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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
The @usahockey National Sled Hockey Team won the Gold Medal at the 2015 World Championships at @harborcenter this afternoon, 3-0 over Canada. #buffalo2015
buffalo2015 -
imperialknits : Lol as a Canadian congratulations to Team U S A !!! Good job to all 😁👍👍
kaden_milles : Yay
laurencorrao : Aw hell yeah guys!!❤️💙🇺🇸 @mattmelligan
om.acharya1 : 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
ekorean_15 : Buffalo sucks ass
cukurinsh3 : You too
hky_gods : 💙💙Sabre fans needed💙💙
lobsterclawz : @lumusi_monster check out @jer53y
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Good luck to #Sabres forward Tyler Ennis representing Canada at the @IIHFHockey World Championship! Bonus Sabres Fan Advantage Keyword: ENNIS.
sabres -
rjp0120 : Hahahahaha LA is beautiful? Now I know you don't get out much. I just told you why i keep responding but you take it how you want it. Just keep living your sheltered life sir. I guess all of us Americans are pretty tough considering all these terrible things we survive on a daily basis... @jt_48
jt_48 : now what you're its saying is becoming non sense. blah blah blah... all facts on my side and you saying is verbal dia. so much hate in the states and arrogance for the most part... anything bad to say about Canada?! oh we don't have an amusement park but we just drive or fly down to use yours. You really have nothing on us. @rjp0120
polarbear_57 : Couldn't help but notice your bashing the US @jt_48 if we have nothing on Canada then why do you all come here to shop ? You clean out our supermarket shelves every weekend in Niagara Falls / Buffalo area & when you buy clothing or shoes you leave your old garbage behind ! Your terrible drivers also, no courtesy what so ever from most of you when you visit our country. So say what you will, but your country's not perfect either !
polarbear_57 : And we have gold in sledge hockey @jt_48
jt_48 : whats sledge hockey? @polarbear_57 we have 4 OLYMPIC gold medals since 2002. that's all that really matters and all hockey legends are 90% CANADIAN. the hate and theft are facts and all you say is were bad drivers and we go there to shop? lol good one. awful chirp bud. and yea were not perfect. didn't say we were. just saying everyone likes CANADA when we travel and we have free health care and Asians are the bad drivers lol.
jt_48 : oh and you have NO gun control. but like i told the other guy, great place to party.just not a safe place to live. so much violence its gross.
polarbear_57 : Oh sorry you can't read typos, SLED, & not going back & forth with you. Every country has it's problems, yours is no exception @jt_48
jt_48 : back and forth about what? you got nothing. i euchre you in everything i said. its all truth. @polarbear_57
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
@usahockey defeated Italy 7-0 in a sled hockey world championship match-up at @harborcenter this afternoon. The game will be replayed on NBC Sports tonight after the NHL game. #buffalo2015
buffalo2015 -
stone.playss : How's the first overall pick
amytella : @kv317
mad4hockey331 : @vltaylor713 we HAVE to go to a game soon!!!
typicalbandwagon : @stone.playss rlly m8
pens_fan_4life : I've played there
stone.playss : @typicalbandwagon hi bae
stiddthekid : Follow @billsmafia18 for bills and sabres posts
nick_dzimian : Finally U.S.A. Won🇺🇸
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Opening ceremony for International Sled Hockey World Championships in #Buffalo prior to 🇺🇸vs.🇷🇺! #buffalo2015
buffalo2015 - buffalo -
samott48 : @dtwidale_awesome Usa 6-1!!!
ekalb_dnul : Is that the practice rink
b.seiden : Sled hockey is fuckin' brutal
sautsy_97 : @b.seiden why tho these people want to play hockey ya it isnt normal ice hockey but for some who dont have their limbs its the only why they can
b.seiden : @sautsy_97 I think you have the wrong impression.. I like Sled Hockey and have a lot of respect for the players.
