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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
"I made it very clear in my conversations with the Blue Jackets - I want to win here. I think this can be a really good team for a really long time." @hartsy43 is pumped to be a Blue Jacket, and we're pumped to have him on our team.
nawrocki_14 : I miss hartsy
mitchellaaryn59 : So when we signing joey?
mitchellaaryn59 : @bluejacketsnhl
_hockey_town_ : 🚨 Hockey fans wanted 🚨
gramgramsmith : Jody will always b my fab but yr 2nd.... Welcome Hartsy
djdruemitchell : @joshmcneal πŸ‘πŸ˜œπŸ‘
liam_mcneely : Hartnelldown
nhlnews_99 : 🚨 NHL MEMES HERE 🚨
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Welcome, @hartsy43! #cbj #nhl
cbj - nhl -
chris_rios91 : @huckzam81 but still they're a playoff contending team. They have a great goalie. This player improves they're goal scoring. It's a great city with great fans. A young team as well. If I was traded to the Jackets now I would be happy as fuck. A Playoff contender? They're gonna get second seat in the Metro maybe third. Good luck CBJ. ✌️
huckzam81 : Did you just say playoff contender? I think they have 2 playoff wins in there history. Going from Philly (a playoff contender) to CBJ has to sting a little. Good luck tho. GKG πŸ‘‘βœŒοΈ
colinmorenus : I'm gonna miss him
cloook12 : @huckzam81 you are an idiot.
huckzam81 : @cloook12 you might be right. But then again so am I
dawson7498 : He waived his no trade clause to come to C-BUS. So i think he is good with being here. And we want players that want to be here...and all we gave up was Umberger and that shitty Scott Howson era win for Jackets !!!! And for the CBJ's only 2 Playoff wins Umberger wasn't even on the bench for thpse so thanks Flyers
dawson7498 : @anthonylaudicina Future Captain? Dubinsky will be
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
"It's a different world...a big change. You always have to be on your toes." Ryan Murray talks about the ups and downs of his rookie #NHL season - read it now on!
ryanmurray - columbus - hockey - jackets - cbj - nhl -
kromalicmo3 : ❀️ I love him so much
ssarahpeterson8 : #mcm😍😍😍😍😍
ntvisuals : Hockey edits here
alex_cbj_lax : @sailor_ash
courtannetay : Bae 😍
hannah_betz : @aliciabonecutter Ryan Murray<3
elwoodblues14 : @kyleekhaos33
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Happy birthday, Corey Tropp! #cbj πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ‚
cbj -
budderylime : Happy birthday Corey Tropp!! May all be well
kaisermatthews : Happy birthday Corey Tropp!!
pens_fan_for_life : Bluejackets have so many fans hahahah
hockey9life : I just meet him at the chiller north because of my camp
cbjforlife.71 : happy birthday ! β€πŸ’™πŸ˜
nhlbootyhadmelike : 🚨πŸ’₯nhl booty had me likeπŸ’₯🚨
hockeysedits : ⚫️Follow for Edits and MemesπŸ’’
rayyan_ajam83 : Happy late birthday
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Two years ago today, we welcomed Dubi, Arty and Timmy to the #CBJ family!
cbj -
jack.baldwin31_ : #Dubiforcaptian
ssarahpeterson8 : ^ #nooo
hut14wager : πŸ”ΉNhl 14 wager match! Dm me if intrested!πŸ”»
iyellit : @kmbrz worst day of my life
hockeylifeforever81 : 🚨 NHL EDITS @neutral_zone_edits LOST HIS ACCOUNT WITH 3K HELP HIM GAIN IT BACK🚨
max.brunke : Columbus vs. Philly will be the best game hands down
hockey_feed : #cupless
chaffinaj : We got the better deal!
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Congratulations, Dubi! Happy to have you locked in for the next seven years. #cbj
cbj -
jennabreecknerr : Does Ryan Murray have an instagram?
j3ralyn : It's @ryemur @jennabreecknerr
josi.sparks17 : 😍😍😍😍😍
bardownkings : Unbelievable hockey tricks here πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
jctdesigns : Nhl edits
statistics.nhl : πŸ‘ˆπŸ‘ˆπŸ”³NHL UPDATESπŸ”³
only.skins : Check out my page for some sick hockey edits last one was Bobrovsky!
_steven99_ : 🚨EVERYONE GO AND FOLLOW ••••••••πŸ‘‰ @EagleDesignsπŸ‘ˆ FOR SICK EDITS MORE!!🚨........
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Dubi Dubi done. #cbj
cbj -
christian_will13 : Johansen needs to take a 2 year deal and prove he wants to show up everyday and that he can preform at the level every year then he will get what ever he wants
jacksonavery123 : @cburnside_ me too girl!!!!πŸ’™
sethy_vee : This is awesome, love what Dubi brings to the team!
kaybunstine : We love Dubi! Give him the "C"!
r_jay34 : @jonathan_taub I'm a die hard rangers fan, and I envy blue jacket fans who get to watch him every night. He is so irreplaceable. It will go down as one of the worst trades in ranger history, especially the way Nash disappeared in the playoffs 2 straight years. Dubinsky is the reason I follow the blue jackets. He is something special. I've said it since he was a rookie.
alexdubbs : @kennyprime
emily_emmy418 : We ❀️ you dubi
robbyd_91 : We miss u here In NY, do the jackets good! Goodluck from the city that made you
fitmomforever12 - nickcurrie19 - timey__wimey__stuff - kenzie.150 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
What's up, @krychs? #cbj
cbj -
shantzy1424 : Good luck @krychs Had a great season in Guelph... One of my favourite players!!!!
nickbaker13 : Everyone report @the_official_payday107 he is scamming people into giving him their hard earned money
jercebscaggs : He's thinking about his cat
_hockey_town_ : 🚨 Hockey Fans wanted 🚨
armannr65 : @stephen_1465 HA. HOMOPHOB
celesterenee11 : ❀️
k0chie : I want one of those light blue jerseys !!!!!!
whitey_m : So where do you get the light blue jersey @bluejacketsnhl ?
evanshea97 - barcus__ - kenzie.150 - abby_beverly02 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
hashtag beautiful backhand @sonnymilano27
badgalbreezy__ : @hockeylife44 he's going to BC
hockeylife44 : @dominic__155 you mean New York?
badgalbreezy__ : @hockeylife44 nah he's going to Boston College
swartzy2893 : @jspav67
creighton_hudock : Yeah @invader_10
kimlac4 : Repping Massapequa!!!!!! Go Sonny!!
cal_johnson : @christianreardon
christianreardon : @cal_johnson butter
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Hey @RedditCBJ, here's a Wennberg iso cam. #CBJ
cbj -
eriklindmarkjr10 : Like på Facebook @alexanderwennberg fans page πŸ‘
cjhapward : What a save
samilaitinen : Haha Korpisalo's back πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ A
mollypiper16 : @erin.35 ayy Alex cam πŸ˜‚
erin.35 : yayyyπŸ˜‚ @mollypiper16
hitster_09 : Haha no
michael_rmu : They frikin
michael_rmu : Suck
jht22 - evanshea97 - cameronklein95 - hulken_89 -
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