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Adorable & affordable handmade hair accessories for kids, teens, tweens & adults. πŸŽ€
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bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
I...have....a.....9 MONTH OLD!!! 😭(((keep breathing))) I have NO idea what to get her for Christmas! What do you get a 10 month old? What IG shops will you be purchasing gifts from?
fashionkids -
bloomieshandmade : @sambobamm awesome ideas!
sambobamm : Welcome! #I know I didn't do such a good job a describing them. Haha. But I'm sure you get the idea!
bloomieshandmade : @jeanetteandersen I got one from @livesweetshop so cute!
scpearson11 : A blabla doll! (@blablakidsshop) or a pair of Freshly Picked moccs (@freshlypicked)
heatheroli : @bloomieshandmade What is your turn around time on products?
caren_memmott : Hey just checking to see if you knew that the mini cotton bow deal is still available on your website. I saw that you were taking a break from deals and didn't know if that is supposed to be up :)
mrs_shevchenko : Hi, I was wondering if you received my email about my order from july? @bloomieshandmade
bloomieshandmade : @scpearson11 we buy our moccs from only $8 & same quality, check them out! πŸ‘Œ
kavita_ally - mrsdersh - mrs_bergorgeous - nicelyyy -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
A $250 Nordstrom's Gift Card is up for grabs! ONE lucky winner takes it all! Perfect for all the holiday Shopping! It's super easy to enter: All you have to do is: 1. Follow me @bloomieshandmade ALL other shops involved. 2. Like this post. 3. Tap on the photo above to see where to go next. Once you get back to me, you are entered for a chance to win!!! Ends on 11/22 - Goodluck!
emilykayjohnson10 : Done
esteph562 : Done!! Hoping and praying for this!
emilytstrickland : πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘πŸ˜€ done
shardei : πŸ‘
tamidbesimcha : Done! @bloomieshandmade
rsdstrong : Done🎁
ttsrmorgan : Ttsrmorgan ❀️
tttosweet : Done
arestalinna - elizabethmccain - tayrubes1 - raincitymama -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
First costume 🐷 Based off of the first book my sweet Olivia received.
ktkrietemeyer : Checking in on order 0007111 it shipped 09/24 thanks! @bloomieshandmade
missmariza : @bloomieshandmade I just realized that it has only been 6weeks & since I purchased from a sale it can take up to 8 weeks 😳 I guess I was just being impatient and wanting to get my grubby little hands on the crownπŸ˜” I apologize for jumping the gun! 😘 sincerely, A Customer that needs to learn to read😁
bloomieshandmade : @missmariza ha, it's not a big deal!
alex_alexandrarose : This is too adorable!!
southernwvgirl : @adsegs87 πŸ˜πŸ’—
latriceunique : So cute!!!
baby_jules_boutique : OMG we LOVE OLIVIA too!! This is just precious!!! @bloomieshandmade πŸ˜πŸ‘
rubyblueinc : Cutest thing I've ever seen. We have this bookπŸ’—
kendradouglas - ashleybeatrice - lulyboobaby - nyeli.walker -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
🎢It's my moms birthday and I'll cry if I want to! 🎢
crazy_alice_usagi : @kurko.nirvana
kurko.nirvana : @crazy_alice_usagi yo quierooooo
skiptothedetails : Happy birthday mama. πŸŽƒπŸ’‹
latriceunique : Happy belated birthday!!!
bloomieshandmade : @latriceunique google, national non wovens ;)
latriceunique : Huh?
bloomieshandmade : @latriceunique you will understand when you google that name ;)
latriceunique : Thanks sweet
faxida - koukla9590 - baraa_samhat - keyhla_02 -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
This precious Miracle right here is the reason why we are having this sale. Sweet Harbor Vining. If you haven't already, please head over to @madisonviningphotography and check out Harbors adoption story! ((Link in her profile)) Our sale is live and will end Friday. Check out our previous posts for more details. A little giveaway// we are giving away $20 shop credit to 4 people! To enter: tell us your favorite color Mini Cotton bow in the comments below! Winner will be announced this evening.
