Blood Milk

the darkness sheds like snake skin.
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
No one's voice moves me the way Nina's does. Listening to a live version of 'House of the Rising Sun' on repeat in the studio tonight & dreaming of my southern home, New Orleans. ❤️#ninasimone #beneaththerisingsun #neworleans
ninasimone - neworleans - beneaththerisingsun -
lslaayer : 💛
60sjunkye : Birds flying high you know what I mean 🔥🔥🔥
lovedtodeath : I put a spell on you..... @bloodmilk been obsessing on her lately. 💜
absenta_accessories : Thank you very much Jessica! @bloodmilk I just sent you an email. ❤️
spiritguidehanna : Nina 💘
trompeloeil : If you have not seen her live at Montreaux in 1976 DVD, I highly suggest it. The weight of her performance is one of the most beautiful and sad and lovely things I have ever experienced. She is truly amazing.
copper_visions : agree
loulouleroux : Nina Simone is one of my favourites, often on repeat. ❤️
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
As some of you already know, Kim { @wildthorne } suffered a terrible accident some weeks past & has been struggling with recovering. A few others such as @naominowak & @terrifoss have offered special items to help raise money for Kim, as at the time, she was not insured, & being how things are with the healthcare system, this has been quite a blow for her. To join the other members of our community I will be offering a handful of rare one-offs ( such as this 'ghost' ring) and a few other limited edition black powdered coated pieces that may be the last of their kind. All of these proceeds will go towards Kim's health bills. This 'Ghost' ring is from my personal collection & is very dear to me, as I feel like the best donations are often the most personal ones. I have only worn it a few times on special occasions and have never come across a piece of crystal like this before. It was sold to me as phantom quartz but has also appears to have a dendritic quality. Either way I have never come across a stone like this before and am not likely to ever again, making this ring one of a kind. This incredibly special faceted cut stone is cradled by boa constrictor rib bones in sterling silver with a wide band. It is currently in my ring size but can easily be sized for whoever purchases it. These pieces will be up in my shop early next week, more news on them will be posted here. In related news, so many thanks to those of you who are waiting on a response from me. I have been overwhelmed with this task as Kim usually handles all of my correspondence and is currently unable to. Please continue being patient, I hope to catch up on emails this weekend. #bloodmilk
bloodmilk -
terrifoss : 🌊🌊🌊🌹🙏it takes a village @bloodmilk @naominowak @wildthorne
sinclair______ : Must not be too bad, they posted 8 hours ago.
bulletsandbones : ^^ really? 😐
gypsymoonchild : Holy mother of all that is good! How beautiful, the ring & the sentiment!
tinymama : I want!
goatsandroses : You're an amazing artist and an INCREDIBLE friend!!! ❤️!! @bloodmilk
lvnea : Such a beautiful piece, hold an auction for all the one of a kind pieces.
loulouleroux : Jess, this is such a wonderful gesture. Kim is such a lovely person, whose kindness and support is not only seen through her assistance for you but in our amazing little community here on IG. I'm sure your listings will bring the much needed financial support to get Kim through her recovery. I adore you both ( @wildthorne ) ❤️
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
just a girl & her cabinet cat, forever in the studio 😻#diegoTHEblackcat
diegotheblackcat -
sierrasusannah : Gorgeous
crazycoconut : ❤️🐱
adyghe_jannn : @orhnsby ✌️
_naiad : Gorgeous
guineverevonsneeden : @bloodmilk I was very excited today to see that Miss @swanbones has joined Instagram. I know you are a fan of her work, so I wanted to let you know!
bloodmilk : @guineverevonsneeden ❤️ty❤️
deeo14 : Handsome Familiar.
bluephotographies : !!!
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
This ink drawing by artist Esao Andrews {@esao } feels like a little dagger to the heart; I fell for it immediately. Esao's beautiful solo show of all new paintings, 'Epilogues' is still on view at Jonathan Levine { @jonathanlevinegallery } in NYC. If you're local, I highly recommend checking it out. #esaoandrews #sinkingships
sinkingships - esaoandrews -
feathermoonbyronbay : Fantastic art! Love!
interior_galactica : I cannot wait to receive my Belonging to the Darkness ring @bloodmilk !!! Thankyou for the Halloween discount 💕💗💞
i_isa90s : Esao art <3
lunarrose : Oh💔
thug_lyf_4evrs : @mangolion Erryl
starryeyez : So in love with this💙
nightjarillustration : Beauty!
esao : 💓
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Lovely Ruth in the #bloodmilk Mini planchette necklace, Medium ring & the new petite planchette ring ( her own pinky ring ) all handmade in sterling silver & available in my shop:
bloodmilk - planchette - victorianspiritualism -
xmanuell : Or the necklace @ledealexa
glansdagar : I WANT IT ALL!!!!
casual_dreamer : @rebeccahollaback #handring
ledealexa : @xmanuell the necklace is nice. I've been wanting one for the longest. But I like a certain ring.
magpieheart : @bloodmilk ❤️❤️❤️ i will be buried in your jewels.
dwntwnamybrwn : :( I kept getting redirected from paypal and missed out on the sale.
ursulasam : Wow & wow
squidtea : @magpieheart you are famous!!
