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bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
check out SWIMMERS! @swimmersca #babyjoey #maxbecker on tour with aquabats!!
maxbecker - babyjoey -
qtpi2 : I'm so so so sorry that all this bull shit that people are saying to "wake up" and all the fights that are happening on your account .....
one.of.my.lies : @iluvaminals because its not a thing to joke about and you should comment that you musnt be a fan because otherwise you would know better
iluvaminals : It's a joke calm tf down ik what it's about and I am a fan but I'm pretty sure no one gives a shit except all you guys gettin butthurt af just stop
one.of.my.lies : Yeah no one gives a shit about people poking fun at a song billie wrote for his fucking dead father...i wont calm down because Billie still gets upset when performing this so all you cunts saying wake up will make him feel like shit
logan.kemp : Guys... There have been so many comments shooting down the "wake up" joke. Chillllllll. I get that it's a tragic song and that the joke is not funny but let them be ignorant.
jesussjust : @iluvaminals true
iluvaminals : I'm just gonna put it out there that no one is making fun of his father's death... so we're not really being ignorant @logan.kemp @one.of.my.lies
one.of.my.lies : @iluvaminals yknow what i cba arguing with you ive stated my opinion youve done yours im leaving it
_obey_derek_ - panic_at_my_chemical_disco - hannahxnichole_ - jenny_4002 -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
I was watching @billmaher and I muted the television. look what happened. #mute #americanmute ps Bill, I muted the tv because my dog was barking.. it's not you.
americanmute - mute -
why_so_serious_lisa_ : WAKE UP!!!!!!
caitlin.corbett : Nimrod😭😻
trippy_airhead : @why_so_serious_lisa_ shut the fuck up heartless bitch
bja_unox_x : @why_so_serious_lisa_ Haha! Very fucking original. That made me laugh so hard I died. Shut the fuck up bitch!
joshallyn : @bja_unox_x for a second i thought you were his actual account lol
greenday_x : UR A HEARTLESS BITCH HAVE SOME REPECT FOR BILLIE @why_so_serious_lisa_
high_hopes_of_dark : L
jake.d1 : Why would u mute it for the dog barking😂
harpy_halloween_frank - greenday_060613 - nickcedo8 - xxnelvisisgreenxx -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
September is beautiful because of this guy. happy sweet sixteen Jakob the Boo! #happybdayjakobdanger
happybdayjakobdanger -
originallyunoriginal1 : My birthday was the 23rd! :)
batman_okay : I want a sparkly hat :o
christiecaptures : This was adorable. @bj_unoxx putting this for the second time on our gd fanpage!
84kittykitty : Happy Birthday Jakob!!! (a little belated)
mariabeatrizlbs : So sweet *-*
dikkhead : Wake uuuuup
j.u.s.t__s.t.o.p : Awwww!
emmadimodica : Ohhhh😍❤ sweety!!
_idkloveyou_ - billie_raf - xxnelvisisgreenxx - thomas.kennyxx -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
the_real_swimshady : ^^^
rainysolgrace : "Now, who thinks they have arms long enough to slap God, slap God?" - Eminem ;) lmao . This funny
sarahryan__ : @_heididrage @dakota.palma
_heididrage : oh my @sarahryan__
typical_loony_69 : лолшто
emotionalelexo_14 : WTF LOOLLL. JUST....
natanitch : @your_daily_photography Hey, guy! I'm from Russia and, you know, all of Russians are thinking bad things about Obama. And when I saw your comment... I didn't know that you, Americans, thinking so too
your_daily_photography : @natanitch Well only the smart ones. After having him for years there are still people who refuse to admit the truth.
joyce_radke - colors_of_fire - taja_star - _arny_ -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
#ugh #toughbeingaraiderfan #istilllovetheraiders #getwellsoon #justwinbaby #justwinagamebaby #itsgonnabeok
ugh - getwellsoon - justwinbaby - istilllovetheraiders - justwinagamebaby - itsgonnabeok - toughbeingaraiderfan -
fatkid1999 : Go 49ers!
nastya_green_idiot : Go in RUSSIA ??? Please)
punk_idiot_green_day : Not looking to good today either so far 😏😏💚
eyerly6 : Please stop him. I need to keep myself, and my children safe
trecoolstwin : What @eyerly6
kenz__greenday : Wtf?? @eyerly6
sonya_bessonova13 : Go in Russia please
nickcedo8 : @eyerly6 what
darling_niicky - _cathyyyy_ - killjoys_27 - _arny_ -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
way to go Mike!! we're proud of you @batmansmom #pinkforbritt #fuckcancer
fuckcancer - pinkforbritt -
ilovenewdrums : ❤
hrsup : why didnt you get a number?
