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I'm on YouTube! I β™₯ 80s-90s Cartoons, Sitcoms, Mario, Nintendo, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Q*bert, Gremlins & Smurfs. Pinyata: Black Nerd Comedy
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blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
What did I think of Terminator Genisys? Watch my NO SPOILERS review on #TerminatorGenisys #Terminator #Genisys #YouTube #BlackNerdComedy #BlackNerd What did YOU think of Terminator Genisys?
genisys - terminator - blacknerd - blacknerdcomedy - youtube - terminatorgenisys -
dragonic10 : @azunnathebeast umm arnold may be growing grey hairs yet he is the best actor in the world
andapandaman : I thought it was great. A lot better then the reviews everyone was giving it.
thepizzahotline : It was awesome, but I didn't beat T2
itsalexpollak : Much better than I thought it was going to be as critic reviews are quite low. I can sort of see why because the plot sometimes is stuffed with so many ideas. However I was able to make sense of it all after the film. Kind of like Tomorrowland :)
billyk06 : It was good not great. I think if ur a huge terminator fan the nostalgia sets in and helps u enjoy it
coinoptv : woohoo!
nintendo_64_kid : Please follow me at nintendo_64_kid. I love your videos and katie wilson
nintendo_64_kid : Katie wilsons videos sorry that came out wrong
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blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
#IndyPopCon #PlayCousins Part 6. Miss the good times already. Really hope I can come back next year! #tbt
indypopcon - tbt - playcousins -
glubbit : @candy.mandy.turtle.girl I may not be Andre, but it's the best game for the wii u so far. Fantastic game.
candy.mandy.turtle.girl : Okay thanks :) @glubbit
glubbit : @candy.mandy.turtle.girl I'm sorry there's nothing personal or anything I just don't let people I don't know follow me. But I can not really convey how much I love splatoon through words. It's so good. The only thing that would make it better is alternate hairstyles.
awkwardly_lynn : I hope you come back next year too! It was awesome meeting you!
insaneretrobros : Check out our Nintendo music video!!
adorkablesuperhero : Awesome! I hope you come to NYCC!
the_bitternerd : Was great getting to meet you :D
cjman04 : I miss it too! I hope u can come back
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blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
Now THAT'S a Skylander! Will this fit on the Portal of Power? #Skylanders #GameStop #SanFrancisco @skylandersgame
skylanders - sanfrancisco - gamestop -
robertwelkner : classic stuff!
man.zebra : Wow thats big or adre is super small
mikenacharge : Dude! I need that! Hmu πŸ˜‚
m_beemsterboer : Go for skylanders it's super awesome!
kaiserren : It's all about how powerful you are as a portal master
sky_merica : Well let's find out if it fits
collin_murphy_ : He was my favorite
nintendo_64_kid : I love your youtube videos black nerd comedy
trickyphoenix98 - jones.javohn - that_1cellist - ryabuscus -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
#IndyPopCon #PlayCousins Part 5. Gremlins and Ninja Turtles love and so many cool fans! @indypopcon
indypopcon - playcousins -
_that__one__gamer_ : Yas!!
randomness_1_2_3 : Yaaaas
twiztedcheetogaming : So awesome to meet you. Keep the videos coming.
thegoldenrat : Love it!!!
niik_da_geek - nishquik64 - hansel.nguyen2 - ryabuscus -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
Where's Pac-Man when you need him? #PacMan #Blinky #Inky #cosplay #IndyPopCon @indypopcon
blinky - pacman - cosplay - indypopcon - inky -
thao_s : Wow
karimsipala : Are you supposed to be Clyde?
mrwiialex : Don't worry. The ghosts aren't complete. They still need Pinky & Clyde
cattrainboy05 : Super pellet, GO!
supersambros : @blacknerd Pac Man is busying starring in the movie Pixels.
n8thegr8m8 : XD @supersambros
coolgamer_13 : @blacknerd use the power pellet!
