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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Game day in Anaheim. #gettingready #sabres
gettingready - sabres -
evildeadbatman : Fuck they need to fire the owner because I'm tired of watching this team lose!
kritter1313 : Thanks for visiting my ducks in Anaheim! I really hope you dismantle the Sharks and Kings!
stooperoon : @kritter1313 uh, yeah... Don't hold your breath on that. ;)
bruinfan44 : ha another two points to the ducks in
megabren79 : Good job sucking for another 15 seasons buffalo
megabren79 : Good luck I mean
shutout13 : 8 goals=#roadtomcdavid
kritter1313 : @stooperoon hey now! Even as a Ducks fan, I respect your team! I hope your team grows and does well!
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
The Erie Otters wrap up their practice at First Niagara Center on Tuesday night. They play the Niagara Ice Dogs Wed. at 7pm. Tickets still available, $15 each.
pass_shoot_score_25 : I get to play on the ice before the game @buffalosabres
dylanmartin13 : Dusterssssss worst team in the nhl. Go sucks poo u dust
car_smi : @smittym09 guy in the upper right corner looks like Emma #froglegs
c_dodge88 : Yeah lets go McDAVID
benverrico_ : Can't wait to see Connor
lindsaymgriff : @oheylk did you take this picture?
jvybiral : @megsova which one is Donnay?😍
thomas_fischer23 : #LetsGoBuffalo
brendan_no9 - adam_poe - papachille - outdoors099 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Join us for the return of #Sabres Style "Girls Night Out" on 10-30! Tickets available Sabres.com/Style
sabres -
sammhards : Uhggg thats my birthday but I live 600 miles away 😳 someone have a drink for me 🍸
zachary_anderson_ : @thehockeyguru we should go
hannahlandryx : can you guys like my recent video and tag @nhl in it please?☺️💖
erica_grisanti : @doll__28 I wish we could go together!
twoguyhockeymemes : ⚫🚨Follow for funny hockey memes!🚨⚫
mrangers37 : Sabres suck go bruins
doll__28 : @erica_grisanti come home!!!!
thehockeyguru : Good point im in find my true buffalo lady friends @zachary_anderson_
scott13334 - jscherer63 - jackbelter01 - thehockeypro -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Sabres fall to the Bruins 4-0. Next Game Wednesday in Anaheim 10:30pm puck drop. #Sabres
sabres -
rich_e27 : They aren't playing at the level of an NHL team. Get some momentum and connect. Felt like the game was in Boston last night with how many fans there were.
rich_e27 : Is the campaign ONE BUFFALO because we are only going to win one game???????
rpjohnson37 : Hahahahahahaha @rich_e27
mrfloorman : Its painfull to be in sweden trying to be awake 01 in the night to watch this years sabres. With hope of better years to come
laffy_92 : All you haters will be happy buffalo is doing what they are doing now in 4-5 years when we will have the best team in the NHL. We are building from the bottom, Reinhart , girgensons , Hodgson, RIsto, deslauriers will all be great players with time and if we finish at the bottom we can get mcdavid or eichel ... The best forwards in draft in many years. We are in rebuilding phase and we are doin it the right way. I am excited. Be a true Sabres fan and support through tough times too #letsgobuffalo
jeebspizzy : @laffy_92 tell em fam!!! It's the years like these that separate the fair weather fans from the die hard! If we build it right we will be a force to reckon with to actually go all the way
mlconnors : @laffy_92 @jeebspizzy Preach 🙌
nhlobsession : check out my page for all nhl posts :)
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Warmups are underway! 7pm PuckDrop #Sabres
sabres -
matt_brady_01 : @billsmafia28 look at the score
parker.weir : U guys suck balls
parker.weir : @scott13334 Boston 4 to 0
sgiachetti21 : You stink Sabres rock. Cmon Buffalo!
sabresfan.4life : Boston sucks pucks. C'mon Buffalo!!!
hawks_hockey27 : Bruins will suck next year after we get mcdavid @bruinsfan4life9
gphalen : Actually as a long time Sabres fan and one with out blinders the wins loss don't lie close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. Sabres off the start suck! The captains are craptains should have given Meyers the C
ethanbonnar : @hawks_hockey27 You think one player will change a team? Lol, your a fucking idiot.
