Husband, student, aging BMX rider. Proudly support @fitbikco @merrittbmx @foxbmx
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brianfoster - brianfoster
Supposed to be on a plane headed to the US Open. Gonna miss doing laps in the bowl with some of my favorite dudes. #summerbummer #nextyear
nextyear - summerbummer -
fullcirclebikeshop : I'm "not liking" that. Hope you get better soon!
sirlayos : I wish you could be here so I could enjoy some awesome lines from you!
caseysmithiam : @mattygreenbmx me too bud
mattygreenbmx : You coming out for Dreamline? @caseysmithiam
caseysmithiam : @mattygreenbmx yeah boy
stevealice : Rad snap mate. Head down! back on bike again soon! Cheers Steve
fbbicycles : Bummer
mattygreenbmx : Sweet! Yea I live about an hour away from where it's gonna be you should try to hit the concrete in Cherokee that weekend @caseysmithiam
viibravo - the_vince_m - foxbmx - casey_hoppo -
brianfoster - brianfoster
I have a bike check on the ESPN site. Here is the riding shot. @k_terra took the photos and I wrote the captions. Click the link on my profile page. @fitbikeco @foxbmx @merrittbmx #tothewoods #couchsurfing #purpletoes
couchsurfing - tothewoods - purpletoes -
infelise : πŸš€
paintedman48 : Roasting brother!!!!
blueox414 : Yes! πŸ™Œ
bruciediesel : Daaaaaaaaang
r_popple : We had an idea for the full metal jacket quote.... You beat up to it!! Good reference, and watch/ read some good stuff well you heal up.
haroldmcgruther : @brianfoster PLEASE HIT ME UP FOR FRESH HEADGEAR! Love, McGoo
steezydominik : @thegapcat @duhvidd
duhvidd : Got hops! @steezydominik
simon_rehm - xtrm4xhc - _whitet_ - leighramsdell -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Before and After. Surgery went well. Healing starts today. Huge thanks to @dr_jf for looking after me. I got hurt and ruined my summer doing what I love and I can accept that. Consequently, her summer got a wet blanket thrown on it too. I owe you! Do something nice today for whoever would have your back on surgery day.
pessoapaulo : @nicospessoabmx
nicjamesbmx : Heal up, we'll miss you in the woods!
deah79 : #ooof
msm102591 : Ouch!!!! Feel better!!!! @brianfoster πŸ’Šβ€οΈ
alysajoyce : @slayercasey1976 looks like your foot.
bigdaddybmx : Still living the dream you really fucking road this one out! Hell yea buddy! Omg u still ride remember them days wow i was a little brick.
eric_jensen_ : Damn dude that's a bummer ! Get better man
charles_hearn : @brianfoster @ssridesbikes I just got screws in my foot last Monday from bailing on a three down a six stair. Hope we all come back stronger! #lisfrancfracture
eric_jensen_ - gustavo.cr7 - leighramsdell - caba_mdfk -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Premiering in one month. Holy Fit. August 22-23 LA/Santa Ana #Holy_Fit
holy_fit -
bmxmaxi : 😁😁😁😁
biker85 : @jamie_pape
owainclegg : Stew putting it together ?
nicholljack : Now you know @gcw56
gcw56 : Oh i knew already @nicholljack
athenecass : Look @armandoc29
nickmccormick : My god, that clip....!
brianfoster : @owainclegg yessir
foreveramazed - d.avi.s - eric_jensen_ - masami033123 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
New whip!
zwinge4130 : Get well soon falcon!
littledevilderek : "aging bmx rider"
drewward1775 : yeah riding the granny car
otaki007 : What a......!
ts138 : Hysterical @brianfoster
wikid123 : Um white basket there sir!!! & where's your handicap parking permit?? Huh??you dang cripple get a little older think you can park anywhere!!! Lol speedy recovery sir!! Or just chill you've earned it for sure!!
olde76 : Haha. Damn.
