Brandi Carlile

New album, The Firewatcher's Daughter available now!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Thank you @acousticguitarmag!!We feel #redhot.
redhot -
berthaughin : More cover stories for Brandi please!! So deserving!!!
syd1the2kid : I can't wait to see your show in Toronto!!!!
seedstoroots : Ordered the new album direct from you. No Amazon for me! That said, now I have to wait for it to get here! (and remember where has a CD player in this digital age!)
hannah.clyma : Wish you would come to England? Does england not recognise pure talent 😒
burdette29625 : Ashville was awesome! Much ❀️ and many blessings
yo.adriennnnnne : @hannah.clyma I think she has dates coming up in the UK...check her FB page. She's married to a Brit, so at least two of you have a keen eye. πŸ˜‰
hannah.clyma : Thank you @yo.adriennnnnne
ambivillain : Thank you so so much for Firewatcher's Daughter. I love it so so much. Wilder is so good. Thank you thank you thank you. 🌾
ohadenfeldt - scout45 - yennifermarie - pkattenb -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
#latergram #SXSW #pindrop #thefirewatchersdaughter #yup
thefirewatchersdaughter - sxsw - pindrop - latergram - yup -
aimeeclareeee : so much excitement @madelyng__
guisella_des : Going to NC For you.
estrem : @doucette_mj best new album
carrie76fell : So awesome!! See you in May in IN!!!!πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—
thiago_rawr : Linda minha β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
candacecln : @brandicarlile Take a vacation your schedule is grueling and makes me feel guilty ever about complaining to be tired!!! Soooo enjoyed the band in Charlottesville. AMAZING
lilcow : @animusutputo their album dropped a few weeks ago. It's so fucking good. I've been a huge fan for many years, and they just booked Radio City - well deserved. Check them out!
animusutputo : @lilcow okaaaaaay.
bthom24 - torkko - brookie_boy - mulie573 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Hey Austin party animals! We are playing a completely unamplified show at Central Presbyterian Church for #sxsw! Who's coming!? Tonight we drop the firewatcher pin in Austin friends. Xobc
sxsw -
listentothemath : @dalek_kel uuuuuuuuugggghhhhh
audiospaceship : πŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™
slcbooknerd : This needs to happen at The State Room, SLC!!
chrissywright12 : @triplikeme
afab33 : Please come back to play Swallow Hill in Denver?! I saw you there in 2009 or 2010 unplugged and I've been waiting for you to come back there. Even though I've seen you several other times at Red Rocks too! But plz do a Pin Drop in Denver?! Love you guys! Love your music and what you do. True musicians!!!!
janell.kolins : @loladreamerr
aubreypug : Come to SLC Stateroom!!
katrina_burgoyne : Oh my... I love this picture
ajmalm76 - missmollyb1983 - carlas86 - _charlotte_555 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Last Firewatcher's club show for a while. Thank you so much Asheville. See you this summer!.... xobc #thefirewatchersdaughter
thefirewatchersdaughter -
hdp63jr : Thank you! You and your band are totally amazing! Thinking I might see you again in Charlotte NC at the Fillmore in June! : @n0b0dysdaughter thank god its not a close up. Most likely you would see me crying.
yolanda.70 : Nice pic
of.the.girl : Dear people who decide these things for @brandicarlile ....Trinity Cathedral in Cleveland (@trinitycleve ) A gorgeous old inclusive church that has been hosting concerts, would be an amazing venue for Brandi & The Twins.
carrie76fell : Can't wait to see you again this summer!!
kkellyrosee : Awesome show!!!! My first time seeing you in concert and it was everything I hoped it would be. Your music has impacted my life in incredible ways. Thanks for doing what you do! @brandicarlile
greenthi102 : Hey it was so nice to see you at Edleys tonight! I was your cashier haha! I looked down at your credit card and was like crap you're Brandi carlile!!!! Thanks for the generous tips :)
1melissablaha : Take it easy on the Jameson tonight, B, T, & P!!!!πŸ€πŸ˜‚
tricia_howard - samdesoto - itz_mee2413 - gusplussmeagol -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Thanks for waiting in line Asheville! We'll see you soon! #thefirewatchersdaughter
thefirewatchersdaughter -
rhiannon004 : @brandicarlile Absolutely amazing show! I've loved you and your music for 11 years now and tonight was my first time seeing you live! My heart exploded!
hdp63jr : Awesome show!
sondagator : Thanks for an amazing show Brandi. You never, ever disappoint!
