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carlibel - carlibel
New GRWM video went up last night!! ALSO! Don't forget to go enter my Back to school giveaway!!! You have until the 30th to enter! 😊❤️🐧
amadancer_13 : @sams_07
katie_marie3892 : @carlibel I was wondering where I can purchase some of the Bh and sigma products you talk about??
that10girl : I guess there is a slight resemblance.. Maybe it's the lips😘 @cameron_yeah
poshsierraelkin : 😍
squintmaster : Pretty
clairezee3 : I thought of Mary when I saw this @sarahheiller
stanguser : @tarfatabra
paulaxmakeup : Hey guys just started my makeup page. Any feedback or follows would mean a lot ❤️
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carlibel - carlibel
New video is up!! Get ready with me for date night! Hair makeup & outfit! All details are on my blog❤️😘
rushit.rushit : I love u
wak_x : U r juss adorable hun..thanquee for the tutorial xxx😘 much love ❤️
_cdecker : Loved the video! 😌 you look great in that color & those shoes are to die for 😍
monicaa_ferreras : Do a meet and greet in GSP
hotcakes117 : @wak_x *just *thank you
caspianprincess_ : What lip stick is this?
sa_r0na : @carlibel Can you tell me how to remove the effect of burning summits Who was on your neck? Please, help me 😭💞
stanguser : @tarfatabra
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carlibel - carlibel
New video coming soooon😊🐧 @thefashionbybel
hanybondok1234 : Very buty
danielle_fiamanya : @leona_mcphail airbrushed face how???
beckeeyy_b : @gravitatetouranus
gabriellabaka : @hiimchristina
blasianpersuasiann : @its_rettie
imoshinijeya : @rubickab
stanguser : @tarfatabra
gab_oliveiraa : @dieleuterio
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carlibel - carlibel
Filming a Get Ready with Me video!! (Yesterday's makeup look!😊☀️) 😘
princesznia : What app are u using ???
daniellebelk : @carlibel what colour is on your nails?
aiish93 : @carlibel how many times r u aloud to enter?
ashleeraynee : could you please do a camera setup video?
karen_c0c0 : @carlibel what app is for the camera or just a whole camera setup...please 👏👏👏 ps. U are beautiful! : Which app is that?
stanguser : @tarfatabra
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carlibel - carlibel
✌️&❤️✨🐧🐧🐧🐧🐧 @thefashionbybel
dombyrne1 : @ernax1
ernax1 : What you talking about crazy when did I ever use a ruler to draw in straight lines in front of you @dombyrne1
dombyrne1 : Sorry I mean even eyes .. did she do that part yet @ernax1
ernax1 : Yes and my eyeliner is always perfect😜 excuse you
ernax1 : @dombyrne1
kingston_3 : @man_0f_steeel @salsirooo @zainale @3bdullahzainal kaif ya3ni
simplebirdie : Seriously so beautiful!
stanguser : @tarfatabra
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carlibel - carlibel
Today's #motd 🐧🐧 Do you guys want a tutorial? ☀️☀️☀️Happy Friday!
motd -
aliyaanna : @wadood19 i love her eye makeup!!
missunusual_ : 😍😍
venuskaur : Please do this look!!!!
aamnarza : @anam98xo dream makeup 4 me
rachelyatess : 😍😍😍
anam98xo : yeah looks so nice @aamnarza your style
rebeccacheehy : @Carlibel I would love a tutorial I love the makeup
stanguser : @tarfatabra
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carlibel - carlibel
New post went up last night on the blog! @thefashionbybel @thefashionbybel 🌷🌷
karagozlum11 : Inspirationnn
nadasawaged : @hibaezzi hay eli 2lellek 3anha😍😍😌😭
emanalfaraj1 : @oufa2012 جماااال 😭
thedapperrapper : @_aceboogie168 @emgymusic my new ig wifey
simplebirdie : Love it!
shahad__90 : @danaalkadi
stanguser : @tarfatabra
rvben___ : Marry me ??
