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Columbus Blue Jackets

The Official Instagram of the @NHL's Columbus Blue Jackets (#CBJ). Tag your photos with @BlueJacketsNHL!
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bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
#CBJ place Brian Gibbons on injured reserve, recall Cody Goloubef (conditioning) & Alexander Wennberg from the Springfield Falcons (AHL).
cbj -
trey2705 : Grow up retard
dru2game82 : @vindigity
korbyn_costello77 : @briagraham15 check DM. The one where we were talking about gym
garrett_toofresh : Wenneberg is -14
issathing : Yes I get to see wennberg tomorrow!! Let's go jackets!!
issathing : @carlee_mcafee
tleveque : And Joey is a -12
dsibs1 : @mitchells_steakhouse GIBBONS
sierrasound - flystentz - will_culver_2828 - kylefraser55 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Double tap to congratulate Nick Foligno, who scored his 100th @nhl goal last night! #CBJ
cbj -
tbdbitlfan : Love him so much!! We played a great game last night...but despite that one goal, it was a great game!!
edgypowers : Heart and soul of the team
nick__bern1 : He is ok
imtinaorlando : @iamvincelundi we witnessed history
husseinmembrane : I have the video of his 100th goal on my IG
savebytalbot : πŸ’™πŸ’™
arangerwithabow : Now we gotta hurry up and resign him am I right? @bluejacketsnhl. But seriously Congrats Foligno, you are awesome! :).
g_eddy_r : The 27--71 like --
spockgrayson - jbcbjfan - benny__bruschinsky - tinaoesterle -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Have a look at the PNC Infographic for another take on last night's up & down affair. #CBJ
cbj -
hattrick_kane88 : @oakland_tony @evanmaldonado
the_clark_knight_rises : @hattrick_kane88 go back to watching Barney and drinking from your sippy cup
oakland_tony : @hattrick_kane88 you commented on the Blue Jackets page talking trash but complain when you're criticized in return? Are you borrowing your moms phone too?
evanmaldonado : @hattrick_kane88 I live in Columbus I was born here my parents were born here and they gave liked the blue jackets since before I was born @oakland_tony. Shut up just because I'm a kid doesn't mean I don't know anything or I'm a bandwagon I can name all the players on the jackets I know each player by number and just because the Hawks suck and there is no possible way for you to have bandwagon fans then there is no reason ti criticize me
hattrick_kane88 : I have my own phone ok but you do have a good point on how I did criticize on your guys's fan page so let's all just go back to our own business @the_clark_knight_rises and I'm 13
hattrick_kane88 : @oakland_tony
oakland_tony : @hattrick_kane88 likewise
nate_doggett : It's gonna be a good game if both teams show
blong.10 - brandonboyer97 - k_colv10 - jacob.neri -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
#CBJ grab a point tonight in a wild contest at @nationwidearena.
cbj -
victorrunyon28 : The tying goal was shit he clearly angled his skate while moving
poolem34 : Not to mention a slash that would have given a PP in the closing of the third.....I mean damn...he broke his stick....no call?
ahhshley19 : Booooo!
tnvbranz0709 : It's okay! You won 7 in a row and got a point tonight. You can't win every one, the streak was gonna end at some point. We beat them once anyway, they're a really tough team and we still played a great game
asekritova001 : ΠžΡ‡Π΅Π½ΡŒ Таль 😭😭😭
ak.10_wiz : @realgillespie97 that made no possible sense, @brandonsags I can smell the butthurt with this one
leland_plahuta16 : We got cheated on that kick in goal should of won😀
realgillespie97 : The Washington Capitals went 8-64-7 that was their record @ak.10_wiz
ace1727 - valentine_ali - 14_hendricks - hlong1002 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Well that escalated quickly... #CBJ
cbj -
ak.10_wiz : Toronto, oh the goal, lol it was a goal unless u know nothing bout hockey
james_dulya_17 : My favorite team is pens but gotta love #cbj hot streak!
w_d_roll : As always Toronto doesn't respect us. I demand #cbjrespect
prenzi9 : Get out of here @ak.10_wiz
sweaver19 : No consistency out of Toronto on kicked goals!
ak.10_wiz : @sweaver19 wasn't a kicked goal, if u saw the replay it hit the skate and in
jack_rubin725 : Nice goal boys @DCunited
hlong1002 - austin_engler - thomas_s_15 - bk1712 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Goals from Ward and Chimera have the #CBJ in an early hole. 40 minutes to go!
cbj -
theoriginalmac12 : COME ON JACKETS!!
h_t121 : Ya lets go caps!!!!!
braedon_north : tied at 2 yesssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!
braedon_north : go cbj
_.b_o_b._ : Cbj
that______guy__ : Cbj
jakemcdevitt17 : Post Daltons fight
mjfryman : Game on jackets. Woot woot.
bobradner - dalton.9213 - bk1712 - thomas_s_15 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Warmin' up! #CBJ
cbj -
dillow4 : Maybe a little less soccer and basketball and more practice shooting
ethan_giff98 : Why the hell do u follow the blue jackets if u are a capitols fan? @bayside_champ7
ethan_giff98 : It's called autocorrect nutjob @bayside_champ7
akpastor : @dillow4 maybe your patsies should practice their boxing a little more!
oldmanowen : @ganderson99
ganderson99 : @oldmanowen πŸ‘Œ#cbj
justin_kennell : @danidikeman just what we were talking about! πŸ™ˆπŸ˜‚
b_g19 : Awesome
navk_720 - bobradner - thomas_s_15 - dalton.9213 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
Talkin' with James Wisniewski LIVE now - fire up that #CBJ app to watch!
cbj -
ovregion : πŸ’™
queen_b_vin : My hockey hubby wiz #love him
tarajo1981 : 😍😍😍
edwhitelighting : Kill em tonight wiz !
charlie_clapps_01 : #beatwashington
frankiemo2 : I'm going tonight #beatwashington
swag_dude2015 : Same @frankiemo2
swag_dude2015 : Beat the caps
brickops - chrissyberger1441 - dennis_keller - livc81 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
cbj -
deekay1798 : @Jacob.frame he'll one shot K.O. Him just like lucic
jacob.frame : haha that would be sick @deekay1798
hamtime5 : @matthew101488 thanks!
matthew101488 : @hamtime5 no problem
imtinaorlando : @iamvincelundi can't wait :)
matthewbreda : @westoby_ nice profile pic
hybridj25 : @itsmekennedy_ they not ready bruh caps got this
satchel32 : Hey its dalton
zachary_hickmott - jeffsauerland - jackresnick13 - jordanmarcotte17 -
bluejacketsnhl - Columbus Blue Jackets
#CBJ participated in a different kind of shootout this morning at @nationwidearena...
cbj -
kian__1847 : There's somethig called the explore button dumbfuck @hockeybear123
kian__1847 : And do you know how to spell? BLUE** @hockeybear123
toddwentz : @kian__1847 If you're going to troll, at least act like you're somewhat intelligent. Dropping F-bombs and the like only displays your limited vocabulary. Either grow up or troll somewhere else.
kian__1847 : AW FUCK, like my vocabulary???? (; @toddwentz
toddwentz : @kian__1847 What a smart guy! And so eloquent too! Grow up.
kian__1847 : But maa, I don't wanna grow up! I want my milk and cookies @toddwentz
brandon3hd : @ftb_mcclure if the bluejackets suck the. How come they have a 7 game win streak? Don't say because they are not playing good teams because they have been Detroit, Washington and, Pittsburg
keyleo : @wagonburner22 lol
crowleygiftscas - mariahtidwell - gabelandeskog12 - akhanga -
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