Brandi Carlile

New album, Bear Creek, available now:
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
See you tonight Berkeley! #thegreektheatre #theavettbrothers
theavettbrothers - thegreektheatre -
dpark17 : That would be my dream concert! Hope you do this again in Wash DC!
mcshandy : GREAT show, as always. Who do we call to get ya'll headlining the greek?!
macayli : Show was amazing!
taraf817 : That was SO fun!!! @brandicarlile except we wanted more of you and the twins!!! Come back to the Wells Fargo Center soon!!!! xoxo
marshallbean : Still thinking about what an incredible show you played last night!!!! My wife and I had the best time!! (We got tickets to celebrate our two year wedding anniversary <3 ) Thanks for rocking so hard!!!!
jmgodfrey : Amazing show!!
ems_ninjakrex : My hometown and one of my favorite venues!! My mom and sister were at the show and said it was incredible, as always! :-) <3
seanpaulcurran : The Greek !!!! Love that venue !!!! Go bears !!!!
aubwright - aclemens89 - katehosmer - mybrightredboots -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Just had a great weekend playing with the Oregon Symphony in Portland on Friday night, one of our best symphony shows ever, me and the twins had a blast. We also had our annual Raise The Roof fundraiser for the Looking Out Foundation on Saturday, we managed to raise over $50,000! So a huge thank you to everyone who contributed! xobc
mck262 : @brandicarlile any way you can get me to your show at the Stoughton Opera house in October? You deeply inspire me and I would love to see you while you are here.
mlestrux : @jw_stl How much of that total did you contribute for those shots on stage?!? 😄 Worth every penny! Thanks, baby!
hmpoolman : I love you @brandicarlile
jmhaggard : You guys put on the best show I've ever seen on Friday. Seriously, thank you. Your lyrics and music are food for the soul. Also, it was cool to hear how much your fans adore y'all. Cheers.
ericamariek : Such a special night. Thank you for all the joy you guys bring to so many. 💛
grays_mama : Friday at the Schnitz was amazing as always @brandicarlile !!! Brought my MIL and two SILs that had never seen your band-- everyone was in love! Loved your Johnny cash rockout! And btw your hair looked amazing! What product do you use for the curls?!
scjoseph : @iliiike
andreiagodinho8 : I love it ;)
ldowdy - andreiagodinho8 - emdropo1 - linztron -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Excited to raise some funds and party Portland!
splashley81 : Can't wait for Philly!
timarengh : Sitting in the bar next door hoping to see you. Saw the twins and Rachel passing through. Feeling a bit like a groupie. Last night's show exceeded all expectations. Thank you.
chailydyson23 : Whoooo hooo got the last ticket! So glad we got to see you!
sarynwiley : I was in the front row crying like a baby all night. First show of many. Thanks for setting the bar so high!
hitchedstairs : You were totally in my dreams here on the east coast last night @brandicarlile
lindaeloisepedersen : Oh how I wish you will have concert in Norway (or Europe) soon! You are my favourite band, and It is my dream to hear you live! @brandicarlile
jojarmusz : Yes consider concert in Europe:)
lindslead : Thank you for a beautiful night of music (and ass kicking) and for playing my request of keep your heart young (Tim you're awesome ☺️) ! It was so great to see you guys in such an intimate setting, much love.
anderkj - briannajdorothy - hananas26 - naomidelatorre_ -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
The Gorge... been there, done that! xobc
____kb____ : @jillb83 @tamab12 see us??
hmpoolman : I love you @brandicarlile
sleepy68 : Loved you last night at Arlene Schnitzer
rianjordan : Brilliant show @brandicarlile
nievesjb : So excited to see you with the Seattle Symphony, for my birthday!
hum_bird : I was on the railing all 3 nights for ya at the gorge and best BELIEVE you guys tore it up! Keep bringin that spirit and smile 😄✌️
thezmom : Spoon was sooooo amazing and I freaked out when you started singing "the chain". We got home and my inlaws were like "so how was Brandi?" I was like Ah Ma Zing!! She's like "did you know she's our cousin?" 😳 didn't know! :)
juliemh8 : You were awesome!
anderkj - anis_benwafa - hananas26 - naomidelatorre_ -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
So far the shows here at the Gorge with #davematthewsband are going great! This. is. Incredible. xobc
davematthewsband -
maxseekup41 : Love!!!! You are amazing - love a chick that rocks ❤️❤️❤️
brad_berg3 : These two are always killin it
rianjordan : Brilliant show at the gorge
craintiffany : Wish I could've gone! Need a BC concert soon.
gymnast_andrea_xox : Omg Brandi my cousin adores you
gymnast_andrea_xox : Her name is @graysaay
rebecca.carpenter : please check direct message❤️
cheleybug : Hadn't seen you before the Gorge show. Amazing!! Loved The Eye and your version of Mad World shattered me. So awesome! Thank you!
