Christine Amorose

I travel, I write, I take (iPhone) photos. Californian, Francophile, bookworm. Marketing for @ONAbags in New York City.
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cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Last Friday, my best friend from high school and college @katelyndowney booked a ticket to NYC and now we are drinking beers and eating spicy chicken sandwiches in Brooklyn. Life is good, y'all. // #ImInNewYork
iminnewyork -
alfredrubinthompson : Live and let live. She's your bbf-4-life!!
katelyndowney : #riderstrongfamous
iwilltravel : Those sandwiches look so good!
hey_its_lina : Caption reminded me of that one time you booked a flight to NY 😁 @tiffanyojea
tiffanyojea : @hey_its_lina love you
chuckwagon46 - ear22_em - cindynjuguna - tullelover -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
SoHo stoop envy 🌷🌹🌻// #nyc
nyc -
hellospiritt : Great pic!
sergioharry32 - mahsaouji - mcsyutov - belleonochie -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Spotted in SoHo: I like the real you more than the Instagram you // #nyc
nyc -
brandenharvey : I love this.
_janekim : πŸ˜‚
awlzr : It's one of my faves of @official_morley he's awesome!
christianjosep : ☺️ nice find.
tjdocena : What @brandenharvey said. Love it! 😊
drewkelly : @cestchristine Awesome!
eraserheadj : @arturpmm
rabanos_cilantro : I met the artist at an event at the Hammer Museum in LA. So cool!
trustm320 - el_roedor - naluisarodrigues - li_samary -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable." -Mary Oliver // #whatliftsyou #nyc
nyc - whatliftsyou -
uniquedesignit : @keziarachel8
hermintul : @epiee 😊
gabriel_isak : πŸ“·πŸ‘Œ
kimbebe : You and @taylorswift have taken this photo. I can't handle this. I love it so much.
cestchristine : @kimbebe Um wait. I didn't even know she did that--too cool!
aserednicki : @theresa_shim we need to find this
cestchristine : @aserednicki Corner of Mott and Kenmare!
kurtrhoy : Wow
caitiegoddard - dujessical - karolllo - hayleym03 -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Things that are rocking my Tuesday morning: a new issue of @voguemagazine, VEGEMITE on my avo toast and breakfast dates with @jillianwishart // #nyc
nyc -
cestchristine : @_janekim Next coffee date?!
cestchristine : @jess_inlondon Yes! I saw the one with Sarah Jessica Parker and it was great--especially to see in her amazing West Village house!
cestchristine : @ellielacey We should grab a coffee there sometime!
cestchristine : @sarahsomewhere Obsessed ever since I lived in Melbourne!
ellielacey : That would be great but I move back to sc on Friday :(
journeywithjessjones : Is this one of the many Melbourne cafes popping up around NYC? I must check it out!
cestchristine : @journeywithjessjones Yes!!!
lizel92m : @dvir309
ayuninoni - vittoriapellerito - cgstreetstyle - lindanyanimamia -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Tonight @sincerelykateb came over and we made peach lavender jam: now my apartment smells just like Provence and it's delightful! // @wholejourneys
sincerelykateb : #jammin'
_emilywenzel : I have some of that Pomona's pectin but I haven't tried it out yet! Did you make freezer jam or traditional cooked jam?
tjdocena : πŸ’›
annechrisk : I fully support this @cestchristine ❀️
adailsonlubas99 - annechrisk - gmribaudo05 - dexterslookbook -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
I'm so incredibly grateful that "meeting awesome people" is pretty much part of my job description. So humbled to connect with so many amazing photographers and kind people at today's #TellStories Instameet to celebrate the launch of the @onabags x @charitywater collaboration strap. Y'all are the best!
tellstories -
brandenharvey : You're so great at your job. Tonight was amazing and I loved seeing you.
christianjosep : so great seeing you! thanks for everything πŸ™β˜ΊοΈ
cestchristine : @wesleyverhoeve @insatiablejourney Y'all have to follow ONA on IG/email! It was loads of fun!
cestchristine : @_janekim Same to you! Let's get coffee and chat about California soon!
cestchristine : @johnhaley @tjdocena @davykesey Thank you so much for coming! It was awesome to meet you guys!
cestchristine : @brandenharvey You're way too sweet! Was so good to see you and @sammi.horne!
cestchristine : @christianjosep Yes! So glad to see the Astoria is working out!
courtody : SO GOOD! Can't wait for the next one... Thank you for putting such a wonderful event together!
eboody999 - mathisha_yapa - aziixo - wxosolo -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Ingredients for a blissful solo Sunday morning: a good book, a good coffee and a garden to enjoy them in // #nyc
nyc -
shagheyeghsh : @x7shiva
alwysmaggie : πŸŒ»πŸ˜β€οΈπŸ‘Œ
queenlinglong : My favorite neighborhood garden ☺️ Love this pic!!
jeffontheway : Nice garden. lovely day.
gizeldabonfim : Lindo
veronicalegkova - eboody999 - gizeldabonfim - photography0606 -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Because sometimes your best friends convince you to come to manhattan for exactly one drink and it works // #nyc
nyc -
christianjosep : the Nutella crepes are a must. ☺️
thematerialman - helium_tea - fraendd - sophieredisch -
cestchristine - Christine Amorose
Inspired by @ashleegadd in Puerto Vallarta and the fact that @katelyndowney is visiting next weekend and mostly because it's never a bad time for tacos (and spicy guava margaritas!) // #tacopportunity
tacopportunity -
sincerelykateb : You had tacos post @rockawaytaco ?!?
cestchristine : The line at @rockawaytaco was too long...so I pouted a bit, and then we finally tried this awesome taco place in wburg! So good--and so quick!
kirstenalana : It is always a good time for tacos.
kirstenalana : Which begs the question, are these as good as what you can get in SoCal??
cestchristine : @kirstenalana I have a hard time ever admitting that New York tacos are as good as California, BUT these are definitely my new favorite on the east coast! Bonus: $3 each and great margs!
ashleegadd : Girl, YES.
hippieinheelsblog : Wow that looks good!
kirstenalana : Fair!! I was just relating to my friend Scotty a few days ago how CA tacos are the best outside Mexico, period. But I'll take your word on these, must try them now :-)
claudiafiscal - mathisha_yapa - borderfreeproductions - eboody999 -
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