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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The Daniel, painting done by artist Tony Harris, given to Daniel Sedin for his 1,000th game, from start to finish - reaaaally fast. #Canucks #Daniel1000
daniel1000 - canucks -
bradgillis : @kyleywong
mikelop : @cdomso
jenicaroo : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
morganangelini : @jeffhiemstra
ishafanclub2 : Who won the Daniel Sedin jersey @canucks ?
jackcarlos2010 : cool
graham.rush : Should have had the stick & rink jersey. Congrats Daniel!
killrsuels : @weirdmess
curtis.k420 - pocopirate - eric.h.tam - edengustafson -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
To celebrate Daniel's 1000th game, we're giving away a signed 22 jersey. To enter, post a tweet and/or Instagram pic with your message to Daniel before puck drop tonight (6:30pm) and include hashtag #Daniel1000.
daniel1000 -
virenderthappa : Daniel.legend
instareina : Happy 1000th! #Daniel1000
amberbutts : Did i win?! Lol
randallrussell50 : hjärtliga gratulationer Daniel on 1000th game. #Daniel1000
thehomiedean : The man, the legend #Daniel100
ambercamozzi : Way to go Daniel, Canucks rock #Daniel1000
georgezina : A legend in the making, thanks for everything Daniel. #Daniel1000
livy_rich : How do u win
binks_bianchi - naryan_b - phoenix_1802 - andrewhowe9 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Scrum on day of Daniel Sedin's 1000th game. "Playing this long for this franchise, it means a lot." #Canucks #Daniel1000
daniel1000 - canucks -
cchristl79 : Dan the Mann !
mamabozza : Love watching him play! Wish I could be there tonight!! #Daniel1000
magicmikehurley : Means a lot to have you play this long for us. Thanks for being such a key part of the team. #daniel1000
queenyw : Daniel sedin! โค๏ธ #daniel1000
jasdeepbains14 : ๐Ÿ’ช๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ™Œ #daniel1000
chloealexis_xoxo : Congrats!
sajjanatwal : Daniel is my role model without him I wouldn't be playing hockey without him and till this day I look up to his skill to help me in prove my game#Danile1000
vancouverize : Woohoo
smashley_rae - lanhrahlan - mulo_20 - obviouslynotashton -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
#OpenPractice is on at @rogersarena! Are you here with us this morning? #Canucks
canucks - openpractice -
sajjanatwal : Yeah I was
isabellamacaluso : Yeah right by where they come out
dwillis95 : Being a poor college I can't afford to go to a game but this was a great alternative. Thanks @canucks !
athiemack : Yeah I was there
sam_coderre : I wish I could have gone but I didn't have tickets ๐Ÿ˜”
brendanpagani14 : There's more fans to watch them practice then the ducks get at ther games @evanjonesss
zainpasq : hey im going to see the canucks in ottawa on december 7th! c u there!! @canucks
random_hoya : I was there!
random_hoya - _canucksfan_ - manindergrewall - karemelsayed7 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
@bohorvat scored his first #NHL goal tonight. #BoKnowsGoals
nhl - boknowsgoals -
justinbhatia : #quit eating sausages italian boy @josephpantile
bainsjayveer : U da man. Don't take this as an offence but I like burrows and bieksa better.
bainsjayveer : Ur good too
bainsjayveer : And by the way can u get me tickets
daniellosaurus : @andrewstrain hahaha love it
franknstix : No offense but we should trade burr and keep you in the line up...oh wait that is not offensive at all!!
kaihoward2002 : Congrats
chris.craven1 : Congratulations!
random_hoya - twotwocount - joelleungarian - jokeyjokester -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - @bohorvat scored his first NHL goal, but #Canucks fall to Ducks in a shootout. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
bainsjayveer : They my favourite team
bainsjayveer : That's too bad
bainsjayveer : Maybe next time
lashewchuk : of the best? Are you nuts? He disrespected this team and this country to no end...
callum_4_thomas : All he wanted to do was get traded @lashewchuk
lashewchuk : Oooook...he was a poison...they wanted to get rid of him as much as he wanted to leave...apparently he's the reason Schneider left...
shilosmith_ : I like 234 photosโคโค๐Ÿ˜€ can I have a follow back plzzzzzzz๐Ÿ’• it would make my life๐Ÿ‘
shilosmith_ : @canucks
julian_the_goalie77 - brooke.maq - shilosmith_ - jayman3361 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks beat the Oilers for the fourth time this year, third time in Edmonton. #Boom
boom - canucks -
liam08019 : Nope @carterfuerst2
balcony_friend_99 : @summerfalllife
carterfuerst2 : What do u mean nope? @liam08019
maaadddiiieee69 : @statton45
meeko_aleu_huskies : Great game I drove 9 hours to watch it!!! Was worth it!!! Ahh
apxp_1530 : @_rshao love when this happens๐Ÿ’•๐Ÿ’•
justin.dhoedt : It should of went to over time
mikhail_aardema : K dusty sedin sisters
megzer99smolderholder - carson_soccer13 - cristyhega - lukymichalek -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Aaaand the party is on at the Pint! Jyrki Lumme and Kirk McLean are here to cheer on the #Canucks against the Oilers. Lots of prizes up for grabs.
canucks -
kevdwarf : 5-4 good game
dastraumfjord : #jykrilumme my favorite canucks ever
djslyster78 : I wish #jykrilumme was a #nyranger not a #Leaf
ruhndmc : Lumme!!!
brayden_chickenman10 : I got a free iPhone from @applesnowfree
cwt_88 : @1phonesforfree gave me a iPhone
susanmccord1 : Two best #Canucks ever...
rahulhockey : What is Kirk macleans iMessage
hockey_mems13 - carson_soccer13 - r2young - absolute.arabesques -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Ryan Kesler speaking to media in Vancouver. "I spent 1/3 of my life here, it'll always have a spot in my heart. It's going to be a fun, intense game tomorrow."
holycrap18 : Go back to Anaheim I spent money on 2 of your jerseys and now instead of have a kesler jersey I now have 2 vrbata sweaters so thanks ๐Ÿ‘
naznazem : Still love kesler
josh_the_goalie : We need to beat him now
1958es335 : Just another Million $$ whiner
hashima_w : @shaqq1e I don't approve ๐Ÿ˜ค
brandon_williams9999 : Suck a bag of dicks kes
lalondewatch : Tells us how you really feel @brandon_williams9999 lol! #Kesler got mostly cheers during his brief video montage right before puck drop, and was booed every time he touched the puck. What I expected.
nvte.dogg : Good game
hockey_mems13 - absolute.arabesques - seungjun_ - megzer99smolderholder -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
It's been awhile... The second #Canucks Road Game Party is happening today at The Pint. Alumni Jyrki Lumme & Kirk McLean will be there to watch the game.
canucks -
eeromoi : Jyrki vitun Lumme
dylan.lara : we gonna win
sophiaross_ : Finally ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™ @niamh_holland
marcus_h_09 : I'm watching the game
gpuchniak : @nikesxmas got me $200
davisthesecond : Canucks win with 5 goals....... the Alberta team had less goals than that.......Alberta tries to kick one in but it was disallowed with 10 seconds left
jamesdg6 : Hahahha fuck you're oilers... It's never too late to become a canucks fan Hahahah @jamo1020
bh_1919 : Vancouver!
seungjun_ - bruh_bruh_12345 - sasha_slupskyy - aggefalk1 -
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