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Buffalo Bills

The official Instagram of the Buffalo Bills.
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
kgardner3_ : @max____r_ no I'm not upset, I honestly didnt expect the bills to have a positive record lmao
yourbestfriend19 : Same @tony_is_tiger #finsup #bills
brownsburgrugby1 : Go raiders #raidernation
ianquinn357 : Look at your record @brownsburgrugby1
branden_henderson : #billsbillsbills
nick_bugelsky : @vfichtner1 ej and Orton are the same the only difference is ej is faster and Orton is more accurate I wouldn't be surprised if we see cutler next year
cozy_colt : #raiders
brownsburgrugby1 : Look at the bills they lost to the best @ianquinn357 #billssuck #raidernation
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
A milestone sack for Mario.
alexciepiela15 : @stephenbarbasr and @aj_meyer21 along with the other shit talkers on this post win the biggest pussy award for taking social media to slander the buffalo bills community. We aren't the city of good neighbors for nothing.
veganxgora : Congrats Mario
alexx44 : Wow the bills did way better this year then they have in a long time and all i see is f*** this and f*** that. some of you bills fans are a pathetic excuse of a fan. Grow up and support your team
j.b._keys : @alexx44 way better?? 8-8 is way better?? What low standards! Way better would've been beat the raiders and the Pats, be 10-6 and in postseason for the first time in FIFTEEN YEARS. Why has it become internet popular to say " you're not a true fan" if you bitch. Wrong. A true fan is sick of it because they've been watching this team lose for 20 years now!
rnpaulas : Go bills forever @geoertter
thevintagewave : 🌊🌊🌊
philip_mona_ : @alexx44 lol growing up and finding a new team. 15 years? I've been watching the bills ever since I've lived here so like 8 years. I'd be extremely done if I'd been born in buffalo. LOL marrone isn't good or even care. Win or lose that stupid straight face. We need a team that's passionate about winning. I've never seen anyone on the sideline fight for a call like Jim Harbough. Kyle Orton was supposed to be a leader. He's an embarrassment and they're clearly stupid to pick him up, and we wonder how he's bad like he hasn't been dropped by like 7 different teams. We've clearly given up on Ej after one decent season and one on IR so this team isn't getting any better. Because no one in charge cares that they're losing. So much fun being a fan right?
lorne1959 : Where was M Williams yesterday
schweitz9 - connorhubbard74 - marinacciodean - leorivera3 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Bills strike first, TD @sammywatkins! #BUFvsOAK
bufvsoak -
camjd19 : Guys cmon the offensive coordinator sucks Orton and Ej are pretty good but his play calling sucks
bullypitglass : @stlouisblues826 lolol all that shit u talk my stupid glass earns me a living ur wack profile private cuz prob just selfies of sum loser wishing you could be me
bullypitglass : @stlouisblues826 my stupid account pretty popular for less then 8 months running lol u n ur hundred lol
bullypitglass : @stlouisblues826 o yea 3-13 lol TX for jynx us clown
connor_blake_27 : My new screen saver
stretch_napo : Garbage Offense !
atrepasso : loved it!
thevintagewave : 🌊🌊🌊
nickcurre - sam_starr16 - supertazz1999 - jayjaymarin -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Boobie speaks. The Bills listen. #BeatTheRaiders
beattheraiders -
fili66__ : Wtf are you doing on the Bills ig page??????? LoooolπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @ebutter11
ebutter11 : IkπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @fili66__
marcolojacono : EJ
marcolojacono : #ejistheanswer
dom_stutz11 : #ejisnottheanswer
kgardner3_ : I honestly think that EJ could've pulled that one off
joebryant_v3 : Who knows if EJ could be the answer? He had 14 games thrown into a dumpster fire organization with a piss poor rookie OC
m_rob1114 - schweitz9 - x_d011fac3_x - nickcurre -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Ready in Oakland. LET'S GO BUFFALO! #BUFvsOAK
bufvsoak -
wjhorton16 : DOUG MORON
macandcheese_13 : Sammy is the best and all of u know it
max____r_ : Haha, bruh u guys sucked so much ass today it aint even funny. #R4LIFE #RAIDERS
_joserocha : As a Raiders fan I gotta say the Bills did plenty of good in the game today especially Sammy Watkins
joebryant_v3 : #FireHackett two years of piss poor run game design. #WastedTalent #TypicalBills
manny.dio : @bonesontheisland did that happen NO #noplayoffs #goraiders
bonesontheisland : @manny.dio its cool that was the worst game of all time simply because it was the raiders hmm maybe the raiders can make it to the playoffs πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ NOT
nick_bugelsky : @max____r_ can I say that about you're season ?
