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carlibel - carlibel
My tea tastes a bit better because of these beautiful quotes😌 this is Chai tea by Yogi with Manuka honey😍
luisahuertas : I prefer te as well
parthivis_ : I love that color you have on your nails! What is it called?
ao_bbbb : عني عروض ميكاب وعطور لحقو عليه
minskul : Love the quotes! ❤️
danadarwiche : U need to find these @amalshine
lenyu_ : Love this quotes
puresimple89 : Love it
joooly_sa : Do you have snap chat??
tinadeze - lovelylorinda - chinotooswagg - ouchpita -
carlibel - carlibel
New video went up earlier! How to apply and care for your lashes!! +my announcement of my NEW Carli Lash! NOW AVAILABLE! 4 makeup looks wearing them!! Direct link to video is in my profile! Code: CARLILASH for 15% off!!! ❤️🎄✳️ #CarliLash
carlilash -
lenyu_ : Beautiful as always :)
bukna : @dajannastracciatellaa
fatema_alghareeeb : @noonaglaaf
susanetka : Super eyes 👍
jennborsato : @carlibel yay! I ordered them! So excited to try them! Can you do a tutorial on this simple every day makeup look? 😊❤️
josscorona_ : @sofiatoorres
biancaspink__makeupworld : @evelynjuarez15 ohh yess her i know who she is...nahh hes not tht hott
tayl0r_rose : @samanthaammilea
anitajx2 - jeezus_00 - itsmegelaaai - fashion_._style_._ -
carlibel - carlibel
THE WAIT IS OVER!!! I'm screammmminnnnnnn! My Carli Lash by @velourlashesofficial JUST went on sale!!!! I ALSO JUST posted a new video announcing it along with tips on how to apply and care for your lashes!!! Direct link in profile!✳️Make sure to use code: CARLILASH for 15% off your order!✳️I love you guys so much!!!! Thanks for making this possible😊❤️🎄 Hurry and order today so you can have them for NEW YEARS! Make sure to #CarliLash & #carlibel when you wear them because I will be reposting your pics! Can't wait to see how gorgeous you guys look❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
carlibel - carlilash -
svetlanaalexis : @carlibel the code didn't work.....just fyi...but I still ordered it! Can't wait to try them on :)
ave81 : As before I ordered doll me up then definetely couldn't wear them up to 25 times and the hair started to loose . And if one of the lash stayied longer nice then another one started to come hair off . Hopefully Carlie's lashes stay longer nice but can experience now 😊
ingathorap : @vingap
jessicazaki : Ordered mine last night! Can't wait! But gotta say I have many velour lashes but some lost their hair after two uses :( but I still love them and keep on purchasing them because they look so amazing!
nadarayes580 : @amir_ibn
amir_ibn : Oh her ok @nadarayes580
maadininaa : Mdr jprefer mai fai cils a 4e look @marine_cey
gaidaaalsawadi : @ranoomy12
yungmeehla - sarahemma14 - nadiaortega_ - xox_forever_ -
carlibel - carlibel
New fashion post is up on the blog!! @thefashionbybel @thefashionbybel love this oversized sweater!! 😊❄️ wearing two tracks of #lillyhair by @bellamihair use code: carlibel55 for $$ off all extensions!
lillyhair -
nadarayes580 : @amir_ibn
bepuresoul : Blow hair video 😢😭😭😭
masoud.sam110 : خیلی...
lancaster.lady : I love this one
_lovegv17 : Wow
_lovegv17 : Love your hair @carlibel @thefashionbybel
angelo.amazing : Nice.
angelo.amazing : @_lovegv17 @lancaster.lady @nadarayes580 @ashleynoel_xo @amandine__23.9 @kimberlygms @__mejo @viviann_ny @fazzzzzzzzzzzz flw
ayairaqi - evilittle - nadiaortega_ - whenarichniggawantcha -
carlibel - carlibel
NEW VIDEO IS Up!!! Wearing my NEW Carli Lash by @velourlashesofficial !!!! Direct link to purchase in my profile! Use code: CARLILASH for 15% off!
ainebric : @sarahhhennessy so weird I follow her on YouTube, she does amazing tutorials 😂 WE HAVE THE SAME MIND
el_aitana : @carlibel where is your turtle neck frommm
yvonnebarrowman : @rachael.couture
one_pretty_woman : Beautiful!
