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How do you define love? Watch the cast of #TheSinglesProject give it a shot! Learn more about the cast @
thesinglesproject -
diananeg_ : Dumb
ofra_adrienne : โค๐ŸŒน
jaimken : @mikebecker24 was this supposed to be our show ?
kerilanz : @galia14 why weren't we casted?
hanaydj : @reginasilv lol yaa probably
megs5762 : @kevin_w_decker like I said earlier, we should be on next season
makamorales : '@help_shoutz got me 1k
dezidoll : We should be on this show! ๐Ÿ‘ฏ๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ‘ซ๐Ÿ’– @estiemattox @dri_xx
toddchildre - carmencilla_27401 - noelia_2801_ - isxbellaa_ -
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If you got it, flaunt it! @SonjaTMorgan and @RamonaSinger certainly are! The must-see #RHONY Reunion starts TONIGHT @ 9/8c!
rhony -
laurendean89 : @misslocke22 the outfits of the weekend...sometimes you have to go commando
laurenehart : @tiffany__fowler
misslocke22 : @laurendean89 what's that in your purse? That's a bra
hensleycd : Delusional!!!
iamcatg : @sarah86g
kris10carb1 : @dtrunz I hope to be her one day!!!
paulacalourohernandez : Love u sonja๐Ÿ˜˜
lweehaa : She may think her body is rocking but her weird mouth moves still make her ugly!
anneriley27 - sarah86g - azalida - paulacalourohernandez -
bravotv - Bravo TV
Look who stopped by the #Shadebooth to give us her best shade-throwing face! Don't miss @VickiGunvalson on TONIGHT's all-new #RHOC @ 9/8c! WOOHOO!
rhoc - shadebooth -
ryanmichaelsen : @sablaker WOOHOO!
cmurphy5 : @kkorfhage duh
l_mabey : BEST CLUBHOUSE EVER!! So funny!!!
joannecraig31 : Love you vicki
karacares100 : Love Vicki! Woohoo
19nmbrnaughty : Ya give anybody a damn show jersey belle ??? What was that other one in North Carolina another fail and the Chicago thing fail smfh
ensee04 : @estepha85
cathypetgirl : Don't like Vicky.....she wouldn't last 2 minutes in the South with that snarky, woohoo, zzz-zzz-zz attitude. And we, the peeps, don't trust good old boy, Brooks, as far as we can throw him. Jus sayin.
allofthat2 - nannnnna2014 - dillonoc - itsblia -
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Batten down the hatches! Our Sunday night lineup is action packed! Starting @ 8/7c, don't miss #RHONJ, #DontBeTardy, the #BelowDeck S2 Preview Special, and #GameofCrowns!
belowdeck - rhonj - dontbetardy - gameofcrowns -
sitsler911 : @nwolf80 oh yes now to get some tv time!
jwizzette : @nwolf80 yes! I'm excited!!!!
ashash87 : @lydia_h_z below deck has a season 2!!!
ms_sheypr : I liked last season but the new crew not so much!!Bring back the original cast!
slmoves : I just started watching below deck season 1 & Im addicted. My fave is Ben. Im glad I gave it a chance. @nkrockergirl
joannecraig31 : Love the show at least they kept the captain
19nmbrnaughty : This show is dumb
baylee082 : You really need to do the Housewives of Cleveland, Ohio, starring me..
sandydebrot - jillianlewin - adritr - jillhunthall -
bravotv - Bravo TV
Can you make @BravoAndy laugh? Give it your best shot by captioning this photo in the comments below! Find out if he likes yours on the next ep. of #AskAndy! #Mazel
askandy - mazel -
gwickstead : Eye yai yai!
traceysharie : Oh damn. Jill Zarin is calling in.
sar8686 : "I feel @anevada1's pain with the cray" #MIL
kikissmith317 : Old n ugly
culinaryvagabond : I still want to know if Sonja made those Pigs in a Blanket in her own toaster oven while they were at Le Cirque?!?
jgo_68 : I picked a great week to quit sniffing glue
camni4lp : I'm going to shoot my eye out of Sonia flashes her hoo ha again
db3301 : What 3 things I'm obsessed with, Andy never says what the other 2 are.
wawa_tito - trbltz - robbibentley - luiskrojas -
bravotv - Bravo TV
Looking for some weekend fun? Catch up on all your favorite summer series on #Amazon Instant Video and enjoy your #SummerByBravo!
amazon - summerbybravo -
kellyredd : @sunshinenchamps oooooh ill def check it out!
bonjourami : Love #ladiesoflondon
katelynlwiley : @bravotv please put them on prime!
billysboy13 : #untyingtheknot best show on Bravo!
elizmwilliams : @erinebca
estelgar : ๐Ÿ’– # ladiesoflonden
nathalia_edmonds : @Bravotv not cool, only ONE episode??? Don't be stingy!
mrjoelraneri : @bravotv #HireJoelAtBravo #HiredbyBravo #OfficialHousewivesHistorian #GoneWithTheWindFabulous #TurtleTime
fashion_freak626 - leannd000111 - moneeeq99 - phyllisd44 -
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How are you celebrating #SummerbyBravo? Share a 6 second clip of your fun in the sun using #6SecondsofSummer for a chance to win a trip to NYC to see a taping of #WWHL! And be sure to tune in to an all-new #RHONJ this Sunday at 8!
