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Wife + Mom to 3 + Decorator. Indianapolis πŸ“§
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Finn started preschool today. His third preschool. I think I aged 5 years trying to chose the right one for him, and sort it all out (preschool is such a hassle!), so I'm a head full of worry today that he's enjoying it, and making new friends. Finn is so unique, and such a free spirit. Quite opposite from Tate, and just different from Tuck. I hope this year is a raging success for him! He sure deserves it. I will miss my sidekick and comedic relief though. #finnrobinson
finnrobinson -
brookethejohnson : Ah adorable Finn!! Good luck, you do deserve to love school!! I wish I was there to be his personal teacher though!! :)
janebarrus : Parenting (especially the 'choosing the right school' part of parenting) is not for the faint of heart! Each kid is so different; the things they need, how they learn, their social skills, what they're good at, etc. all vary so drastically from child to child. It's exhausting! I hope you both love the preschool he's in!
anushka_bogie : Indy starts Wednesday first time ever... He's my little free spirit. I will be a head full of worry too. I hope Finn is so happy and that his teacher adores him and knows how to provide the right environment for him.
laycejbrande : Good luck to you and Finn! Hope he has the best day and you'll get some calmed nerves😘 Thinking of you. In he meantime, crack open a diet coke and do something for you! Xoxo
ahaymore : Choosing a preschool that is the right fit is such a stressful ordeal! Hope that he loves it!
erin_meeker : Can't wait to hear how it went! He'll do great. He's awesome.
mileycolesritchie : What a shot! Love free spirits.
evelloyd : Finn has the cutest personality and those teachers of his are lucky to have him! Hope he loved it!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
She's saying "k, don't take my photo mom!" πŸ˜‚ but gosh darn, she just looked too cute, and too old. And she's gone so much lately. School is back in. And she's back full swing at the gym again right after school every day but one, so I'll snap a photo when ever I can sneak one! Okay Tate. 😘 #tatescarlet
tatescarlet -
barbbryner : She's absolutely beautiful!
kvaisey : Adorable
chelseahorsley : @saramallred I know, it is a lot. She wouldn't have it any other way though:) She's level 4.
saramallred : I remember living in the gym as well. It's amazing how quickly they need a lot of hours. It's typical for a level 4 to do 9 hours/week and a level 5 to do 12 hours. so, seems right on. :)
debsalittlelate : She's a beauty-inside and out! !
jennwarner : She is beautiful
littlecraneheadbands : she really is just stunning!
agfrandsen : Love love love her! !!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Wyatt's home!! Celebrated last night with dinner on the patio at one of our favorite greasy burger joints! πŸ”πŸŸπŸ¦
ahaymore : Tuck's expression is so darling!
jsfreddy : Yay!! So glad
laycejbrande : Tucks face is the best!😍
anniebkarren : πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»πŸ‘‹πŸ»
vkh716 : Bubs? Looks so good!! I miss those shakes
chelseahorsley : @vkh716 you know it! The best shakes around:)
noelle.wright : It was so fun to see him, even if it was just for a minute! Love you guys... So glad he's home!
littlecraneheadbands : yay yay! tuck's face 😍
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Caught him checkin out his new haircut instead of brushing his teeth. Yes, that's right Tuck. You are a handsome little devil! #thatface #tuckbennett
thatface - tuckbennett -
evelloyd : Haha stop! Such a stud!
janebarrus : Haha! The cutest!
cassandraallred : his expression πŸ’—
hildamendez : Look at the face ! Psh he knows it!! Love you Tuckaroo πŸ’‹
emydeans : ...swoon
jennwarner : This is the cutest thing ever!
catherinesmith3 : Love this!
rmf98 : He is! Sweet boy.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
While the other two have been away at school, we've played! Finn is my last to go back to school and doesn't start for another few weeks. Yesterday he was driving me nuts (pull your hair out crazy). But today we explored and found a new fun spot to play. He found a favorite stick (that is now saved in our garage), and convinced me to let him get muddy in the river. This age is trying for sure, but it is fleeting, and I never ever want that sweet little face to grow up. #finnrobinson
finnrobinson -
laurathomas6521 : I have Grayson to myself for almost two weeks and I'm hoping I can keep him entertained and my sanity in tact. Exploring is now on my list. Keep em coming!
erin_meeker : How fun to have so much alone time. I'm looking forward to mine with Abby. And I totally get the pull you hair out craziness. Maybe that's why mine is so thin.
hildamendez : He's gorgeous!!
