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brodyleven - Brody Leven
Never did I expect the day to come when I could say, "That sure was a fun day skiing powder with Mike Douglas." But thanks to @salomonfreeski, I spent the day @revelstoke with one of the most unknowingly influential people in my entire life. A person who, from across the continent, demonstrated to me what was possible on skis when I was a little kid building jumps with my hands, every night after school, at my home ski hill in Ohio. Now I'm a big kid riding in @mikedski's home territory/state/province/whateveryoucallit of British Columbia. With him. [This IS my #freeskidreamtrip].
freeskidreamtrip -
brodyleven : Thanks @lexpett. Great form, right?
brodyleven : @phonedcgy still here !
pablosiegrist : @jjsantorini @pere8fabregat
pere8fabregat : @pablosiegrist bestial el polvito q levanta...pfff😍
pablosiegrist : Mejor q mil molinillos y torbellinos jajaja @pere8fabregat
megtakephoto : Home ski hill in Ohio?
_jt_photo : Glad ya made it up there finally...
evans_leah : #guysdoski
alyssalarson_mt - drewjumpsin07 - junjade530 - tjpegan -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Montana and its people always top my list. Yesterday was a stellar way to start my Montana ski season, with @robinhill0210, @alyssalarson_mt, @maxwellsilver, @voke_tab, and @adambaisleypohl. Thanks so much, friends. This week ruled.
voke_tab : Good times Brody!
lweileman : @evanhauser4 Montana!!
brodyleven : And the tallest one, @maxwellsilver, was the one who got the day's sole face shot. Aside from me and @robinhill0210 falling a lot.
dcrossland : Where in Montana?!
oceanmang : #teamsameteam
brodyleven : @annegilbertchase yes, that was real nice. I'm back in the exact same spot as I type this, actually. Hoping for a smoother process today to leave this airport. Best of luck at Patagonia and in Patagonia. So excited to learn about your experience.
teagueholmes : Have you returned to SLC @brodyleven? good workout at the citizens series Skimo race at Brighton tonight. 7pm start Great Western. Your ski legs will thank you ;-)
brodyleven : @teagueholmes no I haven't, unfortunately. I bet you guys have a blast at those, though.
rowanschindler - cappy410 - greg1acre - raachhel -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
My impression of the @bozemanicefest: Impressive athletes, comfortable weather, and a perfect collection of friends. I absolutely love Bozeman, Montana. I also love and recommend you Follow @maxwellsilver @ktmillerphoto @robinhill0210 @voke_tab @alyssalarson_mt @davidpowdersteele @kephoto @conrad_anker @kitdski @rachelepohl @ablondegypsy @gdotnator @polarbearsinternational #bif18
bif18 -
forestwoodward : Good humans all of those
eegrek : Revelstoke next?
kephoto : Crushing it Brody!
beartoof : Thanks for getting me into the Eagles on Friday bud! Good to see ya @brodyleven !
brodyleven : @beartoof immediately after we got wristbands my night got very, very strange. Sorry I didn't get to hang out more. Great to meet you, though. Hope you had a blast!
brodyleven : @eegrek heading there in six hours. How'd you know!?!?!? STALKER.
brodyleven : @gdotnator see what I wrote to @beartoof, above. It sucked and I'm really sorry.
gdotnator : @brodyleven the fact that you had a strange evening is reward enough for me home slice. Be safe out there. Till next time.
tiroltom - cardo_cuccia - places_like_a_heaven - elcinkk -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Yesterday morning started perfectly. Before sunrise, @ktmillerphoto, @robinhill0210, @adambaisleypohl, Sarah, and I were out the door to Hyalite Canyon, above Bozeman, Montana. We each squeezed in a couple of pitches of ice climbing before beginning our afternoon obligations. For me, that meant standing in front of a four-story structure of scaffolding and climbing holds, talking into a microphone in front of a camera as I announced the UIAA Bozeman Ice Climbing World Cup. Under the lights in front of hundreds of people and thousands online, competitors from around the world climbed in the Bozeman Ice Festival's speed climbing event on plywood with ice implements. Today, they compete in the popular, difficult, tenuous, and exciting lead climbing event. I am commentating the live stream, courtesy of @polarbearsinternational, on iceclimbingworldcup.org, where people from the around the world are watching. So, I'm glad I made it out for a fun morning before worrying about "Is something in my teeth? And how does my hair look?" Laaaaaaame. Come say Hello if you're here! I'm by the Announcer's booth and floating around the Urban Base Camp. #BIF18 @blackdiamondequipment @goalzero
bif18 -
ngkelley : Yes. I see it now.
brodyleven : @ngkelley epitomized.
dillongreen : Go check out 2nd wind sports..neat little shop I use to work at.
brodyleven : @dillongreen my favorite second hand shop in the country
ryan_frankmt : @seth_langbauer
alyssalarson_mt : βœ‚οΈ
christian_erzinger : Awesome
bikeslc : Good news is, your hair always looks good
rowanschindler - cemluka - bermusia - 1chf -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
adeibold : πŸ™Œ
ragiesss : Ahhh 😍
jackstauss : Nice contrast Brody.
