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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I don't get to see my family very frequently. But a few weeks ago, I joined them in Banff for the Film Festival. Now I am in Ohio with them for Thanksgiving. POP QUIZ: Was this taken in Canada or Ohio?
andybob_ : Trick question. That photo was taken in Narnia
websterpaulo : Happy Thanksgiving ⛷
cwirionphotography : Geauga county for sure.
galinagia : Very nice, that you are with your family! @brodyleven It's Ohio.
jgeo44 : That's Cleveland fo sure
rootmode : geauga county mountain growers
rep_shane : Looks like Lake Erie...
brodyleven : You're all right
williamisaacwatches - dominique900 - dianehopetravels - stu.crutchfield -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Most of you already know the story of incredible ambition, success, brief tragedy, and overwhelmingly impressive and ongoing recovery by our friend @perpetualweekend. I’ve been trying to visit him every month or two since his accident, 363 days ago. Hanging with him while we showed the @salomonfreeski film, Eclipse, at @5pointfilm on Thursday night, though, I certainly wasn’t expecting him to ask me to go SKIING with him this weekend. But he did. And yesterday, around the base of @altaskiarea, among friends & family & Alta family & a news crew, we skied together once again. And, wait, hold up, sorry, do I need to state the obvious? LESS THAN A YEAR AGO, IT WAS COMPLETELY UNCERTAIN WHETHER OR NOT JIM WOULD EVER WALK AGAIN. NOW HE IS SKIING. Because if you’re a skier, and you take a fall on an expedition in Patagonia, and you break a bunch of vertebrae, and it’s questionable whether you’ll ever be able to get yourself out of bed again, what the heck else is going to be your ultimate goal? TO SKI AGAIN. From getting out of bed, to riding a tricycle, to riding a bicycle, to walking stairs with poles, to walking without poles, and now to some french-fry-turns...Jim isn’t back. He never left. He’s been working his butt off every day for the past year, and I’m certain it doesn’t stop here. Thanks for letting me share some of your joy, dude. We all felt it. (video: facebook.com/brodyleven)
theinternet -
schiffski : What a boss. So so awesome.
_hadleyyy : I remember seeing you guys filming this. So rad.
em_viv : I've been following his recovery and he's incredibly positive and inspiring. I was amazed to see him skiing (on Instagram). So happy for him! ❤️
sam.hurst : So so rad.
hikingdiva : @perpetualweekend's story has been such an inspiration - and I bet he is even cooler in person.
semi_rad : you guys
wasatchandy : So good
seattlepomadeco : This is awesome!
rossewing88 - the_psr_03 - charliedunthat - mismas_anna -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Weekend bender: look a lot, leap a little. @goalzero
laurification : Incredible shot
diegovivas : I saw yesterday the acclaimed Eclipse movie! Amazing Brody. Congrats!
brodyleven : So cool, gracias @diegovivas, espero que you enjoyed it
allonewolf : This is stunning.
gumptiongear : Stellar shot!
wynit_drones - early_rise_hikers - josue.villar - gablegreen5 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Life of a flagrant vagrant
ashleymorgana : Not a terrible life to have.
ericdyer : Please see a doctor to see if Alberta is right for you.
bolle_eyewear : Really cool pic!
glacieradventureguides : Heading North on Saturday. Will be in Banff Saturday night. Will have touring gear with me. What's the scoop. Are you still up that way?
cam.lasson - photography.ddsx - nahodhaa - izaline2 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
UGH, that was a long run. Last Thursday, @jasoneichhorst invited me to run my first-ever race. In California. The next day. MMMMMk. I slept for 4 hours before we began the 13-hour sufferdrive to Fresno. That night, I slept for another 4 hours before standing around and shivering with a few dozen other people who thought it was a good idea to start running 62 miles well before the sun rose. At 5AM, someone yelled GO and I instantly started...walking. It was going to be a long day. I entered a stream of headlamps worn by people prepared to run until dark...the next night. 100 kilometers, 11 hours 54 minutes, 15000 uphill feet, my first tarantula, and lots of snacks later, I somehow finished the race. And only 3 other people finished before me. The fact that it was my first race is probably evident in my over-exertion...I’m still a little sore. Maybe my first race was my last race. Or maybe not. Thanks for the picture and for hosting Jay and me, @shewontsitstill. And thanks to Nate and San Joaquin Running for the #SJRT100k soreness. Here is Jay at sunrise, running along the only stretch of road--our weakness--we had to endure all day. @salomonrunning
sjrt100k -
romophobic : ".....💁🏼"
christinadomanico : That's crazy
nelcarch : @brodyleven no...you'll win 😜
manon_arcand : @eob3186
amymelii : Naturally just kicking ass - love it.
whitneymarieh : DAYUM! I'll never complain about a double digit run ever again. Go @brodyleven !
jason.eichhorst : Drive #1600for62 -- Thanks for rolling out there and sharing the suffering.
thefurniturejoint : Dude I was trying to track you down is your number still the same
gablegreen5 - dianehopetravels - mattiazzi.chs - sillyputtyness -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Always trying
mchellemarie : Yep looks like 93N to me :) @wbradorr
brynewkirk143 : @jaymaugeri
mcgivneyd : @jean9l vacation? Looks like vacation
combatskier : Try harder. O wait you do
brodyleven : Hahaha @combatskier
shewontsitstill : #sufferbetter mantra must be working for ya. Ha!
