Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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brianfoster - brianfoster
Where my dogs at? #sotheyhaveaholidaynow #shouldibuythemacard
sotheyhaveaholidaynow - shouldibuythemacard -
jasonenns : Right here dog!
lentajacob : Love boxers.
jumpingintights : Those faces are begging for some recognition from Hallmark
koornwinder : @http.dxnceee_
stumpstump : The cutest buttons!!
melizabethbuck : Whatever you do, don't get em chocolates
jabejones - foreveramazed - luke_parenteau - bookiegr -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Reverend Moeller spreads the gospel. #holy_fit is a video must have. #stewjohnson killed it putting this together. Thanks to everyone that came out this weekend for the premier. @fitbikeco
stewjohnson - holy_fit -
brianfoster : Photo swiped from @digbmx
robertcaldwellphoto : Heck yea, your segment in #holy_fit is awesome @brianfoster It was nice meeting you last night, thanks for the fun night.
tommydugan : proverbs 44:16
shapebicycles : This new DVD seems to have a very good and smart whole art design @brianfoster @fitbikeco
sacklife2 : But were there any chicks there?
kapono_dclxvi : Jesus came to abolish religion
hbjessejames : @_epicbmx do you guys have this in stock?
doasilva - ryan199224 - capital_bmx - undergroundink666 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
FYI There is only one place on an airplane to elevate your foot. #excusemesirareyouokinthere #occupied #justaminuteplease #dowhatyougottado #operationbrokenfoot #holy_fit
dowhatyougottado - operationbrokenfoot - justaminuteplease - holy_fit - excusemesirareyouokinthere - occupied -
shapebicycles : Good luck and get well soon @brianfoster
vizina1017 : That looks like the ultimate push position for poop leverage. Will test and post results.
elvislicul : @ryanlicul_photo see flying is possible
that_bowden_kid : @brianfoster dude I feel your pain! My left foot is broken too!
azlorac : Gee, that doesn't look like much fun!!!
decobmx : 100
themidschool : I know that feeling -
brian9974 : It was great meeting you!! @brianfoster
shaneweiler - austin_bmx6 - weston_vaughn - brian9974 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
In honor of Fit's fourth full length video #holy_fit premiering this weekend, I am flashing back to the first video #f-it. I found my part on vimeo and I'm fairly confident that I'm a better bike rider today than I was when I was 30. There are only a few clips that I find acceptable. #fbf
fbf - holy_fit - f -
geoffslatts : Your like a fine wine @brianfoster , better with age
brian_barnhart : Agreed. True badass. Stoked to see the video.
davidlongbmx : You're the man bf.
exit22pa : Nice
83899fiona : Hey bro. So excited to go see the premiere down under in Sydney. Thanks for all the stinky gloves over the years.
teamilson : The 360 nose bonk off the tree is timeless! Stoked to see the new part
jackyeah86 : That'll be the crank flip then? @brianfoster 👍
__mastershake__ : @brianfoster the only thing my 3 month old son will eat & fall asleep to is your fitlife part, already knows your a legend!!! He just wanted to say thanks for being so fuckin awesome!!! - austin_bmx6 - masami033123 - twoand8 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Can't wait for this!!! #holy_fit @fitbikeco
holy_fit -
cheyennelela : !!!
amerrall76 : Yes! Cant wait to see what the crew has been doin.
nicdesilvax - bmxerkid12 - keith_nwbmx - joshuajamesb -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Been a month since #operationbrokenfoot began. Hope to get my cast off in two weeks. Here's a #tbogtuesday from the last day I rode. 📷 @genuinevil
operationbrokenfoot - tbogtuesday -
pucksnotdead : #666thlike
stixsixsix : Heal up fast blue falcon! Bmx needs you back
solid_stripe : #roots
littledevilderek : Boom. @genuinevil
guigazola : Classico @emiliomanga
saltypistachio : If you weren't old as dirt, I'd say you didn't dig any!
jaydu26 : a legend !!!
azlorac : That sure was a accident waiting to happen! Oh yes, and it did! Sorry for all your pain.
hichasedapilot - mokee_moke - twacked_out_chickens - twoand8 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Enjoy your Saturday morning coffee with a quick read at I am by no means done riding, but I am trying to set the table for the next step. Link is in my profile. Hope you like it!
dallasmtb : Great read. Good luck!
colinmackaybmx : Good for you @brianfoster all the best.
jakestephenitch : @brianfoster awesome article and I think you made the right choice in careers. Training and phy. therapy are super interesting the more you get into it. Keep digging BF!
polishpawel : I just finished PT school and just got my first PT job, got any qss let me know @brianfoster!
dawndelites : Good luck my friend! I wish I would have done something in the medical field!
anstoetter : I just read this a couple days ago and can appreciate your outlook of "one day at a time". School can be daunting, but before you know it you'll be done. Congrats and good luck!!
saltypistachio : #notadiggingcareer
faula_eduardo : Good luck, Brian! I know it's not easy... Thanks for sharing!
rosi_couzens - mike_brennan_ - josh_irvine86 - david_frijole85 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Can't be stopped! #getoffthecouch #stubborn
stubborn - getoffthecouch -
xgagebanksx : 👍👍
cap2324 : Hahah
ryanisbright : @will_stunts
andy_willard : @156wb
156wb : @kardyphoto
branden_watson_ : @paulieshwag
bmx801kid : @cgracing801
cgracing801 : Lol clever as always BF
156wb - scottycyphers - nathanbmx7 - azlorac -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Mork calling Orson, come in Orson. #RIP #shazbot #nanunanu
nanunanu - shazbot - rip -
haileighcute243 : R.I.P.
rogliardi : Rip
blackstealth44 : It's sad.he was a great guy and a character for sure @brianfoster
alfonsomp1 : Q.e.p.d. Mork :(
1terribleone : His legacy will be here for an eternity rip robin
pjturns : so sad
namzaramo : My fave.
kthunder_20 : One of my favorite actors and comedians
dylan_housley22 - kagian - __aust - ye_ole_stuntman -
brianfoster - brianfoster
@foxbmx @foxracing @foxheadinc Making my cast classy for a wedding #icantdance
icantdance -
bkulpy20 : Can u follow me back... I'm a big fan
georgerimpinen : Hope you have a quick and full recovery my man be safe
chris_falk : Get well soon Dr smooth
shawnarata : Yeah bf. Get it. Get that foot better
kthunder_20 : Will über able to ride again
ormongrel : Get some deck sealant man, that stuff will shine like a diamond and you'll smell like a million bucks!
msm102591 : At least the pants fit!!! @brianfoster
nycmk3aaa : 👌 get well
huzeffner - ryderlawrencebmx - hadrienpicard - donatdnt -
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