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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
If you haven't checked it out yet.... Spouses, goats and kids all make an appearance in our new video of "Wherever Is Your Heart". Link is in bio. @rollingstone
bethlomske : Real' happy :)
tgrinde : Love it and can't wait to see more!
kimmiller37 : I absolutely love all your music. This album is amazing. My partner and I have been to so many of your concerts when you come to the Columbus and Pittsburgh area!! We have albums signed by you and was so honored that you shook my hand at the Pin Drop Tour at the Carnegie Library. Uhhh, what an amazing night. We had front row seats. Hated missing this concert on July 27 as we were in vacation with our kids. You are our absolute favorite artist. I listen to your music all the time. You so inspire me!!! 😄😄😊🌈
kimmiller37 : I so relate to the lyrics "wherever is your heart I call home". It's true. No matter where we are. As long as I'm with my partner, Julie, I feel home. We have always called for so many years that when we curl up together we are home. I love how you have really brought that point "home"!!!
rayba19 : This is my favorite music video yet!
jesugoycoolea : It's absolutely amazing!!!!! Loved it
abba.dabba_ : I absolutely love all your music. I have been listening since the "the story" album came out (when I was 3) and I love every song you have made since then! You are so inspiring and I could listen to all your songs over and over and still notice new things, new metaphors, new beauty in every piece, and I think that is honestly amazing.
eks_oh : Please check your DMs! @brandicarlile
esther_ray_9564 - a1chill - sky.graphic - craayzaay_unicorn -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
I think we've seen the end of The Firewatcher's Traveling Show! To everyone who showed their face, sang our songs, live streamed and brought their love and energy to the summer, thank you from the bottom of my heart. xobc
colgussaroff : Cool photo! Great job out there! Get some rest now :) love, all the moms
abbeym.a : Please come back to MT!
indigogirlsmusic : This is a badass photo! Congrats to the whole band on a stellar record and tour!
brigwoman : Brandi, you and your band rocked red rocks! A forever memory, for sure!
nella.thomas : Hope you get a chance to check out "Yonder Woods" now that the tour is over! It was so great seeing you all in Iowa!! 💕
carolinecaet : Come to Brasil!!!
kimmiller37 : So wanted to see it, but wasn't possible as we were taking our family on a trip to the Caribbean. Couldn't change those plans as this was the one special vacation before we sent one of our daughters off to college in a couple of weeks after that. Hoping to see you soon. You just keep getting better and better. Didn't think that was possible but you out do yourself with every album you come out with!! May have a chance to see it in Cincinnati. Crossing fingers!!😄
kdeeloveslife : I was going to write "kick ass pic" before I realized how painfully punny it was. But then I decided to put it anyway.
promisecait - awesomeness_04_77 - aloevera_almaty_with_love - mreneefogle -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Salt Lake City!!! Oh how we love you! There's no other place that could feel that exhilarating after Red Rocks but you've outdone yourself again! Xobc
gabriellax3x3 : Lmao I hate you @nytebyrd13 😛
apriljoy.01 : @_jared.payne_
jason_ball : Cool Image!
lauriedrolettoutant : I love you brandi ❤️
lauriedrolettoutant : @brandicarlile
lindsielwood : I didn't know your performed in SLC this week ! I am so sad I wasn't there !!! Hopefully someday ! You rock .
_pk_pk : Yes!!!! That was so fun
womaneissner : @mirkovm1
aquaberry_disco_lobster - secaseltine - colgussaroff - superstarhba -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Hi Red Butte! In the garden you will find mystical waterfalls...and tickets for tonight's sold out show. #brandicarliletickethunt Post and tag us when you find them!
brandicarliletickethunt -
ashleycollettdesign : @ababyham noooooooo why did I just see your comment now!
keeleymend : WHY ARE YOU SO AWESOME????!!!
certifiedmindblower_ : @tomfletcher @juddymcfly @dannyjonesmcfly @idougahole do that, please.
shonnyeo22 : Amazing show last night!!!
bekkablue27 : You ROCKED the Red Rocks, that was my first concert there. Then ended your tour in my back yard the beautiful Red Butte Gardens! Love all of you and the beautiful music!!!
_pk_pk : I was there!!!!!!
rapperonnie : No! You can't smoke these, walk on @timhanseroth we have other important things to do 😂😂😂
erinlarsen7 : Wait.... so no one FOUND these tickets???? You're kidding me.....
awesomeness_04_77 - karenbisbymartin - depiav - lovetodance005 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Thank you #redrocks I don't even know what to say right now... More on this tomorrow.... xosoldoutredrocksbc @gregoryalanisakov @andersoneast
redrocks -
tracylacue : An amazing time! Thanks guys!
official_garrett_blackburn : @maddy_pawlak_loves_to_frolic @samwburt
skryslpac : I leave your shows with more joy and love in my heart. Every time.
