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I'm NOT Billie Joe. So stop asking me to come to your country- unless you feel like buying me a plane ticket.
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
My entire house smells like brownies rn literally drooling #greenday #trecool #billiejoearmstrong
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linkin.park_green.day1841 : Fluffy HairπŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Okay but getting to be home alone for a day and having the entire house to yourself is one of the best things no lie #greenday #trecool #billiejoeArmstrong #mikedirnt
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summer.bvb : your bioπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
My Grammy winning bbys πŸ’• and also happy birthday to my brother Cody and Joey Armstrong! #greenday#billiejoearmstrong #mikedirnt #trecool #grammies
mikedirnt - trecool - greenday - billiejoearmstrong - grammies -
x_giuls_x : Follow @x_idiot_nation_x !!! It s a new page. Help it to have more followers plz. :)
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
How come Joey armstrong is meeting all of my idols. Stop doing that Joey armstrong. Why. #greenday #mikedirnt #billiejoearmstrong #trecool
mikedirnt - trecool - greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
vddlovatic : YeahπŸ˜‚πŸ˜·πŸ˜­πŸ˜­
warning.whatsername : Soundwave Australia... A big festival where Emily's Army, Gerard, FOB, and more are performing... I am currently saving up to go to Soundwave...
x_xgreen.dayx_x : Omg today is Joeys birthday!!!
x_xgreen.dayx_x : I just realized
sweetsummerstar : I seen joey last week in Adelaide for soundwave. He was at the beach near my place
kaseynicole13 : @chrispy_treat lol no ima jealous piece of shit (dis my other account)
duda_pazini : Lindos
artmosphere_34 : Tre, looking kawaii as usual
greendayyo - joaco_stepa - miguel_angelv7 - whatsername.73 -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Pretty Billie 😍 #greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
oyku_kilickan - summer.bvb - jungevulkane - greendayyo -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
#billiejoearmstrong #greenday
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
bj_unoxx : @kenyiclaroscayetano I feel proud of myself for being able to read that. Maybe Spanish class actually taught me something πŸ˜‚
kenyiclaroscayetano : @bj_unoxx (billi joe) gracias encerio, ers para mi como un super heroe me gusta No me encanta green day! Y tmb como tocas la guitarra, sabes no soy cursi pero io tambien se tocar y tengo un setimo sentido el don de la musica entiendo todi con solo escucharlo y me siento orgulloso de que puedas responder y me sentiria ahun mas feliz si lo lees, no estoy informado pero creo que estas enfermo ojala te recuperes pronto! Saludos desde lima-Perú un abrazo psicologico y cuidate!
bj_unoxx : @kenyiclaroscayetano WAIT IM NOT BILLIE JOE
bj_unoxx : He's @billiejoeearmstrong now. Sorry! Thought you were just talking about the photo
bj_unoxx : @kenyiclaroscayetano wait can you read English lol. No soy billie Joe Armstrong. El es @billiejoearmstrong
kenyiclaroscayetano : ¬_¬! Es enserio wuey! Tonces me hiciste humillar mi orgullo por las puras! :| pero estas seguro de que es esa su cuenta?
bj_unoxx : @kenyiclaroscayetano I think I know what you're asking... @billiejoearmstrong is definitely billie Joe. I am definitely not...
kenyiclaroscayetano : Okey! ;3 gracias igual de todos modos γ… .γ… 
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Tre cool + some random dude :) #trecool #greenday
trecool - greenday -
linkin.park_green.day1841 : +some random dudeπŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
Oh this is so pretty ❀️ #greenday #americanidiot
americanidiot - greenday -
cammiak : 😍
_bandgeekk : ^
bruna.terto : Perfeito ><
tremilyteapot - mysticnightss - pixgreenday - phrank1yn -
bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
I have been troubled recently cause like, my best friend tried to kill herself on Tuesday and it's been really hard on me. And when I finally came out to my parents and told them they completely ignored my emotions and brushed it off like its nothing??? And every time something exciting or funny happens my immediate response is to call or text her, and now she's had her phone taken away and I don't know where she is or what's happening with her and it's so stressful... Really I hope she's okay and I wish I could know. #greenday #billiejoearmstrong
greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
cassy.jade : And it's great that you had enough courage to come out to your parents ! They should be throwing a party or something not ignoring you ❀️
mgpunkdrummer : I'm really sorry about this *hugs* i hope your friend is ok. Your parents shouldn't have just shrugged off you coming out... You're really brave to do that. As for you not getting news from your friend, I know how that feels, and it fucking sucks. I really hope that things will start to look up for you ❀️
hubbard_rocker : Sorry bout thatπŸ˜•
kaseynicole13 : @mgpunkdrummer @cassy.jade (this is my other account) thanks guys and just to clear things up I think I worded this weird, by coming out I meant coming around and telling them about my friend not coming out as gay or something lol
cassy.jade : Oh oops my bad πŸ˜‚
mgpunkdrummer : Oh, I misunderstood that part πŸ˜… @kaseynicole13
al_belle : Sending so much love & light your way πŸ’œβ€οΈπŸ’œβ€οΈ
im_greenday_fan : What I do when I'm sad is lay down and listen to music (green day) πŸ˜„
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bj_unoxx - Green Day Pictures
#wrathofgod #billiejoearmstrong #greenday
wrathofgod - greenday - billiejoearmstrong -
unaminadelapiz11 : My baby 😍.
oleesssya : You're fab ❀
keelyrosee_ - polish.smok.idiot1337 - elena_fave - jamesparker122 -
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