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brodyleven - Brody Leven
At the first sign of light, we got out of sleeping bags in the rental car's trunk, put on our backpacks, and started climbing the highest peak in Iceland, from sea level, with skis. Who comes up with these ideas.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
We happened to be driving past the highest peak in Iceland one afternoon when we learned that the next day's weather was looking pristine. That, and our plan to climb it when we returned to that part of the country in 3 weeks would be completely foiled by open crevasses and late-season conditions. "Ski it tomorrow; you won't regret it," my friend told us. And with that, we headed to the trailhead and rushed the unexpected mental and logistical preparation of safely climbing and skiing a huge, glaciated mountain...which we'd be on in just a few hours. Hopefully the hand-me-down weather predictions would be correct, because we had to be completely across the island, 500 miles away, the following day. "Now WHERE did we put that crevasse rescue gear?" (Digging through car/home commences). #rockdiscrete
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jaydashphotography : Gaaaaaaaaaaaah, give me some of that
madelynruth : Wow! Amazing shot! 😍
jonathanwatzka : Check ur dms
erikseophoto : Badass @brodyleven
e.s.c.i.p.i.o.n : Nice pic 😊
lowpressurepodcast : Beauty Pic @brodyleven !
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Hello and goodbye to the popular Icelandic destinations, we headed back into the mountains.
jeffvincent : @mlynnfrank
feejordy : Iceberg lagoon!
ashleighpotts : @krellbird
carolinegleich : cool shot
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
We avoided the popular south coast at almost all cost. But eventually, during one of our drives past it, @alyssalarson_mt and I realized how scenic the southwest is. How there was good "reason" for its popularity. We don't think we are better than any other tourists or anything like that. We just wanted to see a different side of Iceland than most people, and our timing allowed plenty for exploration. And we did see a lot of the country. But we also saw the south (in a day), and it really was beautiful. So if you're headed to Iceland for a shorter amount of time and are only comfortable making your way to the more commonly-visited areas, that's OK with me and should be OK with you. It's a landscape likely to be vastly different than anything you've experience. It's also full of tour buses and mountains and lupine. And those little Icelandic flag key chains with American names on them.
national_park_pictures : Great capture
utahpow : Beautiful man
andybob_ : @brodyleven are those big dark greenish things in the background tourist buses? 🚌🚍
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
On which beach do you prefer to walk? #Iceland
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natehawkinsoutdoors : This looks cooler than Maine!
jess.kirbs : well I'd run that
deepstarlight : Scotland. But this looks genius.
robb789 : @j8ac
runningjasonw : Depends on the mood really. I love our stormy rocky PNW beaches but a quiet hot white sand beach on occasion is good too.
simonbju : Love the wilds!
blueberry_smoothies : As long as it's Iceland it doesn't matters @brodyleven
fnymango : πŸ’™
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Our original idea was to circle Iceland on its popular Ring Road, adventuring away from the car each day. Well, as it turns out, the Ring Road is short, does NOT circle the periphery of the entire country, and misses almost all of the stuff we wanted to see. How did we choose which stuff we wanted to see and do? By determining that it was NOT on the Ring Road. It cuts off entire regions of the island. That’s whack. I think it exists mainly as a means for tourists to tell their friends that they drove around Iceland. Well, as it turns out, I am a tourist, too, but not one that is going to say I drove the coastline of Iceland when I didn’t. Instead, we drove the absolute outline of the country. Almost every single little peninsula has at least a smooth dirt road along its coast. We turned off Route 1 frequently, just to make sure we didn’t miss an inch of the incredible coastline. In fact, we spent more time off of it than on it. Because, odds were, if it was so unlikely to grab attention that even WE were going to skip it...we probably shouldn’t. In this way, we saw more of the country, camped in more uncrowded, scenic, and incredible places, and surprised ourselves at how much we were witnessing. Guys, Iceland is spectacular. And MANY of the tourist attractions are beautiful. But getting away from the crowds by getting a detailed map that shows all of the dirt roads, and finding the motivation to follow them...that’s what made the trip one of my favorites. It made all the difference. To give you an idea, the Ring Road is 1332km. We drove 4350km. [with thanks to @redwingheritage @stanley_brand @moment_lens @sunskis & @huckberry]
crampedup : @comeherecamille
jlbflyfish : @kdmoon12 interesting
nkirila : @trishkirila
angry_swede_ : @christina828
onkiblanc : Me suena @pedrodochurru
tomperwu : @beyonde @mymoy @missmisshope it has been clear, and even more so now, who is the thinker in the relationship. Great tip M!
kylieturley : just read and thoroughly enjoyed your huckberry article. this trip is such an inspiration to me, and something i'd absolutely love to do. thanks for sharing your adventure!
brodyleven : Thanks @kylieturley. Go get it
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Between ski days in Iceland, we were never stagnant, and I'm oh-so-grateful for that, because I hate getting out of shape while traveling. It almost ruins trips for me sometimes. In Iceland, we avoided that by doing stuff all the time. Like standing on rocks. #rockdiscrete
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adeibold : I like standing on rocks. I'm almost semi-pro at it.
homiehomeslice : @dornaaaaa wanna go stand on some rocks
discrete : πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ“ˆ
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Behind After seeing the whole team show up to Svalbard with the same camera, I decided to go out and buy one before I went to Iceland. I'm not convinced I take pictures better with it than with my iPhone. Not at all.
tagonidea : πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘
neelapack : This is stunning.
innowayfamous : Which camera? @brodyleven
brodyleven : It's a little Sony that shoots in like 90k. Something something mark III? @innowayfamous
brodyleven : Rx100. That's what it is @innowayfamous. Rx100.
innowayfamous : Hahha awesome. I appreciate doing the extra digging for me, the little Sony something something was slightly vague :P cheers hope all is well!
cwirionphotography : Great photo. Love the pov.
michellevertier : Awesome
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
After spending nearly three months of my life in Iceland, this waterfall-lined trail run is as close as I made it to the largest part of the country: the interior. We drove a few hours inland to visit hot springs and check out a big mountain we wanted to climb and ski. We went to bed with clear skies over the mountain and awoke to it completely socked-in, invisible, and unclimbable to us. Bummer. The vast majority of Iceland--the interior--remains a mystery to @alyssalarson_mt and me. @salomonrunning
pe182 : Not just to you... Anytime i drove into the interior the fog was so thick i had less than 10m visibility
kichagd : Awesome!
nhaggard11 : @julievedaphoto
sarahfolluo : @ianoutdoors
trent_meisenheimer : @brodyleven should of brought a kayak. Looks good to go
crimpingtonbear_tv : @brodyleven really cool shot man! Love the colours and the contrast!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Storm went to the ocean instead of to the summit. #Iceland
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