Lauren Buzzetti

Draw more pictures. Drink more cocktails. Be a nice person.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
When your parents come to town, do as the tourists do. Waterwheeler river cruise featuring rainbow.
hilwatson : 😍
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
This question was posed to me this morning at church and I've now been pouring a lot of thought into it. What do I love? What do I love that loves me back? What do I love that is true and honest and worthy of my affections? If what you love defines you, I want to choose Love itself.
laurensexton : Girl. Yes. ❀️
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti I love chips.
mrs_manderz : @buzzetti I love you.
buzzetti : Chips and I love you back ❀️ @mrs_manderz
jmeshe : This is incredible.
kunchanglee : I miss your inquisitive spirit and your discerning mind
loribuzz : You.
upintheshair : @sleepyshelby
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Tomorrow is new and you have been set free. So lift up your hands, lift up your voice. I know it's hard but it's time to rejoice. #scoutshonormusic
scoutshonormusic -
sleepstorm : I keep listening to this 😭😭😭 miss u
buzzetti : Miss you more @sleepstorm
neilshearer : Live. It.
melissasearles : @reneebolster
jillianchristinewieda : πŸ’ž
jmeshe : YES. THIS SONG. sing it loud, lady!
bananaanna : Love this
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Today I got the privilege of doing the chalkboard at @schoolhouse. Also, I'm going to make it a goal to try to follow the advice of the things I draw from now on.
aimeepower : You go gurl!!!! πŸ‘
buzzetti : πŸ˜˜πŸ’ƒ @aimeepower @steph_mo
jillianchristinewieda : Pretty
jillianchristinewieda : @pinklotuslindsay
pinklotuslindsay : @jillianchristinewieda love you! πŸ’–
upintheshair : @sleepyshelby
hopethegirl : This is goooorgeous! I love chalkboard lettering!
sleepstorm : Hotdamnit u so good
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Feeling like a sleepy cat today.
1boo -
metalsmithe : First!!
buzzetti : That's because you're my #1BOO πŸ‘» @metalsmithe
alanisalami : #preach
melissasearles : Unless you wake them, silly!
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Hey you. Stop it.
thingsemilydoes : I choose to make excuses
sammi.horne : πŸ™Œ
jmeshe : Dis real nice
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Bus buddiez. πŸ‘΄πŸšπŸ“–
aimeepower : Look at you makin friends n stuff!
buzzetti : Babies first friend! πŸ’ @aimeepower
jasonxyouth : Will you guys be mining for gold soon?
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
Portland summers consist of fresh berries and roses. Also, cocktails but I didn't think that'd go with the vibe of this drawing so I'll just drink one instead. // in other news, I'd forgotten how much I love prismacolor markers.
prismacolor - micron - cityofroses - illustration - portlandsummer -
mrscreswell : Very tempting...
helloleelo : @mrscreswell shocked. Though, I'm with you on this.
aimeepower : 😍
loribuzz : I love your artwork, my lovely. I look forward to seeing lots and lots more.
andikanz : I'm going to tattoo that on myself, that's how pretty that is. Aka you're super talented 😍
buzzetti : #illustration #micron #prismacolor #cityofroses #portlandsummer
kaitiehill : This is stunning!
claireinyourcoffee : Perfect wine label.
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
jenmanusmelly : Little paw
loribuzz : very pretty! I love your flowers
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buzzetti - Lauren Buzzetti
I learning that family doesn't have to be defined by blood, but instead, by love. This morning I had breakfast with Bob and Jan, or as I like to call them, my pseudo grandparents. They were my parents teachers in high school. I loved so much sitting with them and hearing their stories about my parents, Bob's work with the forest service, and especially how they met. My favorite story was of one of their first dates at Bob's apartment. Jan, trying to be debonair, lights a cigarette and Bob says, "I gave up smoking and I'd prefer if you didn't do it around me so I'll make you a deal. How about every time you need a cigarette, I'll give you a kiss instead." And Jan looks and him and says, "I could really use a cigarette." I love them and their love so much. Thank you for being part of my family.
helloleelo : ::swoon:: how freaking precious.
buzzetti : I KNOW. And to top it off, Jan just have me a quilt that she made for me. They're the best grandparents I've never had @helloleelo
loribuzz : *sniff..sniff* :'-) Bob once told me they also got married on Winter Solstice because it was the longest night of the year ;-)
thingsemilydoes : I want to see a picture of them!? @buzzetti
sabklop : Puddle.
thecodyhowellstory : Damn. Classyyyy
bekiariel : No way!!!! We sell their oatmeal lol
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