Andre Black Nerd

Hi, I'm Andre & I'm a Black Nerd. BlackNerdComedy on YouTube. I Love the 80s & 90s, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Nintendo, Gremlins & Smurfs.
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Good morning, San Francisco. Thanks for a wonderful weekend. But like the Ninja Turtles, it's time to go back. #SanFran #travel #hotel #RoomWithAView
sanfran - roomwithaview - travel - hotel -
shyguy202 : Now what
shyguy202 : Am so lonely!
souljaswag12 : I really like your videos they make me laugh and i appreciate your work @blacknerd
shyguy202 : Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa batman!
shyguy202 : Batman!
tmnt_lt : Awesome view @blacknerd have you seen the new episode of Tmnt yet ?
shyguy202 : Hello @tmnt_lt
thatotherreviewdude : What we can't see it @katie_wilson11 lying right next to him
nugettti - knifty_beast_956 - michaelis209 - u_wot_mick -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Silly times and silly poses at the Black Nerd San Francisco meet-up at Jeffrey's Toys & Comics! #SanFran #BlackNerdComedy #BlackNerd #PlayCousins #meetup
sanfran - blacknerd - blacknerdcomedy - meetup - playcousins -
mayeladelatorre123 : Yush!!!!!! NINJA TURTLES T-SHIRT LOVE IT! 😁
ballerforhire : WHAAAAT!!!! I WISH I WAZ THARRRR
miss_steezy1 : Awesome meeting u today @blacknerd ! Onto that Mega Bgirl Crew I go! Safe travels and enjoy the rest of ur time here in The Bay! πŸ‘ŠπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Ÿ
cherlynmafia : @mayeladelatorre123 lol thanks that's me
danielle_the_whovian : Hey is that nostalgia chick over there?
littlemissnerd23 : Man I wish I could've been there. πŸ˜”. Would have loved to have met you. πŸ˜„πŸ˜
nekajb : Toronto please!
mayeladelatorre123 : No props I'm just a big fan of ninja turtles, if I see ninja turtles a freak out 😁 @cherlynmafia
bighow51 - liamtech - dmdaantjedm - tjpeterson98 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW on My STRANGE MAGIC Movie Review! George Lucas meets Disney meets... GLEE??? Will you see this film? #strangemagic #georgelucas #lucasfilm #disney #youtube #blacknerdcomedy #blacknerd
strangemagic - georgelucas - lucasfilm - blacknerd - blacknerdcomedy - youtube - disney -
riichdog : Not epic like good
riichdog : Epic like the movie
connortackkett : So true @riichdog
jacksondougles : So much better movies out there
robertwelkner : from the mind of George Lucas!
sharkbitegaming : It looks bad
deadpool_clayton : I'm with funnicutt
tekkentyrant - seb.martin - theawsomeryan - theprime117 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
A lovely night at the San Francisco Pier. Where do you want to travel to for a weekend getaway? #SanFran #travel #bridge #city #toomuchwater
sanfran - bridge - travel - toomuchwater - city -
blacknerd : @libertymadison Would love to! Lemme know how to reach out. Or you can come to my meetup tomorrow 12 at Jeffrey's Comics!
libertymadison : @blacknerd ill dm u my details
sirhobbsalot : I'm there next weekend to meet Matt Smith and the other Doctor who cast!!! So wish I would be going on a day you'll be there! Gah.. How do I not know about these things! Lol @blacknerd
faisonfoto : You should do a collab with @kindafunnyvids while you're there. You would be a great guest on their podcast/show.
octavius_blaze : Don't get robbed @blacknerd
jhmbb2 : I wanna travel to Fresno!!!
littlemissnerd23 : Man, that is beautiful. The lights make very pretty
yungham84 : California would be great to visit. I'm not sure really where in California because there is a few cities I'd like to see. L.A. San Francisco, the Bay Area, and all the beaches along the coast. Super fresh
angelviq22 - zzz.o.e - turtle_lover9 - izssy -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
SAT JAN 24 in SAN FRANCISCO! Join me and @seanxlong for a MEET-UP! 12-2pm Jeffrey's Toys & Comics! Totally informal, just wanna see whoever I can while in San Fran.
ricwmak : You SUCK Man!!!! I got to be @ a wedding tomorrow. AHHHHH!
ricwmak : Just bummed that I can't see you guys is all
obamacare4real : I wish but I live in Chicago
anthonyparacuelles : Aww man i can't this really sucks wish u coyld come to @sacanime this year
shartimusprimepics : Oh hell yeah! I'm there dude!
