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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
#TBT to Bertuzzi enjoying a California sunset on the beach in 2005. For a full reel of California Dreamin' photos from '05 visit
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westcoastkc : @chickadee_dee_dee the best!
brodie9jackson : @gallant_44
lauren_thiessen : @viczielke its your favourite πŸ˜‰
scott_mchaffie : Fuckin bertuzzi! Guy was a legend
viczielke : @lauren_thiessen 😍😘 sunsets and bert.. 2 of my fave things
gurtajpannu17 : BERRRTTTT @karanbarha
altokells : @haileyperry you can't ever convince me to like him😑
nathan__bertolucci : Sign him again
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
One more year with Sven Baertschi! πŸ‘Š Details on
bray_pompu1 : Definitely you guys have a good group of prospects but they're all gonna take a bit of time, like I said the sedins produce a good amount of vancouvers offence and when they start declining the younger players won't be producing at the same level the sedins did, They will need a couple years in the NHL to produce at levels near the sedins @ashtonryder0
ashtonryder0 : @bray_pompu1 totally agree. That's what I mean by "gap" we don't have like any young 23-25 year old NHL ready prospects. That's why it might be painful for Canucks fans but that's just the way It is and Bäertschi helps.
__batzia__ : Now Eddie lack is gone
arjun_shokar : Nick Bonino is a 3rd liner, he only had 6 more points than the guy we got, Kassian was a bad influence for prospects, someone in the organization said he arrived with a burger and shake, if your a Calgary fan, you should know Lack isn't a starting goalie
arjun_shokar : He got passed by like 6 teams at the draft, people still think he's like worth a early or mid 2nd
q.viner : Lack was better than markstrom, we need a new backup
arjun_shokar : @quinncanadian Lack is overrated, the only thing that's elite about him is his Twitter
aryan269 : Let's go baertschi
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
OFFICIAL: #Canucks acquire Brandon Sutter and a 3rd round pick from Penguins, in exchange for Nick Bonino, Adam Clendening and a 2nd round pick in 2016.
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arjun_shokar : @glutenisfun You sir, are a sensible hockey fan
david_pittsburgh : You guys stole him Good luck in Vancouver Sutter!✌️😭
jimmy17_ : @_benguin you thrive on my tears? I guess I'll just thrive on yours as well then
_benguin : YOU RAT BASTARD! @jimmy17_
jimmy17_ : @_benguin you brought this on yourself πŸ˜‚
thejacobwoodring : Goodluck sutter.. We will see you in the cupπŸ‘πŸ½
odinq_11 : Everyone thinks this is a bad trade cuz of canucks recent trades. But honestly I think canucks won this trade, bonino did not reach canucks expectations last year, sutter did pretty good on pens third line AND he did not play with very experienced players. With sutter on Canucks second like I think he will do great. Just saying
arjun_shokar : @odinq_11 No where near expectations, he went 7 goals in 12 games in October, then ends up scoring 6-8 goals for the ENTIRE year, a second line center does not put up 39 points with Vrbata and Higgins, he was the reason Vrbata had to come to the 2nd line, and how all the lines were moved, good riddance
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Double tap to wish a double happy birthday to Ryan Miller & Linden Vey today πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽŠπŸŽˆπŸŽˆπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŒˆπŸŒˆ
julianokola : @_wyatt99_ if you say that Minnesota is more passionate about hockey then canada you have to be insane to think that
_wyatt99_ : @julianokola u have no idea how passionate Minnesota is about hockey, do you? Lol
julianokola : @_wyatt99_ you have no idea how passionate canada is about hockey, do you? Lol
_wyatt99_ : @julianokola I have an idea since I was there for 3 days
julianokola : @_wyatt99_ where in canada?
