For Inspirational use only Photographer•Director | LDS ✉️ •Portland Photo workshop - March 28-29 👉
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Pretty excited to be heading to Oregon this weekend for some events in Portland! The Clymb is hosting a get together Friday night with food / drinks and a slideshow from me FREE.. Head to @theclymb for details. I am also hosting a 2 day photography workshop sat/ Sunday.. There is still spots if you wanna join. Link in my profile 👉
jhanzig : @masterbaconator dope shot. I went to one of his shows in January. Wish I could go on Friday!
garyafrost : @tlueddek pack up!
plantdreams : Where's this picture taken?
pinklacqueredskies : @turryrurry Also.... This summer 😍
squidsinger : @instafrenchi I need to freaking go to Oregon
dylann_grey : @amelia_louisee
bzend : Harika
_trey_campbell : @katyponce
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
🚁California Anyone know this stretch of coast?
broganstarr : 😍😍😘😘 @j_1mmy
red_carolhebard : ?
poizonne : @itsyaung @tashitime ahhhh can't wait!!!
pnewman87 : @chrisburkard picture looks great. It was an awesome flight!
mirka12i : @pnewman87 @chrisburkard looks like you both had some fun exploring the CA coast! Doesn't get better than being able to take some pictures from up above!! 👍✋✈️
chrisburkard : @mirka12i unreal experience !
mirka12i : @chrisburkard @pnewman87 hopefully you two can take the plane for another spin soon and take more shots like this one!!✋
aymanalzaid : Great shot 👌
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
It's all about intentions I think.. And although Travel/ nature photography is what I do for a living , I am deeply aware of what it feels like to be stuck in a place. I didn't grow up traveling , or even leaving the country.. And it took a lot of creativity to find a career (without schooling) that would get me to experience places I would only read about and saw in the glossy pages of magazines. So my intention is not to fabricate some unrealistic , hopeless sense of wanderlust but rather to inspire.. With the goal that anything is possible if you are passionate enough about it
bluesausage : @chriscalhoun I think we've been here.
sunmoonstarshine : Inspired. Thank you for this and your willingness to share your gift...
auxi25 : 😍😍😍
chriscalhoun : @bluesausage I think you're right!❤️
patriciasocal : This looks like parts of the Grand Canyon
bsakins13 : @ashlynlaurel24 the caption
rhondakangalee : Inspiring.
jovnnv : 🙌
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
No Elves inside... We checked.
crayolalines : @matcha.matcha
matcha.matcha : @crayolalines 💚
daltonlacey : @sara__abby
mokingbirdpk : @isabela_bahiense Nosa casa :3
jakubtolar : Amazing 👏😍 : In the middle of nowhere!
rajanagarwal : Would love to live here... just need internet :D
fattymcsnax : @travelsandtrails TINY HOOSE
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
High above the sea watching this waterfall drain into the ocean, if there was ever a place to meditate in Nature.. This is it. An outake from our Article on the Faroe Islands in @surfer_magazine .
adrivelasquez : Hermooooso @mikenmai11
danielgchacon : Esto o thailandia, Filipinas, fiji @liasanchezg @luistariba
samcuhz : @mommy_fatale
smackdaddycp : @michelecjc
smackdaddycp : @jessepurcell_
fedezambo97 : i love nature
myabsoluteimage : Beautiful Faroe! 😊😊
joeypts : @genalynng wow
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Last October I had the chance to travel to the Faroe Islands in search of waves for @surfer_magazine . It was an unforgettable journey with some epic people that I will never forget. We waited through a lot of storms to finally find what we were looking for. Check out the article in this months issue. Thanks to everyone that made it possible! @arcteryx @goalzero @amazinggrass @zealoptics @mizulife @gerbergear @westerndigital @olloclip
cosmowilliams : Awesome photo
nicolinatoftegaard : Flott💚
t.douglassphoto : Sweet!
pictures_by_kc : Very inviting. Thank you for your inspirational work👏👏👏
mikesperrey : I love your work man. They just sold another copy!
gluttonwithacamera : This is spellbinding!
shakemyworld_alt : ❤️👌👏
enina07 : Que bello!!!
