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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
We are so thankful for YOU, The 5th Line. From our family to yours, Happy 🇺🇸 Thanksgiving! #CBJ
cbj -
soliquidus_bosselot : Looks just like bob
steeljacket729 : Turkey Bob lol
makenzie_mcg : @gmak0817
ainars212lv : This is bobrovsky?
ainars212lv : :D:D:D:D::D:D:D:D:D
hastballen : Follow Crosby! @officialcrosby
islanders49 : Cool
clevelandrocks15 : Better than bob recently
keshinio - sscillia652 - graham_broadfoot - ruhl74 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Snapz from the week! Send us yours at user: bluejacketsnhl. #CBJ
cbj -
laurmcnutty : Turn up!!! @amvstuart @emilyhehl @liindsaypaige
heyjennie : @ahprior 😍
amyhamren93 : Hi @lorrainehamren 👌
emilyhehl : I'm so turnt
emilyhehl : @laurmcnutty
laurmcnutty : @bluejacketsnhl @emilyhehl they cut me out tho
canadians_63 : I love the blue jackets I'm Mitchell and I play hockey can you give me a shoutout please I will give you a shoutout if you give me one?👍
ahprior : @heyjennie I KNOW!!!! 👌😊
henry_t41 - knightsdman11 - joseph.269 - llt528 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
YOU can help central Ohio families stay warm starting Friday! Head to for more details! #CBJ
cbj -
moneymade02 : Cool!
anthony_picano18 : 1
ndfan3 : Who hoo!!!
tonidemelo : Boooooone!
nhlbythenumbers : BLUE JACKETS FANS WANTED
riverhawks46 : BOONE JENNER!!!
emma.k.brown : Booooooone 😍❤️💙
jonotrey - challe.cb - brunothebuckeye - konstantingolovkov -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Ryan Johansen's third period backhander wasn't enough tonight. Back at it Friday night vs. Vancouver. #CBJ
cbj -
matt_shirley12 : Can people just relax for a bit? They were hurt bad at the beginning of the year and are Prob still fighting through their injuries. They have the chances!! It's just a matter of time until the bounces start going there way! Support your team guys! They got a young team that's gonna thrive in the years to come!! I'm from Saskatchewan canada and still have complete faith in this entire team!!!! Go CBJ!!!
gabosanchador : Damn boys! If this is punishment for not buying Game Center this season I'm sorry! I have too many other bills to pay! I swear I'll buy the whole playoffs just make it there! We have the driving power we have the right goalie. Maybe lacking a tiny bit in defence. But such a good team hurting so bad! So sad #WeAreThe5thLine GO JACKETS! MAYBE lets get an actual captain for motivation? @camatkinson13 might be a good idea. Just saying.
joyceweinberger : We have to stand behind our CBJ..Love them and we have to cheer them on..we are the 5th Line..we have to hang in there!
quinn.7 : They are horrible even though I like them @bluejacketsnhl
philipchevrette_91 : @panella_bread860 yeah but I mean like matchup wise. Like how if Chicago beats the kings in the regular season it doesn't mean that they're gonna beat them in the playoffs. Plus power rankings are kinda bs because upsets happen every day in the nhl
_hockey_center_3 : FOLLOW US🚨🚨🚨🚨☝️
aidantimal : Oh de wristy
edh_sickswunfore : We can't win!!!!
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Two quick goals have the #NHLJets leading after two. Shots even at 22 apiece. #CBJ
cbj - nhljets -
alyssaanne925 : At least there is always the Pens. Lol
nicholasnapolitano : @total_dk_domination that means your not a true fan and I'm a islanders fan
total_dk_domination : @nicholasnapolitano it's not that it's just I need a break. It's truly frustrating. Jackets fans like me have had to deal with seasons like this since day one and the front office promised us a better than last year and as you can see that's not happening.
total_dk_domination : Also both my parents are Islander fans so for a week it would be nice if my entire family can agree on hockey and stop giving me crap for a bit. @nicholasnapolitano
stunninghockey : 🚨check us out❗️
lukemorais21 : Ughh when are the bounces gonna go are way?
