Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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brianfoster - brianfoster
Today was awesome! Starting to get comfortable. Foot is good to go. Ankle is tender and needs to get stronger. #homesweethome #posh
posh - homesweethome -
romobmx1 : Where is this?
iowajay : @picturesfromthisguy this will be your yard in about a year.
painter_dan : @digmikep
jake_trujillo00 : Sick bro @that1brownkid10
baxterrrrrr : @ollieball__ this is SICK!
commoncolton : @commoncody I want to ride this
rowinheynen : Ook wel lekker @jvdh327
maximiliantrunz : @masgregjr
jmedelaney - ferbmx111 - nick_dinglo - lloyd_ecd -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Final episode of the broken foot lawn mower trilogy. Going riding tomorrow, lawn's going to have to mow itself. As with all trilogies, the first one was by far the best.
rad.neck : @dekerrrrr
brianfoster : @patquinnpatquinn Posh. End of season. Gotta get some laps. @mrrushmore You guys headed over?
mrrushmore : Damn not sure!! No ride but well figure something out!!
bucky_bmx : That was satisfying
instadiggles : Diggles moment !!!!!haaa
bluegroover4130 : End of a season...gotta get them laps πŸ‘good to hear your back 🍻@brianfoster
garybyoung : Stoked you're back on it. I have been logging road bike miles and I can't wait to be pumping around again. Enjoy the sessions buddy! @brianfoster
neildawheel666 : 🍻
dclosser - bswartz87 - finn_cornelius - anthonygeorgeyoung -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Got busted doing the dreaded "trophy" air rocking my new @biltwell cue ball helmet. @pusskwally has the full size pic. #cattyjam πŸ†πŸ†πŸ†
cattyjam -
circuit_bmx_shop : Nothing wrong with trophy topping. @brianfoster it's a classic.
instadiggles : Never forget your roots !
shawnmwyatt : @thee_demps
maxbrionnelove : @mxchris256
mercury34 : @brianfoster lookin pretty good to me. Better than a knees out,elbows down,front end high.
haroldmcgruther : You rule, Brian. Thanks for all your support ride safe,my friend.
treylampe : @brianfoster nailed it though, text book
bostonshawn : sweet image. finally watched your holy fit section yesterday πŸ‘πŸ‘Š amazing to say the least and proof as to why you've always been an inspiration to me and countless others πŸ‘πŸ† thank you @brianfoster
aw_gooner - andybelsterling - justinsteezmolea - layne_31 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
First day back in the woods. Foot felt decent. Had to knock off the cobwebs a little but psyched to be riding trails again. Regram from @hawbra56 #cattyhalloweenjam #backonthehorse
cattyhalloweenjam - backonthehorse -
brian_barnhart : Good to see you flying again falcon.
ryanhoey : Just a chill day on west side to shake the rust off haha
jandobear : Looks like you have not missed a beat
iam_pratt : You rode good man! Keep working on getting that DF back.
paintedman48 : @genuinevil
serb76 : Great sight
robertcaldwellphoto : Right on @brianfoster
justinspriet : Stoked to see ya back on the 🐎
calebbmx89 - pusskwally - lazlopentaflex - maya_sian_robles -
brianfoster - brianfoster
So psyched they're getting married. Not them, but @punkndatrunk and @mulligan4130 So happy for you two and so bummed we couldn't be there to celebrate with you. #punkyandkeith2014
punkyandkeith2014 -
abod_al.bonny : ΩƒΩŠ Ψ§Ω†Ωƒ
83899fiona : Is that Timmy?
brianfoster : @83899fiona @ts138
83899fiona : Cycle crafters
crstevens619 : Classic. So cal grey tshirt Chaka fuck you crew. Either you know or you don't.
mulligan4130 : πŸ‘ @83899fiona
foreveramazed - andersonmagalhaesbmx - juninhoborsbmx - victor.garcia54 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Nora Cup has been toying with my emotions since Snap magazine brought it back in 1998 and the Lumberjack beat me out for racer of the year. Here we are 15+ nominations later and it's an absolute honor to be included in the conversation. Thanks to @fitbikeco @foxbmx @merrittbmx for the support. @ridebmx #noracup #emptytrophycase
emptytrophycase - noracup -
_andjello : You win
markmulville : You're the damn man bf!!!!!
adambanton : ^^^^^^^ @markmulville
leedenn : You already got my vote
monroadie : Congrats Brian.
foxbmx : You're a winner in our book BF!
samhavrak : When is the lifetime achievement award?!
mikeyalmodovar : You da man
mulligan4130 - patkingjr843 - peezy1oh - theherbncrew -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Wishing I was in North Carolina riding with the dudes. Have fun and keep the rubber side down. #tbt from #dreamline 1.0
dreamline - tbt -
aspy134 : Fucking Sick !!!! @brianfoster (pardon the language)
guigazola : @andremontibeller
monroadie : Great shot.
dirtbag4130 : Creepin round hahaga
officially_nasty : Missed you over the weekend :(
larry_edgar : You are the man!!!!
trednt : Hey Brian, it's Trent. It was nice to meet you! & thanks!
codycooldude7 : Brian you are so AWSOME!
bologna691 - calebbmx89 - aw_gooner - willkeister -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Repost this pic. #merrittblue Follow @merrittbmx Win free stuff.
merrittblue -
pantsuit_uugghh : Buawahahaha
jay_r_morris : Win free stuff? Yes please!
progypo : Fuck plastic!! Recycle that shit
progypo : There nice looking though
progypo : Or plastic with metal pins.....that's what I got..... trained by the one and only @rubenalcantara .....RESPECT
progypo : Just saying
bmxdrake99 : @david_cook86 all the negativity is comeing from u
rideindirrty : @r0nnieb86
arod4130 - annentony6970 - willkeister - yungchainsnap -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Doctor gave me the green light to get back at it. Some figure eights at the local bowl is always a good place to start. #11weeks #operationbrokenfoot #belowcoping #cruising #feelsgood
feelsgood - belowcoping - operationbrokenfoot - cruising - 11weeks -
not_associated_ : I rode there but I forget the name
92awdtsi : Maple shade @not_associated_
chadphaire : Slice!
codycooldude7 : AWSOME!!!!
benfrancke : Da isser doch @kuskusffm
bmxdrake99 : @brianfoster ill play u in a game.of bike
progypo : Daygo Daygo
haidmax : "The dude!" @vpun
brooklyn__ - the_stick_figure - zappalives - insideoutb0y -
brianfoster - brianfoster
My first ever #mcm goes to Mike Gentilcore. He put on a contest this weekend that epitomizes what BMX is all about. Bummed I couldn't ride in it this year. This dude has been a staple in the PA trail scene since day 1. I have clips in American Muscle from his trails called Black Track. Follow @trabmx and count the days until he does this contest again. #bmxisfun #level4
level4 - mcm - bmxisfun -
tim__coyne : Pair of #mcm's right there
mercury34 : @brianfoster man tell Mike I said hello. It's been a long time. Smartest dude at the trails ever.
leetrahaan : @ooti
pahoosier77 : Metalcore is the best!
sterlachini : Gumbus!
upchucktheboogy : Where yat
monroadie : Man I'm old, I remember his track from the mags.
tabletopbob : #boss
ricky_3330 - okerick - grimm683 - donatdnt -
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