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brodyleven - Brody Leven
True Life: I'm A Terrible Ice Climber. picture taken by @pvintoniv
brodyleven : Yeah as long as the pic is taken from a ledge, @clay_gedds, you can flail as much as you want in order to get there.
brodyleven : @rossdoeslife nah BVF
stevelloydphoto : Nice lead man. I have climbed that one s few times and am still scared to lead it.
iris_skis : Looks like you have it under control...
christine.j : Same @noazorenzen I suck
edwin_vos : @ajmin_shah
alexquitiquit : Appears you're doing quite alright. ✊🏻
peakproject : Is this in utah? I gotta learn how to do this. At least you're getting out and gitn er done!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Wherever I am in the world, I take pretty much all of my pictures on my iPhone. These little @moment lenses allow more light into that micro camera sensor, even in Seattle's grey, rainy, gloomy, doom-filled sunsets like this one. #makemoments
makemoments -
rjeffreydavis : Love love love the @moment lenses. #makemoments
tylergay_ : @matsumoto.s.r are you thinking what I'm thinking?
icelantic_skis : I like this.
matsumoto.s.r : @tylergay_ #shoepic #floatingmarket
tylergay_ : @matsumoto.s.r lol forgot about that one. But no, 10 or 50¥ coin in a similar fashion.
matsumoto.s.r : @tylergay_ gotcha! wasn't on the same page there lol.
akinajohnson : "Doom-filled sunsets" 😂 There's no such thing. Sunsets are always magical.
ryanakeys : @iktsui similar
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Just want it to be clear what, exactly, I mean when I say I'm a "skier." : Was just listening to a crazy dirt bag diary about some rad skier that had two different size boots. I was like wait, I recognize that name!!
sierraquitiquit : Lol
brodyleven : @ashleelangholz yeah that's still a skier right???
brodyleven : @ltorretts I can only imagine
brodyleven : @whitneymarieh hahaha
brodyleven : no way, you heard that!? Haha that's awesome.
wcw.iv : Looks awesome! @brodyleven
brendanpbenson : Beautiful hues of winter
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
The list of venues for storytelling is getting longer. In the past few weeks I’ve cautiously jumped into Snapchat, Periscope, and now a Facebook page. My favorite thing about all of this is that I’m able to absorb and tell different stories in different formats to different audiences. The link in my profile will take you to my Facebook page, which is where most of this outdoor stuff is going to be aggregated. I'll also be sharing others' stories that fire me up. The link will probably open in Safari, where you’ll have to log into Facebook, where you’ll forget your password, and you’ll get frustrated. So just open Facebook real quickly and type in Brody Leven. But I also understand that maybe you're not into that, and you prefer to check it all out right here on Instagram. Or maybe we are friends IRL, and we just talk about this stuff at the climbing gym or something. Either way, I'd appreciate you at least considering my Facebook page. And, as always, I’m really open to the types of stories you want to see/hear/read/and watch. After all, I’m not doing this for my health here, people.
tylerschwabj : Glad you're on SC Brody
sarahhannahwoods : How do I find you on snapchat ?
brodyleven : I have absolutely no idea @sarahhannahwoods I'm new. But my name is just my name. Maybe drag down from the Bell?
thehikersclubathletics : ✊ definitely will. Yes, find your snap.
nate_shone : Hey Brody ! Add me back on snapchat - flyinghippo37. Great name huh?
jdubbs721 : @krickert95 this is tombstone! We own that trail yo!
fineartsofthemuses : You gotta get a shot like this from the top of Alpine Valley lol
akinajohnson : Drag down from the bell??? Hahahaha 😂 😂 😂 it's a ghost. Silly Brody... Still so many things to teach you.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Part of the waterfall was frozen and being climbed by the strong and patient @pvintoniv. The other part of the waterfall was rushing water, releasing slushalanches, and spraying me as I belayed.
jasonantin : Now we're talking! @brodyleven
brodyleven : Is this more of your scene @jasonantin?
jasonantin : I'm a master of nothing @brodyleven, but I dabble in this playground more than others ;)
jonnyjessup : @bthomas095
vasek_mountaineer : 👏👏👍👉
brodyleven : Fair @jasonantin. I only dabble in this one a few times a year, and I sssssuuuccckkk at it .
jgeo44 : Ouray?
rando_luke : @jgeo44 It's Provo Canyon, UT.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Free skis. Tomorrow night, 6pm MST, @snowbird, I’m sharing a story of sailing to a small island in the middle of the arctic ocean to climb and ski the world’s northernmost active volcano. I haven’t told anyone about this trip yet, because it’s a pretty wild story and I never know where to start. Especially the part about needing to wear sunglasses in my sleeping bag. (Long story). Oh, and about those free skis--they’re @salomonfreeski MTN Lab from my personal stash--...I hope you win them, while we raise some money for the @utavy. The event is free. If you're able, please consider making a donation to the Utah Avalanche Center while you're there. Maybe you'll win a raffle prize. Or skis. Do you live somewhere beyond SLC? Good news, folks: the whole thing will be broadcast live via Periscope. Follow me there, @brodyleven, for the full situation.
