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Get ready to party with @JaimePSullivan on TONIGHT's all-new #JerseyBelle @ 10/9c! πŸŽ‰ #RebelByBravo
rebelbybravo - jerseybelle -
njlady : Love this show!
ultrasonic4u : Best show EVER!!!
edwiin88 : Not into it!!! @bravoandy being back eat drink love, or gallery girls!!! Young shows like that!!!
edwiin88 : @bravotv
mascarita84 : Better than any housewives! @bravoandy @bravotv
meggiesmom5678 : I love this show!!'s Alabama...not hell!!!
anaconyc : Love her!
shacem : Oh Jamie u brought a lot of spunk to Alabama !!!luv it that Jersey vibe
bobbinj1 - preciousthings01 - hashtagsreverything - mz__cashie -
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On TONIGHT's #RHOC, it's @TamraJudge vs. @VickiGunvalson. Whose side are you on? 🍊 The Reunion continues TONIGHT @ 9/8c!
rhoc -
teresawebb7 : Anybody's side but Tamara's!!!!! She's just trash!!!!!!
dbella27 : @andy she brought up your eye???? Really???? @tamrajudge bitch
geokitty : Tamara has caused problems ever season. She has an ugly, jealous, bitter soul & is only happy when she is hurting people. Even when Lizzie is crying & apologizing Tamara pounces on Lizzie's vulnerability yelling I've back you into a corner & you caused all the problems. There hasn't been a season where Tamara hasn't has issues with someone & it's usually the hotter castmate. And every season she is not the liar, everyone else is. Even when her son brought his new girlfriend to meet the family, Tamara had to make it all about her. Tamara is a narcissistic sociopath. I can't imagine Eddie being able to deal with her issues much longer. I have no idea why Heather is sticking up for Tamara. That won't last long either.
catherine23z : Fire Tamara already! she is evil, and so boring! No compassion at all! Yuck!
logan45434 : I wish she'd leave the show I'm over her and her hubby
lebrisadesigns : @vickigunvalson #duh πŸ’₯πŸ’«
stylistfay : I have hated Tamara this season, she's just trying to create drama around herself so she can keep her face on the show. I liked watching the show because it show'd how face real life drama but I don't like how Tamara stirs up the drama, that's not real at all. I don't think I'll be keeping up with it next season if Tamara's still on air. It's time for her to go.
klsteak : Tamara is one of the most disgusting people I have ever seen! She and Joanna Krupa need to be put on a very small deserted island all alone!!!
lika69 - andy_anaya1 - kayakilim - nikkijhp -
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Happy #SelfieSunday from @KimZolciakBiermann! 😘 #DontBeTardy is all-new TONIGHT @ 9/8c!
selfiesunday - dontbetardy -
amycoverton : I love this show!
ivrygld : Disappointed to hear Kim and Kroys children spend time or see either sets of grandparents. Kim you love your children imagine not being in their lives or future grandchildren
joshuadacosta88 : Gorgeous
miranda_panda16 : Terrible person
slmoves : Kims mouth is so terrible. turn me off w your filthy words
shannonfan : LOVE KIM πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ˜‚
4kjones : Yup @slmoves I refuse to watch her show so nasty
julierosebush : Your show crack me up!! Love it
juliadeppcionco - maciascin - susancaginia - b_luv_scott -
bravotv - BravoTV
#MDLNY's @LuisDOrtiz was just named one of "NYC's 22 Hottest Bachelors" by @Refinery29! 🌹 Get on it, ladies! #TGIF
tgif - mdlny -
elyseiavarone : @iiitsjohnnnny So cute
hgm_27 : Barf
valerie7398 : Your the hottest bachelor of anywhere.!!!!!
trishtrashcrash : Um...OBVIOUSLY!!!!!!
parisshopgirl : Congrats on all the success! All of your hard work is paying off. Stay grounded and surround yourself with solid people. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. 😌
jaimepsullivan : Love him. #jerseybelle
shanishub : Inspiration @luisdortiz !!!!!
magkorbes : @pokey1
buyandsellwithdanielle - makeupbynilii - bibianasandoval - vivadaglam -
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How adorable is this #TBT from a mustachioed, young @PadmaLakshmi? πŸ‘¨ #TopChef 12 premieres 10/15!
tbt - topchef -
dcmb2 : Is that Padma as a child?
