Brandi Carlile

New album, The Firewatcher's Daughter out 3/3/15!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Good thing WXRT Chicago got our list of requests: Jukebox with the Beatles. Juicer. Stuffed moose head. No band should have to play without a moose head. #thefirewatchersdaughter #twomoredays
thefirewatchersdaughter - twomoredays -
emy__k : Are you guys in Chicago?!?!?!!! Why did I not know this??? 😭
de_la_hubey : 'what! the moose head is looking to the north! i said, to the south ! that's it! twins, we are out of here'.
hitchedstairs : Friggin sweet!! @brandicarlile
rhomo23 : No stop in Mass?is it because the pats won the Super Bowl?
lbraven : You guys were phenomenal, thanks for stopping!
tangerinesandbeeswax : Brandi! Bret and I are waiting for you to come to Santa Fe! Home now. Have a great tour!
sara_gibbo : @93xrt
jguisi : Five point
nirdvana - wildfire_w - gbrown127 - jewels2670 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We were so happy to be a part of today's broadcast of @prairie_home. If you missed it, you can see and hear clips at Or you can go old school, and listen to your local #publicradio station tomorrow πŸ“» #thefirewatchersdaughter #threemoredays
thefirewatchersdaughter - publicradio - threemoredays -
shansen02 : I remember the first time I heard you it was on Prairie Home Companion. I've been hooked ever since! Can't wait for the new album and more importantly to see you this summer in Iowa.
ameister0730 : @emmabgross I know!! 😫
rmasters17 : Amazing show!! I was so good to hear you again, can't wait for the new album. Come back to MN anytime!!!!
katmeinig : Listening now! #keepyourheartyoung
ullomhb : Listening! ❀️
1melissablaha : Great performance ! Loved every minute!
lars.go : @brandicarlile chicago is cold. Can we come in?
jamiestuckey : @stuckeyjg
aleja_gp - gnetli - tankgirl43 - kayleyjoyg -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Got to perform with Eric Stonestreet last night in St. Paul! Full disclosure I've NEVER missed an episode of Modern Family and I'm a massive Cam fan. I also LOVE Nathan Lane's character in that show! I have got to say though I was blown away by the comedic diversity that Eric is capable of and my sides hurt from being hysterical all evening. The writing on Wits was fantastic last night! #teamcam Xobc
teamcam -
captainsled : @rubiaba 😍
rubiaba : @captainsled yessss
rubiaba : Brandi Carlile + cam = favorite thing ever
eakproductions : @brandicarlile you, #thetwins and @ericstonestreet were phenomenal @wits last night! Thank you for the #laughs and #livemusic.
rhomo23 : Nice!
idrathernottellthat : @kseawagner
cathipink : @solace2003 check it out ☺☺☺
carrie76fell : This pic of you reminds me of the pure joy in my face when I got to meet you for the second time when I was able to get a pic of it!! The result of a random meeting in a hotel lobby in Minneapolis!! Happy you guys are having fun and wishing I could be a part of it!! New album has me singing my way into spring!!❀️❀️🌷🌹🌺
halehfardi - tankgirl43 - atrayu28 - joyfulgirl1281 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
I honor of Johnny Cash's birthday, we are hitting the road. #happybirthdayjohnny #thefirewatchersdaughter #fivemoredays
thefirewatchersdaughter - fivemoredays - happybirthdayjohnny -
berthaughin : I love your version of Folsom Prison Blues!! Have a great tour. Sellersville Theater?
colek28 : Can't wait till you come to Portland, ME! We love you, Brandi :)
carrie76fell : I am so loving the new album, not to my surprise at all, and just so crazy excited to see you guys perform again! Since New Year's Eve, way way to long ago!!
baconandeggswallawalla : Hope walla walla is on your list...
wallylarkin : Countdown to A.C.! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
wildfire_w : How about coming to Dallas
baconandeggswallawalla : #baconandeggswallawalla
khamhoeva_api : 😫😫😫😫❀️😍😍😍😍❀️❀️❀️❀️
newlandk - c_buckzz - susana.sa20 - jeanine_clark -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
"The local Starbucks in Maple Valley let my mom make the announcement board for The Firewatcher's Daughter release! That's just chalk! Nice job mom!" Xobc #thefirewatchersdaughter
thefirewatchersdaughter -
bettym015 : Too cool for words!
kellywattz : Good to know Starbucks still has some heart
erikaclarkowski : We are MV! Cool!
bigfoot93mc : @lissy_carter
mariannek2u : Awesome! Cant wait!!
