Brandi Carlile

New album, The Firewatcher's Daughter available now!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Watch the YouTube Music Exclusive premier of "The Things I Regret"! Link to full video in profile.
a.jaysagar : love you brandi
lexitak : Yesssssssss @mek5046
leilah28 : ❤️ u Brandi!
cos_leung : Quantic S1 E8 !your song is in that episode!
dixielynne81 : My absolute favorite song!!! ❤️
alimetzger88 : @michkick7 😍
theartofliving_ : Do you have some plan for a tour in Scandinavia? Sweden?
gannonwalsh : I was there
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Empty theatre serenade...
jennyro75 : Love! My son loves her too. I'm surprising him with tickets at the end of the month!!
daisydream17 : @briersnewman. Love.
poppehamilton : PS @saraelizabethp this is in Kzoo. The awesomeness is far too much for me!!!
mollybuell : Please come back to Pittsburgh soon!!!!!
kylegenton : This is one of my favorite songs, and I'm a long-time fan!
leilah28 : Absolute stunner,beautiful music ❤️it...
alamson2274 : Love u b Carlisle
leilah28 : You have such a beautiful sound.... hauntingly beautiful!
28shadesofpurple - black_locust13 - deepspacearoace - dancing_is_my_life87 -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Brandi and the band will be featured tomorrow on CBS This Morning: Saturday! Tune in or set your DVR!
laurenhilty : @brandicarlile You looked great on tv! Congrats on the well-deserved press!
candacecln : Fucking perfect interview and performance @brandicarlile @timhanseroth @neumanncello and Phil and family team!
bereantrb : Nice job. All that touring has definitely kept the band tight.
sharonbuehler : Good job!! Enjoyed hearing your story as well.
shelby_tunstall : Woot! 🙌🏻👍🏻
kesleyloy : Loved it!
kylegenton : My Mom texted me saying she saw this and how much she enjoyed you all!!!
sarorasouli : Awesome - _anne22 - prorockn - miro.enriquez -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
In case you missed the first chapter of the Pin Drop Tour documentary! Link to the full chapter is in the bio!
lukej5a : @minneapo.lis.a
grace_kaplicky : This is outstanding!! So are you!!😍😍
ramonslazar : I would LOVE to see you guys perform like this live!
lauralovestorun : You all are in Kzoo the same night as Gloria Steinem...that's too much awesomeness for one small city
chasememe : PLEASE come to OKC!!! You're killing me Smalls! @brandicarlile
dyv84 : Amazing!!! 💘 PLEASE come to SD or LA😍 @brandicarlile
sarorasouli : Awesome
tashamariescott : @sulleycorp @holybeeeees watch this on YouTube or vevo. 19min, so incredible. You guys will love it
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Taking over the today show desk at 5am! Xobc
wineprincess16 : Love
sarahse22 :
healthyhomemades : Y'all are INCREDIBLE!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you for the link @sarahse22!!
sarahse22 : No problem @healthyhomemades everyone needs to see how awesome they are 😍
healthyhomemades : 👍👍 Agreed!!!!! @sarahse22
rhomo23 : You rocked the today show!
tomasciello : Would have quit my job if I'd known y'all were gonna be on the Today show
sarapresler : Awesome!
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Tim getting in the Halloween spirit. #familyphoto
familyphoto -
luciemckee : Looks like Fox Hollow Family Farm in Issaquah :) we were just there with my 2 yr old son. Would've loved to run into you @brandicarlile !
amyloo : @ccarig
kehillyard : @citizentagne
carrie76fell : @timhanseroth, I think your kitty is a little hungry, you maybe should have fed him a lot sooner!! Happy Halloween!! Hope Wilder, and all your little ones, have fun trick or treating!!
sarapresler : This is so great! Happy Halloween to your families from ours!
bobsly : Looks like the cat is getting in the spirit too- of mating season.
wineprincess16 : I thought it was a chihuahua cat? Huh?
