Brandi Carlile

New album, Bear Creek, available now:
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We're on our way Colorado! #folksfest
folksfest -
smithgirl1965 : A twin-fest!
sparis_73 : Colombia waits for you @brandicarlile
ammonstraub :'ve changed this moms life and expanded the boundaries I used to feel were holding me back. You are inspiration....hey twin too!!!! Thank you for sharing your gifts and blessings.
leslitabahamondes : @brandicarlile Chile??!!
ediecarey : You guys were incredible, as always! @sarahsample88 and I hope you and Evangeline got the lullaby cd from us. Sweet dreams and epic family naps to you three! Xo
cunite : @melanieluppold I was there and it was great!!
melanieluppold : @cunite did you see Brandi?! So happy!!!! Love these guys!!
cunite : @melanieluppold I did it was great, also saw Ani Difranco who was also awesome!! You and @rhluppold should come out for folks fest next year...
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We just played the Red Ants Pants festival in Montana. With a sky full of stars and a field full of music lovers, we were totally inspired. Me and my girls will be making a few detours on our way home... xobc
autumnrizing : Thank you @brandicarlile - incredible show - 'twas even better than Telluride!
sarapresler : Stop in Flagstaff!
ppc_kyah : @shoutout1us got everything 1k
ppc_kyah : Me
dewyzefan6 : that's cool. I absolutely love you and your music
partial.alacrity : I have a brandi carlile fan page๐Ÿ™‹
jeffdinmt : Loved the show and Red Ants Pants was a blast!! So Montana.
nikoala5 : Brandi please come to Ny ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ˜˜
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Please allow me to introduce  Evangeline Ruth Carlile, Born June 15th. Welcome to the world kid! xobc
alyxen_ : How did I I not see this? She's adorable, congrats!โค๐Ÿ˜˜
wildspirit80 : Perfect. Like mums ;) <3
cynthia2728 : From one mom to another, THAT is an incredibly beautiful baby! ๐Ÿ’ Looks smart, too.
rrrosebudd : look at that little munchkin! congrats, Brandi :)
mardeharo : Congratulations!
dewyzefan6 : what a beautiful baby. CONGRATS
planet.bluegrass : What a cutie!
errster : Here is "The story" - congratulation
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Just woke up from the magical mountain adventure that was Telluride!!! We had an absolute BLAST!!!! The altitude nearly killed me, we got to fly in a private jet because of due date proximity and I STILL managed to throw back a little jamo (Jameson) and throw my neck out head banging!!! We love you Colorado! See you next year at Red Rocks!!! Damn it I wish it wasn't over! Xobc
bekkah : You guys were on FIRE, Thursday night! I managed to get front & center and had the best time!! It was, indeed, "magical"
sarapresler : Amazing performance. Thank you sooooo much.
ouray : @ellie92baker
hmpoolman : I love you @brandicarlile
dparker87 : Dream of mine to see you live. When in Seattle, drop by Rachel's Ginger Beer in Pikes Place and have a glass. <3
cosi81 : Please, come in Italy!!!
cpietz79 : I love love love telluride!!! Miss that little tiny stage in those big ass mountains ๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ‘Œ
planet.bluegrass : We love you, too!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Here's a pic from our Fight The Fear Campaign official launch in Seattle yesterday. As you can see these women and girls are kicking ass! We are so excited to announce a summer full of FREE self-defense workshop for teen girls in Seattle. Help us spread the word of this fantastic opportunity and share this with mothers and teens that you know. Registration is easy - just email In their own class teens relax and feel comfortable discussing their fears and asking tough questions. They’ll get honest, accurate answers in a safe space. In 3 hours, they will learn: - How a teenager can protect herself when dates get scary - Signs you need to get to a cell phone and call home — now - Surprise moves to get free if you’re grabbed from behind - What to expect, and do, when you get to high school or college - How to stay safe and still have fun at parties, athletic events and class activities. All of the details are available on our website: Please join us and Fight The Fear! xobc
abbiedawnayers : This is great @brandicarlile!
dkneumann : Awesome
newfan305 : What a great program!
