Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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brianfoster -
You need to follow @montanaricky for several reasons. First off, he's starting to do webisodes that may make you laugh. This dude may love BMX more than anyone I know. Secondly, he is the sales rep for @merrittbmx so if you work at a shop, hit him up for some goods. Finally, his peer pressure skills are good enough to get me to try something I've never been good at. #bmxisfun #streetbiking #surferphotobomb @montanaricky @montanaricky @montanaricky
surferphotobomb - streetbiking - bmxisfun -
dimitrisrd : @dimitristsetsilas
dimitrisrd : Etsi! @dimitristsetsilas
mmurdoch951 : Ah shit BF street edit 2016! Lol
chrisjame5 : Anyone catch the random surfer in the background? Lol
littledevilderek : Mad steezy yo
mikeaitkenofficial : Haha too good!!..;D
soma_wage : @andy_nugroho_
codycooldude7 : Always way too AWESOMEπŸ’―πŸš²
_danielijah - jo_11_bmx - asdius - rider_artem007 -
brianfoster -
Need I remind you I was a professional painter in 1991? I was on the Road Fools with the blue pedals in support of Tiseo and I'm happy to support #goldpedalsformirra I'm hoping we can keep the conversation going concerning all the questions that were brought up over the last week as we move forward.
goldpedalsformirra -
deedubrecords : Painted mine #goldformirra yesterday. Rock on BF!!!
daveiskindofabigdeal : @wanda.jimmy
j_man_b : πŸ–ŒπŸΎβž°γ€°πŸ”†πŸŒ€πŸŒ€β™¨οΈ cycle craft paint job emojis @brianfoster
bmxnewschannel : πŸ‘
vwbmx44 : Ill be spraying my downhill pedals gold just for Dave in the next coming months
ize_official : πŸ™
irrsbmxcrew : @felipearros
aldenolms : @brianfoster That you were - Painted my frames pretty good - only till years later did I learn you was colorblind..! Definitely need to keep the conversation going.. losing too many good ones to this ::
dion_hildebrandt - local_lurkers - chubby_spandex - raul_biker_rider -
brianfoster -
I didn't know what to do with myself today on a break between classes..... so I went for a walk so I could attempt to process. Thoughts go out to everyone dealing with sadness, anger and disbelief today. BMX lost an icon. #mirra
mirra -
toninhosuspensoes : Best the best BMX 😞😞😒😒 Brasil πŸ™πŸ½πŸ™πŸ½
tony_566 : You just don't know what gos on in ones head. Just because things that look good on the outside we don't know how people are inside there own head. Prayers for his family
dan_herz : @jhew83 πŸ™πŸ»
jhew83 : @dan_herz I saw this earlier. The falcon said best so far πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
_aiden_foster : @isaac_murray
pabloc994 : Legends never die.
_greenthumblife_ : Damn man you rode for fit so long, dope! Cheers✌🏼️
deedubrecords : I just had a thought about you, like I hope BF knows how much we all support him and simply put love him as an awesome person.
bmxkouklas - garrettemery357 - victorprimico - oscar_champloo96 -
brianfoster -
#tbt 2013. Catty. Looking forward to shorts and no shirt riding days. πŸ“Έ @shutterdestruction #thatsnotawhiteshirt #tbog @fitbikeco @merrittbmx @fitbfstem @fitbfframe @fitbikecobikes2016 @ft1_tire @biltwell
tbog - thatsnotawhiteshirt - tbt -
smith_lucas : @jamieambersnow
torrextrem : Top tobogán @cristobal_torres_
mcgnarls : @zan_58 dope!
zeppelin_of_led : @nill_bye
codycooldude7 : You are SO AWSOMEπŸ’―
ktmzach804 : We need that on our wall!πŸ‘‘
nugtone : @brianfoster so rad !
alexmachete81 : I miss Drexel Brook! #floodssuck
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brianfoster -
@brianwizmerski is dropping a 5 minute iPhone edit tomorrow featuring random shit from Philly over the last year. Link will be in his bio. Psyched that I made it into the mix. Follow him because we were Schwinn teammates. @fitbikeco @merrittbmx @fitbfframe @fitbfstem @ft1_tire #thrillisgone
thrillisgone -
motomonkey13 : ICON!!
zeppelin_of_led : @meg.meg.5 two of my favorite things in one sweet video
ktmzach804 : So AWESOME πŸš²πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
juicyjaymz : U druggo!
oxley697 : @bhoreckles that's badass!!
design_logic_bikes : Badass, foster, philly, and the flag. MERICA!!
