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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks get a late goal from Etem, but it wasn't enough in a 4-1 loss to Calgary. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
will.kozak : Damn
paytonmcintyre : Pretty much @marrkstep
johnwynia : Proud of Hamhuis
davidz123 : Who here thinks that markstrom should be in instead of miller? Cause I do they went on a role with markstrom in net
d.blacks : @itsjaredmac1736 at least the Caps will probably make the playoffs (unlike the Canucks). In Victoria the Royals are on fire and so are the Cougars (VIJHL)
nabatron21 : Piss poor effort! No offence whatsoever!
ecollins___ : BootayπŸ‘ @a_allchin8
a_allchin8 : Mines biggerπŸ’πŸ»πŸ‘ @ecollins___
canucks_goaliesandluo - ben_hockey_baseball - misponas_93 - liljimmy01 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
It's #HockeyDay and #HockeyTalks, let's have a ball #Canucks fans!! Puck drop real soon.
hockeyday - hockeytalks - canucks -
zbharmal17 : @jaedonballesteros sorry didn't want to be a jerk. We're on the same team, I'm just frustrated. But we're all in the same boat and no one's jumping ship
nastidasti14 : Should of stuck to soccer
_omgshe : @zbharmal17 if u don't mind me butting in, agree with u, even though this team is frustrating me with how theyre playing, I'm not about to just change to a new team, and hopefully no one else does until canucks start doing better and just come back. It's not like they can play great all the time, they r going to have bad seasons and good ones
canuckcreations : WIN A MOTHER FUCKING GAME!!!!!!
zbharmal17 : @_omgshe for sure. At the same time though, I don't think it's time yet to dismiss this as a bad season. It has been awful so far but this is the time to dig in deeper and work harder, not to feel bad for ourselves or "tank for Matthews"
_omgshe : @zbharmal17 true, there is time for them to perform better this season, and definitely shouldn't tank for Matthews
jaedonballesteros : Yeah man same here, I'm just frustrated with the teams play as of late, our roster is very good but it's not translating on the ice, I'm not jumping ship, I never will. @zbharmal17
cadensloan11 : We are a good team! We just got rid of a bunch of guys and they are still learning to play with out them..... Plus a lot of players have been injured so it's been up and down this year..... Go CANUCKS go
puckslapper - falkspencer - james_edgell27 - madi_davy_ -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Two hours until #HockeyDay puck drop. Can you name this #Canucks stud?
hockeyday - canucks -
rbrar_98 : Mcann
coltontrotter_ : Pk subban
curtisvanderveen : Hahahahahahahaha @coltontrotter_ @wosnack
lauren.steckley : Bo Horvat
aries_freak : @car0linetam @chantellemarie_a @annndrea_s @hannahhtrann @jenna_ehling @bruinuck @sarah_c81 LOOK. AT. THIS. DORK.
princesshelenean : MCCANN!!!! asdfghjkl.
m_burry19 : Mccann
trent.anthony : @dcull Conway?
riley_oughtred - ncaskenette - hky.and.lacrosse.tricks - sportztrix182717_9 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
You know who loves playing on #HockeyDay? This guy.
hockeyday -
afenton20 : @ashley_barill
jackjameson__ : ALEX BURROWS 😍😍😍
sjas_chan : @kaydubbs11 😊😊😊
kyleocarroll99 : @hope_groen 😎
canucks3645 : Burrows
hannanj17 : Burrows
jesse_lloyd12_ : Vey?
nailz_05 : Burrows
viggo_amar_jets - thebrothersbrandt - jacques_lelais - the.vegan.beast -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
To celebrate #HockeyDay, we're sharing some pictures of our #Canucks from their youth hockey days. Here's Ben Hutton, forever smiling.
hockeyday - canucks -
jack_stanton22 : @thenhlhumor
kidsodamite : Is that a helmet or his hair?
tjhansen89 : @scott269 pretty sure this is you.....
