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Owner of Kitchen Konfidence enjoying life in sunny San Diego. @motoridersd's boyfriend.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Oh man, check this thing out. It's the latest from @extraordinary_desserts here in SD. Meet the Froissant, a deep-fried croissant rolled in vanilla bean sugar and STUFFED with rich vanilla custard. Unreal.
threedogkitchen : Why are you doing this to me right before lunch??
brandiego : @threedogkitchen because deep fried!!!!
sandiegodavidb : @luke_mh we've got to try this!
angelluis333 : Yummy. I have to catch up with your blog, man.
dawnfoodluv : Isn't it amaze?!?
kirbiecravings : Ooh I had a deep fried croissant stuffed with jam in London. Now I really want to try this!
southernfatty : Sweet baby Jesus. I neeeeed this in my life!
somedayilllearn : Holy cow. I need this right now.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Here's @eatpuesto's Puplo Tostada. Grilled octopus, black beans, chipotle crema, crunchy tostada. Packed with flavor!! πŸ™πŸ™πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
kitchconfidante : Oh man. Between this and my brother's posts, I am seriously craving octopus!
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
It's Chips and Guac o'Clock!! Lunch at @eatpuesto with @motoridersd :)
motoridersd : That mango lime agua fresca is amazing! I want MOAR
meganvondrak : Are you doing the crab guac?! It doesn't get more delicious!
pineapplencoconut : That's my favorite time of day. Next to booze thirty.
addalittle : Fave time of the day!
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Several days ago, I went through a Korean cooking master class with a friend's parents (they're Korean). Check out this spread of banchan (side dishes). 3 types of quick kimchi, sesame scented spinach, fried fish cakes, broccoli with a gochujang sauce, fried tofu and a green onion pancake. Later on we made spicy pork lettuce wraps, calbi beef, chicken wings and chicken katsu. Loved every bit of it, and I can't wait to practice what I learned!!
inmamamaggieskitchen : Yum!
threedogkitchen : I totally volunteer to eat your practice food!
justasdelish : Wow bet its so much fun!
cookingkelly : Oh. My. God. So much yessss.
hotyoungmi : @brandiego Any more classes happening?
zubs1990 : Looks delish!
kitchconfidante : What fun!
comewecreate : This is beautiful!
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Check this out! My friend @averiesunshine just released a new book, Cooking With Pumpkin. 130+ pages of pumpkin recipes!! πŸŽƒπŸŽƒπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
leftsideofthetable : This looks awesome!!
starrynight64 : @leeeetal
boschkitchencenters : This book looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!
ivanzavaleta81 : Link to the book??
cookingkelly : #pumpkineverything
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
¡Hola! from downtown Mexico City. PS. I want to take all the pretty tiles home with me. All of them.
arthurinthegarden : Nice picture!
southernfatty : Jealous! Enjõoooy!
fch_cm : #ViveElCentroDF
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Ice cream break!! Macadamia on the bottom. Coconut up top.
pineapplencoconut : I'm clearly traveling vicariously though you. Sitting here with a broken leg and so envious of your travel/food posts.
brandiego : @pineapplencoconut Awwww :/. Feel better! Then we can go to Mexico and eat lots of good food ;)
pineapplencoconut : Promise?? Lol
brandiego : @pineapplencoconut We can go to TJ :) plenty of tasty eats there.
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
For lunch, @motoridersd and I are visiting the home of the Gringa. A Gringa is an al pasto taco in a flour tortilla with plenty of melty cheese. Other fixins include onion, cilantro and pineapple. Here's a photo of a taquero shaving al pastor meat from the trompo.
andreav521 : @mv61 me muero
inmamamaggieskitchen : Pinging the good @drvogelmann we need to go to Mexico... after Napa! :)
kitchconfidante : Oh dear me! This. I need this!
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
Goat cheese omelet with oregano, grilled tomato, avocado. Also some damn tasty hot sauce, and black beans to. die. for.
pineapplencoconut : Dude. You are killing me
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brandiego - Brandon / Kitchen Konfidence
OMGeeees this was SO good. For breakfast, we got to choose from a large tray of housemade pastries. I picked this Anise Twist. Flaky, yeasty and studded with walnuts, the pastry had a pleasant anise flavor and was covered in crunchy white sugar. YUM. I'm thinking about getting a second to-go.
bakelovegive : I adore breakfast in Mexico!! Fresh fruit and the most delicious pastry baskets! One place we stayed brought a basket of a dozen mini pastries to your table every morning so you didn't have to choose! πŸ˜‰
brandiego : @bakelovegive Yeah, I totally agree! This place had the best breakfast pastries though. I seriously wanted to try all of them.
bakelovegive : @brandiego the addition of anise sounds heavenly!
brandiego : @bakelovegive Reminded me of Italian Christmas cookies. I think the flavors would be good in donut-form.
vangby : @thorcapitan
thorcapitan : Nydeligt @vangby
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