dance_forever38 : I love you so much! You have an amazing voice! Thanks for the best night of my life!!!❤️💛💙💜💚😀
ajmalm76 : Who opened for your? First year in 5 years I couldn't make it! Never been so bummed! You are my Favorite female artist of all time, HANDS DOWN; )
dance_forever38 : Please follow!!😃😃
aspen.shea._ : I love you Brandi!! Your goals
gannonwalsh : I was there
esther_ray_9564 - pasquale_superstar - bespectacled_stranger - chris_mixon -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
It's awfully lonely out here...where are you!? #tourgigs
tourgigs -
rapperonnie : We where there of course to support you guys 9 thousand miles away in holland at the other end of the internet cable live stream Yheaaaaaaa epic thnx x
tiffmdyer : @erinehensley Should I put this in the date night pocket?
erinehensley : @tiffmdyer OF COURSE. surprise me anytime with Brandi tickets especially at red rocks 😘
lyndknob : @amandaka10
eric.cr : I WANTED TO BE HERE. I'm so sad you're not coming to Indianapolis. come?
brigwoman : I loved the opening trailer!!! Great idea!!! Love your creativity and the voice is like none other!!! Your forever fan!!
paige_rone : Four of your concerts under belt since I began this journey of being amazed with all the talents of 'Brandi Carlile.' And, Red Rocks was definitely the culmination for me!!! See you again in October in Birmingham! Totally stoked...
gannonwalsh : I was at the red rocks show in 2015..it was the best
jazmin.hutchcraft - sanjanakempanna - bespectacled_stranger - secaseltine -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Hmmmm...for anybody who didn't get tickets to tonight's sold out show...maybe I dropped a pair of tickets right here...maybe. #brandicarliletickethunt
brandicarliletickethunt -
spenceybunker : Well shoot. I guess we have to settle for catching you at Edgefield.
hunnerwoof : @courtneyh86 yes last time I checked red butte was in Utah. My point is even for sold out shows check red buttes website every day because they release more. They did that a couple weeks ago and you could buy tickets for normal price for several days.
courtneyh86 : Good to know, thanks for the info @hunnerwoof
de_la_hubey : Eye of the needle
carrie76fell : I want to be there soooo bad!! We were there back in 2012!!!! This WI girl has to settle this year for tourgigs.com!! No complaints, that is the next best thing!!!!!!
darcyjamieson : 😱
dancondon : @emmafishhh um, no you didn't.
possum91 : Nice, @dancondon !!
jeniacoboni - esther_ray_9564 - awesomeness_04_77 - bespectacled_stranger -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We hope you are here tonight, but if you can't be...... Tonight's live stream will be directed by the incredible @dannybones64. @tourgigs Link to the stream is in our profile.
funkatie : @breacollier yay!!! 😁😁🙌🙌👍👍❤️❤️
vainherococoa : @kathy.z.nelson tell Mikey Kathy!!!
hilaryswaim : Watch it, @jessicabpsequeira and @mamoros !
msadamec : @sstamilio you should go to this
wasyleah : Does anyone know the access code?
christian_matamala : Cuando vienes a Chile en Sudamérica
portlandian : @traumaboi yes
jdstephe22 : Come to Athens Georgia!!
jeniacoboni - esther_ray_9564 - awesomeness_04_77 - lovetodance005 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Backstage getting ready to sing with one of my favourite bands My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks! Very nervous and excited. Can't wait to rock this place tomorrow night, check out the live stream if you're not already on to it. Red Rocks! xobc http://tourgigs.com/show/mymorningjacket_20150814_live/
emiliahjane : @wdangst
wdangst : @emiliahjane We bought the live stream last night. She was great on her guest vocals! MMJ brought it. Can't wait for 2 nights in Austin.
erahmeier1157 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
curtiswaynepatton : Those are both great jackets by the way, by the way.
logdoghedrick : @beerhoppin so cool
c_wilbourn : You have an incredible voice. I was at the MMJ show and really loved your feature on Wonderful. I also am a huge Gregory Alan Isakov fan and was trying to get tickets for that too (especially after hearing you sing) but they were all sold out. Oh well, keep doing your thing and I hope to see a show in the future.
nola_wolf : @_jessica.rae fyb
yeshidorje : Great shot!
jeniacoboni - esther_ray_9564 - pasquale_superstar - mngirleats -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
What a way to wake up! Truly honored to make the presidents play list...I wish he could sing it with me sometime.....sigh/swoon Xobc spoti.fi/potusplaylist1 spoti.fi/potusplaylist2 @spotify #potus #Repost @petesouza ・・・ Happy to see my boss's summertime playlist included Wherever Is Your Heart by Brandi Carlile (and the twins). Here's a photo I took of Brandi last October before her Pin Drop show at Wolf Trap.
potus - repost -
opxihu : @hayhayymymyy worthy
kkdobbin : @anneharp I'm already depressed that tomorrow is going to happen and then be over....
emmajpowney : Oh brandie, you're the best. When you coming to Australia?!!!
daveelvin : Pete's a sweetie, and quite a committed worker.
pagefiftyfive : Yes!! So fantastic!
mollysumsion : You are so pretty! ❤️😄
channeli : Awesome picture.❤️
jeniacoboni - esther_ray_9564 - sbogburn - kolaja1 -
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