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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Definitely more exciting when dad is home. And dangerous too. We'll take it. #finnrobinson
finnrobinson -
chelseahorsley : @brookethejohnson 😬 yes. It ended fine. Hahahaha.
hildamendez : {GASP}
littlecraneheadbands : best picture of all time πŸ˜‚ looks like you have two Olympian gymnasts in the fam πŸ™Œ
lindsaycahoon : I love this picture!
daniellemoss_ : started following after you commented on my Instagram the other day. your children (and home) are beautiful!
charmajestylinens : 🌟🌟🌟
jmandelaris : Dads are seriously thee best! Great pic!
chelseahorsley : @daniellemoss_ Awe, thank you so much! Means an extra whole lot coming from you. ☺️
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
BIG TALL art over little short chair. Don't be afraid to play with scale. It might be my favorite element of design. And seriously, can we just move already so I can not have a giant oak railing in half my photos. πŸ˜• #rentingproblems #homedecor #designdetails #horsleyhome #interiordesign #hometour #homegoodshappy
rentingproblems - horsleyhome - homedecor - designdetails - homegoodshappy - interiordesign - hometour -
bluemoonbedding : Beautiful!!!!
chelseabjames : Swoon
stacidavies : I'm gonna need help! We're moving in a month and the house is covered in oak. Same railing as this.
chelseahorsley : @stacidavies oh man! Are you a DIY gal? Or hiring help? Initially I'd say paint it all. Keep the warmth somehow though. If you have warm woods in your furniture, go with a white, black, or gray railing. If you don't have a lot of wood furniture I'd consult someone who knows about stripping wood and re- staining it. At least for the railing. For the kitchen it's a no brainer to paint it in my opinion. But I happen to love black railings, and it seems like you do have a lot of neat old wood pieces and that might be really cool?
chelseahorsley : @westofthesquaredesigns thanks so much! Me too. It's nice to have some nice tall walls every once in a while to do this. Xo
stacidavies : Well thanks friend! I didn't even think of black...
marciebusath : Call me crazy, but I kinda like the railing. It warms things up. Maybe it's just because you have surrounded it with beautiful things. Either way. This all looks lovely.
chelseahorsley : @marciebusath no I agree about the warmth. With all that white and black warmth is essential. But the sheen and color of that oak in particular is what I don't like. Very 90's, not neat old house oak. I'd be all over that.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Sharing this photo from the summer to end the day on a happy note after this adorable little pill ran me out of Nordstrom rack today in tears. 😩 How can these little bodies cause so much raucous? #mindblowing #fromthecuttingroomfloor #finnrobinson
fromthecuttingroomfloor - finnrobinson - mindblowing -
danig0517 : So sorry. Hope tomorrow is better. Thank heaven for sleep and cute pictures.
drupowers : crap. I feel that's my destiny one day. so sorry! and so glad you have an adorable picture of him to help you remember his darlingness. 😘
melissaannolsen : I had a similar moment with my little blonde's a tough but he is so darling darling!!!!
anniebkarren : But that face!!!
kristinekao : Nordstrom Rack tends to bring out the worst in my kids! I never accomplish what I planned when we go.
hollyrob52 : That is the worst! πŸ˜” It seems to happen more often than not with us lately and I feel so defeated. I'm so sorry, Chels!
ashleeandmike : Nordstrom rack is the holy grail of my kids losing their shiz. Not sure what they think is going down in there, but it gets really awkward around the 10 min mark.... Good thing kids are cute!!! #betterlucknexttime
janebarrus : Those days are SO hard! You're definitely not alone. He really is so cute, just try to forget those difficult days, which I know is so hard when it's still so fresh. Boys can really give their moms a run for their money.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
PSA of the rug variety. These beauties were spotted at none other than Costco peeps. 100% wool. #grabasamplewhileyouareatit #rugs #interiordesign
interiordesign - rugs - grabasamplewhileyouareatit -
jenniisraelsen : I just called around. No rug "roadshows" on the docket in UT at least through May. πŸ‘ŽπŸ˜’ I'm telling myself that they don't sell a 9x12 anyway. Thanks for the tip though!!
janabekdesign : Dreamy!!
janebarrus : Wow, that's awesome.
laura16jackson : Just another reason why I LOVE costco! #amazingfind
raquelitu : Only you find stuff like this at Costco chels. It's your gift
heatherperera : Loooove!
ashleydarryl : Nice!
andreaj3000 : @lizbaucom there were a lot of independent booths last time I was there. Fingers crossed!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Tuck and his "nessa". Vanessa really. His therapist for the past 6 months. He has a few regular therapists in one day, and this week 2 of his favorites, and longest standing therapists are being pulled off him. A bitter sweet change. He loses his biggest security blanket, routine, and two of the best friends he's had in his 3 years of life. But it's good for him too. To learn to adapt to new ways of doing things, meet and love new people, and for new people to love and learn and from him. I wonder if these mostly twenty- something women know just what an impact they are making on a families life when they decide to go into this field? I hope so. They have forever changed ours. ❀️#abatherapy
abatherapy -
jennybpowell : πŸ‘πŸ‘β€οΈAngels β€οΈπŸ‘πŸ‘
heatherperera : πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
drupowers : this is such a sweet tribute to a girl that most definitely deserves praise on a daily basis. and yet, I can only imagine how much that sweet boy has blessed her life in return!
chelseahorsley : @lindseyballifhansen @savannat8 I had no idea you two did ABA? That's so neat and makes me love you guys even more. Was it exclusively with children with autism?