mysweetharper : Cotton candy. Mint. Lilac. Butter. Peacock. Pink Violet. πŸ’•πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’œπŸ’™
ss_pearls : Love the mint
mrskbarr : Mint! Can't wait to get our bows!!
jcrowther : I sent an email regarding my bows. We are moving sooner than we thought and was wondering the status so I can hopefully get them before we do move. Can you please email me at
maryholst2 : Mint
shaynadevey : @bloomieshandmade was a winner announced?
lamissa_89 : Cotton candy pink
amelith_shayre : Sigan este modelito
baraa_samhat - _staaacyy - giselina10 - szuszukhalil -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
We are finally live! No coupon code needed, discount already taken off. Deal ends Oct. 31st! No coupon codes or shop credit can be used on this deal. Please make sure you read our shipping post before purchasing. Any other questions, please e-mail us. please allow 24-48 hours for a response. Don't forget a portion of each sale goes to the Vining family! There's also a button to donate $5 to the Vining family in our shop. If you don't want to buy bows you can support them that way. Thank you & goodnight! Tag a friend below!
jolynn_page : 99 cents! @carmstr1 @kjirstenfox
mmhowardslp : Shared @bloomieshandmade but I didn't see a place to enter my IG name at checkout for the free bow.
kaitsimon : Hi. I've sent two emails regarding my order that shipped 10/15. I still haven't received.
ss_pearls : @essrudy
oxyroxy : I'm just curious does the bow cover the alligator clip or can you see the clip?
jinnabeeg : @mleahilton πŸ’
lamissa_89 : @tiffanyvause
blushingcherries : @stephanie_lange
shoptippi - alborst - giselina10 - southernwvgirl -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
We are not live yet (in a few minutes). Just posting more info! These are my favorite, light denim, mint & cotton candy on sparkly gold elastic. SHIPPING: PLEASE READ if you are purchasing!!! We are not sure how long shipping will be for this deal ( it depends on how many orders we receive, we will know more when the deal is over) We are hoping anywhere from 3-10 weeks. Our last deal all orders shipped within 4-12 weeks. We cannot make these ahead of time and since each bow is handmade it takes time. When ordering please choose sizing accordingly. If your child is a newborn now you will want to order 3-6 months. Once an order is placed we cannot make any changes, that includes address changes. If you need to cancel your order for any reason e-mail us and we will refund you (only if your order hasn't shipped) if you refer a friend please have them read this post. We cannot ship any orders early. Orders will be shipped out in the order they are received. Thanks for your support.
mayceh : @beccamackay these are on sale for a dollar each
amycollins516 : I thought so! Thanks! :)
sammy_ib4 : @adoss89
christyfrey82 : @sabel330 I hit up the sale last time and will be ordering more today! Thought you might be interested:)
_kristalmeth : @carohhleanahh get every color 😍😍😍😍
amycollins516 : I got just about every color. And orders several wraps a week or so ago. Can't wait to receive them all!
jolynn_page : Check this out... Super cheap, cute bows! @carmstr1 @kjirstenfox
truman_k : @larenpacker these are the bows I was telling you about. The link is in her bio! This is where I get Reese's little flower blooms on the skinny elastic too. They go on 99 cent sales every once in a while also.
