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brodyleven - Brody Leven
When my braces were removed in 8th grade, a cousin told me that I would wear this stupid clear retainer thing until I was in COLLEGE. "Yeah right." That was, like, forever away. After brushing my teeth on the eve of my 28th birthday last night, I slipped my retainer in for probably the 1000th time, thinking back on the multi-month trips I've taken without it, the nights around the world, always coming back and putting it in again, fixing anything that's moved over my time away. I wish it could fix more than teeth. [2x birthday laps on Olympus. 8200ft, 13mi.] This birthday, I'm grateful to you for having at least some interest in what I like to do for fun, work, or that fine line dividing them. I am thankful for a few stellar friends that have really shined more than normal in the past few months-@rob.lea @carolinegleich @sierraquitiquit @brookegaynes @kelsie_def @ashwilli1 @jason.eichhorst @acpictures @perpetualweekend @aces8441 @trent_meisenheimer @mmcintyrephoto @ktmillerphoto-for their youthful wisdom. It's amazing how much people our age have experienced, but even more so how much knowledge they have to share. I hope you'll stick with me for another year as I try to stick with myself. And let's remember to go outside, even if it's raining. We're designed to be waterproof.
microactivist : I just got braces..kinda sucks. Thanks for the inspiration!!
stephlosborn : Happy birthday Brody! Keep on keepin' on!
norakennedy58 : Happy Birthday! Find some new adventures!!!
karolisnieska : Happy Birthday Brody!!!
kennyloggins : Happy birthday! You passed me on your way down!
life_of_holly : Happy birthday!!
dukesterini : Happy Day!
rich248d : Happy birthday Brody, Adventure on!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Today marks two months of watching sunrise every day. Against my will. Can't sleep.
utahpow : Well, way to get after it and thanks for sharing!
hikingdiva : Beats being in the dirt and never being able to see another one...
hongara03 : Awesome!
toddgillman : Thanks for all your help last night amigo! 🙌🏻😁
jadybronson : Let me know of you need a mountain and an inexperienced climber to break you out of the rut.
camillaiceland : Come over here in December won't have to see any more sunrises
whatdoeslisa : @ultratrailmatt I was just telling someone a funny story yesterday about how ambien caused me to sleep eat. Sometimes it ain't pretty!
brodyleven : @toddgillman so cool to meet you man. It was my pleasure. Great job putting on a killer event.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
A good place to stumble upon one another. The surprise was very needed. Thanks for climbing wth me. Thanks more for the help, @forestwoodward.
kalenthorien : Yes! Now that's fate working it's beautiful magic ❤️
captainredfox : serendipitous
curthokanson : Good meeting you this weekend man!
forestwoodward : Serendipitous indeed. Onwards and upwards Brody. More climbing and #EmoCamping again soon.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I've found myself believing that climbing mountains is one of life's easiest struggles. [Here is my sister, relaxing after descending from the King's Peak summit in a hail storm (see the hail video on my Facebook page--friend me if you haven't already).] Shot with my iPhone and the @moment_lens #momentwide.
momentwide -
ckj1211 : Hey! I want to do Kings Peak with you.
krakauernotwriting : I agree with you completely, Brody.
timber_t_ : Best hike ever!
atl_champ : Amazing shot!
dakotatrace : Great photo!
pwimmr : @brodyleven dollar lake?
its_annca : Your Gallery is amaaaazing 😍 Love all your photos ❤️👍🏼
jocelynkq : Awesome photo!! ✌🏼
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
My sister is used to sea level. My dad is 65. I'm generally just kind of a sad person. But there we were, standing on the 13,527-foot summit, having climbed to the top of Utah's highest mountain, King's Peak, together. And that felt good. And we were tired. And our legs had carried us there. And the hail storm hadn't yet hit (wait, what?). And we wished mom could have been there instead of in Ohio. And it was a much-needed family outing that I won't forget. And I'm definitely going to keep going on an adventure with my dad each year. You can hold me to that.