jennwarner : He is just the cutest little boy! Looks like a great day
evelloyd : I love that you're getting so much time with each other! How fun! Send activity ideas my way. Wyatt is so excited to have mom and me time. I fear he'll find out how boring I am by the end of the week. 😁 I miss Finn!
jackieb50 : What a cutie!
w_kamilynn : Love this picture...screams boy all around. πŸ’™
marciebusath : "Pull your hair out crazy." I love it and I feel it. What a handsome little buddy you have there.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
We found the most magical little park today. Definitely Indiana ranks top for best parks compared to any state we have lived in so far! #twistedhouse #indianaartcenter
indianaartcenter - twistedhouse -
jamdavenport : Wow!
echecchio : So charming!
evelloyd : What the awesome!!
lynneparkerdesigns : Wow! My girls would've loved this when they were little. What a whimsical little place.
lynneparkerdesigns : ☺️
drupowers : that is so rad!
jennwarner : What? This looks amazing
marciebusath : I want this in my back yard.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Just here getting shot at with a train track gun by my pirate cowboy. You? #finnrobinson #alwaysinhisskivvies
finnrobinson - alwaysinhisskivvies -
chelseahorsley : @brookethejohnson "thanks everybody πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜‚"
chelseahorsley : @debsalittlelate "knee tickles" 😳😘
debsalittlelate : @chelseahorsley , you mean back knee tickles; )
anniegoddard1 : This is just perfection. Everything about it.
jennwarner : This is the cutest! Love little boys with imaginations
brookenorma : In his undies no less!!!
jsfreddy : This needs to be in a magazine!
erin_meeker : Oh my word I miss that kid.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Every park needs a rainbow slide. And an excited, anxious, closed eyed Tuck.
drupowers : I love this picture!
katiepwood7 : That face!😍
brittaniknudsen : Oh my goodness this makes my heart happy...perfect pic!!!
livefreemiranda : I just love him!!
jsfreddy : So so cute
jessiepennington : Cutest slide with the cutest boy inside!
ashleeandmike : Hahaha!! What a little biscuit!
erin_meeker : 😍
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Boys being boys on our morning walk. #sticks #swords #bugs #puddlejumping #finnandtuck
sticks - finnandtuck - swords - bugs - puddlejumping -
ashleeandmike : Beautiful. Morning walks? What's that? 117' it's been a lovely summer here in Hell.πŸ”₯
erin_downs : that little Finn jump and when did Mr Tuck get so big!! Wasn't there a point when Finn was so much bigger? Adorable boys and lovely walk 😍 not a crazy stalker I swear lol just a long time follower!
chelseahorsley : @bethycliff how did you guess? πŸ˜‚ I could only wish. We are just up the street at our favorite park trail. P
chelseahorsley : @erin_downs you're never a stalker. I love you!! Tuck is getting so tall, right?
chelseahorsley : @ashleeandmike πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'm sorry dear. No words but that. I can't handle heat. I would be a melty bitch.
evelloyd : Miss those boys!
evelloyd : And you!
jennwarner : Looks like a perfect morning for those cute boys. @ashleeandmike @chelseahorsley πŸ˜‚
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
An awe inspiring night at the 2015 P&G Championship (Nationals) last night where we saw Gabby Douglas, Ali Raisman, Simone Biles and many others compete for a chance to make the Olympic team!! These women absolutely blow my mind. Such strength, power, and poise. It was incredible! Just to note, Tate wants us to wear mint green team shirts when it's her turn πŸ˜‰ #pgchampionships
pgchampionships -
libbermore : It took me a good two minutes to decide which were the arms and which were the legs on that cute lil headless wonder!πŸ˜‚
faffyjane : I love it!!!
kchristensenabel : I remember seeing Olympic volleyball athletes when I was 14 and it changed my drive and dedication... It changed my entire view and I played college vball and Jr. National. It's unbelievable how much strong women can inspire and change you... So cool for Tate. So cool you're giving her these experiences. My parents were KEY in my sport "career". As always... You're awesome.
kellimcannon : I am soooo jealous! I bet it was amazing!!!
chelseabjames : Gymnastics is the hardest sport in the world hands down
evelloyd : So cool! Wyatt said you're going again today! You're making Tate's dreams come true!
chelseahorsley : @kchristensenabel that is so good to hear!! She is so young, so who knows where this will go, but it's for sure been such a fun sport to support already! It would be easy to support her in this 😘
chelseahorsley : @tomschriever we lucked out for sure with it being here. I didn't even realize until we were there how big of a deal it was. Newbie. πŸ˜‚
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