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Interior Decorator specializing in E-Designs. Mom to three. Indianapolis. Simplicity makes me happy. #chelseahorsleydesign πŸ“§
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Wyatt and I are finally getting some time away together and heading to Florida next month! The first half will be spent at a medical conference in Orlando where he's giving a presentation, and the last half, vacation time in Rosemary Beach🌞! I'd love tips, recommendations for food, activities, anything on everything if you're familiar with either place. Thanks😘
erin_meeker : Don't know Florida at all but how exciting to get away!
jennwarner : Wahoo!!! Have the best time
saramallred : Rosemary Beach and 30A is where I grew up vacationing and where Porter I spent the first 4 summer vacations when we got married. In fact, our 1st date was at a nice little italian restaurant in Greyton Beach. You MUST go eat and enjoy music at The Red Bar...and eat a salad and crab cake. Go shopping and eat in Seaside (where they filmed the Truman Show) for an afternoon. Lovely little town. You'll probably meet half of my hometown while there - so fun. What made you pick Rosemary Beach?
hollyrob52 : Oh nice!
jenkinyourchain5 : So jealous
fz_funnyzychic : Great pizza & happy hours specials @cowgirlkitchen !
evelloyd : Wahoo wahoo wahoo! I have no suggestions but I'm so happy for you guys. And giving a presentation?! Bravo Wyatt!
sar_ritola : @chelseahorsley I was there right when it was being built. Awhile ago. I'll ask my mom, I can't remember names! πŸ˜‰
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
πŸ‘‹ final product for Tate to sell at her schools mini mart. She chose the slogan "because glitter makes everything better", and I feel like that must be some 8 year old girl mantra or something because she lives by that. #glitter
glitter -
erin_downs : Genius miss Tate!
khow702 : Smart!
ccfrazier : Let me know when she opens up her Etsy shop, I'll be the first customer.
michenicole : πŸ‘πŸ‘
debsalittlelate : I smell a best seller!!!'πŸ‘πŸ‘
jennwarner : They turned out darling!
faffyjane : Love it!!!
evelloyd : Tate is perfect! I love her.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
It's all fun and games until there's still glitter a month later... #glassglittermagnets #secondgradehomework
secondgradehomework - glassglittermagnets -
jennwarner : Now thats my kind of homework!!
smbrownell : The words "I'd rather open a letter filled with arsenic than open one filled with glitter" came out of Brandon's mouth yesterday haha
hildamendez : Oooohh I'm in love!!!
aubryeliz : This is my heaven.
drupowers : glitter. πŸ‘Ž but I'm sure you made her day allowing her to use it!
growing_cloverfield_farm : @chelseahorsley or confetti...
hillymccormack : Glitter is like the herpes of craft supplies. Once you get it out, it's never going away!
janebarrus : I know it's awful and messy and sticks around for years, but I still kind of love glitter.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Hoping a future client feels the need to have this wallpaper in their lives, because I must use it! How adorable would this be in a nursery, toddler, tween room, or even laundry room? Love the happy, preppy vibe @aimeewilder has created with this one. #wallpapers #interiordesign #mondayinspiration
interiordesign - mondayinspiration - wallpapers -
shak_shuka : pineapples are all kinds of awesome
chelseahorsley : @shak_shuka agree!! 😘
sitamontgomeryinteriors : So cute and fun!
aimeewilder : Thank you @chelseahorsley βœ¨πŸ’ž
maere : That client would be me.
chelseahorsley : @maere this wallpaper does scream to your adorable southern soul! ❀️
meandyouplusthree : @painter_janis 🍍❀️
jamdavenport : Love it!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Um... Is there anything cuter than Tuck Flinstoning it around our circle? (last year he would barely even sit on it and let us push him...πŸ‘) #tuckbennett #reereereeree #autism #autismlove #autismawareness
autismawareness - reereereeree - autism - tuckbennett - autismlove -
danig0517 : And maybe if I knew how to spell.....courteous!!
laura16jackson : @danig0517 you're makin' me laugh so hard. I love you and I'm sure it was was your auto correction but I can relate and get super creative with my spelling!! Darling,darling clip @chelseahorsley. That like guy is a dreamboat😘
mrs_bossman : fred flintstone feet are always the best!
julieglenn29 : Such a cutie!
danig0517 : @laura16jackson totally! πŸ˜‰
jennwarner : This makes me smile- such a cutie!πŸ’™
evelloyd : 😍😍
hollyrob52 : So good!!
