Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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Crash commentary from BF-it bonus section is up on @digbmx . I took a shot at @chris_doyle22 and @chase_hawk because they have two of the best 3 tables in the game and that's what I was shooting for. Its funny how everything happens for a reason. I had just started my first semester at college taking an algebra class a basic Biology for no credit and really wasn't too excited about it. This crash was a subtle wake up that I needed to get my future plans in order. The time off allowed to concentrate on my first semester back in over 20 years and get the ball rolling. Thanks to @rugbydox and @yo_navaz for helping me get crutches and a ride to the airport. #digbfweek @fitbikeco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
digbfweek -
liampete : Watched this last night! Truly inspirational
swagmeoutcid : @tylerkrenek520
monroadie : Very enjoyable documentary. 3rd viewing last night.
jot839 : Great docu! Will probably watch it a few more times this week!
stew1201 : @carlinojoevideo Thanks man. Glad you enjoyed it.
bfell : Yo Falcon! Loved the documentary! You ARE a true legend of the sport. It is incredible to see the whole time line.
skipper_888 : @_thisiscody eeeeeyup!
boxstandard : @charliedormer
passingby91 - broker_bmx - rick_dub - mcobrap -
brianfoster -
Still reeling from yesterday. Best birthday ever at 43? Thanks to @stew1201 and @moeller_chris for putting this together and @digbmx for spreading the word. Very grateful. Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes and kind words about the documentary. You have no idea how much it means to hear from you. Last but certainly not least, thanks to @dr_jf for making me feel..... Speechless...... You are my everything! #digbfweek
digbfweek -
evolwon_ : Happy birthday bf
dbetcher44 : To say you're a legend is an understatement. Loved the doco man. Hope to see you back on the track some day for a lap or two!
czrbmx : @dbetcher44 total understatement. When I pray at night, I pray to the blue falcon. Only God I know. Happy birthday BF
dbetcher44 : @czrbmx if you prayed to Brian he would answer every prayer with go ride your bike so you should ride more again! 🍻
czrbmx : @dbetcher44 yeah. He does, but he also knows I was shot last year. he said, take your time my child. Ride a Harley for now. Do wheelies. His exact words.
longviewgarage : Happy belated birthday!
codycooldude7 : πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ‘‘πŸ’―
kevinromanowski : This is a great video. Makes me want to ride more than I do ,it reminded me how much joy box can bring to your life. @brianfoster
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brianfoster -
Tomorrow marks the first day of #DIGBFWEEK with the online release of BF-it on It's been almost 2 years since the DVD release and I'm still overwhelmed and thankful. Hope you enjoy the story if you haven't seen it. Feels weird posting this. #haveyouseenmydocumentary #itsamovieaboutme #checkmeout #mustkeepegoincheck @fitbikeco @merrittbmx @foxbmx @ft1_tire @fitbikecoparts
mustkeepegoincheck - itsamovieaboutme - checkmeout - digbfweek - haveyouseenmydocumentary -
vinceperraud : Inspiring!!! πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»πŸ‘ŒπŸ»
justforkicks86 : @jonfromthelifers u should check this out.
andydreadsbmx : Quite the story! Your a beast!
dylanofficially : 45 minutes of pure badass! Thanks for keepin it real! Bmx needs more BF's in existence.
alexjamesmccoy : Best watch, thank you BF for being the man
bigtonecoco : Yo happy born day blue falcon u da man!!
jaydehart : You are the man bf! Inspiring since I was a child and still as a grown man thanks!
juanpablo.chavez : This got me so stoked on riding!
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brianfoster -
Today @dr_jf and I went on a hike. The top picture is of the "trail" which is just a bunch of rocks that you climb up. The bottom picture is the view about halfway up. I had visions of sharing epic pictures from the top with you but just as we reached the summit, I met eyes with a bear about 30 ft away. I froze for a second and decided this was something Jen didn't want to see. I turned around and said, "Just walk, don't ask any questions." After a minute I shared what I saw and her pace increased. There was a second that I thought pictures of the bear would be great for Instagram but then I envisioned the headline on CNN about the guy who was mauled by a bear in hopes of getting "likes" on social media. #respectnature #notazoo #ialmostshitmyself
ialmostshitmyself - respectnature - notazoo -
thatjerkscott : Good choice
nrsmith83 : I was mountain biking today and I heard a loud noise only to find out I chased away a big bear. After Stopping and making eye contact with the bear, which was about 60 ft away, I noticed that the bear was pissed that I was standing next to aspen that it's cub was in. It was time to haul ass! I guess it was a big day for bear sightings. @adambaker11
adambaker11 : @nrsmith83 that's very scary !
richbartlett23 : Remember the crazy caves in Kingsport? Maybe worth a visit. She'll love then for sure!
t38s : School is paying off @brianfoster. smart man
bigstonedog : @stevewilliams9 it's Mt. Tammany trail in Worthington State forest, NJ side of Delaware Water Gap. Start at the Dunnfield parking area right off of I-80
tony_566 : I have trout fished on dunnfield creek Brian and seen bear on the ridge line scary stuff..
r_popple : Did you have the dogs with you? Something very similar happened to us while backpacking w the dog too. Bear charged at us and the dog wanted to chase it off! Luckily the dog stopped when I told him to, and I made a bunch of noise and blew my pack whistle and he beat ran off. We where on edge the rest of the weekend tho ha.
