Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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brianfoster - brianfoster
Figured I'm going to eat too much today and crack open a beer at noon so I went for a morning run. My arthritic knees and tender ankle from my broken foot this summer think I'm an idiot. I can't argue with them. Happy Thanksgiving y'all. Thanks to @polkamom for the frozen corn #thatsnotthecornweareeatingisit #idontrun
thatsnotthecornweareeatingisit - idontrun -
casualnosepickr : Game face!
ts138 : This is AWESOME! @brianfoster well done.
r_popple : Spin some miles on the roadie, way easier on the joints.
mercury34 : @brianfoster you should run only when being chased by wild animals.
brianfoster : @r_popple @mercury34 looks like western PA has it figured out. I agree 100%.
codycooldude7 : Happy Thanksgiving!
pj_bike_dr : Hey bf you better stop by the shop on fri. Ill come get you
katiemarkus : Happy Thanksgiving BF! Your efforts were better than mine haha
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brianfoster - brianfoster
More #holy_fit scraps. Surfing on bricks. #wallridewednesday @fitbikeco πŸŽ₯-stew
holy_fit - wallridewednesday -
the_young_herbalist : @jackmrrly the wallrides tho
rboost1 : 2 o'clock sk8park session!!!
gbyrnest1 : Summons the kahuna!!
mercury34 : @brianfoster smooth like gravy
pj_bike_dr : Bf coming to the island for the holidays?
rubenalcantara : Siii !!!
codycooldude7 : WOW!
faldfhkhfidhfid : @snakewoods
davidaemmel - danimal6666 - bmx__piggy - andycapa13 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Holy Fit cutting room floor. @fitbikeco #holy_fit
holy_fit -
konrad_korzunowicz : @mikexgonzalez @tom_hufford @colin_larsen
6tree6fucker6 : What!!! @patar420 @joshmakesmusic
seekinbigmouths : @b.tea.three !!!!!
patar420 : Sweet spot! @ckydeath
dacakes : #666 likes
b.tea.three : Sheeeet @seekinbigmouths
dorito_not_chip : @free.iphone.give4way
codycooldude7 : AWSOME Brian!!
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brianfoster - brianfoster
I've been questioning the bowling ball helmet look that I've adopted so when @theaaronross sent me some visors I had to try it. I couldn't see shit. When I was on a big landing I would try to see the next lip and had to wait til the visor allowed me to see it. I'm going bowling ball from this point forward. @biltwell #ineedavisorrizer #whereshomercroom
ineedavisorrizer - whereshomercroom -
bmxyorkster253 : @pointsleeder rally
brian_barnhart : Bummer it didn't work out. Looks classic.
t_slov236 : @t_rav66
ichorsportsmedicine : Run a bubble visor and some aviator glasses.
pointsleeder : Chris Baldwin is the original visorless. . .before me and @mikemetzger ... no cosmetic just function..
tomemurphy410 : You need a visor riser. ..
jrtbmx : @popboy905 yes Coastal Bmx
moeller_chris : @tomemurphy410 time to call Brian Gas!
gregoryrdickson - twoand8 - davescoc91 - ap_giant -
brianfoster - brianfoster
45 degrees, drizzling, eye watering, snotty nose, end of season session today. Here's Coleman getting sideways as I lay in the dirt getting rained on. Good times. #lastcall #partysover #butijuststartedridingagain
lastcall - butijuststartedridingagain - partysover -
rjp_rv_bmx : I'm in the same boat as you, @mark_marcotte. I'm about to turn 31, and didn't get into BMX until I was about 24. It's all about getting out and having fun, and good times with your friends (new and old)
mark_marcotte : @rjp_rv_bmx exactly!! Good on ya, keep it up man!
rjp_rv_bmx : Plus, even if we suck, all those kids need us old dudes to keep them in check, haha, @mark_marcotte.
mark_marcotte : Ha! More like the kids need to show us how it's done, kids got balls these days @rjp_rv_bmx ... and I checked a couple of your videos, not too shabby for someone who started at 24
thedirtydan : You dudes rule @brianfoster @poshwoods
joehulette : We should still have some laps ahead of us out at area, you're always welcome.
