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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Sbisa's teammates left him a little 🎁 in his stall after he had trouble guessing Fin's name at #DiceandIce the other night. Full video on
diceandice -
beautyhockeyplays : Hey guys. Could you maybe give me a like or follow? Thanks :-)
canucksfan99 : @confusedclown lmao you ARE a confused clown
confusedclown : @canucksfan99 wow ur stupid
canucksfan99 : @confusedclown before you call me that, it's you're AHAHAHAHHA πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ you ARE. A confused clown. Grow up kid
confusedclown : I'm telling u those twins are shit bet u don't even watch them play just taking fucking selfies in your fucking mirror like the fucking 13 year old u are so go back to fucking Tumblr and don't even bother fucking commenting back
darthnilius : @ezjd fin the insult comic : Lol^
boomer_10_ : Let's win this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lien_ftw - fergusfolland - mrmarkyi - nikita_tryamkin -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Happy birthday, Luca Sbisa!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽ‚
nickthehockeylover : Happy birthday
haris16ahmad : Happy Birthday Luca Sbisa
luca_101 : Thanks guys
frazer_40 : Happy birthday @luca.b36
boomer_10_ : Happy birthday Luca
luca.b36 : Happy Birthday Gaggichäs!!! @frazer_40
haris16ahmad : @indibirring18 his birthday, Happy Birthday Luca Sbisa
nmbrown111 : Happy Birthday!!!!!!
21blackrabbit - emmajoyj - sofiabryn6 - lorrainedapain -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Welcome to the #Canucks, Adam Clendening. Gustav Forsling heads to Chicago in exchange for Clendening, a 22-year-old defenceman who split this season with the Blackhawks and Rockford IceHogs. πŸ‘Š
canucks -
tylerdoyle33 : @jaydenmolison they obviously wouldn't have taken that. Jordan Schroder had a good juniors and it didn't mean shit. Figure it out. @jonnyk48 Some people hey! Bunch of Meatheads out there
colinpope : @coraclecove @junk_hustle @seamus_pope
c730n : @dominicypc
kd_treyster5 : Go Hawks!!
opompi : @canucks are they going in the lineup
spencer_ranger : Noooo oo i like Gustav
wfauteux177 : I feel bad for
mr._.anonymous._.bob : I don't like that trade I think the Canucks won the trade I am a hawks fan and he was really good
nicprkr - ben_norquay - sean.joyce10 - joseph_stead -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Lots of #Canucks sporting #HockeyTalks shirts in the room today. During February (and beyond), we encourage you to follow and contribute to the #HockeyTalks discussion at
hockeytalks - canucks -
jesseswitala : Thats daniel
temekoo : @jonineuv
liamjeys : Yo
sandy_jussy : Such a gentleman!!
vancanucksupdater : Follow for Canucks highlights, injury reports, roster moves, game times and starting goalies.
adrianne11 : @canucks - are those shirts for sale?
hobie97uphere : Hey all of you canucks, I wish you all the best for the rest of the year. You got this!
hannah.liuu : @bb.bella22
nolan_rocks_100 - justinwilliamson_2 - goalie_kid__ - golzar_9 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The #Canucks Dice & Ice gala took place Wednesday night at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. One highlight was Ryan Miller and Eddie Lack busting out Sweet Child O' Mine - well, kind of...
canucks -
christinabeanaa : @mattjo85 😊😊😊
christinabeanaa : @mattjo85 for Canuck place! Whoot hot
lilicandifornia : this is amazing πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ˜‚
vancnucks : @mr.superfun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ what do u think?
mr.superfun : @vancnucks I think its awesome!
vancnucks : @mr.superfun πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ πŸ™πŸ™
corey.crawford : omg @brad.marchand
brad.marchand : 😎😎 @corey.crawford
slshogan - cotesinha90 - opompi - corey.crawford -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks are blanked by Ducks to open a six-game homestand. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
kneufeldt : It is πŸ˜’ @jessica_smid01
thisisjordanhawkins : @hockeytalk11 its cray for sure
vancanucksupdater : Follow for Canucks updates, highlights, game times and starting goalies.
