Brandi Carlile

New album, The Firewatcher's Daughter available now!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Pittsburgh You rocked our collective soul on a Monday!! Xobctwinsbrianjoshcult
photosbybc : @kellystein22 notice anything?
kellystein22 : @photosbybc I am in shock!
looganemm : Absolutely amazing show, killing it as always ♡
erlorch : Less than a month til I see you in Red Rocks! Can't wait!!!!!!!
shakesjc : Look at my guitar Josh! LOOK AT IT!!!
playsinrain : @dancingant78 I can't freaking WAIT!
dshun21 : So sad your not opening for Dave this year at the gorge! @brandicarlile
alexandriakmcnally : I'm on vacation and I couldn't make it to your concert but my parents went and it was my moms first time and she said she was so blown away. I've already seen you in concert earlier this year and got a picture with you. But I'm still so bummed out that I missed the opportunity to see you and the twins again it's really sad. I know the concert was stunning too.
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Newport folked us up! We love you forever Newport folkie friends Xobc #newportfolkfestival @hozier #gillanddave
newportfolkfestival - gillanddave -
chadatonic : @marli_marl_ Two of your favorites!
seasidesally14 : Amazing show. The energy was out of this world. First time seeing you live and it won't be my last . Thank you for moving us with your music.
rhomo23 : And we love you!
nightanddamy : Thank you for adding a Boston date! See you there!
marli_marl_ : @chadatonic ugh I wish I had known about that!
abbyks314 : Here in PGH to see you!!!! Can't wait!!
madarnold : Hoping you play murder in the city tonight ❤️
madarnold : Yay thank you thank you!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Phil looking sassy in his new Osprey Backpack. Thank you #ospreypack for the killer swag here at #floydfest
floydfest - ospreypack -
giovanna.scheffer : Lindo
kimmysue : Hey, Phil! 😊
angiecqg : @jegraham86 floydfest is happening right now and we're missing it and her and them!!! 😢
kaylasheaffer : @moowithmeelphie ... That's devastating... I'd give up one of my times I've seen them so you could go... They are that precious
kaylasheaffer : BTW Phil looks like he's suspicious of you! Lol
moowithmeelphie : @kaylasheaffer thanks man. I'm seeing her in Philly for the fourth time so I shouldn't really complain. I miss the fest though.
yancann : @brandicarlile You just killed the Newport Folk Fest. In time to celebrate my fiancée and my engagement 👭
skeaton88 : Hope you enjoyed our joke after the show #handeye #whitney
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Ladies and gentlemen! Our triumphant return to Wolf Trap was the best ever! Lets get this firewatchers traveling show back on the road! Xobc
elsagedesigns : @croscarp yes!!!
shabricherie : Let the #firewatcherstravelingshow come to Europe! Beginning in The Netherlands please!
moodvisionmusic : Yes The Netherlands!
jennye712 : @hamosher it was UNREAL! Absolutely the best show I've seen!!
kathleenwarner : It was amazing!!!! Please come back to Wolf Trap!!!!
midwestmamacita : That's some air!! 😍
kdeeloveslife : Thank you guys! It was an amazing show!!!
ajmalm76 : So sad I missed out on getting tickets for your SLC show next month! :(absolutely adore you all!!!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
What a way to start off this next leg of the tour! @gilllandry and @firstaidkit opening the show. Don't be late!
ayeyodrea : Took my girlfriend to see you as an early birthday gift, she couldn't stop crying and singing every word to every song. I had no idea it would mean so much to see you, so thank you for making both of our nights truly magical. I hope you come back soon.
david.hocutt : This TEXAS boy loves you Brandi.
abuelamarty : You kept thanking US. Really, thank YOU!
hitchedstairs : Can totally relate @ayeyodrea
steffieplus2 : Saw you last night and it made my year!!! You are incredibly talented.. Ps. I hounded a roadie for your pic... Amazing!! Wish I could have got my t shirt signed!!!