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carlibel - carlibel
13 years ago today.. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families of the victims & the many other Heroes who rose in service.❤️
quiltednorthern86 : Way to be grateful for help from America! Ya let's all put Americans down when we are the only ones to Everrrrrrr come to the rescue! Selfish.
soul_station : 🙏
katelyn.paige : @quiltednorthern86 @emmastonefanpage1988 🙌🙌🙌👏👏👏👏
faygelfay : Am Israel Chai
mashuq137 : #FreePalestine !
daniella_haughton : @mashuq137 from Hamas!
the_music_junkey : Your 9/11 is Palestine's 24/7
stanguser : Tarfatabra
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carlibel - carlibel
NEW VIDEO! Back to school beauty tricks +NEW GIVEAWAY🎉🎉 link in my profile😊 #carlibelBTS
carlibelbts -
heartshapedbix : My best memory was my 18 birthday with my boyfriend hope I win the giveaway I never win anything I love you carli!! your so beautiful and an inspiration x @carlibel @thefashionbybel #carlibelBTS
hayky : My favorite memory was with my boyfriend this summer in Paris when we locked our love forever on the Ponts des arts lock bridge🗼 That's where he proposed 💑
itdoll328 : How many times can we enter on all of them? @carlibel
sanyagill1991 : I have been suffering from severe acne for a very long time. You gave me inspiration to just be myself. And love myself despite all my flaws. I thank you. My favourite memory would be when the girls who always made fun of me came upto and said my skin looks amazing. Thank you so much. I love you. Your quotes and tips have made me get over it. The day I got positive I stopped fussing over my acne. And now I hardly get a pimple. 😘😘
andrearoman_xoxo : What are the rules for the Ig giveaway? @carlibel I can't see them
260963_a : My Favorit Memory from this Sommer was my Trip to my home Country turkey . My Brother and me Took a flight from Germany Köln to Istanbul turkey. Our cousin welcomed us At the Airport . We had some breakfast together .After that he accompanied us to our Bus . Our next stop was Ankara. In Ankara we had lots of fun with my Mothers ount Her Grandmother and her Cousin. Because it was still fasting period there were a lots of Festivals. Ramadan in turkey is like x-mas in Amerika ☺️ about a week later we had to go to our next stop . Now our direction was eskisehir . The hometown of my Mother and also were the Most of her family stays. This Time there was a Special Event . The engagement of my mothers Cousin . But to get to the Family of his Future wife we had to Drive 8 hours . The Day befor we went to the hair dressers to get our hair done and on the Way to there we were compelled to do our make up on the Bus . In the Bus everyone was starring At me because of My Make up techniques ( that i learned from you ❤️ ) . The years befor i wasnt able to do make up as i am now so i could Understand why they were wondering😊 . We had a Great Time But we had to go to our next stop. Kusadasi .my Brother and me were so happy that we were now somewhere we had a Pool and the Sea 😍 in kusadasi we Stayed with the friends of my mom and dad from Germany . We Arent related But we all are like a family . They rented a House near The Beach and invited us to Stay with them. We were one week with them but that was a fantastic week .the First Day we were invited to Other friends from Germany for bbq At the evening we went to a Beach club called jade the next Day we were in the Pool and on the Beach . We also went to an Aquapark where we had fun like Little Kids . We Made a boottrip the Boot stopped At Different places where the Sea was Amazing beautifull . We went to bazars and bought lots of stuff . But the most exciting things was PARASAILING 😱
anastasiafra4 : Why are you so matchy match? Matching your makeup to your earrings and shirt?
stanguser : @tarfatabra
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carlibel - carlibel
Some food for thought🌟#innerbeauty above all else☀️ I have a new video coming tomorrow😘 Goodnight my beauties🐧
innerbeauty -
mahsouaflatouni : @oseddiq 😂😂😂😂 ofc
oceanbrouwersx : I love that one
jnathalierodriguezs : Totallyyyy♥ Even prettier ♡
pinchechapu : Hmm Lol @brxwnsugar
brxwnsugar : You and @damnimdark would obviously still think im beautiful anyway rightttt? 😂 @pinchechapu
azan_a_r : @sweetrabab
buttercup178 : Yes I'm a beautiful soul period. @sajaaa_x @loujanee
stanguser : @tarfatabra
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