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boniver - bon iver
Time's Gone Inside Out... #eauxclaires
eauxclaires -
betomolina : @danielamendezr
kanchita10 : @nikhilswaroop
deameijeiras : @nzorfass this is how I imagine life... I hope you will join me in this song!
bennyturner : @lee__tomo der nana na na na
lee__tomo : Ahahahaha @bennyturner sheeeerrr nnaaaa na na na na naaaa
aleixfamelic : @belze8u
themanwhoplayedgod : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘Œ
absofsteele14 : @jcon57 can we plz go 😁
juan_francisco_jfls - valerievilla19 - kendal_fire4 - roa_raul -
boniver - bon iver
S.Carey was so good in London tonight.
illuminatigod : Post again bitch
lemtiffanny : Justin come back!!
ouaouii : Listen my "holocene cover guitar" :D
bubbl.e.s : Sorry to interrupt but anyone who sees this please follow @_bubble.edits_ πŸ’πŸ™ and like all the pic on the account πŸ’“
fmp_three : Happy birthday Justin! We share the day brother! @boniver
wtftay13 : please, come to brazil @boniver ♥
seli.xxoo : I love your music so much! You don't understand ❀️😩
nicholasradt : Uhm. So i was watching wish i was here movie. And when i hear the song that is so amazing. I really dont kow why my eyes cried when i hear that song. and you guys are amazing im in love with your music😘
monica_dina - yangirova_li - genesis_mtz_ - farrah_glabb -
boniver - bon iver
Thanks Dublin, emotional.
anni_eauclaire : @jesspalus , The lead singer is named #JustinVernon, and yes, he was born and raised in Eau Claire, and he still lives here. I believe he has a recording studio in a cabin in the woods and that's where he prefers to live -- just on the edge of town. I have seen him exercising at the local YMCA. πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠHe just doesn't want to leave his hometown, I guess! πŸ˜‚I posted a picture once of a fancy house on Instagram. 🏀 It was in Eau Claire's older and wealthier neighborhood. I used a few hashtags about Eau Claire, and a guy commented and said, Hey, (insert random name), this is your parents' house!' When I clicked on that guy's profile, it said he was Justin Vernon's publicist or something like that.😳 Small world. You have to be careful with your hashtags. Ha ha. I hope you watch #Holocene. Bon Iver is unique with an unusual sound. (You'll see...) πŸ˜‰ Either Justin or the group won best new artist, 2012, or something like that. It was a big deal for my town. πŸ†πŸ†
tanya.sarah : @chicken_bucket
simplyjennafur : @anni_eauclaire just read your comment. What a great story. Hoping he goes on tour. #fingerscrossed
anni_eauclaire : @simplyjennafur -- πŸ˜‰πŸ™ŒπŸ»
simplyjennafur : @anni_eauclaire did some research and I'm thinking of coming to WI for the festival just to see Bon Iver!
anni_eauclaire : Better get tickets soon!!! @simplyjennafur
simplyjennafur : @anni_eauclaire I know! I hoping to convince my cousin
honey_beaz : Mayn, @mash_hall & @samuelbradley really want to know if you are in the Old George in Bethnal green London. Big fanz.
benni4public - happilyfilm - edgar_riou - whaleinyouface -
boniver - bon iver
iamkessa24 : Plz keep bon iver together and make some new music. Was one of the best nights of my life seeing you live on tour. Beth Rest<3
notdeepali : Dear bon iver , thank you for getting me through the nights .
julianadleal : @casa12_51 um dia? <3
casa12_51 : @julianadleal agarradinhos, se D'us quiser!
moniqueannstrydom : I got a free iPhone from @freeapplehere
sborgesc : @boniver can you please please please come to Brazil? I will be there ❀ my favorite band
macroe : Looks major @slowjam98 !! I can imagine your house going wild
maria_nilza_floriano_ - l.a.x.l.a - kadisha.212 - x.j.s.z.x -
boniver - bon iver
manoukerremans : Tomorrow Amsterdam!! I'll b there!! #LOVE
majasciuto : Great koncert πŸ’š
elizabethbjorkqvist : Amazing concert! Wish i could turn back time and be there again! #best #concert #in #2012 #so #fucking #talented
emmamonberg : I miss you already !
madshaslelaursen : A late thanks for another great show in Denmark @boniver
tannestephanie : One of The Best nights in my life ! @boniver
mike_leveson : Bar
catieporretta : Are you coming to nyc anytime soon?
ada.02_ - offixcialashley - x.j.s.z.x -
boniver - bon iver
kaylinlhansen : I'm so sad why can't this be in my life
vanlandeghemp : πŸ’•!!!
freewilley414 : Seriously come to michigan
yungronronv : When you coming to California? I need to see you live. Thank you Justin for the music you've brought to my ears for over 6 years now. You're magnificent.
john_twohawks : And I could see for miles, miles, miles....
pucasnavarro : @john_twohawks πŸ™πŸ™
annecatherinelilienwald : Come to brazil!!!
marcos.bulacio : I love Bon iver so much! I hope you guys come to Buenos Aires one day and trip us out! :)
lalalamp08 - marcos.bulacio - balletroses0 - traveliquor.traveling -
boniver - bon iver
victormlopezis : @1boy1heart1life twins.
anneliesdemuyt : Best night ever.
daniela.p : @boniver come back to switzerland!
mathiasdecoensel : Great show!
tinka.r : Thanks for The wonderful show! Best birthday present I could give!
izzybullard : Indiana plllleeeeaaaassseee
matnah : Gotta come back!
sophie_darbyshire : Follow @iphone.6.giveawayay
maria_nilza_floriano_ - offixcialashley - ada.02_ -
boniver - bon iver
cumball.and.dongwin : Come back to Seattle pweeezzzz
wildflower913 : I agree with @beautyisboring! VA please!!
jennyannegh : πŸ’Œ
husgotdajuice : @mitchhatz
kaceyinnit : @azriel.k35 not really yet πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… there will be one soon thoughh(;
chelseaminkovich : @nicolebooker_ want to go!!!!!! SO BADLY
luccasdoria : From my Brazil, nice Brahma!
bigzainabrana : @king_jafary
benni4public - vlaadbabenko - amelie_mailorgsz -
boniver - bon iver
ritafachadas : Amazing concert.
saracaneiras : what a magic night!
carinjsilva : I was there !
carolinavbernardo : Amazing! You're always welcome in Portugal
larrydee : @hbeausej @jlessard09 we were there!! Insane show!!!
inesvalbom : @tiagosp_
umdoistrestestesom : @elsa6silva @carlasilva87 olhem nós, ali. Vêm? ^_^
skylahroselive : Um
natygrunzova - offixcialashley -
boniver - bon iver
shellouiseb : Come to Mississippi! We love you. Bless.
diegodls : Guadalajara, Mexico claims for you guys!!
ines_luz : Last night's concert was epic, thank you. Come back soon -Lisbon
nathanielrateliff : Zandman
joaoparibeiro : It was fenomenal...please come back soon!!...
carla_jesus : Geat show, Geat night... thank you! Hope to see you back in Lisbon soon.
barbaroliveira : It was a fantastic show
umdoistrestestesom : @elsa6silva @carlasilva87
maria_nilza_floriano_ - offixcialashley -
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