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πŸ“· @pwseven always manages to catch our city at its most stunning. From now on we're just going to follow him around. 😎 Also it's about time we got our own Sydney emoji, don't you think?
capitanofreestyling : I'm an italian currently living in Sydney and every day I wake up I thank God for having brought me here. Australia is now a deep sensation in my heart
cityofsydney : @capitanofreestyling we're lucky to have you πŸ‘
capitanofreestyling : @cityofsydney thank you very much, really appreciated!!!
nylle : @ritchefarinas @balenski there's nothing like the sydney harbour
louwink_ : Great shot @pwseven @cityofsydney
art_style__ : Nice
nicoll_beck : @thiago_dea
_poonee_ : How beautiful !😍
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
During September, we're slipping into our most stylish threads as we celebrate #SydneyIsFashion. There will be heaps of events, freebies & inspiration as we look at the people & places that make up Sydney's vibrant style. Ready to celebrate? Mark these dates in your diary: SEP 3: Join @vogueaustralia for global retail event Fashion's Night Out SEP 12: Shop Sydney's suburbs on #FashionSaturday SEP 24-26: Shop the runway at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival NOW: Head to @urbanwalkabout to find out how you can be the #faceofsydneyisfashion More info at sydneyisfashion.com.au Picture courtesy of Sydney-based fashion blogger @harperandharley πŸ“· by @zanitazanita #mbff #fno #vfno #mbffsydney #fashion #Sydney
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yourannabanana : Like this! @ariesepong haha
cubbitskids : This is great :)
norahlou : Looks fun @laurenlgaynor !
livraffaele : Nice xx
ktuff1 : @kirstymarie6
janelindsaysydney : @alecorsino photoshoot ideas
clurbur1805 : @cityofsydney luved it here when I visited for my first time in November, hope to visit again soon!!!
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Have you seen these @artmoney_au posters around #Sydney CBD? This one features Louise Tuckwell’s 'Stereo' from @gallery9syd. We’re proud to support Art Money as part of our Creative City Cultural Policy. Art Money is designed to make owning contemporary art possible for everyone via interest free loans for artworks between $750 and $20,000. Fact: More than a quarter of people who’ve bought art through the program have been first-time art buyers. Interested? Find out more at artmoney.com.au. #Art #Artists #ContemporaryArt #artmoney
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stephaniejaneagain : @annagram20 if the bank of Fran's terms aren't quite right ;-)
michelelaing : @willroyjones
aliboydell : Hm very interesting indeed @on_the_right_kath
annagram20 : Oooh!! @stephaniejaneagain
georgina_lane : Absolutely! @pidgeonfeather
flipbladwell : @eliza_barnfield @mishdona we can buy Picassos!
eliza_barnfield : Ha ha @flipbladwell I feel the Picasso would be well over the $20,000 πŸ˜’
olivialuth : @jessicaodonnell7699 bah humbug
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Ooh! Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, it can only mean one thing: spring is on the way. Go frolic outside! 🌷🌹🌷 #Sydney #springtime #yesssssssss Pic by the lovely @lifeinsurryhills
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beck303 : I walk past these blooms every morning and they smell so lovely
stephaniequartz : @sammeelee @seeing_things so pretty!
anjsabaupan : 😍😍😍😍 hindi na ako makakatulog niyan @vhal.est94
elizabethbogado : Pasaste por ahí alguna vez @lmv1212 ?
lmv1212 : 😍😍😍 @elizabethbogado si😒
winnielens : @amandalwl
michellemck5 : πŸ’š time to start planting this year's crop Lyns @lynseybnorman 🌱🌺🌹🌻🌷🌱xx
lynseybnorman : @michellemck5 yay 🌱🌻😊
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
#SydneyLocal snapper and general adventurer @theinkedshooter went to such great heights for our viewing pleasure. In his own words This was shot from a helicopter for a different perspective of our harbour bridge. Shooting into the sun was very difficult along with the shake of the helicopter but managed to come out great. We concur. 🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁🚁
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kbbtt : @ianskross
ianskross : @kbbtt - very lovely. Thanks
igerssydney : ✨πŸ”₯
parth_aggarwal : @jaideepaggarwal
jaideepaggarwal : Wow wat a click
kbbtt : @nsw2060au
carlos_at_1300whatloan : Spectacular...
foxml : @jacobcaughman can't wait to show you this view ✈️ right @montanagardner
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
#SydneyLocal @biglenslittlelens is making us miss summer with these blue skies. Luckily it's 20+ degrees this weekend so we can pretend β˜€οΈβ˜€οΈβ˜€οΈ. Here's what the man himself says about the day he took this photo. I don’t think there is a better view than Dawes Point on clear day. I thought having the deck chairs out in summer was a fantastic idea…and they surely were put to good use! You could sit, enjoy lunch under the shade of the palm trees, and watch the world (or joggers!) go by.
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jareno9 : I'll be home one day 😒
leelee670567 : @row_dunbar haha only just saw thia comment. Would have been perfect. Ill bring them to work for our half day :)
_alexa_csw_ : @thedancinglion
bluecloud007 : @natlhn
michaelaboshers : @pattycakes417 we need a pic right here
leidyoriana : Sunny day in Sidney! @dallilys
leidyoriana : Sunny day in Sydney!!! @dallilys
dallilys : @leidyoriana I like this kind of reading ♥ and view. ..
