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Bloomies Handmade

Adorable & affordable handmade hair accessories for kids, teens, tweens & adults. πŸŽ€
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
My little piece of heaven on earth. I have no idea how I got so lucky.
jessicamreed : So cute! My daughter has the exact same Christmas outfit, but with the red bow shoes!
linsofandi : BeautifulπŸ’—πŸ’—
mrs_krasko : Precious! 😍 and super coincidence, my Olivia wore the exact same dress & shoes for our Christmas pictures!! ☺️ great minds think alike!! πŸ˜‰β€οΈ
caren_memmott : πŸ‘πŸ’–
christyfrey82 : @bloomieshandmade where did you get her shoes?
gldys_drn : So cute 😘😍😍😍
laurennicolegannon : So precious?
judyd_4 : Adorable!
allisjaros - larihooverrr - pattycakes31 - katiehigbee -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
My husband and I are having a package contest (πŸ˜‚) which wrapping job do you like better? The two on the right or the two on the left? Loser has to wrap all remaining presents!
hbrown2019 : Left
jen_lang_ : Right
jenleazy : Right
boneca37 : Left
kris_cummings : Right
jamtartboutique : Right
mrspulu : Right
courtneygovier : Left
limj8175 - frozen_g1rly - yenslavens - _gloryyyyy_ -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
In gratitude for your support, we have teamed up with some of the best instagram-ers to offer a gift of THANKS! One lucky follower will receive a $1,000 Gift Card to Target! Yes, you saw that right so keep smiling and follow the steps below because it could be YOU! To Enter: Follow @bloomieshandmade and ALL other shops involved LIKE THIS POST & EVERYONE’S POST INVOLVED Tap on the post to see where you go to next. Once you get back here you are done! You must follow ALL shops to be eligible to win! We will be DOUBLE and TRIPLE checking! This amazing gift will end on Dec 23rd and will be announced within 24 hours on each feed! Good luck and may we all spread joy!
catquig216 : Done
amberbvillarreal : Done! πŸ‘πŸŽ„πŸŽ
tessacairl : Done 😊
cyn4thia : Done!!! :)
annietothewilkins : Done! And private
franny_ede : Thanks!
nancydmngz : @krissunlocked lol that's my second home πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
brookewdixon : Done!! πŸ™πŸ™
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
We love @sassypacishoppe to win a $30 gift card to their shop just follow @sassypacishoppe then come back & comment "done" on this post. Also, use code SASSYLOVES20 to receive 20% off your purchase in their etsy shop. Check out their deal on @brickyardbuffalo as well.
kikielliott : Done!
karagrayy : Done!
mrsrobins0n : Done ! πŸ’•πŸ™
laurashankel : Done :)
heatheranne555 : Done!
mellifluousmelissa : Done!
illusionsfade : Done
frozen_g1rly : Done
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Our .99cent cotton bow deal is live 33 colors to choose from!. You can find the bows under deal of the week (link in profile) . Very limited quantities so hurry on over and get your order in. *Coupon codes, shop credit & discount codes cannot be used on this deal. Shipping is 3-6 weeks so make sure you order the correct size. If you share our deal with a friend please let them know about our shipping time frame! If you want to receive a FREE bow (color will be a surprise & not one offered on our website) post this photo on your IG & tell your friends that our bows are on sale for .99 cents! Once you have posted leave your 4 digit order # below! Winners from our giveaway will be announced in a few hours. If you are a winner & purchase bows we will refund you. Happy Shopping!
sierraprina : Yes they were mini bows. I must have missed that info, thanks!
bloomieshandmade : @sierraprina 31 posts back πŸ˜‚
sierraprina : I know, I just found the post too! Seriously, thank you for taking the time to answer me and clear that up so I don't have to worry that my order for skipped! 😊
ktadams87 : Did I miss the winner?
kateybrushneal : Where's the winner?? We just wanna know lol @bloomieshandmade
mrsrobins0n : Are you ever going to announce the winner?
bloomieshandmade : @mrsrobins0n winner announced on previous post.
mrs_shevchenko : Hi, did you already ship out my orders? @bloomieshandmade
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Tonight our cotton bows go on sale for .99 cents! To kick off this deal we are going to give FOUR lucky people a set of ALL 30+ bows! All you have to do is like this photo & tag a friend below (as many friends as you want) winners will be announced when our deal goes live. Good luck!!
gldys_drn : Who else won?
bloomieshandmade : @sbf_lock congrats!! You are our second winner! Please tag one of your friends below that you should like to give a set to! And leave your e-mail address too!
latriceunique : I die!!! @bdags4
latriceunique : @lparkes11
sbf_lock : OH MY GOSH!!! I never win anything! This is so awesome! Thank you so so much!!!! My email is sarakim23@aim.com I'd like to tag @krh39 because she is a new mommy to a sweet baby girl πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘πŸŽ€
krh39 : @sbf_lock Aww, thank you!
sbf_lock : @krh39 you're welcome hun! You win them all too!!!! Yay!
kayla_whatacluster : @bloomieshandmade I emailed weeks ago about my order from the pervious .99 cotton bow sale in October. I still have not received a response! Please respond! I don't see how you can run another deal when the other haven't fully been filled!
