Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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These aren't the droids you're looking for. #otisonekinobi #bathday
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dirtsculptdave : O BE 1 @brianfoster
polkamom : Grandma loves this puppy dog!!!!!Otis, tell poppa that you want to go see Grumpa, Grandma & Tucker real soon!!! May the force be with you!! 🐢 πŸΎπŸ˜‰
g1nja_ninja : LOL
tabletopbob : #dogsrule
dbp589 : @kgax2 looks exactly like Max
moeller_chris : @brianfoster OB1K9B
cheese_lyfe : @ms.pnw @trinity.dhru
motomonkey13 : Dogs are Awesome## #petsrule
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Damn. Bummed to hear of the demise of BMX PLUS! Worked with tons of good people at the magazine over the years. I grew up putting pictures from it on my wall. Do kids put pictures on their wall anymore? Here's a cover from 1995. #printishard @foxbmx
printishard -
nofooter4130 : I still have this issue, usually break it out when Scotty Y is over to embarrass him...haha.
criminaltradition : Being back the echo helmets and mouth guards
criminaltradition : Is that a ugp number plate?
weave1369_ : Yes they do. My 10 yo puts all his bike pics up
ljm_mm : πŸ‘£πŸ‘€ @nxliu。...
owencamm : Your my inspiration @brianfoster I want to be just like you when I grow up . BF.IT!!
oleyeller_85c10 : These were the good Ole days for me #90s
pfairban : Sad news! 😒 @fairy145
kissmycrossover2323 - rothrockcoffee - dirkdiggler1990514422 - danielbril_mx -
brianfoster -
Labor Day weekend 1992. Wasn't always known for a hole shot but on this day I was on it. Glad there is still racing going on in Louisville on Labor Day weekend. @boneau210 has the sequel to this photo.
danscompinstagram : πŸ†βš‘οΈπŸ†βš‘οΈπŸ†
jondavistill : @yehbrah
machshaun : I wasn't alive @chromed.out
flaherty4130 : Heading for that inside line!
lucianowojtowicz : @carlinhoswojtowicz , @jefersonbmx295 ,
thestevieb : Someone should start an old school league with only flats and no pavement haha
usabmx : ROOTS!πŸ‘πŸ‘
codycooldude7 : πŸ’―πŸ‘‘πŸš²πŸ‘ŠπŸΌ
rothrockcoffee - mattpierre86 - leadtothehead - albrecht.john -
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After the first week of school, I was looking for some trail therapy. Headed to Catty because I knew people would be there and just as I arrived, I was greeted by a thunderstorm. Headed to Posh because I knew it was dry but no one was there. Took 40 minutes to untarp one line. Broke my strict rule of riding trails solo and had a good session. I think riding in the middle of the woods by yourself is stupid but my only other choice was not to ride.
poshwoods : @patquinnpatquinn have you been to Posh since we built all the small warm up section up top? If not, you should come check it out tomorrow for the jam!
tabletopbob : You're the #boss !
tanasirelampago : @jrhenry79
lolly_is_dopee : @king___george___ @holden_saunders @_zackheredia_
stevop007 : Life is meant to be lived. Thanks or doing your part
r1chqrd : @braders_g
grantmcvaugh : The way I see it is, like my jumps, most of these trails are surrounded by houses...your good haha
vincentprimel : @brianfoster may be see you There this week end if you around ?
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@fitbikeco put my part from #holy_fit online. Link in my bio @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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nutriousnick666 : @zekeisfree23x3 @scottwelch_ @ohhnoojoo
lance_mosley : Soooo good man!!
silent_matt : @billie_fox that scrub 😳
tlapataslo : Straight up ballin
max__decker : fuck this flatrail and curb shit, this is BMX! such beautiful riding!
shanekenneysr : Fdr clips are so sick. That's my local spot I would love to see you shred it in person. Keep it up bro!!
eric_jensen_ : Be out east in about 2 weeks. Better see you down in the woods !! @brianfoster
codycooldude7 : your part was soooo AWSOMEπŸ’―. we watch it all the timeπŸ‘ŠπŸΌπŸ‘‘πŸš²βœŠπŸΌ
earth2reuben - cdiddy305 - wldsnake - handwrecker -
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First day of the semester. First class. Who knew getting hurt all those times would help me get better grades. #backtoschool
backtoschool -
zakaryearley : Goodluck in school man keep cranking
motoxposer : @brianfoster Jason Kendall! I was at that game, when he broke his ankle! #Pirates
chrisarriaga : I'm on week 3 of my first semester after an 18 year summer. Feels good.
ebdave : Dang! Heavy motivation from you guys!πŸ‘ @brianfoster @chrisarriaga
specialdave23 : What school are you going to @brianfoster
iam_pratt : Working in PT and being a bmxer is a win win.
popsagain : Steel plate in elbow and 18yrs working in post PT. BMX served well!
murphyleemoschetta : I vividly remember watching Jason Kendall trying to run out a bunt at 3 Rivers Stadium. He stepped on the edge of first base, his foot folded to a 90*, and his ankle touched the ground.
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Having fun promoting @fitbikecobikes2016 #fullmetaljacket #privatepyle #thisismyrifle #fitbikeco #bf1 @biltwell
bf1 - privatepyle - fitbikeco - thisismyrifle - fullmetaljacket -
mikeaitkenofficial : ⚑️#thisisforfun
jiboholic : Lol
mark_barcik : @tsktrubl3
cat_daddy116 : @_kylecattarin
wild_yams : @dreday423
dreday423 : @joey_official
codycooldude7 : ooooom?
arieldasilvaaa : BRIAN yo soy de Argentina y el BMX es mi vida, pero no estoy bien economicamente para comprarme y si porfavor me regalarias unas de tu bike, Sos el mejor sobre la bike! Soy tu fan numero one! No se ablar ingles. Espero que me respondas...
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Check out the new bikes! @fitbikecobikes2016 @fitbikecobikes2016 @fitbikecobikes2016
tb_timoz240 : Fbc needs to make a complete 22 inch wheel signature for yea, id buy one. @brianfoster
kenfitzpatrick22 : Stoked a customer out with a shiny new BF1 last night. Lasted 2 hours on our sales floor. @brianfoster
dean_johnston_ : @the_edge_cycles
motomonkey13 : #bfit #bmxlegend #styleisbetterthantricks Thanks for the stokeage @brianfoster You the BEST!!
arieldasilvaaa : Brian! Ami me bueve loco en deporte.
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On vacation canoeing on a lake. My faith in mankind was restored when I came across this. #gojumpinalake
gojumpinalake -
johnpaulpfeiffer : @ibby_spd it's not. Saturday at 2 pm will be the maiden jump on my lake jump. Its an 8 ft tall 65° beast. Ill have it finished friday. I'll have a live feed on it. Will post details soon.
racsooy : @superbmx
dillon_gulczynski : @glikevin can we build this at your lake house?
trailgrammar : @alex_conlon @ajp88
matkatmusic : @sweendos_squares !!!
admissive : πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š
rattymaty : Beautiful @rampartskatepark
kaysphotos : @mattymcfatts sure! Let me know when you are ready to start!!
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Free #holy_fit DVD with any order over $9.99 at the @fitbikeco webstore.
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djjankinz : Great video so is ur bf-it vid
shanekenneysr : Brian back in the day I raced at mullica hill in south jersey you ran the track clinic acouple times when I was involved.. Ive always looked up to you just like everyone else in bmx..keep it up brotha as long as you can.."much respect"
zoltan836 : Time to order some parts for my little bazturds.
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