blacknerd : @shartimusprimepics Awesome! See you tomorrow!
gabi.heichou : Too bad i live in the Netherlands :(
matthewmaxmoore : I'm here now but I just missed you😞😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
roberttrillet - zelomink - issa_shahban - littlewittle_liam -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW on My #LOOTCRATE "Rewind" Unboxing! What's your favorite geek or gaming gift from your childhood? #lootcrate #voltron #nintendo #nes #youtube #blacknerdcomedy #blacknerd
blacknerd - lootcrate - voltron - blacknerdcomedy - nintendo - youtube - nes -
cinestalker : 80s !! Gotta luv it! Radical picπŸ‘
allyandtim_morrison : I gotta get on on this loot crate business
bebop_and_rocksteady_official : You a fan bruh?~B
jmhotrod : Speaking about the 80's with the glasses and tie, you remind me of a character from the movie, Mannequin.
jaydenthatkidd : I haven't got my lootcrate yet but my neighbor did yesterday
ajsosamolina : TMNT,mario,Zelda etc
marioman1214 : Ninja turtles dude! Cowabunga!
turtlewithstuffonitsback : Just got mine
childishcorbino - the_amandapanda - allen_sowersby - doctorquinn14 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
I'm the new King Candy! I promise not to go Turbo... #Taffy #SaltWaterTaffy #KingCandy #SugarRush #Candy #SanFran
sugarrush - taffy - kingcandy - sanfran - saltwatertaffy - candy -
ibby_smash : You lucky ducky @blacknerd
danthevhsman : 666th like... 😳
djandrewtgo : Shake your laffy taffy
shartimusprimepics : Sweet tooth? Lol
max_merriott : ^he is here😱
littlemissnerd23 : Lucky duck... πŸ˜’
ajsosamolina : Daaaaaaaannnng all dat candy
korean_master : Who😱😱
jevondontae - thedragondafan - allen_sowersby - topherd05 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Thanks to the ladies of #ExhaleTV for having me on as a guest! Keep you posted when the episode airs on the Aspire Network. @exhaletv @issarae @malinsworld @angelaburtmurray #AspireTV #BlackNerdComedy #BlackNerd
blacknerd - blacknerdcomedy - aspiretv - exhaletv -
finalanalysisfirm : Issa Rae I'm marking out... I thinking?!?!?
outspoken_diva : OMG Good to see you, Black Nerd Comedy & Issa Rae, The Awkward Black Girl together. #FanGirlScream Been wishing for you guys to collaborate on a video one day. Can't wait to see this episode.
mslizs : Those are some lucky ladies getting to hang with @blacknerd #BlackNerdCrush
haileybright : That's awesome!
mondodondo1 : An Awkward Talk with an Awkward Black Girl? This stuff writes itself! Get on it, Andre!
tannishbrown : Smooth Donatello
ryanjdel : Smmooooolttthh Donatellooooooooooo
cardiffanator16 : Start doing ATWG again!!!!!
barbqpitts - theawsomeryan - kikifinley - xtraordimary -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Congratulations #Baymax from #BigHero6 for being Most Huggable Character for #NationalHugDay 2015! Who would YOU like to give a big hug?
baymax - bighero6 - nationalhugday -
_joey_bottz_ : @blacknerd you........ Not in that way I didn't mea— *cuts off
you_siri_bruh : @blacknerd the air marshal πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…lol
matthew__timothy : I think Olaf would win
omarpixel9 : Kirby...
superior_awesome_ : Baymsx or waddles
superior_awesome_ : Gravity falls
peoplecallmecman : Meta Knight : @bay.max_bae.max
mightybeforeone - suicidal_taurus - christ_321 - mckinleystrausbaugh -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
So my day is going well... #Repost @malinsworld ・・・ In case you didn't know.... smart is the new sexy! Me & @blacknerd on set choppin it up.... #ExhaleTV
exhaletv - repost -
dajerx : Hopefully you can get her on your show brother
blakepinesguardiansofgf : #smoothdonatello
son_bryan_13 : Akward talks with girls
romellobethebest : Damn @blacknerd you actually look good! Have you lost weight? But really I don't know who did your hair but it looks fresh. #awkwardtalkswithgirls
subp0p_1989_ : Guys pls go and follow my bands account! @modernplague_killsusall @modernplague_killsusall
wdbrown : Did you get any foot action
scottimusprimetoyhunter23 : first girl friend andra
gif4434 : Really well
yoelb123 - bebop_and_rocksteady_official - super_boy132 - tatsufailslife -
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