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brodyleven - Brody Leven
I told myself I would never do this.
gurtmafry : I think you have officially done everything cool haha every post makes me more and more lame
tonystricker : DICK! I wanted to do this in India
slcbikergirl : And there you are... Nice Brody! πŸͺ 😊
brodyleven : @awitzk because of the way that the camels may or may not be treated
brodyleven : @tonystricker those poor camels were not meant to be amusement park rides!
brodyleven : But seriously @tonystricker, this was the Bedouin version of choki dahani.
tonystricker : @brodyleven I doubt they gave you any henna swastikas though
joshdaiek : #sticktoyourguns
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
A stunning #MTbyDIRT photo gallery by @gmacmt and @maxwellsilver is on the @natgeo site. I have about 79 million favorite pictures. Link is in my profile. [photo by @maxwellsilver above Flathead Lake, Montana]
mtbydirt -
juliancarr : Nice gallery, ace.
captainredfox : Wow 😳
averyardovino : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
brodyleven : @averyardovino I still have no idea what that is, but I know it's a good thing, so thanks.
lothlorienelf : Beautiful photo. Great website too!
itsnotamos - faritass1962 - driz5 - ginaserrano14 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
What’s the landscape you picture when you think of Israel? Is it this, like southern Utah? Militarized and demolished? Flat and barren? Lush and verdant? Friend me (Brody Leven) on Facebook to see some of the weirdest stuff that I saw...like the explosion of combat artillery shells in Syria.
propaganda -
tahoemountainsports : Israel is an awesome and incredibly beautiful and diverse country if you know where to look. Obviously you found some of the goods! Shalom!
fredieue : It's a gorgeous region all around
brodyleven : You know what our guide said from the top of every hill we stood, @fredieue? "Where the green ends and the barren wasteland starts, that's Lebanon." #propaganda
storytimesam : Looks like Lake Powell
mloukhie : You should visit Lebanon, it's waaayy more beautiful but you'll definitely need a guide to keep you away from the places that ruin Lebanon's image. That guide of yours is one fucking liar tho :p the border is highly militarized by both sides and especially Israelis, the UN is also present. The two countries are at war that's why there's so many troops mobilized there. So the barren wastelands are definitely still Israel, the border is where the military is not where the green ends.
speaker_head : Been to that exact spot, beautiful,
speaker_head : have you been to the caves above?
homiehomeslice : Man you should go ski in Iran! I know it's super hard for Americans but sponsored athletes have done it before. You have one of the highest ski resorts in the Middle East only an hour from the capital and it's basically an untouched mountain range half the time!!! Definitely think about it for this season man. I'll even fly out there from North Carolina and be your tour guide/translator 😊
innowayfamous - danielledolgin - vjamun - stanley_mok -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Sunrise over the Dead Sea, -1,401 feet, the shores of which are the lowest elevation land on earth.
brodyleven : @j_eichhorst false. I can't run fast anywhere.
crossroadstudios : Is that up at Masada?
heatherardis : #dead2red, relay race from the Dead to the Red. Friggin' amazing.
brodyleven : Yeah @crossroadstudios. Weird that you know that.
crossroadstudios : @brodyleven I've been there dude. Loved my time I spent in Israel.
brodyleven : You've been everywhere @crossroadstudios
crossroadstudios : I wish, dude. This trip I'm on in Indonesia (which, regrettably must come to a close tomorrow) is only the 4th time I've had my passport stamped. Working on making the number higher.
lezjenk : @holligram1
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
A new @urbanoutfitters brand, @gowithoutwalls, has entered the game. It appeals to me because when I am not in the mountains, I don't like to wear clothes that scream ACTIVETECHWATERPROOFPOLY. They're featuring the stories and gear of lifestyle athletes via a series called #wwtrailblazer. Mine is linked in my profile. Let me know what you think. [@salomonfreeski @suuntonorthamerica @blackdiamondequipment] photo: @acpictures
wwtrailblazer -
tzakedotnet : dude, that hair! :D
ciara801 : Well you are lucky enough to travel the world I can see! 🌍 good for you! That is one of my main life goals
brodyleven : @ciara801 it's not something you can just check off a list, though. Right? I guess you gotta start somewhere v
ciara801 : True but I want to build the knowledge of life and other cultures from travel and I want it sooner than later lol!
brodyleven : Can't you just go then @ciara801? Somewhere? Anywhere? It's never the "right time" to spend a bunch of money, leave your regular life, and travel. Or, it is always the right time.
ciara801 : I will go to Europe after I graduated school! Now is definitely not the "right" time for me! I've been a quite a few places in the US but only Mexico outside that! I have the biggest urge to go all over the world!
brodyleven : Oh @ciara801 fair enough. I was traveling the summers while in college and it is what got me hooked. I've never been to Mexico though, I am jealous.
boldbrewteam : Saw your feature on there the other day! Nice buddy!!
