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New album, Bear Creek, available now:
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
3 night stand at home next weekend! Who's coming to Benaroya Hall?... xobc
ficostefania : I wish I could come, but you are so far from Italy
craintiffany : Can't wait! It's going to be the best Black Friday ever!!!
jarias4 : This is such an awesome shot. It captures you perfectly.  Will see you in Philly in the Spring!
redcouchgallery : Row z
laughclan : Meeeee! So excited!!
nickisch13 : Looking forward to Saturday night!!!
thatvirginia : Cannot wait to share the stage with you someday. ♡
tarajmarty : The countdown is on!
tarajmarty - melissagreiner - katehosmer - jbourgault -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We recorded "O Holy Night" for @amazonmusic #allisbright release. Check it out! #christmasyall
allisbright - christmasyall -
litaburrita : Bought!
jarias4 : LOVE  Bought it yesterday. No one else I'd rather hear singing this beautiful classic. Gives me chills every time!
carrie76fell : One of my favorite ones!!
naomidelatorre_ : @___nikkitta___ omg dudeeeee
___nikkitta___ : okay i would actually listen to that😂 @naomidelatorre_
virgo_23_ash : Where do i find the CD?
virgo_23_ash : You guys should totally make a xmas CD would be the best
alysia_scott : I just listened. Please include in your set on Saturday! Xoxo
shazknee - rebecca.stella - znoj - lj_412 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Ahhhhh...Fall bonfires #naturestelevision
naturestelevision -
memesatx : @shame85 Duh, yes. I don't have tickets yet, but yes, I'm dying to go! :-D
truman_10 : Amazing
masterhelen84 : #primaltv
carrie76fell : Must have marshmallows to, and chocolate, and something with else with a little kick like your favorite Jamison, mix all that together and yes, we ❤️out fall fires! Can't wait to see you guys on New Years!!!
malone331 : a pallet!!!!! cheaters
pitmama15 : Haven't you seen all the things you can do with a pallet on Pinterest?!? I'm pretty sure setting it ablaze didn't make the cut.
csaint : Hell yah!
amyl2274 : I want tickets😿
bleacherswift13 - rudibower - abbykatzman - rebecca.stella -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Stay classy Seattle #babysittersgetcomfortable
babysittersgetcomfortable -
osygusj : i love Tim!
k_andersonxo : @briasom 👍👍👍👍 Yes please! Boise misses you!
pattymk86 : That hashtag tho 😂
xobc1978 : Seriously,5 minutes from my house. I keep missing you guys when you're in Seattle. One day, one day my friends I will be walking down the street and see you and the twins at which time I will flip my shit!
shylarosev : I was just there like last month! So excited to you soon in Seattle! Hopefully I will someday meet you:,(
carrie76fell : So far I have traveled to great lengths to see you all! From Wisconsin, Illinois, to Minnesota to Colorado, and all the way to Washington! So worth every mile and still counting! See ya all again on New Years Eve in Minnesota! Hope you had fun on your night off!!
cedardawg : Can't wait to see you next Friday with the Symphony!
ahimsaplease : Aw, this one's so honey happy precious feel-good! Yay!
joangrimm1 - _.emilydancer_ - ____kb____ - bleacherswift13 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Pin Droppin' at Wolf Trap #TBT
tbt -
paisarita : Still wish I could go to your concert in Minneapolis with my girlfriend... She's never experienced a show like yours. Let me know if there's anything I can do to win tickets!!!
naomidelatorre_ : Ily 😭😭😭❤️
courthemourt : @melissa_dawn75 😄😄😄
carrie76fell : Love you Brandi and the twins, can't wait for Minnesota and New Years!!!!!
wolf_trap : We loved having you! Hope to see you back at Wolf Trap soon!
tgrinde : Waiting patiently in Seattle 🎸
covers_by_ella_the_penguin_ : I love your music so much!!! I really hope you come to Sacramento someday! It would be a dream come true😘
songbirdroach : Check out this cover of "the story"!