kristenkellykk : xoxo
smalltownbean : @thedrifterthegypsy so soon! πŸ’™
thedrifterthegypsy : Oh Lord ❀️❀️ @smalltownbean
rhomo23 - jasmineleeshimerda - derek_prather - carriedt1 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
In case you didn't catch this one from our facebook...We're hitting the road again! #thefirewatchersdaughter #sevenmoredays
thefirewatchersdaughter - sevenmoredays -
lynds1202 : See you in Toronto!!!!!!!!!
luzimmcm : Got tix to Red Rocks. That will be the third time seeing you at that venue.
christina8627 : I received the link too, but it won't download :(
jamiepoole3 : See you in Raleigh
carrie76fell : That is an awesome pic of you guys, for real!! Can't wait for the tour, I am dying to see how many more days will be added cause it is my mission to be at as many of them possible!!!
mtngirlhippie : Small town, awesome charm... Come see us in Santa Ynez, CA. Tales of the tavern...
thanhatx : Can't wait to see you in June in Austin! We are beyond excited @brandicarlile 😊
nancymkurtz : Got our Red Rocks tickets!!!
susana.sa20 - emilydiggins - saulsburryr - shinypenny13 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
#thefirewatchersdaughter #eightmoredays
thefirewatchersdaughter - eightmoredays -
nissihimes : ❀️ can't wait!
cjarnoldinva : @brandicarlile pre-ordering today!!
lizjm01 : I can't wait!!
vking1973 : The longest eight days EVER!! The wait will so be worth the reward. Happy waiting everyone.
debhatch5 : Anyone know what the passcode to preorder concert tickets is? I didn't get a code sent to me via Again Today.
hpolgreen : I scored 2 AWESOME second row seats for the Albany NY SHOW! Whoohoo!
carrie76fell : πŸ’˜, just as it has been all the times before, I'm blown away!! πŸ’˜ Just restarting it for the 4th time now, amazing!!!! Now we get to start making plans to be as much a part of that tour as we possibly can, so unbelievably excited for the fun we always have when we get to see you guys live!!!!
jarias4 : Got my tickets to Wolftrap AND my download today!! I'd call that a GOOD day! 
lunaintrepide - caylaroo - trailofleaves - cr8zydominican -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Look what we got in the mail today! We've got vinyls people! #thefirewatchersdaughter #vinyl #ninemoredays
thefirewatchersdaughter - vinyl - ninemoredays -
virgo_23_ash : O my can't wait for my CD to come
carrie76fell : I got the whole package coming! Vinyl, CD, music book, and can't stand it anymore!! Put me out of misery, please, I need this!!!❀️❀️
kimchipie : Mine is ordered!!! So excited!!!
stefferzz : I got mine today ☺️☺️
thebrandonbond : @mackenziefetter
hitchedstairs : @jimmyfallon @theellenshow @nbcsnl @tamronhall she's awesome. Get her on
hitchedstairs : @_amber_jane_
stephymommy : How come you're not coming to Utah on your summer tour??? 😭😭😭
lunaintrepide - trailofleaves - heathercool1976 - cr8zydominican -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
So excited to drop the pin tonight in our hometown! #thefirewatchersdaughter #pindroptour
thefirewatchersdaughter - pindroptour -
bigfoot93mc : @lissy_carter gahhhh
jspd121 : Come to Michigan please!
dlvly : Come to Prescott, AZ!!
shylarosev : The show was fantastic can't wait for the next ones too come!!! Thanks for the fist bump Phil:)!!!
seedstoroots : So sad tickets were sold out the moment the show was announced or I would have been there!
breannagiesy : Great show! U made my & the lil gal's day across the isle from me. When she was able to fist bump brandi.. thank! ;)
xo_vanessa : Any chance you're playing a pop-up somewhere in Seattle tonight? Up from Portland and tragically just missed you guys last night. You're my fave!
darcyjamieson : Any chance that Pin will drop in a haystack near Montreal? Even for one little song πŸ™
owensjeni - carsonchristine - brooklyn_the_timelord - naniechan28 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
I sang for Terry Wogan yesterday. I won't lie, I was star struck! How happy do I look to be hanging with this man? xobc #ilovebbc
ilovebbc -
greenrubberband : @shawnmichael24 . The Mr. Woven!
greenrubberband : *Wogen
61moonraker : Excellent! He's a national treasure. He never changes.
aliciaaaacuuuh_510 : I'm kidding
aliciaaaacuuuh_510 : @dudeitsnaomii loves the hell out of U
dudeitsnaomii : What? @aliciaaaacuuuh_510
toribellino : I love you!
leannpickard : @brandicarlile you should book part of your tour in Colorado Springs!!!
nick15xc - mefearless - fence_sitter - dearmax75 -
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