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}}--S C O U T S-H O N O R--> Draw more pictures. Eat more pizza. Have more adventures.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
I learning that family doesn't have to be defined by blood, but instead, by love. This morning I had breakfast with Bob and Jan, or as I like to call them, my pseudo grandparents. They were my parents teachers in high school. I loved so much sitting with them and hearing their stories about my parents, Bob's work with the forest service, and especially how they met. My favorite story was of one of their first dates at Bob's apartment. Jan, trying to be debonair, lights a cigarette and Bob says, "I gave up smoking and I'd prefer if you didn't do it around me so I'll make you a deal. How about every time you need a cigarette, I'll give you a kiss instead." And Jan looks and him and says, "I could really use a cigarette." I love them and their love so much. Thank you for being part of my family.
helloleelo : ::swoon:: how freaking precious.
buzzetti : I KNOW. And to top it off, Jan just have me a quilt that she made for me. They're the best grandparents I've never had @helloleelo
loribuzz : *sniff..sniff* :'-) Bob once told me they also got married on Winter Solstice because it was the longest night of the year ;-)
thingsemilydoes : I want to see a picture of them!? @buzzetti
sabklop : Puddle.
thecodyhowellstory : Damn. Classyyyy
bekiariel : No way!!!! We sell their oatmeal lol
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love not living in a converted garage anymore.
sammi.horne : your little home is the sweetest!
katielynnweber : I want those windowed cabinets!!
alexcreswell : @katielynnweber no!
graciefisher : Hahaha. Preach!!
addisonsearles : Gah
mrscreswell : Can't wait to see it live and in person.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Nong's pork and rice all day please.
steph_mo : I want that. Also Sachi has those plates πŸ˜‚
loribuzz : mmmmm….
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
The past week looked a little something like this. // I'm loving this old friends in new places thing.
loribuzz : It looks like he wants you to smell his underarm
thingsemilydoes : You're face is fantastic @buzzetti
daniellepoffphoto : @thecodyhowellstory you visited them but can't come to my wedding?! :( boo I miss you!
jmeshe : Looks right.
thecodyhowellstory : @daniellepoffphoto i was hitch hiking back to Boise. Not really able to get all the way down to SLO and then back to Boise in a timely manner.
thecodyhowellstory : @daniellepoffphoto sry
daniellepoffphoto : @thecodyhowellstory I better see you sometime soon 😜
adam_griffin : Your hair is lookin' long there @thecodyhowellstory πŸ‘Œ
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
dmcleland : Oh dayum
buzzetti : @dmcleland GO TO HERE
aimeepower : Gaaahhh, I want to be there now.
shockbridge : 😭
thekingdomyears : Dammit
laurensexton : That place was the best!
dmcleland : I really wanna
loribuzz : That looks wonderful.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
To all my badass book loving divas, I wanted a way to feel connected to y'all so I've created the Bad Bitch Book Club. Let's read cool shit, drink whiskey, and have an incredibly literate girl gang. ***If you have boobs and can read, you are welcome, but be warned, we're taking this shit seriously. There will be an initiation and it will be tough.
christyjoypower : Yes yes yes! I have boobs and I wanna join☺️
callmeoldfashioned85 : @buzzetti I don't think we've met, but you know most of my fam, and I would so be down for this! is my e-mail address. πŸ˜πŸ“š
dmcleland : Can I just drink whiskey?
buzzetti : Well that's a silly question @dmcleland 🍻
thingsemilydoes : I need to read @buzzetti sign me up
derti_berzzertti : I've never been so excited to educate myself
jmeshe : Let's get this goin! Maybe a secret FB group?
buzzetti : @jmeshe don't you worry darlin! Somethin's in the works! πŸ˜‰
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
For God so loved the world that he gave them bacon so that they could make BLT's and end wars and cure loneliness. And all Gods children said PTL. πŸ™β€οΈ
laurensexton : YES.
gnae : Oh sheet
rubyhendry : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
adam_griffin : And all God's children said BLT πŸ˜‹
ashleyalessa : Hahaha OMG you're the best!!
dmcleland : #rememberthefloorbacon
angelaamico : @dmcleland floor bacon is not okay
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti I'm going to slip some soy bacon in your pillow at night when I come stay with you in a month-ish.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Trains and swimming at dusk in the Columbia. I sure do love Oregon summers and camping with these water babies.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Today we ate diner food and drank coke surrounded by old tourists. It was magical.
shockbridge : Can I go next time plz?
thingsemilydoes : Are you happy in Portland ? @buzzetti
buzzetti : It has everything but you @thingsemilydoes
thingsemilydoes : I feel ya 😘 @buzzetti
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
I'm sick and I miss my mom. But the sound of rain goes good with these blueberry pancakes.
charissharpe : Feel better soon!
bluebowgrl : Feel better!
loribuzz : Ahhh…sweetie..feel better!
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