lcverity - tkief - christinedoane - shinypenny13 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We're getting ready for this weekend. Can't wait to raise a little hell @davematthewsband
emiquirico : Love you ny best artist!
mtngirlhippie : Love that song - it's literally my anthem!!
mtngirlhippie : Come to Santa Barbara, CA 😊
rayannesilveer : Woo I love it ! Please come to France, I love you xx 😘
benjammin_d : Can't wait to see you in Pittsburgh!!!
mamaroonietunes : South florida please!!
kileyparrish : @christasandlin
aliedwards : You were awesome tonight!
betty_reyesrmz - kaybarbs23 - kellyjomitchellmusic - shylarosev -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We played an almost all request show tonight in Salt Lake City. I wish it had never ended. See you next year SLC! xobc
naomidelatorre_ : You four together sound perfect
tonimarie4324 : I've been in love with your music for so many years and I'm just now finding out that you are a lesbian. It breaks my heart a little that you have a ring on that special finger lol.
kirst.park : Fantastic concert! Please don't stop coming here!
marnania : Hey ! Good to have news from you. Take care.
bellagarner : @avalonf seriously it was amazing.
bellagarner : @avalonf 👆it's the girl who shared her blanket with us!!! Thanks again it was amazing to be so close to Brandi!!! @hayleelarson
hayleelarson : Hello again, @bellagarner @avalonf - I'm glad we found you! It was great meeting you and seeing Brandi so close!! She's the best. :)
kellieluvsshoes : Come to Tucson. .....we miss you!!! $
kdeeloveslife - vanessthomp - shylarosev - carsonchristine -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Thank you Traverse City! xobc
bodhiwaugh : Great show. @brandicarlile Got a good photo of you guys. Check it out on my profile. Thanks for the great music!
emsmith33 : @ktfrentz @grays_mama I think I'm the one in the front all the way to the left! The very last person in the pic. It looks like the girl I was next to with the short red hair next to me which is how I picked myself out.
emsmith33 : Or that might be her friend...and not me.
grays_mama : @emsmith33 it kinda looks like you but too short?? Either way sounds like it was awesome AND you were up close!! @ktfrentz
cristyhen : So excited to see you tonight in Salt Lake City! Bringin' friends and fam. Your music is the soundtrack to my life! Thank you!!!
trisa41 : You are my favorite artist for many reasons. Your music is so real and honest , just how you seem to be as an artist. Been to many concerts as it's my favorite thing to do in the summer. A seven hour drive FOR THE BEST CONCERT I have ever been to was worth every second in the car. This performance was hands down your BEST!! Thank you!!!!! Looking forward to seeing u closer to Indy again real soon.
kdsexton79 : Enjoyed seeing your concert with my girlfriend who is from Traverse City. She loves your music and was so excited to see you. Thank you for sharing your gift with us!
glitteratikat : @emsmith33 it was awesome meeting you at the show!
maadoc - valj224 - smithgirl1965 - brittylanae -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We're on our way Colorado! #folksfest
folksfest -
sparis_73 : Colombia waits for you @brandicarlile
ammonstraub :'ve changed this moms life and expanded the boundaries I used to feel were holding me back. You are inspiration....hey twin too!!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and blessings.
leslitabahamondes : @brandicarlile Chile??!!
ediecarey : You guys were incredible, as always! @sarahsample88 and I hope you and Evangeline got the lullaby cd from us. Sweet dreams and epic family naps to you three! Xo
cunite : @melanieluppold I was there and it was great!!
melanieluppold : @cunite did you see Brandi?! So happy!!!! Love these guys!!
cunite : @melanieluppold I did it was great, also saw Ani Difranco who was also awesome!! You and @rhluppold should come out for folks fest next year...
salhaugen : Can't wait to see you at Harvard university this October. It's been a long time.
iriss_aa - baristababe29 - blasesaucedo - libby_smith_ec -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We just played the Red Ants Pants festival in Montana. With a sky full of stars and a field full of music lovers, we were totally inspired. Me and my girls will be making a few detours on our way home... xobc
sarapresler : Stop in Flagstaff!
ppc_kyah : @shoutout1us got everything 1k
ppc_kyah : Me
dewyzefan6 : that's cool. I absolutely love you and your music
partial.alacrity : I have a brandi carlile fan page🙋
jeffdinmt : Loved the show and Red Ants Pants was a blast!! So Montana.
nikoala5 : Brandi please come to Ny 🙏😘
andreiagodinho8 : Come to Portugal
hoopseeker - blasesaucedo - tamab12 - shaunitsunami -
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