Andre Black Nerd

Hi, I'm Andre & I'm a Black Nerd. BlackNerdComedy on YouTube. I Love the 80s & 90s, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Nintendo, Gremlins & Smurfs.
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
I always feel like somebody's watching me. #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #NinjaTurtles #TMNTMovie #ItsJustAMask
tmntmovie - ninjaturtles - teenagemutantninjaturtles - itsjustamask -
thegamenerds : You get 2-3 of these billboards on Venice and La Cienega looks like they're all watching you lol
arianagrande_10111 : I'm watching u :0
dj_nicky_tmnt_2012 : :D
itsamedrewski : ....and you have no privacy!? Or is it just a dream?
hillz1028 : Very Great Gatsby of you.
fauntastic : #TJEckleberg
seth.k : TJ Eckleberg!
livinlikereina : When are you coming to houston @blacknerd
mattb.jpg - geekisthenewblack - alexandermontes15 - supermmpr -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Sharp dresed men! @robertwelkner and me at the Angry Video Game Nerd Movie Premiere! #AngryVideoGameNerd #AVGNMovie #AVGN
angryvideogamenerd - avgn - avgnmovie -
tytyl3rrr : πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
tytyl3rrr : Dude lol will you please check my DMπŸ™ŒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜Š
robertwelkner : woohoo - you stole the show! #eeetee2
therealtuxedoburrito : So awesome, dude! I can't wait to check this movie out as well.
official_benny_lego : @blacknerd The trailer was pure awesomeness! Hey maybe you you should make a movie!
adamwarlock87 : I had no idea he had a movie coming out trailer looks awesome!
wolfemanxd : I wanted to go so bad.
impractical_jk_1 : The movies coming to New York!
gabesalazarxp - karemaparicio - mochiken91 - thedoodlekid10001 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Angry Video Game Nerd and Black Nerd (from the AVGN Movie Premiere) #AngryVideoGameNerd #AVGN #AVGNMovie
angryvideogamenerd - avgn - avgnmovie -
knux_the_guardian : When you spell follow right Then he will @holden_the_mast
edwardissoawesome : @bluebomberbro I forgot
rararem : @biggutz @blacknerd Cant wait to see this movie! #avgn #premiere #hollywood #awesome
iamnottomgreen : I'm a backer. When can I see it??
jus_a_sonic_fan : SO MUCH NERD!!!
superdudemanguy : So cool! I can not wait for it to come to NYC.
charlienorthamerica : Say the vid nice what day did u see the NERD
impractical_jk_1 : NYC I'm ready to watch the movie
frobro55 - mikezerm - kr0mehk0n - livinlikereina -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Headquarters #TMNTMovie #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #NinjaTurtles #TMNT
tmntmovie - ninjaturtles - teenagemutantninjaturtles - tmnt -
jackson.k.r : 😦
_salvador_8 : 😱
thetreasuresbox : My kid wants to know if you'll be at NY comic con in Oct?
brecken_millner : #1001likes
chancler : Look at the pics I took on my page in front of these banners. This is now my favorite building in Hollywood. :D
angeldancer2014_tmntfangirl : I can't wait to c the movie I've seen almost every series including tmnt and movie trilogies and I'm not even a teenager almost though @blacknerd
alex_kamara14 : I love your vids black nerd and I can't wait to see the new tmnt movie
spiderman_1o1 : #awesomesauce
pearsenewman - camhasswag01 - mohammed_ali_alf - spiderman_1o1 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Thank You @ogeeku for getting me this sweet 8-bit Ninja Turtles artwork at the @iam8bit TMNT Art Show! #NinjaTurtles #TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles #TMNT
ninjaturtles - teenagemutantninjaturtles - tmnt -
jezzerzeus : Nice seeing you again
datz_insaiyan_ : So cool😎. Big fan of your YouTube channel
billyfamine : @blacknerd you were such a cool cat! Thanks for letting me do an interview, you rock!
