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Brandi Carlile

New album, The Firewatcher's Daughter available now!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
My dearest fans and friends, it's that time of year again!... In honor of my 35th birthday on June 1st, I’d like to encourage you all to contribute to the Looking Out Foundation and help us raise funds for The Story Campaign! (For more info, and the opportunity to donate, find the link in our bio) Make music mean more. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, xobc
proudofmeseries : I'll check it out for sure - love this picture #mom
lahoaglund : @jambopaka
keats.e : Happy birthday, I'm super excited to see you on June 11th in Minnesota it will the best 1 day after birthday ever. Congrats on all of the amazing accomplishments and wonderful family. I also want to thank you for for all of the beautiful music that helped me through the hardest times of my life and helping me come out and be the happiest i have been in a long time. From the bottom of my heart THANK YOU.
rfisher1963 : I think my heart just skipped a beat ...
j_k_combs - kalie_613 - composerdho - cameronnatkin -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Band practice. Xobc #quadgoals
quadgoals -
lacey_wheeler : @bbc48 haha maybe! ;)
stephporterco : ha! #quadgoals Brilliant!
melindaclinger : Just heard "The Eye" on the new show #TheRanch on #Netflix it fit the scene so perfectly! Episode 8... But don't skip ahead its a fun watch!
corycoopermusic : Awesome!
mk2479 - odita_makica - jenananalee - clmbrchick -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
I'm enjoying my time off with my little Evangeline! Yes, I know my kids only got on a diaper and a life jacket...don't judge me! Haha Xobc #redneckbabies
redneckbabies -
zweigbytheriver : Huh?...that's what I'm wearing right now lol
carrie76fell : Doesn't matter what she has on, that smile and laugh, says all you need to know!! What a sweetheart!!!!
brookie_boy : Haha
estherofkent : My goodness! So much bigger than at Christmas!
katherineamz - brynn_cooney - akiplinger83 - sandsegler -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Congratulations Josh and Sarah! Welcome to the cult! Love Brandi & the twins xxx
kellkellkelly : So adorable!!
kristenmarieparker : Thanks so much for sharing! ❤️
carrie76fell : But it's the best cult ever!!
carlybish : @kristenmarieparker is such a fantastic photographer!
eidanbray - kconner85 - kmresq - anderson_jess -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We just finished our first leg of this summer tour. There is nothing we love more as a band than getting out on the road and playing for you all. We made this little video last year of our travels. Hope to see you out there! (Link to full video in bio) SUMMER 2016 DATES May 27 Charlotte, NC May 28 Norfolk, VA May 30 Charleston, SC June 1 Hampton Beach, NH June 3 Shelburne, VT June 4 Portland, ME June 5 Hunter, NY June 7 Marietta, OH June 9 St Louis, MO June 10 Papillion, NE June 11 Minneapolis, MN June 13 Springfield, MO June 14 Tulsa, OK June 15 Kansas City, MO June 17 Moorhead, MN June 18 Bayfield, WI June 19 Des Moines, IA July 7 Quebec City, CA July 8 Montreal, CA July 9 Ottawa, CA July 11 Buffalo, NY July 12 Cleveland, OH July 15 Interlochen, MI July 16 Detroit, MI July 17 Louisville, KY July 19 Huber Heights, OH July 20 Hershey, PA July 22 Canandaigua, NY July 23 Columbia, MD July 24 Camden, NJ Aug 5 Bend, OR Aug 7 San Francisco, CA Aug 9 Jackson, WY Aug 10 Missoula, MT Aug 12 Tamarack, ID Aug 13 Park City, UT Aug 14 Morrison, CO Aug 16 Phoenix, AZ Aug 17 Tucson, AZ Aug 19 San Diego, CA Aug 20 Los Angeles, CA Aug 23,24 Seattle, WA Aug 27 Arrington, VA
lggormley : @brandicarlile UK? 👐
avidiamond : Come back to Pittsburgh. We love you!!
ari_niate : Where is indonesia??
erfortm : Please come to cape town!!!!!!!!!!!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
#Repost @madisonsquare ・・・ Earlier this year, @brandicarlile made her Madison Square Garden debut! See how she prepared for her performance on #BeforeTheShow! Click the link in our bio for the full video!
beforetheshow - repost -
the_zzet : Will u come to Asia?
r8chlow : @riss1 I CANNOT WAIT
aubwright : I've traveled to 5 different states to see you in concert....watched you rock your heart out in over 20 shows but only witnessed you lose your mind once in Colorado at Red Rocks......dancing on the piano= priceless. Always heals my soul to witness that magic.
carrie76fell : Loved this on Facebook, love love it WAY more on Instagram!! Guess I'm just an Instagram kinda girl!!!!!!
kathleenwarner - rowemichelle - memopfmzappa - river4176 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Hey Greensboro Thank you so much for a fantastic night! We'll be back before you know it. Keep on fighting the good fight in the great state of North Carolina and continue your work to overturn discriminatory legislation every time they try to slip it by you! Let's get on the right side of history my friends! Hope you had a great Mother's Day everyone! xobc
berthaughin : Cool photo, love it when you rock out electric!!
_downeys_ : Thanks for coming! It was a great show. Hope your allergies are better!
lbknobel : Hope you and Catherine had a great Mother's Day, Brandi. Thank you for your incredible show with @crowmedicine in Simpsonville! Looking forward to seeing you at the Fillmore in Charlotte! Was there last year when you stopped with Anderson East. You and the band were electric, just awesome.
carrie76fell : So awesome, such an awesome pic!!!! Way too go @hannahanserothphotography !!!!!!!!!!!!
keek_geek - syd_vicious04 - 79sonicfan - kellyfranceswilliams -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Alright Greensboro! Coming to getcha! Who's coming tonight!? Baby we were born to run! Xobc
shabricherie : Stunning
bernnnn1 : Love you and your music Brandi! Your music has gotten me through the toughest times life has thrown at me. You have a TRUE talent!!! Keep shooting for the stars 💕✨ sending love! @brandicarlile
nana_3555 : Brandi I looooovvvveeee yyyyyooooouuu sssoooooo much l am a big fan from saudi arabia ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
braabit : 🙏🐾
mpernat720 - debbiegoldman94 - marsharobin - littlebittycoton -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Thank you @theavettbrothers Thank you Tuscaloosa! #rolltide! Xobc
rolltide -
annabrazzy : Ugh. Yes @craigathor
carrie76fell : Awesome shot!! Can't wait till those buses head north!!
chandlerdeerman : @miranda_burch I defiantly see us.
miranda_burch : Oh my gosh!! 😍 @chandlerdeerman
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
First time in Chattanooga! @crowmedicine @thesecretsisters Brandi Band party in Tennessee! xobc
sbesheer : what a babe!
jamihenry34 : It was an amazing show. And don't forget what you said about moving here! You belong here. #CHATTANOOGA
dougie101la : Best picture of you possibly Ever. You are the ultimate.
lcsr79 : You guys ROCK. I have been lucky enough to see you three times and I have been amazed each time. Your energy is out of this world. Could not get better. I am not a fan of covers usually, but I have never heard anything you have done that wasn't as good as the original. From Creep, to The Chain, to Peaceful Easy Feeling and everything in between. I think you guys can do anything. I would love to hear your version of Nathaniel Ratliffe and the Night Sweats SOB. Oh and another new album would also be amazing! Not asking for much. Thanks for all the beautiful music! You guys are just awesome!
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