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chaigyaru - Janice W
My kinda lunch whether its sunday or monday. #jcooks #healthyeating #cleaneating
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bosslifephilly : Wow!
cydangie : Looks like mine but I haven't cook fish yet. Haha You go girl!
chaigyaru : @cydangie you should make salmon!!! Makes me wana eat this every day of the week. But not good for mealprep cause fish can go off easily!
chaigyaru : @bosslifephilly thanks 😊
cydangie : Yah I usually cook 5 days worth of food
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chaigyaru - Janice W
Oh hi dad. How i miss your noodle soups 😍 #dadsrestaurant #ericsbbq #punchbowl
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chaigyaru - Janice W
Spending quality time with my best friend ❀️
scradley_13 : Flawless
woffekql : ☺️ @joey_hds
chaigyaru : @voguefit did you end up meeting with any of the syd girls???
chaigyaru : @amy3x thanks hun 😊
chaigyaru : @mnmexi_can haha thanks :)
chaigyaru : @scradley_13 thanks brad! And congrats on your wedding the other day!!!
khalid_strongking : Looking amazing
slanteyeking : 😍
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chaigyaru - Janice W
Sneakers are the new high heels. Forget the glass slippers, working out will help you feel good about yourself in the long run. Lets be fit together πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
_borisc : @chaigyaru damn right
closetvoyage : Yup!
julie_park : Hell yeaaa. All I want is more sneakers in diff colors haha #shoegame
shizsato : β™‘ nikeee
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chaigyaru - Janice W
The selfie cycle. ALWAYS!!!!! πŸ™Š
missyinny : @su_ritax @rizrar so true
ldeee : @jord.stokes
ehmtlol : Omg.. lolol
ballenina : @lizo4ka_lu46aja
kjioe : Hahahahaa😚
julie_park : Hahahaha omg so true. #struggleisreal
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chaigyaru - Janice W
Melbourne cup is over but I had too many drinks to post more photos yesterday πŸ™Š Who dressed up yesterday? I want to see everyones fascinators!!! Tag me in your pics on instagram or facebook if you wore a fascinator yesterday!
misabellesparkle : 😍😍😍
chaigyaru : @misabellesparkle 😘
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chaigyaru - Janice W
With @chocolatesuze on Melbourne Cup!!!! Check out her cray cray hair!! πŸ’•πŸ™Š Miss this chicka! #melbournecup
melbournecup -
jnguyen56_ : Gorgeous!!! Love ur makeup!!
thelaserlounge : Looking good ;-)
chaigyaru : @jnguyen56_ 😘😘 love you!
chaigyaru : @thelaserlounge thank youuu!!! Miss you girls! Def need to come back and visit soon!!!
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chaigyaru - Janice W
Tagged by @jeanicelie #20factsaboutme πŸ™Š 1. I thrive to be successful but I hate studying. I have always chosen experience over reading books. 2. I fall in love deeply and passionately. I like to live in my own fairytale and never let anyone talk my way out of anyone I love. 3. I'm an Aries - meaning I'm strong willed, fiery and demanding. And that's exactly how I'd describe myself. 4. I read the relationships section of Elite Daily almost every single day. 5. I always sreal my sister and mum's clothes. My fashion is basically a mixture of the two most important women in my life. 6. I have 3 tattoos and 6 piercings that are mostly hidden and subtle. 7. I work in Financial Planning and have loved FP since almost 5 years ago. I am filled with a million ideas of how to more effectively save your money. 8. My text messages never consist of more than 7 words unless it's an angry text. I love the SEND button too much so I always send 10 messages instead of 1! 9. I'm actually extremely shy when each and every one of you come up to say hi to me! Even though you may think you're more shy than me! 10. Less than 1% of my friends have seen my bare nails without manicure/polish! If you're in that range, you're pretty lucky! Haha! 11. When I was younger, I used to be called "the laughing queen" at school. I'd laugh even when I trip and hurt myself! 12. I type at 90 words per minute! I usually sound like a machine gun at work because my nails make typing so loud! 13. My favourite foods in this world are Red Duck Curry (thai) and Bun Bo Hue (viet). I'd never say no to them! 14. I don't eat chocolate! :o 15. I watch lots of TVBJ (chinese/hk TV). Deep inside I love that shxt so much! 16. I'm probably the most forgiving person you'll ever meet. I can get angry easily, but I'll never be angry for more than a few hours. I always forget what I'm angry about. 17. I love boxing. It's my favourite physical activity in this world! 18. I learnt Aerial Silks for one term - it was so fun - and I definitely want to go back! 19. I started blogging when I was 13 years ago! 20. I'm a perfume slxt. I never stick to one scent! I tag @cydangie @throughbeautyeyes @jnguyen56_ @bongqiuqiu @s2janie
20factsaboutme -
throughbeautyeyes : Help me save moneyyyy! And number 2 πŸ’—
jnguyen56_ : OMG teach me how to save PLEASE lol ❀️
jeanicelie : Wooh! Have i seen your bare nails? Hahahahahahah
shopatmaltakano : 😍😍😍
frillyskirts : You babe! You should post on saving tips ☺️
3li__5 : Amazing 😍
bajillionknots : @eeigge
fragilekuromi : Yes!! Saving tips please 😊😊
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chaigyaru - Janice W
There's just something simply so satisfying about making your own lunches and knowing exactly what you put in it. Knowing that what you're eating is clean and good for your body. I love eating out, but lately, I've found that eating in makes me so much happier. #mealprep #cleaneating #yum #fitspo
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chaigyaru - Janice W
So much love for this chicka! Twins tonight as race girls. 3..2..1... πŸπŸš—πŸš—πŸš—πŸ†
philsosophyy : Looking good @chaigyaru !! πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘»
caylajade_ : Babes 😍
jojochambord : Love you ❀️
chaigyaru : @ladies_journal thanks fenny!!
chaigyaru : @philsosophyy β›„οΈπŸ˜‰
chaigyaru : @caylajade_ thanks hunny! You are such a babe yourself 😘
chaigyaru : @jojochambord ❀️
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