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
It’s been over a year at least since I’ve had a printed article in Hi-Fructose magazine { @hifructosemag}, so I’m excited to say I have an essay about photographer Corrine Botz’s work in the current print issue. Corrine’s work is most known for her detailed photographs of ‘The Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death’, which were small dollhouse-like dioramas created by Frances Glessner Lee of re-created gruesome murder scenes. These dioramas were created for, and are still in use for forensic study to this day, helping crime investigators analyze and study these tiny crime scenes for educational purposes as well as ( I believe still) being open to the public in Baltimore. The time (1940’s-1950’s) in which these were created was especially poignant, as many women were not as yet working in this field. Corrine’s photographs add an even spookier element to these scenes, examining the intimacy of death via tiny blood splattered dolls. For more of my writing on her work, please pick up the latest issue of Hi-Fructose magazine, which is available to order through their site and also in major book chains. #corrinebotz #nutshellstudies #hifructosemagazine
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bloodmilk : @gewica sweet little mini me. Can't wait to see you all again. ❤️love you.
familiarspirits : How lovely!
shannonshrum : Wow! This is great! 👍👍👍
lorinelsonart : So interesting. Thank you for the heads up.
timberchouse : I did an entire series of art inspired on the nutshell studies and my obsession for cleanliness. I called them "The Dirt Crimes" series. They can be found on my website. @bloodmilk
forgotten_vertebrae : i loved this! beautiful article.
kristen_llewellyn : This is fantastic! ❤️
iamsarahpotter : 💖💖💖💖
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Philly based @waygother is hosting an epic group show, over 20 artists have worked on these little coffins in their own style & vision. The show opens this Friday, October 25, at Art Machine Productions here in Philly on Frankford ave from 7-10. swooning over this one by favorite artist @amy_earles. #waygothercoffinshow #amyearles
waygothercoffinshow - amyearles -
eekleeners : @livinsolid26
crazycarlos11 : Bat.
slycooley : @electriccoffin
jayefinch : Swooning over this, and I wish so badly that I was attending ❤️
aracelyv12 : @500daysofedith
lesareneepence : @beansandink
amy_earles : Thank you! @bloodmilk ⚡️❤️️ Hoping I get to see more from this show after it opens.
tinyairplanes : @littlekvnt that's what I meant, thanks! Sometimes my fingers move faster than my brain!
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Winged dreams....Stephen Mackey at Arcadia Gallery { @arcadiagallery } #stephenmackey
stephenmackey -
teganadine : @josuorion ❤️
mariannapp : @evonnaperez 💀
deeo14 : I really appreciate the way you always post other artists work. I'm a bit of a shut in so I love researching each artist you post. Many thanks.
bloodmilk : @deeo14 ❤️
bloodmilk : @sophireaptress me too❤️
swimming_in_moonlight : Love this💙
moonlightwitchery : @magickspell you
magickspell : Yeeeessss💜 @moonlightwitchery
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Regram from Philly's own Mutter museum { @muttermuseum.} Woman with a dead bird.... #muttermuseum #thefuture #thingslonglost
thefuture - thingslonglost - muttermuseum -
laylacarmencita : @tempestfugitive
soojaded609 : Love it there!
cscrows : i love the Mutter
minxxxfatale76 : When I was young we would cut school to take the bus up to Philly just to go to The Mutter. It was so cool and educational too. Thats how we rationalized it :) Great memories
posterslayer : I love the old photos dont you wish you had the story behind them the old photos you can date them by the type of process used
thetattereddress : @astine
tarot_teller : Love the Mutter. This image is beautiful. @e_seeress
e_seeress : @tarot_teller its stunning & hauntingly gorgeous @.@
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
The #bloodmilk bear tooth 'engagement' ring. I made this ring years ago from a cast black bear tooth as I have a deep connection with the bear, which is a stunning and powerful creature. I was also inspired by the Grimm fairy tale of Snow-White & Rose-Red: The tale focuses on the generosity & kindness of two girls towards a bear who visits them nightly during the winter to warm himself by the fire. After an evil dwarf who had stolen the prince's gold is killed by the prince/bear, the curse is broken and he is returned to his human form. The prince goes on to marry Snow White, while his brother marries Rose-Red. The idea of loving a bear who is also a man seemed enthralling to me so I set about creating a ring that reflected this tale. This ring and most of the other pieces in my shop are currently 20% off for the next couple of hours. Thanks to everyone who has already made a purchase & for those who have been patient with my many posts about this sale, my more varied posting will resume tomorrow. So many thanks also to all of you who have been generous enough to repost my sale news in your feed, my heart feels as large as a planet these days. #bloodmilk #strangelove #fairytales
bloodmilk - fairytales - strangelove -
_ddreaa : @_daniellewhitney
_daniellewhitney : @_ddreaa lmfao 😂 this is perfect
laiavalverde : @eriknick
elifnasoflaz : Vuhu @zehrasenaoflaz
ashleymccreepers : @llaurynwithay
lust_trigger : @sparetooth @mhestonart
brooklynicol3 : So sick!!
maetheramos : Que demais @prarenata 😱
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