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#tbt to a few weeks ago in Richmond and a reminder that the @merrittbmx @ft1_tire giveaway winners will be picked tomorrow. For a chance to win, repost the picture from a few posts back with the hashtag #FT1TIRE πŸ“· @crandallfbm
ft1tire - tbt -
evanlockness : @its.dre
k.detenbeck : @thomascochrane_ Jesse
garybyoung : I tried to like this twice
smokepotandridebikes : @phamick deserves to win this, he swears by the falcon, knows every trick you've ever done in any video you've ever been in and wears a biltwell (however you spell it) helmet that literally saved his life. This man @phamick deserves to win
zach_johnsrud : I can confirm that those tires slide like a champ.
davelongbmx : I love mine. I've had front and back on for about a week now. First non "dirt" tire ever. Gripping so good.
codycooldude7 : Your new tires are AWESOME!πŸ’₯
stevenocasio : πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ»
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Here's a no nonsense solution to bar slippage. Classic looks, reliable performance!!!@fitbikecoparts @fitbfstem
_hippy33_ : I'm rocking that stem on my bf3
chxxs3 : Great stem
t38s : Do you they make one in 140mm reach @brianfoster? looking for a new stem for my road bike.
ifathead : I agree πŸ’―
http.itsaustinyo_ : To this day I ride my stock one.
kurtshtigel : @sashamalikov
jermzith_bmx : I have a blue bf stem its the shart
bmx_blunts_burnin : Happy birthday man @brianfoster
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Free Tires!!! @merrittbmx is giving away a couple sets of my @ft1_tire Just repost this pic using the hashtag #FT1TIRE and follow us for a chance to win. Winners picked next Friday. Good luck! @merrittbmx @ft1_tire
ft1tire -
ft1_tire : Don't forget to tag #FT1TIRE
randyrkelly : . sharing now
zoltan836 : My boys would love to run those! Any plans to make em in 16" or 18"?
migafro : Fuck these are sick @nickecemery
moonfink : @katiie.elliott πŸ‘‰πŸΌπŸ”˜πŸ”˜πŸ‘ˆπŸΌ #FT1TIRE
stevenocasio : πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻
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#tbt Follow @boneau210 for goodness from the 1990's east coast/Midwest racing scene. Here's one of me from @woodwardcamp 1991.
tbt -
jacquespienaar : @victorjosecortese @dhtemuco Yeah!!
mynatt13 : @demarco_surfboards
demarco_surfboards : @mynatt13 yewwwww!! Brian foster from cycle craft!! Good times! I got his number plate after nationals one year!
codycooldude7 : So AWSOME!!πŸ’―πŸ‘πŸ‘Š
mynatt13 : I still have 2 of those UGP plates! Great years they were!! @demarco_surfboards
petrocamp : WE LOVE VINTAGE! Follow us Brian! 🏁πŸ’₯βš‘οΈβ›½οΈπŸ†πŸš€πŸ’ƒπŸ’―
toddlyons : Who was running the smoke machine!?
daveiskindofabigdeal : Dirt legz all day
elimarerzinger - lightmam - wild.snake - passingby91 -
brianfoster -
Spent yesterday turning laps at the local motocross track on a 20 yr old CR 125. Haven't been out in a few years. It's crazy how physically demanding motocross is. My first visit to the track lasted a lap and a half before my arms locked up. Once I realized I didn't have to hold on so damn tight, things got better. The improvements that @foxracing @foxheadinc have made in moto gear are mind blowing. Can't wait to get out again.
motomonkey13 : Arm pump rules!! grip with the legs not the hands!! Rip that little 2-Stoke!! #2strokesforlife
nickgeminden : Braaaaaaap
__vancho : Good practice to ride with one hand, trains your legs.
basixbmx : #proprize
dylanbuettner : Putting my yz250 top end on today
m1ke61 : @stellanblc op dikos mas kai autos!!!! :-D
codycooldude7 : WOOOWW I hope we can Moto together someday... BrraaaapppβœŠπŸ‘Š
dallas_dunn : Same with me man got back into it no moto riding in 10 years haha same thing. Lap and half and couldn't even hold on anymore got grip more with our legs @brianfoster
bdavies_lb - harrison_campillero_bmx - trankata01 - abec_95 -
brianfoster -
@k_terra has an amazing photo gallery up on the @digbmx site from the last 20 years at Posh. So many good pics. Psyched to be included. Here's one of Keck carving the "toilet bowl" as I take the high road. #k12towinder @fitbikeco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
k12towinder -
hellsp3lls : @lpwoods_dan
bretirrgang : Badass picture BF,then again they could make a cofee table book of photos of you!
_im_on_a_bike : @dirtbikepunks
spencersbmx : @cook.gene
rboost1 : Yeww
qmas811 : You guys have work to do! @flagwoods @waynewfbi @xstrongx @suave35
flagwoods : @qmas811 I can dig all day, Don't have people to ride it in with me though
torreartcollections : Okay @flagwoods Ill be hitting you up soon. Waiting for my wheels. Im only an hour away.
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