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
#SydneyLocal @lifeinsurryhills keeps it local, finding inspiration in her home suburb. In her own words. I walk my dog around the streets of Sydney most mornings.  It’s good exercise for him and has become a creative adventure for me.  Having lived in Surry Hills for over seven years I feel like I know every nook and cranny, but everyday it throws up something new and surprising.  I love the character of the suburb, the diversity of people, the fact it hasn’t lost a sense of history and the village feel.  And as I am soon to move away, home to Melbourne, my images are taking on an air of nostalgia in the lead up to our move. I have loved being @lifeinsurryhills. We wish Kim all the best in Melbourne. Show us the spots around your home by tagging #SydneyLocal β€οΈπŸ“·
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natlhn : @bluecloud007
sanjna16 : @windchaser7
_baahdias : surry hillsssss @ferbuhrer
zayoooor : @lattee_a
ferbuhrer : Passava na frente todo dia sdss @_baahdias
andrew_sf : @simonlovelace
dba100 : Where is it?
simonlovelace : Lovely shot of my gallery blank_space. Thank you for the share. We ❀️ Surry Hills.
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Our biggest birthday wishes to @operaaustralia, celebrating its 60th birthday at @sydneyoperahouse this morning πŸŽ΅πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŒŸ Opera Australia, you don't look a day over 25 to us ☺️
neha.pradhan : @manochaarchit Sunny Leone n Jacqueline ka bhi :p @ashimathapliyal @akshaystudios
manochaarchit : Oyeeee hoyeeee @sunnyleone da vi. Jhapiiyyaa te papiiyaaaan ...
manochaarchit : @neha.pradhan @akshaystudios
ashimathapliyal : Arre waahh @neha.pradhan sunny Leone is taurean @akshaystudios
neha.pradhan : Oh haaaan.. uska toh tumhare sath ata hai Thappu @ashimathapliyal koi nai Jacqueline to h @manochaarchit @akshaystudios
akshaystudios : @manochaarchit tum zabaradsti chipak lo sumny se. .. Jao apne sunil shetty ko jhappi do... @ashimathapliyal @neha.pradhan kisi ka bhi ho humein kya.. Kaunsa wo party denge wo..
xanneeex : @kayleedannii @marjolein_1993 morgen jongens omg
saiqaphillips : @robyn_win
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Ready to stop sleeping in? Maybe early bird #SydneyLocal @andrew_sf can help. Here's what he has to say about this photo I am early riser by nature and there's something about Sydney in the morning light that is so special. In my photography I am inspired by architecture, angles and light and I think this image really captures those three elements. I encourage anyone who wants to see Sydney and its true beauty to get up and watch the sun rise over the harbour. We love Andrew's fresh perspective on an old favourite. #harbourbridge #Sydney #sunrise πŸ“·β˜€οΈπŸ’›
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andrew_sf : @joachim1066 @thaspa_salon @lauberman @armanda_carol @mrsgill2 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
andrew_sf : @ozhanito @purple_people_eaterpx @dba100 @suziespoon @chinadollsydney thanks πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
andrew_sf : @qftravelinsider @spurwaya @jrad0 @jodiemcarmichael @iamdanxi πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
rpausm : Awesome! The light is...πŸ‘Œ @cityofsydney
raphasees : Fantastique!!
raphasees : @domhblt on monte?!!
domhblt : J'arriiiiiive!!!!
andrew_sf : @rpausm @raphasees @domhblt πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
A little different to today's sunshine, right? #SydneyLocal @find_auna reflects on April's dramatic storms in one of the most jaw-dropping photos we've seen yet. In her own words. This was taken in the midst of one of the worst rainstorms Central Sydney has faced in recent years. It was an uncanny feeling. Two minutes beforehand I was witnessing a beautiful, sunny Sydney. When clouds move this fast, changing a landscape you are used to seeing to something unknown, you have a moment where you feel displaced from somewhere you call home. Just 5 minutes after taking this picture, there was a downpour so harsh that I couldn't see the Harbour Bridge. Other places had so much hail it looked like snow. It was a day a lot of Sydneysiders won't forget. PS - According to climate change experts, these weather events may become more frequent. So what can Australia do? We're holding a special CityTalk with Connie Hedegaard, former EU Commissioner on Climate Action and Australian Federal politicians to discuss the politics of climate change. More info on our website (link in bio).
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coolstuffaroundhere : @cuche_germanshepherd
honeybiiiiiii : Wow
sims_lifetime : @_minah_3
kriketbroadhurst : wow a stunning shot and yes these sudden down pours can be quite nerve racking, reminding us just how fierce Mother Nature can be....
thecultureshop_sydney : Incredible Armageddon-esque capture! Occurrences like this reinforce the need for personal & property preparedness. Always have a back up plan !
thehamperemporium : Amazing photo! So proud to live in this cityπŸ’›
sarahlawman : @maxdudfield
igerssydney : πŸ˜πŸ’™
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