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Brødy Leven

forest tourist
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
#wokeuplikethis I think about family, friends, and life at home. @joeyschusler says "Do you know how many people would slap us in the face if they knew we weren't getting out of the tent because it's raining!?" and we get a reality check and exit the tent. Because my reality is like most of ours, interspersed with these very in-body, exhilarating experiences that remind me how human this existence is. Shouldn't we strive to appreciate what we've created for ourselves? Some may say this is a dream I'm living, but it's very real. The fundraising, expectations and obligations, travel woes, transitioning from office life to being "on" in the mountains, mental and physical exertion, the rise and fall of fitness, the constant need to produce, never being home, distant life relationships. It's a job, it just happens to be pretty awesome. #officeanywhere courtesy of @goalzero #PedalToPeaks
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therealhikingviking : Badass, mang. And I agree with @anya_miller
christinexploring : 🙌🏼
delafuente.pablo : De luxe !! Montañas, mar, nieve con los mejores métodos. Saludos desde la Patagonia 🙋👍💡🚲
wherethewildthingsrun : 😍👌🏼👊🏼
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
So, in some ways, a big goal of #PedalToPeaks was to bike to the very end of Lofoten’s only through-road and ski when we got there. After two weeks and a few hundred miles, we arrived. And there was no snow. We could have worn t-shirts, had we thought to bring them to the Arctic (holy @protectourwinters, people). We were feeling a little down, but cookies cheered us up. We laughed at the absurdity of our position and situation. And instead of getting on a bus back to the ferry terminal and high-tailing it off the Norwegian chain of islands called Lofoten, we decided to get on our bikes, turn around (which is way easier said than done with out monstrous bicycle rigs), and...start pedaling back. We never learn. @salomonfreeski
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coalatree : 👍 : Nice view
ehoxen : Camped in this spot for two nights. Thanks for all the stories. It is a reminder of how crazy and amazing Lofoton is!
bjorgnar : Happy travels! Still snow around Laupstad area
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
It rained all night. Snow was on the tent in the morning. We sat in it for hours after awakening, eating my oatmeal concoction, waiting for visibility. It finally came. Kind of. Sleeping bags were comfortable and ski boots were wet, but I was proud of @joeyschusler and I for rallying out of our glorious campsite on an arctic beach. We left our bicycles beside the tent and walked a half mile down the road, where we bushwhacked for 1000 vertical feet before skinning to the base of this couloirs to start climbing it. We didn't know it's name, or length, or pitch, or rating, or anything else. We just knew that we saw it while hunting for ski lines while pedaling the night before. Then, for the only time during #PedalToPeaks, we turned around due to avalanche concerns. Wind was nuking, avalanche activity was present, we couldn’t see all the way up the couloir, and, um, we bailed. And that sucked. And at the same time, it didn’t suck. This skiing thing,’s weird. @goalzero
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the_tantalus_field : I didn't suck because you were there and you came back down to share. Way to go.
brodyleven : All kinds @beeofkings, feel free to hit me up. GOOD @jerrymoya! Thanks @mountainization @sgrundy87
___pe___ : 🔻🔹🔹🔹⛷🔻
beeofkings : @brodyleven just shot you an email
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
I'm obsessed with pretty much everything Nordic. Except riding my bike on busy roads, loaded with heavy gear weighing me down. With a broken derailleur. In the winter. With only a tent for shelter. And a smelly dude. Carrying skis. Ugh. That was awesome. #PedalToPeaks @goalzero
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thomneish : fresh
haydenbeck_ : @dalia.morales ✨
dalia.morales : @haydenbeck_ I was going to tag you in this earlier but got distracted 😂☺️
coalatree : 🎯
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
We fall into this place when we’re climbing mountains. A place that allows us to push our bodies and our minds beyond their typical comfort zones. Normally, that’s pretty easy because we know that we’re retuning to a car that will zoom us to the comfort of a taco cart with calories then a home with heat and tea and a shower and a bed. When we fall into that place but then realize the only thing waiting for us is a damp tent in a stuff sack and a bicycle, I begin to question whether we should push ourselves too hard. And then I put that doubt into a stuff sack of its own, shed a layer, and hike faster. But I always look for that taco cart. I always look for it. #PedalToPeaks
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skifelix : Dont stop. Its really inspiring !
brodyleven : Thanks @skifelix!!!
brodyleven : @american_morelli I've never been there. I wish!
