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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Time to get back outside. Rest in peace, Dave.
alexquitiquit : Exactly. Headed west.
surfaceskis : 🍷mood lighting
western_rise : Perfect.
riderlinds : ❀️
yeegone : Beautiful photo
imlateagain : What a beautiful picture!!
syeed72 : πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™
alyssalarson_mt : Love this one and that place
andrea_hartleb - txin44 - koll_yne - thesanchez48 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
A few days cooped up in a convention center for @outdoorretailer have my mind wandering into the mountains of the previous weeks and the impending season. They also have me excited about my partnerships with top brands. Lastly, this week involves lots of the question, "Wait, you don't drink, like, at all?" usually followed by something like, "Oh yeah, I guess for that weird skiing that you do..." and something like, "Yeah, I guess that makes sense...for you. But between that AND being a vegetarian..." And then I take another sip of my water. [@ktmillerphoto leading the charge in Montana. I giggled at the end of this run more than normal. And that's saying a lot.] Today is my last day at the show, so please be sure to say Hey to me at the @salomonfreeski, @goalzero, @suunto, or @discrete booths!
shutuplegs -
phwadsworth : I didn't realize just how intertwined our sports/industries are with alcohol until I quit. It can be weird sometimes
ivy865 : @s4r4h_m4rsh4ll told you he's a douchebag
ski_n_mtbike : Too funny, I thought was thinking back to the flying first class discussion we had a while back walking the show last night. I definitely had my choice of beers last night.
brodyleven : Total d-bag @ivy865 @s4r4h_m4rsh4ll
alyssalarson_mt : I'll be sure to say hey
dakotatrace : This is refreshing to read. Thanks!!
littlesmiles22 : 😍😍
ivy865 : You'd be a lot cooler if you were humble.
natalcia - lappsparv - anaroksa - otmoro_zok -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Please say "Hello" if you happen to notice me walking around the Outdoor Retailer Winter Market tradeshow in SLC this week. It's good for me to chat, because otherwise my mind may be drifting to walking around *other* places, and that's when I risk falling flat on my face in front of some super famous climber or cute girl or hero of mine or something.
cumberlandtransit : Classic Brody it seems to me, from a distance. This is a stunning, gentle pic, could I repost with photo credit? Perfectly ok to say, please not.
brodyleven : Of course @cumberlandtransit have fun
brodyleven : @ryan_henrich no way! I didn't know he had a booth! I'm a huge @jercollins_com fan and will definitely find it and check it out.
gillbrody : Hello πŸ‘‹
tiffinyepiphany : I'll be wandering around OR today and tomorrow. πŸ‘
hazedndconfused : Ended up having to sit this one out. Enjoy the show Brody! πŸ‘
jaikh1 : Are you going to the Momentum Lehi ProLo bouldering comp? My friend said there might be an OR thing happening there
brodyleven : Nope @jaikh1 have fun
marydcasillas - le_bellagamba - chrisburkard - semorales44 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Craftsmen4Skiing. True artwork. Sure it has water, you just have to melt it from snow on the stove. Sure it has heat, you just have to chop wood and build a fire. Sure it has a bathroom, it's just outside and a hole in the ground. Sure it has electricity, it just doesn't.
xtinabean513 : Perfect πŸ‘Œ
onthetabletodaay : love this! you should check me out!
heidirosee : @its_keeks yesπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
z.ivey : @lexiguajardo206 get away cabin 😍
vickernes : @deboni_k
sonspencerr : @rachhhh23
boreaadventures : We've got similar concept in Hornstrandir nature reserve, Iceland. Only difference is that the access is by boat.
alextsouloftas : @brodyleven Where is this ?
kjantzer - ibelieveinfood - a_kobie - saaridreams -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I don't expect everyone to understand why I love this so much. But I do believe that we can all relate to trying something that is so challenging--and in turn rewarding--for us, that accomplishment offers more than success. It offers a feeling of having achieved the unlikely. And that feeling, even if frequently found in high-consequence environments, makes me feel alive. And I live to feel alive. [#GoPro @gopro @salomonfreeski @discrete]
gopro -
brodyleven : @jeff_davis wherever you get your kicks and stay alive...
brodyleven : @johiocampagram you agree? @phwadsworth BINGO.
jeff_davis : Let's go find some big blue toobs!
boldbrewteam : Well said buddy!