_itsmelsey : Haha awesome
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Absolutely loving my time off the road (however short). Got to sneak out to Disneyland yesterday and spend a little time with my nieces and nephews! As you can see my little Caroline is very grown up and little baby Jo isn't a baby anymore. I did get a little pang of jealousy that I couldn't be Elsa for the day and sing the shit out of Let It Go on the Disney live stage... I think I'll stick to my "day job" Yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me! xobc
tgrinde : PS... Are you going to be on the Today Show on 11/2?😀 Rumor has it ... Or TIVO does ...
cloudy_megs : @maddie_ile it really is aww
carrie76fell : Love love love it!!!!!! Caroline looks way to close to grown up and so does little Jo as well!! Please tell them to stop doing that!! So happy they get their auntie to themselves but can't wait for New Year's Eve, back in the audience!!!!!!! Have lots of fun with the family!!!!!!!!!
hayleelarson : @melanienielson @jenlarson57 @ambersouthwick @hmchong @sheilatraveller @jackson_ream dang, we shoulda gone this week!
sammie_lyle : @janie_adams my heart
katmein : @lahoaglund so cute
ammonstraub : Then who would entertain us Michigander folk. See ya tonight @#soundboard #brandicarlile #yousavedmylife
benannacammama : We were there at the same time... Can we time warp back so I can meet you??? @brandicarlile
_anne22 - miro.enriquez - danielams8926 - sweettreereview -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
WINTER ACOUSTIC TOUR! We were going to call this the "Snowflakes on Eyelashes and Hot Chocolate Harmonic Performance Concert" but #WinterAcousticTour made a better hashtag. See you soon!
winteracoustictour -
erica_saenz : @w2e2w2e
the_coondog : @annaryan0930
bashleigh6 : @nicholasryan94 hey let's go to New Haven
nicholasryan94 : That'd be something @bashleigh6
mia_future_worlds_allstar : Can't wait
backwoodsrose23 : @sar_fay wanna go to Poughkeepsie ? It's a Saturday
backwoodsrose23 : @ggrych
hitchedstairs : See you in Rutland!!! Can't fucking wait!!! @brandicarlile
_anne22 - siofraconnell - sierrra223348 - -
brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Did you hear we are going to be on the road this winter?! Pretty excited for this one: December 4th, NYC @dawestheband @sharonjonesandthedapkings
tressarookie : @brittanyjobrown I love Dawes
alisonnorby : Wait so awesome @challeylegg
yomaman : WHEN WHEN WHEN will you come to San Antonio??🌹
kathrynmacaluso : Wow, what an awesome show! Wish I could go!
rebekah_hannah : @mollyrigoloso
amykeaton : @bwlevy yes yes yes
mollyrigoloso : @rebekah_hannah Yes!
bethanyandthesouthsideboys : Sweet Jesus what a show.
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brandicarlile - Brandi Carlile
Seattle! What a way to send off the Firewatchers tour! Unbelievable crowds both nights! I'm actually STILL in bed. Thanks to our crew, Mike McCready, The Carlile Room,Tom Douglas, and above all things our Seattle people!! We've missed you! See ya 'round town! Xobc-twins-signing off! @thecarlileroom @tomdouglasco #mikemccready #firewatcherstravelingshow
mikemccready - firewatcherstravelingshow -
namdoge : omg Brian Wilson #loveandmercy
sarahse22 : You guys were absolutely off the charts both nights. Saturday though holds a very special place in my heart. I'm still reeling with adrenaline and the #brandiblues are setting in. Until we meet again friend! xoSarah
rmg4999 : Saturday's show was so beautiful! Everytime I see y'all perform, it's magical. Thank you so much!
sonja.the.owl : You are amazing I love your music. I adore you.
necineci : Please check out my cover of your song, I Belong to you! Thank you and you are awesome!
writeraec : Loved the show @brandicarlile !! I was there Saturday night! Unbelievable!
louhoo61 : such an amazing show Saturday night - what energy!!!!!
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