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I Believe That We Will Win. #1N1T, Also the NBA draft will be beginning tonight at 7. Any comments about who will be the best for us?
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frank.westerfield : @daelan.g @armando_is_back @nate.acosta of corse it's fake there not even called the bobcats anymore there called the Hornets now
frank.westerfield : If you guys are looking for there real page it's @hornets
frank.westerfield : And you can tell it's there real one cuz they have 199K followers
frank.westerfield : Unlike this IDOIT
aus.10 : Shut yo bitch ass up @frank987654321
frank.westerfield : Fuck you bitch make me shut up @aus.10
__fernando__calix__ : He just did 11 weeks ago @frank987654321
stick_butter.jr : Haha @__fernando__calix__
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