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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I drove (AKA slept) across most of the USA last week. There are a few major conflicts with me and long car rides: I typically despise them. I hate sitting still for a long time. I fall asleep after driving for 30 minutes. I am a terrible passenger, and just sleep. I like to eat healthy. I need exercise--like, NEED IT--and prefer to do it in the mountains, of which most the country lacks. So how did we cope? We packed healthy snacks. We listened to good music. We ate dinner at real restaurants. We stayed with friends, and actually visited with them. We had long periods of silence, for which I have a distinct fondness. I ran--on pavement, in cities--and appreciated it for what it was. Hawaii-SLC-Denver-Chicago-Cleveland-Vermont-Connecticut-Philadelphia-Atlantic City-NYC-and now I’m sitting in Austria.
cillajohnson : Should've waived on the highway. @brodyleven πŸ‘‹ Looks like we were both going from one coast to the other opposite ways.
phwadsworth : Long periods of silence are under-appreciated
phwadsworth : Running on pavement is not
josharpee : Whats the plan in the Alps?
hikingdiva : I can relate. I tried I tried audio books... I kept myself occupied with keeping up with roadkill counts while my cohort slept.
songdancedesign : I'm sitting in an office. *sigh* that's sweet though. The only thing about long car rides is music and a constantly changing landscape. Safe travels in Austria!!
sarahhannahwoods : I like to nap in the car too. Perfect opportunity for the driver to take reeeeeally embarrassing, drooling photos of me.
fabi_kriwan : One of the coolest guys ever is coming to austria, what are you planning on doing in my homecountry @brodyleven ?
jputman5 - howlingfauna - mattrunsvira - christinerusk -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
#MTbyDIRT continues this week. The @natgeo site has more of our pictures, videos, & stories to help make your Monday waaaayy less Mondayish. Belay (and route) by @conrad_anker, photo by @maxwellsilver, sewing-machine-leg by me.
worthless - mtbydirt - alwaysbored - freetime - labordayisforlaborers - sobored - burdentosociety -
voke_tab : rad
brodyleven : Seriously, @icebergmansion, so much free time I don't even know what to do with it. #burdentosociety #freetime #alwaysbored #labordayisforlaborers #worthless #sobored
splitboardgr : Sickness !
brodyleven : @conrad_anker @kephoto props to you guys for continuing to establish, and respect for still putting up the easy ones.
brodyleven : @katieboue mission accomplished.
kephoto : @brodyleven Magic Wall has a unique style of development that has mostly been forgotten. Glad you appreciate some old guard ethics!
timmyoneill : #raddywillcatchyouaftertheelvissighting #elcapbigwallseshintwentyfifteenwith - @maxwellsilver @conrad_anker @krakauernotwriting @jimmy_chin and we might as well bring @davidquammen #extrabeerscotchandlaughter
paolotach : Amazing trip
timmyoneill - myxom0p - baoson9 - chelseaparrett -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I’m not here, in Hawaii, anymore. In fact, I just spent a week driving a loaded-down Subaru 3,000 miles across the USA. We were moving @lindsayalbrecht to Vermont for graduate school. But I’m really glad we were able to do this with her family before we did that with mine. Have fun and take good notes, Lindsay. #hawaii #hiking #swamp #kauai
swamp - kauai - hawaii - hiking -
trailwandering : Awesome!
diggity8oh2 : Vermont!!!!! Good choice my friend
skirting_the_mountains : @brodyleven enjoy the great weather we have been having here in Vermont!
woodsurfsnow : Hope you brought your bike! Or at least you have to speed run some of the long trail!
moongallery : Excellent!
lindsayalbrecht : I will @brodyleven !!! You better come back and ski with me at Mt Snow! xo
brownjeffersonb : Swamp trail is such a sweet hike. Hope the view at the end was clear for ya
drand17 : Come climb in the dacks with @domrickicki and I, please
drcatalinpopescu - tbrody - enekolarra9 - zaidnajib -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
...The video explains everything. (link is in my profile). Thanks to @natgeo and @toyotausa for helping me share with you exactly what it's like to tuck down a curvy mountain highway, 3" from the ground, at 60MPH. (I bet @skategoldcoast wasn't expecting this when I got the skateboard). photo: @gmacmt #MTbyDIRT #rockdiscrete
mtbydirt - rockdiscrete -
amysoswallen : Cool haircut.
johnkutcher : I think you guys are really cool
liahlm : That video was awesome, also your life is awesome. I want to live vicariously through your InstagramπŸ’
liahlm : That would be mildly terrifying though
liahlm : The skateboarding I mean
brodyleven : @liahlm my life would be terrifying!?
liahlm : Skateboarding down a windy highway at high speeds without being wrapped in bubble wrap, aka, the skateboarding I mean
cast_stab : amazing
megansuszynski - nicole.alicia - davidpowdersteele - boldbrewteam -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Skiing with @bfredlund in the middle of summer yielded more than a way for #MTbyDIRT followers to see how weird we are. @natgeo is also featuring this @maxwellsilver picture of us as the "Extreme Photo of the Week."
mtbydirt -
salewa : You boys are always exploring @brodyleven @maxwellsilver @bfredlund πŸ‘
heart_montana : Wicked. @brodyleven are you guys planning on showcasing any of this work around bozeman?
