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Snow // Travel // Fitness // Après // Style Presenting the all-new collection of Fall 2014 bags and apparel:
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The past couple of months in #Vermont have been beautiful, bright green, and…hot. No matter where you are, summer is the season to look good staying cool. If you’re lacking a private island or boat access this summer, we’ve got a fun solution for just about everyone with proximity to any body of water. Here’s how to make your own #DIY Stand Up Paddleboard Cocktail Bar: Step 1: Rent or borrow a stand up paddleboard, surfboard, or any other seaworthy flotation station. Step 2: Procure your liquids and garnishes of choice, as well as beach friendly containers (glass is typically not allowed at public beaches). Step 3: Seriously consider picking up a Lil Buddy to hold your ice and beverages. This is where you win style points. Step 4: Find a friend(s). Step 5: Party with your friend(s). #burtongirls #apres #allseasons
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burtongirls : Photo : @jesselynndawson
sbgmag : @erikapuglia why have we not been doing this
boarder_girl_forever_ : @1emmahenry
michix0514 : wowπŸ˜‹
meganhaf22 : @rachelgorman93 this is an epic idea!!
rachelgorman93 : @meganhaf22 .. Whaat?! This is a Genius idea! Let's do it! We have all the essentials! It'll go down a storm in Langland I reckon! πŸ˜„
meganhaf22 : @rachelgorman93 yeah it would be so good!! Definitely impress all the other SUPers hah!! πŸ˜€
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If you ever find yourself with a boatload of basil, here's a delicious project that you can benefit from now and into the winter months. Use this easy Vegan Basil Pesto Recipe to marinate salmon, dab on shrimp, make pesto pasta or pizza... the list goes on! Here's how: Ingredients: 3 cups fresh basil 3 cloves garlic ¼ C sunflower seeds 2 Tbs apple cider vinegar 2/3 cup extra-virgin olive oil kosher salt Pepper Directions: Combine basil, garlic, sunflower seeds in food processor and pulse until coarsely chopped. Add ½ C of oil and until smooth. Add salt and pepper to taste. If freezing, transfer the contents into an air-tight container and drizzle the remaining oil on top. If using right away, add remaining oil and pulse until smooth. Voila! #DIY #pesto #recipes #burtongirls Photo @juneyb
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Wondering what looks the other #burtongirls are rocking this Fall? Head to BurtonGirls.com and click the contributor picks section for updates from @kimmyfasani and more! #style #fashion #allseasons
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aldivigil : I love it! β™‘
__saltydog__ : I need this
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Need a bit of retail therapy? Brand new Fall styles are now available online and in store – like the feather Bristol Long Sleeve Woven Shirt. Just hit the link in our profile to see the new collection! #burtongirls #allseasons #style
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dadmomngrom : πŸ‘Œ
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shecanshred : Love all the of fall collection! We did a review of our top 5 pieces on shecanshred.com!
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l_gilligan : I want the feather shirt. And everything in the bag
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Sometimes your paycheck needs to go to more than groceries and rent. In fact, spending three weeks outside your comfort zone, sacrificing a bed and showers for exploration of the unknown, might be the healthiest thing for you. Regional rep rider @bekah_ashley did just that. Get the whole story on BurtonGirls.com. #burtongirls #travel #roadtrip @whtflg
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caityoung2 : @janess065 this is us J!!!
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If you’re looking for a creative way to repurpose the wine corks from your favorite bottles of wine, this DIY wine cork board project from @kimmyfasani will give you somewhere to post notes, photos, and reminders. It'll also give you the chance to reflect on the fun you had with each bottle of wine! With a little collaborative effort from her family and friends (who also love wine) she was able to save up a hefty stash of corks for this great DIY project. 1. Prepare the surface of your cork board by cleaning any extra material off the board. Remove everything so it’s just backing or wood. 2. Lay your corks out on the board and devise a plan for your pattern. 3. Use a hot glue gun or heavy-duty glue (I used Gorilla glue). Begin gluing down your corks in your desired pattern. I started with a border and then worked my way from the left to right. Make sure to scan your corks for the best shapes and sizes to make your pattern neat and clean. 4. Once you have finished gluing down your corks, keep the cork board lying flat and put something heavy on them so they dry flat and in place. I used heavy books. 5. Allow the glue to dry completely and then find the right place to hang your new DIY project. #burtongirls #diy
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mattjoy19 : @dannyjossick
dannyjossick : @mattjoy19 these Burton girls really know how to party
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The all new Fall 2014 collection of bags and apparel has arrived! Flip through the #BurtonGirls lookbook of new stylings on BurtonGirls.com or see the whole collection by hitting the link in our profile. #allseasons #style #fashion
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patriciavantrigt : The whole picture looks amazing!
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jaymeunl : @triciabramiuc the hat is unfortunately an unknown accessory. If I could remember the brand I'd tell you but I've forgotten by now.
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In Vermont we don't get to swim in any proper salty oceans but Lake Champlain is big and blue and still lets you find a sandy beach to post up on. We put together a collection of our favorite beach blue items that we can't live without - some of which are on sale now! Check the latest #BurtonGirls .com update for more! #dsss #style #fashion #blue
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thehaileysmall : LOVE the pocket tee :)
jenalltogether : Lakes are better than oceans anyway! ;) Love this!
stancelizabev : #ovrhd
swackamole : how does one become a @burtongirls???
brittie21 : Want that jacket
vritausa : Vermont @missenko
nadders : Want it all😩
jwalks : Can't wait to have the @burtongirls down to panama one day! @sansararesort shredding waves and spreading the girl power!
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Obviously there was an amazing lineup of music at the @frendlygathering - but the rest of the activities were incredible too! The highlights are in the latest #BurtonGirls .com story! #livefrendly | Photo: @allliiibaba
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arimusic : @blikmusic yo quieroooo
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Summer styles brought to you by @burtonflagshipchi. Be sure to stop by your nearest Burton Flagship store for all the latest! #regram #thingsorganizedneatly
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