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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
You know our favorite type of pancakes. #NationalPancakeDay
nationalpancakeday -
lwall68 : Great trade..bye cj
mtimmis20 : @nillbilly403 boom
mtimmis20 : @pull_da_trigga
mtimmis20 : @brettblaszko happy pancake day
aj_casey : @lwall68 it was such a stupid mistake they made smfh great job bills
nillbilly403 : @mtimmis20 is that 2-0 out there running???? @brettblaszko @pull_da_trigga
coinsforsalemm : enjoy shady😭😀
kingmichaelwilson3 - _.j1mmytr1f._ - cfachko - khalidisaboss -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
One Sunday closer. #GoBills
gobills -
jadenb6 : Get SUH
jadenb6 : Ndamnakung SUH
nikg_ : To losing to the Pats over and over again
shane.54 : Have fun with McCoyπŸ˜“πŸ˜©
j.c._silva : Congrats on a trade that makes philly look more stupid than stupid. HTTR!!!!
omar_yussuf24 : Chip Kelly is drunk and Kiko Buffalo will miss you
brett_gillis : Funny cuz that game didn't mean anything to the pats
morgangeary1 : LESEAN 😭😭😭😭😭
giantsfan731 - deewalsh55 - leeram3 - jbryce3 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Free agency starts in just 10 days. Who will be next to join the Bills huddle?
royal_33_ : Shady
charlie_orchard : DeMarco Murray
andrew._.mcc7 : LeSean McCoy is a Buffalo Bill!!!πŸ™ŒπŸ‘@buffalobils @25_mccoy
bilal_khan52 : Who did they trade for
mr.thomas12 : Need offensive linemen, revis, maybe sanchez(a big maybe, because he isnt a very good quarterback but improved this year), and suh.
ramparts88 : Julius thomasπŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
danger_stegich125 : When was the last time the bills won a super bowl never but big blue got 4
john_peresan : Never
nathan_seymour10 - nickange716 - brandonvedella - tyler_weber16 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
You can't mistake these colors. #RedWhiteAndBlue #GoBills #TheDress
thedress - gobills - redwhiteandblue -
fatboy__dt : @ray_ez_dt @photoshootflee_dt @sucka_free_dt @fastlanemgmt @corporate_jay we on our way @topshelf_100s
topshelf_100s : Why am I tagged in this? @fatboy__dt
fatboy__dt : Cause we helped yall have a better upcomin season @topshelf_100s bums
topshelf_100s : How did y'all help us? @fatboy__dt
fatboy__dt : By taking Mccoy outta the nfc east @topshelf_100s now yall dont have to worry about him puttin up 400 yards
topshelf_100s : Does it really look like we care? Question is did it help y'all? I'll take a guess,ummm NO y'all still bums and Brady treats ya division like a tree he pisses on... #OBJr13 @fatboy__dt
ray_ez_dt : @fatboy__dt ya still aint goin to the playoffs
joellavalle : I hate the stupid bills taking McCoy πŸ˜’
a.adame - outlaw.24 - jacob_c_45 - jackson_tilzer_21 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
#OneBuffalo #Repost @fred22jackson: At the #Sabres game wit my lil Ace!! Hate if y'all wanna!! I look good!! Haha!
onebuffalo - sabres - repost -
jade_22_22 : I have that pink hat lol πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
thepeskyparky : go bills get a real quarterback
riley607 : @darren_prest44
cdawson412 : Cute
darren_prest44 : Freddy! @riley607
darren_prest44 : @petenuhn
petenuhn : Sweet
sandichic : Very cute!
ramparts88 - tyler_weber16 - ejohnson_17 - nbdesign -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
#TheLegendOfKikoAlonso knows.
thelegendofkikoalonso -
travismcdaniel14 : And know he's a eagle
tommy0mega : Well shit Kiko...
tommy0mega : @kevbot2313 @joshcmont oh the irony...
shervin_ovo : @tony.diaz
joe_pooch17 : @gc_colerick uhhh
james.stebbins : Is it now?
j.c._silva : @mrahner2222 are you serious? Did the Bills not lead the league last year in sacks and in the top 10 without this guy? McCoy any day
mkoutz : It's a great time to be an Eagill... Oh wait where's shady?
maddenguy12 - ahead87 - _jamesbarnes - cormac.duffy -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Exactly 200 days until we're back to Buffalo Bills football. (And it can't come quickly enough!)
suckmyassornah : buffalo bilss got ringpops for superbowl rings but they still da real MVP
xquisite0102 : @noblehumblebee 😘😘😘
claireroosa18 : U dumb people who say the bills suck go get a life gosh! Yeah like the guy said above a bills fan page why are u here if u have such a freaking good team shouldn't u be on there page lol!! Gosh the bills rule.... That's all no won argue I don't have time for losers....πŸ˜†
papabooneee : @cballar1 ughh 200 days ..... #canthardlywait
jacquie_boos : @buffalobills Chris Bonner QB is a beast
wildbill1114 : I'm counting down already. Haha @michael_francis99
lwall68 : Go Bills
davyseidl - ncrawtool - nighthawks22 - joey_motz_football_45_23 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Combine βœ”οΈ Next stop: Draft One step closer to being back to Buffalo Bills football.
soccerswag5487 : IkrπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @mattlaw95 @tonster.14 doesn't know anything GO BILLS
soccerswag5487 : @tonster.14 #Hatersgonnahate GO BILLS
jamesar23 : That photo of the playoff logo with the bills logo is a little audacious @mattrobbayley
mattrobbayley : @jamesar23 it's always good to be optimistic at the beginning of every season...by week 6 though, not so much in my case...but hey, this might be the best team I've seen in my years of being a fan
mattsaar7 : whens the last time they participate in any of those postseason activitys πŸ˜‚
jamesar23 : @mattrobbayley indeed .
jamesar23 : @mattrobbayley ....but that's not saying much hahaa
mattrobbayley : @jamesar23 never said it was hahah...but I think this is a wild card team
beastjimmy81 - j.f.chang - ethan.allen9 - c.bolone -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
30 years ago on this date, Bruce Smith and the Bills agreed to his rookie deal and Bruuuuuuuce was officially on his way to becoming a Bill!
nfloffseason1 : Bills fans wanted here🏈🏈🏈🏈🏈
mut15ninjaxb1 : @nogo_14 nah that card is from 1990
stilldaman53 : Bruuuuuuuuuuuccccce!!! Hall of famer. The good ol days...
cmbfhr12 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’•Mr. Bruce Smith!!!!πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ’•πŸ’•
htomasuolo : Atta boy
aidanfbrowne : My two favorite teams Hokies and Bills
magahugs : I loved watching Bruuuuuuuce! Hope he is doing well!
eric.tm : @matt_is_tall so does yours
lil.davii - themanchase22 - datbulleed215 - _j_young -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
One Sunday closer. #GoBills
gobills -
denecke12 : @ctracey33
gbfan_9_0_0_9 : NAHHHH da packers should had won
john_peresan : @gbfan_9_0_0_1 im sorry but the bills deserved that game no matter what u say
matt_is_tall : @eric.tm sexy uniforms
hollymclaughlin : @bulkyy34 😍
bokomatin : I believe I can fly Fred I believe that too.
anthonycarlsonn : Those all blue are sick
seanrou : @elijah_elite27
davyseidl - billsmafiamatthew - eemilyfleischerr - dl559 -
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