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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
OFFICIAL: #Canucks acquire Sven Baertschi from the Flames for a 2015 2nd round pick and Cory Conacher from the NY Islanders for Dustin Jeffrey. #NHLTrade GM Jim Benning: "We now have a group of good, young, fast, skilled players that will be our foundation going forward."
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colestrilchuk : There both not forwards
jimbopapi : @pecksandnikes
mann_maxwell : @colestrilchuk If you're going to correct them atleast use proper grammar
zaifyy : @rohin02 smh
ethan_kaul : As a flames fan, I can vouch for baertschi and say that he is a hard working player.
maximumtaylor : @colestrilchuk except... They are both forwards....
jpriest1 : @shanfal7854 WHO AND WHO?
nickbaker14 : I love what Jim Benning is doing here. He knows that our core is getting old and he's looking into the future and acquiring good young talent. I applaud you, sir.
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
"I love Vancouver, I love the fans and the city. My heart is in Vancouver and I want to stay" - @zkass09 Follow all the #Canucks action on Deadline Day at
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rachaelmann_ : @emma_heistad oww his eye!!
bukkbain : @zkass09 is the best!! #1!!!!
bsmith_22 : Good he should stay!!
arman_dosanjh : What about it @yoovnandan I know he will get traded during the off season
arman_dosanjh : Never goin to be burrows he pisses of the other team and mostly the goalie @yoovnandan
mecka6 : Kassian has paid his doos and I'm quoting the coach & owner when I say "he's definitely stepped up". He's on our roster bcuz he can contribute to the team when it's his turn to do so.
mecka6 : Sooooo SHOVE IT all u Kassian trader-douchebags
hunter_edwards94 : Keep it up, big guy.
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Trade Deadline Day has arrived. Will the #Canucks be buyers or sellers - maybe neither? Live blog now at
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constantinekudaba : Keep 'em all.
simonthebeaut : Most boring trade deadline of all time
reesevandenboomen16 : Yuuuppppp agreed @simonthebeaut
simonthebeaut : If anyone is listening MARKSTROM needs to start please @mikegillis @canucks
jaedonballesteros : @g_samra26 so getting conacher plus baertschi is nothing?!
duffyscourt : Trade deadline has been an absolute joke since the early 90s, absolutely nothing of significance ever happens, I miss the good oL days lol
austgard : @simonthebeaut mike gillis isnt the gm anymore..
simonthebeaut : @jimbenning then lol! #puthimin
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks fend off the Blues 6-5 in a shootout. #phew #BOOM πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
phew - boom - canucks -
iamjsolberg : Syk kamp da! @moritzvenold
allstarwingsofficial : LETS GO CANUCKS!!!
604njay : Those NHL refs last night?! Horrible what a joke! Matthias stick breaking in half and Higgins gets pulled down in partial breakaway no call....
crezewell : Got lucky @frazer_40
farrelljames : @bradmacintyre
abominable_hoeman : @gurnaj11 in scored in the shoutout
logan_12_18 : Boom
kylethind : @arsh_07
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
@eddiethestork all smiles after tonight's 6-5 win. #Canucks
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itsrickyricardo : He robbed tj oshie @eddiethestork
tracyhugs2 : Go Eddie πŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘†πŸ’£
craigulus : That was a bad game by him. If Miller was playing we would've won in regulation #careerbackup
nataliebingham98 : @lauraessery HIS SMILE OMG
allstarwingsofficial : Congrats!!!
sarezy12 : Totes adorbs! Still can't believe we blew a 3 goal lead. But whatev good times.
duffyscourt : Ignorance is bliss on here, good lord,
burg74 : @sambrake87 his smile carries the team
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Reminder: Tonight's #Canucks vs Blues game was changed to a 6:30PM start! Help us spread the word by tagging anyone you know that's coming to the game πŸ‘
canucks -
devin_ryan194 : what a win!!!
ishpreetsingh12 : So Vancouver won or lost??!
ishpreetsingh12 : Because I didn't watch today's game
ishpreetsingh12 : So I don't know someone answer plz
tucker_reed18 : Won in shootout @ishpreetsingh12
ishpreetsingh12 : Ohhhh ook thanx for the info @tucker_reed18
treelyons : @ishpreetsingh12 you missed one hell of a game
emilyhendradjaja : Ternyataaa @kimberlysubi
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Thanks to Season Ticket Members for joining us this morning & cheering on the #Canucks during our Closed Practice.
canucks -
_savvykay : @harjotskahlon
dhami_95 : That sucks eh @akkumar_7
forbreezy67 : @johnson_adam2 i see us
mikelogan11 : @paulvoll hahah were famous man!!
gottabekatd : @adalmacio13
martindrelich123 : This is the crowed for buffalo and florida combined :p
_nickmahon_ : was there
bchristy90 : @kaotickustoms why didn't you go?
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
These lucky (and adorable) young fans got a private tour of @rogersarena and the #Canucks dressing room today, as a reward from the @SaveonFoods Fan Zone. If you, too, like winning stuff πŸ‘‰
canucks -
jamielee2xo : Das dumb. :( @melewebster
little_cup_cake : Moo moo cows are awesome
peninsulakim : My boys will never forget the tour. Thank you @canucks!
rhsage5 : I know those guys!! Congrats!
canucks : @jbhatia17 - a tour like this one can only be won through the Fan Zone.
jbhatia17 : @canucks is fan zone on your guys website? How do i enter this contest?
canucks : @jbhatia17 - Details in the caption! Sign up at
jbhatia17 : I am signed up! Thanks @canucks #gocanucksgo
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
Game at a Glance - #Canucks give up four 3rd period goals, lose 6-3 to Sabres to end five-game road trip. #blarg
blarg - canucks -
copycat2786 : Jim benning trade a 2nd round pick for matts zuccarrello @canucks
djcotter : That was so sad!
johhny_fire12345 : Buffaloes just too good 😎
jmranda : @markaguiirre a hahahahahaha
fab_hd : Thats just fucking sad. Buffalow doesnt even have one damn good player, not fucking one! Somehow the canucks still lose tothem, and they almost did in their last meeting. Hahaha canucks are terrible
fab_hd : Ps i live in vancouver so i have a right to make fun of em
rezsoccerkids : @fab_hd it's buffalo they just put a w for low get it loser
fab_hd : Buffaloooow is still pretty fuckin low anyways fag but the canucks are just fuckin pathetic like you @rezsoccerkids
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canucks - Vancouver Canucks
#TBT: That time a #Canucks goalie debuted with a 40-save shutout and almost scored a goal to boot. Watch full story on YouTube. CONTEST: Instagram or tweet your own #CanucksTBT memory (include that hashtag) - we'll pick the best one each month, and put them to a vote at the end of the season to win a party for 30 catered by the @TripleOsRestaurant food truck! πŸ”πŸŸ
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hayden2520 : @sports_editsandnews *sabres
james_shehata : the sabres are loosing on purpose @sports_editsandnews
canucksfan99 : @gabe2119 because fuck us that's why.
sarah_kk_ : wtf we lost to the sabres wow. I thought we were better...
miguel___douglas : Lol loved watching that game
da_hockey_beast : I'm the kid that you signed my Jersey by the way great work
xram05 : Sick pick
salobucay - reveman_ - ainslie173 - dudarko2003 -
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