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Decorator, mama, Midwest transplant. West Coast gal at heart. Indianapolis
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
The ones where she snuck moments of Tate without her knowing are my very favorite. Thank you a million my dear. @cassandraallred #tatescarlet
tatescarlet -
chelseahorsley : @sammyrichards thanks sam😘😘
chelseahorsley : @teresahalliday thanks!! Debs has the link to see them all if you want to really:)
chelseahorsley : @meandyouplusthree she is so so talented!! @cassandraallred
chelseahorsley : @leighannarnold oh cute! We love the name for a girl especially. I just looked at your feed and got sucked into your darling little boys videos. Oh my, he is a charmer!! 😘
chelseahorsley : @juleesnow @mrs_mama_j thanks you guys!!
chelseahorsley : @jsfreddy I know right? Tate is at the age where she especially loves to pose for the camera and plaster on a big smile. It's darling, but she has such a sweet quiet side that I love capturing too. Glad @cassandraallred got those!
chelseahorsley : @byboyandgirl she lived in this amazing romper this summer. Xx
byboyandgirl : @chelseahorsley beautiful! thank you for sharing!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
The one who always smiles, the one with the inquisitive, wandering mind, and the one who makes everyone laugh. Sassa Art @cassandraallred captured my three perfectly. Can't wait to get these framed! Eeeee!! ❀️
chelseahorsley : @khath11 oh man. You too!! Thank you Katie. Too bad ours can't all play together:(
chelseahorsley : @abicrabby yes, gosh she has such an eye. So lucky to have that BFF perk πŸ˜‰
chelseahorsley : @laycejbrande thanks layc😘
chelseahorsley : @abbysharp thanks to you we did make it to the white barn after our rained out first attempt. So worth it! Thanks 😘
chelseahorsley : @jamdavenport @danielleoakeyinteriors thanks girls! It's so rare to get all my three in one shot so there was QUITE an effort going on behind the scenes:) ha.
chelseahorsley : @liztprince thanks friend!
libbermore : These are my most favorite kinds of shots. Just sweet and natural.
brookethejohnson : Ahhhh keep posting these! Or send me texts of every single one! I'm being dead serious too!!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
He's always leading me some where. And he's eating up this one on one time we have right now until his preschool starts. It's so nice to experience your kids alone once in a while right? They're so well behaved when they're getting all the attention πŸ˜‰
michenicole : Só true!
evelloyd : So cute! And beyond fun that you get one on one time!
paigelunt : So true. one on one is my favorite.
anniebkarren : So true! One on one helps you remember how great your kids really are.
drupowers : that little cutie is so lucky to have this one on one time!
chelseahorsley : @lorileesw it goes both ways doesn't it? I am on my best behavior too when I just have one πŸ˜‰
jenwarner01 : I love this- it's so true!! One on one time is rare and amazing!!! Glad you get to have this time with that cute boy!
chelseahorsley : @anniebkarren totally. I'm like- wow, he's really fun and actually nice. Hahaha.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
I bought them for their gorgeous oxblood red color, and $2 price tag. Tate can't stop talking about how they're her favorite flowers I've brought home because they look like rockstar flowers. Good to know. 🎀 #eatyourheartouthannahmontana
details - interiors - design - horsleyhome - eatyourheartouthannahmontana -
drupowers : those really are gorgeous.
chelseahorsley : @drupowers trader joes, of course.
erin_downs : The best rock star flowers I've ever seen!
anniebkarren : Gorgeous!
nunubot123 : I love that she sees them that way. What an artist.
lovelupita : Gorgeous! I've always been a fan of summer but Arizona has turned me into an autumn girl. Loving these moodier colors.
jsfreddy : Totally rock star
janebarrus : Trader Joe's flowers make the world a better place.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Three Horsleys in a tub... πŸ›€
jenwarner01 : 😘😘😘
jsfreddy : So so cute
daniellecurtis : Look at that tanned beauty surrounded by cute blondes. You've got a great little bundle there!!
chelseahorsley : @anniegoddard1 ahh, isn't it the best! Bath time is such a crutch for me when I just need a break.
sammyrichards : Oh I love them!
chelseahorsley : @daniellecurtis thank you! And gosh, ditto 😘
debsalittlelate : How cute are they ?!!
dancer4life100000 : So cute
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
One of the best parts of having twins is when they both have the stomach flu. Wait... πŸ”«
anniebkarren : Oh no. The worst!
marciebusath : Not cool. So sorry for everyone involved.