gbaxter13 : @alyssaanne925 if you're talking about Ryan Johansen, I'd say he's playing pretty well. He's 5th in the NHL in assists and points and is more than a point/game player. That is pretty good for a guy who's only 22. That's actually pretty good for any player.
rasmushermanssn : @ayssaanne925 wtf are you talking about, Johansson is playing better than ever before, he can't carrie the whole team though
belliott1bc - laddieboy22 - _marcoo_bodik - vr_15 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
We're all square here at @nationwidearena after 1! #CBJ
cbj -
nathan_loves_hockey91 : They are losing 3-1 vs jets! #gojetsgo
luke.gosse29 : You guys suck! Haha how are you losing to the Jets 😂😂
bluejackets20 : This team make me so pissed
stunninghockey : 🚨check us out❗️
jakeevans40 : @luke.gosse29 ever heard if injurys oh and Ottawa wasn't doing to strong a few years ago either go to another page ahole
luke.gosse29 : I don't like Ottawa..... @jakeevans40
luke.gosse29 : Haha I don't even mind the BJ's @jakeevans40
dominikondris : Big like blue jackets. Excelent game
nick_liening - belliott1bc - laddieboy22 - treidenbach8750 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
James Wisniewski is playing in his 500th @nhl game tonight! Double tap to congratulate Wiz! #CBJ
cbj -
b__bel : Tied with jets GO JETS GO #HUTCHisCLUTCH
ryanolson10 : Great edit ya got there
devynsutherland13 : @bluejacketsnhl you guys are a one man team and that one is Bobrovsky too bad he can't score
bluejacketsnhl : @ryanolson10 do u follow us 4 sick editz
tmcg75 : Good stuff buddy
carson.everett : Hahahaha @bluejacketsnhl @ryanolson10 what a burn bud
shelbylevi333 : Good job
max_milot : Wiz power
adamz61 - the_jaakko_04 - canadians_63 - saintsmanny12 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Ready for battle. #CBJ
cbj -
blue_jackets_nhl : CBJ Go CBJ
robert.krzeminski : @bg_hockey you're probably an Oilers fan
greg.schafer_ : Let's go jackets. ....
jacob.frame : hope we win... but i love to watch big buff play
devin_minniear : JACKETS BABY!!!
bradzx2792 : Lets go jets
charliehobart : Pegs score in the first 9 seconds
nathanproper : We all know that the Jets are gonna win, have you ever bothered to look and to see that the blue jackets are 2nd to last in the entire league? And they're almost if not last in their division and conference #failures
natennis5 - belliott1bc - jun_valentinviii - the_jaakko_04 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
In the home net this morning... #CBJ
cbj -
tylerdolann : I will be there!! @amberdolan @dolans4
hylander_memes : 🚨HOCKEY FANS WANTED🚨
cbjfanandswimmer : Really what teams Do u like and btw they don't suck @awilson204
_debido_ : Let's go Jackets!!!!
awilson204 : @cbjfanandswimmer lmao judging by the hashtag I posted clearly the jets but also have respect for the rangers lol
cbjfanandswimmer : Really I don't look at what u post @awilson204
idontlovethat : Why do you waste your life commenting on a Columbus Blue Jackets page if you're not a fan? Post your support on your own teams page. @awilson204
leland_plahuta16 : Bob
johntt909 - tonymilazzo20 - bluejackets_aaa_81 - treidenbach8750 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Just in time for the holidays... #CBJ
cbj -
jomcav : @colorfully_jnt
t_dimag42 : Maybe Santa can get them a win for Christmas
hylander_memes : 🚨HOCKEY FANS WANTED🚨
hockey_centre_ : 🚨 SICK HOCKEY VIDEOS HERE! 🚨
isaiahmatute : First like
kromalicmo3 : Can Murray please come back now I miss him
matt_grizz : Fail at the followers bluejackets
napdelrosario : Go prout go !
_mrs.skee_ - javier.s.l - rmixer09 - thecbjartillery -
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