megsmoffat - liztprince - hollyrob52 - evelloyd -
chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
It's the first day of spring, but it's cold and rainy and drizzly out. So I'm cozying up to my candle and my mini eggs and putting my new GSD notepad to use. Funny enough, I'll probably get them all done this weekend, except for the top main goal. #gsdgetshitdone #TEG30daychallenge
teg30daychallenge - gsdgetshitdone -
libbermore : I prefer to don my soft pants and GND...#nfornothin
lamyfarmer : ^^^ @libbermore philosophy is spot on for me! πŸ˜‚
paigelunt : I need one of these!
danig0517 : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
janebarrus : I need to G more SD, but I don't really want to. 😬
chelseahorsley : @janebarrus πŸ˜‚ me too. This is why pretty notebooks, candles and candy help me procrastinate, but still feel good about "starting" my to do list.
megbiram : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜˜
babeswithbriefcases : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
A little Easter celebrating #tbt to when Tate was 5, and made powdered donut bunnies. Chocolate chips for the eyes, jelly bean nose, pipe cleaner ears and πŸ‡πŸ‘Œ #eastertradition #tatescarlet
eastertradition - tbt - tatescarlet -
eloiseandme : Cutest!
laura16jackson : #cutestmom
brookethejohnson : This is how I think of Tate... Or maybe even Dominica Tate!!
drupowers : adorable!
erin_meeker : Those are adorable. I think I'll make them with my girls this year. Thanks for the idea!
erin_meeker : And 5 year old Tate is pretty adorable too.
catherinesmith3 : cute idea! Thanks
veswilliams - jbwiscomb - lunchboxlic - erin_meeker -
chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Tuck has been home sick, so I had a little friend to keep me company in my room this morning as I got ready. Those squishy toes ❀️. #tuckbennett
tuckbennett -
tess.meeker : Are you going to San Francisco?@chelseahorsley
drupowers : I thought that was Finn from behind. cutest little company indeed!
jsfreddy : Aaaaaahhhh😍
libbermore : I just love how they sit on their feetsies. So so sweet.
hollyrob52 : Sweet head.
chelseahorsley : @tess.meeker no!! πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜ͺ😭 couldn't make it this time. Have so much fun!!
noelle.wright : ❀️
evelloyd : I need to give that cutie a squeeze!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
That's it for the Horsley home kids room tour extravaganza! I hope you enjoyed seeing more intimately where we spend our days, and got inspired somehow! Thank you all so much for your sweet words and support for following along @dearowenco today! 😘 If you'd like to book an E-design, or consult, email me at chelseahorsley at #chelseahorsleydesign #interiordesign #decor #pink #girlrooms #horsleyhome
pink - decor - girlrooms - chelseahorsleydesign - interiordesign - horsleyhome -
catherinesmith3 : Love everything you do!
chelseahorsley : @catherinesmith3 @kamilynn_w you guys are the best! 😘 thank tou!!
chelseahorsley : @barbbryner thank so much barb!
chelseahorsley : @danielleoakeyinteriors thanks danielle! That means a lot! 😘
chelseahorsley : @kirstenkrason thanks for following it all! πŸ˜‚ it was a whole lot of overgramming;) 😘😘
evelloyd : Chels! I'm dying over all of these pictures! Perfect timing as I'm thinking of completely changing everything in the boys rooms. Bravo on making each room perfect!
chelseahorsley : @evelloyd awe, thanks Eve!! I'm excited to hear about/ see your new plans for the boys rooms! It's so fun to switch them up. 😘
laurenliess : Love!! Xo
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Remember how I found that rug I loved, at Costco of all places? That ended up in Tucks room, along with my great yard sale find! Read more details on Tucks simple, and autism friendly (I'm dubbing that a term:) room here @dearowenco #chelseahorsleydesign #vintage #kidsrooms #horsleyhome
kidsrooms - vintage - horsleyhome - chelseahorsleydesign -
jennwarner : πŸ’™
oatsandivy : Costco?!!! Awesome! I say if you have a good eye/sense of taste, you can find things just about anywhere πŸ˜‰
drupowers : okay seriously? you have the most amazing gift for finding the coolest stuff! love it all. πŸ‘
chelseahorsley : @jenniisraelsen did I just say "weren't as cute?" Wow.
chelseabjames : Lucky
littlecraneheadbands : so so incredible. tell me about that neat basket?
chelseahorsley : @littlecraneheadbands thanks mads. It's just from homegoods. Of course:) they have great baskets, always.
marciebusath : Love this.
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