Tammy Canavan-Soldaat

A Canadian living in Rotterdam, The Netherlands! Crafter, pet lover, expat, WLS Patient and happy wife to the cutest Lego geek ever.:)
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Yep, looking more and more like Dutch winter every day. Time to dig out my light therapy lamp!
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patic34 : sweeet! @VinesBeLike
charissa_goldapple : Good shot!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
My poor little drugged up pooch!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Waiting at the vet for Pixel to have an xray and another cortisone injection. Wish we could just fix this shoulder problem once and for all but I get the feeling this is going to be a life long issue for her now. Such a shame, she loves to run and play and the weeks of crate rest really sucks for us. We feel like such meanies.
ilovemydog - vet - theviewfromhere - dog - office -
canadutch : #dog #vet #ilovemydog #office #theviewfromhere
crochetcrush : Oh poor thing, what's wrong with her shoulder? My dog also has a shoulder problem. They say it's a mucus build up in the joint but I'm not convinced.
canadutch : @crochetcrush one day back in 2013 we were out and left the dogs loose in the house. When we came home she was limping, so we can only assume she fell/jumped badly from the sofa or chair. It continued so after a few trips to our regular vet they forwarded us to an ortho vet. With her being half teckel (doxie) her front shoulders are not built for that kind of impact as they are wider and more "outward" than a regular dog, but we always let her jump up and down, do stairs and all that because the vet told us to when she was a pup (she was so small, they gave us the don't baby her and treat her like a real dog talk). So now, here we are almost 2 years later, since the injury, with a 6 year old dog that is limping again and treatments are limited die to her being so small. Even the cortisone injections have to be done under xray to make sure they get in the joint properly because it's so tiny. They say the next step if the shots stop working is surgery to put in a plate and fix the joint in place. So it would mean no movement in the joint, and still a limp from that, but no pain... So I am really hoping this injection today works.. P.s. I hate that instagram won't let me use paragraphs
crochetcrush : Poor thing :( my dog was 'grass surfing' when we took him for a walk, got up and started limping. It comes and goes tho. He's 7 years old but a sturdy build so can manage on pain killers when he has a flare up. I hope the injections work, it's a nasty place to inject (I've had it done myself!) and it's not nice!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Rainbow out my dining room window this morning. Gotta love the Dutch fall weather. You never know what you're gonna get!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Back to work after my holiday! All the stress, excitement and research surrounding our upcoming move put my knitting on the back burner. Time to get cracking on the list of pre-Christmas orders!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Beautiful morning in Rotterdam!
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island_daisy : How rough are the winters around Christmas? We were considering heading to Amsterdam/Utrecht for a week but ultimately decided against it and said we'd go again during our normal April/May time frame.
canadutch : @island_daisy April/May is most definitely a better time to visit here. Spring is lovely and you will just be in time to visit Keukenhof and see all the tulips in bloom. The winters are VERY dreary, grey and rainy here. They don't really do Xmas much. Not the best time for a visit, I think.
island_daisy : Thanks! That's what we figured! The last two years we were there in April/May and loved it! Cannot wait to go back! Wish we could move there!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
There's only one thing to do when returning to rainy fall weather in the Netherlands. Get some warm fall comfort food. It's stamppot season!
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betr98 : cooool @ShelbyAndSandy
elsgoodies : Yummie!
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
This is what happens when your husband and father have the same sense of humor. Fifteen years ago my husband asked my father for my hand in marriage. My father told him yes but it would cost him two cows, a pig and a chicken. A few months later my father got this in the mail with a note saying "paid in full". So far he hasn't asked for a refund.
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Coffee at Central Perk while waiting to meet up with friends for dinner. I love free WiFi!
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canadutch : #NovaScotia #CentralPerk #coffee #SydneyNS #igCanada #Canada #CapeBreton #sunshinemakesmehappy #sunshine #holiday
canadutch : Oops, I mean Wentworth Perk
misspenn : Lol I was reading this and thinking Central Perk? That doesn't look like central perk :p
herethereeverywherenl : Looks so cute there!! Seems like you scored with weather too 👍
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canadutch - Tammy Canavan-Soldaat
Cape Breton still leaves me slack jawed every time I visit. So freaking beautiful. I am so lucky to have grown up here. Had a great trip around the Cabot trail today. Didn't find any moose but we did see a black bear!
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ooeg : Looks a lot like Ireland
no_limits_running : Nice pic!
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