_glo2josh : Where is zach galligan
thao_s - vishnu6964 - godsartist_79 - ryabuscus -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
Come with us if you want to live! #Repost @robertwelkner with @repostapp. ・・・ At the Paramount lot with @blacknerd to catch an early screening of #terminatorgenisys
terminatorgenisys - repost -
bucca_bay : Follow @peta_rutterfan please to show support for the actress who played Udonna
dragonic10 : You are so famous you can see premieres with them famous stars LUCKYYY
billyk06 : How was it??
the_childish_guy : So wish I was you😫😩!!! How was it??!
ewenrick : 😭 jealous
robertwelkner : good times!
bradalaws : That guy looks like @chrisstuckmann in 20 years.
rottenapple2006 : @blacknerd Good picture
amir_raissi23 - chervoni_toro - vc1303_ - the_childish_guy -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
#IndyPopCon #PlayCousins Part 4. Seriously, Indiana represented! Thanks so much for stopping by my table ;) @indypopcon
indypopcon - playcousins -
goodpho92 : Loved meeting you man!
gagetaylor_ : thanks for putting me and @chiknpastepls in the pic! :D you're so awesome man!
jef12660 : I just started following you on YouTube and now here. Great stuff. Keep it coming!!!
daulton_cox : I live in Indiana
ash_johns93 : It was great meeting you, Andre! Glad me, @sempaistrong, and @cpatters5 got a picture of us with half-baked!
cjman04 : Hi @blacknerd ! Big fan and I went to ur table on Sunday I wore a purple fliggle shirt
sempaistrong : It was a pleasure to meet you and @jirardkhalil. My friends, @ash_johns93 and @cpatters5, also had a good time. I'm looking forward to more awesome things from you guys!
cpatters5 : You and @jirardkhalil were awesome! I spent today (my first day back from the con) marathoning more of your guy's videos! Time very well spent! I hope I get to see you guys at a future con!
amir_raissi23 - vc1303_ - rosequartzplease - hansel.nguyen2 -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
It's a Little Batman in his Batmobile. Do I bleed? Or have his juice box? #Batman #Batmobile #cosplay #IndyPopCon @indypopcon
batman - cosplay - indypopcon - batmobile -
tmnt_lt : @__.raphael.__ I spotted one of your best friends apprentices 😎
__.raphael.__ : @tmnt_lt ^-3-^ BatKid!
trkponyknight : That's pretty cool
that_.guy._.with._glasses : Cool u met BatKid ^.^
_s.p.i.d.e.r.m.a.n._ : Is that, Batkid!?
harley_quinn_kitten : When I saw him yesterday he had expanding wings
coinoptv : i'm bat-man!
__fittysent : He's the hewo Gotham needs
brittgirl105 - hansel.nguyen2 - theepicgene15 - mark_2303 -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
#IndyPopCon #PlayCousins Part 3. So many cool people, YouTube vloggers and podcasters! @indypopcon #BlackNerd #BlackNerdComedy
blacknerd - blacknerdcomedy - indypopcon - playcousins -
jurmyhurvy : I didn't even realize you were going to be at popcon. It was a pretty awesome surprise to run into you!
letspressrecord : It was great meeting you! Thanks again for joining our panel :)
tor_oldson : It was great meeting you!!
sagittarius_36 : I still have my photo i took with you at @wizardworld in Vegas @blacknerd
flyin_hawaiian314 : Man wish i could have made it @blacknerd
kaiserren : I just realized @stephshadows and I didn't get a picture with you! Next con for sure.
deliriumreal : Even though it was short... Was awesome meeting you and thanks for coming to our rescue
conjaculations : that me
adantondavis150 - amir_raissi23 - nicholasmurillo1019 - d4l3_th3_n3rd -
blacknerd - Andre (Black Nerd Comedy)
Which one's the puppet? @indypopcon #IndyPopCon #Puppets #Muppets #StarWars #Jedi #Lightsaber
starwars - puppets - muppets - indypopcon - jedi - lightsaber -
huckleburyflynn : Dat face
jp_designs09 : i guess he didnt go to the darkside
_._natalietmnt_._ : Lol both jk
brett_horne321 : Dark Side vs The Light Side πŸ˜‚ wait I didn't mean for it to sound like that @blacknerd
man.zebra : Lol thats so cool
feel_good_clothing : I can't believe you came to Indy pop con and I missed it 😱😱
mr_poppin : J is for Jedi. That's good enough for me.
nancythefish : @costnercosplay
amir_raissi23 - _._natalietmnt_._ - vishnu6964 - that_1cellist -
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