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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Where's the scariest place you've ever stood? I'm honestly curious. Sorry my nipple is hanging out. #Gopro #hero4 #rockclimbing
hero4 - gopro - rockclimbing -
aciesielczyk : Middle of a forest filled with downed-trees, very steep side of a mountain, on slick snow, in darkness, whilst finding the way back to camp. (Great shot, btw!)
sethspatacean : Check out my gopro shot in Kauai called sitting on the edge of the world. That was the scariest place I have ever stood! @brodyleven
liahlm : On the railing of an old bridge over a gorge in Ecuador. And then I jumped off.😬
joe_pho : @brodyleven This is in no way a knock or low-blow to this question, but to put things into perspective for anyone who goes through the comments and sees this; the scariest place I've ever stood is on the side of the hospital bed my mom laid in after she had a severe stroke a little over a year ago. She'll never be the same and it pains me that she no longer lives the life she used to. On that note, we all need to remember that we're not invincible; that the world out there, though small as it may feel at times, is bigger and more fragile than any of us can comprehend - something new lies just around nearly every corner, and it's a place that, if we continue at our current rate of ________ (fill in blank here with whatever you can imagine [really trying not to make this or sound politically charged, that's just not me]), the precious playgrounds we push our limits in, or simply enjoy to the fullest, will be gone forever.
cereshalo : In Utah? Down climbing a certain non-frequented route on storm mountain... in the twilight.
a_davis53 : Leaning over the edge of the Cliffs of Moher in Ireland staring straight down to the Atlantic Ocean a 700 ft drop away. One of my top 3 most beautiful, yet scariest, views in the world
brittstazzzz : At the edge of an open cargo door on a plane, about to fly (plummet) for the first time!
litlmissbubbles : keep on keeping on :] !!!
budderybabe1234 - marion.betriou - kimpot18 - puteriwawaa -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Thanks to my friends who are taking me out and offering advice, I'm slowly getting a little better. But I still have lots of cuts on my legs, sore forearms (Seriously!? Arms? What are arms?), and a bruised ego. But I'm getting there. Kinda. [limited edition @discreteclothing top tube]
aporzak1 : Rad!
brodyleven : Hahah @campbellpollok seriously
brodyleven : @dillongreen well schucks. Thanks.
brodyleven : @phaaaatpants but I probably couldn't keep up. My bike weighs over 9 lbs !
olah_aloha : Amazing Shot..
brodyleven : thanks @2ndtracks. no, seriously, like, thank you.
sharonmaryatt : @bmaryatt
30doris : Omg. que genial se ve. wooow
adriana_rahmat - j_jj_j_jjj_j - berkuygur - felipemonteiro90 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
The number of cool people I have been meeting in real life because of Instagram has been increasing at an increasing rare. It still isn't very many, but it's actually pretty neat. I am thankful for every new friend who has come up and introduced themselves, all over the world. #looklikeyourprofilepic
looklikeyourprofilepic -
brodyleven : @barberkitstiefel okay okay you're right okay. Lemme let this fresh fade grow out a liiiiitle bit, then I'm in.
barberkitstiefel : @brodyleven looking forward to it! The shop cell is 801.834.7284- call or text to book as well as online!
deliciousdetect : Yeah Brody! Next time your in Washington, you know where to stay!
fabi_kriwan : Would love to meet you once @brodyleven are you planning to come to austria any time soon?
aaron_air_out : I want to meet you!
powdergibbs : Anytime you want to check out some Beast coast coulies let me know @brodyleven far fewer worthy FD's but they are still lurking
on_z_road : @brodyleven If you're in Ukraine or around the region, let me know!
cwirionphotography : @brodyleven First photo I saw of you was skiing on dirty "snow" in the Transylvanian Alps. I thought, "Are you serious???" Inspired by your energy and drive ever since. Hope to see you in Utah this season!
theo_leunis - polyakmatyas - maecl - nastya_kobez -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
@discreteclothing just launched a brand new rendition of the popular discreteclothing.com. The hard work of @juliancarr’s team has paid off with a new design, a diverse athlete team, and, most importantly, a product line created for people that enjoy cool things. I had fun filling out my athlete profile, specifically with 1-liners. Check it out via the link in my profile. #rockdiscrete Yes, I occasionally write only a single sentence.
rockdiscrete -
dillongreen : #surgicallyimplanted
discreteclothing : Thanks for support #maniac
imlateagain : Haha... Good caption.
josharpee : Hat and hoody under the helmet? Park rat steez still comes out from time to time eh? 👊
brodyleven : @josharpee 100% of the time! Well, not really. but, Yes, you're entirely correct, haha. good eye! that just made my day.
mittunivers : 👍
annewithaneee : So awesome to see you yesterday! Let's hang soon!
brodyleven : @annewithaneee k
novesk_ - rainbowams - yvonne.michelle - pipeploy -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
This is something like my 8th year "living" in Salt Lake. I finally squeezed my way up the course granite offwidths on "The Thumb." It was a bunch of pitches of the weird, runout, extra painful variety. I absolutely loved it. But maybe it would have been helpful to have rock climbed more than 2 days this year prior to our long day on the wall.
bfredlund : 'try that one on for size'. A good figure of speech, when joking around with your friends
brodyleven : Hahahah @bfredlund. The limitations of the keyboard....
brodyleven : @tlolewis I've spent a bit of time on a portaledge, but, El Cap.....yeah, it's gotta happen. It has too.
brodyleven : @louisld it is called the Thumb. It's in the mountains of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Check it out! @kd44240 yeah, it's more fun than working your way back in all slowly and boring, right!? thank you @teejayhauser and @drifto_
kd44240 : Oh not saying that's a bad thing, in fact that's the best way to get back into it!
