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Time's Gone Inside Out... #eauxclaires
eauxclaires -
sunflower_kisses__ : @nourishingolivia YES IT IS!! HANG IN YOU GUYS SOMETHING MALIFECENT IS GONNA HAPPEN
sunflower_kisses__ : James Vincent you are one of the most amazing and raw musicians...although somehow with your music I've tended to feel your's almost as if I can hear your pain with your singing have a beautiful soul and you repulse it in music...wherever you are always remember that the art of loosing to FIND yourself...
besstass : @jsconnelly
torpmusic : ⚡️⚡️⚡️
mohamademd : Plz come back
mohamademd : I listen to ur musics 10 times a day like what I'm doing now
twelvefiftyones : this is the best spoon song omg
tmasco : You're a present of life
life_is_culture - jishwadunn - lopez__mariah - chris.nishiura -
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