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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Constantly amazed by these places I get to work. It's been 10 years since I made the decision to quit my job at 19 and give everything to pursue photography as a career. It was the hardest choice I ever made... Honestly I can't remember being more fearful about anything else before. It's not always glamorous .. Or even fun. But moments like these remind me how worth it, it's been.
roxyfox13 : Skogarfoss. Lupine are non-native & hated by most IS'ers though.
haloskiwi : @hey_acj
trailmo : Beautiful.
arielelainew : I need to be there @codyirving24
milancelot_ : @jjessicagomez @sarahgomeez
juliehornromero : @angiejoyhorn It took me a minute to believe this was real. Wow.
mcmoscoso : @priscamoscoso ese estilo fuera 😍
oppa_unke : @marvjio
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Last weekend I explored the dirt roads around where I grew up. It brought back so many memories of scouring the CA coastline looking for waves and amazing vistas. I had the chance to put together some images of my trip for @CNTraveler & @Belstaff. Check their website for a gallery of my adventure. #WellTraveled
welltraveled -
logan5874photography : awesome
eddiedonnellan : This is too good man. What a treat @chrisburkard
kwang_kri : @manpantone
livealovelife : @m_ij ابي دباب 😂
chrisburkard : @eddiedonnellan 😁😁😁😁
the_angl_ : @_ghostcat_ haha I need to do it again! That road is epic! My happy place! @chrisburkard is my favorite photographer! He's the BEST!
eddiedonnellan : @chrisburkard you around for a while? Want to take a grom trip? Older boys?
derkells : You're an amazing photographer but that fact you're LDS makes you 20x cooler 😁😁
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Weekend Goals 🙌🏼 @killahcal
thome_leo : @marijullia vei ta bugando n ta dando p te seguir
marijullia : Mas deu certo não deu não ? @thome_leo
marijullia : Aqui Ta que deu @thome_leo
thome_leo : @marijullia aqui ta q n
jeffreymarksinc : 🎯
claudiascheb : @mcrain59
pmilll : @earth_child__
grinnan57 : @tlgrinnan
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
You can almost smell it.. 🌲🌲🌲
flatbottomb19 : @katj318
ilsolleone : Great capture!
arthurkimbro : @_gracerracer_ I'm so down
devinaatania : Wow 👍
rchungloy : @tphan91 ily
davidnkollmann : Wow! Love the green.
crollins : @kateykal the green
logan5874photography : Awesome
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
It has always been a dream to work on a project that could inspire Kids to get outside and explore. I am so excited to announce that my Children's book "The Boy Who Spoke to Earth " is now available to purchase in my shop . Link in profile 👉🏽 This was an incredible project that I had the opportunity to work on with the talented artist @mcclellan_art and publisher @dreamlingbooks . Kids or not.. Old or young.. You will love this book.
lauralich : @brianthehuman
miya_howells : @mcclellan_art and @chrisburkard this is beautiful. We just received ours and know it will be treasured for years to come.
taneowens : This sounds amazing @jkdoom
daysarewherewelive : Love love love this concept. This earth is incredible!
bbucher : @ju.bucher @marcelabucher saiu!!
carlos_970 : Maybe a portugusese translation, someday.
ashlee_hamon_photography : @sabratoothedtiger WAT
mistymower : My kids are a little older than picture book stage (I'm not 😊). I ordered your book anyway and received my copy yesterday. I absolutely LOVE it! It's such a beautiful book and the words speak truth to my soul! Thank you!
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
There are few films that really capture the hardships of Himalayan Climbing like @merufilm . When I saw it at Sundance I left the theatre with tears and a whole new respect for friendship, survival and what it means to achieve the impossible. Grateful to know @jimmy_chin and @renan_ozturk and all the effort they put into this project with many others. Check it out.. @merufilm
fbouhbila : 1day ago
_just_dream_it_ : Awesome shot 😊👌👏👍
tylercollinsphotography : Seriously can't wait to see this film!! Hats off to Jimmy as well, dedicated, passionate, and seems like a great guy!
greatbumbino : @mamabearkay
vonrudd : Follow this dude! @mrtanica
passportsforpeasants : @cde389
felipecunha167 : @pauladuprat
festeves27 : @belenbj_
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Today we talk about Night photography in my online @creativelive workshop. It starts at 9AM PST, and goes till 4. I hope you can join me for this epic Live streaming workshop. We also touch on social media, business of photography, gear, and working with clients. Did I mention it's free? Check my profile link for details 👉🏽
switchimagination : @stephysk bueno eso va ! Nos turnamos :)
mayadevereaux : @corgipapi
corgipapi : @mayadevereaux 😱
pjbellinger : @cwbellinger
mortenlowe : @jesperlowe når jeg er færdig med at danse!! 100% er du klar? Billeder, hiking og camping..
leonmaraujo : @leehdmngs 🌚
juliapotsch : @danielgmlago
danielgmlago : @juliapotsch clássica.. Já tinha visto. Lindo demais
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Find beauty in everything. Tomorrow I have another Free photo workshop online with @creativelive It's streaming live at 9AM - check my profile link 👉🏽 and Tune in.
este_bahan : @juliejamora
stacey_reyes : @senpaisav @valeria_alfageme 😍
redd1803 : Amazing.
logan5874photography : Love this
shanehaole : @oohneh 🙌🏻
antigravitygraphics : I was here in May! Great shot. Tough to get that lighting in Iceland.
blackout_nenax333 : Beautiful timing
_._._leon_._._ : 👌
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
9AM friends! My Live-Streaming outdoor photography workshop starts! Follow my profile link to join me @creativelive . Did I mention it's Free?
lissnz : Thanks @chrisburkard for the amazing workshop, I didn't think it was possible to be more inspired.
matt_mauk : This workshop is awesome @chrisburkard. Thanks a bunch! 📷👊💥
joshwvan : Amazing workshop! Thank you @chrisburkard for sharing. @creativelive
coolquilting : Great workshop
mikebite : great workshop, learning a lot! already watching it the 3th time ;-)
lenchmobb : @chrisburkard It was a very cool workshop, does anyone remember the app he used to anticipate the direction of the milky way? I think he said sky gazer?? Thanks!
christianyogitraveler : Bummed I missed it
ashlee_hamon_photography : F! @sabratoothedtiger
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Sunny blue skies are great and all.. But nothing compares to dramatic clouds. Maybe I'm the only one, but I can't wait for Winter. I have a Free - Live streaming photo workshop tomorrow morning - 👉🏽check my profile link for details!
a_wlkr : Austria?
carsonhart : incredible reflection!
wikkinight : Did you travel into the movie Tangled? This is beautiful!
nikkkkolai : Iceland @a_wlkr
kathpom : @amelie.daudelin beau!!!
amelie.daudelin : @kathpom magnifique!
logan5874photography : Amazing
sharon.louise : You're not the only who loves winter ❄️
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