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The Walking Men banners are back for #Walk21Sydney, the international conference on #walking being held in Sydney this month. We’re talking #walking, #city transformations and more at this Wednesday night’s #sydcityconv at Lower Town Hall. There’s still a few tickets available (reserve your free spot now). The banners are part of the Walking Men Worldwide collection by artist @mayabarkai and were included in last year’s #Artandabout. #sydney #sydneylocal #urbanplanning #design #architecture #sydneyrides #cycling
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betinalegrazie : Conheco mais que o metro de sp @gabrielabrogim
andalusiya : Sigh @jaleph the artist happily denied Palestinians any connection to their home city of Jerusalem and when confronted was outright unapologetic and smug in her rejection of past current and future attachment to place. A real danger and a propagandist at that. Shame that City of Sydney is using her work and specifically that incorrect flag of "Jerusalem-Israel" again.
myrtlelanders : @jamyewithay are you in on this?
jeanettemassie : @lize_t I'm going to have to try and find the Berlin man!
kaytaytravel : Sydney is my favorite!!!
giovannakahtalian : namoral ? q sds @betinalegrazie @gabrielabrogim
daliarennofinj : @salwanfinj I miss home
salwanfinj : @daliarennofinj my soul
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Jam packed at our #free Organ Recital at Sydney Town Hall! Come on down - finishes up at 1:30pm #sydney #creativecitysyd #sydneylocal #organ #sydneytownhall
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otaviomarques : @amandex_santos
caitieedawsonn : @aquagrommie
amandex_santos : @otaviomarques perdi :'(
hugoandbirdieproductions : Like it!
lifecatchme : So cool a pic.
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Congratulations to everyone taking part in the #springcycle today. See you in Pirrama Park for #sydeyrides the city!
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ruthderuniec : @dansomerville jelly
hergs : Nice shot :)
nalverina : @teddybarnard
lorraine_lu : @lil_farinha 😏
micah5m : @joe_ezy
missjacinta810 : @eemonmarstella this ones for u to honk at!!
xyz.syd : @mimiku ζ˜ŽεΉ΄θΏ˜ε‚εŠ ε§
mimiku : @xyz.syd ζœ‰ζ„ζ€ο½žζ”’ε€Ÿι£žζœΊη₯¨ε°±εŽ»
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
We’re working hard to protect vulnerable wildlife in the heart of the city. We aim to protect native wildlife and create opportunities for shelter, roosting and nesting by creating new habitat areas. These include nesting boxes, frog ponds, native planting projects and nesting logs for creatures such as turtles, ducks and eels. Marine life including small fish and crabs are offered protection by special seapots along the seawall at Glebe’s Jubilee Park. #urbanecology #glebe #jubileepark #sydneylocal #nativewildlife #marinelife #sydney
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peteday : Great work!!!
juliebates : That's amazing I'm very impressed! πŸ†
caromh : Clover Moore and CoS you are the BEST! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
v3ronica_t : This kind of thing in the COS so gets my vote!
roslynbaldwin : Well done.
ohh_ell : πŸΈβœ”οΈ
aboutthatcat : Awesome!!
antonia_nadler : @paulina01__
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Welcome back #chairsinsquares! More than 100 deck chairs are dotted around city centre squares, alongside café-style tables and umbrellas and crates of books as part of the annual Chairs in Squares program. Furniture and crates of free books are available on weekdays from sunrise to sunset at: Sydney Square (outside Town Hall), Wynyard Park and Paddington Reservoir Gardens. #deckchairsinthecity #deckchairs #sydneylocal #sydney #cityofsydney #sydneyspring #sydneysummer #townhall
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teacupsandtacos : Your famous @hien_t_le
its_pipers_mum_yo : @sewnonbackwards what do you think?
immiw : @debbiecaven hope you take advantage of these!
cassieeegarrett : Omg yes please! @m0skiii2
debbiecaven : @immiw I'll have to check those out!