insta_rad : @slim_taper
1stplacefinish : So good to see this edit. Always wondered what that dude was doin. He killed it back in the day. And still does
mblox530 - lilgerm88 - avoid_the_boyd_ - real_b.m.x -
brianfoster -
Was supposed to drive to Rays this morning with the @merrittbmx dudes. Here's my excuse. Apparently we are getting another foot throughout the day. β„οΈβ˜ƒβ„οΈβ˜ƒβ„οΈ
treebicycleco : Fucken a!
generalleecsc : Shoulda came last weekend to the Old Fools event! @brianfoster
jeanking94 : That sucks. Come to Hawaii and shred with me!
adambaker11 : 60F in Denver today. I would be happy to make a weather trade.
leezer82 : If you don't want that other foot of snow I will gladly take it here in lock haven PA
woodyardbmx : Do you have a new frame coming out.? And come out and shred my ramp #itsabigramp
brianfoster : @woodyardbmx Frame out mid February. And I've seen your creation, it looks awesome
woodyardbmx : Thanks @brianfoster I'm old school. Never quit . My ramp was the easy part . It's pretty hard to not recycle here in Canada. Camping is available. . Bring @montanaricky cause he's crazy funny a tech as ....
oscar_champloo96 - brodbikepark - warbeast.666 - juangelohenderson -
brianfoster -
Today's #tbt courtesy of @mulligan4130 It was 2001, I had just returned from a six month vacation from bilateral ACL reconstruction and had just quit Schwinn to ride for a brand new bike company called @fitbikeco Photographers refer to this time of day at the trails in Southern California as the golden hour for its spectacular sunsets. In reality, it only lasts about 15 minutes and as a rider it is too dark to see anything until the flashes pop which temporarily blinds you and you try to remember where your pedals were and where the landing was so you can safely ride away. By the looks of things, after surgery, I should have spent more time in physical therapy working on leg extension. #slatertrails #nofootxup #sunset #storytime
nofootxup - slatertrails - tbt - sunset - storytime -
jc4130 : Did you and @moeller_chris plan out the no footed x up posts ha
travisflane8 : @assoonasthegoodtimesroll
mcgyverbmx : πŸ™‰
pete_player : I remember this pic. Weren't you also riding for voxom? @brianfoster
codycooldude7 : whoa Brian AWSOMEπŸ’―
jeff_perkins84 : Siiiiick
kermit_589 : Bmx plus magazine days @brianfoster
tljzfm : Awesome pic!
drunkbabes - mwikanphoto - leroy.rochester - colinbmxer -
brianfoster -
Here's a flashback that @skapegoat256 posted last week. 2005. When jeans were big, bars were small and Red Bull gave us a bunch of money to go out and have fun. Such a good group of dudes. #teamjersey #breadbull #nyquistcantbarspin #iusedaboardridingstreet @fitbikeco @merrittbmx
breadbull - teamjersey - iusedaboardridingstreet - nyquistcantbarspin -
jonsphoto : @jarrett_v
nicky_g_dicky : Hoboken. πŸ‘Œ that spot is classic
gjohnson334 : #inspiration
georged256 : Lived it πŸ‘πŸ½
danbycenski : #wizmerski?
davidantior : I watched this dvd so many times. Wish I could find it again.
robertotafa : @paolodugarte volante 7
codycooldude7 : i wanna ride with you!
mblox530 - michael.turner22 - byebyebyennet - d21cristian -
brianfoster -
Drain was clogged with leaves. Bowl filled up with water. Water froze. Frozen water was killing some of the lines. Took the #polarbearchallenge and solved the problem. Had a good session. #coldfeet #jumpinitsperfect @fitbikeco @merrittbmx @fitbfstem @fitbikecobikes2016 @ft1_tire
jumpinitsperfect - polarbearchallenge - coldfeet -
j_ooshua : that sucks
cocozurita : Thats awesome
arod4130 : Lol thanks
rorye4130 : Manshit
dirtboyindustries : Is that bowl open again.
dgbmx : #dedication
mikee_meehan : @iamhenry97 peep me and you on the top
nathanbickley : See @georgestaley I'm in good company. Hahaha!
brodbikepark - scott_r_k - southbikes - leigh_weyburg -
brianfoster -
Spun some laps today at the @merrittbmx warehouse. Thankful for a winter riding spot. Thanks to @tajlucas and @geoffslats for the inspiration to do this move. @merrittbmx @fitbikeco #ihadtoresizeit #ihatewinter
ihatewinter - ihadtoresizeit -
misledcincinnati : Huge mistake regret @therealmatthew_corell
dustin_t_orem : Yes!
daveall22 : @phil29cdo
scottydoes1023 : Was trying them last night couldn't get it awesome dude
keithreadbmx : Bro @geoff_ort
ktmzach804 : YESπŸ‘‘πŸš²πŸ’―
codycooldude7 : GREATESTπŸ’―
andrewhrndez : @beamonfinjo
warbeast.666 - mitsurumizutani - fatguts84 - edward_jimenz -
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