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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
@jackeichel11 meets with the media after signing his first pro contract with the #Sabres. #letsgobuffalo #OneBuffalo
letsgobuffalo - sabres - onebuffalo -
bryan_munro : That look right there tho lolll
mk1120wirfs_1994_ : Finally Murry smiles!! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β˜Ί
nick_cook7 : Tim's face looks so stupid
alex_dhillon : @mitch_bye5 that's Jacob in the futureπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
davis349715 : Hockey purgatory...is buffalo
ryan_aronica : @davis349715 then comment on your teams page, why troll this one?
amf_88 : @jackeichel11 - finally someone made Tim smile! Welcome to buffalo!!!
mmxdeboth : @mattoleary7 that's a great LNB picture
paavo_lauri_ - captain_moar15 - hockeymatt99 - nicole_barabas -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
@jackeichel11 takes a tour of @firstniagaractr after signing his first pro contract with the #Sabres. #letsgobuffalo #welikeeich #OneBuffalo
welikeeich - letsgobuffalo - sabres - onebuffalo -
pioveson : What number is he going to wear ?
nastynate17 : @hannahguida #giddyup
ilovebuffalosports : Yeah!!!! @jackeichel11 let's go buffalo he's going to do good
timothyshawn64 : He really looks like the actor from Bill and Ted
jvanvolkenburg : Welcome to Buffalo! Great things to happen with you on the Sabres!πŸ‘
cam_page2 : What number @buffalosabres
andrew_fino123 : Jack Eichel
noremac103003 : Welcome to buffalo plz make us a playoff candidate @jackeichel11 @buffalosabres
hockeylord3278 - paavo_lauri_ - tpalooja_33 - lahti_priva -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Welcome, Jack! Eichel has officially signed a three-year, entry-level contract with the #Sabres. Press conference to follow at Sabres.com. #OneBuffalo
onebuffalo - sabres -
hockenberry26 : lets go buffalo
buffalosabresnews : Follow for Sabres photos
buffalosabresnews : And news
nolan_1344 : Almost ready for a playoff push, all we need now is @johnnyoduya anchoring our blue line
ryandutra29 : @krickard15
bobby_47 : @tommyvega98
freeagentfan : @emkedave Well if not Juniors, then the AHL...he won't be played like so many others...
emkedave : @freeagentfan What are you basing this on, other than ignorance?
paavo_lauri_ - e46motorsport - mcgrath36 - sports_machine_66 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Congrats to #Sabres alum Phil Housley on being inducted into the #HockeyHallOfFame, Class of 2015!
hockeyhalloffame - sabres -
buffalosportz : Buffalo sabres and bills fans wanted
buffalosabresnews : Eichel is going pro
buffalosabresnews : 🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨follow for Sabres news🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨
calebn29 : @buffalo.sabres.fanpage best sabres fanpage!
always_celly_hky : Are we going to get anyone else good we missed out on kessel
great_white_clark19 : @colesny10 @thekash_flow @cashius.clay @rozo19 @joevani_jojo get these mittens with the new jerseys
thekash_flow : @great_white_clark19 sweet baby Jesus
raphaelbed8 - gstanley011 - mcgrath36 - sports_machine_66 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
#Sabres GM Tim Murray determined to "get better every day." Full post-draft comments at Sabres.com. #SabresDraft2015
sabresdraft2015 - sabres -
jasmine0mg : @hunter__hickman_ ur future team
hunter__hickman_ : Hell no @jasmine0mg
bacon_bits_oel_az : Yeah but sabers are not doing a nice job having a great season @andrew_hockey_kid_88
andrew_hockey_kid_88 : @bacon_bits_oel_az yah I guees
adensmith42 : Can you get tarasanko
muskokaguygo : @buffalosabres Suggestion: Sign Matt Belesky
neovisuals : If they get Tarasenko or Belesky ill like die.
