Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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brianfoster - brianfoster
There is a fine line between a limp and a strut, and I choose to walk that line. Foot is getting better. #bootlife #putsomesteezinthatlimp #operationbrokenfoot
putsomesteezinthatlimp - operationbrokenfoot - bootlife -
a_ngiemarie : 😂😂😂
stumpstump : This is pretty incredible!!! @brianfoster
_sunsetsandsodas_ : Hahahaha @brianfoster #Legend
jaredswagford : Get it bud!'
pumptrack : Good to see you on the road to recovery. Your section in #holyfit was mind blowing.
zbs_jason : King of Dirt
seamusmurphy_ : @sam_phillipson
garybyoung : I'm tryin 2 b bout dat life! Ha ha. Glad to see that your mobile.
crowtotype - raul_bernabeu - nachosr2000 - ihbmx -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Samples of my Merritt FT1 signature tire have arrived. Can't wait to ride them. If you're in Vegas, they have a suite at Mandalay Bay showing off all the newness. @merrittbmx #ft1
ft1 -
monroadie : Looks good. May have found my new tires.
brianfoster : @ngdirtbike 2.25 One size.
shanekenneysr : They look cool..
basixbmx : @brianfoster C'mon BF. 1.95 to!
jdesko : Suite number?
andyp666 : 👌
brianfoster : 27235 @jdesko
teddgarvin : Congrats BF! Nice job @merrittbmx
raul_bernabeu - lace_thefck_up - tabletopbob - frenchiebmx -
brianfoster - brianfoster
If you're at interbike, stop by Mandalay Bay. Both @fitbikeco and @merrittbmx have suites and are showing off all the new goodness.
grimm683 : They need to remake your frame!! #bringbackthebluefalcon 14.25 rear and a 74° headtube. I was looking for a 21.25 and couldnt find one to save my life! #bringemback
arod4130 : Stoked to see the tires
officially_nasty : Ok
richieowen82 : @grimm683 the proper trawlerman is about the only frame that'll come close geo wise and it comes in a 21.25"
nycmk3aaa : @fano562
nickimbabmx - danyck24 - joseca_zamora - go_yam57 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Been 7 weeks since the hardware was installed in my foot. Supposed to be in the boot but bmxer's are terrible patients. Good to pedal around even if its the wrong bike. Still got a few weeks to go. Give @garybyoung a follow and wish him luck on his broken foot journey. #flatpedals #operationbrokenfoot
flatpedals - operationbrokenfoot -
pbbmx : Haha @jeffwithglasses
bigdavehotbitches : Haha @brianfoster be careful you and @garybyoung are two of my favorite riders hope he heels well. I'm dealing some crazy shit myself... Left leg above knee amputation and my left arm is back together but I'll bmx and motorscoot again
ryanbarrett : You gunning for the #topofthehaybale ?
nickrazzanotattoo : Give it hell
tdridebmx : Feeling the same way broke my foot to @brianfoster
littledevilfunclub : It was one hell of a jam though. I'm pretty sure no one will get that high on the vert wall again
freedombmx_mag : #bmxerinspandex
brian_peterson_873 : As a member of the tib-fib club, pedaling feels amazing. Good rehab too.
captainmorgo - matts_yes_system - riverrunsnorth - ilyourmom -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Sitting in an auditorium waiting for class to start. Flashing back to the late 90's. Swiped from @bmxplusmag #fbf #kod
fbf - kod -
justinspriet : So good
chase_hawk : Schwinn hat....... I haven't forgotten Fez
yoleewilliams : I had this bike
brockbruh : @mkultrasounds still keep it in your bed?
paddymoran : Your bro Alan got the best track @brianfoster on American muscle #jackson5 but your one handed tables are ingrained on my memory #soundtrack of my youth
l.jiajia : ❤❤
bmeadows81 : #bluefalcon #legend could watch you ride all day
fakeplasticbyke : 1997 ABA K.O.D
ky305lepm - bearchell_3 - unofficial_jordanhango - go_yam57 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Post this photo. Follow @merrittbmx #MERRITTSL1 for a chance to win one. This seat is dope. Good luck!
