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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
Reflecting on a whirlwind few months with yet another hectic and short turnaround between trips. Soon, my friend Robin and I will reunite for a month of climbing and skiing mountains between stints of what are inevitably going to be funny cultural interactions. While my 'grams will surely be less frequent, KAZAKHSTAN should hopefully keep me otherwise occupied. Luckily, my @delormegps allows me to post on and, so follow me there if you like laughing at my perpetual struggles. And I'm finally going to get a chance to breathe and enjoy @semi_rad's new book. I hope I don’t break out in hives without my daily dose of Snapchat.
adventure_barbie : A colorful explosion of anticipation 👊🏻
thetinalewis : Sounds awesome!!
heylomoney : Let me know when you're back. Let's climb at momentum!
cynthialovesbikes : I'm concerned that you won't be able to snap all day er'y day.
j_w_t87 - bakeradventure - noah_heaton - 510_goto -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
The Oregon Outback is an established bikepacking route. We were not even close to being the first people to ride our bicycles, south to north, across Oregon on its dirt roads. It's recommended, by whoever recommends these kinds of things, to ride a mountain bike. I rode a custom Montana-made @sklarbikes, my new adventure bike that I've taken and abused on each bikepacking trip I've struggled through this year. It's not a mountain bike, nor a road bike, nor a cross, touring, or fat bike. It's my bike. And I've outfitted it with as many artisanal American-made parts as possible. Click on the picture to learn some of them. This rig held 5 days of food for two, along with cook, camp, bike, and personal gear. It even has a bright headlight powered by my own two legs.
brodyleven : Thanks @2ndtracks it rides great too
tim_in_america : @Velodirt @b.rad.hogan yes and yes
lluc127 : sempre ens queda eixa opcio @miraesmaria
gmirisis : @mdziec @rob_goz @kevin_len @nikkayy13 @gpaolaa
klemensstrzelecki - erinkmac - justingroden - onetworaf -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
Oregon Outback, OUCH. After 3 consecutive 120-mile days of off-pavement cycling across Oregon, @anthmcollective and I reached the Washington border. We slept well in tents before offering ourselves a bonus treat: 100 miles of pavement bicycling back to Portland. Salt in the wound? More like battery acid in the eyeballs. For the last 70 miles, I stood upright on my pedals because my pain threshold from sitting on a bike--which I normally only do for like 4 minutes at a time in the city--had been exceeded. ...Between my legs. (But first, Brian rode past Mt. Hood).
semi_rad : Nice shot dude
brodyleven : @semi_rad dude thank you. I bought a camera and I swear this is the best picture I've taken but LOOK AT THE LIKES, BRENDAN. LOOK AT THE LIKES.
semi_rad : @brodyleven Mr. @forestwoodward would advise you to not look at the likes
brodyleven : And instead look at sun flare @semi_rad. I'll listen on both accords.
stosnow - clairemariebonner - mtn_enthusiast - samuelsroberts -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
Oregon Outback, Ouch. With 8 days between trips, I accidentally invited myself on my friend's adventure. His journey is riding bottom to top then right to left across Oregon. On bicycles. Self-supported, carrying water, food, and camp. Minor detail: we're trying to do it in 4 days. 520+ miles. Oh yeah, and the whole thing is on dirt/gravel trails. I'm posting this from my tent. 10:42pm. I'm tired. We just biked 120 miles of trails. It rained. It hailed. My knee feels funny. We each ate a 1300 calorie dinner. And tomorrow--which will inevitably come too soon--we hope to bike even further. Ow ow ow. Right about now, I'm really wishing I was a cyclist. Check the link in my profile to follow along via @delormegps. From there, you can satellite message to make fun of me. Additionally, you can make fun of me here. In fact, I'll be sure to continue to provide opportunities to make fun of a non-cyclist on difficult bikepacking trips. #expeditiontraining #iguess #isthisbadforme
expeditiontraining - isthisbadforme - iguess -
gohn_jeorge : @whosowl insane human
velodirt : 👍🏼👍🏼
brodyleven : @velodirt but my bottom hurts
velodirt : 😬 I bet! hope it was worth it...
therealreneerusso - rennierobbins - mountain_drew16 - asproutinsnow -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
“Gosh, Brody. Why would you go all the way to northern Norway just to get on an overloaded bicycle towing ski equipment, ride around in the cold rain and snow, sleep in a tent, and not even have your ski lines planned out in advance? You’re just gonna, like, WING IT!?” #PedalToPeaks @salomonfreeski
pedaltopeaks -
socialmediaskier : Wow. That post 🙌🏻
christinexploring : 😂😂👌🏼🙌🏼
idoamazingthings : @lawrencetravels
idoamazingthings : @thecaptainjames
jordimasramon - oleronning - javier_alcaraz15 - johnjohnbrower -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
I thought we could consider #PedalToPeaks a success if we skied 4 times during 2 weeks in Norway. Why so few? Because experience has taught me how difficult the whole process of skiing from bicycles is: You’re tired before you even start skiing. You’re wet. The transition from bike to ski gear isn't smooth. Gear is missing. It’s hard to find ski lines from the road. It’s a big push to ski and bike in the same day, especially if you have to tear down camp. The entire thing is unreasonably burdensome, so 4 days seemed generous. We had reached the end of the road, or destination, and had only skied 3 days. So instead of giving up, we turned around and started riding back, with a more critical eye for what we could deem “skiable.” I’m really glad we did. @goalzero #officeanywhere
pedaltopeaks - officeanywhere -
lahouts : 👏👏 @brodyleven
mountainization : Solid!
