André Krüger

Photographing like nobody's watching | iPhone only | #boschcoffe | Hamburg, Berlin, Hamburg
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bosch - André Krüger
Quack! This is my duck for the #henricartierbressonassignment @thisaintartschool. | #putabirdonit x #boschzoo
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bosch : #duckstagram #parklife #duck #badschönborn #mingolsheim #kurpark
kathrin_j : 👍
hypercatalecta : Oh, it looks like the ugly duckling nobody wants to play with... Poor little thing!
thisaintartschool : 
alex_amg777 : Super!
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bosch - André Krüger
The 'Uerige Doppelsticke' is really amazing. This very strong Altbier-style ale from Düsseldorf is brewed especially for the American market and it's very hard to obtain in Germany. I was blown away by the flavor and complexity of the Doppelsticke. It's one of the best beers I've ever tasted. #boschbeer
boschbeer - untappd -
bosch : @blomkaffebar Yes, indeed. I always heard of this beer and was very happy when I saw it at my craft beer store. I wish I had bought more of that stuff. The brewery sells most of the output directly to the US. Hope I'll get this stuff again. (And then I'll wait at least one year until I open the bottle.) i don't know of these bottles are so special for the Altbier-style ale. I guess they use the same for the normal 'Sticke' (lighter brewed, for the German regional market.)
ekjellevold : @bosch Any special reasons for shipping it directly to the US without selling it in Germany?
bosch : @ekjellevold Can't explain that either. Probably the stronger brewed ale was traditionally for overseas because of its longer shelf life. It's a very complex beer. I guess they won't sell too much of it in their regional market. You get it here, but it's very hard.
ekjellevold : Hm, sounds really interesting! My beer tasting list is growing a lot, but the amount of German beers in general on it is disappointing. I will have to go there soon, and visit the good coffee places at the same time👀 @bosch
bosch : @ekjellevold That's a good idea. It's funny that the Germans are still so proud of their beer although most of it tastes like rubbish. The best beers come from smaller breweries from the South. They are traditionally produced although they wouldn't call themself "craft beer". (They were "craft" before the branding even came up. Haha.) And beside that there are also a few very good micro breweries which produce great stuff (and they're proud of don't caring about the very narrow traditional beer law. Although sometimes they aren't allowed to call their products "beer" in Germany, when the add herbs to their "non-beer" for example. Haha.) If you come to Germany visit the @kaschk in Berlin and of course the @stockholmespressoclub in Hamburg. They unite the best of both worlds: third wave coffee and craft beer. ☕️🍻
ekjellevold : @bosch Thank you for the tips! I can imagine it is like you're saying about craft beer and micro breweries. It's much the same in Norway, but our (really) old traditions for brewing beer didn't come into fashion again before... like 10-15 years ago. Now there is A LOT of good stuff here, especially on the westcoast. Most of it is (obviously) micro breweries, or even guesthouse-brewed beer.
bosch : @ekjellevold Sounds great. Hope I'll make it to Norway someday. And: bringing craft beer to Germany is like bringing third wave coffee to Italy. Haha. 💫
pibi_montebelluna : Superrrr
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bosch - André Krüger
BMW #asundaycarpic x #boschkarren
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dorjanispahiu : super
docsnuggle : Träumchen!
alex_amg777 : Cool car BMW!!!!
orgama6530 : 525i or 528i, beauty
nyakempanyo : Actually, thats a 3000 or Bavaria. Very nice and rare!
p1lle : 😍
ukulur : 👍👍👍
bosch : #madewithfaded #diewocheaufinstagram
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bosch - André Krüger
1/6 #henricartierbressonassignment @thisaintartschool: geometry.
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l_lang : Haha, ich glaub da hast du meinen Chef abgelichtet! 😃
bosch : @l_lang Du bist jetzt Metzgerlehrling? 👀
bosch : @hypercatalecta Yeah. {#typenovel @typenovel}
l_lang : @bosch Nein, ich meine den Kunden am Stehtisch.
bosch : @l_lang Haha. Ich bin noch ein paar Tage im Lande. Kaffee?
l_lang : ☕️👍
bosch : #madewithfaded
tomckd : 👏
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bosch - André Krüger
Haus Schwarz #germangemütlichkeit
madewithfaded - germangemütlichkeit -
almusine : Neat and tidy. Punkt.
alex_amg777 : Super!
sophisticated_biba : Tranquility !
phaedrap : #houseportrait
frl_wunderschoenbunt : beklemmend...
sceid : 👊
yolofisch : Großartig!🏡
bosch : #madewithfaded
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bosch - André Krüger
Last cup of my favourite Kenyan coffee this season: the super-sweet 'Githiga' roasted by @thebarnberlin. (And of course a big thank to Ralf for the lovely mug.) #boschcoffee
boschcoffee -
flyingcoffeebean : Love those mugs! U selling them online?
elice_f : 💭☕️♡
bosch : @des_coffee @toso1979 @flyingcoffeebean Have a look a the webstore. It will be availabale soon at @thebarnberlin. ☕️☀️
des_coffee : @bosch yeap I emailed them. Thanks 😊 they said next week, can't wait
flyingcoffeebean : Cool they say out of stock on their website so will drop them an email!
bosch : @flyingcoffeebean Just a few coments above @thebarnberlin said there will be a new delivery next week.
flyingcoffeebean : Cool thanks will check back then
bosch : @bosch Don't forget to order a bag of the Kenyan 'Githiga'. It's really amazing. ☕️☀️
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bosch - André Krüger
Backyard Installation
vscocam - unintentionalpavementart -
sayniels : Haha bosch your pictures are so lovely you are great @bosch
bosch : @sayniels Thank you so much.
bosch : @hansicugo Not really. Usually I use #VSCOcam, but not too much.
hansicugo : Ohh I see. Thank you so much!
joussa : Super!
tobiaskoop : Damn
sceid : 👊⚡️
alex_amg777 : Super!
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bosch - André Krüger
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andreahh04 : Prost und Gruß in meine Ex-Heimat!
zuckerschnucki : Check mal jubel patisserie aus wenn du wieder in berlin bist
bosch : @zuckerschnucki Was gibt's da? 🍰👀
zuckerschnucki : @bosch den besten carrotcake der stadt und unglaublich gute andere leckereien!
bosch : @zuckerschnucki Dank. Ich schreib's mir auf die Liste.
bosch : #diewocheaufinstagram
kingkong_ma : ☆☆☆☆
pacco_private : @weidt hab ich nie gesagt
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bosch - André Krüger
Chewing Gum Machine
kaugummiautomatenbande - diewocheaufinstagram -
bosch : @diffusor Läuft noch auf Reichsmark.
ezmobile : Nidda Borsdorf
guentrom99 : wild thing!
louisehaven1 : Very nice👍
bosch : #diewocheaufinstagram
ezerider : @bosch super!
bosch : @louisehaven1 @bosch Thank you! 💫
elice_f : 👌
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bosch - André Krüger
Love the Ethiopian 'Hunkute' roasted by @dropcoffee in Stockholm. #boschcoffee
diewocheaufinstagram - onlyminimal - boschcoffee -
bosch : @onlyminimal 👍 #onlyminimal
bosch : #diewocheaufinstagram
irreverend : I love @dropcoffee too!
milasdeli : ★★★
hoyertrollnes : Nice one!
itsaalma : @marie_dds nouveau feed pour toi
marie_dds : @itsaalma j'adore effectivement 😊
bosch : @itsaalma @marie_dds ☕️❤️
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