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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Have a hockey-themed #Halloween costume this year? Post a photo of it by 11:59pm tonight and tag #DressLikeACanuck. Best costume wins tickets to the #Canucks game on Nov. 2. Full rules & details at
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jakeross19 : @maxwildstar
nonee21 : @neetz01
mattywackass : I'd better see a 2 headed conjoined sedins costume.
rose_gzb : @fadeless_leo amor hahahaha xD
simonwikander00 : @lukaasandersson
kbanski : @becoll
dallen_b : Yep going as a blind ref
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
In case you missed it, which we know you didn't, the #Canucks took down the Canadiens 3-2 in overtime last night. Check out all the best photos on - no tricks here, just treats!
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carterfuerst2 : @bladesnoble6 if they suck how r they 7-3 they just beat one of the best teams in the league so stfu
mary_sharma05 : Great game last night
renatopirozzi : Fuk Montreal they ain't coming to Vancouver and winning shit here fukin frenchies, and there the best team in the east rite now? Lol they would get destroyed in a playoff series against the canucks
snarang_187 : @bladesnoble6 you chinky eyed pie eatin fat motherfucker Canucks do not suck
kraymichael : If Montreal played in the western conference they'd get rolled on.
thimblewad : @snarang_187 HEY, no need to get racist! For shame, that's not how Canucks act.
dano1786 : @renatopirozzi man I'm a Canucks fan but MTL is definitely beating us in a playoff series, they are a better team
elephantjamboree : #rustlerofjimmies
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - Daniel Sedin scored the overtime game winner as the #Canucks beat the Canadiens 3-2. #BOOM
boom - canucks -
chacejones21 : Ok bud @boys66
_alexsom : @tonypetel_
hannann14 : @boys66 ik idiot
tonypetel_ : Wtf lol! @_alexsom
shep.24 : 💙💚💙💚
wwm.batman : @rdhaliwal17_ @wwm.kongflow @bhavrandhawa #dankyou
vanbowley : @rebeccajwatts @crystalpeiris @camyip @shierkri just in case you needed the details.
arams11 : @char_charles12liu yah my team lost a close game..obvs not happy about it?
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
IT'S GAMEDAY! The #Habs are in town tonight. Predictions?
habs -
lunduhlicious : @juantoparty :(
humans_from_the_devils_eyes : Who cares if the Canucks won? The Habs still got a point and are still the team with the highest points in the league!
jeremybreedveld : I care that the canucks won^
kevinnkho : ^^^^ @humans_from_the_devils_eyes I CARE THAT THE CANUCKS WON^^^^
kevinnkho : @humans_from_the_devils_eyes if u dont care go get a life!😭
humans_from_the_devils_eyes : @kevinnkho I just don't have a life at 1:13 A.M, that's just how it is!
kevinnkho : @humans_from_the_devils_eyes in vancouver its only 11 pm
scottallan16 : @brentplante didn't make this one though I hear Ticketmaster had plenty left lol! Good game! Better team won
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Chris Higgins and Brad Richardson are at @SportChek Park Royal this afternoon, competing in a head-to-head trick shot competition. #MyBetter
mybetter -
madimckerl : @postmodernistknifefight
teamdrover : go Habs !
dmpaulson13 : @sierrarmooney ....😢😢 can we like get a better notice when they will be there pls... And Chris Higgins! 😩
stevensrobbie : If you stop reading this you will die my name is Teresa Feudal go if you don't repost this on twenty other photos I will sleep with you forever a girl ignored this and her mom died I'm real check google
tiffyyee : Higgins 😩😍
jraut22 : @hughge isn't that where you work?
leahgarratt_ : @sophieethompsonn just saw your comment... We totally should have 😔
haileymoojelski : @michyv66 god dammit!!! I wanna meet both of them so bad!!!
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The #Canucks won their sixth game last night over the Hurricanes. The best frozen moments can be found on
canucks -
canucksfan99 : @dbrucks35 and you are one stupid shit!!!👎👎
bostonbruins3717 : Yay go canucks!
nhl.updatz : Follow Here For NHL Updates!!🚨
corninghurricanes40 : Those fans faces tho
chase_fraser : 🐳LETS GO BOYS🐳
superlooper_11 : What was the score
calvin_choiboi : 4-1 @superlooper_11
superlooper_11 : Thanks @calvin_choiboi
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - Ryan Miller earned his 300th NHL win as the #Canucks blow by the Hurricanes 4-1. #Boom
boom - canucks -
johannnickma007 : Yes we won 4-1
rose_gzb : go canucks goooo :D 💙
brrrandonwang : Nice to see some offensive production from people pther than the sedins and vrbata
jeraldinec : I thot it was weber who scored, no?
quinlan_14 : Hansen tipped in webers shot @jeraldinec
bostonbruins3717 : Ya
peterdfortune : Well said @brrrandonwang
benjaminkohenphotography : post more.
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
After scoring the game winner Sunday against the Capitals, Luca Sbisa says "the guys gave me some heat for taking the day off yesterday." #Canucks
canucks -
nhl_cinema : ⚠️🚨⚠️HOCKEY VIDEOS HERE⚠️🚨⚠️
nhlnewsandupdates : 🚨⚫️NHLNEWS⚫️🚨
canucksfan99 : He looks in his 30s yet he's like 24 I think 😱😱😱
slsigafoos : Hey @mesy_jesy!
dszabadi : #pluglife
canuck.1357 : Certain win tonight
starrkevin : No more back handed clearing attempts buddy.
rand0mlikings : ^ What starrkevin said. Heed this advice!
catiabelli - sasha_slupskyy - ltsallyb - gucci_rc -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Derek Dorsett, Chris Higgins, Shawn Matthias, and Eddie Lack spent time at @CanuckPlace with their wives/girlfriends this afternoon for some good ol' pumpkin carving.
debbiebutt : Thanks @canucks for making a difference for children and families @canuckplace #biggestsmilesever
suvraajm : Hahaha oh my gosh @rj_1231
bacon_hockey_boy : Duster Dorsett @kpods26
leannebieksa : @jjjdawggg hey look it's my cousin
leahfavaro : @vanessabavaro help me
cole_soderstrom : Plz put Nicholas Jensen back on the roster he it a great player 👍
lukas_1211 : Canucks best team ever
christinabeanaa : @mattjo85 awee so awesome!!
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The pie plates are grenades! Watch the full #Canucks team building feature on
canucks -
katsudonjang : @izzayd omg
nikheel_20 : @nnaicker_10 LOL lets play that some time
lack.attackk : Omfg u should watch the video😂 @crossbardesigns
anchorthisheart : @uberduckieee this looks kind of fun to do for LGS :P
ctsang5 : @kennykwannn
cole_soderstrom : That's awesome but u also have to let the team go and hang out and go do there own thing to so they can develop a friendship
_sarahlewis13 : At least your team is pretty cool @canucksfan_101
canucksfan_101 : Damn straight @_sarahlewis13
catiabelli - kothiwala_17 - p3horses - luiscarlosgoncalves397 -
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