Blood Milk

the darkness sheds like snake skin.
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
I created the 'Belonging to the Darkness' ring several years ago when I was weathering a personal eruption and needed a symbolic reminder that I belonged first and foremost to myself, despite the darkness and melancholy I have alligator wrestled with for most of my life. At the time I had no idea it would resonate with so many as a statement of both love and union with another heart as well as a symbol for self-acceptance. The 'Endless Night' is a perfect compliment to it, and was inspired by William Blake & Victorian jeweled moons & works just as well on the finger solo. I wear both of these rings on my wedding finger ❤️ They are both currently marked down 20% off in my shop: through Tuesday. #bloodmilk #belongtoyourself
bloodmilk - belongtoyourself -
debris__ : 😍
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Takato Yamamoto. #takatoyamamoto A lot of his work is usually more grotesque, which I also love, but this quiet, yet still strange, piece also snagged my heart.
takatoyamamoto -
diamondmarine : I looooooove all of Takato, especially Sandman works
damianaharlow : Twin friends @tempestfugitive
danedalbalcon : Him and Yoshitaka Amano have both been huge inspirations in my life : @achomio
portabletomb : @evergreenviolet
jaloya : @__mamushka it's me and you
victoriaxhelen : @kikisdelivery us
ririyours : @catpawcatpaw
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Life goals. #bookworm #nerdingitup
nerdingitup - bookworm -
sayyestothejess98 : That sticker is on a gas pump near my house. Always makes me giggle.
christina_subi84 : @itsdannger lol our family
imagesurgeon : Great! Why is it that we are made to feel guilty reading a book all day....... When lots of people are perfectly fine with spending all day on their iPads, smart phones or computers??! ;-@ X
moonoverruins : @spooky_lupac
samanthamacabre : THIS.
stephismajor : Yessssss @ingridmarieb
bloodmilk : @samanthamacabre this could be us.....😉❤️
michael_cowell : @fracturedorgasm
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Regram from @ridingsorceress of the talon moon necklace, currently 20% off in my shop: #bloodmilk #RB
bloodmilk - rb -
kittykatsip : @greatgig_inthesky
miabadhem : @emilyryn @nagromnaham
dwntwnamybrwn : @thebodesters I think it's about a cat. #meow 😽
quesaleah : I need to look up Brautigan now, I occasionally like poetry and this is what I like. Necklace is beautiful too, of course!
ijazzmine : @senia.v
mariaevaz : @nya_tamara
atelcs : @blessinghunter
sungoblin : @lame.kevin this is sad and not our case but I like this ;-;
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Fuco Ueda { @fucoueda } at @jonathanlevinegallery #fucoueda
fucoueda -
just.the.goods : 💞💞💞
thedhbrigade : Great exhibit.
rebeccahollaback : @lolidevi
china_wh1te : @hdkiddo look at this antonio!!
magik_lantern : What app is this made with?
bloodmilk : 8mm
magik_lantern : @bloodmilk thanks! It's a gorgeous effect.
hdkiddo : @china_wh1te FUCKING SICK!!!!
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
More from 'At Night' by Lisa Ciccarello { @salt_lock } which is still the only book I've cracked from #awp15, carrying it around with me like a talisman and taking little sips when I have a moment. #blackoceanbooks
blackoceanbooks - awp15 -
taralisabeth2 : Badass
little.starlet : This is so weird, but I like it.
melmarqueemoon : @rockandeffinroll ❤️
girldust : Oh, I love this.
caitlin_hackett : Gorgeous
jayefinch : I'm really going to have to check this out.