tyjohnsrud : @brianfoster Can't wait to see you back in action!
flowg75 : Colemang is the mo fukn man! Trail boss style! Yewwwwww
landoneil - manolosaezdh - merrittbmx - elias_marcelino -
brianfoster - brianfoster
#fbf inspired by @chris_doyle22 When he was 16, he did suicide no handers for fun. When I did them, I was in my late twenties and was trying to ride with two blown ACL's. That trick represents a low point in my riding. Knees were shot and I was doing this trick because I couldn't bend my knees to do a proper table. Moral to the story: If you get hurt, deal with it or you'll be doing tricks you hate and posting a rant about it years later.
fbf -
guigazola : @andremontibeller se liga ma tee
andremontibeller : Clássico @guigazola melhor ver a fita da Schwinn de novo.
gjohnson334 : Love that trick
totallyshadical : So how are your knees now, after all these years?
woodyardbmx : Yo Brian. Follow us and or #woodyardbikeparkCanadainvite
houseflyt : Still sick regardless
familiarstrange : Was this from the photo at nor cups about 15 years ago?
davidaemmel : Haha
matthieu_j - alfie_ratgard - conwayryan - fiftyfoe54 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Since it's Election Day, I would like to share my political views. I voted Clint for Governor of the trails.
mmurdoch951 : I wrote him in on the pa ballot. Haha
badvibe_bmx : So smooth
tfng : @gravemx162
gravemx162 : @tfng πŸ˜³πŸ™ˆ
steezygiese765 : @lukeprobst258 @bradmotherway
tajlucas : Agreed
eli_winslow : @mitchlj
harryhardy11 : @__danielhall__
joesbowers - matthieu_j - alfie_ratgard - captain_atom -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Today was awesome! Starting to get comfortable. Foot is good to go. Ankle is tender and needs to get stronger. #homesweethome #posh
posh - homesweethome -
brian_guy27 : @byron_darrington96 duuude
dirtjumper4life26 : @dslipp09
cliquebmx : Nothing's riding here in uk, all too wet now. Won't be riding trails until February/march. Can't tell you he jealous I am of this!!
rhysie254 : @chrishaltz
kai_pressey : @calfenton
rich7kid : @snipeskillz
chadsilk : @joesbowers
joesbowers : @chadsilk so pumped to dig a big ass jump
matthieu_j - duffer_21 - rider4l1fe - fiftyfoe54 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Final episode of the broken foot lawn mower trilogy. Going riding tomorrow, lawn's going to have to mow itself. As with all trilogies, the first one was by far the best.
rad.neck : @dekerrrrr
brianfoster : @patquinnpatquinn Posh. End of season. Gotta get some laps. @mrrushmore You guys headed over?
mrrushmore : Damn not sure!! No ride but well figure something out!!
bucky_bmx : That was satisfying
instadiggles : Diggles moment !!!!!haaa
bluegroover4130 : End of a season...gotta get them laps πŸ‘good to hear your back 🍻@brianfoster
garybyoung : Stoked you're back on it. I have been logging road bike miles and I can't wait to be pumping around again. Enjoy the sessions buddy! @brianfoster
neildawheel666 : 🍻
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brianfoster - brianfoster
Got busted doing the dreaded "trophy" air rocking my new @biltwell cue ball helmet. @pusskwally has the full size pic. #cattyjam πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
cattyjam -
instadiggles : Never forget your roots !
shawnmwyatt : @thee_demps
maxbrionnelove : @mxchris256
mercury34 : @brianfoster lookin pretty good to me. Better than a knees out,elbows down,front end high.
haroldmcgruther : You rule, Brian. Thanks for all your support ride safe,my friend.
treylampe : @brianfoster nailed it though, text book
bostonshawn : sweet image. finally watched your holy fit section yesterday πŸ‘πŸ‘Š amazing to say the least and proof as to why you've always been an inspiration to me and countless others πŸ‘πŸ† thank you @brianfoster
poshwoods : Hahaha this is so great!
santigregorat202 - _tyronpeana - poshwoods - sergnesgovorov -
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