Blood Milk

the darkness sheds like snake skin.
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Winged dreams....Stephen Mackey at Arcadia Gallery { @arcadiagallery } #stephenmackey
stephenmackey -
_seansantamaria : Love
the_sun_and_julie : @rudytheone
spookula : 😱😱😱 amazing!!!
timeforblacktea : #FlyingTeeth
terrifoss : Darling
__tonic__ : Fantastic 👌
divinedreamcatchers : 😍
hericagiacomin : @elisemiyazaki
saltwounds - mark_mcveigh - shanebrb - _beccadewar -
bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Regram from Philly's own Mutter museum { @muttermuseum.} Woman with a dead bird.... #muttermuseum #thefuture #thingslonglost
thefuture - philly - thingslonglost - muttermuseum -
ralph_nayder : That museum was great! All the call in tours were very informative. How about that colon though!?? OWWW
bloodmilk : @ralph_nayder there is a lot of ouch in there. Beauty abounds.
bloodstreamruns : Need to go there one day
mr_vens : Awsome
witchymother_ : Diamond attempting to diagnose this woman by taking her photo. The history of photography is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing!
emily.cramer : @rachelrinc @heathertorres76 ummmm we clearly need to do this one.
some0ne_like_me : So beautiful women
fakedanblack : Big fan of that place.
jessimcf23 - imok1969 - frkskogsdotter - oldmotherredcap -
bloodmilk - Blood Milk
The #bloodmilk bear tooth 'engagement' ring. I made this ring years ago from a cast black bear tooth as I have a deep connection with the bear, which is a stunning and powerful creature. I was also inspired by the Grimm fairy tale of Snow-White & Rose-Red: The tale focuses on the generosity & kindness of two girls towards a bear who visits them nightly during the winter to warm himself by the fire. After an evil dwarf who had stolen the prince's gold is killed by the prince/bear, the curse is broken and he is returned to his human form. The prince goes on to marry Snow White, while his brother marries Rose-Red. The idea of loving a bear who is also a man seemed enthralling to me so I set about creating a ring that reflected this tale. This ring and most of the other pieces in my shop are currently 20% off for the next couple of hours. Thanks to everyone who has already made a purchase & for those who have been patient with my many posts about this sale, my more varied posting will resume tomorrow. So many thanks also to all of you who have been generous enough to repost my sale news in your feed, my heart feels as large as a planet these days. #bloodmilk #strangelove #fairytales
bloodmilk - fairytales - strangelove -
angel_frei : @stanislav_plekhanov да и не для вдохновения!) увидела, тебя вспомнила! Привет тебе так передала))
stanislav_plekhanov : @angel_frei и тебе привет Ангелина ✌️😊
zheraldin : @kremenadejaneiro
chrissyhissyfit : @imatinygiant
thenathatter : @hrgoenge
larrylinkogle : @nobodysbusinessifido hey shuggs how's this bear tooth engagement ring??
marinagundz : @cebarral
the___abyss : Jess really love the inspiration behind your pieces. It's special that you share these thoughts 〰
caitiekeating - electric_feeeel - bilibimbinis - rasetsukokuu -
bloodmilk - Blood Milk
There's about 4 hours left in my Halloween sale. Most of my line is currently marked down 20% off, no coupon code necessary. Thank you so much for all the generosity & kindness you all have given and shown me over the last few days! Truly grateful for every kind word and every piece of jewelry that will soon find their ways into new homes & hearts. #bloodmilk #forevergrateful
bloodmilk - forevergrateful -
carolinexvx : ♥♥♥
kylie_40666 : @itsizzyg did you see this?!? 😍
unusualopticaldesigns : @bloodmilk I am forever grateful for this sale!! Was finally able to purchase my first *two* pieces from you that I know I will treasure forever ❤️ I actually sent you a little DM on here but I know you are insanely busy, especially now in these final hours! Wishing you all the best, lady 🙏✨
theevilqueen_ : I got. Come to me darling ring! Mummy needs you
itsizzyg : @kylie_40666 so in love with everything they have. Too bad I'm a broke bitch
jas_helena : So excited to have a second piece of yours!! Thank you
bloodmilk : @jas_helena ❤️lady!
dylanrichardson37 : @jscrnsn
4llejan - andreherve - kitaskvortsov - bfergushill -
bloodmilk - Blood Milk
One of the most impressively large pieces in my collection: The Prophet: life cast owl claw necklace is available in cast bronze with a black silver plating. In many cultures the owl is regarded as a guardian of the underworld and a protector of the dead. Its nocturnal habits connect it with the night and darkness, but its ability to see and hear in these conditions regard it as being a creature of sacred knowledge and wisdom, often connected to seers & medicine people. The sound of an owl in a night forest is one of my most favorite sounds . . . This necklace, as well as most other pieces in my shop are currently marked down 20%: No coupon code needed. Today is the final day for this sale, I won’t be having another one until later on next year. #bloodmilk #owlclaw #theprophet
bloodmilk - owlclaw - theprophet -
tiffyturnip : @getyourhairdid @karissa_is_rad one of you need to get this for my bday!! Lol... But seriously
destinyfatality : @ryanchristopher666
pinacat : @fixedvancouver
mimi2anz : @planktattoo
myodinxx : @ourdeathandourdeeds for your special sister :)
stitalens : @obviouslydead22 ... Christmas? :p
ravenna_soley : @solara_dancingflame 😍🙏👌🙌
zien_art : Dear @bloodmilk, I love your work.
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Beautiful Sam from {@haute_macabre} & her own lovely vintage shop { @discowitchvintage} in the petite planchette & triple talon moon necklaces, the two of swords earrings and the Lily Dale pentacle ring, all handmade in sterling silver. Sam was an early supporter of Blood Milk through her blog @haute_macabre and I am grateful to not only have this immense support but to also have made friends with such an incredible woman who believes in supporting independent artists & designers. Her own vintage shop is filled with treasures and wonderfully curated for dark hearts. All of these pieces are currently already marked down 20% in my shop, there is no coupon code needed: . Given my independent working status & my relationships with local family owned and operated casters who close for every holiday, orders generally take between 4-5 weeks to process during the holiday season, so now is a great time to think about gift giving or leaving hints for gift receiving. As always, thank you so much for the overwhelming support for the sale and for myself as a person in this world. It all means more than I could properly put words to…. #bloodmilk #hautemacabre #discowitch #communityiseverything
bloodmilk - hautemacabre - discowitch - communityiseverything -
nevolnuisyajenn : @bremstar
bremstar : What are you pointing at? @nevolnuisyajenn
samus___ : @zohnbee haha
heydreday : @cynthiasaysyo
darklittle_world : Drool 😛💦💦💦💦
boh_peezy : I have those same alchemical symbols tattooed on my fingers too! First person I ever saw with them besides me. Cool!
themotleymuse : @_brittany_christine
horrorwhore : 💔💔💔 Lily Dale
thebrunettewitch - nnieve - _nicole_acosta_ - dope_twigie -
bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Lovely Adrianna { @adriannadreams } just reminded me of one of my favorite Diane Arbus photographs .....#dianearbus #swordswallower
dianearbus - swordswallower -
gyphop : @motley1020
brrrzum : @daviejcampbell haha snap
ashlyjoan : @skateswords
robertgregorygriffeth : ★★★★★
kitty_von_mittsy : @frankiemoz
paintedpixies : Wicked
deeo14 : I love Diane Arbus. Her photographs made us all want to take our cameras out to the cemetery and shoot away.
aegyptiajewelry : I almost posted this photo a couple dayz ago. I have attention deficit disorder and forgot, love seeing this ! 👌
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
A beloved favorite and another part of my daily jewel armor, the 2 of swords earrings are cast entirely in sterling silver & dangle against the jawbone at an impressive length. Highly detailed, the swords represent the 2 of swords card from the Tarot. Sitting beneath a crescent moon near the sea, a blindfolded, raven- haired woman sits with her arms crossed over her heart, each hand holding a large sword. Much like the raven haired woman in the 8 of swords card I often reference, this woman is masked, yet here her arms are free, and she carries the heavy burden of protecting herself, both internally and externally, without seeing her enemy clearly. . . and in some ways, because of this, it is herself she is battling.