regunrobinson : Love u
marinascarpellini : @hyfrkristina
mahsaaz : @pjnaz
marie_geo95 : @carlibel
orianamorelli - ahiphop11 - sarahemma14 - luxuryminx -
carlibel - carlibel
Winter white🐇❄️ new video went up last night! I'm on there now answering comments! Come say hi😊
robingk81 : So pretty
tessneem_ : @mfattah this is what i ment by all white
nadarayes580 : @amir_ibn
mfattah : @tessneem_ 😍😍😍
pociisoudi : @nouryasser248
lmkxx : @xo___jenny
g_albarakani : @faithy_albarakani so fabulous. Something I know you'd love to wear 😍
faithy_albarakani : @g_albarakani allah yay 😍
barberry94 - gigi55101 - lovesyiha - benedettaatti -
carlibel - carlibel
Holiday dinner with my loves😊❤️⛄️🎄🎅🎊 (we all planned not to smile big😹)
saman.singer : Hi
0529miguel : @lupitardz2010 I don't get it
mia____64 : Hair and makeup tutorial plzz!!
ninniengberg : Du jag o tjejerna.. who the fuck are the guy?? Not my man i will tell you that for sure @isabellendiaye
melanyyy_ : Seriously gorgeous
ephylahsyou : Omg ! It looks like the guy we met anahi 🙈! @ah_nahii
ah_nahii : @ephylahsyou hahaha wtf it does!!
misslauradiana : ❤️
leanechr - kimberlyforever_ - ditacutie321 - infinitely__y0ung -
carlibel - carlibel
New video is up!! Sweater Weather! 3 Outfits😊❤️ Direct link in my profile!! Enjoy! For all outfit details and cheaper alternatives: @thefashionbybel
niggamala : Those shoes.... @hebaabebaa
_oliviuhhh_ : @saruhh_elaine22
aseel_mika : @mika_aseel
meloschiboo : Nice outfit👌👌
ccindylou : Macy's? Your boots? @carlibel
___azara___ : @sweetheartlilly
chocolatelock : @komalkoko10 her boots 😍
komalkoko10 : Ikr! @chocolatelock
deanda_a - ahiphop11 - sarahemma14 - luxuryminx -
carlibel - carlibel
Working on a new fashion video😊🐇❄️⛄️ @thefashionbybel
jopadi_ : @gl3nda_
rajaalnahdi : @saaamst 😭
orsurgtech : @chanaleemarie
rhymeworld : u are perfect
sannaalii : @halimaahhhh she's so pretty
halimaahhhh : iky💘 @sannaalii jelll
ritajalsarawi : @ghaliaajamal
aarti.sharma : @saxy11
g_albarakani - ahiphop11 - lisamarie_schaeffer - luxuryminx -
carlibel - carlibel
New Giveaway video is up!!! Find out how to enter! Direct link in my profile 😊❤️ love you guys!!! #CarliBelHG
carlibelhg -
brendanhenao : @alexanderkamanu wow !!
alexanderkamanu : @brendanhenao I'll cut of both my legs and a arm just to breath her burp 😂😂😂😂
sammylou345 : Hello Carli :) my name is samantha and im from the UK ... My favorite quote ever is " Never a failure Always a lesson" its my all time favorite quote!. instead of seeing a failure in a negative way and simply regarding it as such, you should try to learn from it and turn it into a lesson. I also have it tattoo across my chest, this quote means so much to me! Love what you do for us all, love your blog :D xxxxxxxxxx @carlibel xxxxxxxxxxxxxx keep up the great work flower :)
jodielousmith : @carlibel life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass it's about learning to dance in the rain ❤️ you are beautiful inside and out - Jodie uk 💗
waad_althagfi : @shmu50 شوفي الزين 😩💔
shmu50 : @waad_althagfi ايه من زمان مسويه لها فولو 😩😩
shirleygomez : I'm Shirley and my favorite quote is: "Ignoring your passion is a slow suicide. NEVER ignore what your heart pumps for."
reem_algaml : I love you so match and my favorite quote is ( never ignore what your heart pumps for)
infinitely__y0ung - ditacutie321 - deanda_a - maria35758 -
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