Birmingham Public Library

Birmingham Public Library, located in Birmingham, Alabama, has provided quality library service since 1886.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
The Eat Drink Read Write festival is just over two weeks away and it's time for another giveaway!
peachelibrarian : My favorite spot is wherever the @meltbham food truck has decided to park for the day! #yum
mamabona : 5
smokedgoalie : John's City Diner
jentacular_ : Oscar's at the BMA
uabkscope : Pita Stop! -Haley
mmtreats_by_machelle : One of my favorite places are Olexas cafe!
liblily : Definitely @urbanstandard. Gotta love those sweet desserts!
bplpics : Congratulations to @mmtreats_by_machelle! You are our winner for this weeks giveaway. You will be able to pick up your EDRW Swag Bag during the first week in October. We will DM you with details!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
Staff Pick of the Week: Gina at the Eastwood Branch suggests checking out this adaptation of John Green's popular novel.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
Food for Fines! All September long. Each item of food is worth $1.00 in late fines (up to $10 per card holder).
buylocal : @bplpics do y'all donate the food to anyone specific.
bplpics : It varies from library to library and is a county wide program. That being said, the donated items generally go to food pantries that serve the area near each library. For example, most of the libraries in the eastern region of the Birmingham Public Library system donate their collected food to the Eastern Area Christian Ministries. Other libraries donate to the United Way Food Bank, Project Hopewell, Bread of Life, etc.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
#repost from @chandatemple with @repostapp Have you saved the date for the #Birmingham Public Library's Eat Drink Read Write Fest, Oct. 3 - 10? Dreamland has a recipe contest for kids. Enter today. Deadline is Sept. 17. Visit www.bplonline.org/eatdrinkfest for info. #instagrambham #discoverbirmingham #bham #edrw
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
This photograph dates from around 1890 and features Avondale's First Mayor Thomas Hearn Steele surrounded by local officials. Did you know that Avondale was incorporated as a city in 1887 and then annexed into Birmingham in 1910? Image from the collections of the Birmingham Public Library's Department of Archives and Manuscripts. #tbt #instagrambham
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
The Eat Drink Read Write festival is just weeks away. The library will be giving away prizes - great food produced by several artisans in the southeast - on Wednesdays leading up to the festival.
bplpics : To enter today's contest, please comment with the name of the local barbecue institution whose logo is depicted in this post by midnight. October's Bards & Brews (Soul Food edition) will feature free barbecue from this restaurant among other food and drinks on offer.
bplpics : The randomly chosen winner must be able to pick up their prize from the library during the first full week of October. So you must be local or willing to be local during the event!
lizzyneversleeps : Full Moon Barbeque
lizzyneversleeps : Oops...Barbecue*
sarahmillerart : Full Moon BBQ!
sakura_tornado : full moon barbecue
bplpics : @sakura_tornado You are our randomly selected winner for this week's contest! We will contact you in a few weeks to give you details of the EDRW Swag Bag and how to pick it up!
deepsouthmag : Cannot wait for this festival!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
Staff pick of the week: Rififi (1954) on blu-ray and DVD.
bplpics : Rififi is a classic French crime film from the fifties that features one of the most famous heist sequences in the history of cinema: a half hour robbery of a jewelry store that was shot without any dialogue. Worth a watch. (The film is in French with English subtitles.)
maura_davies : It's a good one!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
It's been a gorgeous evening at Bards & Brews at Ruffner Mountain tonight!
afreevoice : Tonight was awesome! The people. The poets. The Mountain. Beautiful!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
Tomorrow evenings Bards & Brews will be held on the Back Porch at Ruffner Mountain Nature Preserve. It will be an Open Mic event and the beers samples will be provided by Blue Pants Brewing. Join us!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
The Tutwiler has been one of Birmingham's preeminent hotels for the past hundred years. We love having it as our neighbor across Park Place. #tbt #instagrambham #tutwiler
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bplpics : This image shows several dapper gentleman dining at the Tutwiler in the early 1920s. This image is from the collections of the Birmingham Public Library's Department of Archives and Manuscripts and the photographer is unknown.
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