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I'm NOT Billie Joe. So stop asking me to come to your country- unless you feel like buying me a plane ticket.
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Same #mikedirnt #greenday (repost my giveaway for a chance to win. See my account. If it doesn't reach at least 100 reports, the giveaway is no longer on {on instagram}) @greendayig @mikedirnt
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st.jimmys.girl : Same
roranneeee : For a second I thought you were Billie Joe saying "same"
xxgreendaylubxx - stelmack11 - kimberly_hillberg - johnny.depp_.forever -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
SO GUESS WHOS DOING A GIVEAWAY!! First off, there are A LOT more items than the ones pictured here!!! Okay so first: RULES: 1. You MUST be following me. 2. Repost this photo and tag #bj_unoxxgiveaway 3. NO GIVEAWAY ACCOUNTS ALLOWED 4. Follow my tumblr (shes-a-rebel13) and reblog my post on there for extra entry(s)! 5. Please keep in mind this giveaway is taking place on instagram AND tumblr, so an instagram user may not win! 6. If you do win PLEASE be prepared to post photos of the objects you receive as evidence to others that this is not a scam! 7. U.S. SHIPPING ONLY (sorry im poor) 8. You will need to give an address to me to send it to if you win, if you're not comfortable with that then don't enter 9. If you do not respond within 24 hours of winning, i will pick a NEW winner. 10. The winner will be chosen at random! ITEMS: •clothing- -all shirts are medium or small and used. A few have modifications such as rips around the collar, etc - 7 GREEN DAY SHIRTS -2 MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SHIRTS -1 A DAY TO REMEMBER SHIRT -1 MEDIUM SIZE WHITE 2 PIECE BATHING SUITE (NEW) •art supplies- -12"x12" SKETCHBOOK, 22 sheets -WATERCOLOR PENCIL SET, 24 colors, very lightly used -6 CHARCOAL BLOCKS, new -three 8"x10" PRIMED CANVASES, new -PENCIL&CHARCOAL DESIGN SET, new -SOFT CHALK PASTEL KIT, new ENDS ON JUNE 30TH, 2016 GOOD LUCK!!!
bj_unoxxgiveaway -
stasiask8er : The one my chemical romance shirt tho
karly_kay8 : I have all the green day shirts already lol
_bands.02_ : God I want them all but I live in Europe
themathla : @_bands.02_ same 😭
mari_greenday : @themathla @_bands.02_ europe?hahaha i'm from Brazil :/
bandsractual_ : Do you have Wattpad?
notalison : sign my petition! green day super bowl 2017
gonertyler : Is there a limit of how many times someone can post or reblog on tumblr?
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Tag urself im billy hoe #ihatemyselfsomuchforpostingthis #yetimdoingitanyways #credittocreator #greenday #billiejoearmstrong #sickmemesbro @greenday @billiejoearmstrong
sickmemesbro - credittocreator - ihatemyselfsomuchforpostingthis - billiejoearmstrong - yetimdoingitanyways - greenday -
arlandria_ : @kbabe__ prolly Billie y'know what do u think I am
bellakmuller : Also billie hoe
_kirbypuff_ : Sparklez Beast or Billie Hoe tbh
marisaaa_18 : I'm Billie y'know except I'm not short
kaaskip_ : @bjenthe
bjenthe : @kaaskip_ wie ben ik πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
kaaskip_ : @bjenthe bilky jo en een beetje Billy hoe
_bands.02_ : I'm Bilky jo and Billy hoe
_punky_rocker_girl - kimberly_hillberg - basketcase_gd - ianzie3 -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
This photo is so cute!! #greenday #mikedirnt #trecool #billiejoearmstrong @greenday @mikedirnt @trecool @billiejoearmstrong (ps- i feel like instagram learned from their mistakes with me claiming billies old username. There is STILL no treleparc or mike_dosxx, they wont allow it. Really, IG!? Let me have fake green day homies!!)
mikedirnt - trecool - greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
suckmydirnt : cuties aw
stelmack11 - kimberly_hillberg - johnny.depp_.forever - denicepauls -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Sorry i haven't posted in forever! Finals suck 😩 #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @billiejoearmstrong @greenday
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
poeticpunkxx : Billie is bae. : My Father..
jellyfishsplash : Aww success with your finals!
bj_unoxx : @jellyfishsplash thanks! Just finished my last one πŸ˜‚
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
So pretty ❀️ #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @greenday @billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
amber_hellyer : purdy boy
jesuswasscene : your bio made me laugh lmao
bj_unoxx : @slut4revenge thanks i try my best
jesuswasscene : never change it !
ekehed - jmunoxx - emaacaastro - nikiii_leich -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
#greenday #billiejoearmstrong #trecool #youngbeauty @greenday @billiejoearmstrong @trecool
youngbeauty - trecool - billiejoearmstrong - greenday -
favorlockkk : снова Π±Π΅Π»Ρ‹ΠΉ
turtlegurl4201 - stelmack11 - johnny.depp_.forever - dhanshudhan -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Being back at school is hell honestly I forgot how boring this shit is. Sitting in class rn and doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING #greenday #mikedirnt #atleastimgraduatingthisyear @mikedirnt @greenday
mikedirnt - atleastimgraduatingthisyear - greenday -
magbass1 : Is that Billies bro?
bj_unoxx : @magbass1 I think it's just some random dude but idk
xxgreendaylubxx - pasalacqua39 - greenoman69 - daziamauldin -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
QOTD: do you get a lot of colds? My answer: I always have a cold. Literally always. I've had a cold for the past 4 months. Make it stop. #greenday #billiejoearmstrong @greenday @billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
smusice_ : Same πŸ˜±πŸ”«
explicitlygreenday : not usually but when I get one it's always bad
mikedirntscoffee : I don't get colds very often but I get ear infections a lot
my_on1y_romance_is_chemica1 : Anytime someone at school is sick, I can almost guarantee I will be too.
nnmm_2012 : Me too!!!
natty_esteves : 😍😍😍😍
quarterelle : he's gorgeous
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Happy New Year's Eve everyone!! Here is a highly edited selfie because I post one every year on this day yet I currently hate my face ☺️✌️ have fun with 2016!!! #ipeakedinhotness2yearsago
ipeakedinhotness2yearsago -
billiesshortness : HAPRY NEW YEAR πŸ˜‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆ have a great year
billiesshortness : Eyeliner on FLEAK πŸ˜‚
bj_unoxx : @allhailthememelord @the.x.kid @the_idiot_killjoy @myidiot_romance @_green.day_killjoys_ AWWW THANKS ❀️❀️❀️❀️❀️
explicitlygreenday : please ur making me feel like a peasant. so pretty. also love ur hair color
bj_unoxx : @explicitlygreenday aw thanks 😩
tompossiesaurus : Your pretty
bj_unoxx : @tompossiesaurus thanks!!
methsorgan : Wanna come to my country? :P
explicitlygreenday - eve_lara_garcia - koachara2015 - bocharovayuli -
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