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Camera stopped working after I shot this and I was completely soaked.. But smiling ear to ear.
ruang_ganti : Where its?
manumagic16 : Great
giomaldonado80 : @mellie_melzzz
simo0502 : Incredible! Where?
icelandphototours : @chrisburkard i can imagine! It's one of my fav places 😃 @simo0502 @ruang_ganti it's here in Iceland, an hidden waterfall called Gljufrarbui pretty close to another awesome waterfall called Seljalandsfoss, one of Icelands's most visited waterfalls 👍
dragonmantis : @gigabub
shretikagupta : @anubhav_27 @ayashkanta
khaasphoto : Amazing!
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Last Thursday I took the stage @TED to give what might be one of the most important talks of my life. Since then this quote has surfaced from my talk and has sparked quite a debate. It's interesting to see people's reaction to something that is a little out of context since my talk hasn't been released online yet, and nobody has seen it (can't wait to share it with you) Either way I would love to hear your thoughts.. ? Keep in mind my talk is a personal story and not a roadmap upon which I feel people should live by... But rather my own experience of how I have interpreted the things most meaningful to me
tamaratimimi : @zinatimimi amen❤️
starrfish303 : @kristal_nanci 👍
desireelarie : Can't wait to watch it!!!
kristal_nanci : @starrfish303 true that
justcrumbs : Interesting @thefabricofoursoul ...
thefabricofoursoul : @justcrumbs yes interesting. Would love to hear the full talk to understand the context of where the quote came from. I would probably replace the word "joy" with "what we want". And replace "suffering" with "resistance" 😊🙏
iggysc : @melissajunee
melo6833 : I think its perfect and its very true, with anything in life!!! Since they took it out of your story to stand alone, it makes me feel like they are only judging the quote and not the entire story behind it.. Idk how I feel about that, but I do feel that with or without your story accompanying it, its a profound statement and since it is part of your story and how you feel, no one should tell you its wrong because its the way you feel and its your opinion! I however still feel it is a quote that would be accepted, appreciated, and applauded by many!!!! I for one would like to thank you for it!!! I feel I have lived it... I've also tried to take that shortcut... it never works!!! Lol Take Care :) - alan_wouda - melo6833 - pandafarid -
chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
For most of us inspiration has many sources.. And it can come in many different forms. Especially today where you can even find it in the palm of your hand while holding your phone. But it all has to start somewhere, and for me that's here...
bellevueblues : Love this post, saw it on Tumblr and had to come back here to say something :-P :-)
naghmezahedi : Great 👌
os.borne : And my favourite :) @exchequerproductions
bill_wackermann : KILLA
clydecaptures : 😱😍😭😭😭 @jo.z
sperm.whales : @gracerondoni
er_rudy : @briandoyle
cassbaleix : @hannahmarie_photography
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Has anyone been to Denali National Park? I'm planning a trip there for later this year and am looking for some info on best time to go, places to check out, hikes, avoiding bugs etc etc I would love to get some info! And if anyone knows any good Glacier Pilots!! PS- this is not Alaska 😉
amandamcnally_ : 👌
will_n_morgan : @chrisburkard you'll love Denali, dude! I've been in September, just after first snowfall, and it was incredible. While Denali is great, if you want glacier flights, you should check out the Wrangell National park instead. My brother in law and sister fly folks in and out of McCarthy, and give amazing glacier flights. It is further southeast, but the Chugach range in my opinion is more impressive than Denali itself, and FAR less crowded. McCarthy is a great starting point, with some pretty gnarly remote hikes accessible in the LARGEST national park in the states. You could easily do both, but I'd recommend Wrangell-St. Elias in July. Denali is probably best weather in July, too, but way more crowded in comparison.
belovedspouse : Go to it gives you great information about that park and many others as well from Master Photographer Rodney Lough Jr.
giant_world95 : Gorgeous!!
hndzm7 : @sanoguetnat Este Es yo Cuando grande
hector_leon_rojas : Meraviglia !!@
shelbbby : I wanna get married at a place like this @madisonholmes
kabbott87 : @chrisburkard, I live in Southeast Alaska and have never been to Denali, but if you haven't already visited the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, Alaska. . You should!! The ice caves are incredible. - adlihl - eddreon55 - frailsoul -
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