28 988
17 840
21 847
26 847
13 989
17 1103
20 927
19 879
31 1441
77 1603
36 1465
30 940
15 912
26 1504
64 774
28 1231
20 1438
23 1397
27 1343
19 1516
133 2727
30 1121
40 1219
15 1235
40 1038
19 1278
15 917
41 1460
22 1054
25 931
12 1129
17 998
56 1578
brodyleven - Brody Leven
My idea of running might be a little different than yours. But they both probably involve doing something that is hard. So even if the first 8+ miles of our run looked like this, finishing "The View" with @j_eichhorst was running. brodyleven.com has the story and pictures.
km_walden : @brodyleven I'd like to go on an adventure with you one day just to see if I could keep up
wasatchwilly : That's the best type of running! #runsteepgethigh @brodyleven
brodyleven : @km_walden that's seriously the only reason? Like, to race me? No. That's a terrible idea.
km_walden : @brodyleven Ha of course not, no it's not the only reason. I know you'd kick my ass. But it'd be a fun ass kicking.
brodyleven : @km_walden that's what I get every day in the mountains.
rahul__meena : Wow!!๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ๐Ÿ˜ฎ You got a fabulous gallery If you got some time check out mine!!!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
kbrecheisen : Dude, your photos have honestly inspired me to turn it up a few notches in training and to just run, regardless of terrain. Thanks for the killer shots and inspiration!
j_e10 : "Is it still trail running if you're not on a trail and you're not running?" -my daily debate. Nice work on the route.
loegan_sargent - fridacarlssonn - axelscheel - pieroggio -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I have shared a conversation with @kilianjornet, a page of @mensjournal magazine with him, and the presence of our adored @andreasfransson99. Now, if only I could share his fitness... (check out the full story behind this on brodyleven.com) #PedalToPeaks [photo: @smarkewitz for @salomonfreeski ]
icephoto - pedaltopeaks - photobomb -
elexplore : #icephoto
brodyleven : @kirillbraynin I definitely haven't used it, but the jacket that's on the right side of this photo, on the greatest endurance athlete on earth, is the Salomon equivalent...if the thermaball is the one I think it is...
brodyleven : #icephoto @elexplore, right! #icephoto! god i suck at this.
brodyleven : @j_e10 right? totally unfair.
brodyleven : @captainredfox i totally ruined it. the guy i'm blocking happens to be really darn talented, too. #photobomb
kirillbraynin : @brodyleven rad. But Kirill doesn't have a salmon proform. Only northface and mountain hardware. I have tried on a salmon jacket and really like the fit. Nice and slim, not boxy at all
brodyleven : Dude @kirillbraynin that's kinda the tie breaker for me. That slim fit is just so nice for those of us that prefer it and can fit it. Mmmm love it.
christian_erzinger : Wow man. Very talented athletes abound.
rowanschindler - cwirionphotography - tourcanada - ventureboi -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
THE VIEW. When my friend Jason looked toward the mountains from his front porch, he saw a running route. Not a corporate-branded-half-marathon with pit stops and people holding signs and a starting line. Not a long straight road with wide shoulders and a water fountain at the beginning. Not even a trail cut into a steep hillside with trees sawed down and gravel meticulously filling imperfections in the ground. He saw “The View,” a long traverse going up and down every mountain in sight. A year later, we did it. With each footstep and handhold, Jay and I came closer to learning how far we were going to have to travel in order to complete it. I had no idea if it was going to be 20 miles or 40 miles. We climbed over 13,000 vertical feet, descended 12,000 more, and successfully traversed a huge 27-mile portion of the Wasatch Front skyline in 10.5 hours. I’ve written about it on brodyleven.com. Check it out on your computer, where it looks way better than on your phone. Come on--don’t be lazy. We weren't. [photo by @j_eichhorst, heading into Neffs Canyon]
evahouse : @brodyleven we should do the Karnischer Höhenweg. Goes all along the boarder between Austria and Italy in Carinthia... always on mountain ridges.
kimmylenz : Inspiring!
prestongallacher : Wow. That is awesome guys!
crlawrence123 : @rochon___
discreteclothing : Wildmen
regytaddeo : Awesome !
