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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Homeward bound.
jim.cam96 : @r_kennedy43
clangbort : @margaret_feltz
redjulen : @sarotinor nosotros la semana que viene
exploringtheglobe : Stunning capture @chrisburkard
karaodun44 : Yerin de olmayı çok isterdim
mainthejake : @stanwwood
clarebartram : @happyhawkeye 😍
leejabenham : This could be us @electrobixgreen
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Growing up I thought places like this didn't even exist. I've spent my entire career convincing myself they are real. A Glacial River bleeds out of a mineral lake in Iceland's highlands.
mariviana : Nossa!! Que incrível @adrianorob
bigcowphish : @ludovictenorio this is the guy
gloriafila : Stunning!
881215 : @lovwii travel to these kind of places
dyeoms : @elleryyyywong
mainlens : @aliboehm204
liloetrose : @a_eash
vmbouwman : @chrisburkard ahhh and I just watched your TT - my moment of fulfillment up there was in a sea kayak at the arctic circle and seeing a blue whale...complete happiness!
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Your feet can only take you as far as you're willing to go.
smittenmitten22 : @rosannachacko
jesstermke : @laurakhafeman I thought this was Iceland- nope, NZ! We just talked about this!
asyrafacha : way to awesome !
urbanjoinery : @emmabritt . Pretty sure this is nz
emmabritt : Yep @urbanjoinery near Queenstown
urbanjoinery : Really ? @emmabritt
uzma.naz : Love the quote and the photo, of course
herbiem75 : Awesome
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Gallery Party Tonight ! Book signing for "The Boy who spoke to Earth" a children's book for adults :) Live Music/ Donut Truck 5-8pm 445 1st St, Avila Beach CA Come on down! For more info and to purchase the books check my profile link 👉🏽
mariahelenabastos : 👏👏👏👏
lndzbehr : @riham06 there's a link on his bio
eakemi_ : @smokeadvisor follow this talent, he's one of my favorites! 👌🏼
gabe4president : Look he made his own children's book @__.valeriee.__
laceslice : @shkodamaria вот она :-) 👆
natesully : @joesullivanart
theselittlefolk : Very cool . Might have to track that one down @wanderlightly
kellibelli808 : @jessilyn.m.l
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Maybe it's a secret... Or maybe you already know! If you post a vertical photo with Instagrams new borderless feature it gives your screen the largest possible image.. Which is awesome. It's a like a visual feast. Can't wait to see what you post. Tag #DeathoftheSquare so I can see em!
deathofthesquare -
nourmajzoub0 : Um @kelseyzack
shelbyskousen : @ckmosley cool huh?
speedygonzo_ : @anafrias07 do it?
sawyermagnett : Havasupai!
trevenglish : @anastasiahicker
lytlelady : @laursamsa
pizon27 : @_lukeschultz my favorite photographer
kellibelli808 : @angelalalamarie
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Finally I can set this photo free! I have been waiting for awhile for this new @Instagram feature to drop. I've always embraced the full square when I could, mainly because of the challenge of looking at my work in a new way. But I am pretty excited to see some of my pictures & other peoples outside the square, displayed the way they were shot. #DeathoftheSquare I took this a few years ago on lake Maligne. We kayaked 4 hours to our campsite and woke up to a windless morning on this glacial lake. It could be the most perfect morning I have ever seen.
deathofthesquare -
chad_n_fokus : @sammstangeland
danielaperera_ : @valentinaherrero mira que cool este men
sean_arr : @ian_steven
ryry54 : @dani.lum
sahbrenah : @ryaneichorst i mean cmon😍
jmclane : @katieshapirola
jacquelynroseee : @talleymonn
saeed_moharami : @maziyar_hemmati zzzzzz
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
The sound of frozen water thawing and finding its way to the Ocean. One of my favorite ways to meditate. #👉🏽if you're in California come by my gallery tomorrow night for a huge party !
