Monte Montana

Corpus Christi, TX, @C101Rocks Program Director, on air (10a-3p, M-F) music, voice overs, sci-fi, horror, comics, podcasts, dad of a girl & twin boys
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c101monte - Monte Montana
Day moon #corpuschristi
corpuschristi -
rhygunnar : βœ”οΈ
starwitch64 : Saying says when the moon and sun are in the same sky....make 3 wishes and they will arrive. ..πŸ‘πŸŒžπŸŒ™
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c101monte - Monte Montana
Guess what street I'm on! #corpuschristi
corpuschristi -
tinatexastorres : People's or Star??
uncagedtiger : Starr
uncagedtiger : Cuz I once saw a drunken guy fighting with soldiers on a wall, just across from HOR. It was very entertaining
uncagedtiger : Thank you, thank you very much. :-P
c101monte : @uncagedtiger winner winner chicken dinner
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c101monte - Monte Montana
@shatteredsun minus 2. They stopped by before hitting the road for a national tour tomorrow. Kick some ass guys! @c101rocks #corpuschristi @victoryrecords
corpuschristi -
larry.beish : @getagrip3 rocking the shirt!
c101monte : @shatteredhenry sorry man, we took this right after you left. Doh!
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c101monte - Monte Montana
#wearyellowforseth @c101rocks #corpuschristi
corpuschristi - wearyellowforseth -
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c101monte - Monte Montana
March 27, 1990 - @socialdistortion Self titled album was released. So I know what I was doing 25 years ago today! I went to the music store in the mall and bought the cassette. (You bought a what at the what?) Thanks for all the great music guys! You just might be hearing a song from this album on the Jam Sandwich today. Which song should I play?
mikec_1230 : Story of my life or ring of fire lol @c101monte
jessenjessesgirl : Love love love #5512 #CincoDeMonte
c101monte : @jessenjessesgirl that was the best ever!
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c101monte - Monte Montana
See ya there! @houseorock @violetcrushmusic @stevenjamestx @jimmywillden
deathstarwalker : Kinda bummed, the organizer never pursued my band for this event, all in all I wish them the best outcome of all! I for one have a child on the spectrum and will not be attending this event. Although, for every shirt I sell for the autism walk on April 18th I will donate a dollar. Something's better than nothing
starwitch64 : @deathstarwalker ..great that your still supporting the cause...maybe you can plan ahead for next year ...maybe they had to many bands already lined up...however keep rocking \m/...postive people like you are needed in this world! My husband is special needs teacher and has some kids with autism. .I also have a cousin that's autistic... thanks for the info about the walk..keep trying hopefully next year ur band can jamn...
stevenjamestx : See you there @c101monte! Drinks on me!
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c101monte - Monte Montana
So I'm picking up my reads at @texastoyzz on new comic Wednesday and look who walks in, Pete, the guitarist for @Reszband. I'm always running into awesome @c101rocks listeners out here! @imagecomics @marvel #ncbd
ncbd -
stevenjamestx : YES! πŸ™ŒπŸ’―
reszband : πŸ‘ always a pleasure running into you, Monte!
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c101monte - Monte Montana
#Rockingonthejob with @shatteredsun @victoryrecords @c101rocks #c101rocks #corpuschristi
c101rocks - corpuschristi - rockingonthejob -
michelle_lee_morales : HELL YEAH MONTE !!!! :)) \,,/
shatteredrob : @c101monte you da fuckin man
starwitch64 : πŸ‘ we support local talent \m/ keep rocking guys @shatteredsun
mlrigdon : I always wanted to be a radio dj. But my voice is not very pleasant so I didn't follow my dream. Haha
bob_bitchin69 : @c101monte rock on Monte!!!!
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c101monte - Monte Montana
There's an image on the cover of a recent @imagecomics book, #Chrononauts, that only 1% of people can see. Can you see it in the first pic? I can't. What about you @texastoyzz?
chrononauts -
davidelsol : Only in the second photo for me
starwitch64 : 2nd one only...I guess only super hero vision can see the 1st...
texastoyzz : With my Clark kent glasses on, it shows up.. Lol. Can u guess what color my dress is? #goldwhite #blueblack. Lol
starwitch64 : Sunday with @c101monte enjoy local bands this show rocks! !@c101rocks# \m/...ZombieKing these guys rock! !
starwitch64 : Area 101!!! Rocking @c101monte @c101rocks ..until next Sunday \m/
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c101monte - Monte Montana
Always good to see coworkers at my live broadcasts. You rock Tamera! @brewsterstreet for #metalshop
metalshop -
proshop_ed : @c101monte how can I purchase/get one of those awesome mugs?
mitchslap83 - starwitch64 - josemontalvo_23 - aalanisnorman -
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