mountaindarlin : Love your gallery!
brodyleven : Thanks @mountaindarlin
stu.crutchfield - gablegreen5 - dianehopetravels - gocaucasus -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
There was only 1 "warm" day during our 2 weeks spent in a plush Svalbard base camp provided by @theempirelogistics. That day, @bjarnesalen and I climbed and skied a previously-unskied line on what we call, in the movie Eclipse, “The Facebook Wall.” Climbing the steep route, we stripped down to the fewest number of layers I’d worn the entire trip: 3. The rest of the expedition was more like this picture (wool base layer, another base layer, a thick hooded grid fleece, a thin synthetic puffy, a down belay jacket, a shell, an expedition down jacket, and 2 thick balaclavas). For the Banff-Mountain-Film-Festival-award-winning @salomonfreeski story and film, check out the link in my profile--ideally from your real computer, allowing you access to the full interactive website--to see A SKIER MAKING TURNS IN FRONT OF A FULL SOLAR ECLIPSE IN THE ARCTIC. Wrap your head around that. photo by @reubenkrabbe
cwirionphotography : Awesome
samdespres : @marlaynacorrine I feel like this guys clothes layering structure will be like us later this winter lol.
innowayfamous : Watched this last night. Serious respect to everyone involved!
lukearoundsun : So good.
dirtbag_alex : love that action pic! best photo are on worst condition!good job
bfredlund : @brodyleven , great Svalbard video! Cheers bud
liahlm : Looks like it was such a cool experience! Sweet film.
liahlm : And by cool I mean frigid
vbp1983 - zebra9039 - nath.1810 - florent_avis -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
-changes in the land- The last time I skied was July 4th. It was with an exceptional partner in a special place. The mountain we camped beneath, climbed, and skied was Hekla, Iceland's most active volcano. It didn't provide us any 4th of July fireworks (thankfully), but it did offer a fitting end to my ski season. I'm looking forward to what this season will present: more than the snow, I anticipate the places and events I will experience. I am going to try to stay safe. Do you set goals for the winter, or have any tips for me to make it the best yet?
brodyleven : Brain just exploded @tetonsandwasatch
tetonsandwasatch : Stick it back in @brodyleven. You'll need that where you're going.
alpine_ski_nepal : #allpathslead to making it a winter where we are anticipating so much pow why not use this winter to document how we promote protecting what we got 🇳🇵🙏👍
mikewwalton : 👌👌
brodyleven : @paddyroc you need @chrisrubens then. That is all.
adeibold : One of my goals is to get out for at least a few turns with you
phwadsworth : I always make goals, need them to keep rolling out of bed at 4am...some years it's been vert, others a speed goal, some a list of places to explore. This year I living far from the mountains 😟 my goal is a dozen days on snow. I'll get 8 in Iceland, just need to find a few more before I leave this city
cwirionphotography : @brodyleven Go somewhere new, somewhere unique, go further than other pro skiers.
vbp1983 - stephencraigdallie - cleawarner - zeperle66 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Flows better than time
brodyleven : @seeking_wild near Jasper, Canada.
cortnil12 : 😍👍🏼
t.bond : @andreajeannn
mattyt1080 : It's so damn beautiful up there.
sklarineeee : @lizzieluck
puterinnjw : @suriana_shuib
samsy_thegreat : 😍😍
brycerowley : I hope you went for a quick polar bear dip!
stephencraigdallie - cleawarner - leticiavieira_oficial - twosisterstoomuch -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
FIND ME (and @bjarnesalen) I'm freaking out right now (both in that steep couloir and, like, right now), and I don't have time to type much because I'm busy on the Eclipse website where there is SO MUCH TO DO. Like, every crazy story from our Svalbard trip is in some cool interactive click-on-me thing. Anyway, I went to Svalbard--right up by the North Pole--in the middle of winter with @codytownsend, @chrisrubens, and an all-star support and production crew. It was a cold idea. But photographer @reubenkrabbe's vision was to get a picture of a skier in front of a solar eclipse. A hard concept given frequency of the event, location, a 2-minute window, exposure difficulties, antsy skiers, and, oh yeah, 40-below temperatures. So for the last few months since I got back, while talking to friends about it, everyone has the same question: "So, you guys got the shot, right?" Um, "Well, to be honest, I don't know. I haven't heard yet, and I haven't seen the film." But at the Banff Mountain Film Festival this week, I saw the film. I also saw the film win an award. And I saw that I can finally answer the question: Yes, they got.the.shot. Watch the new @salomonfreeski movie, Eclipse, before your friends do--the link is in my profile--and then post it on Facebook or whatever. They'll like you more for sharing it with them. (That's why I'm doing it here and now, at least. IS IT WORKING).
brodyleven : Thank you @tinaemelie !
aarondiamond13 : Ha! We got shut down with to much snow a few days ago @brodyleven. Full airport hang right now.
brodyleven : I'm glad that's the worst of it @aarondiamond13, enjoy travels home. Congrats on safe trip.
stuckinarut721 : That was wild! Great work!
aarondiamond13 : Thanks @brodyleven. Sick episode btw.
searlerdave : Jealous of that trip @brodyleven that face looks sick and the rest of the skiing looked awesome.
brendonkahnphoto : Killer work man
sabrina._sh : Great pic... 😉 😊
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