carciolj : Why are you so cool
brittstazzzz : I've got my first trail running bruise!It's huge and has quite a silly story with the highlight being flying forward on a slippery bridge and somehow stopping myself, with my lightning quick reflexes, from breaking my nose- by using my forearms to break my fall...thus almost breaking my arms! As always, thanks for the inspiration Brody ;)
ilovetrailrunning - christian_erzinger - zigicakes - syeed72 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
A lot of stuff flies under the radar, but combines to make me who I am. I think that probably goes for most of us, right? A fantastic presentation of his polar and life experiences by @elexplore @rei in SLC reminded me of the countless presentations I attended during college and since. I never want to miss one. Because each of them, regardless of topic, leaves me with something I didn’t know when I sat down. I did a big run on Friday, and felt like I should rest on Saturday. I don't love resting. So, the same way I occasionally do, I loaded a pack and slowly walked into the mountains, stopping as it got dark to find a place to sleep. No tent, no stove, by myself. A giant lone bull moose stood on the only flat swath of ground, and it took some convincing for him to move and let me sleep there. I guess I wasn’t really by myself. #gopro #hero4 #rockdiscrete
hero4 - gopro - rockdiscrete -
alyssalarson_mt : I thought so @brodyleven
hernamefreedom : #mountainselfie ๐Ÿ‘Œ
vadventurekerr : What a great moment
greg_salva_adventures : Just spent the last hour looking at your pictures and your website. You're a total inspiration man. While we don't come from the same past, I feel like we have very similar mindsets. Keep being you, dude ๐Ÿ‘Š
mjbryan11 : @rmason1513 @mbryan10 BL the real deal
samanthavictoriab : ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐ŸŒ‘
brodyleven : Heeey @samanthavictoriab
brodyleven : @greg_salva_adventures wow, thank you so much.
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Your entries to the #MyRunningPal contest are really, really cool to peruse. It means a lot that so many of you are entering. I wish I could give a head-to-toe @salomonrunning kit to every single person on Instagram. And Twitter. But a few of us will put our heads together and choose a great one from the bazillion of wonderful entries. Maybe you'll win, maybe not. But either way, you considered your running pal for a minute, and that's what I think really matters. [photo: @gmacmt during #MTbyDIRT]
mtbydirt - myrunningpal -
rosalenta : So sick!!!
smokeyacosta : @allierogerss
cbwardco : Rad.
cortnil12 : Whoa! This is awesome! ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
jess_kirbs : This pic is rad!
montanabandana : Thought I recognized that peak
bvasilia : Siiiiick shot
brodyleven : @montanabandana oh you do. you do.
tmebrown - lielono - frostedspruce - henrikrstrand -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
The #MyRunningPal contest ends tomorrow night. It is your chance to win a full running kit from @salomonrunning for you and a friend, simply by sharing an inspiring story. You can enter on Instagram or Twitter. Details are on my post from a couple of days ago. [photo: @acpictures for @gowithoutwalls]
myrunningpal -
hepburnhippie : @asbaird I'm guessing this is somewhere along 157
midstockorg : you are a talented photographer. i really appreciate your work and i want to invite you to our photography community. we have an online site where we view, promote and sell our photos. i want you to come and join us. you will be able to sell your photos and increase your online presence. . Check my bio for details. . hope to see you there..
brodyleven : @midstockorg go away.
erica_yost : Shots fired
m.ladley : @brodyleven can you see posts that are tagged for the contest even if our profile is set to private?
brodyleven : Good question @m.ladley. Definitely not.
alexquitiquit : Easy. You can't go far without a good partner. @atlam1 - Lamwise is my hero.
