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burtongirls - Burton Girls
Looking for a last minute Halloween costume? We give you step by step instructions on how to create the cat eye look in the latest #style update on BurtonGirls.com. Grab some black clothes and ears, and you're good to go! | Photo: @jesselynndawson
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toooosh : @ashxthat wait you have a twin our there
candeye1991 : @__katiewight thanks for the shout out!! Whoop whoop!
ashxthat : @toooosh Haha so trippy!!!! Happy Halloween sweets
ima6ine : @lindslove77 here's an idea
lindslove77 : Tht would've been perfect!! @ima6ine
spaarklyunicorn : @candeye1991 omgggg its you!! Whataaa babe!
montuckeynd : #Cutie @burtongirls
rgou : @goubr32
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burtongirls - Burton Girls
With so many board shapes, cambers, and technologies out there, a girl can't help but ask. "What's the difference?" We sat down with Burton's Board Product Manager Lesley Betts (@elbeebyburton) to get the latest info on the topic and help you find the best board for your riding style in the latest #snow update on BurtonGirls.com. #BurtonGirls #sbowboarding
burtongirls - snow - sbowboarding -
missminimint : @mew_miu @crazylittleping me wanna do that 😍
nophear1 : OMG yass πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œβ€οΈπŸ‚
crazylittleping : @missminimint @mew_miu me wnna do that too! Get our butt all bruised rolling in snow ❄️⛄️
austin_mckenzie17 : @oliiviia_siimon
oliiviia_siimon : @austin_mckenzie17 seriously want all those
justin_palacio : @heather_palacio the middle left😻
puncrokgirl : I have the Feelgood - second from the left. Can't wait to ride it :-)
enavefrat : #inlove
vlad_kaplan - xiscaoliver - alexandramachova - margopolooo -
burtongirls - Burton Girls
Congrats to the winner of our #burtongirlsfallstyle giveaway @kittycatpizzaparty! We hooked her up with a Geneva Vest, Acorn Hooded Flannel, and a pair of Lorimer Jeggings! Keep an eye out for our next giveaway! #BurtonGirls
burtongirlsfallstyle - burtongirls -
jajurmu : 😿 but congrats to the lucky winner eh? @janckalank
wanders20 : @vegastooregon
janckalank : Pretty depressed right now. @jajurmu
c_shirley1_2 : Ahh man I wish I would have won that @burtongirls 😒 but hey congrats to @kittycatpizzaparty enjoy it girl πŸ˜„ that's a dope outfitπŸ’― 😘
c_shirley1_2 : @markymarcc1988 πŸ˜₯ sigh..... Hopefully next timeπŸ˜‰
nadders : Awwwwwwwwwwww 😞
christine_isenberg : @atley_and_lindsay_and_boss
ligerrrr : @deanerrrrrrr lerrrvvvvv
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burtongirls - Burton Girls
We caught up with @marksollors to talk about snowboarding and filming his #BurtonPresents part in the latest #BurtonGirls update! | Photo: @adammoran
burtonpresents - burtongirls -
marksollors : ✌️ @burtongirls you're the best
haaponte8 : Smh πŸ˜’ @dianneh12
alexichristinee : @dylan.nicole him.
thesmallviking : What's up with all the dudes?
mpwayout : I'm with @thesmallviking, what IS up with all the dudes?
vailbluesky : That's a dude
lassewiese : He sure looks like a hot as chick rocking it in the Board πŸ‘
filleben : En till fin sak @charlottegilde πŸ™ˆ
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burtongirls - Burton Girls
Dancing in the rain becomes a whole lot more fun in the new Hastings Jacket. See the latest BRTN women's offerings on Burton.com! #BurtonGirls
burtongirls -
marasatourian : @sasoonfarmanian2 mikhari baram??? :D
sandra_augustinus : πŸ’š
sasoonfarmanian2 : @marasatourian joon bekhaaa to
amoerch : #rains
cheriecesi_corleoni : So good you found one...finally @jasminelenatue :)
burtongirls : @lanamerkley it's the linden hoodie - only available in black right now
glamwithlaura : Lovely! Thnx for the follow😘😘
lanamerkley : @burtongirls will grey be available again?
