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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Good morning from Montana's dirt roads. I am continuing around the state with @gmacmt and @maxwellsilver this week for @natgeo Adventure, doing as many activities as we possibly can with a @toyotaUSA full of gear. Do you have any recommendations? My first road trip in Montana was hitchhiking from Bozeman to Kalispell in an afternoon rain torrent to reach the start of my bicycle trip to Ohio. Then I biked across the entire state as the storm raged on. My second road trip was skiing around western Montana, accessed from a single road. This trip, I'm sleeping in the back seat and eating huckleberry ice cream. #MTbyDIRT (@mountainequipment, @blackdiamondequipment, @expedusa)
mtbydirt -
carolinaa_leal : Someday! @_dejy_
cillajohnson : πŸ§πŸ¦πŸ‘Œ @brodyleven
lallylauri : Wow! Wonderful! @brodyleven
keenan_sully : @brodyleven I spent summers and winters the big sky area growing up and I can't recommend that area high enough.
es_dons : Come down to the Tetons and cliff jump with me!
suepidupi : looks like a great day!
_dejy_ : @carolinaa_leal yess!!
cwirionphotography : #view
kevinneville - 707brewco - doworkdontsleep - seankleymann -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Short-roping the ever-stoked @conrad_anker on an edgy sport route that he bolted 9 years ago. ...I blame it on the techno music. #MTbyDIRT with @natgeo/@toyotausa [photo by the talented @alyssalarson_mt]
mtbydirt -
homiehomeslice : The fact that you're climbing with Conrad is just badass
_jt_photo : Glad to see your getting a fine tour
brodyleven : @_jt_photo only the finest tour, thanks to your partner @conrad_anker. Love your 'hood.
conrad_anker : Yeah @brodyleven ! London Calling, 10b , not so bad.
brodyleven : @conrad_anker far from Not too bad. Loved it and had a total blast.
somethingawesome_ph : I love climbing!! Fantastic photo!:)
upsidedownoctopus - runningandbrewing - heyfrench - j_d_braun -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
This was the most extreme thing I have ever seen. Like, 1990's X-Games-XTREME. I was skating down the mountain pass by myself when I got passed by a couple of dudes going, like, 75. They just tuck and go as fast as they possibly can down enormous, curvy, Montana mountain highways. Just watching them, I was freaking out. #MTbyDIRT
mtbydirt -
brodyleven : They are @davidpowdersteele
deliciousdetect : Yeah Thrashin' the movie is great. This photo is awesome!
stacecadette : Skating dirt is how we do it in MT.
andy_bentz : Check out @slutcityskating
1017creamher : @brodyleven for reference, this is 75: http://youtu.be/c1lPkGYUDaY
thugpasty : Just bought a longboard. This excites me.
bfredlund : How is their homie? @brodyleven
brodyleven : No update made its way to me @bfredlund
_pinaymestiza - luciouxu - gretchen_dechant - wheelerannmarie -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Adventure is easy to find. So I prefer to do skiing road trips in the middle of summer. With fun partners that share this mindset, like @bfredlund, @gmacmt, and @maxwellsilver, a couple slivers of leftover snow, and no shortage of excited motivation...you end up doing this in July. #MTbyDIRT w/ @natgeo
mtbydirt -
growler_c_ub : Sliver is about the size of it. You can always find what you want if you know what you want & work hard to get it. #KeepPushing @brodyleven.
theodorepeppas : great
boldbrewteam : Sounds like the trip of a lifetime! We love @natgeo and @toyotaUSA!
athansor67 : I love to live in #thelastbestplace where skiing can happen all year.
kbrecheisen : Love the description. Explore, no matter where!
mikedlombardo : Wow!!
brodyleven : @abbygolebiewski in Montana
brodyleven : @mewissamawie it's surprisingly easy to be where you want if this is where you want
jeichhorst - alveshugob - 4ever_stoked - bubu73440 -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
#MTbyDIRT Max, Graeme, and I headed to the mountains. After all, I hadn't skied for almost five days(!). There is no one I would rather join in the Beartooths Mountains than sincere friend, patient mountain guide, and marvelous human, @bfredlund. Dirt roads took us to snowline, and, together, we skied a steep couloir. On snow. In the USA. In late July. [w/ @natgeo and @toyotausa]
mtbydirt -
telewright : Ditto!!!