lukehoff49 : Cool man I met you at SGC and my mom has some artwork there, she crocheted the beebop and rocksteady dolls
biggutz : Nice meeting u last night!
ducksaucer_888 : Chang chomp yomp
iam8bit : Excellent choice, sir
holden_the_mast : Haha
omfgitstasha - thechosenredmeteor - tytyl3rrr - holden_the_mast -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
TOMORROW Sunday July 20 from 11:30am-1pm I'll be at MELTDOWN COMICS in Los Angeles for an AOL docu-series! So if you'd like to meet me, come on out and join me! Let me know in the comments if you're coming out!
trevdawwgg : So happy I already met u at vidcon @blacknerd
d0peyd0rk : @blacknerd I remember the 1st time I met you was at the 1st powermorphicon with your t-shirt "why does the black ranger have to be black." Will u be there next month?
geekisthenewblack : I was just there! I got to meet Gerard Way :D
meltdowncomics : @phatcollectibles
geekisthenewblack : @yournerdorkgeekgirlnextdoor @surfrattsurfer you guys down? I'm gonna try my best to go even after not sleeping to meet Gerard haha
geekisthenewblack : @black__jedi
black__jedi : Are you doing a panel at sdcc
ewenrick : Omg I want to meet you!! 😍
t10aguerre - bibble_arianator_ - eenavy - shanicesugarcandy -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Jinkies! Like, let's go solve a groovy mystery! Zoinks! #ScoobyDoo
scoobydoo -
livinlikereina : Where's the gang
bndao : Is that your ride? Awesome!
johnny_kicks_ass : Man shaggy died today
epic_ninjedi : ARE YOU SERIOUS?!
epic_ninjedi : Oh the toon voice actor... at 82yo, shyt happens
reviewmaster67 : I have the same shirt
kianna.braun : @tj_officiall
tj_officiall : YAS @kianna.braun
kellen_gallagher - tskune_ - mr_raptorgamer - blox123456 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Showing of the Theater of the Screening of the Movie of the Sequel of the Rise of the Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. @aleuthemermaid
thelostninjaturtle : That caption well done
real_slimshady06 : πŸ™ŠπŸ’₯πŸ”« to caecer
_notorious_n.i.g.g.a : I LOVE THIS MOVIEE
mr_kipples : Oooooh
a_schulte_swimmer : @blacknerd You should review the ninja turtles sneak peak trailer that came on after the kids choice awards last night.
tomocrossing11 : Lol great caption
daft_gamzee : @blacknerd this is one of the best movies I've seen in a long time.
spiderman_1o1 : War......has already began dawn of planet of apes
almam1231 - theguywithaplan - romeo_61713 - reddre03 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Black Nerd Meets Angry Joe! #SGC2014 #SGC #AngryJoe
sgc - sgc2014 - angryjoe -
evanrobbain : Bro u gona do a vid on Captain Falcon Lucina and...Robin?
official_michelangelo : Hello
zach_dechazal : The master of overkill lives to fight another day
zach_dechazal : Whereas myeth most desired individual in le super smash brothers has returned to rain hell upon the commoners
mrd619 : @yaphet_kotto.gif, that's exactly who I thought it was back when I first started watching his videos
the_legend_lives_ : Too Epic!
ducksaucer_888 : Black I watch on you tube and your seem pretty cool
spiderman_1o1 : Angryjoeshow and black nerd comedy
arcnoble - daniel.esguerra - vicksthedinocorn - alex_kamara14 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
We're just a couple of punks... a couple of NES Punks! #PatTheNESPunk #SGC2014 #SGC #ScrewAttack
sgc - sgc2014 - screwattack - patthenespunk -
idioticpineapple : Lucky XD
seanc420 : Awesome!
donutwizard : That's awesome!
bluebomberbro : The punk!
zach_dechazal : Woooooooooooooooooooooo
dylan_harrison64 : He doesn't give a damn 'bout his reputation...
linktoo : His eyes do smoulder
mikeys.bae.leah - billyfamine - tootsierollbaby2 - awadhassan59 -
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