Andre Black Nerd

Hi, I'm Andre & I'm a Black Nerd. BlackNerdComedy on YouTube. I Love the 80s & 90s, Ninja Turtles, Power Rangers, Nintendo, Gremlins & Smurfs.
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Whoops! Sorry about that LOL! #Repost @catnanners ・・・ Every danm time. It's his name! It's not my fault he's black! Or maybe it is. It was a weird night. @blacknerd you rock! #YouTube #meme #blacknerdcomedy
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kobra0731 : @ninjastah the single is smooooth Donatello
kozmickreep : You should make more music videos they're awsome!
_i_am_the_gay_fish_ : Straight out the Sewers: Andre Meadow's Greatest Hits.
dan_boatright : Dude omggggg I saw celebrity sex tape with you in it. It was amazingggggg @blacknerd
catnanners : Dude thanks so much! I love you like a play cousin!
worldofnintendo : @kobra0731 @ninjastah featuring new artist Hipster Sonic 😂
zordoncooly : Hahaha
kobra0731 : @worldofnintendo yes please
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Thanks Sac-Con for having me and thanks everyone who came to our Social Media Panel! #Repost @sacanimesocialmedia ・・・ Andre and Sean are about to give you some helpful advice in starting out on YouTube! #SacCon @seanxlong
saccon - repost -
seanxlong : Such a great panel! Miss you already @blacknerd
beendeadsince1996 : I'm silllllly
owenfandoms : Crap you were there? I was there man I want to meet you *tear
ricwmak : Darn It Black NERD! You came back to the Bay Area-ish... Well closer to my home town. I had no idea, I will some day meet you I hope. Big shout out to Sean Long too
thexplusl : Noooooooooooo!!!!!!! I would have gone if I had known that you would be there!!!!!!!!!!!!!'jhjjnjjhghfffhujgf
eggarzon : @blacknerd dope t-shirt :thumbs-up:
chefbeetle : Andre has that awkward look of being interrupted during lunch!!lol
johnny_aivaliotis : Follow me plz
willybillyluvsmullets - anthonydb1999 - theoriginalddayne - scarlet_speedster_x -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Yip Yip Yip #SacCon #SesameStreet #Muppets
muppets - saccon - sesamestreet -
iamnottomgreen : Not the same without the sparkles
ashitaka_mononoke : They look like those 2 claymation blobs. I can't remember their names though.
kozmickreep : Lol my fave skit! Boooorrring! Yip yip yip!
kyrun49 : @rickyeaddy @spensrspen
_ash_love_ : Thats amazing
blackwing2040 : I always loved the martians on sesame street
happy_angel29 : The Derp is strong with this one... 😦
wigglewettles : 😹
akiii01 - chichies_de_changa - oreo245 - earthsky19 -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Ernie Reyes Jr. Videobomb at Sac-Con 2015! @erniereyesjr #Keno #SurfNinjas #SecretOfTheOoze #TMNT #SacCon
surfninjas - secretoftheooze - saccon - keno - tmnt -
ninja_turtle_guy : That is so awesome!!
spike4201 : @blacknerd Don't tease me like that Surf Ninjas was one of my favorite movies as a kid and I always wanted to see a Part two
rasheen74 : He is the dude
sacanimesocialmedia : How did I miss out on that
baneintherain : #kwantsu #dude Love that guy and that movie.
kozmickreep : Surf ninjas 2! Can it be true!
undeadguy : guys. keep your hopes up for more Surf Ninjas... I'm working on some ideas! thanks for supporting and being fans!!! #kwantzududes 🏄 @blacknerd @miss_showtunes @timecapsule_ @iamthebruce @spike4201 @kozmickreep
whoapizzas : Brothas don't surf!
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Hipster Sonic at Sac-Con 2015 #HipsterSonic #SonicTheHedgehog #SonicBoom #Sonic #SacCon
sonic - saccon - sonicboom - hipstersonic - sonicthehedgehog -
kryna : @michellemartinyo here's your cousin!😊
wigglewettles : 😂 @whongwhong
flapgrabv2 : Yikes @nurrah_dean @ciscodisco @lordtuop @deanywieny
robertwelkner : hipsters!
ciscodisco : @flapgrabv2 I know this guy. This is a joke from his YouTube
ryanfulks10 : YOU LOOK ASIAN!!!
flapgrabv2 : Oh Ik but it's pretty scary @ciscodisco
websurferblue : Lol
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blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
At SAC-CON TODAY with @seanxlong 10:30AM Moderating TMNT Panel 2:00PM Social Media Panel #SacCon #SacCon2015 #Sacramento
sacramento - saccon2015 - saccon -
snes_punk28 : @georg333y
libertymadison : My #SF crew!!
hawkeye_909 : I need that guy's shirt
_hurricanger : @blacknerd come to Michigan please
djtucker724 : U should come to Tekko or steel city con
cantcrossmyeyes : I wish I was there so bad!!!😫
modestjordanclay - destined_4_evil - jackmackay04 - pencil_on_the_loose -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW on Power Rangers Dino Charge "Return of the Caveman" Review! #PowerRangers #DinoCharge #Koda #BlackNerdComedy #BlackNerd #YouTube
blacknerd - powerrangers - dinocharge - youtube - blacknerdcomedy - koda -
video_game_facts_daily : @blacknerd Would you rather have a super megaforce team up. Or a Mighty morphin and Dino thunder team up?