reginamn1 : @paulinamtz1
natureofmotion : #toyotallybogus
lothlorienelf : Umm
cappy410 : "Something's missing. I can't remember what it was, I do know it was white in colour"
evan_cross3 : @cappy410 lol
nevarcson : #rockskis
dustyperrin : If you come through Bozeman, make sure to check out "The Great One." It's a couloir in the northern Bridgers. Only a 3.5 mile hike but 1500' of perfect north facing corn. Skied it last Tuesday and it was great! @brodyleven
alfredodejuan1 - vyacheslavik - ti6two4 - trev0rlong -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Along with videographer @maxwellsilver and photographer @gmacmt, I am roadtripping through Montana for National Geographic Adventure, @natgeo, and @toyotausa. We are exploring the vast potential for multi-sport trips, and doing it primarily on dirt roads...which means I am quickly learning how to drive off-road. My first lesson learned? 10 and 2. Always. It's way different than pedaling. #MTbyDIRT
mtbydirt - oneareacode -
erinizabeth : Ill be hiking Glacier in two weeks! @brodyleven
brodyleven : @erinizabeth well you will most certainly love it. I'll be there in a couple of days :)
brodyleven : @km_walden why thank you. Although that is a vast welcome. #oneareacode
brodyleven : @clara.mcrae I've been wondering who owns this place.
brodyleven : @coalatree thanks much. @alextenenbaum mediocre at best ;)
brodyleven : Hey @moonmnky I have no idea what the means. @keefer.s it really was.
clara.mcrae : sorry thats not what i meant! hope you have a good time!
boldbrewteam : So awesome man!
viaggiofacile - rhmma33 - mattkelller - topdetop -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
The coolest trip of my life, to Patagonia, had me #SeasonallyConfused. Along with THE @acpictures, I have worked with @powdermagazine to create an incredible 68-page online flipbook featuring our skiing roadtrip by van to the tip of the mainland world. Open your computer, go to powder.com, and enter a dream-like trance while you indulge in a full screen trip to..."The End of the Road."
seasonallyconfused -
carla_savage : so amazing πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘
malspals171 : You are my inspiration for a life lived well @brodyleven
danielmreimer : Wow
carlesdediego : Nice and wild shot! I would like to be there,
elizabethaverill : @brodyleven I wish! I took a 24 + hour bus from Ushuaia to El Calafate, slept on the floor of the bus station, and transferred in the morning to El Chalten. It was a journey to say the least!
meg_haywoodsullivan : This is πŸ™Œ
brodyleven : @meg_haywoodsullivan that means a ton, thank you.
brodyleven : @malspals171 :)
_blakethompson - carolinegleich - alex_taran - eroericthomas -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
This is our first goodbye, France. I do believe I will frequent you, though, because your charming appeal is impossible to ignore. And by "charming appeal," I mean Huge Glaciated Mountains. The fact that @salomonfreeski is local makes it all the more inviting. Thank you for teaching me 6 French words, how to eat dessert twice a day, and what product and mountain geniuses you all are: @bruno_bertrand, @pete_gaston, @chrisrubens, @andreasfransson99, @greg_hill_ski, @yvanalpy, @kilianjornet, @smarkewitz, @romraisson, @tonylamiche, @tristan74chx, @bwanthony1, Ptor Spricenieks, and the rest of the influential crew that taught me so much. I admire each of you greatly.
brodyleven : @hikingdiva and, just as cool, for the festival of the lake in annecy. Two holidays in my one week. Wild place. Don't kill me.
bwanthony1 : Well said Brody and thanks. It's going to be great stirring up some new Mountain Products together. Hoping to see you back here in Sept! You have to stay longer next time for some real adventures!
marymac8o1 : A fellow Salt Laker in Annecy! Currently sitting in the train station -- such an awesome town! πŸ‡«πŸ‡·πŸ»
mypowderheart : France is my second home..i miss it so much
gracieunited : Sweet pic B, France is ze best. When'll you be back in the 801
dillongreen : Sweet! Now get back here so we can ride some bikes!
carla_savage : πŸ‘πŸ‘
hikingdiva : I would never kill you pumpkin. I enjoy your adventures since I cannot tolerate cold temps. You are the winterized cheetah and I am the tortoise.
michelin_monster - andrispotass - yirentan - vibosimo -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
July. ...as explained by @andreasfransson99.
kberno3 : @adameberno
hukesnow : @shansen212 I'm ready for a road trip!
josharpee : First time in the alps?
brodyleven : @josharpee nope, but certainly first time in France, or that part of the alps. (You know, the REAL alps).
josharpee : Haha u been around the french for sure
jessemallis : Crushing
rastabodhisattva : That dude can shred. You were lucky to find someone that could keep up.
akfemme : Yeahhhhh
pez_z_z - gofra - gloriouslyab - gabewww -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
I met this guy in a hotel and was soon walking up and skiing down my first French mountain with him. His name is @andreasfransson99 and he made nice turns and a nicer friend. Perhaps you've heard of him? (@salomonfreeski Mountain Collective)
oceanmang : #textbook :)
josharpee : Guy is a legend!
dikopoltsev : Π₯Π°Ρ€ΠΎΠΎΡˆ
brodyleven : @jackstauss i only realized that when, at the base, someone nervously came up to him just to...you know...talk, and tell him how sweet he is.
brodyleven : @cwirionphotography just like the photos always look. surprisingly. i thought they were fake all along...
brodyleven : @captainredfox don't you speak like that to me.
brodyleven : @phwadsworth but i saw him shred switch
cwirionphotography : @brodyleven Awesome man. Be safe and good luck testing!!
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