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
It's amazing how one perfect moment can trump 1,000 imperfect moments. I could go on and on about how rough today was (sick baby, sick momπŸ‘Ž)but I'll focus on this perfect moment. ❀️
candicenic : What a beautiful pic!
anessahansing : Gorgeous !
jessicabwell : Oh no. Disney is both the happiest and germ-iest place on earth. 😣 What kind of bug? Hope you both feel better soon. xo
my_low_life : No fun to be sick xo
laurennicolegannon : So beautiful
ewnice : This is beautiful 😍
haolepinos : Beautiful picture
gldys_drn : Most beautiful picture πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ’•
xxxlexiexxx - brittany_lorna - raelyn_justine8 - jadie29 -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
On Tuesday I took a MUCH needed day off to spend the day at Disneyland with my family. A dear friend of mine was so sweet and got us in for free. My husband and I were just planning on spending the day there alone but around 3pm we both started missing our babe so much and drove 2 hrs round trip to pick her up & bring her back to the park with us. It was so magical. I've been spending so much time working & didn't realize how badly I needed this day off. The memories we made were priceless. Seeing my daughter smile & laugh when the snow touched her face was heartwarming. Disneyland is truly the happiest place on earth! And the moment I captured in this photo is a moment I've been waiting my whole life for! My husband was literally prancing & dancing with my daughter like this around the park πŸ˜‚. Her smile melted my heart!
disneyland -
btroggy : @bloomieshandmade you know I'm pregnant, right? I miss you too. NC is clearly too far to visit.
bloomieshandmade : @btroggy WHAT!! No!! Congrats!!!! When do you find out the sex?
btroggy : @bloomieshandmade haha we find out January 20th. So in a month.
jilly.payne : Love this! So happy for u!
laurenphelps : You poor thing! I'm glad you got some good quality family time. You are working too hard!
sambobamm : I'm so happy you guys enjoyed your selfs! And you went at the best time! Christmas time at Disneyland rocks! The first time we took Tuesday, she was so amazed with everything!
bloomieshandmade : @sambobamm it was sprinkling most of the day so the lines were all super short πŸ‘ it was so fun seeing her so excited.
haolepinos : THIS IS EXACTLY WHY I LOVE DISNEYLAND!! You said it perfectly!! I'm so glad it was a happy and wonderful break for you guys!! Love you!!! 😘
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Saylor looks SO adorable in our Noel dress! Thanks @robynmeacham for the photo! We have received many e-mails inquiring about shipping for our Black Friday deals. It's taking a lot of time that we do not have right now to respond so we will update you here! You can also find our shipping info for each deal on our IG post. KNOT HEADBANDS: Orders ship next week // MINI COTTON BOWS: Orders Start shipping next week! .99 cent FLOWER deal: Orders start shipping January 1st. Thanks!
robynmeacham : 😍
aubreylaidlaw : So mad I didn't get one of those dresses for Blair! Darling!!!
rainyg56 : I had a doll like this little beauty!!!
haolepinos : Ohhh sooooo stinking cute!
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
We want to say thank you all for your love and support over the year. We joined together to give you an amazing Christmas! There is nothing we would love more than to help one of you have exactly what you need for your family this CHRISTMAS! We are giving one lucky follower $1200 Paypal CASH or an $1200 Target Gift card. WINNERS CHOICE! To Enter: 1.Follow @bloomieshandmade & ALL other shops involved. 2.LIKE THIS POST & EVERYONE’S POST INVOLVED 3.Tap on the post to see where you go to next. Once you get back here you are done! You must follow ALL shops to be eligible to win! We will DOUBLE check! This amazing give away will end on Dec 18th at 11:59 central time and will be announced within 24 hours on the feed of @milksnob! Good luck and happy holidays! DISCLAIMER ... this give away is in no way sponsored , endorsed or administered with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 18+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility , and agree to Instagram's terms of use.
jasminetaunton : :)
amillion7 : Done!!!
vass_castro : @dannyy_castroo @pooh_quisha
nanzpina : Done✌️
makeuphuney : Entered πŸ™
invitationsbyash : @bloomieshandmade was a winner picked?
kristin_0331 : Has the winner been chosen?
gracesmama : Oh pick me
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