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Hello! I'm Juli. You can call me Bun Bun too. πŸ‘§ FB: bunbunmakeuptips 🌞 Dayre.me/bunbunmakeuptips πŸ’˜ Bunbunmakeuptips@gmail.com
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
Thank you to my favorite stylist who always does his best to make my hair look fabulous. Rare opportunity for him to sit down and rest, and for me to secretly take a picture of him. Heehee! πŸ˜„@weng840620 @salonvim
danielruth : Babe, I use him too..... Hahahahahah... @weng840620 is super talented. Along with @edmund_chin21
danielruth : Love your tresses!!
bunbunmakeuptips : @danielruth Thank you! 😊
happygurlspeaks : I have lovely skin what serum and cream do u use
cheongpriscilla : Wah i like this style!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
bunbunmakeuptips : @cheongpriscilla Heehee Xie Xie!
putro_adji : kamu kelihatan cantik
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
This picture was taken in 1991. I was 7, my sister 5. My parents had brought us to Marina South and I was minding my own business, looking at the greenery around me when suddenly my parents became very excited and we found ourselves taking a photo with an old couple. My dad, breathless after the photo, asked me "Do you know who that was??" 😡 I innocently replied, "no~" and dad went "That's Mr Lee Kwan Yew, our prime minister, you know!!". I replied "oh" and wondered what that meant and why my parents got so overly excited about it. Many years later my parents told us that they had bodyguards around them and my dad first asked one of them if they could get take a photo with Mr and Mrs Lee but the bodyguard rejected him. So my daddy, not wanting to give up the chance of a lifetime, (death-defyingly) went STRAIGHT to Mr Lee and asked, "Sir, may we have our daughters take a picture with you?". And they, seeing how cute (and absolutely clueless and harmless) my sister and I looked, joyfully said "Sure, sure!". ι˜Ώε…¬, I am glad you can now reunite with 阿嬷. πŸ‘΄πŸ‘΅ You must now be at the happiest you have ever been, at your final resting place with the love of your life. ❀️ More on Dayre.me/bunbunmakeuptips
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jiaminleo : @giamamamama beautiful
angi3chlo3 : @calxu so sweet.
jerminegoh : Its a lovely photo. @bunbunmakeuptips
kawaiisensei : How precious
kobelcong : This is so pricelessly precious.
marmitechampion : @crazylikeachicken
jakeohlion : 1984
ainiramadhan : This is priceless moment 😒😒
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
My personal pot of gold. πŸ’° Haha. Janmarini Age Intervention Dark Eye Circle Eye Defense. There are 60 individual capsules; I love capsules coz there will be no cross-contamination. You use one capsule at night, so a tub will last you 2 months. Available at Clifford Clinic at Clifford Centre. 😍
ieatfish : Hi hi may i check how much did you pay for this tub of good gold? Looking to re-purchase mine!
bunbunmakeuptips : @ieatfish I think $140? You can call the clinic to ask. I forgot hehe 6532 2400
ieatfish : Ooo thank you so much!!! 😚
lauhuiru : Oh my looks like tiny balloons so cute!!πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
bunbunmakeuptips : @lauhuiru Ya lor so photogenic :)
piggylim : Hi juli.. Is this eye capsule good?? I tried a lot of eye mask but it doesn't help .. I wan something for wrinkles?
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
At @orchardscottsdental with my favorite dentist πŸ˜„ So happy to see you again Dr Jerry, and looking good! 🌟 Had a check on my porcelain veneers and gums (had a gum grafting procedure) and things are looking fine! If you want to know more about my smile makeover, just Google 'bunbun smile makeover'. Best decision ever. 😘
orchardscottsdental : #smilemakoversg #smileoftheweek #smilemakeover #smilemakeoverosd
angi3chlo3 : u gt a handsome doctor too!
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
Mr Mode said I look nice in this picture so here's it without any appropriate caption. πŸ˜‚ Oh I know, 'I like ION's toilet, always bright and clean'. Bahaha!! πŸš½πŸ’«
happygurlspeaks : Hello dear u have lovely skin and it's super glowing can u plz suggest me dome serums and creams that u use it will be of great help plz do help plz reply
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
These made the look for my very glamorous previous photo. πŸ’ Bet you can't tell. Hahahaha! πŸ˜‚ πŸ”Έ #Sephora Essential Mattes Palette πŸ”Έ #Lancome Grandiose Mascara (bought my 2nd tube today!) πŸ”Έ #Chanel Loose Powder πŸ”Έ #Hakuhodo/Sigma Brushes πŸ”Έ Lancome Pro Correcteur πŸ”Έ #Maccosmeticssg Cyrus Lipstick πŸ”Έ #TheBodyShop Concealer πŸ”Έ Mac Rosy Outlook Blush πŸ”Έ#MarcJacobs Liner πŸ”Έ #Guerlain Brow Palette πŸ”Έ Lancome Lip Lover 337 πŸ”Έ #NARS Concealer Mustard
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bunbunmakeuptips : #cosmetics #makeup #motd #fotd #sgigbeauty #sgigmakeup #beauty #mileycyrus #lancomesg #sigma #flatlay #onmyface #monday
luxblog.nl : Perfect! βœ”οΈ
veronicatwy : How long do you use your brushes before washing them? 😊
bunbunmakeuptips : @veronicatwy Two weeks, max. But also depends on use.
veronicatwy : Thank you!!
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
Hitting the high notes like a diva 🎀 HAHA more like sneezing at the precise moment the shutter went off. πŸ“·πŸ˜ͺ BAHAHAHA good morning!! β˜€οΈπŸ˜„
thanghf : Hahahahhahaha!!!
idleger : Ur pendant looks like ur saliva flew out from ur mouth too. Lol
bunbunmakeuptips : @thanghf Eh I can totally imagine you laughing the way you did on Saturday lor πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
bunbunmakeuptips : @idleger Hahaha ya hor!!! Super funny! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
Daddy said heng the boys are tall and the girls (I have another sister) not so tall. I'm okie with being a shortie, rather than my brothers being shorties. I reserved the height for them. (No, I'm not wearing 4-inch heels πŸ˜πŸ˜… BAHAHAHA)
mybeautycravings : You have twin brothers?
bunbunmakeuptips : @mybeautycravings Twin brothers, one year apart. Hahaha
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
Rushed from #Nuffnang8irthday party to NUS to attend my brother's first guitar ensemble. All those years of disturbing me while I played my guitar paid off hor? 😏 You did well, little bro! 🎢😘
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bunbunmakeuptips - Juli / Bun Bun Makeup Tips 🍎
Happy #Nuffnang8irthday! YAYYYY!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ˜˜ #nuffnangsg Unintentionally made an 8 with the white balloons while standing beside a gold 8. HUAT AH!!
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