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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Sabres fall to the Coyotes 4-3 in overtime #Sabres
sabres -
dkmjr_ : @nickmariano97 Coyotes win! 🐺🐺🐺
allthatjazzo : Sabres suck shit
drbillsfan : I am all in on the race for 30th. 100%. Check my posts. I'm also 100% disgusted that people would openly cheer for opposing teams goals on home ice. I didn't go. But if I did, I'd have been happy when AZ scored - and kept my damn mouth shut.
stevensnyderxx : @allthatjazzo take that bills shirt off 😡
allthatjazzo : @stevensnyderxx after you tickle my dick, queer.
braidz14 : @haileylaude29 Amen. Its sad what this season has become really. Cheer on the boys no matter what, I can only assume everyone cheering against are diehard Browns fans..getting boners for losses
imperialknits : Die hard Sabres fan considering there almost at 50 losses on the season I think cheering the losses is all we have left, I mean I see hope for the future in random plays and players but this seasons done face it get ready for golf or follow no one and just enjoy hockey!
stooperoon : All I have to say is if players were legitimately oblivious to why some of the crowd cheered the OT goal, then I would've expected those same players to slash Murray's tires.
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Matt Hackett is lookin' good, feelin' good. Tonight's #Sabres starter vs. Arizona. 7pm faceoff at @firstniagaractr.
sabres -
rosen2723 : Cause we want Mcdavid He deserve him he wants to come not some desert @jakebernhardt
jakebernhardt : Lol your spelling and grammer is god awful i cant even understand you @rosen2723
rosen2723 : Do u even play hockey probably not cause u live in the desert @jakebernhardt
sorry.this_username.is_taken : @jakebernhardt grammar* hah watch the grammar bud
jakebernhardt : Auto correct on my phone bud @sorry.this_username.is_taken
sorry.this_username.is_taken : @jakebernhardt I don't give a crap about autocorrect you're complaining and you can't even spell grammar
mattoc_23 : Beauty
mlhart16 : @buffalosabres why doesn't Hack wear that beauty of a cage during game play?
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
A light skate before our game day morning skate. Arizona in town tonight. 7pm start. #Sabres
sabres -
molly_haller : True @daversv89 but he's still pretty good
buffalosports_highlights : A 20% chance is the best out of all 15 teams...lmao dude do you even know how the lottery works? You should know bc I'm sure the flyers will be in one of the non playoff teams and have only a 2% chance...XD
buffalosports_highlights : @daversv89
mattgram93 : @daversv89 eichels better
ryan_chwojdak : Lose we have to get the 1 or 2 pick!!!
tfergzilla : @daversv89 sounds like someone who quit hockey and hates on Sabres fans because he's bitter he'll only ever be a Jr. Sabre. Apparently picking fights on Instagram makes him feel slightly better about it all.
alexgustofwind : Skate like that during the game too
timmy_stuart : eichel is not better than mcdavid @mattgram93
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Practice. #Sabres take on the Arizona Coyotes tomorrow night at 7pm right here.
sabres -
andrewpierino35 : I hate to say it but we need to lose. I will not be watching this game because I can't root against the sabres.
aust.hky : #BattleForMcDavid
brett3598 : Time to see who's better at losing. Lets go buffalo
hcrosta02 : Battle for last place... Let's go buffalo!!!
moresaba : LOLOLOL
moresaba : @francofish101
ingussion : Go Zemgus Girgensons!!!!!
dan_thurnherr16 : He is injured @ingussion
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
A quiet day in Sabreland. A light optional skate & some off-ice activities this morning. Next home game Thursday against Arizona, 7pm start. #Sabres
sabres -
chipdomiano : I wandering if Arizona scores Thursday night will the fans cheer as loud as when the sabres score.? Its a very weird feeling. I wouldn't want to be a player on either side. Think about it the hero could be the goat !!!!!
curlingfanpage.edin : That's a depressing pic.
ilovebuffalosports : Nice game last night was it good seeing @jenroth125 again you guys did good @buffalosabres
c_fernandez1 : @stumartin20 is that vinny in the upper deck?
3lliot_3nergy : #Buffalove
kingmaxelton : @stiddthekid your hope came through bud! Keep the good (bad? Haha) vibes coming!
stiddthekid : @kingmaxelton I'd hate to finish the season 2nd and with the way the lottery is be bumped to like 3rd or 4th
kingmaxelton : @stiddthekid I hear ya. I want McDavid or Eichel! Say no to Noah (Hanafin) and Mitch Marner!
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Game day in Nashville! Puck drops at 8pm #Sabres
sabres -
colingov_2 : Mcdavid isn't good eichel
rylan_shanks : Ya he is @colingov_2
colingov_2 : Ur just saying that @rylan_shanks
rylan_shanks : Sure u think that @colingov_2
colingov_2 : It's pass your bed time @rylan_shanks
rileybrownn : Thanks for Stafford 🙌
rylan_shanks : No @colingov_2
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
#Sabres fall to New Jersey 3-1. Matt Moulson had the lone Buffalo goal.
sabres -
dmon1998 : Let's go Sabres 😜😜😜
official_solid_clan : Go sabres
official_solid_clan : That high stick must of hurt
wbhockey21 : we were on sabres.com
3lliot_3nergy : We need to brighten the blue in our jerseys a bit. They are lookin black
aschlumy26 : I was 7 rows from the ice
cadenmo12 : Ikr @3lliot_3nergy
davyjoneslocker2 : At the game. Disappointing, yet inching forward to claiming the top spot in the McEichel sweepstakes.
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Grigo is back! Mikhail Grigorenko skates in warmups before tonight's game. #Sabres
sabres -
grace6soccer : I was there
agreen97_88 : Ikr
agreen97_88 : Same @grace6soccer
pmcdonnell13 : O shit the tank is on now
nlaudisi_13 : If they keep him up and let him play he has a lot of potential
aaronstidd : Grego stinkos back
sam_davis03 : He is my dads fav player
xxderagoxx : He's a bust typical lazy Russian that thinks he's owed something
tomstoms123 - reiniseberlins - miki_pele - kristians_78 -
buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Game night! #Sabres vs Devils, faceoff at 7pm. Watch on MSG!
sabres -
polarbear_57 : I'm always hoping for a win, sick of all the Tank talk !
joey_wuj : I know holy crap @aiden_jonzey_37
tyalger_48 : Mcdavid
americanadien : Talk about attendance
lauren.steckley : I was there
grace6soccer : I was there
agreen97_88 : Same @grace6soccer
rowen347 : I was there
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buffalosabres - Buffalo Sabres
Anders Lindback was first off the ice at morning skate. Looks to be tonight's starter against New Jersey. 7pm puck drop; 6:30pm pregame on MSG.
official_solid_clan : If we lose we get mc david
dwdixon81 : Someone go all Tonya Harding on his ass
tbl51 : @maehgan @mishey22 but that didn't stop people from doing it again. For fucks sakes. What's wrong with people.
mikearduini : Let some pucks by ya tonight Ders!
jacksawyer13 : START HACKETT. If Lindback keeps winning idk what I'll do.
eugenecab : Good luck sabres, but let's go devils. I hope it's a good game.
mzatkos : @mike_genco
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