josharpee : No snow
skiyourfaceoff : Hey it is Ethan from the school that got your autograph
hernamefreedom : 😍
lexie_hunsaker : Rocks!!!!!
cortnil12 : This is gorgeous πŸ™Œ
inthetrees_ - harrisoneurosports - johnyamc - petraspagatova -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
A couple pitches of this should totally prepare me for its colder, icier, more miserable, Bozeman version, right? Wait, hold on. What season is it?
bcar08 : #winterpleaseceback
brodyleven : @katrinadevore via luck, aka you, though it's but a fluke in reality
josharpee : Boz
tommybarlowtri : At first I read "couple of bitches" she looks nice so I was confused
alexquitiquit : I'm gonna need a cam by cam, piece by piece layout, with a move by move description before I get on any route. Ever.
yjenerator : I cannot like this photo. :( #prayforsnow
katrinadevore : πŸ˜‰ @brodyleven
glacieradventureguides : See you down there . Heading that way today. Let's catch up.
drcatalinpopescu - rondinaiogianfranco - etayasoolin - davidpowdersteele -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
That was a nice weekend in Utah. I really like friends and skiing. How cliché is that? Now, I'm off to the Bozeman Ice Fest for the week.
insta.prk : Utah is so underrated. Wouldn't mind getting stationed there. @mtn.bound
alexquitiquit : Go skiing! Go friends! Go ice!
caseys3 : Jealous... have fun!
alyssalarson_mt : Bozeman
thecrazyriders : Check us out! Amazing riding stories!
lmacv : @nossrewton
savafregley : @daniperry_
kallisan : So beautiful!
royman0 - tiroltom - linda03sc - sheliveswild -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
Almost two weeks ago, my good friend @perpetualweekend was preparing to make me really jealous. He and two friends were to use packrafts, traction kites, skis, and feet to make the first American crossing of the Patagonian Ice Cap. A few days before their sendoff in Chile, Jim got picked up, thrown down, and dragged by his kite. He broke 10 vertebrae, had a hard time getting back to the USA via various chartered jets, and was operated upon. @bencpeters (pictured) is his amigo, expedition partner, and first on scene to Jim’s accident. He thought he’d watched his friend die. But Ben has a good head on his shoulders, has medical training, and responded appropriately. He was by Jim’s side throughout the entire process of getting him home. Now, Ben is back in SLC. I expected him to be a little hesitant to head back into the mountains, as I would be. He and I went out for a ski tour yesterday, where I was secretly hoping to close a bunch of open questions I had around Jim’s accident. Not only did that happen, but we had a great time, did a bunch of the stuff in this picture, skied five lines, and were reminded for the 11 billionth time why we put ourselves in high-consequence situations. Jim and Ben had some really tough experiences, and it means a lot to me to know they’re recovering in their own, strong ways. Contribute to Jim's extraordinary medical payments---the last thing that someone in his situation should have to think about--via the link in my profile.
_makalu_ : Such a sick shot BrodyπŸ‘Šβ˜
_jt_photo : Well said @brodyleven
hikingdiva : Wow, I saw that Jim was tweeting some yesterday. Glad to see he is making progress. Amazing how the right people are in the right place at those life-changing moments.
gracieunited : Brody rocks. Duh
perpetualweekend : Yeah huge thanks to @bencpeters for nursing my broken ass from Chile back to the States! Thanks for the shout out @brodyleven !
brodyleven : thanks much @_jt_photo and @_makalu_.
ktmillerphoto : πŸ’™πŸ‘
dynafit : Love it @brodyleven keep climbing
mattiparisi - drcatalinpopescu - maurogis - marialovely_ -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
This weekend was for skiing. The @altaskiarea athlete and photographer partymeetingparty was where I saw and made so many friends. So were the Powder Awards and the following day of chairlift skiing at Alta with aforementioned new and old friends. I feel like I am a small, inconspicuous part of the greatest industry. And then I skied again today. And now I’m really, really happy. Especially after talking with and meeting so many of you. And after watching my friends win fancy, important awards, denoting them as the best of the best. Thanks for having us, @powdermagazine. #makemoments
makemoments -
alexandrafuller : Oh, in that case @brodyleven, fuuuuck!
dallinwestra_32 : Sick!
makivictoria : @jacobbuckner
imlateagain : Stunning shot...
brodyleven : I'm really glad you had a nice time here @brittmumma
noworkingonpowderdays : Amazing!!! We love it... skimo!!!
mewissamawie : This is so beautiful. Makes me miss Utah a whole lot.
purelymadelyn : 😍
katrinadevore - belleski - etayasoolin - hannahlproud -
brodyleven - Brody Leven
You can ski in Mexico. #MexiSnowGetaway
mexisnowgetaway -
rich248d : Marry me
rich248d : Ily
rich248d : Ur perfec
rich248d : ❀❀❀❀
tobinseagel : Puebla? I'm pretty sure I stayed just down the street from that building when I was there.
willwangphoto : πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‰
gracieunited : Who woulda thunk
saltcityarchitect : Sick!
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