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Adorable & affordable handmade hair accessories. Home of the .99 cent bow deals. Order questions & collaborations πŸ‘‡
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Good news! We are a week ahead of schedule for the spring bow orders! My amazing sister worked like crazy last week & sewed a few thousand bows so that we could get these to you in time for Easter! We can't promise that they will all arrive by Easter but we will ship a ton of orders out tomorrow & Wednesday. πŸ‘
stace.r : @jillvaka yay!!
bloomieshandmade : @veerickson thanks! I'll check in a few.
latriceunique : You're awesome for having and awesome sister 😁
kristybhodgkinson : So so excited!!!!
ginabina79 : Yay!!
ginabina79 : @bloomieshandmade when will the felt twisty bows ship?
erykaann : Anxiously waiting my order from almost 3 weeks ago!
haileeking08 : @bloomieshandmade didn't receive my email response from the giveaway I won Monday.
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Pretty much the only thing I wouldn't change about my wedding...the dress! Oh, and the husband πŸ˜‚
haileeking08 : @bloomieshandmade I won the $40 credit for your shop from @potatofeet and haven't had lunch getting in touch with you! What's the easiest way to get ahold of you
bloomieshandmade : @haileeking08 I got your e-mail. We will respond Monday.
alinaustimenko : Omg such a beautiful dress!!😍😍
strattonmama : Gorgeous!!
melispetty : @rahebee purdy
rahebee : @melispetty oh yah
dori_bangerter : 😍😍
haolepinos : Soooo pretty!!
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Celebrating 5 years of love with this guy today. I am so thankful I get to spend eternity with him ❀️
isamarie8 : Happy Anniversary!!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
littleshopandco : Happy Anniversary!!!
laurennicolegannon : Happy anniversary my love!!!
marriahfaithlinton : Time and all eternity? 😜 happy anniversary!
bloomieshandmade : @marriahfaithlinton families are forever πŸ˜‚
sheerbraidedbliss : Awesome!! Happy Anniversary!
drebaby : Woah it's been that long?!? I feel like we did this like yesterday
lgaspar312 : You have the same anniversary as me and my hubby. We celebrated 4 years yesterday!!
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
We love @spearmintbaby blankets so much! She has so many fun designs that are perfect for boys and girls! @spearmintbaby wants to giveaway $40 shop credit to one of our followers! All you have to do is follow @spearmintbaby then comment "followed" below this post. Winner will be announced tomorrow evening.
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Today is the last day to purchase our cotton bows for .99 cents! Deal ends at 10pm (PST) My little (😭😒) Olivia is wearing our strawberry milkshake cotton bow. WHYYYY can't they stay babies forever! Yesterday she took her first steps & today she wants to learn how to drive a car. Speaking of cars... She has also outgrown her carseat and needs a big girl seat (😭😭😭)which brands/styles do you recommend?
bloomieshandmade : @ebbiemae hi, flat rate shipping is $10 world wide. You must have selected ups not USPS.
ebbiemae : @bloomieshandmade well that makes sense. I hadn't chosen the shipping option, that's what the estimated amount showed up as for Canada. Thanks for letting me know though. I've missed the sale now, I'll be ordering next time around 😊
ladyb105 : Hi can you give me an update on my order as well thank
ladyb105 : *thanks
loveformysailor : Chicco next fit it's a wonderful seat
sbf_lock : Hi Jen, just curious if the rest of my bows from the December .99cent sale have shipped yet? I received my refund but not the bows. Thanks for any updates!
bloomieshandmade : @sbf_lock they will go out Friday :)
sbf_lock : Yay!!! Thanks!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Giveaway time! Just follow & like! All you do is follow each shop that is tagged in this photo, and like each shop's giveaway post! Each shop will be giving away a different prize. 9 shops = 9 different winners! I'm giving away $20 shop credit! Winner announced under this photo on March 30th. @kidandkind @shoptippi @oppositeoffar @markitwithaq @subsidyshades @bloomieshandmade @littlefootboutique @luckysageshop @halfpintkids This giveaway is not associated with or sponsored by Instagram. By entering you agree to be 13 years of age or older and agree to Instagram's term of use.