lindseyballifhansen : :) Yes it was! I worked for many years with two different families as an ABA therapist, and then chose Giant Steps Autism preschool as my internship during my masters program. I went on to work in ECI as an "autism specialist" in Utah and Texas. Even though I got to do some cool things for these children and their parents and siblings (counseling and support groups), I really missed ABA sessions. It truly did change my life!
savannat8 : Yes, I worked with 3 different families and I only worked with kids with autism. Then I worked for a school district in California as an ABA specialist for the preschool program. I had some amazing experiences with those kids that were life changing!
evelloyd : No doubt sweet tuck is every therapists dream! Hope the transition goes well. ❀️
jennwarner : 😘
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
The after party...20 feet up. Any guesses on how many days until that's coming down? Until then, we'll continue looking like a frat house. πŸ˜•#partyonwayne
partyonwayne -
lamyfarmer : Testimonial of helium in Mylar: really good balloon.
hollydubya : Ours lasted for over a month😳
bimlay : LOL #partyongarth
chelseahorsley : @bimlay I was waiting for that.
evelloyd : Has it come down yet?! 😜
chelseahorsley : @evelloyd nope!πŸ˜‚
chasingpapernyc : πŸ’›
bnessie : I second using another ballon with tape on it and we've also used an outdoor blower that worked and the toddler of course loved it.
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
A good rug day. So much so that they had to come to my house first to be "tested" out, you know, to make sure they were gonna work for the client. #decor #details #rugs
decor - details - rugs -
chelseahorsley : @drupowers ugh. Just such a hard one. πŸ˜‰
seewhatiseadesigns : those stripes.. le sigh..
nunubot123 : Like like like and love your shoes!!!
ledahlin : Looks like you have a rug problem! Hate when that happens! Sort of think you should keep them all! #fromonerughoardertoanother
debsalittlelate : Which one won? And are any staying at the Horsley home?!
chelseahorsley : @debsalittlelate haven't taken them to her yet, but thinking of maybe keeping that center striped for myself. Entry rug. 😬
hildamendez : Fun!
marciebusath : I want the stripey one you are standing on. Seriously, I am rug challenged. Where do you find your favorites? You too @ledahlin?
megan_myslinski - dcjem - janabekdesign - kamilynn_w -
chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
New little table, new-to-me chairs, and pretty afternoon sun. πŸ‘Œ#projectmasterbedroom #alwaysthelastroomtogetdone #horsleyhome
alwaysthelastroomtogetdone - horsleyhome - projectmasterbedroom -
lovelupita : @chelseahorsley FIDDLESTICKS! I'll just have to admire your's. :) I'll keep my eyes peeled for something similar.
danig0517 : Those chairs look so cozy and perfect for this space! Love the whole look!
amyisbuff : Thanks for the advice!!!
vkh716 : Looking way better in your place than mine!!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ˜
vkh716 : Happy you found a space for them
chelseahorsley : @nissa.q haha, I can always tell when you're catching up on insta 😘
evelloyd : Just perfect!
janabekdesign : Gorgeous!!
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Happy 8 Tate Scarlet! The best way for me to sum up Tate (which is nearly impossible), is that she humbly but fiercely lives out each day to its fullest. Not in the run-a-marathon type of way, but in a quiet, thoughtful, and purposeful way. She finds good use for each aspect of her personality every day. Sounds obvious for a human right? But it's different with her, (or maybe I'm just biased). She knows when & how to make people laugh and smile. She thoughtfully offers help around the house like a friend would- organizing the playroom, my junk drawer, popping in the boys toast in the morning. She bounces that athletic little body around all day long, honing in on a skill she's decided she loves and wants to succeed at. She treats friends like sisters. She loves unconditionally, and so patiently her little brothers. She forgives freely, and daily. She puts others first, always. Always. I see this from her daily. From the moment she wakes up to the moment I kiss her goodnight. I think these acts are really what make life full, and I'm so proud of this lady for figuring it out so young. You are pure joy Tate. Love you! β™‘ #tateturnseight #tatescarlet
tatescarlet - tateturnseight -
lbjensen : Amazing girl. Amazing mom. Amazing family.
evelloyd : Tate has always just been the perfect child all around! What I dynamite duo you two make. Hope her celebrations were perfect.
jsfreddy : She is a delight
dandeedesigns : What a sweetheart! Happy birthday to your darling little lady.
catherinesmith3 : Sounds like perfection!!!!
erin_meeker : Such a beauty inside and out! Love you Tate!
alyssannprescott : Happy birthday tate!
airgreenwood : Happy birthday to your darling girl! πŸŽ‰
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chelseahorsley - Chelsea Horsley Design
Oh, to be Eight. You're one half silly little girl still craving punch line jokes and games that make you eat fart flavored jelly beans. Your also one half tween that wants to wave her own hair, and requests a makeup bag, robe, and suitcase for birthday gifts. Love this age so so much. ❀️ #tateturnseight
tateturnseight -
erin_downs : That book is the best! My almost 8 year old boys loves it!
cryscaprice : Crew has that book and loves it!
jennycastleborg : I agree. This age has been most fun! Until the attitude comes out,
catherinesmith3 : Looks like 8 year old heaven!
debsalittlelate : The girls got style at any age!! Happy birthday Taters!! We love you 99!!
kamilynn_w : What a cutie, love her gifts!
airgreenwood : Where did you find bean boozled? My girls have been begging for that?
chelseahorsley : @airgreenwood amazon!
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