_manuelsaari - dadspeach - da_bridge9092 - amerkshockey63 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
@jenroth125 makes 34 saves as the Sabres fall to the Panthers 1-0 #Sabres
sabres -
brian_corcoran_47 : Yo little bitch go suck on ur dads dick u prick sabres suck get a life ass wipe @masonl1502
mrangers37 : Calm down bro it's ok the sabres are the worst team in the league @masonl1502
dom_abbatessa30 : Saber sucks balls
zachary_anderson_ : @thehockeyguru do you wish this was your trendy
thehockeyguru : Ya of course he the best in the league why wouldn't I @zachary_anderson_
zachary_anderson_ : I don't know man he might be too good @thehockeyguru
thehockeyguru : Ya your totally right but that means we will win the rhc championships @zachary_anderson_
zachary_anderson_ : True, true @thehockeyguru
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
The Stripes are ready for the start of the 3rd! #Sabres
sabres -
zach_goss : Sabers suckkk
cbait1999 : Ummmm yea actually trading Myers would be the smartest move since trading miller considering he hasn't done a damn thing and other teams are still willing to give us a shit ton for well.... A pile of shit @m_walker_hockey_88
brady_berger17 : Most exciting part of that hockey game
wait4me7 : Myers sucks. .....my 13 year old plays better.
chaser.82 : Booooooo
sharkyjack63 : Booooooooooooooooooooooo refs suck
globalhockey : 🚨⚠️🚨⚠️FOLLOW HERE FOR ALL HOCKEY COVERRAGE🚨⚠️🚨⚠️
jenajenamcmc : @wait4me7 are you serious he's the only one that actually knows what he's doing
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Warmups are underway ! #Sabres #GameNight
gamenight - sabres -
chachi716 : I see 35 wins this year
buffsabrs30 : Buffalo sports,none other like them
buffsabrs30 : Let's go buffalo
tylertoffoli : Sabres will get 21 wins this year
victorhernandez13 : Where's vanek?
jack66roberts_ : Vanek is on Minesota @victorhernandez13
elliott.henry : @rob.ert_
franklinham : Gotta love Moulson!
franklinham - ashleypryer - d.nnam3 - d.nackt182 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Game night in Buffalo. #Sabres
sabres -
racheloveshair : @letsgorangers21 I'm sorry you have nothin better to do on a Friday night, ya poor wanker.
slangincrack4lyfe : @letsgorangers21 2 words. Conner Mcdavid.
racheloveshair : @letsgorangers21 scratch that doesn't look like you have much of a life at all
letsgorangers21 : @slangincrack4lyfe damn straight rn sabers are bad but wait until reinhart comes up and if you get McDavid they are on there way up for sure in my opinion they shouldn't trade Myers but if they do they should get a rookie and draft picks
lambo_man_61 : Watching right now!!!
jredmond1018 : We need some frickan goal scorers
hockeymaster_301 : Love buffalo Sabres
ksmaz12 - team_brando309 - owentobin - frans05 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Morning Skate is underway #GameDay #Sabres #7pm
7pm - sabres - gameday -
yetman36 : @patrick_kaleta @niles92 reddddddddd
niles92 : Hahahaha @yetman36 @patrick_kaleta
yetman36 : When need his return @niles92
cal1877 : Buffalo ROCKS
mr.michael.myers : See you tomorrow Buffalo!
polarbear_57 : Ty @typicalwhitegirl911 so sad he was best
globalhockey : 🚨⚠️🚨⚠️FOLLOW HERE FOR ALL HOCKEY COVERRAGE🚨⚠️🚨⚠️
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