Birmingham Public Library

Birmingham Public Library, located in Birmingham, Alabama, has provided quality library service since 1886.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
The days are getting shorter and shorter here in Birmingham, but there are plenty of lights shining brightly in downtown Birmingham to light up the night.
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bplpics : Of course, not quite as brightly as they were in 1959 when this photograph was taken. This is 3rd Avenue North in the spring of 1959 and is from the collections of the Birmingham Public Library's Department of Archives and Manuscripts. #tbt #instagrambham
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nsat_pedaler : Awesome
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
Remember Choose Your Own Adventure books? The publisher Chooseco is republishing many of your old favorites and has launched a new series called 'Choose Your Own Nightmare'! The Eastwood Branch of BPL has a couple of autographed copies and will give them away to a lucky pair of kids ages 17 and under on Halloween. Stop by the Eastwood Branch anytime before 5:00p on Halloween to enter your name (if you are 17 and under) or your child's name in the hat!
bplpics : Well, looks like I was wrong! The Choose Your Own Nightmare series were originally a spin-off series in the 1990's . The recent relaunch is the first time that the series has appeared in nearly twenty years!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
New Release of the Week: In keeping with the Halloween season, this week's title is 'Consumed' the debut novel by the renown horror filmmaker David Cronenberg. Check it out at your local library!
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
#Repost from @chandatemple with @repostapp --- Up early to appear on @myfoxal to discuss how you can learn more abt the Dalai Lama at the #Bham Public Library. The Dalai Lama will be in #Birmingham on Oct. 26 at Regions Field. #prlife @bpl @fox6wbrc
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rockdillon : cool pic,show luv back
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
New Release of the Week: 'Birds of Pandemonium' by Michele Raffin. The book explores Pandemonium Aviaries -- a bird sanctuary and conservation organization -- and the personalities of it's inhabitants which include more than 40 species of threatened birds.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
An accident involving a rock and a lawnmower resulted in this aesthetically engrossing pattern in a window at our Springville Road branch. We're not advocating smashing windows, but why not appreciate the stunning visual when you have the chance.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
#repost from @martieduncan --- What's on the cover of Birmingham's Best Bites cookbook? Big reveal at the #EDRW wrap party.
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bplpics : Tonight is the night! The final event of the Eat Drink Read Write festival and it is going to be a blow out! Tickets are $10 to this event, but it's the best bargain in town: you get food and drink from many of the best restaurants in Birmingham!
peachelibrarian : @bplpics Don't want to be a bother, but did I see somewhere that the instagrammy finalists can come to the party even if they don't have a ticket? I'd love to go but don't want to show up if I can't get in. ;-)
bplpics : I apologize for the delayed response.
bplpics : Yes, you can come with a guest. I will send you a DM.
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
A very nice crowd at the Red Cat tonight for food stories and Jack Pendarvis. #edrw
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
Joy Young was Birmingham's preeminent Chinese restaurant for much of the Twentieth Century. This image shows the restaurant in its 4th Ave N and 20th Street location in 1937. Photograph from the collection of the library's Department of Archives and Manuscripts.
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bplpics : Continuing with the food theme for the week since Eat a Drink Read Write has two more evenings of programs!
bplpics : #tbt #edrw #instagrambham
hazel__green : i wonder what happened to all these awesome neon signs we once had?
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bplpics - Birmingham Public Library
#repost from @deepsouthmag --- Under the Pear Tree, a cocktail inspired by Zora Neale Hurston's 'Their Eyes Were Watching God' #literarycocktails #southernlit #EDRW
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