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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
It's finally September, and you know what that means. Buffalo Bills football. #FeelTheRush
feeltherush -
dvfuturefunk : No #fredjackson No fun:((((((
dvfuturefunk : I'm not even excited without #22 #bringbackfred :((((
libbybray217 : #bringbackfred
dvfuturefunk : @erubbinaccio ditto #bringbackfred NEVER too late to correct a problem! You don't know what you got til it's gone
thecoolsideofthepillow : #bringbackfred
mlybrook13 : #bringbackfred #firewhaley
dizzestars : Buffalo Bills football means nothing without Freddie now, I've lost my intense excitement for the season #bringbackfred
nfl_updates_news18 : #FireWhaley #BringFredback #InfredibleHulk Whaley sucks
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Sammy's taking this one-handed catch thing to a new level. πŸ™Œ
jay_monster77 : I just got his jersey
leone_152 : Fuck you Doug Whaley u pice of shit you cut out the heart and soul of our team now you just look like a power crazed asshole fuck you
shystee_skeoz : Too bad tyrod will be running around like a crack baby too much to throw the rock to you.
shystee_skeoz : @mfc88 tyrod sucks, eff ur opinion
lauriewooden : If Tyrod learned from Joe Flacco, then Sammy will be underthrown or overthrown.
jman1909 : It's amazing how no matter what the post is, people always end up just arguing in the comments about stupid, irrelevant shit and making idiotic statements. Never fails. How about you all shut the fuck up, enjoy this picture of Sammy catching some balls, and get excited for the home opener in less than 2 weeks. ✌🏼️
jared__cortes : #bringbackfred
dvfuturefunk : #brindfredback
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
He stands apart. #TyrodTime
tyrodtime -
hankc13 : I'm talking about roster spots you imbecile @gabeharrison8 They don't have to play the same position for them to cut Simms and keep Freddy. The fact that you said Fred sucks shows how much of a retard fan you are.
gabeharrison8 : God fucking calm down @hankc13 I don't even like the bills I like da patriots
hankc13 : @gabeharrison8 hahahaa I figured man! Why you on the Bills IG for?!?! Creeper ass Pats fan πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gabeharrison8 : Cuz it funny when dick bill fans flip @hankc13
gabeharrison8 : I have more followers than u haπŸ˜‚ 130 @hankc13
hankc13 : You think having more followers means you're cool. Ok you win LOL
riley_is_here : Im on board with taylor getting his chance. His legs may make up for inconsistencies up front. We're stacked everywhere else. #billsmafia
dvfuturefunk : There are soooooo many fans season ticket holders who are so devastated' It's just not the same without #22 #bringbackfred
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Buckle up, it's #TyrodTime.
tyrodtime -
nikoalves : @jhepsssss @tmortins idk could be the most swagger qb
___d.s.o.m : I see u fam πŸ’―πŸ’― keep it bra @freakshow_82
noahl903 : Link to fred Jackson petition in bio
modelrailer : Have been this pumped up about the bills in a long time!!!!!
brentcolf : @ben_eckler word
shystee_skeoz : Y did u come to my team???!!!? Fuuuuuck!!!!!
thaddrich : @jayerrday
lauriewooden : Act like you've been there before.
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
IT'S OFFICIAL: Tyrod Taylor is your 2015 Buffalo Bills starting QB! #TyrodTime Click the link on our bio to read more about the man under the helmet.
tyrodtime -
brentcolf : @ben_eckler
jdclever16 : @zackclose_ yes
shystee_skeoz : Fuck u ashy larry. Better hope dem knees hold upπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
shystee_skeoz : @roc28210 u deserve a caak in ya mouf.. Pussy.
cjbryant : Go Tyrod! Guess we'll start rooting for the Bills now! #Hokies #hamptonVA
peter_raz : @brianlavis ya boy!
alcook85 : @polodt
lillouie2323 : Gayyyyy @matt_lux74
mikemcg1234 - jorgesanc34 - rensenbrinktyler9 - keegansorensen2 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
thankyoufred -
peter_sage : Cut him but keep that bum Bryce brown...wow
freddygotscrewed : At first, I thought McCoy would be a good addition. But when he comes and bumps out Buffalo's heart and soul, I wouldn't even spot in his direction #bringbackfred
ashton.flynn : #bringbackfred
ashton.flynn : #bringbackfred !!!!!!!!😰
jordon__andrews : Y was he cut
ilovebuffalosports : Bring back Fred @fred22jackson
gmagac5 : Bring back Fred!!! @buffalobills @fred22jackson
gmagac5 : Why would you guys cut a down to earth guy and has been loyal to Buffalo and the community for YEARS!!!! BRING BACK FRED!!! @buffalobills @fred22jackson @bbwolf94 @sammywatkins @_marquisegoodwin @25_mccoy #bringbackfred #dougwhaleysucks
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
thankyoufred -
veganxgora : Bad move @buffalobills
tommy_criss22 : Bills are an idiot for this. Fred may be old but he can sure run some people over
nick_fisher_3 : @j_madan
evanandalora54 : #rememberfred
stardust_fs_u : #rememberfred
stardust_fs_u : #thankyoufred
j_madan : I bet you don't even know who that is @nick_fisher_3 because the bills are repulsive
leone_152 : #bringbackfred #fuckwhaley
brobigdog - ryanclaps - jamesonditta - nechael -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Saturday sackin' #PITvsBUF
pitvsbuf -
erubbinaccio : To a fan base that has seen enough heartbreak over the last 20 years, ripping the heart and soul out of this organization is just beyond words. Sad day for loyal bills fans everywhere.
keith_hurls : If the Bills entertain the idea of RGIII....That will be the end of Hex.I mean Rex...
domgullo28 : @michbarnes3
classicman_420 : What I don't understand is every single on of y'all r giving up on the bills how and why everybody was like YAY REX RYAN NEW HC YAYYY one player gone y'all hating #unloyal
christmasdanny : To FJax... thanks for everything. ..
jackson_pete14 : haha bye bye spiller
jenfurmary : This one really hurts. I tried to look past my dislike of Ryan and his big gaping trap, tried to feel ok with Incognito and the draft pick that was in the room with Winston when the alleged rape occurred but started to feel like we were going down a bad road. Then picking up the LB that punched his own QB really flared my concern but cutting Fred Jackson?! Ryan doesn't have a noble, decent character which is why he doesn't understand the value of it in others. He's a cancer...
codyk44 : @jenfurmary no he likes to give people that deserve it second chances and it's not him it's the whole management.
bills_fan_81 - mikebarry14 - jamesonditta - jerefrias1998 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Only Sammy Watkins days until the 2015 season! #RoadToTheSeason
roadtotheseason -
edude.13 : Sammy
vannamemike : Lets go Sammy!!!!!
sanskiimost : Let's go bills
groppomike : @eaton089
ethanjamesbuck : Sammy!!!!!!!!!!!
meyersdean : Bills all the way this year
rami_idrisi : @honeydijon2
kingimprint35 : @meyersdean tru
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Yesterday was fun. #PITvsBUF
pitvsbuf -
gmazz31 : @the_hard_t yes I am well aware
chrispiniarski : @abyrainbow @andrewpiniarski all whites are SICK!
tylerstack13 : @buffalobills who is starting EJ or Tyrod
kingimprint35 : @tylerstack13 most likely tyrod
hodag_2018 : Tyrod is @tylerstack13
tfernie20 : 3rd string boy!
h_tarbrake : I was there!!😊😊😊😊
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