fakeliamgraham : @victoriafreinhofer
hellogail : @jsomerset_ I totally thought this was you in my feed
jsomerset_ : Haha that funny! @hellogail
keeganquinn9 : @kyle_szeto
admirer_tbrown : Spruce kings jursy
james_edgell27 - the.vegan.beast - 20_sports_16 - nikisorou -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
It's #HockeyDay in Canada! #Canucks vs. Flames to close out the day.
hockeyday - canucks -
colbysorensen9 : @jessicaskerlecc beauty on the right
jackjameson__ : Agree with @instakadence GO CANUCKS!!
jessicaskerlecc : Left @colbysorensen9
mya_loves_ballet_11 : Welcome back Dan!!!
d.bianchi4788 : Yes go Sven πŸ‘
vandadhazrati : Go Canucks go
miladparsian13 : πŸ‘ŒπŸ» good lost πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
zoeeee_dancer : Guess u were wrong at @ezhao23
octopus_chats - nhl_vinez - agriffin2003 - peso_angel -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks held a 1-0 lead heading into the 3rd, but fell to the Blue Jackets 2-1 in a shootout. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
lucasdwang : Dante Fabbro is pretty, we'll be able to snatch him at 7
qasim.bieksa : Just...HOW πŸ˜΅πŸ”« @fariha_94
fariha_94 : @qasim.bieksa πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
riley_wright_04 : Is there @canucks
riley_wright_04 : I was*
octopus_chats : The Canucks need to win this year and win a cup
zbharmal17 : Well we have some catching up to do in our division.
d_twamley : We need canucks to win this year
viggo_amar_jets - agriffin2003 - jacques_lelais - corbsauce_30 -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Hey you, YA YOU - #Canucks are back in action tonight. You ready?
canucks -
jaedonballesteros : Nice way to start the make our break month! WE LOSE TO FREAKING COLUMBUS! I DON'T CARE THAT WE GOT ONE POINT, I WANT TWO. TWO! Is that so much to ask? I feel like this team has purposely tried to tank this season, even though Benning denies it, I notice that we have lost many games that they should've won!
diamondnhl : @jon_h7 lol u dumb.. sedins are barely 30% in the shootout
kaibowes : Sadly not anymore after this dreadful performance
undefinedfilms : Fucking retards
nucks.edits : Lmao πŸ˜‚^^
quentinbenetti : @jon_h7 the sedins are absolute garbage in the shootout, they should never be chosen
_muggs_ : I agree with @Jon_h7 they have way better players that vbata, barrtchi, and burrows.......sedin brothers.........
lilow_the_chicken : I am sorry about this canucks fans, but.... WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE CANUCKS AND A BRA?! A BRA HAS MORE CUPS!!! I am sorry I actually really love this team. And you know its true. I am sad.
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Tonight, for our #20in20 series, celebrating the tough guys in #Canucks history. Scott "Wild Thing" Walker is our special guest. Who do you think will throw tonight's biggest hit?
20in20 - canucks -
nmddun : Anyone know when this is shown tonight ?
martindrelich123 : Prust oh wait nvm
mr._cooke91 : Awesome @canucks
kadenhamm1 : @bohorvat
trevordwight : Another day another loss whyyyy Miller put markstrom in net jeez
brokenmetal111 : Remember. It's all about the Bettman-jamans No Canadian teams in the playoffs. No money to made. USA USA
zackattack500 : @alfredonaccarato @virdo98 @domenic136
alfredonaccarato : Nice hits @zackattack500
agriffin2003 - aarondhillon225 - crt50307 - freezing.hky -
canucks - Vancouver Canucks
#Canucks to host #20in20 #RetroNight. More details as to what you can expect at the link in our bio.
retronight - 20in20 - canucks -
levi.hky : !!!!!*^^
howtochew : @jessicachenn
tmewi : @shemdyer lets goooπŸ’
kee_chandler : @leigh_robinson @mattv27 @lady_jay14
e_osowski : @hein79
sccudnie : Take another selfish penalty ya wanker
megsvi : πŸ’“πŸ’“
chrisivanko : @shepherda33 @patgilbertt @elijahfralick @grahammcintyre91 A-Team making a comeback?
jacques_lelais - josh_obroder_ - peterbuilt_007 - abbslikesabs -
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