burtonflagshipsf - pckht - issasw - burtonspain -
burtongirls - Burton Girls
A few of us got together last week to see how we could put a slightly healthier spin on some of our favorite Sunday snacks. Check the latest post on BurtonGirls.com to see what we came up with! #BurtonGirls
burtongirls -
morganbailey0 : Yum!!
sarahisabeldotcom : Nice!!
lekaperes : @bebelluz
nelsiaaislen : Hello! Nice gallery! Need more followers?
wolf1795 - rebskulii - mafaldasferreira - seg4126 -
burtongirls - Burton Girls
Get creative with recycling your old board for a chance to win a new one! Join us for the first ever #BurtonGirls sustainability challenge. Just come up with a unique and interesting way to repurpose an old snowboard deck, take a photo, and share it with us on Instagram with the tags #burtonsustainability and @BurtonGirls for a chance to win. For inspiration and contest details check the latest post on BurtonGirls.com
burtonsustainability - burtongirls -
rmfuzzy : @truthmoniz @monizmischief thought of you guys πŸ‚
jenrjenr : @robertsjoseph
ozgirlkim : @blizzard_22
carlin30 : @natty_ice1215 go
natty_ice1215 : @carlin30 come
carlin30 : @natty_ice1215 maybe whit the snowboard?? 😏
elegantshit : I ride my old board over snow covered rocks & trees off season. I win.
glamwithlaura : Such a cool contestπŸ‘πŸ‘
evgexo - katie_reeves_ - czekoladowaa15 - mac_n_me_10708 -
burtongirls - Burton Girls
Someone smart once said, "The later it gets, the more it matters." See some of our favorite looks for your outdoor festivities on frozen fall nights in the latest #style update on BurtonGirls.com. | Photo: @jesselynndawson
style -
tennslojd : πŸ‘
jessicalkaplan : @caraqwilliamson Dave was there last night! Headed to Bowery to see The Kills though! Hope to see you while in town!
yanis_jeannerat : @yona_chrmt pas si mal ton chapeau ;)
yona_chrmt : @yanis_jeannerat effectivement et il est encore plus beau en noir πŸ˜‰
morganbailey0 : This whole outfit 😍
hrich25 : Amazing jacket!
kfarrell92 : Why can't you ship to Australia 😭
jacquimatt : Any ideas were the shoes are from. I ❀️.
_aattwood - feelgoodflyingv - snowgoddessretreats - thowin01 -
burtongirls - Burton Girls
Looking for some new Fall styles? Just #regram this photo and tag @BurtonGirls #burtongirlsfallstyle for a chance to win this outfit! Last day to enter is this Friday so don't wait! #BurtonGirls
regram - burtongirlsfallstyle - burtongirls -
snow_high : who won?? @burtongirls #burtongirlsfallstyle
carter3phillies : Hi! Just wandering when the winner will be chosen no rush! Just a little anxious :) #burtongirlsfallstyle @burtongirls
c_shirley1_2 : Yuuus @burtongirls I'm getting anxious for you to announce the winner of this bad ass fall outfit. #pickme
andreannelovescoconut : @louisstp
caivacaivs : Is this over?
jodismyth_ : It finished on Friday hun @caivacaivs
caivacaivs : Who won? @jodismyth_
jodismyth_ : They are yet to announce it 😊 @caivacaivs
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burtongirls - Burton Girls
As a Burton Girl, we want your input to help us create the best gear possible. By sharing your feedback in the following short survey, you'll be part of our process in helping shape the future of women's snowboarding at Burton: surveymonkey.com/s/womensouterwearsurvey
kaylap336 : Your jacket?! @shmillianshmatts
shmillianshmatts : I don't think mines burton @kaylap336 but it really looks like that!
shredly1 : @tarachantelle I manage all our women's Hardgoods would absolutely love to hear your feedback!! Message me your favorite shred pic from last year with your email address and I will be in touch!!
taraleeg74 : What hat is that? Love it!
snowgoddessretreats : We love that jacket!!!
melissaorthphotography : Sweet jacket
morganbailey0 : That jacketπŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
chelseaksl : Got a Burton jacket today β€πŸ‚
brett_dick21 - kaitlynreneeflores - harrietlambert - rueben_rey -
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