Friendly Tattooer - needle maker - craftsman of fine tattoo machines - and mixer of vibrant pigments. ๐Ÿ“ฌ
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brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Supper shader built with a union base. Long stroke long geometry hart hit
olliewatson101 : ๐Ÿ‘Œ
deathlesscords : How are you man, its Shaun Christopher from La. ?
bukaloop : Amaaaazing!
brandynfeldman : @deathlesscords hey man. I'm great. How are you
deathlesscords : Busy as crap!! Prepping up for the Baltimore convention, your machines are looking pretty awesome my man!!! Keep up the killer work!!
brandynfeldman : @deathlesscords thanks man. Your cords are cool too. I may be at that convention. Your in Baltimore now right ?
deathlesscords : Moved back here to be closer to the Family, grew up out here. Gonna move back out that way in a few more years, I miss it. Hopefully I'll see you at the convention its been a minute since we've hung out.
deathlesscords : Thank you as well!!
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brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Set of monsters. Line Master and color commando!!!
awarewolftattoo : Love these!
mikeschweigert : These look great man
tacomonster : @ohitsteddy
brandynfeldman : @ironwill816 @awarewolftattoo thank you !!
brandynfeldman : @mikeschweigert hey thank you sir !! Hope you new year is going great so far
ohitsteddy : @tacomonster thanks buddy.. Bout to snatch up a liner when I get out of this blizzard that I'm not stuck in yet.
jabesonigou : ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ man these look awesome
brianjamesbrady48 : Awesome. These look rock solid daily's.
jakenorris_ - jack_galan_art - nevomusical - burn_em_down -
brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Angry panfer!!
matt_bartley : Ooh shit!!! Nice one
georgecrewetattooer : Looks great !
couchnap : That's me!
brad.lee.charles : Grrr
deathlesscords : Rad man!!!!
brandynfeldman : Thanks @deathlesscords
karlmbraun - electric_blue_tattoo - ianmauriceart - snakeowner9 -
brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Panfer !!
russtattoos : Tattoo artist hangs at my house tomorrow (Sunday) night brother...8pm till whenever.
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brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Me and @matt_bartley had a blast painting tonight. Thanks man. His is the right mine is the left
joshfracker : Hell ya! I wanna join the paint party
brandynfeldman : @joshfracker yeah !!!! Dude lets do it. Would love to have you !!
joshfracker : Let me know sometime man I'll try and make it happen
electric_blue_tattoo : Nice ! Hows those machines cummin ....
rubennzzz - desmondmitchelltatt00s - electric_blue_tattoo - thestevebrady -
brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Black on brass on black. Make strong solid lines with this delta dagger and kick it down a little and make clean slick tight lines. Comes as a compact machine ready to preform.
ohitsteddy : For sale?
brandynfeldman : @ohitsteddy yes sir. My email address is. Will you contact me
ohitsteddy : Emailed buddy
karlmbraun : That is awesome!
brandynfeldman : @karlbraun. Thanks. You are friends with Logan ?
brandynfeldman : @ohitsteddy hey man. Did you get my email ?
ohitsteddy : I didn't get anything...
brandynfeldman : @ohitsteddy just resent
brad.lee.charles - bishop_ink3 - ohitsteddy - alekseytol -
brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Lots of power from this liner. Great for crisp heavy black single pass lines. King Kong coils on this machine and lots of love put into the all steel frame with a rear support and all brass hardware.
johnbentrup : Soon man, soooooon. Can't wait to see what you put together!
emlyntaylor : Really nice
alejandroromeolongoria : The kitties titties sir
hiphoprobottattoo : Love this!
danmillartattoos : @brandynfeldman how much bro?
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brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
There have been so many tattooers who have formed tattooing for what it is today and we must cherish and respect them and also support them when they need it. Please everyone who reads this can easily donate big or small to Zeke. I got to spend time with him and he is really an amazing person and can use our help. So if you love tattooing goto the address above and give some help. If you can afford to look at Instagram then you can afford to help a man who has helped you as a Tattooer. Let's all help Zeke.
coltywoltypolty : What a bummer such an awesome guy
brandynfeldman : @tattoosbydonovan sweet man. That's good of you @senorserrano that's awesome I wish I would have gotten tattooed by him. I was there in philly that year with Zeke and that's when I met him it's awesome to see people help this man. @luckyinge awesome. You can use PayPal also that's how I sent the money @coltywoltypolty a great man. And you can send the money with PayPal also if you are gonna chip in.
luckyinge : hey @brandynfeldman to who do i send the donation on paypal?
brandynfeldman : @luckyinge :))
luckyinge : thanks @brandynfeldman done deal๐Ÿ‘
brandynfeldman : @luckyinge that's awesome man. It's great everyone is stepping in to help. Cheers !!
luckyinge : almost 5k raised now @brandynfeldman ๐Ÿ‘
senorserrano : @lachispa8
mikerickards - frankrosenkilde - ganjet888 - moortintin -
brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
matt_rohr_tattooer138 : Nice one!!
joeyjimz562 : Sweet , Hey would you be down to trade prints on tattoo flash? I got some I've been painting up and really dig Ur flash
libertyprint79 : Raaaad!
nickstambaugh : You ever do prints dude
loudsoccermom : @kylejohnson76 check this one out !!
wrongkideruuk - chaddvoshel - ohheybails - alekseytol -
brandynfeldman - B.D.Feldman
Her name is Matilda and she loves cheese !!
joeyjimz562 : Clean
gnarmadillo : Hey Brandon you used to have a piece of flash in the shop on hollywood blvd of a lady with a panther resting in her lap. Was it yours? Never seen it anywhere else and I've wanted to get it tattooed since. I'm Alberts old apprentice, and I sold you the drill press. Thanks. @brandynfeldman
brandynfeldman : @joeyjimz562 thank you @gnarmadillo I will look for it man. It's somewhere !!
josh_todaro : So nice mate!
avalondesu : Thats sooooooo good!
brandynfeldman : @josh_todaro thank you. And @avalondesu thank you also. Your both killing it over there. Power couple !!
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