brodyleven : @maurastp fair enough hah
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would you go and why? High on my list was Lofoten, Norway. The arctic archipelago of small islands connected by bridges and underwater tunnels is popular among people who travel to ski (or ski to travel?). And--for the same reason I don’t go to Alaska, France, or British Columbia frequently--I knew I’d struggle to return with a unique story. It was reputed to have some of the most scenic ski lines on earth, a rumor I couldn’t ignore. How does a person who makes a living by, and genuinely prefers, skiing in unpopular places visit a country like Norway? He takes a normal thing--skiing in Lofoten--and makes it abnormal, by proposing to carry hundreds of pounds of ski, bike, and camp gear on bicycles, stopping to climb and ski lines that are likely inferior to those further removed from the road, out of a cyclist’s sight. Here, on our first day of skiing during #PedalToPeaks, on the highest peak in the region, Kt, Joey, and I decided to head further from the road than we did for the rest of the trip. Everything seems a bit bigger, further, and more consequential when the only safety and escape you’re returning to is a tent and bike. And cookies. Lots and lots of cookies. @goalzero
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skiak_official : 😎
isaaclsiegel : So awesome man, keep it up
christinavolkenn : who would read this caption ?
brodyleven : @christinavolkenn what?
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
I knew a few people who’d been to Lofoten before Joey, Kt, and I visited for #PedalToPeaks. They all said arriving April 3 was WAY too early. There’d be 10-foot-tall snowbanks lining the ice-covered roads. The avalanche danger would be sky-high. “Bring studded tires,” one friend told me. “If we need studded tires,” I replied, “there’s snow on the road. And if that’s the case, we absolutely can’t bike our monstrous rigs. Studded tires won’t help that.” Well, we got lucky. It was the driest, warmest end to winter they’d seen in a while. We barely camped on snow the whole trip. Easing minor difficulties--another example being the abundance of free-flowing water everywhere--makes an otherwise daunting mission slightly less overwhelming and, to be frank, annoying. ...Until, that is, you wake up and actually have to do something.
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brodyleven : Hah not quite @tenacityinpursuit
brodyleven : Thanks @donamae13 hope you're well!
tenacityinpursuit : It looked like the subject of this photo was wearing a misquote net but I guess not
sierraquitiquit : I never know what you're doing
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
My friend @ktmillerphoto rallied through a tough portion of #PedalToPeaks with @joeyschusler and I. There was snow, rain, and traffic on the narrow roads, and tricky mountains beside it. Oh, and carrying a million pounds of gear on a rental bicycle doesn’t help. She cruised back to the USA in the night while we recharged batteries and downloaded footage in a hotel room. For the next 10 days, our tent smelled much worse.
pedaltopeaks -
scottshreddi : Keep on keeping on... So cool!
brodyleven : Yes they do @joeiliya!!
mbell10 : @davidericbell
sierraquitiquit : You guys are so inspiring @ktmillerphoto 👊🏼
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
“Slowing down to enjoy the scenery,” AKA “Biking in rainstorms, soaked to the bone.” #PedalToPeaks
pedaltopeaks -
larslarsbrenna : @brodyleven Hey sorry about the rain but I just want to let you know how much I enjoy seeing your pics and words from your trip around where I grew up. And knowing very well what the weather and conditions can be like, I really admire your tenacity! Hope you guys are sleeping somewhere warm and dry tonight!
matt_ruta : Sounds awesome @brodyleven. Well actually it sounds miserable. I'm completely jealous, and I really hope to do a similar trip someday soon. Thanks for not just posting the successes but also the shitty, cold, wet parts. Somehow they're the most inspiring.
brodyleven : Haha @matt_ruta oh yeah.
brodyleven : @larslarsbrenna that means so much...the only reason I'm on Instagram...thanks.
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brodyleven - Brødy Leven
The general idea? Bike the length of Norway's Lofoten peninsula, climbing and skiing the most tubular lines along the way. The reality? Look, from behind handlebars, into couloirs that *would* be cool to ski, *if* they had any snow. Oh, that one has snow in it and looks awesome? Okay, now it’s raining. #PedalToPeaks @salomonfreeski
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brodyleven : Who's the romantic @johngperkins
johngperkins : Hey @brodyleven, the romantic is an idea, not an individual. It's our romantic idea of an adventure before the reality of type-2 fun (snowless lines, wet and cold hands after hours of riding, etc) sets in. The romantic idea of a trip is never the reality, which is what makes it something worthwhile. And dang hard.
brodyleven : Dig it. @johngperkins
brodyleven : Hah @jfellows56 I have no idea but I've been fangirling.
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