virgo_23_ash : I'd wait to here you guys in a hail storm
rhomo23 : You should have seen the line in Brooklyn.everyone on the street was asking who was performing because they had never seen the line so long!😎#brandicarlile
shadowbaby2 : #brandicarlile can u please sing pride n joy on June 2nd at St Louis it will he 4 yrs on the 8th since my mom.passed away. She never got to see me clean I'm in recovery and that's a hard time and pride n joy has gotten me through alot of the grief so I'm asking with the kindest request ever to play that for me.
ndkemp7 : There are no words for how amazing last night was at the Orange peel
sarahtmalcom : @abbeyh13 she sold out in record time! Had no clue tickets would go so fast. Love her though!
tricia_howard - _flippin_cats_ - itz_mee2413 - trailofleaves -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Charlottesville Thank you! Xobc
shannoncampbellhigby : I freakin love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
sassy_frass79 : Love this.
kate_trulock : Great photo!
katsocks : @taidalwave yass!!!
mollybyrd79 : @rhomo23 πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ glad to hear it
cameronnatkin : @_pialuthra Mehhhh this makes me happy πŸ˜‚ #myobsessions
brigwoman : Nice piece
bananja_89 : I want this Gretsch!! πŸ˜ƒ @brandicarlile
debbiegoldman94 - joanbravo7 - rachellstierly - brandenharvey -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Oh yes. That's right. We're playing Radio City Music Hall. This is the best week ever!! Xobc. || October 9th. Tickets go on sale March 20 Presale now link on our facebook. ||
nynkeline : Yeah!!!! Finally got the firewatchers daughter!! All the way from hongkong to the netherlands πŸ˜‚ but i got it!!
maerzmontag : @brandicarlile Love the new album. Please come over to Germany this year. πŸ˜™
hutchinsonelm : @thehlb um
mrs_corleone11714 : I cant believe I got tickets to this. I'M BEYOND THRILLED!! I haven't seen you live since 2013!!
malcansing : @ryanmrodg can we go to this
christina_x_mui : @thesethie 🍻 🎢
ginafairydust : See you then!
jessandthecity : See you there :)
iria_lorena - famelessrckstar - brandenharvey - messnessie -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Great to see Steve Earle today and be a guest on @siriusxm Outlaw Country. #thefirewatchersdaughter
thefirewatchersdaughter -
sweetcaroline0405 : Steve Earl and Brandi what a dream combination!!! @brandicarlile
amandapenecale : Tried to win tickets to monday.... No dice....hope its great! You all are awesome!
regardszero : @mybostyadventures
carrie76fell : Cause you guys rock and he knows it!! Steve rocks to, of course, but it is your upcoming concerts I am beyond excited to see!! πŸ’—
mitziwynn : I'm a new fan. Girl. You are AWESOME! #staytrue. #lovethetwang
jguisi : πŸ™Œ
capabunga : Steve Earle & Emmylou's song on Train a comin was our wedding song - love him
marnania : Isn't it one of the actor of treme ?
liv_lombardi - ellegrrrl - itz_mee2413 - emilyelizabethd -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
We did it!!! We made the top ten! Thank you so much everyone, you made it happen. Way to go firewatchers!! #number9 @atorecords
number9 -
jessbuild : So so so happy for you guys!
britnoir : Best show ever last night! πŸ’œπŸ‘βš‘οΈπŸ’œπŸ‘βš‘οΈπŸ’œπŸ‘βš‘οΈ
sah0004 : Your coming to Nashville on Monday? I can't seem to find tickets and it would be my last time seeing you before I leave the country for 2 years. How do I get to see you play?!!
aunt_josie : Congrats!!
burdette29625 : See y'all Saturday!
trinashoemaker : YesYesYes
arfantom : Dear @brandicarlile, how do I score a ticket to your show in Nashville on Monday?! Please tell. Pretty, pretty please? πŸ˜‡
marnania : Congratulation guys you deserve it
dahmgood - caitlinnichol27xx - nerualc68 - starbuck714 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Queen! Somebody caught this crazy photo of us last night at World Cafe Live! .... is this our Bohemian Rhapsody moment? I LOVE this photo! xobc #thefirewatchersdaughter
thefirewatchersdaughter -
kelzoner : Wow wow wow. Next album cover
bluemidnight78 : Amazing photo
cookie_luvs_springsteen : @iamcollier look! It's your photo!!!
brigwoman : Framers.. Poster!!!!
amybunce : Watched all the way from sunny California! Was at the RTR in Portland. Can't wait for the next west coast RTR!!πŸ”₯🎢
lzzbian_ : When are you coming in Montréal? It's been 5 years! We miss you
hungrycreekgirl : Asheville NC show sold out.... i desperately want to see you. Need 2 tickets please help !!!!!!
lady_g_mcg : It was a pure pleasure to produce this shoot! Thank you for supporting @liveconnections ⚑️❀️⚑️
liv_lombardi - adrileal199 - mtubbs07 - liveconnections -
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