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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
My 🎵playlist has been on repeat for the last couple months and it's getting pretty tired Love to get some good new music recommendations..I listen to literally everything. SONG / ARTIST please ✌️
anca_wanderlust : George Ezra's album (Wanted on Voyage), Passenger's album (Whispers), I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons, And Tonight by Lily & Madeleine and also The Wolf is Free by them also, High Hopes by Kodaline... Just a few that I have in mind atm :)
wolnicat : Old Pine by Ben Howard is a dope chilling out kind of song. Ocean by John butler is also chill if you're into intrumentals
will_bergmann : Del Barber. Latest album "prairieography" . You need to listen to this guy. @delbarber
robstonephoto : Junip - Without You. (That whole album is amazing, Jose Gonzalezzz)
merleamina : 1. when the sleeper wakes | Michael Wollny 2/3. Goldwrap + Eighthundred streets by feet | Esbjörn Svensson Trio 3.
ninthwheelstatus : Help It by @thereignofkindo
cdaniels2012 : The New Basement Tapes
ninademetra : STAN ROGERS
_eduardo_fs - little_l00ney - bavedon - matheus_gobo -
chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Occasionally in my travels I come across some incredible critters. Like the very elusive Aleutian Islands Fox. We showed up at the beach really early to check this wave and as we walked to the shoreline we came across the beautiful Fox with the most vibrant coat I had ever seen. He was digging through seaweed looking for a meal. I had never seen a Fox at the beach.. Let alone with a seaweed diet.. But there is a first time for everything. #critters
critters -
carryonmywaywardsun : @laughingfoxesbliss
myheartandthesea : @canoed_son Found it!
juwe44 : Beautiful animals
thepastorstephen : @ashleejonesm
stevenmeloney : @shiannakoeck
filihryn : @diamond_ink_
sultanalhajrei : Super
yavuz_senturk : @gokalpmete
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
It's fun to view Art in the palm of your hand... but if anyone wants to see the real thing, blown up huge and on a wall. Then come hang with me and check out the gallery show at @sawyersupply tonight in Santa Cruz
pbakes11 : @ajprice09 😍😍😍 oh mylanta!
thewildtraveller : 👌😍😍
sophiemm828 : Wow!!!!!!!
jakemedenyakphotography : Beautiful shot!!
tymasonjames : Under the sky One day @sarahstuart6
brhmpnr : HOW BEAUTIFUL💫😍😍😍💫
agaetis3 : Beautiful 👏
lisyvertsen : Beautiful♥♥
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Moment of regret in the Caribbean with @dylangraves I'll have some surf photos on display at @sawyersupply tomorrow night in Santa Cruz. If your around come and say hi.
tpaatur : Wow💚💙💚💙😍💚💙
jieruching : It looks amazing!
bradleybrownn_ : @wadegoodmann
barbara_jnolan : Cool! @myriahjayne
animalstyle_42 : @bennyboy831
larsamy : @elisergue can u do this yet???
tommylava : @makanakauai @babes_n_waves @ryanfabss
parafina : And on that day, the surfer taco was born
arqthames - felix_mack - ______harv - room509 -
chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Who says you can't Surf in yosemite ?! I don't travel many places without a longboard and neither should you. @sector9 and I are teaming up to give away 2 boards to anyone who posts there best "Fall" inspired photo - just tag. #BurkardxS9 myself and @sector9 to see your submission. Winners picked next week on their account
burkardxs9 -
makemiy : @mandirigma1999
thehipsterprince :
dreamsblog : Amazing
daverule : @h_filasky
jakefrombakefarm : @lukerrd
beezkneezlouise : @_jonahcorona_
emie_hale : Yes! @maddiemercer94 definitely new bucket list item!
c.olle : Listen to Dan croll its very calming
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
This Saturday I'll be in Santa Cruz at @sawyersupply. I am honored to present Gallery Show of my work from Surfing the Arctic to bodysurfing Tahiti. Cruise on by & hang and catch up on some stories from the road🙌
zeezel : @parkersellenburg you could take this of baby coconut swimming :)
mimiiiiii94 : Wow!!!beautiful!!😱😱
parkersellenburg : @zeezel it may not look like it, but that's one bigass wave he just ducked. Coconut might get turned to fish food. But we'll start swim training A-SAP;)
zeezel : @parkersellenburg certainly a coconut-friendly environment is in order :) swimmy swimmy coconut
sanmrod : Amazing 🌌
finn : Love this!
recarijo : @anacatarinaphoto você ja segue ele?
anacatarinaphoto : @recarijo total! Ele é uma das minhas principais referências!
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Yah I've got my clothes on but It didn't make much of a difference when I was standing in this glacial lagoon There is something pretty exhilarating about swimming / standing/ jumping into freezing cold water.. Maybe it's the fact that in no way are we meant to survive in those conditions, but for an split second we try to adapt. Anyone try it ? Thanks for snapping this one @prestonarichardson ✌️
bri_cruz_ : woah @irixe
jtmatuska : @chris_breau
kingoftheshill : Great caption @chrisburkard
throughroutes : @heidimjohnson
leila1100 : @deddieg0
hafizzainalabidin : Mak ai.. Tak sejuk ke bang oi
tolgy75 : 🙌🙌🙌🙌
yusak8873 : 👏👏👏
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Just wanted to say a huge thank 🙌 you to all that took part in the @huckberry Explorers Grant. I was so humbled at how many entries there were. We had a epic group of finalists who wrote incredible essays, but ultimately it was @charles_post essay & passion for the outdoors that won the grant Can't wait to hang in Denali! Thanks everyone that was involved !
mont391 : Amazing!
__bianca__s : Wow looks epic
luxpads : Nice pic!
cirque888 : That boss
leemathilde : Your photos are amazingly beautiful.~👍👍👍👍👍☺😊😁😄😆
brookezemien : @jlinde1 yesssssss please 😊
gina_kwon : @pristineejunn yess dude wow
luca_gisler : @leon_mory
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
A little damp, but worth the morning view... Icelandic #selfie Shot with @olloclip wide angle
selfie -
lawrencefreemanmetalart : @xheatherx_
xheatherx_ : So down!!! 😝 @lawrencefreemanmetalart
farzane89 : @gitizadeh بازم تنها رفتی؟
gitizadeh : @farzane89 عشقم...من بی تو کجا برم؟
farzane89 : @gitizadeh اگه راست میگی من کوشم؟
gitizadeh : @farzane89 پیشه من :-*
farzane89 : @gitizadeh من اون وری بالای سرت خوابم..
libraryist : 🙌. Wow!!!
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chrisburkard - ChrisBurkard
Glacial chill sesh. Best caption?
evi_ania : @rmccormack334 @noellesmith121 @jayhicks2014 omg
jasontingey : @gadgarner @jdbuxton @jayricto @_k_lubb @trentmlay @blizzlej @russlowe @shaunras The list started getting too long but you dudes popped in my mind as fellow hammock lovers, especially in remote places. Also, if you aren't following this Brother-you should start now because he's an incredible talent who knows how to take a Rad picture!
blizzlej : @fischer_josephson99
ana.mavi : @angelenguita quina passada!!
raphaelmartins_ : Caralho, muito massa! @karend_silva
mattkuras : @johnsullivan7 @anthonydzugan @coreywademann
trevorstrickland : @rachii_rach
libraryist : ... NO WAY ...
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