Andre Black Nerd

Hi, I'm Andre & I'm a Black Nerd. BlackNerdComedy on YouTube. I Love the 80s & 90s, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Nintendo, Gremlins & Smurfs.
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW VIDEO on! Celebrating the FIRST Black Pink Ranger! Plus find out who's voicing Miles Morales in the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon! #PowerRangers #DinoCharge #SpiderMan #MilesMorales #UltimateSpiderMan
spiderman - dinocharge - milesmorales - ultimatespiderman - powerrangers -
the_wolver1n3 : Only one girl ranger?? Odd
loopy_oscar : @the_wolver1n3 wait until later and you will see. Or you watch Kyoryuger and know what will happen later. :-)
the_wolver1n3 : Oh good point :) @loopy_oscar
loopy_oscar : Spoiler alert there is a Purple ranger. But I won't tell the gender. @the_wolver1n3
kob627inc : @the_wolver1n3 it's a part of the sentai series Kyoryuger. There will be an additional female ranger, but in purple.
youtuberssoverload : Is that yoshi from @strawburry17
gaoriderfaiz : @the_wolver1n3 Because they hate Japan But I wanted go busters in the USA but in Japan I can watch them over and over again
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
(sings) "Karan Ashley, First Black Female Power Rangerrrr!" #PowerRangers #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #YellowRanger #MMPR #PowerMorphicon #KaranAshley
yellowranger - powerrangers - karanashley - mmpr - powermorphicon - mightymorphinpowerrangers -
artofmoore : She is the best
j_2_the_izzo : @shinobi_kanobi
rivenx3i : #BlackDontCrack
holden_the_mast : Love the song
dan__the___man : Love the jingle
epistellar : One of my v. first heroes!
peachylexi : Yes!! She looks great!! =D
redah4 : Aisha!!!!!!!
iamgroot890 - moulakar - djshynin - _hector_rivera_5 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Black Nerd. Red Ranger. It's Morphin' Time! @austin_st_john #AustinStJohn #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #MMPR
mmpr - powermorphicon - powerrangers - austinstjohn - mightymorphinpowerrangers -
sneakerheadt : @omgukilledkenny 👆
lol_someoneactually : Poor guy looks like he ate zordon
jackattack1103 : @blacknerd Your my favourite youtuber
omgukilledkenny : Oh u late bro I been found him I'm@tryin to fly out to meet @sneakerheadt
dan__the___man : Did you get an interview with him @blacknerd ?
blackwing2040 : The original red ranger
bibble_arianator_ : Hey Andre! Did you hear about the new series frozen grumps! The plot episode got uploaded today! @blacknerd @frozengrumps
linda1138 : Nice!
ryanbernier3542 - linda1138 - _andrethreethousand - retlawscastle -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Megazord Megaselfie #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon
powermorphicon - powerrangers -
lyvanlabamba : Brazzers
fcruzt86 : DAMN! Thats so cool
milktankman : Dude since you have swag here's an account that has swag powa! @sara_and_edward
_anthonyy_paracuelles_ : Damn that's awesome!!
iris717 : Dope!!!!
luciusjackson : Haha that's awesome! Didn't see him unfortunately. It was a pleasure meeting you today, Andre. Take care, man.
robbie_the_nerd : I thought it was like a new Transformer.
jackattack1103 : @blacknerd your my favourite youtuber
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Thanks everyone who watched Power Morphicon Live! I had so much fun and so many of you were super supportive, both in person and online. Thank you and much love! #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon @shoutfactory
powermorphicon - powerrangers -
anthony2128 : You did a great job @blacknerd
holden_the_mast : Loved it
charlienorthamerica : #powermorphiconlive
davidromaldo15 : Thanks to you Andre for taking your time to do the live stream
wolfofmaui : I was working Andre! :( you plan to post the recap like every year? I love watching them!
rex_a : 😭 I couldn't watch on my iPhone
brianhaley35 : Is it on tv
lyvanlabamba : dude you barely had to time to even have a pee break!
