Tammy Canavan-Soldaat

A Canadian living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! Crafter, pet lover, expat, WLS Patient and happy wife to the cutest Lego geek ever.:)
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
I have always been a one project at a time kind of gal and now I remember why. I have a few on the go at once at the moment and it feels like it is taking forever to finish anything!
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kralalien : I'm a multiple wip person, I like being able to work on what I want at that moment. Something easy for on the road or waiting room, something more difficult for the clear head moments and as challenge... And if I really like it sometimes I just work on that 1 project, but mostly I just like the variety
kvearle : Great colors! I always have tons of stuff going, it's a sickness. What is the pattern on the right? Gorgeous
canadutch : @kralalien That is how I ended up with multiple projects this time. An order I need to finish that I can't bear to work on full time, a pattern that I wanted to try to see how it looked, one difficult cables jacket that requires too much attention to always work on, etc. Suddenly I am a multiple WIP person! I feel like it has been a while since I finished anything, rather I just keep starting new ones. New rule... No more started until I finish at least one!
canadutch : @kvearle It's a pattern called Sylvi, you can find it on Ravelry. A jacket with a flower / vine pattern up the back.
kralalien : I've got the same rule at the moment even though I want to start multiple new projects... Finished a pair of socks, now casting off a shawl, so I can start new socks and a new crochet bag this weekend :-)
kralalien : Probably going to start a dreambird soon too :-)
canadutch : @kralalien This is my 5th Dreambird with another requested after this (but in different colors, thankfully, this is my 3rd rainbow and black one). I know the pattern off by heart now! :P
kralalien : Wow I can imagine, it is a beauty! Specially the rainbow :-)
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
How adorable is this little ornament? Saw it on Etsy (by scratchcraft) and showed my husband. It showed up at my door yesterday! Way too cute to only have out at xmas.
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canadutch : #etsy #scratchcraft #adorable #owl #knittinglove #knittingaddict #knittingobsessed #knitting #yarn #felt #felted #crafts #instacute
owlcrazihandworks : Adorable💕
cattywampus_and_iplanethi : @skelebunny
crochetcrush : That's a keeper of a hubby you got there!
herethereeverywherenl : So cute! Also, have awesome is your husband?! Wow
canadutch : @herethereeverywherenl He is a keeper for sure!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Blue skies but coooold! Brr! #cold #freezing #Rotterdam #igersRotterdam #igersholland #Nederland #Netherlands #weather #theviewfromhere
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capercowgirl : We're -39 here today brrrrrr❄️
canadutch : @capercowgirl haha oh hell no. It was 2 degrees here! That is cold for me now. I don't know how I will survive when we move!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Got a great deal on some new glasses. I got four pair for not a lot more than it's cost for one in some places. Love these purple frames! #glasses #new #purple #EyesandMore #foureyes
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2installed8reserved : hey great posts!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Decided to start a Blond Amsterdam collection while we wait to move. Ordered a jar for our dog treats and hubby tacked on a set of mugs as a surprise. Love this stuff! #BlondAmsterdam #pottery #mugs #cute #cookies #cookiejar #surprise #myhusbandrules
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theweekendtraveller : You're moving to Pittsburgh! Happy for you and your husband especially. @canadutch
canadutch : Thanks @theweekendtraveller! We are waiting on the visas so it could be quite a while yet! Lots of time for collecting stuff haha
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Just a wee bit foggy out there... #weather #igers010 #Rotterdam #Lombardijen #Nederland #Netherlands #outmywindow #theviewfromhere #foggy #peasoup
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melovediy : How strange! It is extremely sunny and biright in Amsterdam :)
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Was just watching Book of Negroes and suddenly jumped out of my seat exclaiming "WHAT THE HELL?!". The bottom photo is us in almost the very spot in September. I'd know that yellow arch anywhere. How did I not know this was being filmed in Cape Breton?! Even all the way over here in the Netherlands, I still can't escape Louisbourg! Haha
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canadutch : #CapeBreton #Capers #BookofNegroes #TV #NovaScotia #Canada #Louisbourg #wtf
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Why dog owners learn to never put laundry on the floor. You end up leaving it there because you don't want to disturb the dog. #ilovemydog #owned #Pixel #teckel #dachshund #doxie #Chihuahua #chiweenie #cute #instacute #dogs #dogoftheday #srslycute
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Omg, why didn't we do this years ago? Removing the heinous drop ceiling in our hallway. It's in the kitchen too, which will be more tricky to tear out, but it gotta go! #renovating #selling #fixerupper #moving #the70scalled #Netherlands #Rotterdam
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
I, known round these parts as the plant killer, have actually managed to bring one of my orchids back to life! No idea how I did it, but I am totally taking credit for it anyway! #flowers #naturesbeauty #nature #orchids #orchid #plants #greenthumb
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theweekendtraveller : Beautiful shot. @canadutch
misspenn : It's a Christmas miracle!!
fabbofaye : Fab! Mine hasn't flowered for yonks!
samanthahouseuk : 😍
martine1972 : Credit is al yours girl, neglect it and you will get new flowers and leaves. We put them in the bathroom once a month some water and mine is also coming again
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