The 2 of Swords speaks of a closed heart, a refusal to see the truth, and yet also, of a warrior who is able to defend herself. As a sign, its presence asks the querent to be more open, to allow true emotion to be revealed.

The suite of Swords is my favorite aesthetic suite from the minor arcana. It speaks a lot of emotional turmoil, but always with the promise of change. These swords, as well as the single earring version, and most other pieces in my line is currently 20% off in my shop: #bloodmilk #2ofswords #tarot
bloodmilk - tarot - 2ofswords -
lorinelsonart : Chiming in with some love.
blue_eyed_circus : 😍😍😍love these!! @dame_lence
dame_lence : @blue_eyed_circus I'm obsessed with their jewelry.
bloodmilk : @kimsollare unfortunately it only runs until the 21❤️
bittersweet_virtual : @sun_brunette
fakiedesign : @julia_zateya
scorpiette : Thank you 😘
bloodmilk : @scorpiette ❤️
lissa_m3 - __megandanielle - headphone4clock - mhv87 -
bloodmilk - Blood Milk
A closer look at the 'oracle' necklace from the previous post. Cast immortal in sterling silver, a starling claw clutches a magnifying glass, a definite nod to the timeless Victorian claw & ball design, but also as a divinatory tool & a reminder for 'seeing' more clearly, deeply. This jewel is currently 20% off in my shop: Thank you to anyone who has been kind enough to make a purchase during this time or who has left a nice comment these past few days, words & kindness like these are stored up for gloomy days, & are so very much appreciated. I apologize for the #bloodmilk heavy posts, my more varied posting will resume on Wednesday. ❤️
bloodmilk -
donnayolka : Omygodbl!!! So beautiful!!!😍😍😍
kimberbimberlion : @mashattack48 good gift idea!
bloodmilk : @zobow they are already marked down. ❤️
zobow : OK perfect. Thank you ♡ I love all of your stuff, by the way! I wish I had more money to buy everything! Hahaha
bloodmilk : @zobow ❤️😊
polenerciyas : If I had money, I would buy something from you. These are all so awesome.
angelmac1343 : @fidjit
bonestories : @saturnwitch how beautiful are these pieces!! If only😩
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Repost from artist Bill Crisafi { @billsafi } with his Oracle necklace: a cast sterling starling claw holds a working spy glass magnifying lenses, its leg acting as the handle. This is one of my personal favorites & a part of my daily wear. This piece is currently marked down 20% in my shop as is it's rose gold counter part, through midnight tomorrow, October 21. #bloodmilk
bloodmilk -
bloodmilk : @stayathomejeweler I only have the setting for it at this size unfortunately and the lenses for it are not as powerful as a loop.❤️
billsafi : ❤️
tashajennex : links...
bloodmilk : @tashajennex there is a direct link in my profile:❤️
tashaodunn : @no_bad_days 🙌
femmefriedsmut : 😻😻
swimming_in_moonlight : 😍💙💙
champagnecocktail : @kaelyn_halloweenqueen
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