the sun rose; and this was reflected in the water of Sydney Harbour. I couldn't think of a more incredible way to start the day. Share your #SydneyLocal photos and stories via Instagram or by emailing sydneylocal@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au πŸ“·β€οΈ
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stephtee : @tonyhollingsworth awww thanks my friend πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
thequirkygirls : Oh I miss my home city. Beautiful shot. ❀️🐨
geri_cadet : @dmillz_26
photography_byron_bay : Stunning ❀️❀️❀️
sheena.harrell : Beautiful
sheena.harrell : πŸ˜‡πŸ˜œ
kateduffs : @cityofsydney such a cool sunset 😘
virajos : @nicole_b325
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#LookUp and you'll be surprised in our city, as #SydneyLocal @felixsaw knows all too well. He says: I've always loved the architecture scene in Sydney. Glance through the skyline, there is always something exciting coming up; step into the city streets and you'll find the beautiful heritage buildings tucked amongst the new. Share your #Sydney - tag your #SydneyLocal pics and tell us the story behind your shot. Or email sydneylocal@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au πŸŒ‡πŸ“·β€οΈ
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silvana_smaic : gorgeous
nickalfie : Woop! @felixsaw
quintdesign : @felixsaw congrats on feature πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»
ksyu223 : @cityofsydney no one looks at out at our architecture as it's not even lit up properly at night.
felixsaw : @nickalfie heya!!
felixsaw : @quintdesign thanks melina :)))
stylishtravel : So true @cityofsydney we are in love with your city πŸ’™πŸŒŽπŸ’™
kriketbroadhurst : gorgeous
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Look outside and you might just catch a view like this 😍🌈 thanks to our resident rainbowographer @bigwhitechocolate for capturing this #rainbow over #Sydney
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jo_fobuss : Wow! πŸ’› Vraiment fou! @ariane_fobuss
loubidoobidoo : Show off @rainbowem
luolme : 😍😍😍
coffeesofsydney : Perfection in this city
fernandowoda : Awesome
natalie_mcdonald : @alexphototravel
ag_sunsetla : So nice !!
coolgirlg567 : @sophia.hawke_
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While you were sleeping @kahnivore_photography caught this winter sunrise over #Sydney. #yousnoozeyoulose πŸ’›β€οΈ
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kahnivore_photography : @somayebaraty thankyou
kahnivore_photography : @silvana_smaic thankyou
sharpie134 : @reneesharp ❀️❀️
mahsa_mgh : @sydney1981 beautiful
quintdesign : @kahnivore_photography hey Kahn, congrats on the feature πŸ‘πŸ»
mimismonteiro : @kahnivore_photography Pleasure 😍
kahnivore_photography : @sharpie134 thanks for sharing
kahnivore_photography : @quintdesign thankyou so much melina
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Get snapping! The Australian Life Instagram competition has returned for 2015. πŸ“·πŸ‘ Show us your unique moments in the land down under and tag #AustralianLife for your chance to win $5K. Plus, each week, finalists will be featured on @Australia and Art and About’s social channels. This pic is one of our 2014 finalists by @nataliegrono Click on our bio link for more info. #artandabout
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cazzmanazz : @gracieclark30???
jpwaimann : Las hijas de los boros? @flaviamig
flaviamig : @jpwaimann miii vidaaaa muy lindasss!!!! Sus risitassss β˜€ β˜€
meilsnoops : @sambakshi
t4coffee : @farahtaqi tough to be a fat baby when you are at the beach everyday
blackpeonyofficial : @mrmaxhonner
i.am.the.product : @kaylee_0711 Just gorg,
leashy.rc : @rebeccarosconi ... Do it xx
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This is Bill Murray, who is looking forward to learning some tricks at Sydney Park (although he has clearly already mastered the sit). All residents in the City of Sydney LGA can register for six weeks of free obedience classes in our dog-friendly parks. The next course starts this weekend! #🐢 #Sydney #dogsofinstagram
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suziespoon : @charlienyc remind you of someone? X
charlienyc : Reminds of a baby doggggg. Miss him, and you! X @suziespoon
kim.bodnar : @bods_25 Ellie meets ruffles
amongtheuntroddenways : @miguelalexander your dog is famous!
miguelalexander : haha, @amongtheuntroddenways with a face like that it was destiny.
ferdigen : @karlapcampagnola luca/othelo
abitofheavenonearth : @calah_elisabeth
abitofheavenonearth : @cityofsydney Hi, what kind of dog is that? It looks like a rottweiler mix? He's awfully cute.
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Happy Monday Instagrammers. Here's a #SydneyLocal shot from a man with an incredible eye for detail, @vinhphams I took this image on the corner of York Street and Market Street, facing the south side of the city. Often, we visit famous landmarks like the QVB but we rarely look at what happens behind them. We are used to seeing the busy George Street side, but behind the QVB is just as busy with locals commuting to back and forth from the bus stops on York Street. To me, this photo is about exploring all perspectives of a landmark, location, or a city To be part of our #SydneyLocal series, tag your Instagram photos or email us at sydneylocal@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au
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cityofparramatta : Love it!
demasrusli : @vinhphams Too good bro!!
mark_matovina : This is my work precinct. Haven't found a pub with a decent happy hour yet.
olivemarie_ : Love this shot!
