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buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
@OneDirection is coming to Ralph Wilson Stadium! Visit buffalobills.com for concert details.
rachel_82_ : @kyle_kwi7 your idols
mrahner2222 : Fućk
bigbucks94 : This is gayer then Tom Brady
jimmyjarvis3 : Good publicity for the bills I guess
clarson05 : That's embarrassing
zbaron19 : Well this sucks
angelohurley : Oh God please no. No. No. They're not welcome at the Ralph.
miagregoir : @madisonreardon @karaviolanti @alyssa__reardon CAN WE GO. AGH
blakiec - zniahlovett - jellychubs16 - john_hepfer -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Congratulations Bill Polian for being selected as a finalist for the Hall of Fame Class of 2015!
illydan26 : Caddied for him a few years back and he was a great guy to always spend a round of 18 holes with!
memordzca : #firehackett
teon9 : Fire the Head Coach
tyson23p : If I'm Terry Pegula...he is the first person I call....Asap!!!
carissakent : @jeff_kent
rparent : That man drafted peyton !
judiemmiller : Terry needs him on speed dial!
the_hard_t : I wonder if he even watches the Bills draft when he knows he will just hang / shake his head haha
tommymurphy15 - steph_the_cat - paulettelattig - kent_johnson28 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Bird's eye view of today's prep for the Jets. #BUFvsNYJ
bufvsnyj -
luke_o72 : U guys suck ass, lego jets!
the_kmitch17 : I'd say the same thing if the bills were 1-6... @luke_o72
tuzzo24 : @luke_o72 oh yeah bills suck ass, saying the fan of a 1-6 team
codyk44 : Bwahahaha^^
thomas_fischer23 : #LetsGoBuffalo
13rmuller : @dbo4122 I live in WNY but whenever I go to PR I always represent da Bills!
dbo4122 : @13rmuller Good to know I have some company over here! (Sometimes) haha!
erniejr1 : It's funny the amount of losers that troll bills pages like that bitch tuzzo24
gabe_solski - mike_hogan - knegroni - allenrobertson7 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Got milk? Bills rookies do. The Toyota Rookie Club took a group of local kids shopping today for healthy groceries at the annual @UnitedWay #HometownHuddle!
hometownhuddle -
zeitgeisty : Why do people feel the need to troll our pages? we are positive and LOVE any wins we get #kellystrong #onebills @buffalobills stay off N16
kingmaxelton : @ninersnation_16 fuck off asshole
brandoncshaw : I thought the Bills where sponsored by tops? Why are they doin business with wegmans
fuzzball_31 : Niners suck not a bills fan dont comment @ninersnation_16 bills mafia
johnnyech : What a cool bunch of guys helping out the community.
cpino9 : @buffalobills these are my students. Can this picture be emailed to me?
unitedway : Healthy food =💪strong kids 🏃
mand3cho : @dan_yellli
bflo67 - gabe_solski - spareheartparts - clhkkj08 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
He helped the Bills win, now it's YOUR turn to help Sammy win! Head to nfl.com to vote for Sammy for NFL Rookie of the Week.
mrmehr55 : @krs_won
antonio_duman : Sounds like you guys are going to lose CJ Spiller because Dallas has an interest in him and to take some of the load off of DeMarco Murray
ross_28_te : Yeet he ain't leaving and he's not better than Fred Jackson @antonio_duman
antonio_duman : @ross_28_te Well he's out for the season so Cowboys can offer a trade and the Trade Deadline is On October 28 so he might leave
tylerblack_92 : You shut the fuck up with that stupid ass trade talk
antonio_duman : Okay lol. @tylerblack_92 also Patriots are expected to sign DE Alan Branch who is a former bills player
tylerblack_92 : And?
seybmama : Love the Yowie and you@go #bills
ryno_333 - buffaloboch - dougpierce12 - henry_a_722 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
"Fasten your seatbelts!" "Do you believe it?!" "It's FANdemonium" Congratulations to Van Miller on his induction to the Bills Wall of Fame. (pic from @profootballhof)
tyson_chickenuggets : *dont
dliles8017 : I miss Van Miller calling the games!
alexthomson4 : @tyson_chickenuggets this is very true. It's always bad news and just plain stupid the way they treat opposing fans. Don't know why everyone can't just poke fun at each other in good humour. OAK is known for brutal assaults and treatment of opposing fans
alexthomson4 : @tyson_chickenuggets and I'm a pats fan I can honestly say that there's nothing wrong for rooting for your team at the Ralph! Everyone pokes fun but it's all for the good of the game. I'd never see my team play in Oakland
matthastings_21 : He was awesome I remember Turing down the tv and turning up the radio thats how good he was
matthastings_21 : @buffalobills
teamhorninessisfuckingeveryone : NICE!!
braun57 : Can't post those, they don't look like Bode #fined
monpix - zmanpelz - wolf_garr - cbond5105 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
Mr. Big Stuff, coming in hot. 🔥
lukedurst39 : @rchristilaw19
richdunn74 : Teams a QB away from being really good!
koteras22 : @koteras9 even the bills are using your sayings
scrubzmc : No not a qb, an offensive line away from being good. Our skill position players would make orton look like peyton manning if we had good oline play
reaneyjack : @durkintrevor Shanty
beebs16 : Good game boobie
jakegreenberg_10 : @nfl_edits29 follow these edits
arinbaum : He's only a rookie
davidolivas7505 - nike_boi_red - 14rmeyer - _hands_08 -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
What. A. Catch.
jon._.schultz : @orangejuice382 wait I'm not starting anything but are u calling out the bills player or Patterson like I said I'm not saying anything to start a fight just wondering 👍
markpags11 : 7/11 always open!
pshields33 : Fuck the bills @dmaher20
waynefootball : Ya @johnkreagan
dawncobbs : Love my Buffalo Bills 🏈
johnbonajr5 : Big time !
homero1972 : Los mejores Bills 👍
jenniferbishop12764 : Go bills!
jeremiah_donohue34 - dad_berkey - laura_w224 - anabel_kenz -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
And you've never really looked like one either, Sammy.
kevin_powell : offensive rookie of the year
aussietek : I love Clemson North
proplay13 : Let's go Clemson and let's go Sammy
pshields33 : He sucks nuts @dmaher20
thunder_dog_1 : Sammy a beast #clemsonnation #billsnation
shiverre : @clemsonfb
ross_28_te : No he don't and u swallow @pshields33
mschilling23 : @dee44_7
brandybecker - ezemaitis30 - laurenhogan2 - anabel_kenz -
buffalobills - Buffalo Bills
#Repost from @nfl: Have a day, @SammyWatkins!
repost -
michaelzink_ : SAMMMMMMMMMMY
antonio_duman : CJ Spiller is out for the whole season with a broken collarbone Fred Jackson is going to be out for 2-4 weeks maybe longer but he's aiming for November 6 vs the KC Chiefs for the return
andrewbeilein : @craigashinsky
alexapo74 : @leo_lanes
connerprince12 : @dannyseibs
flasshg : @rsrinivasan91
brooklyngoose : @spielburgbeatz @dcoons @coffeecup112
dcoons : @brooklyngoose amen
jhaury22 - jeremiah_donohue34 - jsiska20 - c.derrick -
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