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I sing about it all #makemusic
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
flying back to Nashville listening to Dawn Sears sing "Sweet Memories" - we sure lost a great one this week.
mandilovey86 : Such a beautiful, pure voice. Time jumping won't be the same.
samcstephens : Truly heartbreaking. What a loss. πŸ˜”
amymunz2 : Heaven gained an angelic vocalist. #RIPDawnSears
ocline06 : Jessie and I were fortunate to get to hear her for the last time at 3rd & Lindsley during CMA Fest, before her voice left her. I hate Cancer!
j_opal : So sad. Such a loss to music and ears everywhere.
aaronharris : Dawn was great. Also, what year is it with that iPod?
linzinashville : @charlieworsham she was amazing. Love the Time Jumpers.
kosingleton : The Christmas caroling though... Greatest surprise ever! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
as if the last 3 days hadn't already been filled w a musical soul food feast... late night jams w Pat McLaughlin #regram @hello_i_eric #makemusic
regram - makemusic -
dawn_sitter : 😍
cliffaudretch : Yep @bretteldredge
kevinmgriffin : Pat is good people
michaelhardymusic : World famous headliners are the best.
bjewelb : a wonderful kind soul!!! (as are you)
jldoubler : @charlieworsham aka my country music husband I miss you! Cleveland was amazing. All it missed was a guitar pic. But I know you'll take care of me next time. Speaking of when U coming back to ohio? Country fest for my birthday again I hope??
jldoubler : If u don't have anything booked the 11-13 lmk I'll get U in
guthrietrapp : Two of my favs right there
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
newest item on the wish list. @jhspedals
brothersosborne : βœ‹same @jhspedals
fiddlindan : πŸ‘ too
buckrogerskc : You need to visit their operation when you're in KC...
helenamarsh80 : You are awesome
morganamps : Josh is a great dude. Contact him direct.
j_opal : @charlieworsham write that letter to Santa
salinasdanny : I'd love that pedal too 😩
1977unique : omg niceee
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
hey, if you're in Vegas this weekend, don't miss our last show of 2014! (145th band show of the year!)
elizzab13 : @allisonbirr oh my lord yes.
mikayla_mae : @heapowers I called aliante and its 18+
kerrylynn33 : @j_opal if we left now....
j_opal : @kerrylynn33 I would road trip it from Jersey to Vegas for @charlieworsham and ONLY Charlie. Don't test me!
marly_diane : #monsterwives will be there!!! :) @thechuckmonster @charlieworsham
bentonkubicki : Ha. I'm in Vegas this weekend.
charlenemgray : I wish!!
vegasmamasita : Awesome show - my 3rd time seeing Charlie this year!
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
above, my van. below, Rage Against The Machine's van (on display at the rock hall of fame). this #tbt goes out to all of you who have put in time on the road in a van.
tbt -
sullypop44 : Very cool
rileybria : @guthrietrapp you win.
jps03 : @stephendufresne thought you would dig this.
stephendufresne : @jps03 nothing will beat the shaggin wagon!
chriswhitehead83 : @hreaddavis said it first
spk11 : That Van has some holy miles on it!! Thanks for letting us use that beast to help the people of Atlantic City after Hurricane Sandy!
elisaisblack : Absolutely fell in love with your music. I was watching my favorite show, Bones, and heard you and I just download a bunch of your songs! You're amazing!
huniibadger : Random Thought of the Night: How tall are you?? 😜
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
last night in-the-round with @BobDiPiero @TheBrandyClark @ShaneMcAnally was pure inspiration. thanks PBS Front & Center & the CMA!
briannaputegnat : Such an incredible show @charlieworsham!!
laurensimmons15 : Whaaaaaaaaaaat
dridri1227 : you were great last night, so cool getting to see you in that type of setting
sgtutvols : Last night was fantastic! Brought friends with me to hear you and they loved you so much they bought "Rubberband" on the way home. So this lady in the red jacket sitting up front is happy to have helped sell another copy of your crazy good album!