nathan_shone : I understand this completely
colinpshea : Brody Leven: known tourist
johiocampagram : 100%
bcolective : Yeah @brodyleven! Great to connect today at the show. Let's go skiing now. ✊
ablondegypsy - busimetalsmith - ncmcadk - noemie1405 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
But I like skiing with dudes, too.
missapetes : ^πŸ˜‚
lane_blade : @brodyleven super heady - love the pic
wasatchwilly : Hahahaha killed it @adventureswap
mountainwalruswoodworks : I support working out the nuances.
theactivelife : I believe it!
mara_kalogirou : Ideal..
executiveskibum : Represent @adventureswap
go4ski : Nice pic
julia_kivela - peikkomamma - artaszmwa - mette_baunsoe -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I love skiing with girls. Like, the kind of skiing I prefer: where we hike for hours and hours for a few minutes of downhill turns. With girls, the smiles aren't reserved for the abbreviated descent. Cold, windswept ridges and steep summit pyramids are as much a part of the journey as chatting over a shared thermos of steamy tea after hours of hiking through flat meadows just to reach the bottom of a mountain, and the ladies seem to have a very acute appreciation of this. I am SO fortunate to know a few special women to follow, lead, and learn from in the mountains as much as in life. Women to analyze snow pits and avalanche danger with and to lean on for their experience. But also, girls with whom I chat about life and family and music and snow crystals and food. Girls to plans and execute big trips with, and girls that I can spend hours sitting next to in a car, appreciating the silence of their company as much as their raw conversation. Occasionally, luck has its way, and sends me out with two of them. Two!
alexamoradi : 😟😟😟😟😟🎿🎿🎿🎿 @nick.rhodes23 @chloeeweber @grant_allgood
lkanik : @kategvf
sadeloach : @agail.forcewind
kategvf : @lkanik πŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸ’œπŸ’•πŸŽΏπŸŽΏπŸŽΏ
spudclot : @gordolingus erased
___nesza : This is awesome. β„οΈπŸ€πŸ‘―β„οΈ
gordolingus : @spudclot erase
corrinemalcolm : @ktmillerphoto you babe you!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
After the yurt stint, I stayed in Montana and went to Cooke City, bordering Yellowstone National Park, to ski with some of my favorite people (@ktmillerphoto, @bfredlund, @alyssalarson_mt). There are few people I like to visit more than Beau and Kt. What their backyard lacks in swingsets, forts, and mowed grass, it makes up for with this.
mikekneiss : Just awesome. No words needed
jacksontisi : Dude sick!
14er_ian : That looks so sweet! Just took my avy 1 at yurtski the weekend after you were there, it's quite the place! Jealous that you got down to Cooke city afterwards!
james_beavis1 : @zackwasson
mjbryan11 : @mbryan10
cubbygraham : What a beauty trip. Be safe! ⛄️
zackwasson : Let's go skiing @brodyleven ... I'm in Montana for a week and a half from the 14th Feb
oskmatth : Great shoot as always ! Your photos are truly amazing. At same time they are inspiring and motivated and they are powerful and also peaceful !! You are an great role model for all living human being .. Just for being you and for most of all for living your dreams and pushing your self with new challenging. I admire you a lot .. Keep it up .. I can imagine that behind one pictures is so much more than power and peace .. It must be lots of pain and struggle ... I hope and I'm so sure it is also lots of smile and happiness after every goal you reach ;-) wish you my best for ever and always. Thanks for sharing your adventure and exploring with the rest of us :)
marcusdancer - roberta_cazzaniga - cloois - in_da_crew_ -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Happily trailing @bfredlund in his backyard, in his element. #Montana #rockdiscrete #skiing
montana - rockdiscrete - skiing -
warmblue63 : Solitude is beautiful
helmyelsaeed : @carrolundmark83
carrolundmark83 : Nice! @helmyelsaeed
alliestapley : @brooklynrl dis coo
isabelstewart : @akaygierow
brooklynrl : Uh huh @alliestapley
gncycleski : πŸ‘πŸ‘
caseys3 - mfrodahl - lowepro_es - _makalu_ -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
aaron_micah : @brodyleven Cooke city?
crashboombang : Cookie walk.
alexquitiquit : #datskintracklife
davedavedaveshirk : Cookie smock πŸͺ
sco_nald : Cookie crisp.
jaywsss : @brodyleven are you back in Utah yet? At Alta for the day tomorrow. Looking for someone to show me around on Superior... @straightchuter ? @carolinegleich ?
hebertonbarros - lgsmash - _makalu_ - emirbugragokce -
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