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
31 hours of plane travel. Spent time thinking about mountains. And sleeping. Lots and lots of sleeping. Hoping to catch a glimpse of autumn in Utah when I return in a few weeks, after months and months away.
hallelondon : Oh wow this is amazing.πŸ‘Œ
iamalicelaura : @tom_hosford
bikeslc : The Wasatch misses you
tbrody : Awesome.
brocclimb : @brodyleven did you get the pfeifferhorn while you were there?
brodyleven : Yeah @brocclimb this was an afternoon run up the pfeiff. Last time I was in town for a day.
laurafeasler : @aidanle yeahhhhh girl! Still need to go run/ride together before it snows!
aidanle : @laurafeasler yes please!! And @brodyleven love to get out again next time you're in town for a day
bergh_fam - ericspeakman - jillianleem - kate_senter -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
One year ago today, I went to South America with no plans and moved into this van a day later. I was #SeasonallyConfused. For a month. For skiing. For a story. For that idyllic #vanlife through Patagonia. For fun. I never expected it to be a stunning @powdermagazine flipbook. The link is in my profile. [photo: @acpictures ]
vanlife - seasonallyconfused -
hernamefreedom : Ha thanks πŸ™ˆ @brodyleven
jessehambley : @brodyleven welcome! Working my way to van life! Want to find a way to work in the outdoor industry as designer or content producer first.
markkoelker : Seems to me it would be due to your nonstop ass kickin of life... @brodyleven
unconventionalveteran : The life!!
domi_mkd : I love your life style!
carolinegleich : You're my hero.
brodyleven : You're ridiculous @carolinegleich
nat_schia : @criistina_g
julianmoritzresch - zacholben - wandererrs - aislusha -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
This isn't what I pictured when I thought of Israel. A quick layover in Austria brought me here. Why Israel? Because I know nothing about it. Because I'm ignorant. Because although I have avoided and, in all likelihood, will continue to avoid religion in my life, there are 3000-year-old structures and a colored past and a more confusing present. The state of conflict, peace, and life in this part of the world is changing faster than any I know. By all athletic and mountain-trip-planning standards, this trip is a failure. Until this year, I've never understood what my mountain heroes have meant when referring to "failed expeditions." But this year, I've had multiple. And although my plans didn't come true, I am traveling in a manner that is completely foreign to me in part of the world that aligns with that.
nalgene_adventures : Please give us a shoutout if u love nalgenes
rich248d : ^nalgenes are great
ghandour52 : πŸ‘πŸ‘
cwirionphotography : Dude be safw
cwirionphotography : Safe
rafaelmagaldii : @camilafl123
vaneszzaaa : Le cheers and bravo to youπŸ‘πŸ™ŒβœŒοΈ
fegeweib : Yehudia river in the Golan Heights?
kelsietitus - innowayfamous - sanderhadley - tyutyuyu -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
#MTbyDIRT was sponsored by @toyotausa. I am not an advocate of driving vehicles unnecessarily. This was just a vacation. But you know what? Vacations are necessary. Spending time with good friends is necessary. Having fun is necessary. And our 4Runner helped facilitate these essentials. So thanks, Toyota. Keep innovating toward environmental-friendly vehicles to minimize our coal dependence, and I'll keep on enjoying dirt roads via foot, bike, and--occasionally--car. #gopro #mosquitos
gopro - mtbydirt - mosquitos -
jfollin29 : @s_story511
mountrichardson : I really can't stand this self promotion shit anymore it's gone over the top
brodyleven : @kalenthorien next level driving 10mph??
brodyleven : @keepinitriehl hahaha
campbelllevy : What are skies anyway?!
nalgene_adventures : Follow us
rich248d : ^^^
acrekhqs : nice! @alexwjz
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brodyleven - Brody Leven
#MTbyDIRT. We may have done it a month ago, but we hope to use it to fire you up on life now. @natgeo with @bfredlund
mtbydirt -
josharpee : Montan'er @jessemillz
reza141 : @maryamzolfaghari3840
howlingfauna : @wildhairwyatt yes that was my first thought but in hindsight this looks lower? Where is this one?
bfredlund : @howlingfauna and @wildhairwyatt, this one is called the Hanging Couloir. It's right right next to and below the Beartooth Hwy.
howlingfauna : Cool! thanks man! @wildhairwyatt
chelseaparrett : 😻
igrom : @mikemaholias
mikedotchapin : @nikicicic this looks rad
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