Catherine Saxelby

I’m a nutritionist, foodie and author. Join me over at @Foodwatch where I now post photos. Lotsa food but always interesting bits.
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
I'm now posting at @foodwatch so love you to join me over there. Same name as my a Twitter handle so all in a line. #change
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Modern day OJ.
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Oranges. Ma fave for breakfast at the mo.
bossco99 : Loving oranges at the moment
annabelcandy : Any serving tips?!
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Hey guys. Have just got the name @foodwatch so pls join me there instead of CatherineSaxelby. Will be posting from there from there now on.
youcancallmetiff : Yay! Following 😊
catherine_saxelby : Thnx @youcancallmetiff! Appreciate the follow. :)0
thatspaceinbtwn : Following! Really enjoyed your calm wise words at Healthivate.
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Thank you to #heiaq13 for a thoughtful speaker gift of the tea from Kenya in the cute bag. Nice that it comes from a women's group and is fair trade. Will check out
heiaq13 -
7mrsjames : Lovely idea!
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Am required to teach this but gosh it does look boring to me! #enlivennutrition
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everydaycurator : @catherine_saxelby but you'll make it interesting : )
foodatstjosephs : @catherine_saxelby I think it looks great!
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Facing the tired solemn faces of Uni students. My 2nd week of lectures on Nutrition for Health at USyd. How to inspire them?
catherine_saxelby : Thnx @how_very_mai. How about what I eat? Or how I write? Can't talk to them about Instagram!
catherine_saxelby : Not only laptops. iPads and phones too! Never know whether they're listening or browsing. Very frustrating @libbywithnall. Yet Im not allowed to assume they all have Internet access!
how_very_mai : @catherine_saxelby Yes, what you eat, what you write, and your career thus far! And why not talk about Instagram? It shows that you are an adaptive and dynamic individual. I know that when I was at Uni studying nutrition that I was more interested in what the lecturer was teaching if I knew more about them.
robinsbite : Please do talk to them about instagram and all of social media! Millions of people flick to social media for their health information.. Make sure dietitians and qusliihealth professionals are the ones they are flicking g to! Now is the time. Stake your claim in social media as the nutrition expert. If they don't, someone else will. Guaranteed.
wandering_homebody : I agree, I think you could talk about Instagram and social media.... talk hashtags and do weekly competition
hancgilbert : I remember that exact lecture hall and lecturer with Margaret Allman-farinelli a few years ago!
7mrsjames : # examples of macronutrients as Instagram challenge - ask them what they would like to learn most. Ask them to write an article re diff bet macro and micro nutrients for mock magazine- inc relevant recipes. Make/create/snap and hashtag :)
catherine_saxelby : @hancgilbert Nothing's changed!! Except now the lectures get recorded!! And the students email you and complain!
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
Great to catch up with @karenkingham today at a fab food photography course with Billy Law. Thnx to @MumuGrill for the food we shot.
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
#heiaq13 kicks off at Brisbane Convention Centre. It's packed. Such good energy in the room!!
heiaq13 -
mrs_bray_hospitality_teacher : Thanks for an inspiring kick start to our conference!
catherine_saxelby : Thnx @jenthecook! Glad you liked the ideas. Took a while to pull together!!
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catherine_saxelby - Catherine Saxelby
These were the 4 milks and soy drinks we tasted. Incl the HeartActive milk I've already reviewed on the Foodwatch site. We all liked it the best for taste. Good to compare again.
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