👉🏽if -
melikeedalyn : Olması çok normall :) @anlgndz1
mika_kalo : Vorrei esserci ...!!!!!!
albertofrasca23 : Paradiso!!!
ethenhayes6 : @parrish_luvit
aruinne : @luster12x
ccseyes : @chrisburkard your photos are the definition of inspiration ✨🙌🏻
heipeppi : @happypacman
davidnkollmann : so wild! 😍
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
ALASKA... it's been 2 years since I've explored this beautiful state. Next week I am heading back to check out Denali and some other rad places with some great people. Anyone else gonna be cruising around? Not sure how much extra time i'll have but I would love to cross paths!
evadahiny : @mike.zamudio 😍
_jojosgal_ : Hi @chrisburkard ! Will you be making a quick stop through Anchorage? I'm psyched to see what beauty you can rouse from my home state ☺️. Anyway, I'd love to get my book signed since I can't make it to your showing in Cali. Or maybe I can catch you somewhere along the road?
hunterfilbert : @emilyroehling I hope you find your ipod!
wolandrea : @tonjeqa hitog
jaceyjackson3 : @tom__bean
tonjeqa : Ja, klar @wolandrea
davidnkollmann : Truly beautiful!
taylorpetey : @heidiandrus
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
When we thought about making a Children's book, the biggest goal was to inspire young ones to get out and explore. We chose my top 6 places and some of my favorite photos to go along with them. The deserts and canyons of The Southwest were some of those places we had illustrated. Join me Friday for a book signing of "The Boy Who Spoke to Earth" at my gallery in Avila Beach. 5-8pm, live music, and a donut truck...what more could you ask for?
bryce_lynch : @jwhoods
bryce_lynch : @dashelmar
bryce_lynch : @garejones
davisiam : @reginaschmid 😍
kellyydeuser : RIGHT @esperanzavicente
jane_228 : Splendid
_xhvnvn : Amazing 😍
janatoll : So amazing
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
My wife leaned over to me this morning and reminded me that 6 years ago today I was sitting in a Russian Jail cell. It was absolutely the most scared I have ever been in my life. And even though I have told this story over & over and even joke about it now a lot.. It still makes me pause and reflect on what that feeling was like. To instantly have all your rights stripped from you and be interrogated for 6 hours. Forced to spend 24 hours in a cell and then deported to Korea. At 23 years old I realized I had bitten off more than I could chew and maybe was not as invincible as I thought I was. Even with something as simple as a clerical error from the Russia Visa agency, there was no way they were letting me in or out. Until then I don't think I had an understanding of the freedoms I enjoyed at home. Nor did I really respect what it means to travel in other countries. I remember begging the U.S. Embassy to get me out and although they got me fed, there wasn't much more they could do. I learned a ton from that experience, the least of which was to never take travel or the place you call home for granted. I shot this photo from the trip downtown Vladivostok Russia on slide film. 😁I got back in 3 days later.
chrisburkard : @isaac_zoller zollllllley
pinus.acer : @allietavelski I don't know what it is exactly. I know that it's not democratic. Read wikipedia article "Elections in Russia". And I don't say that you have to be democratic - it's your choice. Poland was not democratic for almost 50 years and everybody knew that (but we didn't choose that). Communists (the government) said that it was 'people's democracy', but nobody beside them believed that it is truly democratic when there was no opposition allowed, when you couldn't candidate because you were not a member of a given party. And about your saying: this is the exact reason why I won't visit Russia (as long as it is non-democratic). I've heard good things about Russian hospitality but I see not all Russians are as hospitable as people say.
valentinariash : @nataliamartin23 no había visto esto😬😬😬
nataliamartin23 : @valentinariash dime que lo leiste!! Amo a este man
valentinariash : @nataliamartin23 que tal. Increíble
spencer.riffle : @chrisburkard did u go to AG high? 04'?
ninamirelez : Deep, very interesting, it draws you close to your feeling your carry in your heart a strong connection 😊 thank you for sharing Chrisburkard
hemulith : Process of getting U.S. visa and crossing the border is also kinda humiliating for Russians (the same with traveling to Australia and even to Schengen). It's a pity that ordinary people have to go through such unpleasant experience despite they are not responsible for relationships between their politicians. I hope you had good time here in spite of everything.
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