bjewelb : YOU, my friend, we unreal great!!!!
bighowdy : #makemusic #countrymusic #nashville #songwriting #CMA #PBS #FrontAndCenter #charlieworsham #brandyclark #shanemcanally #bobdipiero
lisajohnsonmua : awesome sauce working with you and hearing your amazing work this past week!
samcstephens : OH HAVE MERCY!!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
cold rainy day = cooking colorful stuff & jamming to some soulful tunes
jess_flynnn : I can make the dessert!! @charlieworsham
rebasthomas : @la_bea_prats soul
b.kop : is that Kale cuz i love me some kale.
j_opal : @charlieworsham Wait. You cook? What can't you do?
la_bea_prats : @rebasthomas cool
dplblog : Red Beet eggs? I didn't know you wre from Pennsylvania, Charlie.
kbrewski89 : Looking good! But I still think I could out cook you lol Cook off? :) @charlieworsham
amytyndell : Looks yummy!!
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
I can't believe how fast the #CMT #UpInSmoke tour happened. seems like yesterday we were in Times Square on opening night. made some brilliant friends and fun memories. also learned a great deal watching @kipmooremusic perform each night. big thanks to Kip, Sam Hunt, all the bands & crews, and of course CMT for this wonderful opportunity & experience. #makemusic
makemusic - cmt - upinsmoke -
kellie_lynn22 : Y'all did an amazing job!!! Loved every bit of your show!!
mommamoll2 : You were awesome in Cleveland last night! New fan for sure!!
dani_long11 : So awesome to meet you in Tampa, but come out to Utah sometime so I can see you again! 😊
ashley.west : That tour did go by quick but it was a blast getting to see you play last night in Cleveland. And getting to meet you again was great! Hope I can see ya again before the fan club party in June. That's just too far away. Come play in Lexington Ky πŸ˜‰
jennaxmueller : We had so much fun meeting you in Mnpls at the Oprheum!! Thanks for the good times @charlieworsham good luck to you!! Hopefully see you again soon:)
jbstephens : Love this. Can't wait for our music strat partaaaaay and Santa's. ;)
saradooley : Had so much fun in Tampa watching you guys! You made a new fan in me there!
jldoubler : @charlieworsham U broke my heart a little when u didn't have that pic in ur pocket. U can't go on the wall w out one yet. And that amp shirt I have to have. You did rock my face off. I had an amazing time. I wish you would've had more time. Come back soon please. And remember I'll send u the addy and the # just ask 😘
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charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
so much cool stuff at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. glad to get to see it today. this is Freddie King's guitar. #makemusic
makemusic -
waddupkmue : Come say hi!
cliffaudretch : Freddie is my fave.
samcstephens : πŸ’©
hreaddavis : Woof. I bet that thing's played Wagon Wheel a time or two.
guthrietrapp : Yes!!!!!
on_a_meri_journey : Jealous!!! Hope you had a good time!
tyronecarreker : Niiiiccee "Have you ever loved a woman"
tharve13 : So excited you got to go there! I told you, you would like it! πŸ‘
haleee33 - brynncool15 - laycieb_ - muddygirl9 -
charlieworsham - Charlie Worsham
tried to get in but tours were sold out. gift shop & front yard were cool though @scottquintana @jayspade @cambrousseau
nicoles_xo : It's amazing inside, too bad! What a hit factory it was.
samcstephens : Favorites in the pic all around!!! 😍
lydiasimonetti : Love Detroit
jondiener : Funk Brothers!
sproper : @charlieworsham it's so refreshing to see people try to enjoy what Detroit has to offer! It really is a great place ... And with the best sports community as well!! Ps- you rocked it last night 😊... Can't wait to come to another show!
cherylewithane : Oh no! !! :( I came all the way from Florida and it was amazing... true history began there!
cherylewithane : @bdewald60
apatros : Guess you gotta come back πŸ™
lex_lake88 - thundercrack923 - brynncool15 - k.ebanks -
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