sewnonbackwards : There's such a lack of public seating in the city. I lament that there is nowhere besides the crowded foodcourts where you can go to sit and eat, sit and use a laptop, sit and sip a coffee outdoors. Pitt street's beautiful seating is a smoker's paradise and utterly repells me. Seats with tables are hard to find. I'm not a fan of sitting on the ground or on the steps in places like Martin Place or 8 Chifley. I'm sure there are people who disagree but really, one unproteceted seat for every bus stop? Chairs and tables in open spaces would be fab! @its_pipers_mum_yo
mediapixel : Fabulous @cityofsydney ! πŸ’Œ
themermaidmaria : @thegypsyo good idea then shopping at Paddington
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Matt and his son Maddison have braved the rain to join our National Ride2Work Day celebrations this morning! We've been amazed by the numbers of riders who have joined us in Prince Alfred Park, Union Square or Taylor Square. #sydneyrides #Sydney #sydneylocal #ride2work
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aussiegoldy : Brave!
adeline_grace : Such a pity about the weather! Good on everyone who went anyway πŸ‘
susanne_mc : Aww shame about the weather. Glad to see people involved in such a positive eventπŸ‘
sydneybikepolo : So good to see so many people getting into it!
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Geography students getting up close to our model of the #Sydney Local Government Area! #sydneylocal #cityofsydney
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daisyeliza_t : @_shirona_ BRAHHHH!
dantheman_79 : The one of Shanghai is a little bigger @smel_98
juddybuddy36 : I'd like to see that!
dylanfergo : @laurafergu
vezbecker : @ktg3112
ktg3112 : I MADE IT INTO THIS PHOTO @liv_cameronn
liv_cameronn : OMGGG LUCKY HAHA @ktg3112
ktg3112 : @lucia_cozzi
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Asylum seeker women running and cooking at Mazi Mas - a pop-up restaurant at Third Village Café in Darlinghurst. We’ve provided a community grant to social enterprise organisation Mazi Mas to help create opportunities for asylum seekers and refugee women. Mazi Mas, means ‘with us’ in Greek. Seven women from Africa, the Middle East and Asia have trained for hospitality careers throughout September, completing cooking, food safety and responsible service of alcohol courses organised by the Mazi Mas training program. #mazimas #sydney #darlinghurst #thirdvillage #sydneylocal
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mazimassydney : Thank you for all your support @cityofsydney #mazimassydney
grandeurbydesign : πŸ‘
museumminx : @paula_63 πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
aboutthatcat : That is AWESOME!!! There should be more work like this. 🌟🌟🌟
tawnyabahr : Nice!
sikhamo : @john_ocal
john_ocal : Let's go @sikhamo @veelomcc @pooleypow
sikhamo : @john_ocal @pooleypow @veelomcc just let us know when.....
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cityofsydney - City of Sydney
Who just saw day one of the #artandabout performance Bodies in Urban Spaces? Meet at the Archibald Fountain Hyde Park at 12:30 tomorrow and follow the performers around the city! Read more at artandabout.com.au #willidorner #bodiesinurbanspaces #art #sydney #ciewillidorner #performingarts #dance #placemaking #publicart #temporaryart
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egnax : @lillischmilli hope we catch some
c_hlo_e : This you? @_petee ☺️
_petee : Yep hahah @c_hlo_e
meg3willis : @jasnlou
instagradrian : @bchipster
cheaptilesonline : πŸ‘
helly64 : @bridgetisthesickest
manardhwila : @sarahaziz_
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#GoRabbitohs - @ssfcrabbitohs honoured with Key to the City of Sydney! #sydneylocal #sydney #NRLGF #gobunnies
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warmachine52 : there scum bags
uptabrah : I do try hard only to tick ya off a little bit hehe πŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š @radmayn
uptabrah : @warmachine52 word
bb_barsi : πŸ”΅βšͺοΈπŸ”΅βšͺοΈπŸ”΅βšͺοΈπŸ”΅βšͺοΈπŸ”΅βšͺ️
natstarz : SOUTH SYDNEY β€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈπŸ’šβ€οΈ
huntershillartgallery : πŸ‘ @cityofsydney 😘
chmodica : @curliebunny
grandeurbydesign : @heapy77
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