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Ever wished you could re-sit your school photo all over again? Brush your hair, straighten your tie and polish your shoes – ‘Us’ by James Dive, The Glue Society is a temporary photo studio outside the QVB for #artandabout (11am-6pm daily and some nights) where you can be part of a group photograph with people you’ve never met before. Once your picture has been snapped, you’ll be given your own signed and numbered copy to take home. #us #jamesdive #thegluesociety #sydney #sydneylocal #QVB #creativecitysyd
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natasharaveendiran : @sophielee_morris
squigglev : @stircrazy99 interested? :p
stircrazy99 : @squigglev @sunshine_mitra this looks cool
sunshine_mitra : @stircrazy99 hahaha me and Hayden passed it in our way and we were thinking of getting a photo too but it was busy,we should do it on thursday 😂
giftofthemonthclubs : Like
888crys888 : @megangerrish ??
nesse : Mmmm...not so sure about this @cityofsydney !!! 😳
helly64 : @bridgetisthesickest @amacauslan
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Is technology helping us create a world where social change is part of everyday life? Hear from Google.org, Change.org, Virgin Mobile & more at our next City Conversation. Book your free tickets now: http://ow.ly/BD0Wu #sydcityconv
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katiedunkerley : Thanks for the heads up. Could you repost the link. Not active...
cityofsydney : Hey @katiedunkerley we can't make an active link in Instagram unfortunately - if you type that link into your browser it should direct you to the right place :)
katiedunkerley : Ok thanks
kirtkendall : @mjkendall
katerinaayse : @rob_hs
blxnchxrd : Can't wait! ✨✨
paolodefelippe : @brunodefelippe
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
What are having for lunch? Get along to @WorldSquare and check out @Eamondonnelly_1’s awesome Milk Bar Banners while you taste something lush from Daisy’s Milk Bar pop-up as part of #artandabout. Daisy’s Milk Bar is at The Square serving up delicious baked bean & cheese or ham, cheese & tomato jaffles, hotdogs, spiders, classic milkshakes like chocolate as well as some indulgent ones including nutella, pancake and milo flavours, and mini sundaes and the all-time favourite ‘mixed lolly bag’. #eamondonnelly #milkbar #sydneylocal #sydney
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yanloyy : What event is that? Looks cute @cherie626
giftofthemonthclubs : Like
blxnchxrd : @cityofsydney is this on every day?
cherie626 : Tmr I go see har mud Liu! @yanloyy
nice_cardigan : @ashabutt this looks fun. Can you go and have a spider for me?
mon__nique : @colieflower1
stonedcowboy : @woofys container
ashabutt : Very cool @nice_cardigan !
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Congratulations to every single one of you who took part in today's incredible ‪#‎Blackmores‬ ‪#‎SydneyRunningFestival‬! #sydney #sydneylocal
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sueseed : Congratulations to @seedyontour on finishing her first ever race! #Proud
manplusmachine : I think I see me! (Only kidding, but I was there somewhere)
dressyjess : Congrats @mel_low44 !
atrevitt : @eddy_agcaoili congrats on finishing and beating your PB! Awesome effort 🏆
eddy_agcaoili : Thanks @atrevitt. Will try beat it again next year. Hope to see you there, too. #runhappy #runningbuddy
dannimills84 : @aimeeethomas woooo X
giftofthemonthclubs : Keep going
seedyontour : Thanks mum :) @sueseed xx
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Another great #Beams Arts Festival tonight in #Chippendale as part of #artandabout! Thanks for the pic @brendenhooke #beamsartfestival
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c_squares : @moeeh_ missed this again
rosahaydeecp : @margaritazy
emmapaceevents : @lightwellstudio
veggiepatchvan : 👌
yumna_a : @mr_h_khan next year def!
moeeh_ : 😧 so upset @c_squares
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Ever wanted to see the world through someone else's eye? Join The Walking Neighbourhood tour (by young locals) of Kings Cross or Redfern - part of #artandabout #sydneylocal #sydney #creativecitysyd #kingscross
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mibigdreams : I'll be there in December!! Can't wait!!
santanacecilia : @tchomoioli a ver na volta
stylist0777 : Is the tour following all the chalked arrows around the neighborhood? Its nice to see kids taking ownership of their neighborhood :-)
spickless : This is such a great idea
rvlukman : @josephinefebi Let's join this one?
josephinefebi : Yes! @rvlukman
captn_nopants : @jonjon_daco well???
giftofthemonthclubs : Like
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Shaun Parker & Company have taken over Martin Place with his performance #trolleys part of #artandabout. Catch them again tonight at 7pm, or see artandabout.com.au for the full schedule #shaunparker
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shan921 : @jberr125 looks like something that would happen around here
glebeboyz_int : Ehm... This is a bit awkward..
mirck88 : Rubbish
i_love_watermelons_ : @edward_kennyway @bobert_2 @nicklasgeist #likewasserakrobatik 😂😂😂
edward_kennyway : @i_love_watermelons_ xDDDDD
giraffeamy : Errr that's rubbish
helloschrader : Great performance on #mindlessconsumerism
max414 : @bakht_93
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
The barbie is on, the beers are cold and the deck chairs are out. Come on over, the Quarter Acre Block Party continues ‘til 10 tonight for the launch of Art and About Sydney in Martin Place #artandabout #sydney #sydneylocal #martinplace #fridaynightlive
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janelle_grace : @ashleighmegan we need to go!
aealkhan : @sumayah_alhouli
mala_emma : @simsonthegram @benjaminvh @alexandraverity grrr could be sipping on wines right here right now!
simsonthegram : Who's idea was it to move this weeknd! @mala_emma
mala_emma : @simsonthegram mother fkn chris's 😝 its alright we'll go double hard on the 17th!
missjenzie : @poo_men so crowded at night.
sorrythanksiloveyou : 👌
ashleighmegan : Yes yes!!! We have to go @janelle_grace excited for this
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Art & About Sydney has brought back the milk bar with @eamondonnelly_ photography of this faded icon flying through our city streets on banners during September and October. #artandabout #sydneylocal #eamondonnelly #sydney #milkbar
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mediapixel : Gorgeous Sydney 💌
eamondonnelly_ : Great shots of the banners @cityofsydney thank you for sharing! 🍦🍦🍦
cityofsydney : They look great @eamondonnelly_ :)
hungryworkshop : Love this!
giftofthemonthclubs : Like it
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
….And a nomadic art gallery sets up camp in Hyde Park getting ready for our 5pm #artandabout launch. #neonnomads #artandabout #sydney #sydneylocal #cityofsydney
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petalsdesignau : beautiful light!
rafabrrs : Looking forward for it
sydneyweekender : Gorgeous day!
stylist0777 : Had a look on the way home, looks cool. The bridge that connects to two sides of the park is just as cool too.
giftofthemonthclubs : Like
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