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👫☀️ @brettcap
malayxox : Girls no I don't @ruthjauregui @foreverrstephyy
juuliahansson : @brettcap reminds me so much of josh bowman 😂
jojo__mf : @hanoufmuhammed عادية بس مكياجها حلو
myadc89 : @tinasahi
mzvictorious08 : @carlibel congrats on ur 1 million on #Instagram
bskotta : Nice
michellepkr121 : You're both beautiful!!!
norzin12 : @namdollar this is the beauty guru I was telling you about
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carlibel - carlibel
Din din with my cutie patoots!!! 😹🍷🍷 @daniiipete @brettcap @jodirae_35
emma.frey : @maddi.fontaine I thought this was Kim k
julie_mdi : @cukswwa ;)
crazysexyzaix : Good on yuh twos
sathiyaseelan52 : Wow
elisaoskkristinsdottir : @kristinmariabrink din din😂
susansatz : Beauty
kristinmariabrink : hahaha meig i mig @elisaoskkristinsdottir 😂
besostoall : @carlibel Please do a tutorial on this look.
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carlibel - carlibel
😹New video just went up! Direct link in my profile❤️😊
preciosax : Omg @carlibel @brettcap y'all are literally the best couple ever 😂😂
alisa__z : 👍👍👍
shoppinxxl : 🙉 so sweet hihi 🙈
shemasalih : Cutest couple 😘😍
joy11234 : Love this couple,hope to find a man that will make me feel like a queen.
lissandoval19 : I invite you to go through and I already have new video channel (link in bio) Please #Lizkisseslatina @carlibel
_havilah : @tompottiger
thedz : @ziadaziman @ssyafnida
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carlibel - carlibel
💁🐧Another new video coming tomorrow❤️ Thanks @brettcap for joining me😊☀️
dania_elshaikhy : Aha 6al3 a6reef hoa we heeaa 😊😍 @amy_mfs
eeli_zabeth : Can't wait!!😘
saretamakeup : @asoumahalmeteb انتحر :)
mygirlystuff101 : Wow can't wait
demurevix : you look like Kim Kardashian.
hananeghbi : What an amazing couple ! How sweet how he's looking at you 😍😍😍😍 @carlibel
______sxh : @s_h_x i found her😍
juuliahansson : The way brett looks at Carli 😍😍
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carlibel - carlibel
What the heck is on my iPhone?! New video is now up☀️ Direct link on my profile😊
alyaamh : I loved the dumb ways game ♡
rayanferdous : #freepalestine
hey_nikkki : Where is your case from?! @carlibel
nikkigabriel : You are so unbelievably gorgeous! Can't wait to watch the vid
kameimei : I love the case!!! Where did you get it from @carlibel ??
jetsetter145 : I'd like to know what kind of lens equipment y'all are shooting with??
semy_almalkey : @loomy5353
saretamakeup : @asoumahalmeteb ابجي :(
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☀️☀️Full Makeup Details from Yesterday's look (Had to refilm my video today so I redid the same look) 💁Face: #Chanel Foundation, #lauramercier concealer, #soniakashuk Bronzer in Goddess, #Mac Blush in New Romance, #anastasiabeverlyhills contour palette in banana to highlight, #MAC whisper of guilt to highlight cheeks (FINALLY GOT MY HANDS ON 1😍) Brows are filled in with #whiteninglightning brow bar Code: carli will get you 25% off, I also used the dark brown brow shade for my crease and underneath my lower lashline. #Ardel whispies cut in half on the outer edge of my eyes. Black #Mac gel liner on upper lash line💄Lips: #Mac Oak liner with #Mac Peachstock, Nude gloss to top it off by #whiteninglightning (same code: carli for 25% off!) Earrings are @ludoraboutique code: carlibybel for 10% off☀️☀️☀️☀️ NEW VIDEO COMING TODAY! Stay tuned! P.S. No it's not makeup related 😊
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abirella : Carli if you read this it would be awesome :D you are beautiful could you do a video with your beauty secrets ???
vogueoverdosed : @najlazainymakeup
musabjinnan : Nice
louisa_maox : @emilymaox
gendronlc : @karryss
mc_lovely : Hi guys, I recently started a blog, if you like to go take a look and help me to grow up . Kisses
fowsiyoshafeec : She looks like Kim kardashian
colorstagram_ : wats up kim k
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carlibel - carlibel
Just finished filming a video with this rascal🐧👫
kekerichards : @jessicawynn4
jesruzz : Perfect duo
kendraalexisbergum : What mascara do you use ?
directedsincerely : @giorgia_manakis is that you? 😂😭
giorgia_manakis : @directedsincerely loooll noo
kristalbert : beautiful!
annnamcgarr : Hey big fan but Bret always looks slightly worried about the weather or something . P.s make some beautiful babies please x
mc_lovely : Hi guys, I recently started a blog, if you like to go take a look and help me to grow up . Kisses
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carlibel - carlibel
Back to filming today✨🎥
nawalalzayid : @x5o5h
itssolyss_ : stunning
lmarcelaa : @lescobarr she has my top 😍😊
shz911 : @be4_and_after_kw تشابهه ميس حمدان
enicolez : What bronzer do you use??
ccmxkkx : 😍😍😍
mygirlystuff101 : Gorgeous
jasminleamiller : @carlibel You are so pretty, thanks for helping me get better at makeup😊💋
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carlibel - carlibel
How gorgeous is she?! Love her page for amazing makeup inspiration! She also has a YT channel❤️You can find the link in her bio😊☀️ @vegas_nay @vegas_nay ⬅️☀️
paulyganster : She doesn't have that much videos
dashtirana : Semplicemente BELLISSIMA!
prettyyoungkilla : @karapetry thats how i want my hair but longer...
foreverjaysmith : Very nice of you! This broad is hot too!
jesruzz : Spectacular
jesruzz : Cool
misspgbossy : Gorgeous
emzzpena : @sui_generis_3 do this look
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1 Million!?!🙊😍🎊🎉 it's so crazy to me. Of course I had to scroll down to my first few pictures to see how long ago I started! I remember @sammimorales coming over 129 weeks ago saying "Car! Download this sick new app!!" I actually already had it downloaded... But thought it was a photo editing app! So crazy how fast time flies. Scrolling through all my old pictures takes me back to so many memories! Good and bad. But through it all I never felt lonely because I always had you guys posting sweet comments from all over the world. Thank you for always supporting me, loving me & having my back. You have no idea how much all of you mean to me. Thank you for believing in me when I didn't even believe in myself. 😊❤️ I hope you all have an amazing Wednesday!!! I'm back to filming today😘☀️ love you my sweet angels! #1millionmuffins 👯🐧☀️🌍🌎🌏🌠
1millionmuffins -
carli.bybel : Love u!!!
meraaraj : @nuranyr for a second I thought this was u ❤️❤️❤️😍
velv3tsky : Wow this is amazing!
sweet.soona : oh gosh...not this shit again -_-
veemcee12 : @kieranfrances u should totally take a pic like this!
nuranyr : @meraaraj ahhahaha i wish😂❤️😘😘😘😘
ironbeauty0723 : @carlibel do you have a video of how you organize and store your makeup??
beyoutifulbym : Awww yeeeeay!!!! 💜 you deserve every bit of success coming your way sweetheart!!! Muuuah!!!
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