jpanaia - rakett_reidun - cheesyk8 - thatmomentwhenswift138 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
I can't believe the Pin Drop Tour is over!! Should we do it again? xobc #pindroptour
pindroptour -
happiestsprinkle : Yes please! Salt Lake City loves you guys so much.
rrca_swim : So cute
covers_by_ella_the_penguin_ : You are one of my biggest musical inspirations!! I have covered two of your songs on my account and it would be absolutely incredible if you would check them out:)
truman_10 : Yesss do it
truman_10 : I missed it
taryn.minahan : keep coming to Massachusetts. never stop. i will love you more than i do now.
hannah.gormley : Do it again!!! I wasn't able to go 😫
dewyzefan6 : YESSSS cuz Chicago show was sold out & I cdnt get tix so I was bummin big time
john_normanmuzic - rakett_reidun - envvieira - tokissthecook -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Chicago night 2... xobc #pindroptour
pindroptour -
heeyleeh : Love u guys ♡
mia_rago : You did absolutely amazing! Couldn't have asked for a better night!!! Thanks for everything!! @brandicarlile @timhanseroth
dylan_parsnips : I love you 😍😍😍😍😍
thadhare : Love you all. Great shows!
hmpoolman : I love you @brandicarlile
alisa.freaking.boulter : I love @eaglebows
morrisseed : I love you guys!
naomidelatorre_ : Your so cute 😂😂 @jck510
rrca_swim - niikuus98 - deyanira_cespedes - quinnliebling -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
First of two nights in Chicago, the pin drops again tonight!.. xobc #pindroptour
pindroptour -
bbowen30 : @brandicarlile My friends and I have been planning for weeks to drive from all over the state to stoughton without tix to be able to sit outside that haunted old city hall and hopefully hear you perform! We wouldn't mind if the #pindroptour dropped a few more tix around town 😁✌️❤️🎶🎸🎤🏤
virgo_23_ash : You guys are awesome come back to utah
naomidelatorre_ : 😍😍
naomidelatorre_ : @___nikkitta___ the lady next to brandi looks like me when I saw her for the first time 😂😂😂
pbdonut : That's me!
clairewhitsickle : @alisoncomposes did you go see her?
dressbel : Linda
fernandiita_3 : So gorgeous :)))
govindamendoza - fence_sitter - moe_rae - taylord_tlm -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Chicago, meet our opening string trio. See you tonight! #pindroptour
pindroptour -
cupcakelaura : Why are tix $76 ?
dmaese444 : Yes! Chandelier!! I love Jeb Bows as it is, but in glasses?! #swoon
labellafigurabeauty : @brandicarlile Thank you for playing at The Old Town. We had an incredible time. You made me happy and brought joy to a regular Monday night. ❤️
chrissybuns : Is that Jeb Bowes? Love him!
keeleymend : @erinelaineo when will you be taking the stage with bc? :)
cycling2 : What is the name of the new girl in the band?
pyanders : The string trio was awesome!!! A few more songs from them would have been great.
amylyall : Love strings. Love Jeb.
millapinhe - acatinthedark - truman_10 - cindywu870 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
The pin drops in Pittsburgh! Thank you so much!! xobc #pindroptour
pindroptour -
jennlevo : Yeah, what @caitepdx said. I mean, I know we "just" had
jennlevo : Sorry, hit send too early... I know we just had raise the roof, but you could probably squeeze this in the schedule somewhere... Ammi right?! I don't want to be greedy or anything, but we might like to see this. ;)
swillett116 : Denver, pretty please :)
dlvly : Prescott AZ please
rosarechardt : ❤️
jguisi : Or drop a pin any where in pnw anywhere in WA ore id north Cali...I would even drive to Montana for this. Please
rickid1 : Great show in Pittsburgh, a very magical night. Great venue. But inspired band. Thank you! Long memories.
evkoch : Such an amazing night! Thank you for the show, I'm obsessed :)
mrs.freitas - morrisseed - vu.qc.nguyen - rickid1 -
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