brodyleven : God I hope so @beauknowsphotos
beauknowsphotos : @brodyleven I'm still pending for some reason, been trying to snap you back fool
snowbird : @pwimmr at the Wildflower Lounge, Level 3 of the Iron Blosam Lodge.
seattlepomadeco : Sounds like a good time!
brodyleven : @seattlepomadeco coming your way in the morning!
kimgoldsmith : Awesome presentation. And thanks for the Kuhl hat!
brodyleven : It's pretty KUHL isn't it, @kimgoldsmith ?
seattlepomadeco : No way! Are you heading to Mount Baker? We are in San Diego this weekend! 😎🏄🏻✌🏻️
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Thursday night, I'm debuting a presentation about a midsummer ski expedition that I did from the @auroraarktika and haven't yet told anyone about. Want to be among the first to know? If you're near SLC, I'd be humbled to see you @snowbird on Thursday. I know there're a few other events that night, so just do what you can. (But know that I volunteer for this, as a fundraiser for the @utavy, w/ Utah Adventure Journal raffle prizes from @salomonfreeski, etc).
jpuza : With I was closer, I'm trying to make that trip happen next year!!!!
tahoelabboards : Nice danglers!!! Looking real tight
brodyleven : @marco_malcangi at the iron blosam.
brodyleven : @cwironphotography good guess, that's where the boat left from...
brodyleven : @lane_blade a sleeping pad
brodyleven : @tahoelabboards all bout them danglers
marco_malcangi : Ok, thanks! There isn't snow here, why?
gnar_guerite : @tyler_haydel yes please
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
One of my favorite things about skiing with @trent_meisenheimer is that he randomly quizzes me on the snowpack structure (i.e. avalanche danger). It gets the rusty gears in my mind turning. More importantly, I temporarily stop thinking, "HOW MUCH FURTHER," as all of my energy is used to blow off brain dust, accumulated since college graduation, in order to have a discussion about avalanches with an avalanche professional. Trent's questions remind me of my dad when I was learning to drive. As he sat in the passenger seat, dad would randomly say, "Okay, now, without looking in the rear view mirror, tell me what kind of car is behind you." DOH, that's right, I'm supposed to be aware of my surroundings. Being 15 sucks. But now I'm 28, and Trent's audacity is appealing to my self-improvement tendencies. Though I still never know what's going on when I'm driving. #BikerBehindTheWheel #Driving10under
driving10under - bikerbehindthewheel -
brianbprescott : @missbothe
trent_meisenheimer : @brodyleven ahh! So nice
missmamacass : Great post. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
mmcintyrephoto : Agreed. Loved the skin track pop-quiz 🤔Thanks @trent_meisenheimer !
ggagne : Good story Brody. @trent_meisenheimer is quite the partner that we can all learn and grow from.
trent_meisenheimer : @ggagne you're too nice and @brodyleven is good at lying
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Someone (cough @CHRISBURKARD NBD cough) convinced me to get snapchat so now I have it. And tonight I even got a lesson on how to use it. Definitely not because I'm 28 years old and these things no longer come naturally, but, um, because I swear it's mad hard to use. If there is snapchat etiquette, I didn't get the lesson on it. If you follow me, you'll get Exclusive Behind The Scenes Interviews and Maybe Sometimes I'll Be Shirtless. I quantify my happiness in Followers. My snapchat name is my name. Today I skied a bunch, which means I hiked a whole lot.
brodyleven : Consider yourself followed @chrissykay
lauren.moggach : Agreed, it's not an intuitive, easy to use app.
jasonantin : @brodyleven - you're going to need to give me a lesson bc I have no idea how snapchat works 🙁
brodyleven : It's impossible @jasonantin
_sirenoftitan : Snapchat can be very fun when you get the hang of it; yeah there's a learning curve but I'm sure you'll get it. ^_^ I'ma shoot you a follow.
alicat423 : Read the caption @kimberlyo87 !!! he used the words might be shirtless!!!! It's been entertaining me all day 😂😂 (and yet no shirtless snaps.. But still I will make you love skiing damnit by bribing you with random hotties) 😂😂😍😍🎿
brodyleven : Tried to get shirtless for you @alicat423 @kimberlyjo87
alicat423 : @brodyleven 😂😂 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
The climbing gym closes early on Sunday, so my head is in the seasonal gutter. #skiersclimbing picture taken by @rob.lea.
skiersclimbing -
jaredleader : @litelbear yes it is. What a magnificent crack!
alissa_searcy : @brodyleven did you like all the lizards that joined you on it?
brodyleven : They leave me alone @alissa_searcy I smell bad
alissa_searcy : @brodyleven haha well that'll do the trick 😂
vitaloca : Love the snaps keep them coming 😉
brodyleven : @vitaloca PEOPLE FOLLOW ME!?
vitaloca : Hahaha I do 😜 the ones from tonight were hysterical.
shawnanalin : @tay.mizu I see a bolt, get ready for sport climbing
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