mattisjacked : Looks more like Teresa Gudice πŸ˜‚
mrsbooboo96 : @rosy86 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ #that looks like u and Jesse
rosy86 : Ahahaha @mrsbooboo96 that's actually a girl huh?
andala : LOL @genevieveisme Teresa Gudice
genevieveisme : Omg @andala ,Lmao
riro524 : Wax much
jaimepsullivan : Is that real? She turned out to be stunning! #jerseybelle
marabobaraa94 - eoghangray - lesterdeannn - caseyrandazzo -
bravotv - BravoTV
Who deserved to win last night's #TopChefDuels, Stefan or CJ? 🐷 Vote for a good cause at now!
topchefduels -
srichardson03 : CJ
swjane4 : CJ for sure!
ruthie26 : @bravotv Stefan got robbed again
auntiesnack : Stefan!
meagcronin : @mcerrina πŸ”ͺ
teenatyler : I wasn't there to taste. However CJ used the theme the best
schwartzfacerules : CJ is a huge douchebag!
jaimepsullivan : Love this show! #jerseybelle
mrsalafita - ankittles - serendipity2014 - masterof22 -
bravotv - BravoTV
Tonight on #TopChefDuels, it's Stefan vs. CJ! Whose team are you on? πŸ”₯ The heat is on @ 10/9c!
topchefduels -
kunkk83 : Go CJ
itsmattahrens : @bravotv I hate #chef shows on #bravotv‼️‼️ gets on my lastttt dAYum nerves for reals!!
kaetirose79 : Ugh Stefan, I hate him. I love him.
keenankid : Chef shows jumped the shark yrs ago... yawn
tbgdesign : I want to taste that food.
garyholtofficial : When's my episode airing!! Can't wait# garyholtofficial. So much fun!! Been watching.
lmiller215 : @amyevall L O L
barlataatx : CJ!
cmonican - joanieplus4 - toryvejseli - daboot12 -
bravotv - BravoTV
Not bad for $6.5MM... 🌿 There's more where this came from on TONIGHT's all-new #MDLLA @ 9/8c!
mdlla -
dlrlovely10 : What's @alifasilvas said!.. I deleted it from my DVR.
ravashingredhead : Just watched tonites episode and was saddened to learn about Edith Flaggs passing.Im sorry for JOSHS loss ...she will be missed!!!
cathypetgirl : Ditto re:Miss Edith. Great Lady. So sad for Josh.
carolpearlee : Feel the same- condolences it Josh & his family.
carolpearlee : Get rid of the two new ones!
jasmine_tosh : Check out my Miami fashion blog @bravotv ❀️
nanatadlock : So sorry about Josh's Grandma Edith passing. She was a great lady. Prayers for strength Josh.
nanatadlock : Don't care for the two new guys
elianahorwitz - squirrelnutkin37 - fransgglez - nayahskillz -
bravotv - BravoTV
Today's #WCW goes out to the one and only @CarolineManzo! πŸ’‹Check out @ManzodWithChildren for more! #Manzod
manzod - wcw -
hotmess033 : Photo shop.
amyruiz31 : Caroline you are absolutely stunning
stephanierizzi : I think Caroline is beautiful but this photo looks so unnatural.
robinsklein : Fake photo. That isn't her...
axmorales18 : WOW!!! Good photoshop Guys! @bravotv Can you update my picture?!!!
janainamerlin : Linda admiro seu trabalho sou sua fãβœŒπŸ˜‹πŸ˜Š
jamesedward12692 : @candiheals
jaimepsullivan : She looks great! #jerseybelle
carllaw123 - andreiawaleska - haileygreenee - itsparis11 -
bravotv - BravoTV
It's @Tabasum vs. @ErickaPittman on TONIGHT's all-new #TheSinglesProject! πŸ’˜ The #DatingDrama starts @ 10/9c after #BelowDeck!
belowdeck - datingdrama - thesinglesproject -
laicherl : @harygiggins
ugotmeribbons : That's some interesting photoshopping on her face......
knthomas71 : @missbusygirl @evelynsorto how u feel after a day at the office?
linleyoverbey : @tasiap55 @rabbitchase @jillyan24
jennifermcguire : #whotheheckcares
laura_bear : @ajrprice well that sounds right. And the answers both obvi
marcianoxo : @xx.tiffanyrose
mattisjacked : Jesus this shit is still on the air?
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