Sing us a song of the century, louder than bombs and eternity 💣(((DISCLAIMER: I AM NOT BILLIE JOE)))
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bj_unoxx - Kasey
#greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
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bj_unoxx - Kasey
#greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
_idiot_girl_ - manapbayeva_b - jamie_dosxx - vio0704 -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
Basically. #greenday
greenday -
bullet_in_a_bible : Oh god they are XD
bullet_in_a_bible : @greendayig
blinkday41 : @greendayig they are being posted change it
karlygomes_ : Oh my god hahahahahhaha
bj_unoxx : @punk_unoxx because it's Billies old username and it's super cool having it
punk_unoxx : Haha ok xD
certified_nimrod : That's pretty cool!
sassafras_rootz : It is cool! Now needs to get with the program! XD
sassafras_rootz - trelepac - - xkid_93 -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
I am going to stop captioning things until stops posting my photos I am so embarrassed oh god #billiejoearmstrong #greenday
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
julia.pavese : Why are you embarrassed? It's a way to get noticed!
whatsername_is_a_rebel : Maybe your next picture should be a note saying you aren't billie just someone who took his instagram name when he got a new one
welcome_to_murder_city : Yep ^
kleffin : @bj_unoxx Maybe you should change the account name to something different. Not being mean, just saying. It's deceiving.
always_swimmers_xx : Cool!
ethan.pastor : That's not embarrassing! Your apart of green day!!!!
bj_unoxx : @kleffin then I'll be deceiving 😈
the_real_saint_jimmy - maryterina - chaykissesxo - lizzroxx -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
I talked things out with people and am feeling much better 😌 #greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
rock.and.punk : Dude, Green Day's official website is posting your pictures. Omfg
green.daze : Haha OMG it is! Green is posting your pics!!!!! Hahahaha😂😂
jimhrdzz : Random pics on GD website now
bj_unoxx : @jimhrdzz ik I'm crying cuz of it 😭😭😭
bj_unoxx : @green.daze I KNOW I WANT IT TO STOP
bj_unoxx : @cameronbalaban around 100 I think but I already had over 3000 before I changed the name
xkid_infinity : Holy shit can't they change it😂😂
jimhrdzz : Post random kitty pics
ivanmarinoni - hmccabex - ingridkall - paige_dosxx -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
Remember the surprised Patrick spam on tumblr tho #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #surprisedpatrick
surprisedpatrick - greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
get_out_of_my_room : I have a shirt of the surprised Patrick ruding on a sloth in a galaxy
treleparcs : You're so lucky with the username.
undercoverbilliejoe - _sadiebell_ - africanbasketcase - bullet_in_a_bible -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
I just found out that everything I post is going on the Green Day website because they haven't gotten the memo that Billie changed his username... Awkward #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #mikedirnt
mikedirnt - greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
_mikeyisperf_ : POST ALL THE THINGS! : This is great 😂 : You've gotta post random things
justin14842 : 😂😂😂😂😂
blue_seattle_44 : XD
blue_seattle_44 : This is your moment to shine
emily.xx.dos : Oh my god that's hilarious
billlejoearmstrong : Post pics of cats xD hahahah
hahbollocks - fruitkiller2000 - whatsername.96 - bea__rossi -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
I always vented on this account so I'm still gonna do it... I have just been having kind of a shit time recently. My mom got a new job that she hates and she's taking it out on us. She was always loving and caring and the family member I could trust, but she's become distant and angry, stressed out and as mentally unstable as I am. I have been getting bullied again. I thought it stopped years ago but it's coming back and I can hardly handle it without breaking down every day. People who I thought were my good friends are doing things to me, obviously to pick fun at me or cause emotional distress. And I can't handle it. I can't tell who I can even trust any more. The only friend who i knew i could always trust doesn't even live here anymore. I just want to get the fuck out of here but 2 more years feels like forever. And it gets so bad sometimes when I'm depressed, that even thinking about meeting Billie could never cheer me up... #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #mikedirnt #trecool
mikedirnt - trecool - greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
punkiemyname : #staystrong and if you ever need someone... i doesnt care if it is night or day. I know this feelings... i was bullied too.... my mum is stressed and agressive and.. yeah.... i know how you feel and i know everybody write it, but i know how it is to be alone too....
_sadiebell_ : They're just people.. Tell them to fuck off or ignore them. Teenage girls hate physical contact so punch those dicks right in the nose. Make sure its the nose..
bj_unoxx : @_sadiebell_ I would punch them but I'll get expelled 😭 even outside of school u can get in trouble for it...
bj_unoxx : And thanks to everyone else commenting ❤️ I don't need to talk but venting on this account and seeing that you care is enough for me
eja_91 : I love u @bj_unoxx
tori_rom : Love U
savannah__bonn : ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ohshitbacon : I was in the same situation 3 years ago and i'm having a rough time now doe... just stay strong bro we're here with you ♡
martypistols - chels_unoxx - ilaria_alterani_xx - xxkewpxx -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
So I'm done impersonating Billie Joe for now... In other news I had a shit night. I feel very lonely now. I am having trouble deciphering who is really my friend and who us just out to get me... #greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
thetarma : Don't worry, fake friends will come at light soon, at your first need of them usually...
olivier_boisseau : We love you Billie Joe !!!!
jesus_of_suburbla : all your photos are now on the Green Day website btw
cutecurvymama : Love the pics
sassafras_rootz : You could write in your header what BJ's new official name is. I love your posts btw!!
bj_unoxx : @jesus_of_suburbla WHAT
bj_unoxx : @jesus_of_suburbla oh my god your right.
bj_unoxx : @sassafras_rootz eh it's not that hard to find out :)
lewisfrench99 - pulce1982 - raquelorpo - -
bj_unoxx - Kasey
The girls around me are talking about one direction STop pls #greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
lazy_bones21 : I still can't get used to Billie Joe's new name. 😂
bj_unnoxx : Same
cristiancoma : New name?
johannagarnes : Dude you should change it back it is confusing the shit outta me
z_cramer_14 : You should do a backflip on stage
beej_yknowxx : @z_cramer_14 that's not really Beej, you realize that, right?
hehir447 : @billiejoearmstrong is his real
billiejoearmstronq : Same
_whatsxrname - nimrodette - _idiotnation_ - fandom_gurl27 -
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