polkamom : Thanks a lot son-in-law!!! Lmao & christened my new bloomers!!πŸ˜‚
ryderlawrencebmx - jakobhinke - hbfostercrew - twoand8 -
brianfoster - brianfoster
#tbt 2001? Mini me learned tailwhips before I did and scored a cover. Stolen from @fitbikeco
tbt -
tyjohnsrud : I just want to celebrate.
smallblock : I'm in that issue as is my brother. @bluckblock
dugmetzel : I'm in that mag
fakeplasticbyke : Best cover ever!
tonygnardona : lol!
tyronebmx : Looks like Sheldon
coreyeatsphish : @brianfoster used to have one of those!! Think I played with it till it broke and then some!!
munirelkadri : @leandro_overall style
360grams - george_of_porge - gustavo.cr7 - dallasmtb -
brianfoster - brianfoster
30 minutes before #operationbrokenfoot things were going well. πŸ“· @littledevilderek
operationbrokenfoot -
dreday423 : Should've lip slid his house.
scottmatual : Sorry to hear. Heal well BF. @brianfoster
majinxbuu : @poooogie
ksickler4130 : Get well soon buddy @brianfoster
owainclegg : Does no one over there offer that bone fusion I had it done on metatarsal on my hand and it worked a treat.
owainclegg :
hondaracingott : @26_reed sick
brianfoster : @owainclegg they don't do it here yet. Not sure why? It's America, we like nuts and bolts.
binhao_bmx - 26_reed - hondaracingott - paytonridenour -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Broken foot. Just when summer was about to get rolling. #bootlife
bootlife -
pumptrack : That fucking sucks!
willtheboy : @paulbikes
drewward1775 : Brian how did u break it
mstadler : Heal up man. At least you got some good work done at pmoka before. #2manyTshirts
janundschoschloveclay : Fuck, will drink beer for you!
bmxdmc : That sucks
owainclegg : Attention seeker haha get well soon fella
twoand8 : Healing vibes BF.
bmxbootydreams - nycmk3aaa - bmxdmc - sebastienohalloran -
brianfoster - brianfoster
#tbt 1989 Not sure what's weirder. 1) As a 17 yr old racer, I got the TOC in Freestylin' magazine. 2) Oscar winner Spike Jonze took the photo 3) I'm riding an @sandmbmx Mad Dog frame 4) My seat is high as a kite 5) I'm wearing a hip sack. Thanks to @treanor71 for the reminder.
tbt -
rickyroich : I remember this pic, magic time riding BMX, the people don't used the word "extreme"
rickyroich : In this time
elbrento : Nac nac? @dimygram
rouxcifer : #buttbag
crandallfbm : This is glorious @brianfoster
poshwoods : Weren't you rocking this exact same setup at the trails the other day?!
wikid123 : Hahahahahahahahahaha @poshwoods hip sack for life!!! @brianfoster "Sir" you are the most humble & radest person ever!!!! Much respect hopefully see yuh I thee woods someday this season!!
grizzzdolphin6 : Yo how's the ankle doing? I was just wondering cuz it's hard to see one of my idols go down @brianfoster
gavin_tuft - caseyrideskidsbikes - _iansmith - darrylnau -
brianfoster - brianfoster
Out at the trails dodging bullets. Mother Nature playing games. #posh #stillriding #tarpdrama
tarpdrama - stillriding - posh -
mtanicello : Hows your lip feeling @brianfoster ? Best in years.
brianfoster : @cattywoods I'm a weather channel guy but it was acting up. This is my back up. What do you use? You guys got hit today, right?
brianfoster : @mtanicello I haven't hit it yet. Had it untarped and ready and these storms came so I retarped and just rode chillers. It's good?
cattywoods : Yeah a little 10 minute soak,
cattywoods : Weather underground is good,
cattywoods : I actually have like 6 different weather apps but weather underground seems most accurate
tonyhamlin : Dude check out Radar Scope. Best 10$ I've spent. Most detailed and up to date radar.
mtanicello : @brianfoster that jump may be competing with 250s this year, so much boost!
michaelbmxsterrenberg - grizzzdolphin6 - shakie72 - elias_marcelino -
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