masonthemoose : You guys are so bad you can't even win a draft lottery
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
That shot tho. #Buffalo native & Team USA's Adam Page at the Skills Competition for Sled Hockey Worlds. #Buffalo2015
buffalo2015 - buffalo -
francbrugueras : @polsmarcelo
polsmarcelo : Es bastant hevy la cosa @francbrugueras
_nickmango : @anthony_gramarossa @mikegiaimis
nickelcitysmith : Page is unreal
tylerlew03 : USA
joselimas975 : Usa
sledhockey : Yeah Adam!
tylerr_01 : No @brendanw_112
rifles214729 - millzy2 - naturalkid4 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Marcus Foligno is signing autographs and posing for pics before the Sled Hockey Skills Competition at @harborcenter. 3-5pm. Free to attend. #Buffalo2015
buffalo2015 -
graciz : I'm so depressed know I love him
graciz : Did I miss it and could there be another one please 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
antonio_reyes27 : Tori it's free @torimacias7
antonio_reyes27 : Was 😂😂 @torimacias7
ali_g8tr : @kellstar92 kelly.
kellstar92 : @ali_g8tr This was on their snap story yesterday 😭
ali_g8tr : Ughhhhhhhh :'( @kellstar92
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
#Repost @usahockey ..
Today was team picture day in preparation for #SledWorlds. Team USA had some fun with it. #Buffalo2015
buffalo2015 - sledworlds - repost -
vladislavs201099 : Respect!
canuckman77 : So good best boys ever
polarbear_57 : Be careful what you say @ben__jackson karma can be a bitch
bobbycontinelli : Respect. Those guys are awesome
kylezych : Can't wait to get there. Also can't wait for us to take on the Canadian development team this week in buffalo as well!
kylezych : It's alright @ben__jackson wouldn't last 2 seconds in a sled.
ben__jackson : @kylezych yea, it's all good, I didn't last 2 seconds inside your mom either, and that's why you're here #begrateful
kylezych : @ben__jackson you're so disrespectful. Those guys sacrificed limbs so you have the chance to even speak your narrow mind. So yea #begrateful
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Floral arrangement to welcome guests of a ceremonial dinner to kick off the Sled Hockey World Championships this weekend! 8 nations will be represented. #Buffalo2015
buffalo2015 -
mad4hockey331 : @vltaylor713
tyler_johnston_01 : I was there
billsmafia18 : Follow for Bills and sabres posts
mariss_a_rivera : One for every state
matt_groh33 : ^ omg idiot
juholankinen : Where is Finnish?
philidelphia_flyers_boss : I was there
stefikhcbb : Lets go #czechsledgehockey team
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
@usahockey getting ready for Russia.. 8pm on Sunday here at @harborcenter. Tix still available HARBORCENTER.com/sled
tr0tto : @jakerhockey Sabres. Newb.
josh_elze : Nice can even spell the name right when you're chirping a team @jakerhockey
barbiedolljanina : @jakerhockey you're a scumbag. I don't care who you're "chirping", making fun of someone's disabilities is not alright.
heyjuuu : @mandiimouse huddle up America
thomas_beach : Prob better than the sabres @domenick1435
w_d_roll : Still better than the non-handicapped Sabres team
dog_paws123 : ENTER OUR GIVEAWAY!!!!
polarbear_57 : The seasons over, quit ragging on the Sabres ! Go out & play !
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
#Repost @harborcenter.・・・
Team USA is now on the ice for practice on First Niagara Rink at HARBORCENTER! #Buffalo2015
buffalo2015 - repost -
kelsy914 : @nate_burd11
nate_burd11 : What
nate_burd11 : @kelsy914
kelsy914 : @nate_burd11 idk lol I thought u would wanna see this cus u like the harbor center
nate_burd11 : Oh
sledhockey : #USA!
rasmus55ristolainen : Respect to those fighters
philidelphia_flyers_boss - the_towne - tommyammon7 - richardpfenn00 -
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