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shivster__ : @harleen5andhu @baljeetbassi LOL
metta_m : @acapeiia lol - I trust you as the negotiator
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leslieamyg : @anafigureira hehhemissu
karin.amelie : Hahaha kan inte gå fel! @systercello
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morgannpls : @vicbb
ellenpjm : Our bad getting the 1L of sangria when we could've gotten half 🙅🏼🙅🏼🙆🏼💁🏼 @garywoods89
jasonscottea : @sebmilohughes that last drink is never a good idea! For me anyway...:')
janeisastarkid : @bennywench @mattys182 last night?
scarlettsita_amelia : @jojorachel
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It's here! The #buzzfeedcleaneating challenge has begun. Over 70 delicious healthy recipes (including this grapefruit). Two full weeks of meals. Shopping lists AND tutorials. Check the link in our bio for all the goodies and thank @xtinebyrne for making your life better. (📷: @emofly)
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bekkahree : I thought this was a pizza donut
szwetzig : Ya'll should check out @proteinpancakes !
sweetshine76 : @heb77 @hellomrscorbin @shannondaelon @rst1981 you might find some new recipes for your clean eating.
rachmjarv : This legitimately looked like a pizza donut.
meerle_1995 : @niner_ Ich dachte das wäre METT, verdammte Scheiße!
_anica_zhang_ : I honestly thought that this was a donut pizza @taragirl7
taragirl7 : Lol, it looks like one @_anica_zhang_ ! 🍩🍕
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Breaking via @buzzfeednews.
The #Baltimore State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby filed criminal charges against six police officers in the death of #FreddieGray. —— A warrant for the arrest of all six police officers has been issued. #BuzzFeedNews
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mexi_polo : @wolfof9thst I hope you're right about that!
wolfof9thst : @mexi_polo if you only knew what I knew
_isaiah_winfree : Justice is like pizza. You know when it should be served but sometimes its late. Or someone gets what you ordered. But it finally came. Let this be the end of cop lead homicides. Bring justice for a fallen brother.
crushedmx201 : @timthebartender
autopsy.pathology : If only they would wait for the autopsy report.
astoldbymillicent : @kitkatsurf02 um they killed him that's why they are being charged with murder. They failed to give this man the proper care when he was clearly in pain. No matter what race the man was he should have gotten proper care. He may have committed a crime but that shouldn't have resulted in death.
freaklikesteph : Women are constantly brutalized and sexually assaulted by cops but we're not going around throwing bloody tampons and setting our bras on fire and calling it a "protest". Gangs started this as an excuse to cause chaos. I bet they didnt even know what they were "protesting".
carameldueces : All of the people commenting and trying to justify these officers arresting an unarmed man for no reason other than he ran the other way when he saw them (most likely fearing his own safety & life), then proceeded to pin him down on the ground and twist his body painfully, ignore his pleas for medical attention and either beat the sh*t out of him or gave him a "hard ride" causing fatal injuries..you need to go live in these communities and try being black for a while so it happens to you, then let me know how you feel... or better yet, have these cops come patrol your neighborhoods since you feel so safe in your privilege. This is more than a racism issue. You'll never understand how it feels to be treated subhuman because of the color of your skin..to have political, judicial and criminal policies set in place specifically designed to oppress a subset of the U.S. populace. This is a human rights issue..We blacks are human too, contrary to what many of you believe. Shame on those cops, politicians and shame on us in society who turn a blind eye to these tragedies and then try to justify/rationalize them once they're put in our faces where we can no longer ignore them. For probably more than half of the people complaining about the riots...were it not for them, you wouldn't even know about this situation and you definitely wouldn't care..so have a seat and get your facts straight, stop believing every f*ck up lie the media puts out and get your sh*t together to start being decent human beings.
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Syrian Refugee — Kovsakan, Nagorno-Karabakh. Photo by Scout Tufankijan / @stufankjian.
missdeedeemarkee : @james3055 true life I thought this was you
mastiff_closet : I want more photos around planet "him"
james3055 : @missdeedeemarkee that could be me. I wouldn't mind.
watchingtimepure : 3【Wechat/微信:A8686518518 里面均有标价】😄😄专注顶级名表一比一复刻,装逼找我,委妥的~里面均有标价
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Life hack.
haneenkha : @callmevix lol
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kimstee : @jocelyndita when we used to do bloody Mary in the bathroom at sleepovers
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Who did this.
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