mister197x14 - robertop__ - chuxfanatic - alesha_xoxo12 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
About to start the #PowerMorphicon livestream! Come watch us 11am-5pm PST at May the Power Protect Me!
powermorphicon -
charlienorthamerica : Hi Andre I'm a big fan thx
bhorev : @blacknerd you gotta read the comments in chat while we all sit here waiting hahah
rickiscool80 : It's panel time!! @blacknerd
jtownsend968 : Follow me man cause your awesome your videos cheer me .
weirdproq1 : I just learned about the free facebook power rangers PM stickers. @blacknerd
wilard21 : Godzilla time
natralene : You are hilarious @blacknerd!! Great meeting you. Talk to you soon!
joeywockee : I missed you at powermorhphicon man! I met up with Sean and was only there on Sunday😞
jackattack1103 - _thebryguy_ - robertop__ - samuyahuza -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Love me some @alisonmacinnis! #PowerRangers #PowerMorphicon #LightspeedRescue
powermorphicon - powerrangers - lightspeedrescue -
d0peyd0rk : @blacknerd come by the tmntvan and takeba pics with me
powerrangergeek : Ahhh I need to take a pic with you @blacknerd
ariana_the_kitsune : @d0peyd0rk wish I was there (´O`)°゜
kozmickreep : Pimp daddy nerd!
thatotherreviewdude : You should really ask her to do an awkward talks with girls
holden_the_mast : April and Andre singing in a tree
alisonmacinnis : Love YOU!💗💗💗
blacknerd : @alisonmacinnis Love you too!
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Kid made this for me and gave it to me at #Vloggerfair! WHEEL. OF. BLACKNERD. #Qbert #NinjaTurtles #Smurfs #SuperMarioBros #BlackNerd
qbert - smurfs - supermariobros - blacknerd - vloggerfair - ninjaturtles -
ken_wash : Hollywood needs to make a Qbert movie, then the circle will be complete
pancake_pow : ☺️
thegoldenrat : It looks like Simon the electronic game. :D
david_t_2000 : Will do! :D
thewinggirls : That is amazing!!!!
holden_the_mast : Can u send me one
twin__cities : Black nerd follow me
detective_knight_ : Ice bucket challenge
modern.fangirl - j.a.y_.j.a.y - _thebryguy_ - midnightviper24 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
I'm recording voices for Annoying Orange! And you're gonna LOVE the parody episode I'll be in ;) #AnnoyingOrange #regram @daneboe1 @_aaronmassey @stevenzurita
regram - annoyingorange -
n64king2001 : What are you going to be a blacknerdberry
korderoofdonuts : Too bad that annoying orange sucks.
javalthedmslider : ^^
garetare : Guys it's for a parody of Power Rangers
miguel_g_11 : Sean long called you out. We better see that ice bucket challenge!
brody.0fficial : Hey @blacknerd I heard in the news and on blockbuster review that they are going to be shutting down ninja turtles for about 25-40yrs so they can make more money off it but the tv series will still be going on but toys and movies will be off the shelves coming late 2014 or early 2015 sorry I'm a die hard ninja titles fan too. 😢
717dif : Hey blacknerd I challenged you in the ice bucket challenge
kenny_callaghan : @ddangelo310
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Just hanging out with my friends. @turtlepowerent #NinjaTurtles #TMNT #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles
ninjaturtles - teenagemutantninjaturtles - tmnt -
fur_real_89 : #SoJealous😳😝
tacolover44 : @bandgeek_kg
bandgeek_kg : \(*0*)/ I'd freak out. @tacolover44 he's wearing a Donatello shirt 😏
foodongo : cool shirt!!
hkoolalemela : OMG
n64king2001 : AWESOME!!
tmntjohnny : Had a blast filming this with you Andre! A sneak preview of the actual video is on my FB page.
linda1138 : Lol cool!!
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