pamikenskywalker : @spencerbonez
amber_bamber_boo : @mf_forrester_tattooer
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Regram from lovely Lori @loulouleroux wearing the #bloodmilk large planchette necklace, Belonging to the Darkness & Belonging to the Underworld rings in moonstone, all of which are currently marked down 20% off in my shop, no code needed. Lori is also wearing the Hecate ring in moonstone, which is not included in the sale but is still available for purchase. #planchette #belongtoyourself
bloodmilk - planchette - belongtoyourself -
terrifoss : Stunning💓❤️💓
bloodmilk : @terrifoss ❤️! Happy belated birthday lady
terrifoss : @bloodmilk aww thank you Jess it is actually tomorrow so you are not late😊🐝
loulouleroux : As I always say, I love everything you create. I'm honored to wear your pieces ❤️
boopoopadoo : @lil6ae 👌🏻
the___abyss : Captivatingly beautiful
blaynebarrett : The most beautiful jewelry. I cannot wait to own more of your pieces.
errrina : @goolioolia gaaaahhh
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
The Death & Taxes Sale is now live ! Most of my line is marked down 20%, ( no code needed ) including the 'Belonging to the Darkness' & 'Belonging to the Underworld' rings with natural gemstone options for the FIRST time, due to so many of you asking. The sale is live through Tuesday👯 So many thanks to those of you who have already purchased, left a kind comment or who have reposted the sale news to help me get the word out. It is so very much appreciated to have your support ! ❤️ #bloodmilk #belongtoyourself
bloodmilk - belongtoyourself -
living_drea : I wish. 💗
velvetbelly : @bloodmilk Hi Bloodmilk, I sent you an email at blood milk jewels on April 10th regarding my engagement ring, I'm still awaiting a response, should I resend? Thanks!
bloodmilk : @velvetbelly usually we are very good about prompt responses, so if you haven't heard back, please email again. ❤️❤️❤️ many apologies for the delay
velvetbelly : @bloodmilk Thanks! Resending now!
ladytor : One day 😍💙💙💙
tarot_teller : @bloodmilk THANK YOU! For the sale, for your amazing jewels, for YOU.
therubyfawn : @bloodmilk I have been admiring your work for the last few years. I am not a jewelry person & don't wear any but I fell in love with your work! In fact-this ring here (and Swan Song) is what I picked out for a wedding/engagement ring for my guy of 5 yrs now to get me. I just showed him the sale tonight & we will be ordered tomorrow after I go get my ring size. I'd hate myself if ordered the wrong size! Your work is amazing & I can't wait to get it. Thank you! 💜🔮💜
pegueromariaa : @lizchris322 nice :)
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
Regram from lovely Sam { @samanthamacabre } wearing the large planchette ring & the seance cuff, both currently marked down 20% off in my shop: I'm so appreciative of those of you who have already made a purchase or who have helped spread the word by posting about my Death & Taxes sale. ❤️❤️#bloodmilk
bloodmilk -
thewoodwitch : @bloodmilk 😘 and you made my day too! So excited 🌺
conjuringspirits : I think I can safely say we all adore what you do 💜
parlourghosts : @bloodmilk You've made ours too! 😘
spookula : You have made ours Jess 😘
ticooi : Cincin pegangan oujia (other than the board itself) is to die for @noandybrb
bloodmilk : @suzannewithaz thank you !!! ❤️
bloodmilk : @conjuringspirits @spookula @parlourghosts @thewoodwitch ❤️❤️❤️❤️☺️
christyshelovesit : Omg!!!!! I FCKING love!!!! @moonmaid_nina @jeremyloveall
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bloodmilk - Blood Milk
finally got my hands on this, via @skellyskellyskelly 😻❤️#nerdproblems #badgirls
badgirls - nerdproblems -
cosmicvalkyrie : yes! i love her comics.
bloodmilk : @ladydarklock ❤️
skellyskellyskelly : sickening nails 💕 and thanks !
xviolentdreams : You use arterlight?
bloodmilk : @xviolentdreams yes ☺️❤️
xviolentdreams : Oh what the filter you use? I see all of afterlight but I can not figure out which is :'(
bloodmilk : @xviolentdreams I adjust the saturation and exposure and light myself ❤️
xviolentdreams : Oh! Was sure it was a filter rightly, what a fool I was! haha thank you very much for responding! <3
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