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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Back to practice. Next game is tomorrow night at Washington. #Sabres
sabres -
thelastfrontierjw : Sabres are terrible
hyatt_hruska : @thelastfrontierjw hey buddy, you ever play hockey? Or know anything about hockey? Ight just checking, try comment that in a couple years, thanks👌
nhl.village : 🚨HOCKEY FANS WANTED🚨
jake.spitz13 : You guys are horrible. #LGRW
valeriedana82 : I'll be at that game💙💛💙
q_athletics : Bet of the year is to take the Caps tomorrow and then the Jets Mon. 2 team teaser.
aparchuk : I'll be there!!!!! :)
hannah_lovullo : Jake ^ don't say they r horrible cause their not if u have nothing nice to say don't say anything at all
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
WNY native Brian Gionta scored twice as the #Sabres defeated San Jose 4-1 on Tuesday night. Today is a snow day. ❄️ No practice and arena is closed.
sabres -
semoyer : Great job last night, it was an awesome game despite the weather!! Sorry the majority of the above people are rude and childish
buffalo.sharks : @n__kilmer__8 Were not the worst team in the league! Toronto sucks! Buffalo beat them and Nashville creamed them 9-2
_valentino_cortes : I got a free I phone @iphone.5.6
somebushedindian : Look they actually scored
nhl.village : 🚨HOCKEY FANS WANTED🚨
hockey.stars : Love hockey? We are a new page and willing to show our passion for the game. if you follow, give us a shoutout, will follow back. Like our vids? Show them to your friends!
minjundoessoccer : Booo sabers
loseyourself_xox : Giooo 
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Game day! We take on the Sharks tonight at 7:30pm and held an optional skate this morning. Game is on for now! #sabres ❄️❄️
sabres -
polarbear_57 : Let it snow let it snow let it snow ! Awww I remember those days, but glad to have center ice tonight ! Let's go Buffalo !!!!
jsgaydos79 : What happened to michal neuvirth
jsgaydos79 : @buffalosabres
usahockey77 : #W
usahockey77 : Thats 2 wins in a row against sharks
krystof1745 : @usahockey77 8 wins... 8 wins in a row at home at least
bubbanewton22 : @freeiphonenow2014
wheller_37 : I got a free Nike gift card from @nikegifts.blackfriday
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
#Sabres forward @mmoulson26 plays bubble hockey with Sean, Ty & Dylan. They won this experience at the Make A Wish Radiothon.
sabres -
azerby42 : I got a free iphone from @freeapplenow
yasmeen_a13 : No offence but buffalo really sucks you buffolo fans cant even argue with that one😂
shane_rennick16 : @iphone6givings I just got an iPhone 6
tylerkenndey81 : U did its hunter btw @azerby42
wildcats_softball_42 : I just got a free iPhone from @iphonesgivesaway
yasmeen_a13 : Ok i don't care if i can't spell the name of the worst hockey team in the league😂😂 @kaitlyyn.nicole
yasmeen_a13 : Ok like i really care how i spell on instagram 👍 @kaitlyyn.nicole
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
A big win on the biggest screen in North America. #Sabres on 38-foot TV at @716foodandsport tonight. 6-2 final over Toronto.
sabres -
bemcinerney : Biggest screen? Jacksonville? Hello?
eat.sleep.nhl : For anyone hockey likes hockey, follow this account for awesome edits, game recaps and team edits coming up soon! ❤️
vertex_artwork : You guys suck ass
andrew_hiller4132 : Just shut up @vertex_artwork 👿. All Sabres fans know that they don't do so well all the time but we root for them through tough times.
easton.giveaways : 🚨Everyone check out our recent post for a free htx stick🚨
ckanal : I see you @dannybuks nice pic man!
frankwillhauck : @givingiphone gave me an iPhone
tyler_ehde : @bianco_vincenzo look at this tv
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Matt Moulson and the Sabres beat the Maple Leafs 6-2! #Sabres
sabres -
mkooks : @yenttirb_m @jesscachristine_ @jnkg__ @jfdxo lost to the Sabres?!?!? Bahahahaha
matthew__cashimere : @63connor63 if it wasn't for my dad I would probably hate the sabres
domloduca : @trevor__mackenzie @mikey_whelan74 @nick_maiuri
sjd0917widzinski : ❤️@mmoulson26
ollebilius : @tobmarten ibland blixtrar det till!
willclif44 : Nice to see matty get a goal
d_hollowa : @ethan_cimino wut.
mattct_93 : @jaegerbombz94 @bmolson
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
After 2 periods Buffalo leads Toronto 4-2. Shots are 26-21 in favor of the Sabres! #sabresvsleafs
sabresvsleafs -
hannah.heikoop : Uhh well we obviously did tonight. But you guys really have no room to talkkk! Leafs are wayyy better than the Sabres @timstagram1o5
hannah.heikoop : Oh sorry @timstagram1o5 I meant @tonydemonico25 lol
theimperialkid : Live on Long Island and still making the 8 hour trip to see the team play in December win or lose I can't wait
joukiojuhana : Idän vitsi
mmikueel : Is this real life
sampoemiltuuri : Yes this is. @mmikueel
mr.awesome_jake : Flexy stick
rijir : keep your head up bud
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
RJ is back! Watch on MSG or listen on WGR550 as RJ makes his return to the broadcast booth for the 1st period of tonight's game !#SabresvsLeafs #7pmFaceOff
sabresvsleafs - 7pmfaceoff -
sabrekit : So great to have RJ back.
stooperoon : Hearing RJ again was a highlight for the season thus far. Welcome back, Rick! Here's to staying happy, healthy and helping call our Stanley Cup games down the road.
m_barry12 : @stevenmazzone
kellyannd55 : Welcome back!!! now i can watch the games again!
ala0526 : Must have been the good luck we needed!
janosz_poha : Big win!
willclif44 : Nice to see rj again
darrose1969 : Love you!!!!
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
The #Sabres are in Minnesota & take on the Wild tonight at 8pm! 7:30 pregame on MSG.
sabres -
tylerbasel : Let's go wild
gphalen : @megs7880 Anyone who isn't a nfl fan
jess_lynn0408 : I watched both. @gphalen @megs7880
adammaz2218 : @buffalosabres can I get two rope line tickets for me and my cousin, long time sabres fans! We're going to tonight's Toronto game
gphalen : Yeah long time as in 5 yrs 10yrs? I have enjoyed the Sabres since the 70s through massive let downs some really great highs that led to extreme lows "damn you @bretthull" lol to the point of brad May being at my older sisters wedding Played with her nephew on the Thunder ohl can I have a ticket to tonight's game? Lol
adammaz2218 : Relax. @gphalen
total.nhl : @clash_of_clans_information YEAH MCCORMICK!!!
ezmc23 : My last name is McCormick
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Thank you to all who have served & continue to serve the USA & Canada! We remember you today and every day. 🇺🇸🍁
awesomeowl54 : Thank you for all you have done, and for your bravery in protecting our contrey
lauraa913 : @tay9790 we were almost in this picture.
tay9790 : @lauraa913 thats kind of funny. Just missed it
m19waggle85 : Look at this handsome guy @ericshun84
vintage_sabre_26 : Thank u veterans
ckehoe16 : Those guys were like 5 rows up from me
jordan.karn : @_josiah13
stars_hockey6 : I'm number 6
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