mtngirlhippie : Awesome - GO girls! I used to teach kick boxing, so important for women to know how to defend themselves! Teach your daughters this self empowering tool ๐Ÿ™…
tarajmarty : I can see me in the bottom right as well! It was such an amazing and inspiring day! Can't wait to team up with Melinda of Fight The Fear and bring these self defense classes to the curriculum in our schools for teens in my area!
kevincaliforniamusic : What a great initiative!!!
fanaticaliz : Kick ass!!! @brandicarlile
bubblez_is_your_nightmare : It was sooooo awesome meeting you tonight! Thank you for singing with my friends and I!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Studio sessions part 7...
celestebivetto : Tease!!!
brynadamson : Hope y'all are having fun...can't wait to hear!
samcinemantha : Brandi- I want you to know how calm and happy 'Hard Way Home' & 'Keep Your Heart Young' have kept me lately. Thank you so much.
nikoala5 : What a sweet melody I can't wait to hear it @brandicarlile please follow me Carlile
tarynnn__m : Happy belated birthday. I wanted you to know that you're one of my biggest inspirations and i love you.
rhomo23 : Are we going to see you in boston tomorrow?
nynkeline : Dear Brandi, i'm really excited for the new album. Can't wait.. got all of your albums, and one of my biggest dreams is to meet you and see you and band live on stage. I'll hope you're coming once to europe. Thnx for making this beautiful music, it helped me in difficult times. Lots of love from the netherlands! X
slukitomo : Seriously cannot wait for the new album! Do we have a release date? x
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Studio Sessions - Part 6....
kones_7 : U guys were awesome in Edmonton. Cannot wait fpr you to come back
kss3344 : Sounds amazing!
llrogers88 : You guys.
dustincanez : ๐Ÿ’š you @brandicarlile! You and the twins should cover Crescent Noon by The Carpenters!
stephenmwebb : Yes! @dustincanez Crescent Noon by Carpenters:
samuelgacosta : It is good to see you all smile and hear your laughter as you work so hard at bringing us new melodic adventure. You all are the best. Please continue to be so.
chelseagraf : @_audreybright_ omfg I love them
_audreybright_ : awww they're really good and they're just joking around too omfg @chelseagraf
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Who can see Tim's ghost?... xobc
alfpeppe : Give up the ghost ๐Ÿ‘ป
malaganacafe : Love from Colombia, come visit us! @brandicarlile
lglux : I see a sweet ass shirt...
osygusj : I Love Tim!
mariacaroherrera : Brandi I love you and your music! @brandicarlile come to Colombia!
rcmz7 : You're the best singer and songwriter I've ever heard! Hope you come someday to Costa Rica!! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽค๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽธ
denise.jimenez : I love your music, you have a wonderful voice @brandicarlile. I'm from Venezuela.
naomidelatorre_ : happy birthday!! You inspire me soo much, I wish I could meet you one day! I love ALL your songs!! and I hope you have a great day!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Part 5... Sorry couldn't resist! xobc
averymakesroom : Can't wait to see ya August 1st((: #BiggestFanFromDuluthโค๏ธ
adcoleman : Could you just release this song today please?? Sounds like a new favorite in the making!!
franyoung1895 : Soooo great
tammyknudsen : Makes me want to dance too!!!!!
jeffsykes : @alexraup
brkania : @w_moore102 I'm dying waiting for the new record ๐Ÿ˜ญ
w_moore102 : Ah I bet you are!! @brkania
dewyzefan6 : aww. can't wait for new music... all your stuff is great
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Part 4....
nikoala5 : Please follow me Brandi @brandicarlile ๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ™
luhablomarcovjk : And here i am, falling for those sounds. It made me fall in love with My true love. Thank you
cush4 : I can't figure this out.
ahimsaplease : Joy, joy!
quinterotwins : Amazing.
virgo_23_ash : Can't wait tho see you guys at red butte hope!!!
averymakesroom : I love your music brandi!!
kelseyhunter13 : lol @laurastyp she's wearing my outfit
artliquorlove - sca_beckyyyy - dkburke - jessykay95 -
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