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carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
Two minutes before AJA my dog got kicked in the head by a horse, concussion, rushing to the cape. Broken bones all over. Can't walk for 6 weeks. Need love... Love Carly
kdbc_ : So very sorry , good thoughts for your pup.
janetleighscott : Sending love...
rattylikesfizzyballstoo : heart felt sorrow carly all the love sent from London uk
trinqster : Sending you healing energy, prayers and a hug.
cathybpagano : Sending love & prayers!!!!
erhall514 : 🐶❤️💛💚💙💜💖🐶
almostinoz : Sending love and light👍❤️
kellys : I hope your sweet fur baby is alright❤️🐾❤️
erhall514 - mv2535 - ajwright62 - canyonsky -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
jimasher : Let me know when you're in Charlottesville. We could get dumplings on the Downtown Mall ...& then tour Monticello!
abraaotv : Carly Simon. .Meu nome é Abraão moro no Brasil e aqui em minha casa somos seus fãns moro numa cidade chamada teresina..Um abraço de minha família para você. .
senatephoto : So consenses
senatephoto : Is a brilliant concept. Will it be a permanent installation or can it travel? Maybe in a smaller version?
rattylikesfizzyballstoo : Please post another beautiful pic soon @carlysimonofficial ♡♡
colleenofridge : Beautiful daughter
bambina32740 : Yes you do have a beautiful daughter!!!!!
ohdaylight - rattylikesfizzyballstoo - edwardbess - colleenofridge -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
Putting a dot on one of my last i's thinking of a book title. Ideas?
mattshoes : I've had some dreams...
strangefruit7o6 : It's The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.
rattylikesfizzyballstoo : @carlysimonofficial how about...clouds in my coffee
cheerinowak : I Carly
dindadojuan : Wonderful Carly 😊
nikilette : I'm NOT Vain
smcjck : You probably think this BOOK is about you....
colleenofridge : I have No Secrets
smcjck - abraaotv - silverlinings25 - davidbender -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
mrswiggins : Lovely
mindyhertzon : Pretty! It's been thundering off and on today in Fort Lauderdale Florida
carosebben : ❤️ you're the BEST!!!
dirt_floor_studio : Jeremy and I will never forget how kind and gracious you were to us!
vitrolaeletrica : 🎶 "Raining for days on end Staying inside again Making up lists Of things to do"🎶☔️I love so much this song! @carlysimonofficial
vidcamopr8r : "...and on the back porch, there's a well worn spot ,and a pool of light that you can step into."
barbie_girl53 : Gorgeous
colleenofridge : So peaceful and soothing
kafrinek - samjf2gram - nickelplayer - swiftie.things -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
Party feast on the hill
djsramirez : Carly, you are superb, happy birthday!
emilybumbemily_ : Happy birthday Carly!
rickster54 : Happy birthday! You're an inspiration!
flowerswift : happy late birthday! 💕
ajwright62 : Happy birthday, Carly! XO
trinqster : Happy Birthday Carly!
sliarussi : Happy Birthday Carly !
iam_mali : That was awesome!
iam_mali - toudaku - chandler_c_e - sophiehiller -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
I've just been reborn
steppene : Hope your ok.
gyna_bee : In a good way I assume .....?
milena.gallo : @connor.gerrity #deep
barbie_girl53 : Mazel Tov!
aaverwey : @5109810514
blancaceline5 : Love you
rattylikesfizzyballstoo : @carlysimonofficial we all ♡ you & your music
spirituallyjewish : Hi Carly, Jesus loves you PLEASE REPENT. I Would LOVE to meet you in Heaven but God will sadly through you into hell if your not holy. And as for James, you and him both have committed adultery so if you both were to die with out a true remorseful repentance you both will go to hell. Once married you stay married until that partner dies. I don't want to offend you Carly I really don't I just love you enough that I care where your soul will resign for eternity. PLEASE get right with Jesus Carly. At your age you don't know when you might leave. :) Jesus the Father loves you SO much Carly words cannot describe how much he loves you. You and all the rest of us hold a special place in his heart. Please don't be offend it's just something that the Father put on my heart. Please take heed and don't ignore it Carly don't. Because it's not worth going to hell for eternaty.
mvjudge - kevlyn1 - mamacc922 - 5109810514 -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
This mornings count was about 130. About half in bud form #peonies #ecstatic
peonies - ecstatic -
mvjudge : I hear a song coming on🎉🎹🎶✌️
mojosheak : I love that color!
mrswiggins : Fantastic!
crischacons : Beautiful Carly !!
trinqster : My favorite!
skippingsusan : Here in KCMO our peonies have come and gone. So lovely to see them blooming "again"!
colleenofridge : Peonies are so beautiful. Great job!
dreamahn : Love these <3
dreamahn - roseplazo - jessmarshalek -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
Dogwood peaking, so am I, you too? #vineyardspring
vineyardspring -
jimasher : In VA, the dogwoods have come & gone, & the rhododendrons are peaking now!
sockmonkey83 : Beautiful!
jeannielstephens : Dogwoods are my favorite!
trinqster : Love!
tony_mod_tana : Loving you's the right thing to do..
iam_mali : Your beautiful being here has been a wonderful dream
lambertscoveinn : Hey neighbor :)
gabriellagnyc23 : I second @iam_mali. My dear "MC" We love you bunches and crunches. (Yes, crunches). 😉❤️❤️
iam_mali - jmack3979 - jerseygirltoo -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
View from my bedroom terrace #nofilter
nofilter -
sandyaradi : @carlysimonofficial missed you on insta💃
brookenicholekelly : Gorgeous!!
davidbender : Beautiful!
darlene7872 : It must be great to wake up in the morning and have that view! It gave me a peaceful, serene feeling just looking at this pic...😊🍃🌺🍃❤️ @carlysimonofficial
cjankow42 : Bet it will bloom soon! 🌸
rattylikesfizzyballstoo : That's a lovely view we all missed you aswell carly
ajwright62 : Beautiful!
mama_peg : Lucky !
charadesninja - ottoschnauz - paddie895 - trish4354 -
carlysimonofficial - carlysimonofficial
My new guitar #nofilter #whatsong
whatsong - nofilter -
graciellaferraz : I love your songs, @carlysimonofficial !! I love your voice!! Im singer fron Brazil!! :*
smcjck : Gosh I'm so hoping you come and play it our wedding. I'm the guy who's marrying his partner of 29 years. I'm so excited. I'd love to make it as special as possible- and asking you to sing "The Right THing To Do"...even on a video - would be so awesome....
johnelston : Carly where have you been. Treat us to another Instagram! PLEASE!!!
melodyriffs : :)
swiftlyfightingdragons : RONAN
swiftie_since_07 : Ronan❤️
guywarren1991 : Please use it to record a new album
charlie_robbins : I love the song coming around again and more!
lydiapeters - sketchbookstudioart - nobinobi7 - melodyriffs -
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