Andre Black Nerd

Hi, I'm Andre & I'm a Black Nerd. BlackNerdComedy on YouTube. I Love the 80s & 90s, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Nintendo, Gremlins & Smurfs.
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Happy Labor / Last Day of Simpsons Marathon / Premiere of Unauthorized Saved by the Bell Movie Day! #EverySimpsonsEver #TheSimpsons #Simpsons #SavedByTheBell #Lifetime #LaborDay
everysimpsonsever - simpsons - lifetime - thesimpsons - laborday - savedbythebell -
gabe_newman12 : What time does the saved by the bell movie start
rekrap13 : Andre, can you make a video where you talk about the top 10 Simpsons episodes, haven't watched too many don't know where to start!
diegozs_2000 : Andre I'm one of your biggest fans can you respond to this comment #please
lukesmullen : @djzippiere
j_2_the_izzo : @shinobi_kanobi
geekphoria1 : None of them look anything like the Saved by the Bell actors and I can't even handle it. But that may be due to all the beers I had at the Labor Day BBQ.
leonardo6280 : Hi Andrea sorry I've ben slacken on your vids.πŸ˜…
____waldo____ : !
manny_the_troll - skinnyt_1509 - dpat0715 - li_tingme03 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
I live in SPRINGFIELD?? #Simpsons #TheSimpsons #EverySimpsonsEver #SimpsonsSelfie
simpsons - everysimpsonsever - thesimpsons - simpsonsselfie -
kob627inc : "Yeah, I'm in the simpsons". 🎢HIPSTER ANDRE'...HIPSTER, HIPSTER ANDRE'!
spacelion.ben : Cool he's watching it too!
garrettdaily : πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @blacknerd
ultradbzfan : Cool πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
sarahmarie.xo : ahahaha!!
moulakar : Are actually going to be on the sipsons???@blacknerd
twin__cities : πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„lol
ozzy_cantwell : Lolololololololololol
erfreak - imamanmohammad - devdoz - gameboygamer02 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW VIDEO on! My interview with AUSTIN ST. JOHN the Original Red Power Ranger! @austin_st_john #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #PowerRangers #MMPR #PoweMorphicon
powemorphicon - powerrangers - mmpr - mightymorphinpowerrangers -
ultradbzfan : Hey black nerd I like your videos I check every day for videos and if there's new ones watched :)
killava49 : Andrea shulk confirmed for smash bros do a rant
0nneee : Mighty morphin will always be the best...ALWAYS!!!
red_lightspeed_ranger : Yeah @blacknerd
red_lightspeed_ranger : @blacknerd
jakelucas712 : Was it good seeing the dino charge cast #it'smorphintime
killava49 : Andrea are you going to metacon
dfiore7 : Chyea
novaargh - thatweridrobot - funkysyncopation - marcusshuffle -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Thank you Freddie S. on Facebook for making me a bald-headed cartoon character :) #fanart #BlackNerd #anime #cartoons #chibi #BlackNerdComedy
blacknerd - chibi - anime - fanart - blacknerdcomedy - cartoons -
itzwillfryatt : Oh man everyone's got FaceQ now lol it's the new thing it's even on auto correct :P
soundwave682 : Your welcome sir 😁
zacharyhunter00 : I'm outee 5000!
soundwave682 : If u can, can u follow me on here?😁 thanks @blacknerd
lightsondamon : Yeah your not bald.........yet
sophia.louisee : I loveeee FaceQ's It's my Profile Pic!πŸ˜‚πŸ’•
_jamaall : Hey there's awesome news monkey shines is coming out on blu ray in November.
gertalert_864 : Andre! Shulk confirmed for Smash Bros!
ryuhou_ryugen - emanuelsswank - bibble_arianator_ - funkysyncopation -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW VIDEO on! Celebrating the FIRST Black Pink Ranger! Plus find out who's voicing Miles Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon! #PowerRangers #DinoCharge #SpiderMan #MilesMorales #UltimateSpiderMan
spiderman - dinocharge - milesmorales - ultimatespiderman - powerrangers -
the_wolver1n3 : Oh good point :) @loopy_oscar
loopy_oscar : Spoiler alert there is a Purple ranger. But I won't tell the gender. @the_wolver1n3
kob627inc : @the_wolver1n3 it's a part of the sentai series Kyoryuger. There will be an additional female ranger, but in purple.
