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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks scored early, but couldn't contend with the Avalanche offence in a 7-3 loss. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
jay_sideris : @janussteven_ exactly
flshvalle : Next game boyssssss @frymanjr #truth
booiehl : @rfarnan pretty much gonna be like this for the next 10 seasons
alexbrown447 : Why wasn't miller in goal
duffyscourt : People complaining about Lack are just IGNORANT, 50 shots against u idiots, didn't matter who was in goal last night, stupid penalties yet again is why hurt us
mike_chisholm : @duffyscourt mad?
johannnickma007 : 😭We lost 7-3😭
meggie_the_third : Get em next time
raman_17 - 3galsandthisguy - razer171717 - cmmend127 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
It's #TGIF - that calls for contest, right? If you could train like a Canuck, which player would you pick as your role model? Leave a comment below, and you could win 1 of 5 $40 Sport Chek gift cards. Happy 40th birthday, @SportChek!
tgif -
profilenamesarehard : Am I too late for this? I pick Kevin Bieksa! That man plays with a ton of heart, and is always ready to come to the aid of his teammates!
hodgie_8 : Ryan Miller
priyankachauhan14 : Henrik Sedin!
duffyscourt : Bieksa, because I always see him at UBC watching and cheering his little boy on in their minor hockey program, superstar athlete and a great dad!!
bradkenn : Kevin Bieksa because he's one of the top guys he's not afraid to jump up in the rush or to fight he's just good overall
lionnovember : Def the Sedins training freaks but on the ice they are gentleman beasts who always play with a level head and respect toward the safety of the other players. Legendary hockey players and even better human beings
maxboro27 : Probably Bieksa too he is a great player and is always focused and on task
poo_in_mouf : Bieksa cause he is a great defence and leads the team
briguy4life - namikpics - sahibbasra - chris.lacey15 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - Higgins, Bonino, Vey and Hansen all scored as Vancouver beat St. Louis 4-1. #Canucks #BOOM
boom - canucks -
nhl_edits124 : Great win!!!! They played great tonight
kelligb : Great game! @canucks please consider using another word other than "bullied" sends young fans the message it is OK to be a bully. Just a suggestion. 😊 Go Canucks Go!
hockey_shot5 : YAY
thomas.corddry : Just a penguins fan passing by 🐧
cole_soderstrom : Woo hoo
nadinejclark : @kelligb how many "young fans" do you really think there are on Instagram?
britacco2 : Nice
bxnsoto : Same. @thomas.corddry
hbroncos_8 - andrewscarlato - sacul_of_beausejour - hodgie_8 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Alex Edler will play his 500th NHL game tonight in St. Louis; the 28-year-old has called Vancouver home his entire career. #tbt to 10-year-old Eagle - once a beauty, always a beauty. #Canucks
tbt - canucks -
_nikkigale : ♡♡♡
ricky_kaiser95 : Sucks trade him
ryansam123 : Yes @matthew101488 #baconcountry and edler and Stanton are our teals
bananaranaa : @arashjunior such a cutie
matthew101488 : @ryansam123 yes Stanton as well turnover machine back there
ajmcphee : @slowepoke remember when you were in love with him?
chase_fraser : Elder is shit trade him
slowepoke : @ajmcphee still am duhhh
andersrahm - sophier227 - sukh.sidhu - dstyle10 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
It's back! Watch the newest episode of King of the Rink, featuring Dan Hamhuis, at
gjassal : @thekimyup Lol someone above tagged u too
manicmel_g : @carlaparsons
nhl_in_action : 🚨NHL UPDATES HERE🚨
thekimyup : Lol!! @gjassal. I must talk about hammie too much
jasmineallaby : @alteramaks
blakedawg2 : Come on guys comment
blakedawg2 : Canucks are awesome
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks thumped by the Stars 6-3 Tuesday in Dallas. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
angelayogi : Hokeytalk11 you are not cool the Canucks are the better team
angelayogi : Great try boys go Canucks go
rylanposehn8 : "#blarg"
hockey.edits.10 : Come follow us for sick hockey edits we just made a Vancouver one!😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃
cmylie14 : Canucks obviously out played them but stars goalie stood on his head.
potts_31 : @angelayogi the Canucks suck they need a lot more than practice to win the cup
_dawson_mitchuk_ : 46 shots damn how bad were they lol
andrewscarlato : When the Canucks loose they score goals but the defenders can't get the job done
dallasstars1999 - f150s_rule_so_does_kylebusch - szemrane_tango_pasodoble - marcap3377 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The first #Canucks Road Game party of the season is on! Alumni Dave Babych & Kirk McLean have joined us to watch the game at The Pint tonight.
canucks -
jrb_rottenrails_tmnt : YAASSS @krystalelizabeth13
superkid_143 : 2-6 for Dallas they ain't gonna win
kalvin523066 : Hungry I heard they are serving smoked Canucks in Dallas😀
superkid_143 : Yep lol
joelcolincampbell : We should sign Kirk.
jmclouts : Bring back mogilny to booster the sedins....
gair25 : Despite the loss, it would've been awesome to have a drink or 2 with #1 & #44. Sh!t, should've gone.
zinamin : @robynmcv I think we need to go to the next party.
ryan_da_boss03 - nate.w3 - anime_nerd12 - canucks_13 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
In Vancouver? Join us tonight at the Pint (455 Abbott St) at 5PM for our first #Canucks Road Game Party of the season.
canucks -
_nickmahon_ : Getting shit on
yzerman_31 : 6-2 Dallas
cordpm : I'm dying
_devlin__ : wtf goalies need to step it up....
nicole.c_ellen : Who was in the net for Vancouver?
chrisvillegas119 : In net for vancouver was a trash can
chrisvillegas119 : Riot zone that way ⬆️
jonsuzz : Faaack. When do we play the oilers again?
melle446 - ryan_da_boss03 - raacchheeel_ - anime_nerd12 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Dan Hamhuis looking a little worse for wear this morning but "the nose is healing okay".
larisa101 : Trooper
juusohonkamaki : Goal Cannon!!
brianna_tom123 : YOU are cool
barbievangal_ : Get better soon‼️‼️
markzeee : Beauty !! North coast BC boy representing .....
andradelouie : @scottyhawkins9
lucasjcunningham : @emmaliablock
rolienkvdd : Beterschap vanuit Nederland.
roochelleann - gucci_rc - bogielives - tanroop_3 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
#Canucks are on the ice at #UBC, minus Stanton.
ubc - canucks -
joellemw : @emyee_ omg haha 🙈☺️
louisemeddings : R still there?
brodiecrx : @classicrockguy666 its just a game who gives a shit.. its not like we were gonna beat tampa with stamkos.
mary_sharma05 : Go Canucks go
kirstenchaan : lol teresa saw them today unloading @isabellehochban
arguable : @mvcoast OMG
harboureventcentre : 😍👌
liam.mcknight : Please answer! Is the Canucks organization doing a tribute to the fallen soldier in Ottawa?
markusthereddevil46 - seungjun_ - hockey_trick_bros - raacchheeel_ -
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