merrittsl1 -
tylereatschicken : thankyou
douglasvitola : @jeanhopebmx olha aí que masa
jeanhopebmx : Afude @douglasvitola
douglasvitola : Irado @jeanhopebmx
davidlongbmx : Love mine bf
davidlongbmx : But my 3 tabes didn't get any better like I was expecting.
ffsilvamartins - the_stick_figure - linda_kulinski - jamescarusoo -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Where my dogs at? #sotheyhaveaholidaynow #shouldibuythemacard
sotheyhaveaholidaynow - shouldibuythemacard -
jasonenns : Right here dog!
lentajacob : Love boxers.
jumpingintights : Those faces are begging for some recognition from Hallmark
koornwinder : @http.dxnceee_
stumpstump : The cutest buttons!!
melizabethbuck : Whatever you do, don't get em chocolates
marcustooker - oliver_burda - mr_tricks_ - twacked_out_chickens -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Reverend Moeller spreads the gospel. #holy_fit is a video must have. #stewjohnson killed it putting this together. Thanks to everyone that came out this weekend for the premier. @fitbikeco
stewjohnson - holy_fit -
brianfoster : Photo swiped from @digbmx
robertcaldwellphoto : Heck yea, your segment in #holy_fit is awesome @brianfoster It was nice meeting you last night, thanks for the fun night.
tommydugan : proverbs 44:16
shapebicycles : This new DVD seems to have a very good and smart whole art design @brianfoster @fitbikeco
heyitsdeuce : But were there any chicks there?
kapono_dclxvi : Jesus came to abolish religion
hbjessejames : @_epicbmx do you guys have this in stock?
fittees : Ordered!!
thefortwayneindoor - davidis_ok - eduardoguty - yellowdesigns -
brianfoster - brianfoster
FYI There is only one place on an airplane to elevate your foot. #excusemesirareyouokinthere #occupied #justaminuteplease #dowhatyougottado #operationbrokenfoot #holy_fit
dowhatyougottado - operationbrokenfoot - justaminuteplease - holy_fit - excusemesirareyouokinthere - occupied -
shapebicycles : Good luck and get well soon @brianfoster
vizina1017 : That looks like the ultimate push position for poop leverage. Will test and post results.
elvislicul : @ryanlicul_photo see flying is possible
that_bowden_kid : @brianfoster dude I feel your pain! My left foot is broken too!
azlorac : Gee, that doesn't look like much fun!!!
decobmx : 100
themidschool : I know that feeling -
butterbean.time : It was great meeting you!! @brianfoster
ryderlawrencebmx - eservice - baloneysandwich - ryan199224 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
In honor of Fit's fourth full length video #holy_fit premiering this weekend, I am flashing back to the first video #f-it. I found my part on vimeo and I'm fairly confident that I'm a better bike rider today than I was when I was 30. There are only a few clips that I find acceptable. #fbf
fbf - holy_fit - f -
geoffslatts : Your like a fine wine @brianfoster , better with age
brian_barnhart : Agreed. True badass. Stoked to see the video.
davidlongbmx : You're the man bf.
exit22pa : Nice
83899fiona : Hey bro. So excited to go see the premiere down under in Sydney. Thanks for all the stinky gloves over the years.
teamilson : The 360 nose bonk off the tree is timeless! Stoked to see the new part
jackyeah86 : That'll be the crank flip then? @brianfoster 👍
__mastershake__ : @brianfoster the only thing my 3 month old son will eat & fall asleep to is your fitlife part, already knows your a legend!!! He just wanted to say thanks for being so fuckin awesome!!!
phil_piazza - frank_herrera03 - azlorac - ryan199224 -
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