angelicaro1804 - anitakrol144 - giselina10 - melissanielsen_ -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
Sorry for the delay night owls! We are still working on getting the deal up. There will be plenty of bows so feel free to 😴. Also, Want to add a FREE bow ( ONE bow per person) to your order? Follow these steps, ALL STEPS ( PLEASE carefully read everything so you don't miss a step!): Post our previous picture (ONLY our previous picture) and tell your followers to check out our $1 bow sale. MUST tag us & tell them to check out our deal. Once you have posted you may add the free bow to your order. Please read carefully: in order to get the free bow you must leave us a note when you check out ( BEFORE) submitting payment there's a box that let's you add a comment about your order & tell us your Instagram name. Please only include your IG name in the comments box. We will be checking each account to make sure you posted. This deal is only available for public accounts. If you are private you will have to go public for 2 weeks. I will not be friend requesting anyone. No exceptions! No deleting your post either. If you don't include your IG name we won't include the free bow with your order. If you order more than one free bow we will cancel your order. Few! That's it!
lindsrobinson : @iannoneadventures
ashleynwilliamson : @kaylalebaron
chelsi_anderson : Shared the deal to receive the free bow. So excited to get my order!:)
tangarrett : OH NO!!!! 😳😁 place my order and forgot to put my IG name for a free bow..... If I am out a loss it's okay, but can I do anything?
bloomieshandmade : @tangarrett it's fine :) you're all good!
tangarrett : 😍😍 Thank You!!
shawnafab4 : @bloomieshandmade Ok just saw this but I have already purchased a TON of mini bows the other day!! Not interested in doing a free one just wanted to make sure I followed steps accordingly to share the deal and the great cause you're supporting! How amazing! God bless them through their journey! Hope I can get more buyers to get in on this awesome deal and help support the #Vinings! Sharing and tagging! ❀️
mrs_s_ross : @bloomieshandmade I checked out with PayPal and didn't see a notes section. But I shared the deal and tagged your page! My order# is 0008908. TY! 😊
tracianns - j_piedra85 - mrs_bergorgeous - tashdonovan -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
We are working on getting our deal up right now. Should be up by 10:30pm (PST) we will post once it's up though! Our new mini cotton bows will be on sale for $1! So many different ways you can purchase these bows, my favorite is this new sparkly gold elastic! Olivia's face is cracking me up too! Where's an emoji for that face?! Oh! If you w-mailed us tonight we will resound once our deal is up. Thanks!
bloomieshandmade : @arhatchett I love it! I am so glad I caught it on camera! ;)
ruba18 : @amj_angel23 ΩˆΩˆΩˆΩƒ πŸ˜­πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
bottlecapbowsbycoco : @bloomieshandmade Sooooo cute πŸŽ€
ppittman835 : Loving this look so cuteπŸ˜πŸ˜ƒ
lateshasreborns : She is soooooo cute p.s cutie
thetrammells : @erikaatkins Agh I JUST now got the notification that you tagged me. Soooo cute!!!
ona_voli_igora : @ancika1 πŸ˜‚
ancika1 : @ona_voli_igora πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
mariri08 - elyas_e_one - sarabberisha - nada.mohamed.5036 -
bloomieshandmade - Bloomies Handmade
This week we are having a sale (these mini cotton bows 1.5") & a portion of the sales will go to @madisonviningphotography to help pay for some of their adoption costs. Check out her most recent blog post about the adoption of their precious new daughter Harbor Vining. They are amazing people and they need our help. More details about the sale will be posted in a few hours. We are going to give away a set of all 30 mini cotton bows to one lucky winner, to enter: tag a friend below and tell them we are having a sale this week. Winner will be announced tomorrow. Sale starts later this evening.
lacylu82 : @mljefferson they're having a great sale for a great cause!
mrsportillo09 : @ro_juarez for Priscilla! $1 bows!!
ro_juarez : @mrsportillo09 yesss awesome!
betzaidaarzate : @eliarzate .....they are having a sale€1 mini bows for Kim&Adi..... So cute and they will be donating to a good cause!
lmillar5 : @bloomieshandmade was a winner announced for this? I already bought some but I would never hurt to have more! πŸ˜‰
chelsi_anderson : Was a winner announced for this? @bloomieshandmade
beligarrard : @ajetfamilia check out this deal! Love these bows! :)
sdear87 : So cute! Thanks @kris_cummings !
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