littlecraneheadbands : bless you 😩
amymoon11 : πŸ‘Ž
jsfreddy : Noooooo - ps #lovethatpost
erin_meeker : Boo. Hope it's getting better now.
evelloyd : Boo!! Hope today is better and that newly potty trained boy didn't get screwed up. πŸ˜”
nataliejanecannon : You are so funny. Oh the joys times 2.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Potty trained and now acts like he owns the joint. #sneakingcandyat9am #finnrobinson
finnrobinson - sneakingcandyat9am -
chelseahorsley : @ashleeandmike how old is drew? I doubt it. Finn is really old. 3.5! I am not a fan of pushing kids too early though. What's the point?
ashleeandmike : Drew is 2.5. He will be 3 December 20th and you better believe it's not happening during the holidays- so January. Shoot me now!!
chelseahorsley : @ashleeandmike see!! Haha. Who's the procrastinator now. You're way ahead of the game girl!
ashleeandmike : Tomato, toemato :)
janebarrus : Everyone always complains about potty training boys, but I agree with you, if you wait long enough it's super easy. Both my boys were over 3, and we had no issues. And Finn looks very cute in those undies!
marciebusath : Yo-ho, way to go!
chelseahorsley : @janebarrus I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks waiting is best. It's just SO much easier when you don't have to fight a little kid who is nervous about it. Plus I've never bought changing diapers was a huge deal anyway? When they're this young taking them to the bathroom every 30 minutes is way more inconvenient! πŸ˜‚
chelseahorsley : @marciebusath that should've been my hashtag!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
2nd grade... Ain't no thang. #tatescarlet #firstdayofschool
tatescarlet - firstdayofschool -
vkc716 : Chels she's adorable!!!!! I need to get some style advice from her haha 😍😍😍
erin_meeker : Happy 2nd grade Tate! You're gonna rock it!
littlecraneheadbands : ah man, I love her so much. her lucky class and teacher! hope it was a wonderful day but somehow with tate I already know it was. coolest lady
anniegoddard1 : She's just adorable!9
rmf98 : Beautiful!
sarmetcalfe : She is adorable Chels!
marciebusath : Little cutie. All grown up and ready to take on the works. Good job, mom.
chelseahorsley : @vkc716 you and me both! Haha. Thanks 😘
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Made her favorite, Carbonara, for a back to school dinner. Cleaned up, then packed her go-to, a classic pb&j for lunch πŸ˜‰ #readyornothereshecomes #lastnightofsummerbreak
readyornothereshecomes - lastnightofsummerbreak -
chelseahorsley : @savannat8 @ashleybeynon @eloiseandme @melissaannolsen sorry my ig is not letting me type right now?? So weird! Leave your emails and I'll email you all the recipe. Meliss I have yours.
chelseahorsley : @jsfreddy πŸ‘†
chelseahorsley : @nunubot123 yes old hat. She goes to public school, just like you're describing so it's what she's used to. It's all we know, as I grew up doing the same. He'll probably have a blast and meet so many fun different people!
nunubot123 : Yes, that's my great hope! Thank you for the uplifting message. We went to public school too and I loved it - Michael not so much. I think ez takes after m more and indy's personality/temperament is much more like mine. In other words, I don't worry as much about Indy in these situations but Ezra's always been slow to warm and cautious in new situations. I just hope he asks to go the bathroom and doesn't pee in his pants or something super embarrassing his first day. It would crush him. He's highly sensitive. Sigh.... I wish I could be more detached from his feelings.
nunubot123 : I'm going to think positively from here on out. That's so negative of me to even go there. Why do i do that?!
savannat8 : Thanks @chelseahorsley!
ashleybeynon : Yes please :) thanks girl!
lovelupita : @chelseahorsley I'm late to the game! May I also have the recipe forwarded to me? Conner loves carbonara and I have yet to find a recipe I enjoy.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Rainy day serenade for me and Tuck man. These are the best parts about being a mom. #finnrobinson
finnrobinson -
danig0517 : Better than pandora!!
ksmallcombe : Where can I buy that adorable shirt?!
evelloyd : He's talented! Even holds a tune! Miss you all. πŸ˜₯
kamilynn_w : How cute is this!! Such a darling age β™‘♥β™‘
jsfreddy : He defines gorgeous
chelseahorsley : @ksmallcombe it's an old style from @byboyandgirl, but all their stuff is amazing and wears wonderfully.
chelseahorsley : @sarabato gosh, thanks. As are yours!
chelseahorsley : @kamilynn_w 3-5 are the golden ages I think, right?
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