carla_savage : so awesome
faon_blanc : Brilliant
sarkisyan_andrey : Красивые горы, красивая девушка ))
mel_shots - sebastian.stewart - lorenzomattioni - polyakmatyas -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Growing up in Ohio, I raced sailboats. I took after my dad and uncle, spending the majority of the summer on lakes around the Great Lakes region. I still try to get out and race at least once a year. This summer, I made my way home for a few days, and was happy to make it to a race. Unsurprisingly, it was very fun. Surprisingly, though, it felt totally natural and comfortable. This isn't the leisurely sailing on comfortable boats at sunset that you may be picturing; it's uncomfortable, tiring, physically and mentally demanding, and competitive. I wish I was able to fit more of it into my lifestyle, as it is a great lifetime family activity. Who else sails? #TBT
tbt -
brodyleven : I have indeed @imlateagain! The UP is a fantastic place. I have biked across it, too!
brodyleven : @jamesnparry if I was EVER there...YES. and @carolinelauer, NO TRAPS OR SPINNNAKERS!? WHAT!?
brodyleven : @whereisbecky oh yeah, Becky? Tell me about that, would ya? ;)
brodyleven : @whitneymarieh haha I can totally picture that. Love it.
brodyleven : @kateobrienisthemostpopularname yeah, Bay Week! @ariewise sweet! Chesterland, SE of Cleveland.
jamesnparry : Haha I hear you! I'd love to hang sometime since it has been so long. I remember cruising in your Audi wagon listening to Gorrilla Zoe a few years ago. @brodyleven
cereshalo : Is there Great Salt Lake sailing? If so, I'll go sail with you. I mean, after I learn. I was holding out until ... Let's say, a later age. But if it's as demanding as you make it sound, maybe I should get on it now. Sick photo and cappy btw.
brodyleven : Hahahaha @jamesnparry. @cereshalo it is really intense. (Racing).
mtdrewporter - alyssalarson_mt - bearfoottheory - hannahcp93 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
There’s a huge free climbing route in Utah’s Little Cottonwood Canyon that I’ve never even attempted. Well, there are actually lots of them. But this one is long, has an infamous descent, and features a prominent rock finger for a summit that commonly takes people 12 hours to reach. While all of the Utahns comment with, “______?” while trying to guess the route, I’m going to comment with “It was really fun, I’m a little tired, we were in the mountains stars-to-stars, and I’m very happy to have made my way up and down it with @carolinegleich, who absolutely crushed.” #Gopro
gopro -
marmacher : nice workout :)
manuob : Awesome! 👍
luke1041 : 🏁👊
hernamefreedom : 👌
brodyleven : @samhuz yup!
brodyleven : @moore_rachel BLUSHING.
brodyleven : @nate.furman off widths. Lots of them.
sammocohen : 12 hours would be quite a long outing for the typical LCC
christremblay_beyondandback - marygourneli - claudiasaviori - nastya_kobez -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
...or maybe it's this time of year? @carolinegleich, finally giving over the sharp end.
courtwpace : Good to see you hanging around the wasatch for longer than an afternoon @brodyleven. Pentapitch area?
brodyleven : Hahahah @crossroadstudios. How convenient, right?
brodyleven : @courtwpace so nice to be here for a while. Yup, just Pentapitch, but most enjoyable, at least for my 2nd day climbing all "summer." Been getting out a lot?
utahpow : Sick guys! She even let you lead!? 😉 🙌
tonypavlantos : @crossroadstudios she has sasquatch in the bag on lead. basically means of course she's gonna let brody pucker his way across the slab till his lil pinky catches a latch!
drifto_ : Nice colors
saffronnatalia : @tbizzleq
courtwpace : Cool dude. Haven't been doing much climbing but I have been playing on plenty of ridges and summits. We should get out on a run/scramble before the snow flies.
lesofskaya - klipspringer0 - rainbowams - claudiasaviori -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Run run run run run run run. It's that time of year for me. Shown as a reminder of what running is: @johnsonjoe, action-sports-modeling some @salomonrunning gear.
me -
johnsonjoe : @pattonjess5 #hatersgonnahate
pattonjess5 : @johnsonjoe who's hating here? I said RESPECT #betchPlease
pattonjess5 : @brodyleven that respect turns into giggly admiration #beFree #itsColdOutThere
johnsonjoe : @pattonjess5 You did! Much love:)
megansharrod : @johnsonjoe #intlmalemodel
carolinegleich : @johnsonjoe nice tights!
brodyleven : @johnsonjoe I didn't know tights were such a surprise to the world. what else are you supposed to wear when it's cold.
emily_climbs : My favorite season to run in!
novesk_ - claudiasaviori - javier_barrio - niklaswe94 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Most autumns, I miss the peak colors of the season because I am traveling. This year, I think I got back a couple of days too late to see them. But I am trying to make up for it. What's the best way to see the remaining fall colors?
extreme_vic : Athens and Marietta, Ohio.
j_eichhorst : Bowman fork to Gobblers Knob. Go ASAP.
lothlorienelf : Beautiful scenery
alexjwittmer : @brodyleven come adventure in Northern California - we are still enjoying summer
brodyleven : Oh yeah, I just forgot that none of you know colors except @extreme_vic.
freikidd : e qui! @cloudnoisy
priska88 : Upstate New York!
ed_cooper_photography : Hey, thanks for the follow! I hope to always enrich your time here on IG by sharing my life's passion of the love of mountains and nature through my photographs!
meghanncuniff - sevdemoon - sandypands - rosavangold -
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