3alaweiyah : @nadafarsi another view of Sydney :)
clurbur1805 : Was lucky enough to visit Sydney last November, this building was one of my favourites!! 😘
dennis.osullivan.98 : When Sydney's office workers busily walk past homeless people please remember they are people like you and me wishing someone would acknowledge them in the morning with a simple "good morning".....I often selectively help a fellow human being I call it my "good deed for the day"! Try it one day! I once gave an elderly homeless woman who was cold and wet my umbrella which to her was a life saver....another day I bought 2 salad rolls one for me and one for the young man begging in the street.....try it Sydney!
dennis.osullivan.98 : Why do the City of Sydney Council have a huge budget for art work with ridiculous outdoor displays that get removed anyway? Sustainable art work? Wasting ratepayers money? Creating huge plastic monstrosities! Sustainability needs to start with council! Sydney's homeless are left to pitch tents and sleep on park benches! Sydney's Emergency Accomodation Crisis exists while Clover Moore fiddles with bike lanes and huge ugly art works! Please stop wasting our money!
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Another perspective on a Sydney icon from super-talented #SydneyLocal snapper @demasrusli. Here's the story behind his shot Being an architecture student from UNSW and having just graduated last year from my Masters in Architecture degree, the Sydney Opera House has a huge place in my heart as it was the first building we studied and actually my favourite building in the world. Every time I go there, I always try to look for new angles and perspectives and it never disappoints. This shot was taken when Vinh (@vinhphams) and I went out taking photos one-on-one for the first time. As we were walking up the steps, in the corner of my eye I see two guys hanging out, sitting on the stairs, and I immediately thought that it was a perfect scene with the Sydney Opera House in the background. Stemming from my architecture background, I find it very important to include people in all of my photos to demonstrate the use of places and spaces and also to give the image a sense of scale and life. Now working full time at FJMT Studio, I use photography as a hobby and side project to explore new places in Sydney and in Australia (I even sometimes walk around during my lunch break to find places in the city that I've never been to before) Want to get involved in our #SydneyLocal series? You can now email your photos and stories to sydneylocal@cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au (and keep tagging your Instagram pics) πŸ“·πŸ‘
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zeebachi : @demasrusli βš‘οΈβš‘οΈβš‘οΈπŸ‘‘
frankaskoric : @max_rockatansky1987 dogovoreno😘
demasrusli : @lucys9 Youre good! 😊
demasrusli : @zeebachi πŸ˜‰
rushfaster.com.au : πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
kristine_va : @demasrusli Wooo! Awesome shot bud 😊
demasrusli : @kristine_va Thanks kristine!!
filmy_aadmi_ : @kunal_chikane
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No words required #stunner Thanks to @benlyallphotography for the snap! πŸ“·
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festivalofdreams : Looking forward to presenting at the Festival of Dreams in this beautiful @cityofsydney Elder Saginaw Grant and Rick Mora at our Native Wisdom Show @nativerickmora πŸ’™
cruiseology : Our second home! #circularquay #CarnivalSpirit #RoyalCaribbean #Cruiseology
cassiejgibbs : In. 8. Days. 😍 @hoarehey88
emilliasetiadi : Too pretty @angiestnggng @shellymeilson 😍😍
angiestnggng : @emilliasetiadi syd 2017 gmn? Pake bet yuk jd apa gak hahahaha smua d judiin πŸ˜‘ @shellymeilson
shellymeilson : @angiestnggng otak penjudi lu jie. Hahaha @emilliasetiadi
husslad : @j.ordi_allen pretty
gilio19 : @moritz_bsh 😍
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#SydneyLocal @zeeomludba takes wonderful pictures of Sydney's people. We love this photo of one of Circular Quay's performers. In his own words This picture was taken on a sunny day when I was heading back home from visiting Museum of Contemporary Arts at Circular Quay. Lana Baugus (@lanabaugus on instagram) was singing a Sam Smith song near Quay Wharf no 6. I took a photo of her with an iPhone 6, went back home did some research on her (googled her name out from the album cover that you see in the bottom right), found out she's an American probably here on a working holiday visa or something. Then I uploaded her photo. A few days later I saw her again on the same spot. She was probably the most famous performer over there in the afternoons by then as she had a really strong voice.
 To be featured in our Sydney Local series, tell us a story about Sydney when you tag your #SydneyLocal photos. β€οΈπŸ“·
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kdaviesuk : Another fantastic musician to be found in The Rocks in Sydney - @markwilkinsonmusic - fantastic
lachstaharris : How is this Sydney local series @cityofsydney
frankgasca : @frenchgatornyc She was singing Selena when we were there...so good :)
barriocellar : Go girl !!! Bought her cd a few months back
yennelina : Katoin nopee että sä oot tässä jo esiintymässä Sydneyssä πŸ˜…Milloin saavut Australiaan @helloimsaara ? 😊
x2fa : Yay @zeeomludba :)
zeeomludba : Thanks so much guys! @x2fa yayy!! πŸ’ƒπŸ»
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