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jen11hohman : One more like this bravo and I am unfriending you. She is nasty.
olivia0913 : Wow how very sad, you had everything, and now it's all gone( jail) The choices you make in life affects your future. So always tell the truth even if it kills you!
annamariamule : Don't ever post anther picture like that without giving your fans a warning or I'm gonna have to delete you Andy@bravotv
mich41lsu : It's absolutely amazing how they sti claim they did nothing wrong and the news isn't reporting factual info. Delusional!
brileigh10 : I could only get thru an episode and a half of the Jersey housewives this season. This is the first time since they started that I'm not watching. Who the hell does the casting for this show? You should be fired! These girls are so dam annoying!!!!!!! Yuk
nahlaf00 : Her kids are so rude and disrespectful!!!
lroth79 : She's awful so is the show!!! The housewives shows have jumped the shark Andy!!! @bravotv
indyanaiya : She's soooo ugly!! Can't stand her!!
moneeeq99 - _yourtooperfect_ - bling_is_my_thing1110 - floridastylepizza -
bravotv - Bravo TV
#TBT! It's @KimZolciakBiermann in HS, before wigs, before Biermanns, and before #DontBeTardy! Don't miss an all-new ep. TONIGHT @ 9/8c!
tbt - dontbetardy -
coltsgirl14525 : She put herself up there for the world to see so she'll have to take the good with the bad, she loves her kids and that's the only nice thing I can say, she's probably the best role model on how NOT to raise your kids
josephsal : @andrew_sparacino @kerrikristina
sussieurena : @juiceboxmurf
susie4k : She looks soooooooooo much better now.
sweetttee : @liko_from_46 She looks like Eminem in drag ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
liko_from_46 : LOL @sweetttee
summrrgrrl : I LOVE this show and I LOVE Kim!!!
kikissmith317 : Why she wears wigs?
zazzlebrooks - thatolivasgirl - julesbrinthetford - spartan_jerome -
bravotv - Bravo TV
Happy #ThrowbackThursday! Enjoy your #TBT by catching up on old eps. of #RHONJ on #iTunes in time for a must-see, new ep. SUNDAY @ 8/7c!
itunes - rhonj - tbt - throwbackthursday -
andreea_niswander : Nobody likes this season Bravo!! ๐Ÿ‘Ž bring back old crew
katie_koontz : Everyone on the show seems so superficial now! I only watch when Melissa is on. It used to be my favorite!! The only ones I like anymore are Beverly Hills and Miami!
naty_soto85 : I agree... Get Amber off the season!!!! She's just horrible! Makes jersey girls look really bad. @bravotv #RHONJ Perhaps @melissagorga should get her own TV show.
xtinakennedy : This season is the worst. *yawn*.
slmoves : The new girls seem nervous..sick of melissa thinking she is JLo or some Kardashian & watching Tre & Joe..I'm embarrased for them. Yes...I think RHONJ should retire. Their 15 minutes are done.
rosetudisco : Can't wait to see the twins #bravotv
swest1214 : Need to change this season's cast. Not so much interested. .
only1deannamarie : Watching season 4 when they all came to the bay area!! 3 & 4 rocked! The Family Energy Is GONE!
b_luv_scott - kodenboisofly - kimstiverson - swest1214 -
bravotv - Bravo TV
Chad should know... Don't miss an all-new #MDLMIA, tonight @ 9/8!
mdlmia -
thomaspolcari : Ugh no thanks bravo!
melissacihlar : I'm from SFL and so disappointed with the selection of characters. Miami deserves better than that. Come on Bravo!!
shhgrr2011 : Don't care for the show at all. This guy and his girlfriend are so fake.
mrsmot2u : Love Chris! Why the main women on this show look weird?
_realhousewives : I tried to watch but I can't... Why'd you have to put a woman in there? That's what Real housewives are for. Stick to the FORMULA @bravotv
clearviewrealtygroupnyc : MDLA @bravotv takes the cake, and some!!!
klacqua : This is bullshit. Get out of the gutter. Again, Bravo.
beach_mike : Good concept but maybe you shoulde added some Latin flavor with maybe a latino cast. Just a thought! ๐Ÿ˜’
leylaaliyeva_281280 - spidermonkey066 - rodrigo_markes - diamonddolly1977 -
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