smgemmell : killin' it πŸ™Œ
verticallymoving : Wow!!
lothlorienelf - deepstarlight - anjakastner123 - jacksoncheney -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Something clicked, if only a little bit, while I was in Kauai. I have surfed a few times--on Maui (where this photo was taken), in Chile, in Peru--but never on much more than whitewash after a wave has broken. During this trip to Kauai, though, I actually paddled into waves that were actually breaking in an actual direction, stood up, looked over my shoulder, and actually saw a green wave, upon which I was actually riding the face. And that's the story of how I "get," a little bit more, how people are so incredibly in love with surfing. It was such a fun challenge. PS: My arms felt like jello after 2 minutes.
nopaddling -
iam_ro : Ill never forget the first real legit wave I caught... I was giggling like a crazy person. I rode it all the way till the end and hopped back down onto the board, never even getting off and paddled back out. Such an incredible feeling when it finally clicks :)
hot.carl : How's the waterpack @brodyleven @aint_easy_being_steezy_
brodyleven : @_makalu_ super fat monoski! @bwanthony1 oh man, I can't afford to fall in love...shoot.
brodyleven : @hot.carl pretty, ummm, shaka?
brodyleven : @dillongreen aloha and reef and jellyfish and Thai iced tea and stuff.
brodyleven : @wasatchandy NO! FAR FROM NORMAL. @lukeperin too bad I only ever have time to give it like 2 days :(
brodyleven : @chrs_hedrick #nopaddling
brodyleven : @iam_ro great recollection, thanks for sharing that. I tried to not off after each wave, but it only worked once :)
deepstarlight - ili_95_ - liahlm - tzakedotnet -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Mountain bike, red dirt. It had a white reflector. Rode toward the blue. #gopro #hawaii #beach #mtb #mountainbike #kauai #reddirt
gopro - reddirt - kauai - mtb - beach - hawaii - mountainbike -
hikingdiva : Looks like you had the camera on your crotch. :-0
ethan_kyle__ : πŸ‘
sam_c_watson : Solid haiku πŸ‘Š
nhamaste : πŸ‘Œ
carla_savage : πŸ‘Œ
utahpow : Haiku master!
d_a_r_s : @davichoxander che foto toki
omerayisigi : Wonderfull 😊
deepstarlight - anjakastner123 - olivijan - tjfreeze -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I'm terrible at beach vacations. (And @blackdiamondequipment & @salomonrunning know it).
adamisstoked : Surfing? ha! We all know you've got terrible balance, you ain't gotta lie to kick it
chrisburkard : Shaka mahalo
matthanan2911 : What kind of Black Diamond pack is that? I gotta get out to Hawaii one of these days...
leahschram : Looks miserable 😝
brodyleven : @chrisburkard I'm new to this language, but I do believe I've translated that successfully online now.
brodyleven : @matthanan2911 great question (and backpacking is a killer way to explore an island that most people explore much differently): it's the @blackdiamondequipment Epic 35. I don't like heavy packs with lots of doo-dads, and this one fit the bill perfectly for warm weather, 3 days, good stuff.
marisabeee : πŸ’š
francesh_ : So handsome
davidkalaikialii - eringaley - olivijan - tjfreeze -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
There is a perfectly empty Hawaiian beach with bright blue water and light sand with no footprints as soon as you step out of either of these cave entrances. Towering, jagged mountain peaks are only steps from the water, teeming with wildlife and lush, deep green jungle. But, if I remember correctly, I prefer cold noses and shivering in -40 degree sleeping bags and stomping around in big plastic boots.
brodyleven : @whitneymarieh not a bad find for a haole first timer??
oceanmang : :)
malspals171 : so you live but when do you work to support this ! #jealous
brodyleven : @malspals171 every. single. Day.
indivisualize : Epic!
dominiknerz : Amazing picture! Really impressive!
whitneymarieh : Yeah @brodyleven you fit in just fine. Is this Hanakapi'ai ?
brodyleven : @whitneymarieh mahalo. It's kalalau, do you know it??
johnbarkley - dominiknerz - life_of_holly - jacksoncheney -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
#MTbyDIRT is the story of 3 friends on Montana’s dirt roads in a @toyotaUSA, doing any and every activity we could find along the way. And given that we were in Montana, that’s a lot of fun stuff with fun (super-outdoorsy, of course) people. Over the course of the next month, the stories are being published--words, photos, & video--on the @natgeo Adventure website. I never expected to write for National Geographic, let alone among illustrations by one of my favorites, @jercollins_com. Today, please click the link in my profile to read and watch what it's like to search for, climb, and ski some of the last ribbons of summer snow, through my eyes, with local ski guide and friend @bfredlund. (photo: @gmacmt)
mtbydirt -
cillajohnson : Post Hawaii blues! Its a real struggle. @brodyleven Trust me, mines lasted two weeks and is still going. πŸ™€πŸ˜
michellevertier : Awesome. We love you in Montreal @brodyleven
jasminetyphoon : πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸƒπŸšΆπŸšΆπŸƒπŸƒ
alyssalarson_mt : Nat geo... No big deal
brodyleven : @michellevertier the whole state!? Or province? Or territory or whatever?
brodyleven : @alyssalarson_mt yeah, totally, riiiiigght.
michellevertier : All of us
ihatecattracks : ✊
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