Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence

Owner of Kitchen Konfidence enjoying life in sunny San Diego. @motoridersd's boyfriend.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
¡Hola! from downtown Mexico City. PS. I want to take all the pretty tiles home with me. All of them.
arthurinthegarden : Nice picture!
southernfatty : Jealous! Enjõoooy!
fch_cm : #ViveElCentroDF
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Ice cream break!! Macadamia on the bottom. Coconut up top.
pineapplencoconut : I'm clearly traveling vicariously though you. Sitting here with a broken leg and so envious of your travel/food posts.
brandiego : @pineapplencoconut Awwww :/. Feel better! Then we can go to Mexico and eat lots of good food ;)
pineapplencoconut : Promise?? Lol
brandiego : @pineapplencoconut We can go to TJ :) plenty of tasty eats there.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
For lunch, @motoridersd and I are visiting the home of the Gringa. A Gringa is an al pasto taco in a flour tortilla with plenty of melty cheese. Other fixins include onion, cilantro and pineapple. Here's a photo of a taquero shaving al pastor meat from the trompo.
andreav521 : @mv61 me muero
inmamamaggieskitchen : Pinging the good @drvogelmann we need to go to Mexico... after Napa! :)
kitchconfidante : Oh dear me! This. I need this!
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Goat cheese omelet with oregano, grilled tomato, avocado. Also some damn tasty hot sauce, and black beans to. die. for.
pineapplencoconut : Dude. You are killing me
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
OMGeeees this was SO good. For breakfast, we got to choose from a large tray of housemade pastries. I picked this Anise Twist. Flaky, yeasty and studded with walnuts, the pastry had a pleasant anise flavor and was covered in crunchy white sugar. YUM. I'm thinking about getting a second to-go.
bakelovegive : I adore breakfast in Mexico!! Fresh fruit and the most delicious pastry baskets! One place we stayed brought a basket of a dozen mini pastries to your table every morning so you didn't have to choose! πŸ˜‰
brandiego : @bakelovegive Yeah, I totally agree! This place had the best breakfast pastries though. I seriously wanted to try all of them.
bakelovegive : @brandiego the addition of anise sounds heavenly!
brandiego : @bakelovegive Reminded me of Italian Christmas cookies. I think the flavors would be good in donut-form.
vangby : @thorcapitan
thorcapitan : Nydeligt @vangby
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Starting the day off with a Chocolate con Chile. I asked them to add 2 shots of espresso, and they looked at me funny. It's delicious. They don't know what they're missing out on 😜
vintagesugarcube : And that tile? swooooooon!
wyattchoward : @carlitaluvsplants does that tile work look familiar?
brandiego : @vintagesugarcube I wanted one of each.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
A ghastly scene at Frida Kahlo's house, Casa Azul.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Candy crush! 🍭😍 I love the snack carts peppered around the city. This one also had garlic roasted crickets. I tried one and was not a fan. Earthy and citrusy. πŸ›πŸ˜
zubs1990 : Pretty colors!
pineapplencoconut : Only a food blogger would describe a cricket as "earthy and citrusy" not "disgusting" lol
chantal_itsfrench : 😳
brandiego : @pineapplencoconut I think I did have a leg caught in my teeth 😱😱😱
pineapplencoconut : Eeewwwwwwwww 😝
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Time for some elote. Start with a fat cone of fresh corn roasted over an open flame until well-charred. Slather with mayo, then dust with salty cheese and chile power. Damn this is tasty. 🌽🌽🌽
worldonyourpalate : Yes!
worldonyourpalate : Try at as "esquite" it's less messy and they serve it with the exquisite corn juices that tie all the flavors together.
brandiego : @worldonyourpalate love esquites!! We had amazing ones in Chiapas. Wanted to try to the whole corn version here.
pineapplencoconut : I hate/love you right now. Love that you're having an awesome time hate that I'm not getting to eat all this amazing food too.
worldonyourpalate : @brandiego πŸ‘Œ
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Tortas for breakfast. These ones are filled with black beans, chicken schnitzel, chilaquiles, mayo and cheese. Purchased from a street cart after waiting in a line half-a-block long!
brandiego : Correction: Crema not mayo. Sooooo good!
witandvinegar : HOLD UP. chilaquiles INSIDE the torta?!
brandiego : @witandvinegar IN. SIDE. the torta. Was a nice textural contrast to the crunch bolillo.
witandvinegar : NEXT. LEVEL. SHIT.
vintagesugarcube : Whoa and yum!
pineapplencoconut : Dude. Killing me
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