raichan28 : done!
paulyne_wilson : Done
florlovee : Done
ladyb105 : πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
abbysmommy7212 : Done :-)
maciescheribel : Pick me!!! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
etuesdays : Done! Thank you! πŸ’•
bailybailey : Thank you! 😊
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Ahhhhhh! Is this not the cutest little outfit ever? @shopluluandroo has the most precious baby clothes ever! And good news!! She has clothing for BOYS too! @shopluluandroo wants to giveaway $40 shop credit to one of our followers! All you have to do is follow @shopluluandroo then come back and comment "followed" under this post. Winner will be announced tomorrow evening!
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bloomieshandmade : @kate_brown congrats!!! You are the winner! Please e-mail or DM @shopluluroo to claim your prize! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
bloomieshandmade : @kate_brow oops! I meant @shopluluandroo
dysonsmommy : Hi I just emailed you about this giveaway!! I'm so excitedπŸŽ‰ let me know what I need to do. Thanks so much :)
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Adorable little Reese wants you to know that our 99 cent cotton bow deal is LIVE! Quantities are VERY limited so πŸƒOver 40 colors to choose from! Shipping is 2-3 weeks. Did you already place your order (today only) leave your order number below and we will give two people their orders for free! ***Reese is wearing our neon yellow cotton bow!***
cath_pn : Hi!! I sent you an email about my order that i placed on march 3rd. I haven't received tracking number!! Wondering if it's shipped yet??
bloomieshandmade : @cath_pn hi! Did we e-mail you yet?
maddiebellesmommy : Love the cotton ones! But I need felt 😍😍😍 next sale please 😜😜😜😜 @bloomieshandmade
cath_pn : Yes I got your email. Thanks 😊😊
kaylajones625 : Order 00010387!
linsey_kelley : Hi I received an email almost 3 weeks ago saying that my package has shipped. However when I try to track it, it looks as tho it has never been shipped. Is there an email I can reach you at?
bloomieshandmade : @linsey_kelley hi! Our e-mail address is in our bio :)
lindsaypiittmann : Who won the free orders?? I'm still crossing my fingers over here! πŸ™Œ
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Hey everyone! We love @potatofeet Kati makes the cutest Moccs and she wants to give one of our followers $40 shop credit! All you have to do is follow @potatofeet and then comment "followed" under this post! Winner will be announced tomorrow evening. Good luck! #bloomies1on1
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bloomieshandmade : @wifegoodman congrats!! You are our winner! Please contact @potatofeet to claim your prize!
wifegoodman : StOP!!!!! eeeeek, yay!!!! thank you!!! πŸ˜˜πŸ™Œ
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Tonight at 8pm (PST) we will be having a .99 cent sale on our cotton bows! To kick off our sale we want to giveaway FOUR sets of ALL 30+ colors of our cotton bows. To enter: Like this photo and tag a friend (as many as you want) below and tell them to "Set your alarm!" πŸ‘ˆ MUST say that! Winners will be announced tonight when our deal goes live. Good luck!
jean_bean : @_tiffanyanne_ @mrsgauthier @heather_preston @kaylasmama
mrsjenarnold : Set your alarm
agilbert390 : Set your alarm! @britoord
amberlyyoungblood : How did I miss this @kristenchastang
kristenchastang : I know!!! @amberlyyoungblood they are all still on sale for $0.99 on her website though! Even though we didn't win :)
kristinade : Which ones are .99 the ones I see say .99 but when you choose it says .1.29 and then selecting the band adds more
bloomieshandmade : @kristinade the bow alone is .99 hardware cost more.
_lilly2 : @bloomieshandmade what's the turnaround shipment for the 99 cent bows?
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