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Interior Decorator, wife, mom to 3. Utah | Dominica | Michigan | Indiana. πŸ“©say hello
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
On his preschool exit paper he wrote he'd miss "snuggling Miss Claire" the most about his preschool ☺️. His teacher, Miss Claire, made his whole world, this whole year, a different place for him. Instead of seeing his high energy, and persistent questions as only challenging (like his previous school) she saw it as Finn, and nothing else. She gave him clear boundaries, lots and lots of love, and adored him for who he was! She built his confidence up socially and academically and taught him you have to "ask first if you're going to kiss someone, and then, only on the cheek" 😊. He gained more this year than ever before and it's no wonder he's going to miss her so much! πŸŽ“ #ontokindergarten #finnrobinson
finnrobinson - ontokindergarten -
laycejbrande : What a great teacher! That's all you can ever hope and want from sending your kids off to school. Lucky boy!
clairekkaiser : Aw that's so sweet! I'm pretty sure I love him just as much as he loves me!
mrs_alexdavis : Teachers like this make the biggest difference! Finn sounds a lot like my Winston and when a Teacher can love him, it makes all the difference ❀️❀️
brownsuga7321 : ❀️❀️❀️
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Last day of Third Grade! Best friends, happy smiles, and covered in silly string from the boys! β˜€οΈ Ready or not, its Summer break!
brookethejohnson : I wish I was coming out to play/live with you again this summer!! Obviously with Mark and Remi too!
meandyouplusthree : Ready. So ready. Adorable.
littlecraneheadbands : pretty Tate! love that silly string - that stuff is magical as a kid. such a cute group of gals!
linda_maurer : Cannot wait for you to be our neighbors!!!!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Classic summer cut! Taking it back to the old days. 🐀 #chickenfuzz #finnandtuck #twins
chickenfuzz - finnandtuck - twins -
natandchad : They look so grown up. Cuties!
interiorsbyelle : So adorable!! Love this look on the boys! 😍I asked Oliver if he wanted to get his hair cut like his best bud Finn and he said yes, but only the sidesπŸ˜‚I guess he wants a mowhawk!
traciolsen : Those grins.❀️
erin_meeker : They look adorable! Just the way I will always picture little boys in the summer. 😍
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
A monumental moment for a little boy, I'd say! Bzzzzzz. #tuckbennett
tuckbennett -
mileycori : @chelseahorsley No...those curls.
chelseahorsley : @mileycori πŸ˜¬πŸ˜‚ I know:) hair grows though, and it'll be back by winter!
erin_meeker : Ah....the summer buzz! What a cutie!
amymoon11 : I'm not gonna lie. I just died a little when those curls fell.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
In a time where awards are given out just for showing up, it was especially sweet to see Tate specifically recognized this weekend at her end of the year team gymnastics banquet. And not sweet because she was recognized, sweet because she was recognized for her 'mental attitude'. A proud parent moment for sure! "No matter what she was asked to do, she always came into the gym smiling and happy to work", her coach said. πŸ‘πŸ» Love this happy gal so much! #tatescarlet
tatescarlet -
rachleemart : What an honor for you, too! On a whole other note...I am down to my last tater tot clip. Remember thoseπŸ˜†? I love them so much for my baby girls fine hair. Have you seen anything like them ANYWHERE? They are one of a kind. @chelseahorsley
melissaannolsen : That's so cool. Proud mama for sure!
hauslove : The best❀️❀️
erin_meeker : Way to go Tate! What an awesome tribute!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Dear kids, you are the best adventure! Love, mom
samsidney : Yes!
taysphilly : I love everything you write! 😊
sarmetcalfe : Love this happy picture!
cassandraallred : great capture. adventure on!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Snoozin away his Sunday... And if he weren't taking up the whole bed I'd climb right in with him! πŸ’€ #tuckbennett
tuckbennett -
jenwarner81 : That looks like such a good nap!! Jealous
highwithdru : I'm such a sucker for a sweetly sleeping child. 😍😍
melissaannolsen : Oh hose look like some sweet dreams!
erin_meeker : I love it when they're upside down in their beds. The sweetest.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
So we are moving in about 4 weeks! πŸ’ƒπŸ»Haven't even begun to pack. Too busy planning and scheming fun projects for the new home! Like this, wall of built ins with detailed glass doors. The home has a formal dining room, which isn't functional for our families needs, so instead we're making it a cozy piano/ library room. I'd love to hear what areas of your home you used in unconventional ways to work better for your family.... (πŸ“· source unknown, please inform me if you know)
melissaannolsen : Can't wait to see what you've done.
alihenrie : Cant wait to see what you do!!
morgirwin : I want a tour of your new home sometime! I think you are a charm genius! πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ’œ
moogclips : Oh my gosh, I LOVE those doors! The area off the kitchen was used as a dining room by the previous owners. It's now a family room with computer and sofas. What was one of their living rooms is our dining room.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
because i could watch you for a single minute and find a thousand things that i love about you -cm We know mothering is very hard, but goodness it is so very sweet!
michenicole : Happy Mother's Day!
michellemarieross : Beautiful quote! Your kids are so adorable & so very lucky to have you as their mom!
debsalittlelate : You are one of the best mamas I know!! Lucky kids, lucky mom! And luckiest of all, we get to watch it all unfold ❀️❀️ I think it's precisely the joy you find in mothering that makes you such a good one!
moogclips : Beautiful quote and beautiful children @chelseahorsley πŸ’•
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Happy Mothers Day to all my friends, sisters, and mother in law who inspire and teach me to be better in so many ways! But especially to my own mother who is my person I call for everything, and who I learn from, lean on, and respect so much! Love you mom!! ❀️
lesamwells : Yes! I feel the exact same way about her. She actually mothers me you know!!πŸ˜πŸ˜‚@debsalittlelate
erin_meeker : Happy Mother's Day Chels! And you too @debsalittlelate! You are two of the best. ❀️
julieglenn29 : Love this and ohhh how I love that mom of yours😘
brittaniknudsen : Love your cute mom!!!
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