aaronoph : Stoked for the results. It was a goo idea. I found some new insta friends to inspire
montanatrailc - lielono - cumberlandtransit - leyakk -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Wherever you are as you look at this picture, know that I am currently in the process of running the longest, most difficult run of my life. Like, right now. And that you, most likely, are waaayyyy more comfortable than me. At least I have #MyRunningPal to keep me going. I hope that about 12 hours from now I have some good stories for you. [photo by @acpictures & droney] @gowithoutwalls #rockdiscrete
rockdiscrete - myrunningpal -
ericdyer : ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿƒ
schirfphoto : Phantom? @acpictures
chrs_hedrick : You can throw your gopro really high
acpictures : Yes @schirfphoto but it would be cooler if @brodyleven threw his #gopro as @chrs_hedrick suggested
purpleturtle86 : Good luck Brody
gmacmt : That's a great shot
mini_shred : Good luck! Awesome shot
schirfphoto : @acpictures I agree. If anybody can pull off that shot it's @brodyleven
mmartinlo - climbthewallapp - chromajack - findmeoutside -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I want to learn from you. That's why I am hosting this #MyRunningPal contest with @salomonrunning. I run by myself very frequently, and I want to know what your buddy can offer. I have just a few people that I really like to run with in the mountains (because they’re the only people willing to do it), so how did you find a great partner? I’ve already Followed a lot of people that have entered the contest, because they’re teaching and motivating me, which is likely what their running pal does for them. It has already been a pleasant surprise to see how many great Twitter and Instagram accounts this is exposing me to. Thanks. [photo: @maxwellsilver]
myrunningpal -
r3ard3n : @brodyleven I only run with my pal Eva she is 26lbs, 4 legs and a furry tail. I set the pace she is right there with me the entire time, no leash and plenty of open trails in anchorage. Dogs are the best
b_a_mcchillen : @realestate.kate haha I wish I had those calves!
brodyleven : You can have them @b_a_mcchillen
realestate.kate : @b_a_mcchillen trust me, you have them!!! Miss riding w you!
tyrannosauruso : @tunnel_vision1111 check this.
lawick18 : I don't know if this counts as a contest entrance...but- I started running with my dad just over two years ago. He had to quit skiing because of knee problems and was in a bad place when I coaxed him into the runners works holiday challenge (one mi a day from thanksgiving to Christmas). He took me up and never stopped running. Now we have run countless races as a team together all over the beautiful state of colo from our yearly half marathon in ouray, to trail races that are barely on trails on the grand mesa to local 5k's. He raised me and taught me a love of the outdoors and I got to teach him the joys of running.
hepburnhippie : @brodyleven #myrunningpal is @shandikk because she "gets" it--running, mountains, adventure. The third time we met, we went out for a spontaneous 20-miler on the Wasatch Crest up Guardsman. Who even does that?!
brodyleven : @hepburnhippie make a post about it! (See rules in pic a few days ago.). Thanks so much. That's a gnarly spontaneous adventure.
salomonrunning - cortnil12 - deepdrypowder - aaaljaz -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
CONTEST (open on Instagram AND Twitter). Who's your best running pal, & what does he/she provide that you can't get alone? Share a new picture and a story, hashtag #MyRunningPal, and tag and follow @brodyleven & @salomonrunning for your chance to win a head-to-toe Salomon running kit for you AND your (human) running buddy. 1 entry per person. Ends 11:59pm MST, Oct. 26, 2014. Winner will be someone who most makes me want to call my favorite running pal and go out for a run!
myrunningpal -
benshoff : @shandikk
brodyleven : ^this conversation though
shandikk : @brodyleven just wait
brodyleven : Stoked @shandikk
logan_mclaughlin : @meganerwine55 be my running pal? ๐Ÿ’ž
meganerwine55 : I can't wait to workout on the cruise together๐Ÿ˜ #relationshipgoals
brodyleven : @logan_mclaughlin @meganerwine55 am I facilitating a date here?
logan_mclaughlin : Hahah maybe! Thank for the help! ๐Ÿ˜‚ @brodyleven
driz5 - adarafot - terrydichas - kristinasundac -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Where's the scariest place you've ever stood? I'm honestly curious. Sorry my nipple is hanging out. #Gopro #hero4 #rockclimbing
hero4 - gopro - rockclimbing -
brittstazzzz : At the edge of an open cargo door on a plane, about to fly (plummet) for the first time!
litlmissbubbles : keep on keeping on :] !!!
bennymikes : Plan parenthood
cwirionphotography : @brodyleven Eiffel Tower.I know, wimpy.
aaron_air_out : Crows pass in the Chugach with a big storm closing in.
bikeslc : Hahahahahahaha the combination of your nipple apology and @bennymikes answer just made me laugh so hard
ablondegypsy : ๐Ÿ˜
vitaloca : Wow freakin awesome!
silviabolognesi_ - danikainoregon - rcosmen - kristinasundac -
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