leahnick : 🙌👍
private_ryan00 : @ddfree23 just Brody being Brody
regytaddeo : You are an Amazing Adventurous Family ! - Love you guys ! - The mountains are calling and I must go ! - Who knows what peak I will climb next ?!
casspaz : Not sad. Just a chapter in your life right now. Generally thoughtful. Introspective. Kind. Not sad. ❤️this.
julalalalalalalalala : Very nice!!
thaiwaiian : Great snapshot
pflyer11 : Hey man I'm still living right down the road from your parents. So if your mom ever wants to join you on an adventure I'll gladly watch the dogs. Stay safe out there bud and keep living the dream.
northside_skis : Family is all!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I’m no expert, but I’m sitting on a panel of marketing and content creation experts this Thursday, Oct. 1, at #TheMeeting11. Well, I'm not sitting ON them, but, you know, beside them. The Meeting is an Aspen, CO event featuring ski & snowboard films, live music, parties, and a conference where “the snow industry's top gurus will chat about the latest innovations surrounding content production.” It’s also where I will talk a little bit about how I combined an iPhone, a pair of lightweight skis, and a passport to create a job. I don’t really know anyone in Aspen, so if you’re around during the 3-day conference, please be sure to reach out or say Hi if you see me. This picture will help you recognize me in case there are any floating logs on stage.
themeeting11 -
isabelstewart : @akaygierow
websterpaulo : Please keep up the great work 🙏🏼
brit_sauce : @brodyleven Fantastic shot!! ✨ Please follow @splendid_beaches and tag #splendid_beaches!!! 👏👏👏 Would love to feature this! 😁
meredithdrangin : I'll be dere. Let's hang.
ettaboyle : @brodyleven Hey buddy! I'm gone this weekend but Aspen is full of good people. You'll make tons of friends :)
freefallingfig : Beautiful!!
aspensnowmass : We're stoked to have you!!
symphonyofthecells : <3
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
During the last full moon, my dad, sister, and I had a 5am start for the summit. Here, they share my water bottle while taking a break under the full moon. For tonight's lunar spectacle, I'll be in Indian Creek, Utah, sharing a water bottle with myself.
avanitanya : Wow!
rich248d : @nalgene_adventures
amymelii : 😍
alpine_ski_nepal : #naturenuture blood moon tonight #allpathslead #himalayanskitrek
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
This was going to be a big push. King's Peak, Utah's highpoint, rises to over 13,000 feet. My sister was just ending an 8-month stint in Antarctica and 2 months in Alaska, both at sea level. My dad had never hiked to nearly this elevation. But as we closed the distance to the summit, I started believing that we could actually make it up and down this mountain safely, together, and today. It was so cool to see them doing the same boulder-hopping scramble that I love so much, moving gingerly atop rocks just waiting to shift under our weight. Shot with the @moment_lens #momentwide.
momentwide -
slcski : 🙌🏽
jaydashphotography : Great stuff Brody...for all the adventures you go on, I'm sure this one ranks up there
t_dudunake : Pretty nice!
peakproject : Soooo rad
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Want to climb mountain in distance. Unsure if mountain in distance wants to be climbed.
drjonkedski : #Unitas #Kingspeak nice! Was out there earlier this summer... Enjoy!
srobsf : @jkvuori @nurban78
nbskis : ah i love that trail!
und3adhero : Cool place
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I'd never backpacked with my sister. My sister had never backpacked with my dad. Thus, we'd never all backpacked together. #getoutstayout @goalzero
getoutstayout -
ardityanurrokhim : Sosweet @brodyleven
kkyoho : Yay hi Chelsea!!
catieblaine : Fun!
thegentlemanatlarge : #transitiveproperty
ladyiodine : So rad! I'm hoping I can talk my dad into backpacking, but I don't know how pumped he'd be about sleeping on the ground. And let's face it, sleeping pads aren't that comfy.
narimagen : Hi Chelsea! So fun!
dakotatrace : So rad!
mckenziebarney : I spot a @moment_lens 😊🙌 awesome @brodyleven !
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