jmdhockey : Chut up vancouvercanucksupdater
jmdhockey : They don't have any updates the only thing that they do is loose
jared_lindgrin_23 : Go Cunucks you will the next one
atikokanutty : @jmdhockey when a team is above .500 how is it that all they do is lose?
jmdhockey : 500 what atikokanutty and the canucks haven't won a stanly cup!
sajjanbanwait - sedin_tween - hockeyboyliam - kai123406 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
#Canucks wore camo jerseys in tonight's warmup to commemorate Armed Forces Appreciation night. (And yes, these jerseys are available at @canucksstore!)
canucks -
unfollow_me_i_quit : @cdawg_752 no they don't...
cdawg_752 : They kinda of do
jmdhockey : Chut up hard_editsx they do suck
ellen1081 : @wighty20
chickadee_dee_dee : @jimmydbarnes
baconowner369 : Nice jersey
antstompz : To all mah dear haters of the Vancouver Canucks. You might say they suck, but you indeed swallow. ;)
boomer_10_ : It is miller time
boomer_10_ - langley_hockey - carolinemachu - imstarringatu -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
A few weeks back we spent a #daywithTL. Tonight, the full footage airs on #CanucksTV on Sportsnet Pacific at 11:30PM. From sun up to sun down, 6AM workouts to game night in the president's box, you'll see it all. #Canucks
canuckstv - daywithtl - canucks -
miasanpatrick : @hazzesandstorm When you absolutely positively needs it overnight πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ #FedEx
dlradke7 : @ciaradanie11e I was thinking the same thing. Shoes and socks on the table. Come on.
bischof78 : Shoes and socks on the table????
jkmonkey123 : Must be a swed thing but dam would I get smacked for putting shoes on the table
zberg40 : @kanwar32
aebedford78 : Looks like Linden just yelled out HENDRIK !!! how many times do I have to tell you No shoes on the table !!!
bigjagz87 : @alexburrows.. fed ex your daytime job bro? lol
hudmohockey : @littlerl ew shoes and socks on table gross lol
sedin_tween - kareuu26 - chococat29 - sarora604 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
We have some fans meeting & learning from #Canucks strength & conditioning coach Roger Takahashi today, courtesy of @SaveonFoods. They help us give away some pretty cool #Canucks experiences like this through πŸ‘Œ
canucks -
marksha : @willeelee @jonschellenberg hahahaha he looks like Bobby Lee from SNL
canuckskickazz : I returned my completed release form last week by fax and email, but haven't heard anything yet...
_nhl15_trades : Trades for NHL 15 on xbox 360 here!
quadingchick101 : My name is Kayla, photography is my passion. Please follow and like! Thanks!
lockerroommemes : Want some hilarious NHL MEMES!! Go follow 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 @locker_room_memes @locker_room_memes @locker_room_memes 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 right now!!
captssmann : @halfbloodprinc3 lol almost eh
jake.wright14 : Canucks should sign mike Richards as he's on waivers
canucksfan99 : @jake.wright14 that's actually a really smart idea πŸ‘
sousa_jacob7 - tvaroh69 - midstate_mustang92 - benoitloulou65 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Almost showtime... #NHLAllStar action gets rolling with #Canucks all-star rep Radim Vrbata playing for #TeamFoligno at 2PM PST on CBC.
nhlallstar - teamfoligno - canucks -
hind111miz : Lol.
noahcf19 : @canucks_official claim Mike Richards off waivers :)
copycat2786 : There are rumours that elder is going to get traded for centre ryan o'reilly
liam.mcknight : Pick up mike Richards!
trollololololol_13_ : Loungo was a bad choice for team towes
keenan.murray : Vancouver sucks
loveptc : @hmarkkus
hockey_star_14_ - chay_chay222 - loveptc - antstompz -
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