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I'm NOT Billie Joe. So stop asking me to come to your country- unless you feel like buying me a plane ticket. Watch my cover of Stay the Night below!!
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QOTD: are you dating the last person you talked to? My answer: dating your mom is illegal and gross, I don't support it #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #sexymouthbby @greendayig @billiejoearmstrong
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jason_whites_homies : @katie.preciado well uh yeah kinda
hannah.wiser : yes i am
hannah.wiser : @samborghiinii read the caption
kiera_gd72 : No way am I dating my brother ewwwwww
ilyamoura : Unfortunately, im not dating him...kkkkkk (cry)
greendayxdosx : Your welcome! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’š
weirdo__chick__ : No, I'm not dating my dad... Ew.
tessamcbacon : Yes! It was my boyfriend I talked to and I'm on holiday with himπŸ’š
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Watch my cover of Stay the Night on YouTube! Please!! The link is in my bio :) #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @billiejoearmstrong @greendayig
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thetarma : @bj_unoxx Really good cover! πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
bj_unoxx : @thetarma thanks! ☺️
gd.sabine : Omg great job 😱😍😻😹
marc_bartsch : sounds pretty cool :)πŸ‘
billiejoesmustangmama : Very good @bj_unoxx
bj_unoxx : @gd.sabine @marc_bartsch @billiejoesmustangmama thanks guys ☺️☺️☺️
guitarmangd : I loved it and love your channel!!!!πŸ˜„πŸ‘πŸΌ
bj_unoxx : @gdaddict99 thanks so much! ☺️
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You know what I find really ironic though? People getting their panties in a bunch when they find out a different culture eats horses/cats/dogs etc. like yeah… It’s fucked up. So is eating cows, pigs, and chickens. 
Like, pigs are smarter than dogs and cats and make hella good pets. Cows are just as smart and kind as horses but we use them as meat because they have a bigger body and more meat on them. And chickens? Just the same as eating a parakeet, but once again we just use them because they’re bigger. 
You don’t get to just pick and chose the animals you care about just because your culture keeps them as pets, like stop eating meat or stop criticizing the fact that other countries use different animals as meat lmao. #sorryfortherant #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #trecool @billiejoearmstrong @treleparc @greendayig
trecool - greenday - billiejoearmstrong - sorryfortherant -
bj_unoxx : @reginaphalangexx thank you lol
reginaphalangexx : :-):-):-):-)
sp00n_man : It won't end though. People aren't going to give it up. And I'm gonna tell you why.
sp00n_man : 1) People fucking love steak and bacon and chicken. Sorry, it's the truth. That shits delicious. 2) It makes people money. And that's the only thing people in any industry really care about. If they didn't, we wouldn't have industries. 3) It makes everything a lot easier. And as I've stated before, humans and lazy and selfish. So if it makes things easy, no matter who it hurts, we will do it. I'm not trying to fight. I'm just telling you that that's the truth. It won't ever end. It just won't
bj_unoxx : God damn, I am over this arguing πŸ˜‚
fandommashups._ : At some point, if we had pigs and cows for pets we would still be arguing over this... It's human nature. Well just because you don't see pigs and cows often doesn't mean they're not lives. I don't know .
fandommashups._ : Well but the ways people get dogs and cats are more cruel? In China they poison other people's pets food and leave them on the streets or even shoot them when the owners aren't home.. At Least you don't poison the cow and it won't be heartbreaking to the people either .
ceceo_xo : What song lyrics are these?
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The Billie uses a megaphone even though he is right in front of a microphone. Stupid idiot! #billiejoearmstrong #greenday #frankieroreferenceanybody? @billiejoearmstrong @greendayig
greenday - billiejoearmstrong - frankieroreferenceanybody -
g.erard.w.ay : Billie's special
the.x.kid : He's punk rock. He does what he wants.
ilovenimrod : I got the reference XD
_.whatsername.__ : He wants to be super loud!!!
luisgonzalo_bj : Genial
weirdo__chick__ - brain.stewage - fomi_fia -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
#greenday @greendayig #sigh
sigh - greenday -
tessamcbacon : Same here!!!
__moonchild92 : @maddi.14
maddi.14 : Haha hopefully soooon!! πŸ™πŸ™ @__moonchild92
verheeult : I love your bio haha
bj_unoxx : @pb_warning yep that's where I found it! πŸ˜‚
bj_unoxx : @verheeult thanks!
gloriarofel : :)
_josie__xox_ : Can't wait till next one πŸ˜†πŸ˜†
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
QOTD: is it cute when guys kiss you on the forehead? My answer: umm I don't like cute dating things so, not for me #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @greendayig @billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
jillypunx : Depends on the person.
coincidence_unoxx : I perfer for a guy or a girl to kiss me on the lips, not the forehead?
_.whatsername.__ : It depends...
emmmalott : I honestly think kissing is kinda weird if you really think about REALLY think about it. Idk something about it just doesn't sit right with me :/
emmmalott : I'm more of a cuddler 😳
punkasauruswrecks : Well... Do you know the guy? Cause I feel like that's a deciding factor
nnmm_2012 : It is if it's the right guy. All those terribly cheesy things become things you crave and your world gets flipped upside down
tessamcbacon : I think it's cute. If you know the guy or of he's your boyfriend
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Sorry for not posting for a while! I was in Vegas the last few days but I'm baaaack now! #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @greendayig @billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
billiejoesmustangmama : That's an awesome edit @bj_unoxx
bj_unoxx : @billiejoesmustangmama it's not mine! From tumblr :)
billiejoesmustangmama : Ah ok @bj_unoxx 😁😁😁
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Having no clue what my sexual/romantic orientation is has been so much fun #justkidding #itsnotfunatall #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @greendayig @billiejoearmstrong
justkidding - billiejoearmstrong - greenday - itsnotfunatall -
benthetjuhh : 😍😍
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Not sure why I never posted this earlier but here's a photo I took of Billie and my friend @_sadiebell_ it's super fuckin cute :) #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @billiejoearmstrong @greendayig
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
billiejoearmstrong_joana_ : Fuckkkm
bj_unoxx : @rmenary2013 he surfs at the same place as me sometimes!
rmenary2013 : Thats so cool! c:
aregirl25 : Lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
juliana.775 : @ashtonnrose keep scrolling too
myriam__ba : @olivesphotos_ OMGGGG
olivesphotos_ : @myriam__ba that's me
myriam__ba : @olivesphotos_ thought you looked similar
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
#mikedirnt #greenday @greendayig @mike_dosxx
mikedirnt - greenday -
coincidence_unoxx : Dirnt is life.
fashionistamomdc : Best bassist of his generation.
moonlight_queen01 - fashionistamomdc - vbgsfddf - a01062938534 -
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