Cedella Marley

Daughter of Bob Marley and CEO of Tuff Gong International
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
#TBT #BobandRita nice time...
bobandrita - tbt -
fourorr : Look at those beautiful smiles
smallz2176 : @cedellamarley So beautiful! I sent a DM of a pic you might like..Blessed
mcaverna : Nuff Respect From BRAZIL
jcangirl10 : Beautiful love
brpimp102pimpinutube : http://t.co/KsLc0GBfqq LISTEN 2 MY RAPS BRPIMP102PIMPIN YOUTUBE GET AT ME 7542455285 WER DA RECORD DEALS AT @cedellamarley @tuffgongstudios
electricladyluv : ❀️😘
shlomihanoh12 : 😍😍😍
dannajah : 1 ♥
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
Forever smiling @officialritamarley #Inspiration #RitaMarley
ritamarley - inspiration -
lovily_imagination : Forever Love & Beauty β€οΈπŸ’›πŸ’š
liciapaso : Forever!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„i love this woman
joy4ul : Beautiful woman
theonlycrispyfries : @bouncyrice
modemmex : Adorbs
faithselassie : Beautiful
romelia_r : Beautiful
heidirosez : Nani mamaπŸ’œ
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
"I believe that unarmed truth and unconditional love will have the final word in reality...." -Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. #MartinLutherKingDay #Believe
believe - martinlutherkingday -
spiritual_stoner : πŸ”―πŸ™πŸ”―
tuff3k : Nuff Resspect! One Love mrs Marley! @cedellamarley
yountonya : Truth will set one free!!!!
tamitalitha : Love this man @cedellamarley
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
Always a #Wailer ...Tyrone Downie and Dada.... #Legend #FlashbackFriday #BobMarley
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bobmarleyarchive : Photo by Kate Simon Europe 1977. #legends
gustav_karl : Rastafari @5barnsmamma_93
glmolake : Bob #1 always
mnolan1126 : Blessed...
netoefeitovisual : Big pick! Jah rastafari
jahxin : #Yeahmon
harripinta : Sweet start of the week and day to you cedella
lynnspoor : 🎨 Please check out my painting of Bob Marley ❀️
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
Stay warm tonight with my yummy Butternut Squash stuffed with Mushrooms, Wild Rice and a dash of @ziggymarley Coco'mon! #CookingWithC link in the profile
cookingwithc -
iamjemere : Dat look bangnnnnn! Big up auntie Cedella @cedellamarley
martinezyoyo_ : Wow looks good
royalrebel : Nice ima have to try that one
wendalah : @foxieroxy9 yummy
foxieroxy9 : @wendalah adding to recipe list
dominique_arangure : @billybitonti ♥ you need to make this dad
mermaidshelly : Look delicious!πŸ˜‹
kitchristensen1955 : You just send one for me i send you Blessings
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
More from opening weekend of #NestasRock
nestasrock -
jahdawta_ : Great show for the whole fam! Caught the first show in MD/DC! Give thx @cedellamarley
yountonya : @cedellamarley will it be put on to DVD to be able to purchase and watch with kids on special occasions?
yountonya : For those who can't watch it live!
pashonminott : Great production sis :) @cedellamarley
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
Melkam Genna to one and all!!
marleymel80 : @blak_ken πŸ™
sistahglau : Melkan Genna! !!! Ises from Rio @cedellamarley
foxyberry10 : @cedellamarley πŸ™πŸ™ Blessed Love
aben_rizzla_iriegongzila : Thank you so much respect @cedellamarley we Ethiopians always got nothing but love for Rastafarian and marley families melkam gena le marley beteseb Hulu
aben_rizzla_iriegongzila : We love to see you guys speaking Amharic or any other ethiopian language try on lol
kidyalemu : Melkam Gena to u and the rest of Marleys families
harripinta : Good morning from finland cedella
brpimp102pimpinutube : http://t.co/KsLc0GBfqq LISTEN 2 MY RAPS BRPIMP102PIMPIN YOUTUBE GET AT ME 7542455285 WER DA RECORD DEALS AT @cedellamarley @tuffgongstudios
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
Cho! @stephenmarley @ziggymarley looking sharp! #LegendaryStyle @johnvarvatos
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newtonereggae : Rasta royal πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
ink2x6 : Love these two.
ladiemarie2012 : This is real Brother Love
hannahmariea85 : That's BIG X
steverockz_ : Tuff photo. Wicked
modemmex : No way. Awesome.
harripinta : Good morning from finland cedella
ras_bolo : #Raspect
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
Regram via @madonna #RebelHeart #OneLove
onelove - rebelheart -
zionallionce : @itpaystobethegoss @lovemelaniee Ijs that you can't give up moral beliefs and standards just to gain publicity, because when we do that when we become the system that Bob was uprising against!!., trust I'm far from perfect no near the walk of a rasta but I try my best to keep the path!!.
knowjah865 : @zionallionce For you to feel like you have the right to call his own daughter, which his blood runs through, a sell out because of YOUR morals....Wrong. No way around it...
zionallionce : @itpaystothegossI I respect your opinion but my beliefs is my beliefs just cause someone blood runs in there veins doesn't make there morals the same.., it's one of the same reasons Peter Tosh and Bob had a fallout the rasta ways was being watered by main stream!!. Why you think bunny wailer is feuding with snoop ehm ehm lion., pretty much over this same type of publicity! Of course this my opinion and everyone is their own individual and will see and believe differently!
zionallionce : @itpaystobethegoss and I have all the rights to my OPINION!!. That's the reason they have these type of social media.., I will never tell you "you have no right"!! It's that was Bob was preaching "get up, stand up, stand up for our rights"?!!!.. Just like Madonna has the right to express her opinion I was in no way dogging her for it! I only was expressing that I would not myself post it just to show "wow look what Madonna posted" my opinion if it was a positive post should've left the original alone!
knowjah865 : @zionallionce yes we will see it different until humankind begins to act as one. The difference is to get your morals heard you took shots at someone's else's. And the blood comment was to reinforce if anyone has a right to make an opinion about Bob Marley is would be his offspring not you.
zionallionce : @itpaystobethegoss Yes it's human nature people will comment in your face, behind your back or on your threads this where I learn about myself on how people from the outside view me and where I know who I wanna walk with in life and the ones that I need to separate my self from!!. This is a social media people will comment and express there thoughts and if they don't like what they hear just unfriend or unfollow!! Cause it'll be always never be what you hear!. But me I'm the person that handle good along with the bad!!.
zionallionce : @itpaystobethegoss have a blessed!! great discussion sharing our difference in opinions!! Aloha time to surf!!
seany_wailer : When will any of you realize how positive Bob's spirit is. This man was almost shot to death the night before the One Love peace concert in Jamaica and still had the show. You think this ONE image can destroy or alter Brudda Bob? And for those that talked about Madonna and what she knows about one love. Bob said the biggest man was a baby once. And that means that no one is bigger or more powerful than no one else so if you know about One Love so does Madonna! Humble Yaself!!! I and I love you! One Love
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cedellamarley - Cedella Marley
#NestasRock opening soon!
nestasrock -
janaalcalatex : Nesta Rock @tina3gifts β€πŸ’›πŸ’š love Nesta Forever
tina3gifts : @janaalcalatex #moreNesTaLove πŸ’œ
samchinyee : @jjt_live
stiebbs : Love this! Thanks @cedellamarley @chalstieb @jjt_live
stiebbs : #jjtnestarock
harripinta : Sweet day to cedella
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