alyssa.r.830 : Could you please look at this? http://instagram.com/p/sgeeJ7K30L/
binbag1978 : http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2756323/I-breast-cancer-late-s-saved-cousin-s-life-Diagnosed-29-Laura-urged-family-check-breasts-Four-years-later-thanks-plea-Jade-expected-survive-disease.html
binbag1978 : Check out her in the uk. Super strong. Just like your lady mike. All go lookie
c_n_2001 : @hrsup caue its not really a race
1_21_guns127 : I like food
milly_percy : Well done
marie_jm_ - mdmverruca - _cathyyyy_ - suicidal_girl3 -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
found this tshirt I wore in the basketcase video.. and longview video #selfishselfie #oldstuff #stabbingthecouch #2greendred
2greendred - stabbingthecouch - oldstuff - selfishselfie -
lannaaaaahh : I clearly don't care cx @kenz__greenday do you honestly think I'm gunna take shit from swine I don't know ? No. Leave me alone &I worry about your own life. Don't worry about mine.
kenz__greenday : I'm not worrying about your life, cause tbh i dont care if you got run over by a bus. But, Billie didn't do anything to you, and you have no right to tell him that. And I'm obviously defending him k? And take a hint, cause i said "Dont reply" can't you read? Buh bye 👋 @lannaaaaahh
lannaaaaahh : lol. Call it what you want. Stop getting into everyone's business. You don't know a thing about me but you can talk all this shit about how I'm "full of shit and ignorance". You don't know Billie personally so you don't know what his healing process is like. Maybe he likes to make jokes when he's upset. Yea I get it. I know why the song is about. K? Everyone knows what that song is about. Just cause we make a joke doesn't mean we're trying to piss him off. I love Green Day. If I didn't I wouldn't have said shit. & if you talk shit to me, don't expect me to keep quiet. I'm gunna say something to you. Especially if you don't know shit about me & you're trying to talk shit. Stay out of my business & my life. I'm done with your shit.(-: @kenz__greenday
francesco99xx : You w(h)ore it in "Walkin Contradiction" video too @bj_unoxx !! 😂
kenz__greenday : Lol its cute how you think I'm getting in your business. I'm NOT. I'm just defending Billie. I don't care that I dont know a shit about you, because you don't know mw either and you don't know Billie either so ya. And take a hint! Gosh!! I have to keep telling yoh to stop talking to me, but noooooo. Once again, bye bye 👋 @lannaaaaahh
sal_othman22 : ❤️❤️❤️❤️
lannaaaaahh : If you want me to stop DEFENDING MYSELF ten stop talking shit to me. @kenz__greenday
kenz__greenday : @lannaaaaahh just shut up! I keep telling you to stop talking and you keep on going. Just shut up. Gosh you're so irritating bye and don't respond!
greendaygod182 - josseline_lool_ - kayleighismyname - janickaa23 -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
just watched Pantera behind the music. goddamn that was a bad ass band! #rawpower
rawpower -
luistelis1 : @rinaldo_andreini todos somos Pantera
rinaldo_andreini : @luistelis1 La mejor del mundo!!!
nikky_rockwell : Hey, Billie, listen have-metall band "Avenged sevenfold", please!
bascketcase : @omega_nacho
sophe_metal : Пантера, у Билли, лооол
izzystradlin_ : Yeah pantera was great so are you guys one day i hope to meet you
natalia212002 : Omg I can't believe it that you listen to pantera and like I want to go to your concert so freaking bad! Honestly I like and listen to panthera too that's so cool!@bj_unoxx
lourencocampos991 : Were taking over This town
mdmverruca - noemie_ppt - colors_of_fire - 4nez834 -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
pinkforbritt -
anya_lutsenko_ : Come to Ukraine,please!!!!
nastya_green_idiot : We people of Russia are waiting for you and will be very pleased with your visit))) PLEASE, please, please! We LOVE GREEN DAY very very!!!
celebration.of.an.ending : @rachalio_person HOLY FUCK BILLIE HAS AN INSTA MOTHER FUCKER
rachalio_person : @celebration.of.an.ending lmfao calm your tits
celebration.of.an.ending : NO @rachalio_person
84kittykitty : Hottttttttt!!!!
beejewhl : @trilla_des
momo_chanii : Sweet dog ! <33
ivachappero - suicidal_girl3 - killjoys_27 - angeles_tech -
bj_unoxx - Billie Joe Armstrong
blue -
julia.pavese : @adrianaturner93 it's BILLIE JEEZ
breafourniermusic : #inception
xxagne_agaxx : baby beautiful Billie
megan_unoxx_greenday : You have had some amazing memories with blue and have been through alot together!!!!
facu_gonzalez80 : @aboutaitalos no es un pedaso de madera idiota es un pedazo importante la vida de billie y un recuerdo del padre de billie
aboutaitalos : @facu_gonzalez80 No recuerdo haber utilizado la palabra "idiota", y yo sé muy bien lo que es. No me vengas con sentimentalismo barato.
facu_gonzalez80 : @aboutaitalos 1ro no es sentimentalismo barato 2do para que decis cosas que no sabes y si las sabes
aboutaitalos : @facu_gonzalez80 Al parecer usted no sabe nada acerca de la comprensión de lectura.
mdmverruca - colors_of_fire - queen_gd_atl - _arny_ -
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