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Burn is an evolving journal for emerging photographers. It was launched as an online magazine in 2008.
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burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Trinidad, Cuba. One of my most iconic images published first in NatGeo and my CUBA book is one of 11 images being offered for limited sale up until Christmas Day. These 8.5 x 11 inch signed archival pigment prints will be made by Mike Courvoisier,my exhibition/collector master printer, and on the same paper. These $125. prints will never be offered again for sale at this price and size. In addition my last stash of 50 new CUBA books will go signed, one per collector who chooses the whole set of 11. As always my intention with all art works I produce is to create investment value for buyers. This economical one time sale is no exception. In a few hours all details and options will be on www.burnmagazine.org Honestly I am personally celebrating the good news of thawed diplomatic relations by the U.S. with Cuba, so long overdue. Every time I have photographed in Cuba over the years I felt a special magic in the air. The island is vibrant culturally and physically. These photographs are my testament to the good vibes I always felt. Viva Cuba!!! Photo by @davidalanharvey #cuba #embargo #prints #burnmagazine
embargo - prints - burnmagazine - cuba -
quelarie83 : @superfrenchie
harv_and_harvette : Viva La Vida!
mayaglaser : @sistapratesi
fabrizio_alessi : Viva el Cuba Libre
_vdibiase : Perhaps my fav photo of all time. My Xmas present @davidalanharvey
sophiedancourt : Amazing !
debbie_cakes86 : @mint_fresh
brentcavedo : The amazing eye of DAH....camera by Leica
mathildabluefox - brentcavedo - ali_tullipam - turkarls -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
photo by @davidalanharvey Rio de Janeiro’s Ipanema Beach has a certain serenity even on a cloudy day..Rio is one of my favorite places to work. I did a major essay for NatGeo in 2012 and a book (based on a true story) in the same year. I continue to shoot in Rio and am now working on a book titled Beach Games which will be published in 2015. Rio is also a fine place for photo workshops which I do there every year. Next time starting on February 1, 2015 . See www.burnmagazine.org. I try to implore my students and those I mentor to work as photographers in places and ways they love rather than in every site they might visit as a tourist.  A concentrated effort is what is needed for serious photography and for me, Rio is worth the effort. Email kaya@burnmagazine.org for more info. #Rio #Ipanema #burnmagazine #natgeo #photoworkshops #landscape
photoworkshops - rio - landscape - burnmagazine - ipanema - natgeo -
scottmbennett : @burnmagazine @davidalanharvey I was pushed and learned so much at the Rio workshop last January. It is a challenge, but definitely worth it. For me, it was more of a personal journey to go deeper and improve the visual. Kudos to David and his team! πŸ‘
harv_and_harvette : One of Teetoo's favorites..
huangxianghua - seeclicksend - bahargokten - catherine79 -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
NEW on BURN: Michael Loyd Young @loyd presents his new book "Beer, Bait & Ammo", a fantastic journey through the deep, charming South! See full story and purchase your copy on www.burnmagazine.org ! #beer #bait #ammo #photobook #south #texas #usa #southerner #burnmagazine
ammo - southerner - bait - usa - photobook - beer - texas - south - burnmagazine -
stephen32d5 : Great Michael . Congrats ! @loyd
harv_and_harvette : Saw some of this awesome work on David's magnetic wall last December in NYC.. kick-ass photos! Can't wait to get an official copy.. πŸ‘ πŸ“·
ekinik : @loyd Great!
mapelgren : Yay! @loyd can't wait to see it
saludherbal24 : Wow!
krakenon - mohmmed22121 - erikdavidhansen - dnazzang -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Two beautiful book dummies of @davidalanharvey's upcoming "Tell It Like It Is" are the result of our@ burnmagazine week in #nyc.... Both designs very different yet both incredibly relevant and necessary. I feel honored to design with these beautiful images, shot before I was even born.. a team effort as always with @davidalanharvey and @diegorlando... and @kayaleeberne and @fran.gennari and@panosskoulidas close.... magic happens when we're together in one place, working towards a shared goal. More soon... #kudos #tellitlikeitis #photobook #burnmagazine #magnumphotos Photo cred: @antonkusters
kudos - magnumphotos - burnmagazine - nyc - photobook - tellitlikeitis -
carlovajra : They look stunning!
billhess : Both will be on my bookshelf soon! Or should I say laying here and there about my house, waiting for the next reader to pick them up.
madeleine__mary : Amazing. Can't wait.
emnevoux : @clemencegs
_nikichan : As beautiful as the Aaron Neville track with the same name.
jaimeboddorff - everyday_belgium - romancieslak_cam - ellis_share_is_caring -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Last shot from @davidalanharvey 's loft in Kent Avenue. The Burn team left NYC today... but no worries, we won't stop working... Always looking forward to next meeting... Stay tuned! Photo by @fran.gennari with @diegorlando @antonkusters @kayaleeberne @panosskoulidas #burnmagazine #nyc #skyline #sunset #brooklyn #ny
ny - brooklyn - sunset - burnmagazine - nyc - skyline -
ibizarevealed : Beautiful!
karseyma - omeazyyy - oracion_shun - victoria.wb -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
@davidalanharvey taking @kathyryan1 's picture for the upcoming @burnmagazine interview talking about her absolutely beautiful new book "Office Romance" with @aperturenyc ... Kathy is the Director of Photography at the NY Times Magazine and she is simply amazing...so great to see her again... Photo by @antonkusters , with @diegorlando #burnmagazine #nytimesmagazine
nytimesmagazine - burnmagazine -
maggiesteber : Two greats together!
mvwm17 : To be a fly on the wall in that room... @davidalanharvey @kathyryan1
angelanmax - thomashartshelby - dilibhat - guilhermepolini -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Working on @panosskoulidas DEATH IN VENICE upcoming book . It's like EDITING CHAOS. #burnmagazine #chaos #venicebeach #LA #burnbooks #photobook Photo ©@fran.gennari
burnmagazine - venicebeach - la - photobook - burnbooks - chaos -
paulostevendiniz : Look at it as a challenge! 😜
indabooth : Yuppppppp
bfrankphoto : Can't wait to get it.
gulnaazrizvi - la_la_lauren7 - totikk_ - ellis_share_is_caring -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Looking at @panosskoulidas 's book dummy in DAH's Brooklyn loft. @michaelchristopherbrown @pvanagtmael @davidalanharvey @kayaleeberne Photo by @fran.gennari . #burnmagazine #magnumphotos
magnumphotos - burnmagazine -
panosskoulidas : @pixeewixee
panosskoulidas : DEEP BOW gentlemen for crazy help ...
carlovajra : Awesome!
tasneemalsultan : @davidalanharvey & @michaelchristopherbrown great photogs together! :)
paulianaphotos : *****
loyd : Looking forward to your book...
lolaherrera_gr - maggiesteber - michel_petillo - aaron_sees -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Burn team in NY, working on 2 books simultaneously DAH BOOK"Tell It Like It Is" and Panos Skoulidas' "Death in Venice" @panosskoulidas @davidalanharvey @diegorlando @antonkusters @kayaleeberne @fran.gennari
ekinik : ❀️
jkim05 : Can't wait to see the books when they're done
michaelflatt - hrbworld - mazenhavashem -
burnmagazine - BURNmagazine
Work never stops in the Kibbutz @diegorlando @davidalanharvey @antonkusters #burnmagazine #TILIS
burnmagazine - tilis -
argonautphoto : πŸ’ŽπŸ’ŽπŸ’Ž
billhess : Going to be one hell of a book, I know already –
saidchaara.pics - michaelflatt - yerbabuena415 - huicholesdeltabaco -
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