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Draw more pictures. Drink more cocktails. Be a nice person.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Livin the chalkboard dream with Schoolhouse Electric right now. So excited and blessed to be doing more work with these fine folks in the near future.
alanisalami : First
buzzetti : Favorite @alanisalami
jeredscott : Can you write on my face later?
aroundalexis : LOVE! And so so cool, congrats!!!
aprilflowersslo : I love their stuff and your work!
schoolhouse : Perfection.
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti sho exshiting!
kayleigh_mackay - jay_mesh - patricktoney - thekingdomyears -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Little burgers, Big hearts. πŸ”β€οΈ #martintour2014
martintour2014 -
bluebowgrl : I didn't know you were friends with my sister from another Mr.
bradley_ryan : Clear soda full belly can't lose
bradley_ryan : * can't move
buzzetti : BURGERS FOREVER @bradley_ryan I love you so so much for playing off a FNL quote
melissasearles - ana_mich96 - garbagecan - derti_berzzertti -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
It's still strange to me that people want to pay me to doodle in chalk.
jaredsnelson : Mmm
schoolhouse : Love it!
steph_mo : You're fucking cool
helloleelo : Are you serious?!?! You're amazing.
carriec : Omg this is amazing! Heck I want you to come to Houston and do one in my home office. πŸ˜ƒ
buzzetti : Wow, thank you! @carriec that's quite the complement!
carriec : @buzzetti - I'm serious! You are so good. I've had a hard time finding anyone locally.
buzzetti : Well if I ever find myself going to Houston, I'll give you a holler! @carriec
c_moonie - truthsetsfree - velvetdark - kayleigh_mackay -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Today I made these sandals and mimosas. #successfulsaturday
successfulsaturday -
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti today I will see you and wear those sandals for 3 minutes.
brooklynsnaps : Ahhhhhhhhh. Ahhh
sammi.horne : i have a major girl crush on you
anisaali09 : So cute πŸ‘€
aimeepower : These are amazing.😍 Quit hoggin all the talent!
sleepstorm : 😭
rebekahuwood : Gimme
20muleteam : What the heck!!!! You made them! Get real Buzzet!! What don't you do ass hole!!? And I love you.
geeeenabobina - emmie_loo_ - helloleelo - garbagecan -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
I knew I made a good purchase when 5 minutes after buying these badass PF Flyers and walking away from work, a hot man on a motorcycle rode up next to me and said "I like your shoes". Thanks dude, I like your face and I too like my shoes.
love_cactus : :)
meegclos : πŸ˜‚πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
katefeldtkeller : 😎
lizardloungepdx : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
elise_navidad - mackenzie__king - hannah_glory - amie_wahl -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Dear coffee shops across Portland, thanks for being my office and keeping me well caffeinated. Xoxo Buzzetti
jasonxyouth : πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
buzzetti : ✌️✌️✌️ @jasonxyouth
thingsemilydoes : Ooh Lala
emogran - liana_wanderlust - loribuzz - xoxokjp -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Evening breaks consist of sitting on the curb listening to the cacophony of construction and drinking coffee that I may regret when trying to go to sleep.
jacobmvigil : So stoked for you on the new job! Congrats!! Shane is a good friend of mine!
michaelahiltz : Do you work at Lizard Lounge?
jmeshe : Yayayyayayayayyayayyayaya
buzzetti : @jacobmvigil thanks bud! Shane and I talked about you today. Come shopping with yo boo in here soon please. πŸ™
buzzetti : @michaelahiltz yes I do!
michaelahiltz : AH. That's so exciting! I'll have to come visit you!
buzzetti : Please do!!! ❀️ @michaelahiltz
loribuzz : Afternoon coffee...always a delemna !
gnae - formlessfire - brymariie - bradley_ryan -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
My sweet, feisty, passionate, creative, ginger friend, Jaymie, launched yesterday into a new adventure that I feel beyond blessed to be apart of. Here's a sneak peak of my part of her project. Mug Life is one of those things I honestly believe will impact people greatly. Do yourself a favor and check it out, or better yet, choose to take part in it as well. Help make this journey possible and learn more at "mug life project". Trust me, this project will leave you feeling creatively inspired and with a deep appreciation for the community we have around us.
jmeshe : This is wonderful Lolo. Thank you for your kind words and for being a part of this with me! I can't wait to share about what we've been working on!
jenmanusmelly : You so talented
thekingdomyears : So damn good
20muleteam : Perfection
buzzetti : Y'all too kinda 😍😘😊 @jenmanusmelly @thekingdomyears @20muleteam
lifes_a_chore - bristupar - mahlwynn - amandacclark -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
When your parents come to town, do as the tourists do. Waterwheeler river cruise featuring rainbow.
hilwatson : 😍
stephenjpower - emogran - mackenzie__king - christyjoypower -
buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
This question was posed to me this morning at church and I've now been pouring a lot of thought into it. What do I love? What do I love that loves me back? What do I love that is true and honest and worthy of my affections? If what you love defines you, I want to choose Love itself.
laurensexton : Girl. Yes. ❀️
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti I love chips.
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti I love you.
buzzetti : Chips and I love you back ❀️ @mrs_manderz
jmeshe : This is incredible.
kunchanglee : I miss your inquisitive spirit and your discerning mind
loribuzz : You.
upintheshair : @sleepyshelby
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