7_demigod_immortal : @blacknerd awesome review
dude.bruhhhh : Would anyone be up for a kid gold power ranger? Like Justin from turbo?
dillagorilla : @video_game_facts_daily the second one
njbg : I saw you!!! Awesome costumes! I love your Chanel. Keep up the good work👍
shamyfan : @blacknerd This may have been addressed but have you seen the "adult power ranger preview movie" or whatever its called on YouTube ? Whats your take on it?
shamyfan : P.s. big fan. #mexicangirlnerd
shamyfan : Nevermind saw your response on YT...Im always late to the party. Lol.
dude_im_retarded - tofu_lin - krazy00jeff - littlewittle_liam -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW on Does POWER RANGERS have an identity crisis? Watch my thoughts on the aftermath of the POWER/RANGERS fan film and chime in. #PowerRangers #MightyMorphinPowerRangers #YouTube #BlackNerdComedy #BlackNerd
blacknerd - blacknerdcomedy - powerrangers - youtube - mightymorphinpowerrangers -
matt_moskovitz : Hi @blacknerd
matt_moskovitz : NOTICE ME SENPI @blacknerd
slthunder5 : I use shadow mist effect , activate mask change
nathanzed : watched this last night, great video bro!
joe510c : @blacknerd you need to watch #kyoryusentai #zyuranger!
tom_ritchie_ : I loved it except for the Nina part
coreyjr.tune : Maybe.
zblackkoolaidz - j_m_t45 - megajawn - mediczeditz -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
NEW on DUCKTALES is getting a reboot, so I make a series of requests. What Disney Afternoon show do YOU want to see come back? #DuckTales #DisneyXD #DisneyAfternoon #Disney #Reboot #YouTube #BlackNerdComedy #BlackNerd
blacknerd - ducktales - disneyafternoon - youtube - reboot - blacknerdcomedy - disneyxd - disney -
popculturescholar : A darkwing duck reboot would be awsome since now were all obsessed with superheros now.
haziqcatboss3 : Nice review man and they should add in more characters for the Ducktales reboot to make it more fun and interesting
coreyjr.tune : Darkwing Duck!!!
kevintheawsomelol : A legend of Zelda reboot lol wel excuse me!!!!
ashitaka_mononoke : We got a Chip 'N Dale movie and a Ducktales reboot, so I'm gonna say we need a Gargoyles movie and a Darkwing Duck reboot to go along with them. . . Wait. I just had a thought. Disney owns Marvel. What if Disney handed Gargoyles over to Marvel under the condition that they got a certain cut of the profits? 0_0
josh_cooper_ : Not a Disney movie but gremlins
redr1976 : Bonkers but as a live action cgi show
the_8_bit_animator : Daring duck of mystery,champion of right DARKWING DUCK!
willybillyluvsmullets - misterhydesson - access2boostie - the_tall_retrogamer_guy -
blacknerd - Andre Black Nerd
Enjoying the "lovely" Carolina weather. The lovely, snowy, black icy, flight-delayingly cold weather. I hope Dallas is better... cause I have to fly through there to get back... if I can fly. #Gremlins hat, keep me warm. #2012 #IceAge #DayAfterTomorrow
gremlins - etsucon - iceage - dayaftertomorrow - 2012 -
josecgv64 : Are you coming to College Station anytime soon?!
catnanners : @katie_wilson11 no how we survive is we tell ourselves that we are the walking dead. @blacknerd @katie_wilson11 do you guys watch TWD?
spittiful : Gremlins on a plane
andrew__braz : Carolina snow sucks but school was canceled yesterday so I ain't complainin now!
ashitaka_mononoke : @blacknerd Just out of curiosity, are you going to do a video on that "Power/Rangers" video? Sorry. I'm sure you get asked questions about videos all the time. I feel dirty...
theotakukitten : Eh, ice and snow today.. next week sunny and 70 degrees! :D
afireinsyde : I need that hat <3 lol big fan, I love watching your videos, brings hope to the not so normal nerds xD stay awsome! One day I will meet you and show my awkward flirty derp face, #tattooednerd
misterhydesson - the_tall_retrogamer_guy - alpha_artist12 - pinkstachegrande -
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