liam_barlow39 : Sign Cody franson
paavo_lauri_ - lahti_priva - nick_geiger22 - siddy_field -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
All smiles: Brendan Guhle is stoked to be a member of the Buffalo #Sabres. He says the Combine in Buffalo made a huge impression on him. More at Sabres.com. #SabresDraft2015
sabresdraft2015 - sabres -
knickrobes : "stoked"?
cam_page2 : Is he gonna stay with number 15 or go back to 9 @buffalosabres
martineau_3 : I know him more than any of you
martineau_3 : He was my brothers best friend
martineau_3 : When he was a kid at my brothers 8th birthday party we went skating and Brendan had a wicked hard slapshot for a kid at that age
martineau_3 : But then he moved to Sherwood park I am pretty sure
kris_baird19 : sister went to school with him
cooperfriedman : He probably wants to kill himself @mikey____morena
paavo_lauri_ - e46motorsport - siddy_field - mcgrath36 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Jack Eichel jerseys are now available to order at Shop.OneBuffalo.com. By popular request, Ryan O'Reilly jerseys too! #LetsGoBuffalo #Sabres
sabres - letsgobuffalo -
stevopuerto : Is there an official new third jersey @buffalosabres
jacobladuca : Eichel will prob go with 15
gogoagkid : @bettygullo if you're buying? Duh... I may never wear it but I'll take it..
patcross : @jackeichel11 should I buy one or
lucasrozmus2002 : R u gonna put him in ahl or put him with Sam on 4/3 line?
ilovebuffalosports : Im so happy we got @jackeichel11 hes gonna do really good
jake_genest27 : @newcrockcity @robbin__hood19
newcrockcity : Dope dick I'ma buy one or 5 of these easy @jake_genest27 @robbin__hood19
paavo_lauri_ - e46motorsport - siddy_field - social_climax -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Fans react at @firstniagaractr when @jackeichel11 is selected by the #Sabres. #SabresDraft2015
sabresdraft2015 - sabres -
bpiss : Jesus you are a special kind of stupid aren't you? @vincentrussoo
rob_michalski90 : @carehole19 @kaliemaee_ look at this beauty
yungswank : Slayerrrrrrr
tristanraponi : Lbl's next to the ice...mmm
00kai00 : @chantelle_mik
kelli.carlini : Nice face beside you
chantelle_mik : this is amazing haha @00kai00
ilovebuffalosports : Amazing @jackeichel11
paavo_lauri_ - e46motorsport - siddy_field - mcgrath36 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
@jackeichel11 selfie with the @firstniagarabank sunglasses given out at tonight's Draft Party back in Buffalo. 😎 Welcome, Jack! #SabresDraft2015 #OneBuffalo
sabresdraft2015 - onebuffalo -
ztlkab : Buffalo Sabres Rule
aries_drift_missile : Jah feel
aaronmp4 : @xodashseto
sabresman61 : Welcome To The Sabres
dentco : @nickyfingaz1
ruahone : Really excited for Sabres! Adding O'Reilly and Mcginn was a great deal. Buffalo rebuild starting to look great.
ilovebuffalosports : Welcome to the @buffalosabres @jackeichel11 your going to do so good this season and those glasses are so AWESOME I got a pair
ilovebuffalosports : The draft party was so fun @buffalosabres
paavo_lauri_ - e46motorsport - tpalooja_33 - siddy_field -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
It's official! Jack Eichel is a member of the Buffalo #Sabres! #SabresDraft2015
sabresdraft2015 - sabres -
harismoose : @jerlikno this is the dude they got? Looks like a pure dundo
pinkvilla : @zackerson123 your lover
kelli.carlini : Is he asleep
11sttimyklis : @tony_the_v THIS DUDE LOOKIN LIKE MAUREECE LMAO
dpconne : @matt_haring would
ilovebuffalosports : Buffalo is going to be so Awesome this season with all the awesome good players we have #NHLdraft #letsgobuffalo
jackson_cooperman : Feel so bad for himπŸ˜‚
jackson_cooperman : @jackeichel11
paavo_lauri_ - e46motorsport - mcgrath36 - sabres.hky -
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