youtuberssoverload : Is that yoshi from @strawburry17
ankhthetajador : @the_wolver1n3 Because they hate Japan But I wanted go busters in the USA but in Japan I can watch them over and over again
ericlebow : Hey @blacknerd have you ever thought of trying the sentai from Dino charge it's called "zyuden sentai kyoruger" trust me there is such comedic possibility it's cool if you don't I won't be disappointed just thought it'd be funny
ryuhou_ryugen - freshlinen - almam1231 - imjustgoon -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
(sings) "Karan Ashley, First Black Female Power Rangerrrr!" #PowerRangers #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #YellowRanger #MMPR #PowerMorphicon #KaranAshley
yellowranger - powerrangers - karanashley - mmpr - powermorphicon - mightymorphinpowerrangers -
artofmoore : She is the best
j_2_the_izzo : @shinobi_kanobi
rivenx3i : #BlackDontCrack
holden_the_mast : Love the song
dan__the___man : Love the jingle
epistellar : One of my v. first heroes!
peachylexi : Yes!! She looks great!! =D
thathashtagshow : @blacknerd great running into this weekend.
nintendo_n_games - luvslife476 - almam1231 - darmour2012 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Black Nerd. Red Ranger. It's Morphin' Time! @austin_st_john #AustinStJohn #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #MMPR
mmpr - powermorphicon - powerrangers - austinstjohn - mightymorphinpowerrangers -
sneakerheadt : @omgukilledkenny πŸ‘†
lol_someoneactually : Poor guy looks like he ate zordon
jackattack1103 : @blacknerd Your my favourite youtuber
omgukilledkenny : Oh u late bro I been found him I'm@tryin to fly out to meet @sneakerheadt
dan__the___man : Did you get an interview with him @blacknerd ?
blackwing2040 : The original red ranger
bibble_arianator_ : Hey Andre! Did you hear about the new series frozen grumps! The plot episode got uploaded today! @blacknerd @frozengrumps
linda1138 : Nice!
geeksessionisn - novaargh - ronversion1 - joeybeansli -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Megazord Megaselfie #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon
powermorphicon - powerrangers -
lyvanlabamba : Brazzers
fcruzt86 : DAMN! Thats so cool
milktankman : Dude since you have swag here's an account that has swag powa! @sara_and_edward
_that_one_geek_ : Damn that's awesome!!
iris717 : Dope!!!!
luciusjackson : Haha that's awesome! Didn't see him unfortunately. It was a pleasure meeting you today, Andre. Take care, man.
robbie_the_nerd : I thought it was like a new Transformer.
jackattack1103 : @blacknerd your my favourite youtuber
raphies_bae_ - guaca.molly - zacharyhunter00 - fabrizioguaraldo -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Thanks everyone who watched Power Morphicon Live! I had so much fun and so many of you were super supportive, both in person and online. Thank you and much love! #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon @shoutfactory
powermorphicon - powerrangers -
anthony2128 : You did a great job @blacknerd
holden_the_mast : Loved it
charlienorthamerica : #powermorphiconlive
davidromaldo15 : Thanks to you Andre for taking your time to do the live stream
wolfofmaui : I was working Andre! :( you plan to post the recap like every year? I love watching them!
rex_a : 😭 I couldn't watch on my iPhone
brianhaley35 : Is it on tv
lyvanlabamba : dude you barely had to time to even have a pee break!
joeywockee - linda1138 - lockseed_photobiz - steve_j2 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
About to start the #PowerMorphicon livestream! Come watch us 11am-5pm PST at May the Power Protect Me!
powermorphicon -
charlienorthamerica : Hi Andre I'm a big fan thx
bhorev : @blacknerd you gotta read the comments in chat while we all sit here waiting hahah
rickiscool80 : It's panel time!! @blacknerd
jtownsend968 : Follow me man cause your awesome your videos cheer me .
weirdproq1 : I just learned about the free facebook power rangers PM stickers. @blacknerd
wilard21 : Godzilla time
natralene : You are hilarious @blacknerd!! Great meeting you. Talk to you soon!
joeywockee : I missed you at powermorhphicon man! I met up with Sean and was only there on Sunday😞
joeywockee - linda1138 - mr.bryan_og93 - lockseed_photobiz -
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