_wyatt99_ : @julianokola I'm guessing you have never been to Minnesota. Especially Minneapolis and Saint Paul
_wyatt99_ : @julianokola Vancouver...
arjun_shokar : Actually there's only 1 team in Canada more passionate than Minny fans, Winnipeg, the broadcaster on Sportsnet decided not to put music whenever there was a break so fans on the TV would see how LOUD it was, it was Calgar, Montreal, and Minny combined, and this is from a Canadian, Minny is as maybe more passionate than most hockey markets than you people think. I'm still a Canadian
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Decisions, decisions... Let us know if you were part of #CanucksSTM half season seat selection this week πŸ™‹ If so, did you try the Rice Krispies?
canucksstm -
swishkid23 : a
sean_walia : B
kixbinder5 : A
imcleod9714 : B and we were disappointed with the lack of inventory available in our price range. Have been in same seats for three years. Never get any better.
ladysassafraskat : A
colinr98765 : B
hockey.31 : A
aryan269 : A
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
A full gallery from @naturespathorganic Prospects Development Camp is now up on
stephanietayler_ : @parkerw_18 u leaving the pitts alone like
etho44 : @mathew_hawkes is that stewy?
bar_down_beauty : @chrisaldrich14 the Canucks hey
mtung_ : @eeeeevvva
spenc3r_loft : Can u explain this to me? @erikcondass
jmerc_8 : He is the only guy that is wearing different shoes
kaidendeck : Please watch my youtube video! 'SUMMER MAKEOVER TUTORIAL!' The channel is ThisBeAwesome! (TBA) Thanks for watchingπŸ˜‹ Please subscribe too!
ursulaclopes.official : @cidolopez_jr @alececonello @chrisclopez
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Want to win a signed @bboeser #Canucks hat? Read his final blog on to find out how.
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dexter_geddes : What are the stupid Canucks going to do next? Get Tyler Kennedy?
arjun_shokar : @dexter_geddes Like you"
arjun_shokar : You're smarter than them*
hockeyscoverage : Follow for hockey's news. F4F
canucks_nation_ : Lol
kevinhuang2 : No
jor.danjohnson : @madelynn.gracee πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜ŸπŸ˜‹
mfreney97 : Vancouver fans, join #NHLCentral on Kik
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The #Canucks took on the #GrouseGrind to finish Prospects Development Camp, presented by @naturespathorganic. "I can't feel my legs, but that was awesome!" #onmypath
grousegrind - onmypath - canucks -
jasmean_gill : How did we miss them πŸ˜‘ @arshveerrai
lovethat_smile : @lindula never when we on it
jadenfootball24 : @canucks you can thank my grandpa for that he built the original grind before they re-did the stairs his name is on a plaque at the bottom on a rock.
metry_gamer : Oh yea i call those hellish stairways
houston604 : @emilymontyy they secs closed it off haha
jesseswitala : Subby @raccoondogsdaily @sean_dewindt
awsome_canadian_ : Subby
pethei1 : @alannahrad
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
The #Canucks Summer Summit live stream is now live and streaming. Imagine that. Watch on
canucks -
dream_carmen_ : @chef_dredean but yeah I don't really care man I just thought it was a little weird
chef_dredean : @deancarmen lol maybe a little overstated, I know they aren't I just want to win so bad.
chef_dredean : @deancarmen cheers!!
hockey.videos97 : @chef_dredean who do u like?
ryan_taylor_18 : @canucks_fan11 was this it?
canucks_fan11 : YupπŸ˜€ @ryan_taylor_18
canuckfanorcalogohater : Regardless of de Bonis' comments, the Canucks should retire the whale logo that's got nothing to do with the team's nickname.
hockey.videos97 : The whale is shaped in a C for Canucks like Montreal they have the C for Canadians @canuckfanorcalogohater
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Joining us tonight for #SummerSummit? #Canucks Season Ticket Members and guests get food & early access to the Equipment Sale before a Q & A with #Canucks execs. The onstage portion will be livestreamed 7:30pm-8:30 on
summersummit - canucks -
jessicagill9 : @jabargill
karamisboss123 : @gexrrailfan your right lets kick his ass
karamisboss123 : @armaanbansal fuck off
augib : How boring
nigelwesteringh : @blayneeer we should have gone.
djstalker : @tanne2411
gexrrailfan : Gang bang towards @armaanbansal everyone who wants to join can! @karamisboss123
ramonavorberg : Some amazing deals! ;)
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