julzonfire123 : I was there! It was so amazing. I cried about 5 times 😭. I love u so so much. I was literally moved
yanabanz : Record a song with First Aid Kit please I love you both so much 😍🎸🎻🎤
candacecln : You channeled energy like a spiritual God on little sleep! Fantastic show! The bands energy is the best natural high ever!
esther_ray_9564 - jgraham57 - awesomeness_04_77 - movienews_top_movie -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
What bands do when they are off tour #jam #firewatcherstravelingshow
jam - firewatcherstravelingshow -
rfisher1963 : #thecoolest
whitneyalysee : But I'll be seeing you in DSM in two weeks! Dream come true!!!!!
laurajane24 : Stoked to see you all kill it at targhee tomorrow!
lilla_dosa_ : Come to Sweden!! ❤❤❤
hitchedstairs : Now that looks like the best concert setting ever @brandicarlile
dwight_snute : @goodoldwar
sbair21 : Obsessed. 😍
clayton_scherer : @brandicarlile what I would give to just be a fly on the wall!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
What bands do when they are off tour. #cutstuff #firewatcherstravelingshow
cutstuff - firewatcherstravelingshow -
carrie76fell : Find other ways to be loud?? That is a, I'm not messing around chainsaw!! No ER pics to follow so assuming all went well and digits are intact!!
bdcurlss : See you in Cincinnati!!!
david.hocutt : Wow, I just thought they all went to church.
mcnaughty.k : Just when I thought I couldn't love you guys more than I already do.
candacecln : They need to tour shirtless.....thats all Im sayin
marleycmelrose : O COME ON!
hitchedstairs : Are you channeling the band Jackle? Unsure of spelling @brandicarlile
giovanna.scheffer : Lindo!!! Welcome to Brazil
awesomeness_04_77 - islandselkie - iammywalk - lovetodance005 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Just had dinner at The Carlile Room, the beloved Tom Douglas's new restaurant and my pride and joy. I've never been so excited and honored to see my name on anything before. Do yourself a favor and come on out! I'm there constantly and I regret that I have but only one life to live for the duck fat hush puppies! Long live The Carlile Room, Seattle WA! xobc
eiverdown : @ali.covie
_thereal_mccoy_ : @frozenpines ummm yes please!!
aasoper : @kalinkasheppard we need to go 😀😀
travelteaches : @sevanandah We may need to experience this pre- Oregon. You in?!
sevanandah : @travelteaches um, are you kidding? I'm IN!!!
adelairwin : @dudeitsnaomii is this Brandi carlile
dudeitsnaomii : Yes 😍😍😍 my fav @adelairwin
fikemasta : @carpedifemme
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
What bands do when they're off tour. #homefromtour #firewatcherstravelingshow
firewatcherstravelingshow - homefromtour -
rfisher1963 : ...and golf.
hmpoolman : I love you @brandicarlile
carrie76fell : Slow motion!! Happy you guys are having fun!!! 🌊
jesseh73 : nice hangtime!
nicolettemoser : Deep lake? Great cliff jumping there!
russellyork43 : Sun lakes
rumkitten_xo_ : Could've used that it Dallas today. TOO HOT
jloubabe : The Pin Drop concert was the best I've ever been to! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
lovetodance005 - dat_becca99 - iammywalk - troutmaster818 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
"We are the champions my friends" xobc #loveisallyouneed #supremecourthistory
supremecourthistory - loveisallyouneed -
haleybug49 : @keepingituglier look at her baby!! Those eyes omg
megmariew1 : @brandicarlile congratulations!! My 11 year old daughter and i have tickets to your July 31st show in Grand Rapids, MI. I am having brain surgery on July 16 and I am hoping that at 2 weeks post op I will be feeling up to rocking out with you. I mean, it's only brain surgery right? Not even that should keep me away!! lol
travelteaches : Congrats.
mrs_corleone11714 : Your family is stunning...could Evangeline be anymore beautiful!! #loveislove
violet1979 : @lhinkle12
_hannahmariaa_ : @meganshelton92
bskiiiii : @wayclay
bskiiiii : @gennypaige
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