awesomelax00 - m_rob1114 - davefleitman - dposey84 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
GAMEDAY! Let's see your best #BillsSelfie!
billsselfie -
hardcoryxvii : @calidreaming517 how about showing some support for the countless unarmed black lives that are taken at the hands of police officers that are sworn to protect and serve and uphold the integrity of the law.. I'm not saying it's a good thing that they were murdered, it's terrible when any human being takes another life, but I highly doubt you're going to find many supporters of people who choose to be puppets in such a corrupt system, especially in Oakland, where peaceful protests have been infiltrated by undercover cops trying to incite riots and violence, and there are many documented cases of police brutality with no accountability. You must've seen they held a pro-police rally in ny, and literally only cops and their families showed up.. That must tell you something.
sam_molik : @calidreaming517 it's not hate. Just keep the propaganda down and away from football. It's a pretty simple request, not everyone has love of the police right now, especially after everything going on, why would you want to inject the volatility of that whole situation in something that is intended to be a distraction from the rest of the week. When I watch football I'm tying to ignore what happen the rest of the week. Not be reminded of it. And definitely I don't want my corporate football team to be blindly showing support for an obvious piece of propaganda coming from an embattled police establishment. It's not hate speech to know what the hell is going on in the world and as a result request that the one thing that should be separate and in some ways sacred, remain so by not interjecting race or police politics. So f u for even attempting to label what I said hate speech. Grow up.
sam_molik : Athletes are individuals, they are not a corporation which a team like bills are. When that company makes statements then by giving your money to said company you give your consent or accent, consciously or not, to agree and support such beliefs/actions. When a player where's a shirt, that's that player's right to individual free speech. He is at work. The coach or owner can wear different shirts if they so choose. It is not a or to one equation between the team and its players. Especially not in making public political statements. Seriously, you beg the bills for a cop shout out but belittle the players who stand with protestors?! As if the bills team was something other than its players. What a joke.
sam_molik : Not a one to one equation**
kimkosokovits : This is a football team's fan site...go squawk about your politics somewhere else...let us enjoy our team
ashleephoto : @falana it's very cool! I saw Maria's repost with this. Have you ever been featured in their Instagram??
dcquickshank : #fuckyou
solidgolddancer1 : That's my dog!!! :)
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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
He's back!
connor_blake_27 : Omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg omg OMG
fwetime : My Boy
bullypitglass : Hellyea now we gna kill it on ofense more running plz
tree1193 : Spiller played like shit!! Another year down the drain.
mmelton820 : @tree1193 when he was healthy he was good
macandcheese_13 : Yeah!!!!!!
natesetlock : YES HE'S BACK
natesetlock : BY BY PATS
natesetlock - xterraownersofig - action_jackson_22 - lauriekaay -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Gearing up for Oakland. #InTheHunt
inthehunt -
chrisvancheri : Go bills πŸ”΅πŸ”΄
briangallagher_ : Easy w boys
anthonygatt1_ : U guys are gonna win oakland is like one of the worst teams
masilveira1972 : I will be there in Oakland. Can't wait. Go BILLS!!!
zschu : Let's go!
blueeyebill : @rafa35r
nlcrpw : How about a that 1965 AFL Championship. #remembertheafl
hadro83 : Ill be there in Oakland!!! Lets go Buffalo
jacob_watkins12 - scottyz00 - bills14 - kemwoo_bish -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Is it Sunday yet? #GoBills
gobills -
joh305 : Please, please, please DO NOT trade 4 Jay Cutler... Let rumors stay rumors.
jakewlloyd : 😍
thir13n : #BillsMafia
coolchrislutz : Let's go Buffalo Bills win more games!!
bone_crusher2 : Best of both sides of the line
sktoowhite : Go Bills @rupert_pumbkin, @cuseiswright
klossclan5 : @bbills7
lucidgoo : I got my tickets for the Bills game in Oakland! Can't wait to see them stomp the Raiders
lifesaver388 - yanksboy706 - ryandarling35_ - alisonsantosspo -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Rookie glow. #GoBills
gobills -
connorlawley6 : Your right @brianstaton
karatekid1346 : CJ come back!!!!
jungier_81 : @trysoft
stephenbarbasr : Beat the Pats!!
chris_ruiz14 : #sly
abby_1873592413 : Sammy
led229 : @__ktina please give him my best on Sunday
edsterb19 : Boooooo
jacob_watkins12 - agatinom - burberrybugatti - syoungman25 -
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