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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I’m already three weeks into my second trip to Iceland. If you think Iceland has “been done” to its very end, think again. This is a big island without many roads. My pictures will continue to be posted sporadically until I return in mid-July, but this story of a nontraditional Iceland journey will eventually be told in many ways, all of which I’ll inform you of right here. Well, “here” being Instagram. Not on this sea cliff with @alyssalarson_mt in her @redwingheritage. Because that would be sketchy.
trevorakimoto : I'll be roaming there in August ! Could def use some insight and tips !! Looks incredible
trevorakimoto : @sherwood_forest15
skidatpow : @randomhuman5 stoked for u
cleach917 : @kayleekb amazing
liahlm : !! I'm arriving in Iceland this weekend!
doworkdontsleep : @brodyleven Iceland has so been done
mountainlessons : @brodyleven if you have good Iceland beta, I'm going to be there in a week. Hit me on FB?
mblindy55 : Sweeeeet
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Oh, this is your first time skiing a volcano? Okay. Let's do an easy one.
seanclimbs : @goatpenetrator
arareko : #NBD
goatpenetrator : @seanclimbs hot karl!
bgthrail : Steeeep
thomaswoodson : Be sure to sandbag @forestwoodward real well on your trip
forestwoodward : Ha! @thomasbrandt I am going to be a human sandbag wrapped around Brody's ankles #cantsandbagasandbag
theodore_peppas : @kleon2004h @romanos2006
66audio : You're pretty badass! Check out our BTS wireless headphones for all your insane adventures. They are awesome, DM us!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
@davidpowdersteele, when the North Sister's challenges begin.
gink_ers : @dlj3460
benj_rista : crazy @scotty.peterson @bsurpmill
jonathanwfinch : Dang I really wish I could have gone with you guys. @davidpowdersteele Next time hopefully!
cwirionphotography : Epicly cool
jasonericeichhorst : Sweaty palms
seanclimbs : #steep
a_bogzz : Traversing...Probably the sketches point of all bootpacks
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I prefer up to down. There, I said it. #skiing
skiing -
chrismeinhold : @andreasm89
mc4air : Can't agree on this one ;)
unclebenski : Nice ON3Ps! I agree with @katrinadevore though!
nikokazzz : @tuckmeaway me
yetitrax : If all that was left was up or down, then what is your final answer?
teamcheever : I knew it.
kierstenanngraf : Gorgeous shot!
davidpowdersteele : Whatever--that's just because you stopped skiing park.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
The North Sister. Fortunately, before we would climb and ski this mountain, we first had to head a little left and get the Middle Sister done safely. #GetOutStayOut
getoutstayout -
michaeloverbeck : Love this Brody!
zeider84 : @emmaluciakristina
sarah_casper : Nice shot! @flaccidreality look at the current coverage on North.
beverlybica : You are the Spinoza of our time. Freeon
adrentures : Stoked to see you got to enjoy your time in Bend. It was great to meet you at Crow's Feet
bwanthony1 : Brody, holler if you come through Portland. Camping/surfing at the coast all weekend. Welcome to join. It's been a while!
brodyleven : @bwanthony1 this was posted super Iceland now. Would have been great to see you, we just couldn't stop skiing! Dang. Hope you're doing really well back in Oregon.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Smith Rock again. Thanks for letting me climb on the same rock as you, @grahamzimmerman. And for your hospitality. This picture isn't of you.
brocclimb : @jburns115 I want to go to Smith Rock
brodyleven : @mikeylikesrocks i wish. back on the road. you live in a beautiful place and I'm a true fan of yours.
rgegeorge : woow u r men,
vandoh_ : @kristieamagucci looks familiar
legslikesprings : Palms are all tingly from looking at this. Thank you! πŸ‘@brodyleven
stephenanspach : Smith Rock keeps showing up on my radar, I think I need to go check it out sooner than later. I live all of ten minutes from Donner Summit though so I'm not exactly complaining...
arareko : #buttshot
wheresaddie : Miss that place so much.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Ran into @davidpowdersteele at the top of the Middle Sister. Well, we actually walked to the top of it with him. But after he pulled away, we crested the summit plateau and ran into him once again. Waiting for us. Like this.
adeibold : Never grow up, it's way more fun
jackiekniss : Who does this remind you of? @goskiracer00001 @claus.17
gongalo : I like your gopro pole @carlagaloreca
carlagaloreca : Mmm... No es mala idea, asi me podras seguir algo mas de cerca esquiando!! @gongalo
cappy410 : Is that your gopro pole or are you just happy to see me.
spindrift65 : Still Don't get it you carry that long ass stick so you can take a selfie, back country skiing sure has change, #proskiers yeah
laura.berridge : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
gnarlydoggy : And then I was a mountaineer....
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
A brand's environmental stance is becoming increasingly important to me. A lot of them are confusing to me and I frequently don't even know what to think about any single company's. As a landmark, I feel good about @goalzero's. Whose do you respect and why?
northside_skis : Maybe consider where your brand is producing their product. Major factory in ????? Boutique brands are trying to combat the issue! Keep it small and local. Less greed + less mess + less impact = nice product.
cindilougrant : I see so much waisted plastic from packaging that just gets a product from the factory to the store. Everything is individually wrapped in plastic waist. We recycle it at @white_pine_touring but I have to give big props to @prana for sending it rolled up and tied with a simple piece of material scrap, It's refreshing-
andreasmassitti : ny company that's conscious of their impact and does their part in helping eliminate that impact is worth supporting.
kimspan : Tahoelab splitboards skis & snowboards
jeromejavelina : Right on Brodey- Made in USA - keep the footprint small, keep the know-how here for the future, supports rural communities and ranchers, small batch merino wool, slow wool @duckworthco.
the_rhymenocerous : Patagonia because Yvonne Chouinard is the visionary behind the socially responsible company.
johnny_outside : WalmartπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
ncmcadk : Patagonia's dedication to sustainability is hard to match.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Water cooler hangs. #GetOutStayOut @goalzero
getoutstayout -
jackstauss : Hypo derm ick
leopenuela : This could have been another picture @iselinfroybu @maikenmecrazy
maikenmecrazy : AgreeπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ @leopenuela @iselinfroybu
drfanblade : "Don't you hate it when you clip your toe nails and go too short and blood comes out?"
viritry : Nice pic @brodyleven
reginamn1 : @constanzaetienne @paulinamtz1 next!!
iselinfroybu : Next time @maikenmecrazy @leopenuela πŸ‘πŸΌ 😁
knit_headwear : Awesome photo :)
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I'm just "hanging out" before the next trip. ....get it!? Photograph by the lovely @ktmillerphoto.
cjhampson9 : πŸ’£πŸ’₯πŸ‘
amburrger : I appreciate this caption.
ozskier : Sketch.
crashboombang : Probably not safe.
tk1179 : Come hang out at our house this Friday
brodyleven : @tk1179 you mean ON Your house. Like, ON the side of it. Hahahahhahahahahaa
brodyleven : (I'll be in Scandinavia)
tk1179 : Of course you'll be in Scandinavia on Friday @brodyleven, silly me
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