davidedemasi : very good
idoamazingthings : Oh my god! how amazing is that!
maddieco - jaimeboddorff - inert_motion - nikolasgerin -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
[Cody’s pole fell directly on the head of @chrisrubens]. This trip to Svalbard last year, for the @salomonfreeski film “Eclipse,” wasn’t necessarily the most extreme trip of my life. It was, however, my first film-oriented trip of this magnitude, and a learning experience. This year, I’m trying to produce some little films of my own. It seems like it’s gonna be pretty tough. So I have that much more respect for @anthonybonello, @bjarnesalen, & @reubenkrabbe for their work on Eclipse. It’s been fun to see all of the accolades the film has received over the past 8 months, since my first time seeing it from my seat in a full theatre at the Banff Mountain Film Festival beside my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to her and happy You-Won-A-Ton-Of-Awards to those guys, including the one from @5pointfilm recently. (see Oh, and these dudes are standing on sea ice in this picture. Oh, and FYI, sea ice is frozen ocean.
skifelix : THAT movie...!
skiak_official : 😎
c_lyon_ : 😂
tenacityinpursuit : Cheers man I also saw this at Banff, didn't know you were a part of this, guess I never put the pieces together. Cheers man @brodyleven
herreros.osa - mkrasnosel - thenotorious_trc - officialmaxcuthbertson -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
Are you dealing with slow mornings, an abundance of fuel, nowhere to go, and a calorie deficiency? Join my 3-step program today! 1) Tea. 2) Flavored oatmeal with dried peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, dried blueberries and cranberries, chocolate powder, and sunflower seeds. 3) An entire one-pound Scandinavian-sized milk chocolate & hazelnut bar. Then, go push yourself really hard. #PedalToPeaks #GoPro
gopro - pedaltopeaks -
clay_erhard : @jtroj_8 @sammytp_ looks perfect right about now
thehikersclubathletics : @celeamae
samihansen_13 : Wow!
brodyleven : @samihansen_13 a nice place to wake up, for sure.
connor_weight - rednock22 - cameron_ann - 3ollivierboys -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
So much is jacked up in the world. Although there's also a ton of sweet stuff (this hill falls into the former category). You know something that’s horrendous? The way our public land is treated sometimes. By users, by abusers, by companies, by the government. We don’t want it auctioned off for coal companies to mine and destroy for their profit. @protectourwinters has a video about how bad that situation is. Over 60% of Utah’s land is public, and protecting it from development, exploitation, and ourselves is vital for clean water, recreation, scenery, and life-building experiences that can’t be replaced without public land. We don’t want chairlifts, we don’t want more single-use-coal dug from the ground, we don't want the haze generated from these power plants to destroy our air. We want to leave no trace. To see moose in a basin from the ridge above. We want to not be the last generation to understand the concept of clean air, water, and access to land that no one--and everyone--owns. Let’s #ProtectPublicLands. Because after all, I love a good struggle (see @semi_rad's pic, above), but I don't like struggling to find pristine nature.
protectpubliclands -
alaskaexplorer : @brodyleven word. You're fighting the good fight.
skifelix : Dont give up!
bertirural : 😮
outdooralliance : Thanks so much for posting about #protectpubliclands!
bogdanc - hannahsbick - zackbarwin - gr.ham_bar -
brodyleven - Brødy Leven
#wokeuplikethis I think about family, friends, and life at home. @joeyschusler says "Do you know how many people would slap us in the face if they knew we weren't getting out of the tent because it's raining!?" and we get a reality check and exit the tent. Because my reality is like most of ours, interspersed with these very in-body, exhilarating experiences that remind me how human this existence is. Shouldn't we strive to appreciate what we've created for ourselves? Some may say this is a dream I'm living, but it's very real. The fundraising, expectations and obligations, travel woes, transitioning from office life to being "on" in the mountains, mental and physical exertion, the rise and fall of fitness, the constant need to produce, never being home, distant life relationships. It's a job, it just happens to be pretty awesome. #officeanywhere courtesy of @goalzero #PedalToPeaks
wokeuplikethis - officeanywhere - pedaltopeaks -
burkgnar : 💯💯💯💯
brodyleven : I am a homeowner @bradd5. I don't spend much time there.
brodyleven : @therealhikingviking your (insta)name has come up twice this week
therealhikingviking : Three times a charm.
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