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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I've been eating lots of ice cream. Meanwhile, @mmcintyrephoto has been on a 2000-mile solo skiing road trip.
mmcintyrephoto : Icecreams good too though 🍦
adeibold : Ice cream is an important food group
clayerhard : ^^^^
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Sorry, my pictures haven't been posted contemporaneously as of late. #gopro
gopro -
wbradorr : Looks a little steep :-0
brittanydollhopf : look at mjs pics^^^ @owenstar34 their sweet
glacierpreservationproject : Not much snow there. Did @bencpeters have any skis left by the bottom?
cacasjuno : That is imposible!! 😲😲😲
powderpages : It will go...
deepstarlight : #steep
syafiqykb : Cool
firstsoundoftheday : Looks a little boney.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Got off at the wrong bus stop.
nathan_shone : Just got to salt lake yesterday , it would be great to take a run or two with you it would mean a lot. Let me know if you are going to be skiing this weekend thanks!
adeibold : Happens when you ride the short bus
jenny_lindsey_ : This looks seasonally confused
jvizcarra : Trail run? @the_last_emperor @organic_movements_ @ehrabago
jgeo44 : You should high tail it to SW Colorado...going off!
brittanydollhopf : @owenstar34 Lets go
malak_bern : Is it cold?
bfredlund : Excellente @brodyleven @jasonericeichhorst :)
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
"If I keep making these sketchy jump turns for a while, I wonder if I'll find out what's down there." ... I did, I did, and then I charged my @gopro with a @goalzero Flip 10, and all was well with the world. Well, at least the document-weird-adventures-world.
lammiepammieboterhammie : @brodyleven interesting boot choise.. atomic backlands correct or will we see rebranded salomons?
brodyleven : @lammiepammieboterhammie just trying out those Atomics for a day to see what they're like. Definitely still using those Salomon Mtn Explore and Lab, though! Happily, too!
brodyleven : @jeroni_soler they are @blackdiamond Whippets!
brodyleven : Good lookin out @bcolective, gracias!
lammiepammieboterhammie : Haha ok.. How are they? Interested in both but I understand if you cant comment objectively ;) @brodyleven
adeibold : Man those are some scary looking poles
brodyleven : @lammiepammieboterhammie of course I can comment honestly---I'm a skier, not a salesman! The MTN boots ski far superior with a walking range of motion that I am completely okay with. Also, they are simpler and you don't have to fiddle with tongues! The Atomic boots are super light and walk really well.
lammiepammieboterhammie : @brodyleven thanks,well done. What flex would you give them? (last question)
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
@forestwoodward captured stage 7 of my high-level training regimen for an upcoming ski expedition in the Arctic Circle.
cwirionphotography : @brodyleven what were the first 6 stages?
alyssalarson_mt : #banditO
brodyleven : @cwirionphotography the 6 hours of driving to get there.
cwirionphotography : Awesome.
sarahhannahwoods : Whoa, cool!
lexiturley : @lovelylynnxo teach me to longboard and then take a picture like this. πŸ˜‚
brittanydollhopf : @owenstar34 :(
lovelylynnxo : @lexiturley Hahahha down :P
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I only ski tour with chicks. And it's awesome. But I like guys, too. Not as much.
davidpowdersteele : Now I know why we were hanging out.
drewlazyman : The fact that you live in a ski town just makes this way more impressive
adeibold : πŸ”¨
photojbartlett : At an average rate of 10:1, this photo means up to 30 guys are skiing together without a single female in the group. Damn ski town ratios. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
jfried_02 : ^
instagoldengramm : I thought that was a haiku at first
kephoto : πŸ‘ŠBoss!
amelche_ : This could also be us @matea0212 @ally_n88 @nyana___
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Quick escape
johnlukebergh : @brodyleven sick.
brodyleven : @skyguyut no, just Josh. He'll get there one day, though.
skyguyut : @brodyleven little feller!
a_bolcs : @brodyleven should be skiing Alta tomorrow is what you should be doing
lindsey.dolan : I'll be there later this week @brodyleven
adeibold : Man it really is a bad winter in SLC
outerstyle : Awesome photo!!
buckproducts : πŸ‘‹
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Walking around with ladies who are comfortable in most elements. Girls from Iceland/Switzerland/Hong Kong/USA/Canada/etc.
jeff_cox777 : Maybird??
mck_p : Does this mean Camilla is in town? She's from like 30 countries.
brodyleven : @mck_p yeah, but I mean From as in, From those counties in the past two weeks.
camillaiceland : @mck_p are u still in BC?im in revy wednesday till saturday.hope to catch you!x
mck_p : @camillaiceland I am in SLC. You are here? We should ski tomorrow
brodyleven : You guys ever bring two different friends, who are strangers, to lunch and they just talk right over you the whole time?
camillaiceland : @mck_p yes im here!ski tour tomorrow?brody i guess u can tag along!
mck_p : πŸ‘
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I know I talk about running a lot. But, guys, I do a lot of not-running on my runs, and I'm totally cool with that. It's like...if a friend is in from out of town, and you go to some super cool place to run, do you REALLY want to rush through it, panting and looking down to make sure you don't trip? No, you only KINDA want to rush through it.
jennifermbernstein : With two young kids, sometimes I mourn training. But recently I realized that not training has shifted the focus from my needs to the needs of places. Slow is good. Fast is coming.
slcbikergirl : Awesome Brody!! πŸ‘£πŸŒž
theactivelife : Where?!?
theactivelife : Also....if it looks like that, you DEF don't want to rush it. Savor that ish.
ganterific : Awesome photo.
backcountrybrad : So true.
hideyourhead : Love this Landscape ! Please Come to look at my pics and tell me what you think about it !
mountainfound : I love the not running part as much as the running part.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Winter Wasatch wanderings alongside @mmcintyrephoto. No, we aren't skiing powder. Yes, we are incredibly pleased to be right here, right now.
wynter_mcbride : Beautiful shot😍
jgeo44 : Come to CO...about to get haaaammered
katieheines : WAIT... @mmcintyrephoto
cbusjosh : @smittdoggydog
mward1111 : Beautiful part of the world
ashtonj44 : awesome shot! on top of Pfeifferhorn?
meghanoxenbury_photography : Wow great photo! 😊 πŸ’–
michaelrowan_b : I like your tude
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